The Evening Post from New York, New York on November 10, 1843 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1843
Page 3
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ADMINISTRATOR'S BALK or luable bkal fxtatb in the city 'of NEW YORK. BEI.ONGINU TO TUB ESTaTS OK ISAAC- LAWsthNCK, DKCfcASLD. IS romance of an order of the fturrogate of the county "w York, will be sold at public auction by Aiutcn, Wlluierding Co. Auctioneer, at the Merchinl' Exchange, In the city of Now York, oa the 2 kit dy of No-Tetnber, Instant, at 12 o'clock, noon. of that May, the tiU lowing Tal-jable real eatatr, belonging u the aetata ol Isaac-Lawrenc, Deceased : ioohb Waro Number 2W Peart street, containing in fronton Peatl street 15 leet II Ine he, on Plutcher street 36 feet 8 Inches ; in the rear 1:1 feet 9 inches, and in length on the southerly ante 35 feet 9 hiche. Tsias W&no, 4U atreei Raid lot being 123 fret or more In length en each aide and in front and rear aGfeet. Tiiibd Waan The northeasterly comer of Chambers au ivtiurcu streets, vei.l kit bt-tni 99 feet in drtiUi on each eMie anil no feet I rout and, being known as No. 99 vnaiunere ueeL Firra Waan No. 4G White street, bring 100 feet lu uw o eactt uim an t m leet In Irotu ami rear. Firta Wtu-iH While street, aaiil lp( being IU0 leet in depth on each iik an' 2S fret in trout and rear. Finn Wiu.Mii. 63 Canal street, said lot beini 9 feet in irnot on Canal street. IS feet in the rear on Liettnl etreet,64 fret9 inches on the easterly aide, and U fect6 Incheaon the westerly Mile. Wurru Was n. N .. &s i'.nnt rAr i i t . i q r... fl inches on Canal street. In tli nur nn l.isnenard street, 18 met viticnea, on me easterly side 66 feel o Inches, and oa Ilia westerly eine ts icet ? indies. Eraavu Waed rtoutt. easier, y corner nf f! rand and 'tier Cer Street, si.ft tnnn a. K,. lUT, (Irani! street, unl.l being 9S feet 4 Hirhrs In depth oncacti sale, and Xt Ieei3 laches la front and tear. a-teHTK Waan No. IC7 Grand street, said lot being 95 feet 4im he In depth on esch aide, sad .1 lo. 1 10 inches m froul ami ier. ishtm Win-No. 1C9 Oian.l street, (aid Vt being 95 feel in depth oa each aide, and 21 fuel 11) inches in rnnt ami rear. Eiahtn Ward -No. Ill Grand atreet. ni:l lot beini 95 Inches io t!eith on each aide, ami 21 feet 10 inches m front and rear. Kiosth Ward Mo. 113 Crand street, aaid St being 5-5 feet 4 Inches on .I.e westerly suio; 2; feet 3 inrhesiti Imtit, ami bounded on the eaaierly side by land ol T limine "ul. firn and Tbotnaari. Woo irulT Alan, aU those eeriain loU in the Sixteenth Ward ef the saiu cny, anil Known on a map anieicil io a conveyance lo lute Uerrnce from W. B Astor and wife, recorded In the office of the Register of the eliy and cnun y of Now York. In Liber 40-i of Confeyanres. page 421, by ihe iiiiin-bers I to 6, boih InrliiilTe.and the numbers 25 to 31, both iucltisiva; heln( 14 lots or pane of lot-, taken together anil bouuiledaa follows, to wd: b ginning at a point nn the northerly rde of 35ili trcit.ili-iantaiO luet easterly from th northeasterly comer ol Filih aTeiiue ami 1 hlriy-filth street; thence rut n ng nnrtliarly and parallel to tlie Fifth avenue 177 feet "inches and one lliiru f an Inch t" land now or laie of la use M. Woo.ley ; thence westerly 3P8 feel to the Fifth avenue, at a p iini llti teet awl 7 mchea fioin Ihe northerly aide ol Thirty-filth eireet aforesaid, ami tlienre southerly aHiiif the eaaiedy si le of the Fifth ave, nue 1 iC fert and 7 Inriiesio Thirty tilth stn et aloreaaid. am thence easterly along the northerly aide of Thirty-filth street 9U feet, to ihe plsceof beginning. Also, sll inose Iota known on the map lest aforesaid br the ituiiibere 44 in til). ImmIi inclusive, and IPG In i.V. tx.ili inclusive, being ti lola ant parts ol Inta, In ken fsether are bonutled as loilowa, to wit Northerly ty Tnirty-ltiili it est, easterly iy me r inn avenue, aoiiilicrly by Unity- louith street, westerly by land fonnerlv ol Vau Nor- den, and northweweriy hv land be a., t lis t ihe cor rauonoi me city oi new ork. containing on Ihe nortlier ly side ol thirty lillli sireot 470 feet 10 inches; on ihe easterly el Is on the Kilih avenue, 197 feet fiincher; on ihe ouineriy anie oi i nirty loiiiili ttee uiu leet ami b mcliea; on the weaterly side alorea ti'l. U9 feet; end on thd northeasterly a de 198 leet 7 inches. Also, all those o known on the imp lain afuresa, I by Ihe nuinbera 70 lo 77, both Inclusive ; ami 95 to IUS, boiti Inclusive, beilif 17 Iota, taken together are bounded as follows, te wit : beginning st s pointon Ihe northerly tijeof 31th strt , dttani2 feet easterly fmmlhe northeasterly corner ol he FilihavenueandThiriy-foiulh street; thence running northerly and parallel to the Fifth avenue, 9' feet and 9 inelies; thence westerly and parallel to Thirty (otirili street. 46 feel; thence northerly and parallel to the Filth aveuue, W feet9 inches, lo Tinny fifth sireet; thence westerly along the swiherly sido of i'hiity filth street,200f e' to tli Filth avenue; thence southerly along the easterly side cf the Kl'tli avenue lo Thirty-fourth street, and thence easterly along Dm northerly aide of Ilnrty fi.unli street, 2Aleoi, lo Ihe placoof beginning. Also, all those luts known on the map last aforesaid, hy the numbers Itil to Itfl, boih incluaive: snd 177 to 6i. b-h Inclusive, being 16 I-hs, iskc-u to;e!lier, are bounded aafbllows, io wit : beginuint at a j oint on thn northerly aide of 33d street, ilimsnt 195 leet wcnterly from the north westerly corner of Thirty third street, ami a certain m-w street which runs parallel to Ihe Filth avenue, at a i balance of 4 feet easterly therefrom: theuce running northerly end parallel to the Bil l new street to Thuty fourth street; thence easteily along the southerly side of Thirty fourth street. 195 leet to the said new sircet ; thonco southerly along the westerly side of the said new street lo Thirty third street, and th. nee westerly along the northerly aide of Thirty third struct, 195 feci to the place of beginning. Also, all those lots knrwn on the map last aforesaid, by the numbers 100 to 176, both inclusive, being 8 lotsfand parte ol lolatakeu Imiciher, are bounded as follow-i, to wit : northerly by Thirty fourth street, easterly by thu middle road, southerly by Thirty Ihird street and westerly by the new street ttbove mentioned, containing on the northerly fide 43 leet 5 inches. nn llieeaile rly side 'i05 feel I Inch, on Ihe southerly aide lUi feet 0 Inches, sud oil the westerly side 197 feel b Inches Also, sll those loii knowoon the map laat aforesaid by the numbers 2:13 to 21-t boih inclusive being 16 Ma and Ksrts of lots ars taken Inge' her and hounded as follows: eginningat a peuit on the westerly ,1'le ufihe Filth avenue, uisiant wieet V inches, northerly Irmn tin 1 uoitl. westerly nnrthwestwardly by Hassuol street; being lo length alorg iv p-s nay atreet 4U) leet ; anil along tne linuei me hbiu 1 ivid 8. J ouea. 4tX feet and 7 inches : in width, stool Eliza street, 160 leet; nd 10 inches, sod in width along Samuel "owl v leeiann I incnes, eogetner wnn uie Hires k,w ral strips of hnd adjoining the said lot, and heretofore Known aua aesignatea as Batnuei atreet, n.ip s usy street, and Kliza street Also, the one cnnal undivided half part of all tht cer tain lot, piece or parcel of land, being part of Kip's Bay r arm, so called, lying and being in the istn (late vtnj ward of lite city of New York, and bounded as follows, vis : Nortneasterly by land owned by Augustus Wright and Sleuhea Alien ; southeasterly by land and premises owned by John T. Van Tuyl, and northwesterly by fcamuel atreet ; measuring in length along the land of the said Augnatus Wright and Stephen Allen, 400 feet, and in breadth on the line of Samuel atreet, 171 feet; 400 leet on the laid line of John 1 . Van Tuyl, and 171 feet oil Elm street. Aiso, ths equal undivided half part of that certain piece or parcel of land situate, lying and being in the leih (late 12:h) ward ol the city ol iNew 1 ork, part ot fit UGWA1ID, LoU at tbe M. E. Church, comer of Madiaon and Catherine ata., on Wednesday eve- niog, a pocket wallet, containing a small suai of money, and articles of no use bat to tbe owner. Tbe finder will recsivethe above reward and the thanks of Uta owner, by leaving the same at 7 Mriden 1 ne. JlOlt WASHIBUTOH BANK. CoMtTBol.i.xa's Orric, . Albany, Nov. a, 1841. J ADIVIDILlfD of Sixty-five Cent! on the Dollar of the circulating notes of the WasuisaTo Bui, in tbeeity of New York, in addition to the dividend of ti ctnis already, will be paid on presenting the Certificates at tns nan King uepaniaeni, auiy assigned to tne uomplrol-ler. All outstanding circulating notes of tha Washington Bank will be redeemed at par. Those persona who did not take Certificates from the Clerk in the Banking Department, at the time they surrender-til the notes and received U per cent, thereon, will receive the balance of 65 cents on calling on tbe Comptroller and establishing their chum. nlOlt A. C.FLAGQ, Comptroller. Kip's Bay Farm, and being also -lie westerly ball part I IJiTEJT BEDSTEAD. Lindly'a Improved Fa Oeaignateti I -as. ienBeunesa,iprooi sgsust oedougs) is now admitted of a certain atrip or piece ol land heretofore and called Kliza a reel, hrini adjacent to a piece of land heretofore conveyed by Frederi-k De Peyster, Jun., Master in Chancery, lo the said Isaac Lawrence : te-ginning at the southeasterly corner of Ihe said piece ef land conveyed by the aaid Frederick De Peyster, Junior, at a point disisnt 1H feet 10 inches aoutliweaiwardiy from Ihe intersection of ihe westerly aide ol said piece of land heretofore called Eliza street, with ihe southwesterly aide of 36th street, and running thence northwester y a ong the said land so as aforesaid conveyed by Ihe said Frederick De feyster, jun., 17a teet 11 inches ; thence southwest wardly at right angles with the last mentioned line 30 feel to Ihe centre line ef said piece of land heretofore called Eliza street ; tlienee soutbwestwardly along said centre line 175 feet 11 inches, and thenee northwestwardly at risht angles with said centre line 30 feet to the place of beginning. And also, a new in Grace Church, in the city of Mew York, known by the No. 6, and situate on the south aisle ol said church. AIo, a pew in St. Thomas' Church, in the city of New York, known by the No. 22, and situate on the north aisle of said church For a more full description of premises, see advertisement in the Courier aad Enquirer. TERMS OS SALE Ten per tent, of the purchase money to bo paid to the auctioneers on Ihe day of sale ; two-tliirus thereof may, at the option of the purchaser, remain on bond and mortgage, at legal interest, for a term not eiceeding two years ; the balance to be paid at the office of ths Administrator, on the 12th day of Do-cetabcr next, when the deeda will be ready for delivery. Maps of the premises may be obtained at the office of the subscriber. JOHN L. LAWRENCE, Administrator, n0d;s No. 66 Wall street. IN CHANCERY. Bbpohb THS (.' Henry Parish and Daniel Pariah, ) Bi for Frrcisllre b to be the best bedstead in ue. The patent was obtained in IS 10, and the bedstead was first need in Philadelphia, where it has almost