The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1934
Page 5
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PU.1DA-Y, -DKGEMBIOH Whore Ulm Plane Vapished in the Pacific WHERE ULM PASSED OVER &s PRESIDENT > COOL 106E '400 MILES FROM '" '~ GOAL ,,„ Pays Until Christina* for Her Rescue ships searched the Pacific in nil directions within a radius of 300 miles ol Honolulu for Capt. .Cliarlcs T. P. Ulm, John Skilling and George Littlojolin,' after their plane, Stella Australia, was'forced down in an oir-coursc landing in their.flight from Oaklandj Calif., to Honolulu. Tlie tiirec airmen arc shown, upper left, as they studied their route just before the takcolf. The plane was. last sighted some 400 miles oil Hawaii by the liner President Coolldgc, lower right, which Joined In the search, THIS CURIOUS WORLD William rguson ! ^eVARROW PLAMT HAG BEEM USED AS A LOVE CHARM IM MANY OOOMmiES. ALL OVER THE EARTH. ting ill the South ijosltion and her partner - led a club in response to her club btU. West was nlloiral to 'win the trick with the king. He returned the ten of diamonds, taking the finesse, which Miss Murdoch won with the king. She, next led the ncc of clubs and North echoed out by playing the three, which would leave West with jouc more club. As West did not I lead a trump, it looked as though | ho tried lo get into dummy to lake a finesse, so Miss AlurdocliVclunicd the nine of diamonds. West played low, North low and .the, trick was won in dummy with thc'.'ace:- The deuce of spades-.was'playcd, the queen finessed, and North won with the king-.. North returned a diamond, which .Miss Murdoch trumped witli the jack, and she lion- led the fiuccii of clubs, .wlrich held. • ;'' '.-.'.' ' Then the ten of clubs was played, which allowed North to make her trump and,, of course; a- heart trick was won by Miss Murdoch with the ace, thereby defeating.the contract -three tricks. . A LA.UREL: :CRO\WN BECAUSE- HE WAS SENSITIVE OF HIS /NCJZEASMG BALDNESS' ii 3p%-— GERMANY, A. SMALL STEAMER, PLVIKJG BET WE EM EAST AND WEST PRUSSIA TRAVEL-; av CANAU IT COMES-ro A HILL". '..'. THEN T' IT CLIMBS OVER. THE HIU- BY RAIL / FIVE HIU.S ARE THUS TRAVERSED DURING THE JOURMEV/ ;. . . Many a maiden the world over has slept with a sprig of yarrow be ncath her pillow, hoping .would bring to her the, in'nn of her dreams. The plant is used in Sweden to make a 'very'strong 1 ' liquor. NEXT: What unllcrlly is tlic most widely distributed V^ouian Bridge Star Shows Skill-at Defensive Tactics Peach Orchard Assault Case Hearing Continued <7ARUTHERSVfLLE, Mo: — Preliminary '. .hearings for . Lcs White, Noah White, arid Henry Gi(nter, Peach Orchard youths charged with felonious assault on Constable John Byrd election, were continued oy. Justice. C. E. Bragg this week to an indefinite date, as Byrd was "niable to be present. In the alleged attack on Byrd one man.. Alexander .White, was rlnlii. Authorities said Byrd had ordered,one,or two .of the men home, as they »-ere apparently drunk, and they attacked him. Byrd shot and killed Alexander White after White had stabbed him with a knife. Byrd was taken to a hospital, his intestines having been severed by the knife. He has returned home and is recovering. The preliminary of W. I. Denton