entirely superseded the common article. Since then it ha been introduced into Pittsburgh, Llncinnali, Buftilo, Rochester, Albany and this city. It is so constructed as t leave no crevice or aperture f ir the harbor of bugs ; it can be thoroughly cleansed without being taken apart ; it can be taken down and put np in a few minutes with ease it is.iroaathe simplicity ol its construction, less likely than any other to get out of repair-it stands firm snd combines great strength and durability. These bedsteads are all made in a auperior style of workmanship, at our extensive manufactory, and are sold only by WM.C. OARDNER,9 0oldst. Matrasses, Paliaiters, Feather Beds, ax..made to order upon reasonable terms nlO 1KCE1VED by the Britannia, and for sale exclu- M.w lively, tne en a 01 Trie. MYSIfcKlES - ranis. Theninth part of -LE3 MYSTERE9 Dt PAK13." which was published in Paris on the 16th of October, will be for sale in the original on Friday morning, at it o'clock, at the office of Le Conrrierdes Etats Unis, No. 6 Barclay street. The ensuing chapters it this work will be published in two ball numbers, race one earning eaca numoer. n 10 tnp T ACSSEURK AIDEAGLG CHAMPAGNE Mj4 100 baskets of the above brands of Champagne, from the respectable house of J. Lausseure. The wine is of a superior quality, and the bottles are in perfect condi tion, and is sold at a low price. For sale by nlO A, B1MNUER k CO , 141 Broadway. AMUSEMENTS A UCT IO NSAL E S : A U CT ION SALES. AUCTION S ALE S . A U C T IO N S A LES iiowKiir AMPHITHEATRE THIS (Fri davi EVF.NINO. Nov.! 0th. - - The performances will commence with a Grand entree, entniea THE COURT OF ELIZABETH ! Or, The Chevaliers of Kenilworth. Ledbv Mrs. llosain and Mr Nixon. Grand Arena Competition, by Ihe unequalled corps of Uymnaaiens, vaulters and TumDiers Mrs Spencer in her beautiful performances on the Elastic Wire. Besides many other beautiful Acts of Horsemanship, lie-After which. The far-famed NF.ORO M1NSTRFL8, Messrs Hoyt and Linton, with their full band of .Ethiopian Melodists, will give a display of Virginia Melodies, Songs, Choruses, Extravacanzae. Ac. Ac. To conclude with the MILLER k COALMAN! BOXES, ii cents : PIT. 121 cents. Children, when accompanied by their parents or guardians, to the Boxes, l a I cents. QXj- Doors open at six, performance to commence at 7 o'clock precisely. "1 '"Bill Morrgjge. PETER VAN ANTWERP. 33 John street, New York, Complainants' Solicitor. TOI1N DAVID BROWSE, one of the defen-f itajitu in ihta csuiie. whoae place of residence i In Eii;lnid,ln the Kiugiloin of Ureal llrltain, is required to appear in llna cause by ihe twenty-sixth day of April next, or Ihe bill tiled therein will be takeu as cunie&scd by '""Ictoher aiih. 1M3 nlOUwSw IN CHANCERY. Bkvobithb Vies Caa.iiCBU.oa op ma Fibst Ciact'rr. Toe Greenwich Insurance Company, vs. MASTER'S SALE. Edward Roouie and oihera. A. W. Bradford, S ilicllor. In pursuance of a decretal older of the Court of Chance, ry, made iu the above entitled emae by the V ee Chancellor nf the First Circuit, will lie soldat ptibue auction, under the direction til the su'ucriber, one of ihe Master of the Court of Chancery, at the Rotunda in the Merchants' Exchange, in the city ef New York, by Messrs. fUllMay A Jenkins, sue-tioneeta on Saturday the second (Jnd)d yof Dee ceiul er next, at 4 o'clcck ;nocu)ot that day. CllOOKE'S FINK PK.1 K NIVKS. Congress, President, Norfolk. Wh irnclirf, and other Patterns cf exceeiing fine finish and temper. Kazora in single and double ces of all qualities, some very fine, for sale wholesale or retail by NEWBOULD k RUSSF.L, 140 Fulton street, nlO between Broadway and Nassau st. SIX BARREL SELF COCKING AND K. INVOLVING PISTOLS, the original Allen's patent, for aale Wholesale and retail, ny NEWBOULD k RUSSEL, 148 Fulton street. nlO between Broadway and Nassau sts. GOLD AND HILVEK WATCHES T F Cooper. Tobias. Adams and other makers, fine Gold snd Silver Duplex Levers snd all descriptions of Gold and Sil ver Watchea of the newest styles for sale at retail hy the subscriber much lower than at any other house in the city. Uold Watches as low as 30 to IS.dollars each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches warranted to keep good time or the money returned. Watches, Clocks, and Jewelry, repaired in the best manner and warranted, much lower than at any other place. O C ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, Wholesale and Retail, M Wall street. nlO Istf Up Stairs. HEMH-J1 tons first quality clean Hemp; a tons Out-shat, landing fiom barque Dutchess, from St. Petersburg, and for sale at Broad street, by nU) BARCLAY fc LIVINGSTON -JIIAIICOTTK UUSSK-Small forms of Charlotte J Ruise served at all time at THOlirSO.I K Wfc.LLt.IV3 10 Ice-cream Saloons, 33band 679 Broadway. A FAIR Corner of Broadway and Ann street. P. T. BARNUM. Manager. HALF A MILLION OF CURIOSITIE9! Day visitors admitted same evening free. Attraction! never equalled in any Museum in America. MISSlj MARY k ROSINA SHAW, and their brother Nr. DAVID T SHAW, the celebrated vocalists. LA PETITE CELESTE, THE DANSEUSE! Ml. COLE, the Chinese Nondescript, and his Learned and Sincrina? DOG BILLY ! GREAT WESTERN, the Negro Extravsglnzist, Ethiopian Orator, Imitator ot tbe Locomotive and Dancer. ANIMAL MAGNETISM! Professor Johnsoh will Mesmerize a young lady, and produce experiments in Animal Magnetism, Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, in conjunction with all the above performers,except the Misses Shaw, who sir.g only in the evening. Entertainments commences every evening at TJ o'clock, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at & o'clock. 0(7- Admission to the whole 05 cents Children nnder 10 Tears, half price. n8 MONDAY, THE 13th NOVEMBER, 1843. FAREWELL AND ONLY CONCERT, BY MR. MAX BOHRER, first Violiucellist, Concert and Chapel Master to the King of Wirtemburp, previous to his departure Cur Havana sod Mexico assisted by Madame SUTTON, Signer ANTOGNINI, Mr. SCHARFENBERG and Mr. Timm, who will preside at the Piano Forte, on Monday, the 13th instant, at the Wuhington Hotel. Leader of the Quartette Mr. U. C. Hill. For Programme, sea small bills. Tickets $1 each to be had at the Music Stores and Hotels, aad at the door. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. n8 ANCING AND WALTZING LESSONS. MADAME ACHILLE. in ackuow ledums' her sin cere thanks for the liberal encouragement she has ever been favored with by her lriends and patrons, has the pleasure to announce to the public in general, that she would be happy to renew her professional attendance at ' young ladies' academies and private families ; and that she proposes to open Aer Saloon at 41 H'alkcr ttretl, on Saturday, October the 14th, and continue every Wednesday and Saturday , from 3 to o'clock, for young ladies' Dancing and waltzing uiasses, ana a lor young masters. Ct-rntng Classtet for gentlemen, every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 o'clock, lor Dancing, at 8 for Waltzing. Private Latent at any hour most convenient to all parties. Priroli Soiree Built, exclusively for her scholars and their respective parenu or guardians, will taKe place as usual. 03 mwarii BI C. W. FOSTER. Stars No. S3 Beaver street TUESDAY. ' ' At 10 o'clock at the auction room. French Goods packages French Goods, on a credit of months comprising a general assortment of fancy and an pie articles ot recent importation. Catalogues and samples on the morning of sale. . FRIDAY. At 9 o'clock at the auction mom. French Goods 10 1 packages French Goods, comprising a general assortment of staple and fancy articles, ol recent importation, on a credit of 6 months, for approved endorsed notes. Catalogues and samples en the morning of sale. AT PRIVATE SALE. I bales gonba cloaks, for the Canadian market. BY WILLIAM KOBBE. Stare No. 11 South William street. MONDAY, Nov It. At 10 o'clock at the suction room. French Goods, Embroideries and Millinery Articles by Catalogue An assortment of French, Swiss,. German and English Fancy Silk Goods, comprising an assortment ol desirable fall and winter goods on a credit ef six months for all sums of $ 100 and over. Catalogues and samples early on the morning of sale. WEDNESDAY k THURSDAY, Nov 16 and IS. At 10 o'clock, at the auction room. Large and Peremptory Sale of French Fancy Goods, Furnishing Articles. Ac. on a credit of 6 mas lor approved endorse I notes of $ 100 and upwards. Consisting of French and English china dinner, tea and desert sets, japanned waiters, clocks and vases, candelabra, girandoles with rich plain and cut prisms, mechanical, solar and astral lamps, hall lamps, lanterns, cut class Gk.S.U 1 . I C ... I Also, 4 cases Bohemian rich ornamented colored cut glass, ftom the imperial factory, consisting ef specimens of all fine glass goods manufrcturcd in Bohemia. Also, emboaied table and piano covers, zephor worsted embroidered chair, sofa and ottoman covers. Catalogues and samples early morning of sale. Also, 26 cases richly painted and Kilt French china ware, of Honore's manufacture, comprising the latest of dinner and dessert setts. A'so.4 eases rich cut class, cemnrisins- a lare-s assort. ment of tumblers, wines, decanters, salts, pitchers, preserve dishes, kc kc. Also, an invoice of fine gilt clocks, candelabra. Also, one pair, 84 lights, tine gilt candelabras,6 feet high, suitable for bhurcnes, large parlors, Ac kc. MONDAY, .Nov iO. At 10 o'clock at the auctien room. French Good?, Embroideries and Millinery Articles by Catalogue An assortment of French, Swiss, German and English Fancy Silk Goods, comprising an assortment of desirable fall and winter goads on a credit of six months lor ail sums 01 luu dollars and over. Catalogue and samples on tbe morning of sale. R. C. MORRIS, Auctioneer. BY HOOKER & MORRIS, Store No 41 Beaver street MONDAY, At 10 o'clock at the auction room. French, British and American Dry Goods for approved endorsed notes at six months A general assortment of French, British and American Dry Goods. Catalogues and samples on the morning of sals. THURSDAY, At lOo'clock at the auction room. French Goods for approved endorsed notes at 6 months 100 cases French Goods, comprising an extensive and de- siranie assortment ol staple and lancy goods oi recent im portation Catalogues and samples en the morning of sale L. 8. FORMAN, Auctioneer. BY JAMES M. MILLER. K CO. Hardware, Real Estate, kc, at No. t Liberty street, at K Junction with M si Jen lane and MILLER fc CO.. ' Leather, Boots, Shoes, fcc, at No. 19 Ferry street, corner of Jacob street. A I.L that certain lot fland aiitiste. lying and being In the LY Ninth Ward of the city of New York, brirut part l the I m-.njirnv a .,,.-,,rinr .rti-lenf I n,lnn ir.merv. foe limit ol the Rector, Church Warden and Vestrymen of I tl. , h ALFRED F. LAG RAVE. it itihlineiiiAh- I -j . , . comer of Ihe Fifth avenue and Tinny second aire-1, thence running westerly and parallel to Thirty second -it, 410 leet 8 inches, to land f irim-r y of et. Allen, them e running soiithorly along the nail laud lite feet, 9 inches anil twoth ruatil an inch to Thirty seron. I aired; theuce eat erly along the northerly nlo f Thirty second street 375 feet to the Fifth avenue, and thence northerly along the werU-rly side of the Filth avenue a I feet 9 inches to the place ol beginning. He Ihe dimensions in U Hie forego-ing descriptions more or le.-a. Ami ulno ail Ihe lands to the middle of the aveuuea ami nirct-ls in front of ami at oining the mid lots rcMpcclivlv. Fot'arRBVTR Waan No. 49-i llroai!wiy. said lot being IM) leet III depth 011 each side, and 1 feet in front and rear. Aba , all that certain loi.plecnnr parcel nf land, situate, lying ami being in Iho V, gtillt Ward of lite city of New ion, hounded ami described ax follows: llesinuinr at a point on the eaolcrly aide of Mercer street, distant 56 leet, northerly from the iiortheaaterly corner nf Mercer and Howard atreets ; running Ihi-uco eamerly and parallel with Howard airoet M lent 7 inches ; thence northerly ami parallel with Mercer atreet. 17 feet 7 inches; thence easterly again and parallel with Howard Mrcet.:tG feet 4 inches: theuce northerly again and parallel wiih Mercer atreet, along other laud heloiiginf to estate nf Istae Lawrence, tie. ceased, feet 4 inele-s ; iheoce westerly, and parallel with Howard sireet. 10 feet 4 Inches ; Iheuce southerly and parallel with Mercer street S feet; thence we-terly again and parallel with Howard street, 7 feel It) inches; thenee southerly anam, and parallel with Mercer street Id feet 8 Inchoa; thence westerly attain, and parallel With Howard stieet.77 feet III inches, through the centre ol ihe northerly wall ol the house atiuaie thereon, said wall being a parly wall, anil tlienre southerly along Mercer street, 21 feet, to Ihe place of beginning ; which sal I lot is known and distinguished by Ihe street number sixteen (I6j Mercer atreit. FioBva Wabd. Beginning at a point nn the easterly fide of Mercer street, distant 7? leei northerly from the northeasterly rorner of Mercer and Howard si ree s, running thence easier y an I pira lel with Howard atreet; 77 leet In Inches, through the southerly wall ol the hnitae fiiitste thereon, said wall being a party wall, thence northerly ami parallel with Mercer street, '3 feet S inches ; thence easterly again and parallel with Howard treot,7 feci luinche i; Ibenee northerly again ami parallel with Meicer sti e-t 8 leet ; thence westerly, an I parallel with Howard feel 4 Inches ; thence Buiiiheriy and pirallel Willi Mrcir strset. 4 Inchos ; thence westerly agaiu, and parallel with Howard street, 1 1 feet 6 inchus ami thence soulhei ly along Mercer street, WI feet I iikIi, 10 the place ot Leiiinuiji ; which aaii I k la known and dl.-,t nguishcd by the street number elf hteen18)Merrer street. Eiubvh Wbd, No. Howard street ; aaid lot being 57 feet 7 inches, 01 tin reabtiut, in dOith on each aide, .um 14 leet In Iront and rear. Eiouru Waan. No. IU llowird street, aaid lot hcin; '7 feet 6 Inches, or thereabouts, 111 depth un each aide, and 14 feel In front and rear. EinsrrH W sd. No. 23 Mercer slieet; said lot being 100 fact in depth on each si lo, and 'ii feel infiuntand rear. Eiaam Ward. No 70 Canal street ; being SI feet 4 Inehea lu front; nn Ihe northeasterly si le, SB feet luiuchea; on the northwesterly snle,SSleetl inch, and on the north-erly anle. W feet'1 tuches. FoiarxBNTH Wabd, No. 19 Howard street; being 21 feet In tn.ot ; U leet inches on Ihe easterly aide; W leet 1 1 iochraon Ihe wes'ariy aide, and 4 feet in the tear. Also, all that certain lot, piece or parcel of land situate, lying and bring nn Ihe aniithurly aide of Howard atreet. in the Fourteenth W.ird of the city if New Yora Hounded and described as follows; Hegiiiuing al a point on the southerly side ol Howard sireet, diaunt 131 leet ? inches westerly from the southwest corner of Elm and lluwtn! streets, running thenco southerly sud parallel with E m atreet, (V feet II inches, tthrough the easterly wall .if the dwelllt g house situate, thereon, said wall being a party wall.) thence easterly and parallel w.lh Howard atrrei IR feet; Ihonce somberly a un and parallel with K ui sireet 3 leet, thence easterly a jin and parallel with Howard street ( feel: thence southerly again aloug Hie laud of l'eter Cruin-mel and parallel wuh Elm street a7 feet; tin tico westerly In the rear along laud belonging to the Catholic church ami parallel wiih Howard street 'A leal I inchei-; theuce north erly and paiallrl wi b Elm atreet 7 feet; thenco easterly again ami parallel with llowaid strut! 7 feel; thenco north-, erly again and paraded wuh Elm street 3 leet; thenco easterly again and paia lcl with Howard street IS feel II Inches; thence norther. V again and parallel with Ehu a leet 70 feet (! the centre cf the wester. y wall of the dwelling teiue situate Ihereoii.l aaid wad being a parly wall;) and thenco easterly again along llowaid street gj feet to Ike place of begitiuirg , be Iho said several dunen sions more or less; which said lot is now known and distinguished by Ihe street nuinVr twenty one (2.) Howard street- Oil which ta d lot there Is erected a threu story dwelling house; ami also 011 the rear thereof a Ure one slory tiuiiinng. nseuss a laurmuii. PooaTBSNTM Wako. No. 'i Howard snoot; said lot be Ing & feel 10 inches, or Ihcreatsiula in front an I rear, and 7afeet indepthon the westerly si le1and70 feel in depth on the eaaleily aide. EieHru Waan. 14 and 56 Canal street: sa d lots being 31 foet 7 inches in Iron! on Canal street ; 0 i-et 9 incite on the westerly side of Mercer sireet; go feet Smches in the rear, and 7 J feet 6 11 ehes on the wciterly aide. All lhal certain h t.piecenr parcel of land situate, lying and being in the I Ah (late 9th) waul nf the riiy of New. York, being part and parcelol tiactot subdivision No.dof a certain lriu. piece or parcel of k-n I, whereof Francis Bayard Wuithrop, Enquire, died aeiz-il, an I coiiun uly known by the nuuonl Ihe l urtle Bay Far e, beginning on the easterly sido of 47lh street, at a pond leet north-westwatdly Irotn li s corner of the 1st avenue ; thence south 61 degrees and M to miles i 410 fe. 1 ; thence north 3 degrees east, 38 feet; thenco smith 3i riejie. 1 east, 4 'eel ; thence north M di grees ean,C4 feel , thence north M) degrees ami to inlnules end, 93 feet; thonrc south IO degrees eas, 119 feet ; tlienre snulh 63 degree and 30 minutes esat.vti leet ; inenec aomo m-tnT, am, .t ntiii-uirseasl,3 feet ; thence notth 47 dereewet,Wi teet; thence south 31 tlesroes 3(1 minutes west, CXJ leet to the place of beginning ; outlining eight acrea, be tae same uioteor less, wiih ihe house and 1,11. Wings snd iinpiove inenis Iheri-on. being part of the piciuises which were conveyed to one Henry barelay hy William l. Winihrop, by deed recorded in the tdllce of ihe Itegisttr olll.ecny and roomy f New York. In l.iber No 131 ol Conveyances page 134. on Ihe first day of March, Ij5. The said prrmi aws being boiinde.l aoiiihwesterly. paitly by Turtle B'y ami issrtiy by land ol Colonel Thomas liarelsy; auutheaai-. erly by the Fast river. on ihnorlhesicrly si te by ground tow orlneof NiciinlaiV. II ivard, and nti Hie northwest-erls able by lanit of ihe aai I Henry Barelay. The last mentioned premises will be sold by a imp made Irotn a recent survey thereof, by which the same haa been laid out into 109 lots. Alao.all that certain block, piece or parcel ef land, in th Twelfth Ward of ihe city of New York, particul trly de- aignalod and laid itnwn on a map of "toinentnlyck's fanii, as Ms number thin nine (39) and forty (40 ) and which on a imp of property of David Dunham, deceased, mule by K. W. Itrnlges. City nurveyor. d-ued February, IS. ami (lied in the ollice of Register for Ihe eliy and coumy of New York, Is bounded northwesterly by the li avenue, in feet 4 inches, omhesnerly by the mid lie of the 7th avenue WCfeet 4 Inches, nnrthearerly by the mldi le of 0 Id atreet, Wo fert, and souihwesierly by the mtddleof Ht street. 830 feeL Containing ten acre and seventeen huo-dreihha of an aeieof land, be the lame more or lea. The kut uientioneil piemisis will be s.kl by a map made from a recent aurvey thereol, by which the saiuu haa been laid nut into I.B lots. Also, all ihe undivl led fourth part of that certain lot, situite 1 1 til-' li'h Ward of raid riiy, on ihe westerly side of Broadway, Itounded as loilowa: Beginning al a point distant 146 feet somberly from ihe southwest corner of Broadway and 14th street; running thence wester- " ly I0S feet A inches; thence southerly Wa feet 1 inch; ) Uienca easterly lo bruedway, 116 feel, and thence north- ' ar along llroadwav & leet 2 inches. ' Alan, all Ihe undivided fourth pan of that certain bit, situate in Ihe I'nh Ward of said city, being Ilia north west corner of Broadway snd 13 h atreet; said ltd being 49 feel In front on Broadway, 1.5 feet 9 inches oa ths southerly able on lli slreel; 13 feet I mch 1 e the west- 1 ... .,,1 and 110 b et on the uoriceily sido, on which said lot liters Is a two story budding. All Ihe a ual undlviibd hall part of all that piece of land, In the lothtlaie 12th) Wsrdof said cily, being part of Kip's Bay Farm, so called, bounded northeasterly by a sinp of sand heretofore designated ss Kip's Bay rreel; southeaat wardly by Ellr.a sireel; southwestwaid y by otlnuw or Later David S Jonea, ihe division between which lend smiths laud hereby described, is a line drawn parallel to ud at a rSaiiml dlalauca from 3lat and 34lh atreet; spd Church, in the city of New York, and diMinguixh ed nn a map or ciurt.or such part thcrcol as is called the II. ird or north division of the church farm by the number cue hundred and aixty three (163.) and bounded as follows: Beginning 011 Ihe nonhetiy side of Morton street at a po nt distant one hundred and twenty five foct eastwardly from the corner formed hy its intersection with the easterly aide of Hudson atreet, and running thence northwardly al right angle to Morton sired, one hundred feet, thence easts wardly parallel With Morton street twenty five feet, thence southwardly parallel with Hudson street one bundled feet to Morton tre?t, snd tbence westwardly aioig the line of Mor on street twenty five feet 10 the place id he-g.nning. Together wi:h all and singular the edifices, hol dings, right , iuembers.privileges snd appuitenancea Ihereuuto belonging snd appertaining, under and by virtue of a eeraio leaau of said pretniaes, made and executed tiy the said Rector. Church Wardens and Vestrymen ol Trinity Church on Ihe fourteeelh day of March, A D 1833. unto tine Ryard Hoffman, and assigned by sundry mesne aasiintnenta unto Edward Roouie ; and also the ai I indenture of lease, and the re-t, residue and reuiainderof ihe unexpired term nl years therenf, and every clause, covenant and condition thereof. Dated New York. November 10. h. 143. BENJAMIN F. SHERMAN, Master in Chancery, nlO -iawts 1 Wall street. F aio 310 Greenwich, corner Barclay st COOPKRS' CLl'E.-A regular supply always on hand, at manufacturers' prices, hy his agent, nil) ALFRED F. LAGRAVE. wTOK AGE. Cotton or other dry articles, wanted on cv storage. Apply to D4 WILLIAM NELSON, 63 South st. BUNDs AND MORTGAGES ON REAL ESTATE Tbe subscribers have at present two sums of si 500 each one of SIMS. one of $iu00, and a variety of sums of from i000 to glt),ufl0 each to loan on improved pioperty in this city or in Brooklyn. ADLARD k JOHNSON. Exchange, Loan and Bill Brokers, nl No. 63 Merchants' Exchange. Ij)OL.ISHED BRASS KETTLES A superior article lor family use, making preserves, kc. for sale i 013 ALFKFD F. LAGRAVE. 310 Greenwich, cor. Barclay. nl LINEN GOODS, WOOLLENS, c. !tc. fWy i N. DONNELLY 3t CO., No. 7 South Wil-M. llam street and 63 Stone street, have in store now and will be receiving daily throughout the season, new and desuaiue styles 01 l-inen, woolen anuotner staple anu fancy Dry Goods, suitahle lor the rallTiade. Their slock of l.nibo Goods is unsurpassed for style and variety, and to it they would particularly invite the attention of buyers. The following are a few of the Goods now in store, v. a LINEN GOODS. 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This splendid ship otters a mist desirable conveyance for second cabin and steerage passengers, who will betaken at the lowest rates. Those wishing to secure berths, will require to make early application on board the ship, at pier la.oeiow wau siret-i, or to JOHN HERDMAN 61 South street, nlO near Wall st. N. B. The splendid ship SHARON, Capt. Purrington. will succeed the Liverpool, and meet with quick despatch. EXPRESS FOR BOSTON Daily Line. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. MONDAY, Not IS. At W o'clock at th Franklin Hotel, Brooklyn. Pacific street Will be sold nnder the direction of S Cambreleng, Esq. master in chancery All those 8 lots of ground in the city of Brooklyn, on tne northerly side of Pacific at. knows en a map of property of Ralph Pa'chen, April 1839, by No 436, M, 437, 438, 439. 430, 431 aad 413. At 13 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. 119th street Will be sold nnder the direction of F T Ruggles, F.sp., master in chancery A II those four lots' ot ground in the 1-Uh ward of the city of New York, known on a map of part ef Ihe Waldron tract, Jane 136, by J F Bridge, as parcel 33, and lota 13, 104, 134 and 136, and commencing 110 fuet west from the 3d avenue. At 13 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. 61 Frankfort at Will be sold under the direction of W W Campbell, Esq., master in chancery All that lot of ground known as No 6 Frankfort st. between Vaude water and Skinner st, being 31 feet in width in front and rear, e6 ft 6 ina in depth on easterly side, 85 ft in depth an westerly tha same more or less. TUESDAY, Nov 14. At half past 10 o'clock, at tbe store of Miller k Co. No 19 Ferry street, cor af Jacob at. Bootr, Shoea, Brogaos, kc 500 cases boots, shoes and hrogana, together with linings, bindings, morocco, calf skius, fcc. WEDNESDAY, Nov 16. At 19i o'clock at the auction room. Package Sale of Hardware, German Goods, Fancy Articles, fcc Connstmgof a general asaor'ment of Birmingham and Sheffield Hardware, fine p.cket and lablecutlery tegether with a large assortment of German goods and French fancy articles. plated ware, kc. Teims, 6 mocret!it for all sum over 100 dolls, for approved endorsed notes. Catalogues anl goods will be ready the day previous to ale. At 13 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. For account ot whom it may concern 975 shares Alleghany Mining Co. Stork. THURSDAY. Nov 16. At 10 o'clock at the store of C has M Leupp, No 3'J Ferry street. 60CO sides Sole Leather, with other articles in the line. FRIDAY, Nov 17. -UOO sides Sole Leatner At 10 o'clock, at tbe store of Messrs Edwaxusfc Co., No 63 Ferry stret, SOuO aides sole leather. WEDNESDAY. Not 33. At 13 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. Eleventh st Will be sold under the direction of Fhilo T RuggUs, Esq.. mas'er in cnancary All that lot of ground in the 15th ward of thecity olNew York, on the northerly aide of 1 1th st, 100 feat easterly from northeasterly comer of 5th avenue aud llth st, and runniug thence north, cou-taining 35 ft 9 ins front and rear, aud 100 feet deep, more or less. Also, all that lot of ground in the 16th ward beginning on the northerly side of llth st, 175 ft easterlj from northeasterly corner of 5th avenue and 1 1th street,' and running thence northerly. AT PRIVATE SALE. Brass Foundry, church Bells, fcc The entire stock contained in the store of Ephraim Force, No 366 Water street. Among the stock on hand is a large assortment of church, shin and house hella. Also, to let or lease, the premises occupied as acove. EDGAR JENKINS. Auctioneer. BY UALLIDAY afc JENKINS, No. 13 Broad street, near WalL HALLIDAY k JENKINS will attend personally to ales of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, in addition to their sales of REAL ESTATE, STOCKS, fcc. fcc. at the Exchange. NOTICE Removal H. fc J. have removed from the Merchants' txchange to No 13 Broad at, near Wall. THURSDAY, Not 16. At 13 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exrhanre Chsncery iale Under the direction of Wm W Camp bell, Esq , master The valuable five story marble building ana 101 no j w un as. on tne aoumeny sine, commencing a the northwesterly corner of lot No 16 Wall st. belong ing to tbe President, Directors k Co. of tbe Mechanics' Bank, and thence running westerly along Wall st. 31 ft 11 ins to the centre 01 tne p-irty wall ol tbe two marble build-iners. thence southwesterly throoeh said wall. and m a con tinuous line 57 feet 9 ins; thence southwesterly along the ground fotmerly of Peter Bucksell, deceased, 90 feet 8 ins; thence southwesterly along said land 14 ft 9 ins to ground late of Charles Ludlow, Esq., deceased: thence southwest erly along said land 1 1 ft 4 ina to tne lot ol land of the Mer-chants' Bank, and thence northeasterly along said lot 61 ft 10 ins. to wall st, tne place 01 beginning. $60(K) to loan on bend and mortgage, at 6 per cent, for a term of years. BY R. AISSLIE, Jan. REAL ESTATE AND GENERAL AUCTIONEER Office Ne. 60 Merchants'Exchange E.H. LUDLOW. Auctioneer. IT K. II. LUDLOW & CO. Office No. 11 Broad street. Real Estate, Stock , Ship, Household Furnrtur , and out -door sales in general, attended to promptly. 0(7- Notice to Sellers of Real Eststs Tbe ten per cea usually paid into our hands in sales of real estate, have heretofore been deposited by us in th New York Lit and Trust Co. as a special deposit. We shall in future sales make them a ststcial deposit in that company as heretofore or ia m of the city banks designated by the parties. . E. H. LUDLOW fc CO. SATURDAY. Nov II. At It o'clock, at the sales room 1 1 Broad st. Kitchen Ranges end Plumbers Stock of Nayiort patent kitchen ranges of different sizes; 8 c rot on hydrants, 1 sink lined with lead, 18 croton water boxes, 14 feat has. 4 top reck finch, 3 step cork inch, 1 wa'er cork, 1 street washer, 14 brass cocks inch, S iron cocks 1 men, 3 fenders for grates, 3 hose pipe, 1 ho pipe with cock, 8 office grate, blower, lie fcc. All th above now ready for inspection, and tha sals will be peremptory for cash. At 13 o'clock at the Merchants' Exchange. Mortgage Sale American Life In and Trust Co. ts Peter G Htoney and other 9 lota in the 17th ward, being part of the land of the rate Nicholas William Stnyrecant, and known on his map as No 9, etl, 9S, 9S, 104, 131, 10, 136 149, 190,303,306, 333, 330.334,339, 356, 3t6, 3-3, 999,303 301,331,333, 303, 316, 36b. 363.367, 373, 393. 394, 336, 398 399,309,307,419.430. 43, 433, 444. 455, 463, 471.473, 474,476 41, 4S0, 486,4:6, 48,494, ,504, 510,614. For further parti colon see drertisement in the New York American, sun ei William Betta. MONDAY, Nov 30. At 13 o'clock at the Merchants' Exchange. Receiver's Sale in Chancery Edward S. Innis ts Geo Chance The following notes, debts and real estate : note against Bogert fc Crook for flto ; note against Bogert fc Crook, 1 18 19 ; note against John Sims, lau ; note against do, 141 6i ; note against John Pool, 130 ; note against do 137 69 : note against Abraham Ryersen. 30 ; njte agauist do, 43 73; note against do, 73 73; note against Allen Wod-dle, 670 ; note against do, 135 ; note against de, 103 64; note against Holmes fc Myera, 865 46 ; note against Edward Smith, 133 11 ; note agaiust Abraham Kyerson, 46; note against Jobn w Thompson, aj ; a drait ot w U Miller, 33 4a ; note against Hiram Purdy, 40 ; book debt from S fc J Mandeville, the sum of 17 73 ; from P H Green, tbe sum of 793 76 ; from Geo P Heyer the sum of 33 66, from Hep. burn D Elgin 31 91 ; from James Richardson tne sum of 11 64 ; from Stephen Hawkins the sum of 17 43; from Wm Chalmers tbe sum of 38 96 ; from Victor David the mm of 105 06 . from Penaon fc Bogert the sum of 30 16 : from Sturgis fc Sannier th sum ol 67 35 ; from George Ricketts the sum of 34 17 ; from Geo Elgin tbe sum of 138; from James Room the sum of 341 65 ; from loan Pool the sum of 15 t8 5 flora Jobn Garrrttson the sum of 373 73 ; from Wm Gibson the sum of 73 37 ; from C II Little the sum of 66 05 ; bum S F fc E Driggs the urn of 33 35 ; from John C Frazer the sum of 93 91 ; from L Crasson the sum of 11 35; from F S. Taft tbe sum of 76 ; Irom Richard Whipple the sum of 30 3a ; from Wm Ware the sum of 16:) 67 , from R D Hepburn the sum of 19 65 ; from MrsC A Given the sum of 98 03 ; from Wm Anderson the sum of 3000. 3. Chancery Sale Edward S- Innis vs Geo Chance-Real Estate AH tbe lollowiug lots of land in Township No3,town of West Turin. county of Lewis, stateof New V oik. as follows: lot 36. 191 acres ; do 37, 303i do ; do 49, 151 do ; do 66, containing 153 and 3-41 hs acrea of laud-also part of lot 57 , containing 474 acres ; also part of lot 59. contaimug 933 acres ; also part of lot 03, containing 4ej acre ; ine wnoie oeing eeu acres, more or leaa. WEDNESDAY, Nov 39. At 13 o'clock at tbe Merchants' Exchange. Chancery Sale William H Harvey ts Edmund Harvey and others In partition Uuder the direction of B F Sherman, master, G M Spier, solicitor All that Certain store and lot of ground situated in the 1st ward, known as No 73 South street, and the wharf and water lot opposite the said store, and more particularly disci ibed iu the master's advertisement in the Evening Post, GEORGE B. ROLLINS, Auctioneer. BT WILKIN S & ROLLINS, REAL ESTATE AUCTIONEERS. Sales Room No. 1 1 Broad street JOSIAII RICHARDS. Auctioneer BY BANGS. RICHARDS eV I'LATT, Stoss No. 196 BaoiowsT. Liberal cash advances made on consignments far ootiasn sale FRIDAY EVENING. At 6 o'clock at the auction room. Bookseller Stock .A Isrrs en 1 1 set ina sat mlanadlaaaaMaa book and stationery, being the balance stock cf a Taoohaat- far. Also, Circulating Library, to be sold In oaa loCcanslst-ingol 7Oto1ui. AT PRIVATE til l Paper Hans-inr Fonr pum r p-h- u. ngof various pattern of satin and plain paper. ROYAL GURLEY. Auction BY GTJRLEV b HILL. tiKSr"!'?rcl1r,T New York Lr.g Rooas. Liberal cub. advances made on consignments. .rsIL Jf,? "a 5'" Proal attentioaaU aalaa muiun aiine aweiimgsolowa SATURDAY EVENING, a 1 .1 At teucUoaoa. A valuable collection of ntaadard ViscsrUaMona Books including a variety of works relating to America. ' Among thrm are Jt fferson's Works, 4v ; Franklin 'a works 3 vs; Hiatory of South Carolina, 3 v.; HotchiwnT and Minot's Massachusetts, 8v; Gordon's History of New York-Buckingham's Travels in America, Jr; Hitchcock Goo logyol Massachusetts, St; Holmes' Aaniuiot AsmHc,tt-'.one"s Lil of Brant. 3t; Long's Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, St; Bullock's Mexico; American Ahnanat 1 Nine Years Cere's Residence on Colombia Rivar; I rv rear's Rocky Mountains, St; Cbateaubrianda Travels ia Aaasri-ca,3v; Gallatin on Finance; MeKatuu' Travels, 3r:Q-Terneur Morri. 3r. Also, a large collection of America music. MONDAY EVENING. At 7 o'clock at the auction rooaa. Law Book A valuable collection of Reports, Treatises and Digests. In addition to the American Reports, fcc. are many scarce and valuable old English Reports, kc. TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, Nov 31st and 33d. At 7 o'clock in the auction roo-w. Large Sale of Valuable English Books A valuable and rare collection of English e.ulions, embracing aaanychoteo booka, many ol them in fine bindings; a variety of desirable woiks in Botany will be found among them- also, a number of good classical works; History: the r-vrlets scarce editions of the English Poets, biography, and a rick collection relating to the Fine a nftnasam fcc. and a great variety of elegant illustrated weeks. Among them is Dtbden's Bibliemania, Sts; Dibdeal Tour th.ough England and Scotland,! vs"bartert AaTiMt Sculpture and Architecture of England, 79 plate, folm-Sclextione of Antique Gems, 3 vs; Hogarth's comsUto works, Hake wellS Picturesque Tour in Italy a3latea-Miller's Figures of rare and cuiioua Quadruped and el-' s - wi u win, uiusirs-joDs or i bomaoasj Sea son's By Bartolozzi, folio, Howitt's Grout of Animals-Hervey's Illustrations of Modern Sculpture, folio; Hnbn! aen ami venue's Heads of illustrious P ATE NT JAPANNED LEATHER. AGENCY KOn CLAIMS AGAINST THE UNITED STATES The subscuber has estab. luted an Agency for the prosecution of claims against the General Government. For Return Duties, Dntirs paid nnder Protest; Claims under Contracts, Commissions or Treaties; Unclaimed Balance, Dividends, or Stocks; for the re-issuing of Treasury Notes destroyed or lost; for Patents, or to renew such as have expired, Indian and Land Claims of all kinds; Pen stun Claims of all kinds, under the acts of Congress from tbe 15th May, 1778, to the 3rd March, 1843. or decisions made by the Pension Ottine, War or Navy Departments, of the Attorney Generals in like cases invalid, navy, revolutionary, widows' heirs, or representatives of claimants' nenaiona: 1 laims for Revolutionary Services bounty lands, commutation or half pay; Claims of Soldiers of the late War. The subscriber has complete lifts of such as ha7e received land and rr.oney from the government, and of those airriTLSD, who have hot received. Two agent reside in Washington, through whom and correspondents in the States snd Territories, Claims will be collected at any place, information obtained or evidence -oured. I laima, whether requiring the action of Congress, or of the Depsrtments, will be advocated in person. The persons comprising this agency possess many facilities, and have been for several years familiar with the course of public business the principles governing the sdjustment, and the manner of settling accounts or claims, with or against the government. Communications will be addreejed to New York, post paid. NICHOLAS CARROLL, 64 Wall st,N. York. Refers to Phrpherd Knapp, Esq. Prea't Mechanics' Bank, N. York, lion. Friend Humpnrey. Albany, N. Y. si Millard Fillmore, Buffalo, de. J. F. Simmons, U.S. S., Providence, R.I. u Rufus Choate, U. 8. S, Boston, Mass. J. Schofield. lr Esq., Boston Sugar Refinery. fJ.Hon.Wm-Wright, Newark.N J. 7 Isaac R. Davis. Esq., Philadelphia, Pa. Messrs. Poland, Jenkins fc Co , Baltimore, MJ. ti W H Archer. U. 8. H.. Elk HiU. Va. - Willie P.Mangum,Pret U. 8. S., Red Mountain, N-Carolina. W. C. Preston, Columbia, 8. C. Henry Clay. Ashland, Ky. . R w. Thompson. Bedford. Ina. David 8. Lee, Esq . Chicago, 111. Hon. Wm. Medill. Lancaster, Ohio. John Bell, Nashville, Tenn. John Henderson, U.-.S. 8., Pass Christian, Miss. w h Fulton. IT. S. S.. Little Rock. Ark. J. S. Meehan, Esq., Librarian to Congress, Washington, u.t:. " rwv.ll v; ...hseriheea nfTer for sale a laree and well select M. cd assortment of WINES, TEAS, and FAMILY STORKS. . hlch ureeanal in oualiity and variety to any Establishment in the city, at Moderate Prices, among which are Maderia. Tort. Tale and Brown Sherry ; Champaign German, Clar rt, Canary and Tenerille Wines ; Cognac, w nue, ream, an J other Brandies . Jamaica ana , nus- land aud Coloirna Gin: Scotch and irish Malt Whiskey Batavia Arrack; Bay Water: Absinthe; Kirschcawasser; uuracao; Marschino; French Liqueurs; merry anil nasp- berry Brandy; London Brown Stout; Scotch Ale; Pnila- 300 sides Japanned Harness do lau do do Belt ao 900 do do Grained do 100 do do Horse do 300 do do Dash d a Japanned Calf Skins. 600 feet Japanned Cioth. 390 Jananned Skivers Also, a quantity of Oiled Silk, for sale by ,31,-rh 111 A TQOV ta au)3 GEO WATSON 164 Water st. N1 EW MALAGA FRUIT 60S boxes Bunch Rauuus, 350 half do do., 300 qr. dodo do. 300 half kegs Grapes, in prime order, just received, and for sale by DANIEL G1LMARTIN, 300 Front, corner of nl Fulton st. -4100 sack IVERFOOL SALT AFLOAT, Woithinsrton factory filled salt. jtoo do coarse do, just received by the ship Rappahan nock, from Liverpool, and for sale by oio cia:viui.Lj inuxrDuiii,zis rearisi. TtXJOAII RIPLEY, Manufacturer or Paints, Var -L4 nishes, kc, otters forsale at 159 Front st. 30 tons White Lead ,m oil, of superquality, kegs 35 to iOO. 5 do do dry as-orted packages 3000 lbs pure Verdigris, in tin cans 1000 lbs Paris Green, do do 600 Chrome Green, do do 200 krgs Black Paint; 300 do French Ochre 36 bills Putty; 16 do Copal Varnish 6 do Brown Japan; 10 do Boiled Oil. Together with a general assortment of Paints, Window Glaus, Brushes, Glue, fcc , on the most favorable term fo cash or city paper o9r DOMESTIC WOOLLEN HOSIERY 600 doz Woollen Socks 100 " " Stockings 100 " Mittens 250 lb ' Yam 1000 yards Domestic Wool Flannel 1000 14 ' Tow Cloth Which will be sold very low for cash, or approved paper. by GEORGE W. CORL1ES, 3S3 Pearl street. jei nEPPEH, INDIGO, MADDER, she. JL 1000 bags heavy Sumatra Pepper 30 cases prime Manilla Indigo 30 ceroons first quality Caraccas do 30 casks Dutch Madder 2500 mats Cassia; 10 bbls prime Nutmegs 600 bags Race Ginger 550 do super Sumatra Coffee With a general as sortment of Teas. For sale by OI9 S. T. NICHOLL, 66 Front st. ALEXANDER SOLTAV, 40 Broad street, offers for sale Madeiras Blackbnrn's, of different qualities. Sherries Pale and Gold, very choice ; Peter Domecq's and Pemartins. Ports Saudeman's very superior, similar to those shipped to F.nglind. BranJus very choice Old Ilennessy, nnder custom house lock, oa) English Bookseller 15c Broadway. 1. Grton's General Biographical Dictionary, 3 vols. 3. The Farmers' Encyclopedia, and Dictionary of Rural Affairs, in I large volume. 3. Hirsch's Geometry, or a s quel to Euclid. 3. A collection of examples, rormula, snd calculations on the literal Calculus and Algebra, by the same author. 3. Don Quixotte, in one large volume. Numerously Illustrated. 6. TheTourof Doctor Syntax. Illustrated with original designs, by Crowquill. 7. Tegg's London Magazine of Knowledge and Amusement. No. I. English Books in every branch of Literature, Imported in la- ge or small quantities, either by the steamer or packet, as parties may desire. n9 A DIES' HAND-BOOK OF NEEDLEWORK JLal Recently published, a series of illustrated Hand-Book for the ladies, elegantly bound in muslin with gilt edges and appropriate stamps, at tue very low price ot 35 cents each, as follows : No 1. Baby Linsu, containing plain and ample directions for tbe preparation of an infant's wardrobe. 3. nam rseeuiewora. 3. Fancy Needlework. 4. Knitting, Netting and Crotchet. A Embroidering on Muslin, Lacework and Tatting. 6. Millinery and Dress-Making. Any number sold separately, J. 8 REDFIELD, Clinton Hall, n9 corner Nassau and Beekman st. 9ATEW BOOKS, published by ths American Sunday i. School Union, and for sale hy J U. 51E.C.K.S, l3'aaSSBU St., i. r. The Holiday Gem for Boys; The Holiday Gem for Girls; Anne Sherwood . or Scenes at School; Letters to a Very Young Lady; 'The Forget-Me-Not lor Girls; The Boys' 'Forget Me-Not-,' The Flowetet; Scripture Prints a series of 10 new Cards for children. All the above are embel lished with fine engravings and handsomely bound for ho liday use, A liberal discount to tue traae. n " AT H IT E SLATE PENCILS Round, from the T only quarry in the U. States or elsewhere, producing a white material, for sale in quantities to suit purchasers by DAVID FKLT fc CO, Stationers' Hall, 345 Pearl, nlO and 34 WU st. BANK LEDGERS. The subscriber are prepared to furnish Bank and other institutions with Ledger of superiorfmanuacture. Having furnished a number of banks with Ledgers of the largest size, which have, after asveral veara of hard nsae. remained eetfectlv tirm.thev are confident tbat the Booka they furnish will in respect to quality of paper and superiority of binding, give entire satisfaction. Banksand Insurance Companiesa'.so supplied with Blank Checks. Certificate of Deposits. Policies. Transfers. Certifi cates of Stora. Bank Notices. Expiration Notices. Bank Draf ts, fcc. fcc. Tcgether with every article of Paper and stationery. LAMBERT k LANE, nlO Stationers 67 Wall st. HARNDEN fc UO. will run their Package and Business Express between New York and Boston during the Winter, as follows : Via Stonington, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays ; via Norwich, ou Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, making a daily line. N. B. Please mark all package intended for this line to the care of HARNDEN fc CO., n9 3 Wall street. FOR HAVANA Direct Tha elegar.l. 'well known Spanish Steamer NATCHEZ, .Don Francis Villair. commander, having been iiuasoiuably detained, will sail positively on MONDAY, November 13th at 3 P.M. This superb steamer has been newly coppered .fitted up with new Boilers, and her cabins have undergone a thorough renovation, rendering her in every respect a most desirable conveyance. The Natchez will arrive in Havana, about in time to meet the New Orleans steamer Alabama, affording a very pleasant trip to those whose business will admit of their taking such a circuitous route to the latter port. Capt. John R. Stanhope, well known to the travelling community, accompanies the Natchez on her voyage. For particulars ot passage, apply to W. fc J. T. TA1SCOTT. 43 Peck slip, corner of South street. N. B. A faw second class passengers can be comforts bly accommodated. n7 WEDNESDAY, Not 16. At 12 o'clock at the Merchants' Exchange. (If not sooner disposed of at private sale.) The First Congregational Church in Chambers st lot No 107 and 109; ground 50 ft in Iront and rear by 75 feet in depth; cburcnouu oy iu. i erms at sate. N B. Tbe premises can be viewed on application to i Burgys, Sexton, No 38 West Broadway. Chancery Sale Under the direction of J N Cnshman, Esq., master in chancery All those four lots of ground, with the dwelling houses thereon, situate in the I Ith ward of thecity of New York, on the westerly side of Avenue D, beginning at the southwest corner of Avenue D and 4tb at, containing each 33 ft in fronton Avenue D, 33 it in rear by 90 feet in depth ou each side. Valuable 6th Aveuue Lots The two lots of Inndon the 6th avenue one being tha southeast corner ot 6th avenue and loth st., and the other lot adjoining. The corner lot is 35 ft 9 ins in frout and rear by 100 ft in depth, and the next 35 ft in front and rear by 100 feet in depth. The whole of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgagefor 6 years, at 7 per cent, on security being given that the purchaser will improve the premises, or two thirds on snort-a.-ee without such security l DUH9UAI i .,st as. At 13 o'clcck, at the Merchants' Exchange. C: uncery Sale Under the direction of A O Millard, Eiq., natter in chancery All that lot of grsund situate at tne southeast corner of 9th st and the 6th avenue, containing 33 ft 6 ins in front on the 6th avenue, 33 ft 6 ins in rear, by 75 teet in depth on 9th st. on one side and 75 feet on tha other. At 13 o'clock, at tho Franklin House, Brooklyn. Chancery Sale Under the direction of W S Smith, Eiq. master in chancery All that piece of ground situa'e at the southwesterly corner of Little and John at. Brooklyn, bounded westerly by John st. 88 ft II ins, southerly sud pa rallel to Jackson st 50 ft. easterly and parallel to John st 69 ft 4 ins, and northei ly by Little st 43 it 9 ins to the place of beginning BY J. P. DIETKRICll, Office No. 35 Pine street, up stairs, Room No. 6. s J. P. Dietei ich will give hi personal attenticn to sales o Furniture, Groceries and Real Estate. All sales of Land and House will be made attheMercbanta'Excbange. SATURDAY. Not 11. At 10 o'clock at the sales. No II Bros J st. Bulbous Flower Roots The sa'ie of Dutch Bulbous Roois wiU be continued, consisting of a lew packages of bulbs, from the largest Floral establishment in Holland, and put up with the greatest care for the New York market, consisting in part ol choice double and single hyacinths, early and late tulipa. narcissus, double and single )onqail, sme-none, ranurulse, crocus, Ate fcc., well worthy the atten tion ol purchasers. Also, 30,000 choice asparagus roots, 1 , 9 and 3 years old. At 13 o'clock at the Merchants' Exchange Surrogate Sale - Property corner Beaver and New sts Being all that parcel of land ly ing on the northwesterly corner of Beaver and New sts, in the I st ward in depth on New st 104 ft 3 ins, in width in rear 13 ft 6 ina, in width on Beaver st. 6 ft 6 ins, moreor less a vacant lot Teims of Sale 10 per cent of the purchase money to be paid at the time of sale, 40 per cent to be paid on tha 311 of November ins., when the deed will be delivered, the remaining 60 per cent may remain on bond and mortgage for 3 years at 6 per cent per ann, payable yearly. TUEfDAY.NoT 14 At 13 o'clock at the Merchants' Exchange. Leonard street The three story basement brick bonse and lot of ground known as No 73 Leonard street, between Broadway and Church street, on the n'rtherly side. The house is 34 It 7 ins in width and 60 ft deep; the lot is 34 7 by loo ft, and designated in the division of the estate of Anthony Lespenard by lot No 268. The building is of the most substantial or :er- A considerable portion of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage for two year. FRIDAY. Not 17. At 13 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. Administrator's Sale Leasehold Property corner Ninth avenue and 19th st. By order of Jhe administrator of J V Graham, deceased the 3 story brick house and lot grouod corntr 9th avenue and 19th st let is 36 ft 3 ins in front and rear and 100 ft deep on each side. The lease is dated 30th Jan. 1839. at f7 per year for 31 years; two renewals for 31 years each The bouse is 36 ft 3 ins front and rear by 43 ft deep, built in 1938, of the best materials, and finished throughout. The premises are leased to a good tenant for five S400 per year. FRIDAY, Not 24 At 13 o'clock at the Merchants' Exchange. Chancery Sale Lou in Bank st. Particulars in future advertisements. AT PRIVATE SALE. Three shares New York Library, annual tax two dol lars. HORACE BOARD, Auctioneer. BY WM. II. ALLISON, Sales Room 48 Centre street, (one door below Pearl street.) Out-door sale o t every description of property respectfully solicited, for which immediate returns will be made. nersms loft s..m. traits, folio; Loutherbey "a Romantic Scenery sf EnalanA and Wales, beautiful colored plates, folio; Rysll's Portraits of Eminent Statesmen. India proofs. 16 No, folio; Raphael's Bible, oblong folio; Agoatsni on Medals, folio; Folio Scrap -ok filled w ith engraving by Bartolozxi, Cipnan. fce; Pilktngton's Dictionary of painter. 3 vt; Elemenlsof Drawing and Painting in water colors; British gallery of painting and sculpture by Westmacett; Knight oa the prusei-ole of taste; S.dden's rhetorical gestuie and action - Ama dis ne Gaul; Seld.n 'stable talk; Theobald's Shakspeare, 7 vsSvo; Thornton's philosophy of botany, I ts, nuaaenma plaUs, folio; Thornton's texual svstrm and teaaplo of Flora, numerous splendid pistes. -i vs folio; Roaru'lsoenU of botany, 3v; Hortus Anglieusor Modern English Oats, J'n-? "i lr lli'torir.. 3v 8vo; Sylvia Flonfer by Phillips. 3r Svo; rbillip's History oi cultivated Trgstibla 3v evo. Physiological botany by Keith ,3v; Flora Domestic' orthe Portable How ex Garden; Hslly'a Life and PoMhws, mens Writings or Cowper, 3 ts quarto;'a History ot Greece, 4 Ta quarto; Wraxall'a kings of France, 3vve-De Meleville's Grest Britain, 4 va; Dodgsleya London Aav nual Register from the Commencement to 1783.37 T; Life uu . c.lnu.icnLB vi air t nomaa l awrence, ts- Bick-bara's British Monarchy, fine specimen of Penmanship, fol-Stackhous' History of the Bible, 2 ts folio; Madame Do Muntenou'a Letters, 3 vs; Gauganelli'a Lettors, t- Do Brett's Peerage of England, Scotland and Ireland, 9. v; Tho Annual Peerage of British Empire for 1830, 3 ts- Pocket Teerage of England, 3 ts; Th new Baronetage 'of England, 3 vs; a splendid copy of Middleton's History of tho Life of Cicero, 3 xs quarto; QuintiUian translated r Go. thrie, 3vs; Beaumont and Fletcher's Works, 10 vs; Beat Johnson's Dramatic Works, folio; Concordance to Shak-ai-eare; Dry den's Virgil, 100 plates folio; Milton's Paradava Lost.2 va, elegant call; Chesterfield's Works, 4vqo:lo-MusicalPerformanceaat Westminster Abbey ia fim' moration of Handel, quarto; fcc. AT PRIVATE SALE. A right in tha New York Society Library, subject only to payment of 33 a year. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE .OFFICE. Passage lrom Dublin, Cork, Waterford, . Loudonderry, Belfast, Warn npoint. Dundalk and Drogheda, via. Liverpool, can be secured at all times by the regular packets sailing weekly. The subscriber bees leave to inform his friends and the Suhlic generally, that during the ensuing spring he will ave a regular succession ol superior American ships sail ing weekly in addition to tne regular packets, wmcn will be ntted.up in the most comfortable manner, and despatched from Liverpool every four or five days. Those sending for their friends will easily see the advantage of engaging ly this line, as there can be no delay whatever, and they may rest assured that every attention will be shown thtm as well as all who may embark with them. For further particulars, appiy (if by letter, post paid) to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st , near Wall it. N. B. Passage Certificates and Drafts for any amount can be furnished, payable at the National and Provincial Bank of Ireland andBranches, and in all the principal towna throughout the United Kingdom are forwarded by the regular packeta sailing weekly , and by the Royal Mail Steamers, via Boston, on the 1st and 16th of each mjnth, ou application aa Hoove. niu ,n FOR HAVANA To sail 15th inst The Regular ii, Packet ship NORMA, T. B Barton, master, will be Tit despatched for the above port on the 15m inst. For freight od passage apply to d9 MOSES TAYLOR, 44 South st. , r FOR HARTFORD The new and elegant steam sKfe. packet Seneca, captain A FRANCIS, ia now at pier 13 E R, Old alio immediate despatch given. For freight, which will be taken on reasonable terms, apply on board, or to nlO J fc N BRIGGS, Agent, 40 South St. SEVEN O'CLOCK MORNING. LINE, FOR ALBANY, TROY, AND INTERMEDIATE LANDINGS, From the Steamboat Pier at the foot of Barclay street. Breakfast and Dinner on . Board, stake l ou. WEDNESDAY, At 10 o'clock at 151 Bowery, (up stairs ) Pawnbroker's Sale A large assortment of ladies and gentlemen's wearing apparel of every description, viz : Surtout,body and frock coats, pantaloons, vests, shirts and stockings, cloth, plaid and camlet cloaks, habita and peliasses,merino,silkand calicogowns,superfine cloth and cassimeres, remnants of silks and satins, linen and calico quilts and counterpanes, blankets, sheets, tablecloth and covers, beds, bureaus, sidcboaids, tables, bedsteads, bolsters pillows, boots, shoes. hats and umbrellas, andirons, shovel and tongs, brass kettles, looking glasses, pictores,glsss and china. carpetaandrug,carpenters'toola of every description, kc. By order of WM. SIMPSON, Pawnbroker, 161 Bowery. THURSDAY. At 10 o'clock, at 35 Chatham at, up stairs. Pawnbroker' Sale A large assortment of ladies and gentlemen' wearing apparel of every description, viz : Surtout, body and frock coats; pantaloons, vests, shirts and stockings; cloth, plaid and camlet cloaks; habits and peliaases; merino, silk and calico gowns; superfine cloths aud cassimeres; remnants of silks and satins; Itnen and ca lico quilts and counterpanes; blankets, sheets, table cloths and covers; beds, bureaus, sideboards, tables, bedsteads bolsters and pillow, boots, shoes, hats and umbrellas, and irons, shovels and tongs, bras kettles, looking glasses pictnres, glass and chin, carpets and rugs, carpenter's tool of every desceiption, kc. Byorder of J SIMPSON fc CO., 35 Chatham it. A. MANN. Auctioneer. BY GEORGE S. MANN sit CO. 333 BroaJwij-jCorner Anthony street. George R Mann fc Co. will give their personal attention to house sales of Furniture in any part of the city, on mo derate terms, tasn advances made on consignments of furniture and merchandise. AT PRIVATE SALE. A large assortment of elegant new furniture at the low est price and Irom tne best makers and warranted. Per sons shipping furniture can have it safely packed and ship- pea si suort nouce. noutnem purcnasers are invited to call ana examine ior tnemseives. SATURDAY. At 10 o'clock in tbe sales room. A fine assortment of Wine and Liquors in glass and wood. Also, a quantity of Havana and Prineip segara, come choice brands, in boxes; also, several thousand good domestic mannfacture, with teas and other articles in the line. AT PRIVATE SALF.. For sale or exchange, the cottage built house and stable and 6 lots attached, on the north west corner of 6th avenue end 136th street. Apply at the sales room. B Y W. W. HeCOKMICK Store No. 18 Conrtlandtstreet Wm. McC. will attend to out-door sales of Furniture, Groceries.kc. Regular sales of Furniture on every Tue. day and Saturday. Clothing, Dry Goods and Miscellaneous Articles every Thursday. SATURDAY. At 10 o'clock at the auction room. Furniture. Pianos, kc The furniture of a family remo ved from Jersey City, comprising carpets, bureaus, tables, sofa beds, windlass bedsteads, bookcases, crockery, parlor stoves, 3 piano fortes, trunks, fcc. with a variety of other articles. SUN MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, 7 Nit Yobk, October 16, 1843. ) THE following Statement of the Affairs of the Sun Mutual Insurance Company, if published in conform ity with the requirements of the 10th Section of the Act of its Incorporation: The whole amount of Premiums received for the year ending the 4th October, 1843, was. (638,5511 73 Of which was received aspremiumson Marine Kiks, including Inland Risks, connected with a portion thereof. $655,576 94 On Inland Transportation and Navigation Risk 0.373 7J On Fire Risks 23,701 11 Tbe amount of Earned Premiums during the year ending as aforesaid, was as follows : On Marine Risks (533.771 71 On Inland Risk 8,828 90 On Fire Risks 31 ,966 97 (68859 75 YjUItE JL French do Btoue do Do do French do English do do do Tea do do do. do. do, do. do, delphia forter and Ale ; Cider ;-Green and Black Teas; India t hlna Dining sest, . ... .. ' , . ... ... I I.' . I. .1 n An An l.oai,t.i usneu, l ulverneit, l'orto Ilico, fel. t.roix.aud rsew Orleans Sugar ; Govt. Java, Manilla and African Cott'ce ; riaiauis, rrunes, t igs, currsuita. Grapes, Almond ; Regalia, Imperial, La Not ma, Noreiga and Principe Segar ; Parmlsan, English, Gruyere. Sansasro and American Cheese; Preserve in Brandy and Syrup; Gusto, Current, Quince, and Apple Jelly ; Chocolate. Cocoa Shell, Pre pareu turn. ,.ov us, i astu, niua ana sperm uii, uandie ; nama anu i on goes ; , aiue, wnite ; rancy, and Yellow Soap ; Maccaroni ; Vermicelli, Tapeoca, Sago. Rice whole and ground. Arrow Root, laina-laas. Peach and Rose Water ; Spice, Wine and Cider Vinegar, Sardine in Oil, Anchovies, Yarmouth Bloaters. Scotch and nnlch Herrings; French and English Mustard ; Catsups, Sauces, rancy nuaica, mruves, vwpeia, sua various Oilier ar ticles. JOHN DUNCAN fc SONS, No. 407 Broadway, between Walker and Lispenerd streets N. B. Good sent to any part of the City or Brooklyn oi xpeuae oiu CHEAP FOR CASH I CKOCKERY XV ARE. Cut Class, Pressed do, Wedgewood Tea seta. Stone Pitchers, White Stone Toilet Ware, Fancy do. Flower Vases, Fruit Baskets, Pie Plates, Baking Dishes. Flower Pots, all aizes, INSURANCE, AT THE LOWEST RATES, BY THE HARTFORD FIRE INSUR ANCE COMPANY Incorporated 1810 Charter perpetual. DIRECTORS. Eliphalet Terry, H. Huntington, Altiert Day, Job Allyn, Ezra White, jr., James Goodwin, jr., John P. Brace, Charles Boswell, Henry Keney. ELIPHALET TERRY, President. Jamea G. Bolles, Secretary. This lone established and well known Institution, hav ing been iu active operation upwards of 30 years, contin ues to insure Houses, Furniture, Stores, .Merchandise ann other property against loss or damage by fire, oa the most avorabie terms. JOHN NEILSON, Jr., Agent, o5 3m 55 Wall street, New York. Naw nattern BlooJars. Yellow Stone cowls, wiui covers. Cake Moulds, stone Pots, all aizes. Milk ran, ate. I DAVIS COLLAMORE, 697 Broadway, opposite Ntblo's NB. Chinese shaped Coffee. 18 FRENCH AND JGERBIAH FANCY GOODS. ar-4saaHi.s7.ia II. DARLING. IMPORTER AND J DEALER, 74J Msideu lane and 6 Liberty street, ha recently received and cners ior su sow, an - - plete assortment ot ytvT KEDLES The Needle Manufactory heretofore 1 conducted by EDWARD HEMMING. wiU in future. be carried on by JAMES HEMMING fc SON. J.H bens aiva to take thia opportunity to tender his acknowledg ments to the community ior ine nign esumauon in wnicn his father's Needle have been held, and to assure them t'nsi nuns ins shall be spared in continuing tnetr manu facture. They truet that they shall be enabled to produce an article not to be surpassed, very rettpectiuny. j.uiLa nti.ii.iii., ii as su.ti a.t.o.l Jul 1943. r a Aa these Needles, for th American Market, are manufactured esoressly forR. RICHARDS, whose name is affixed 3o tne tuc i-soei, me s icsprcuuity ;..rnrn,n.l thai thev caa be obtained of him. " . n i ...!....&', .VI.' - V S. O0 !P IHAIUfc.t bs.,t.,i,iis aorss. UNLAYING CARDS Eagle, Harry Vlll, Decatur. I Merry Andrew and Highlander, in a large variety of style of fancy backs. Also. rrencn-rus.irsio ojr siyieavs lauvj n vrt fc cO.Stationerl Hall 34 J Pearl and 34 Wall ft. Hair and tooth brushes Ivory and horn combs Horn snd shell side do Snuff and tibacco boxes German pipe raimeo aerar case Wood lead pencil German aslver spoon uomsua gilt Jewelry siaiea anu state pencil Shaving and cloth brushes Mirror with drawers Playing cards, suspender Cologne Water Bears oil Maeaiiaroil Violet soap Lorua vt indsor do I Razor and scissors Pen and pocket knives Steel pen I Harmonica 1 . , , , i , L. earner ana wooo ueiis Jrwsharp Violins Silk and leather nurses Hemming fc Son's needle Silver plated hookfceye Plain fc gilt Knitting pins Plain and col'd marble Raxor strop, percussion caps Perfume bag German Cologne Ox Marrow pomatum Beal'a hair restorative Tonth powder Merchants and Fed lars. tut ins- tor CASH, will find it to their advantage to cell before nnrehaaina-elsewhere, aa all gsKjo in tne aoovsune will tie sold on the most lavoraoie terma - ns npilK SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY JL inform their friends and the public, that they are re ceiving their fall supply of the celebrated S4.LEM VEIN COAL, so much esteemed for parlor and family nse, which they are selling from the boats aud yarda at very low prices. thus, at r. uula, 11 Grand street, o37 Yard 3J3 Mulberry street. Fare to Hyde Park, Rhinebeck, Upper Redhook, Bristol andCatskill,$l. The new low pressure steaniboat TROY, Captain A Gorham.on SATURDAY MORNING. .November llth, at 7 o'clock. For passage apply to F. B. Hall, at the Office, foot of Barclay street, or on Board Notice All goods, freight, baggage, lank bills, specie, or any other kind of property, taken, shipped, or put on board this Boat, muBt be at the risk ol the owners of sucn goods, freight, baggage, fcc. n9 PEOPLE'S LINE OF STE A 91 BOATS FOR ALBANY. DAILY, (Sunday excepted) Through direct, at 7 o'clock P. M , from the pier between 1 iounianui anu iioeny streets. a Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain al, T A P. St. John, will leave MONDAY. WED. r rim if in EbDA v, and FRiDAi , at 6 P.M. Steamboat 80UTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard. will leave 1 US.3U A t, 1 HLitsUAX and sATUKDAlc ,at r. m. At 5 o'lock. P. M., landing at intermediate place'. Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Houghton, will leave MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, at 5 O'clock. The s eimboat NORTH A ,1 ERICA, (.apt. M. H. Trues dell, TUESDAY, THURSDAY and SATURDAY, at 6 r. M. Passengers taking this line of boats, will et all times arrive in Albany in ample time to take tbe morning train of cars east or west. The abave boats are uew and substantial ; are furnished with new and elegant state raoms,- aud for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to n9 P. C. SCHULTZ.attheotliceon the wharf. WM. R. MVCULLOUGH, COMMISSION MERCHANT, St. Louis. New York References : Geo. Douglass, Esq. W. J. Cornell, Esq. John Hyslop, Esq. Frances Skiddy.Esq. Moses Taylor, Esq. James M'Culloagh, Esq. Goods forwarded, collection made, fcc al4 tf rllHB NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE JL AND TRUST COMPANY, has issued during the insula in otuiiwt, 10 policies. i o mercnabi. Return Premiums , Nett Earned Premiums . Losses during the same period, including In terest, Commissions, Bad Debts, on Marine and Inland Risks, connected. .. .$398,350 41 On Inland Risks 1,540 76 On Firs Risks 1,749 83 $301,641 US Premiums for Re Insurances paid duting the year 8,317 09 Expenses, including Salaries, Of- ncc rent, lurniture, fuel, account DOOXS, stc 33,099 13 - $554 587 63 60,476 06 (504,111 53 IOIIN UROWN, 103 Chatham street has for sale- Plates Taggers Tin scissors - Thimhle Tape Ivory Combs Bone Eyelets Pack Pins Spool Cotton Welting Cord Black Silk Cord Skein Sewing Silk duspendera Braids Found Pins Hooks and Eyes Stay Bindings Black Pins Ferrita Metallic Eyelets Cotton Slide Garters Needle Elastic Garters Pearl Buttons Lamp Wick Boot Cord Knitting Cotton CoatCorda rl Corset Lacers Boot Lacers Bone Buttons Knitting Pin Button Mould Gas Wicks Side Comb Hair Pin Wooden Pocket Combs Bed Lace Quality Binding Bodkina Shoe Ribbon Galloons Horn Comb Eyelet Machines French Working Cottoa. Shears Thread Sewing Silk Bobbins Cotton Ball Whalebone Worsted Binding Stilletos Button Ring Imitation Coral Beads aal ROOFING SLATES AFLOAT. 7 oco best Velinheli Countesses 30x10 Slates 30,000 u " Viscountess 18x 8 " I -11,500 " Large Ladies 16x13 33.000 " " is a Just received per ship Ohio, from Liverpool, in prims order, and for sale at th lowest market price or ol SAMUEL THOMPSON, 373 Pearl st-B To Lawyer To Piotessora. . . . To Lady To Bookbinder...., To other pursuits. , November 3,1343. n-l dis . 8. . 3. . 1. . 1. . I. . 3. 16. W. HULL & SON'S PALE YELLOW STEAM SOAP. (No other made by Steam in the City.) fAMILIES arecAUTiesjED against an articl made to . imitate that manufactured by the subscribers, and palmed on Dy some as tneir genuine raie y euow steam soap but which ia decidedly insaaioa in quality. That made by the subscriber is from tiia best stock, and free from fish ou, the excessive use ol wnicn, togetner witn that of rom, has become cause of general and deserved complaint. A nose wuo preier ine oieem soap, t anu u is omy necessary to give it a trial to insure its preference) will find ever ry bar stamped, " Hull fc Son's Extra No. 1 Pais Yellow Soap," ana no otner is genuine. They hsve also constantly on hand, wholesale and retail, patent and refined mould candles, and Margarine candle, a new and mnch approved article Jast taking the place of sperm. Also, white and variegated soap, and lancy soap of superior quality, made by steam and w ell scented. Goods sent to any part oi tne cny iree oi cnarge. mhltaia W. HULL A SON. 108k 113 Cliff t TOBACCO, MAHOGANY, e. 630 bait superior quality Cuba Tobacco 37 Logsof Cedar; 1150 Cocoa Nuts 33708 Orange ; 100 bunches Bananas 7000 Plantain Will be landed thia day from achr. Veloy Jupiter, from Baracoa, at pier II, E. River, and for sale by AYMAR fc CO , 34 South . Also, landing from brig Mohawk, from La Guayra, 33 ceroons prime Caraccas Indigo, 63 bags green La Guayra Coffee, Also, landing Irom brig Giraffe, from Porto Platte, 326 ceroonf prime quality St. Domingo Tobacco, . 165 Log and Crotches Mahogany. nl JOHN WHITNEY. LADIES' FRENCH SHOE MAKER. For many years opposite the Tark-Now 673 Bsaowat, oftosite Boko stseit, NEW YORK CITY No connection -with ny other establishment in thia city. F. H. TROWBRIDGE, BfAHUFACTCBEa Or OLMSTED'S PATENT STOVES, For heating Stores, Halls, Churches, Parlors, fcc. Also, the best kind of COOKING RANGES, at 310 Water street. Price in accordance with the times. aul5 3tawis LORIN BROOKS, ( DEALER IN- Fashionable Boots and Shoes, NO. 138 FULTON STREET, (Between Broadway and Nassau street,) New Yorlc. OEHABD UAICKKH, COAL DEALER, FamcE street, coatsE Thomhoh, New York. Consumer will ba supplied with the best qualities of reacn urcnara ana reacn Mountain, scnuyutiu, Lackawanna, Lehigh and Liverpool Coals ; mined this season ana delivered in nne clean older, at tne lowest rates oa FASHIONABLE BOOT AIND SnOE STORE. GROSS & BETTS, 156 Fsslton-atreet, one door from Brosuf way. Have for aale, and maka to order, all descriptions of Boots and Shoe. Price low to suit tbe time my31 IkAY'S SHEET RURBER OVER SHOES M-W 15 Maiden lane. Experience has proven that a leather sole can be attached to India Rubber uppers, so j that it rs impossible to separate them in the course of wear-ing. These Over Shoe, which have already thrown into disuse leather over shoes and mocassins, and to which the water prooi ddoi is leaning, are lurnisned by the . i i : . r, ..I,),.. ,.i.'..i . a. .... . noxuuiy ium imuu,., csssim.iiincm, aa JaaiueJl lane, of a quality surprisingly perfect, and altogether better thus are being made by any other establishment in the trade. The patent quilled slipper Oyer Shoes and Boot ars fur nished only at thu establishment. Every article annex- ; - -........ b lou, aaaueio order. HORACE H. DAY, Sneconorto Robry v1t IB Co., 35 Maiden lane. Nett Profit during the year 1843 UlltO " " " 1843 Total Profits for two rears The Assets ot the Company on the 4th October, 1843, were a follows : Cash in Banks Bills Receivable Advance on Steam Tug and Steam Pump . . . Unsettled Premium Accounts, to ba closed by Cash or Notes Bosm aiso MoarcAOEs on Real Estate in the City of New York, worth fifty percent more than the loan 8 totes. At Tar. Present value. Cost. - $333,474 36 171.637 33 91,893 88 $363,630 10 7I,367 36 349.337 81 3,736 00 19,700 09 THOMAS BELL, Auctioneer. " Store No. 86 Ann atreet. SATURDAY. At lOj o'clock in the aale room. A first rate assortment of second hand and now furniture of all description, from families removing, lie. A suieib assortment of choice household furniture. Also, quantity ot first rate cabinet furniture. Also, a large additional lot of v. ry superior 3d hand furniture of all descriptions, from a family leaving the city. Carpeting Also, an entire consignment of English carpeting, rug, oil cloth, fcc., the balance dock of carpet warehouse, comprising almost 13w remnants, Tarioua width, and will be (old in lot to suit. Also, the stock of a cabinet maker. Also, a large lot of excellent second hand furniture ia the first flcor of 35 Ann st, by order of Mr. Ceaeedy, marshal .comprising every fine assortment, in good order. Also, one of the most splendid well ss nniqne French clocks ever imported, cost over $600, and one of tho an est beautiful as well s curious article of tho description m the city or any v. here else. Also, the stock of a stove manufacturer, and 300 lb piano forte wire, suitable for manufacturers. MONDAY. Exexutora saleol FurniurAt 10$ o'clock, at No 33 Madison at, the furniture contained in said honee by order of Executor. TUESDAY. At 1 OJ o'clock, at the auction room. Large sale efieasonable dry good,clothing, and pledge articles of all descriptions. A I so, a large assortment of articles ot all descriptions, by order of a receiver. Alio, a splendid consignment of English and FTenck bread and beaver cloths, cassimeres, satinets and vesting, in lot to suit; hosiery, drawers, shirts, collar, fce. Also, an entire invoice of fine clothing and heavy do, suitable for the season. Also, a splendid London gun. Also, a superb consignment of Englisg and French Jew eiry, 4 magnificent lever watrhaa, 1 ladies watch, 1 fin London gun, a quantity of hardware, cutlery and fancy goods, gentlemen's furnishing articles, merchant tailors stock, fine winter clothing, cloths and caasimerea. shirts" hosiery, gloves fcc. N. B. Every facility will be afforded br the disposal of merchandise of all descriptions. Business will be carried, on in a business like manner. Sale will be regular, and return prompt, in this establishment, now nnder tho charge solely of THOMAS BELL, No. 35 Ann St. A. C. TUTTLE, Auctioneer. BY JACOB 8. PLATTl HARDWARE AUCTION, GENERAL AGENCY AND COMMISSION BUSINESS. Merchants' Exchange Auction Room, No. 31 Piatt atroat TUESDAY. At 10 o'clock, at the auction room. Twenty-fifth Fall Trade Hardware Sale this season consisting of 350casks, cases and lot of Birmingham and Sheffield Hardware and Cutlery, English, German, French and American Staple and Fancy Goods, fcc. Viz . Sad irons, sledges and hand hammers, anvils, halter chain. Sheffield braces and bitts, hand, panel aad iron back saw, wood saw blades, steel yards. Moth am fc Gregory's CkllS chisel and gouges, files, Norfolk latches. oedscrews, ciarit h Kenrica's nutt, trunk, chisel, till and padlocks) American balance head steelyards, lie. Also, SO ream Corundone sand paper, assorted, 1,1 fcS. Also, 100 doz shaving boxes with mirror. Also, 3000 boxes percussion caps, plain and ribbed. AIm, kittle ears, sauce pan handle, rind aad copper rivets. iron and bras wire, iron rivits, copper teakettles, seivas, ink, 173 bottles essence. Also, table and dessert knives and forks, pocket and pea knives, scissor, razors. Ice Also, 30 cases English slates. Also, backgammon boards, accordions, fce. Catalogues and samples will be ready on the morning of ale. Full particular hereafter. N B. All goods advertised nnder auction head will ba found in the catalogue and w ill be peremptorily sold to that highest bidder and no limited goods be fTCeiretl. SATURDAY. Not 18. At 1 o'clock at the auction room Watches. Jewelry, Japanry, Fancy Goods, Ire aasonrst which wil be found golJ and silver lever, lepis,, duplex and anchor escapement watches; vertiaaL verge and Cri oel do. rich gold eal, keys, guard and lob chain, ay glasses, fcc. Also, English and American Jewelry, plated warn, fce. Also, an invoice of fin Japanry, consisting of tea trays and waiter, breed and knife trays, caddies, fco. catalogues ready on tbe morning ot sal. BENJAMIN MOONET. Auctioneer. BY B. MOONET & CO. HARDWARE AUCTION MERCHANTS. Store Ne 91 Maiden laa. N.B. Out-door sties of household fnrnitnr. arrweasriasi fcc. promptly attended to. both in New York and Brooklyn THURSDAY. At 10 o'clock at the auction rooaa. Package Sale of English, German and Doaaeatie Hardware, Cutlery, kc. t.ataioguea early on the morning ol sale. Particular hereafter. AT PRIVATE SALE. Two wrought iron book safe, one small and on I um size, well made, with good locks, book cases, kc BY JOHN SNIFFKn, Store No. 14S Fulton street. aodi- Uuited States 6' N. Y. ailate 7' N. Y. State 6's (50,000 10,635 10,000 (57.350 11.413 10,603 69,113 65 70.500 $70,635 $79,3S8 (593,754 93 The Board ol Trustee shave thia day declared a Dividend cf TmBTv-rot-B rsa cent on the earned premium of the year ending October 4th. 1843, for which certificate will be issued on and after the 1st November next. Also, a Dividend of Six feh cert on the certificate of 1843,pya-ble in cash ou and after tbe first November next. By the I Ith Section of the Charter, it is provided that whenever the accumulation of Ne't Profit exceed (500,000, theexceasmay be applied from year to year thereafter towards the redemption of each year's certificate successively. By order of the Board, JOHN WHITEHEAD, Secretary. TRUSTEES. J. De Peyster Ogden, William II. Maey, Moses H Grinnell, Conrad W. Faber, Samuel M. Fox, Wm.Edger Howland, John H. Hicks, Godfrey Pattisen, Sidney Mason, Schuyler Livingston, Theodora Victor, Henry Holdrege, Anthony B. Nellson, Alfred Seaton, Charles Sagorr, Bernard Graham, Theodore Dehon. Frederick Wissman, Joseph Foulke, Jr. Hamiltnn Murray, Jacob R. Nevitis, Frelerica G Foster, Richard K. Height, William S. Alley, G. Wintbrop Gray, Roswell Sprague Oliver Slate, Jr. Drake MU1, Robert L.Maitland, Joseph W.Alaop.Jr. Klia Ponvert, John D. Van Bsnrsn. A. B. iSEiLSON, President ALFRED SETON, Vice President. Johsj Whitxhead, Secretary. New York, loth October. 1843. ol7 lm OLEOSTATIC LAMPS By the luwa. JOHN E. HYDE k CO, No 11 Maiden lane, have just received three case more of these much esteemed lamp. They are the most classical, ornamental, economical, clean, the most easily prepared for burning, the least liable to get out of ordarnd altogether the best parlor lamp that ha ever cssen invented. Those who want a handaome lamp, that will gire a beautiful light, and can alway bo depended en. are invited to call and make a selection, and if sf er a trial of two or three weeks, they do not find them to correspond with the description ebore given, in every respect, they will be at liberty to return them. This otter is msde because they are a new article, and their superiority is known to comparatively but few. o-l nOARDHG KHOOLe-IRVING INSTITUTE, E a) Tarrvtowm. N. Y. Circular at ,8 Bowery, rs. i . jyl64mia WM. P. LYON, A. M., Principal as- sr w kkcss DlrtWA-s uusj ru w unit, tjVJ for sale by ALFRED F. LA GRAY F., nl 319 Greenwich, corner Barclay street. SATURDAY. Not II. Landlords Sale At lOo'clock at No 9 Thame t tf virtue of a Landlord' Warrant, a quantity ot Printer Materials, comprising doc ble and single imposing stone, doable and single stands, rhises, composing sucks, gallias, fount of type, desk, stove, chair, tables, S cas,fcc At 1 1 o'clock at tbe auction room. Stove To close a concern, SO of the best eoocing ateve in nse, of every variety and size, for private families or public housas, an excellent opportunity for those that r not supplied. Also, I Atwater parlor Fianklin,fcc Also, a quantity of furniture. TUESDAY, At 10 o'clock at the auction rooaa. Sheriff's Bale of Furniture 6 doz mahogany chain. 3 ofa, 9 washstands; also, 3 Doguereotype and fixtures, complete; also, a quantity of second hand furniture, fcc worthy attention. Also, a quantity of glassware. Also, an assortment of excellent double and single beds, blankets, and mattrasse. Also, an invoice ot paper hanging. Also, Stove 1 large size railroad stove, but a short time used. . AT PRIVATE SALE. I counter how cose, 9 feet long, in good order. CHAS. D ROCKWELL Auctioneer. BY CHARLES 8. SMITH. Auction Rooms No 304 Broadway, corner of Duaoe atreet. C. S. 8. will attend personall y to out door and houae aaleo of every description. His regular day of sale at the store, are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Cash advance aaado on consignment when required. N. B. Males settled in all cases aa soon aa tha good are old and delivered. SATURDAY. At 10 o'clock .at the aaction rooaa. Elegant Furniture Comprising aof and divaa various patterns, ottomans, mahogany French aad Grecian chairs, plush and hair seat rockers, marble top centra tables, dining do. dressing bureau, marble top waahstanda, French bedsteads, wardrobe, elegant secretary bookcases, festher beds, mattrasse, fcc. Also, Parmalee' patent cooking stoves In complete order, without reserve. Also, a lot of second hand furniture, with which tha sal will cosnaaenc. MONDAY, Nov 13. At luj o'clock, at the store; Dry Goods, Artihciai Flowers, Crockery, Ferbmery, fce. City Property Wanted Wanted to purchaso, a house aod lot, would like athree story bouse with a good yard, new or nearly so. on the west side of the town below 14th sc. would be desirable. Part cash snd part real estate oat of the city will be given in exchange. For further iniorma-ti n ai -piy at tbe aale room. LEATHERS 65 Sacks live Geese Fei hers, for aad F 031 y GEO DOUGLASS, 34Brodwy- rriOBACCO 44 hhds Kentucky leaf just received aad JL for sal by 31 . GEO. DOUGLASS. 34 Broadway. J

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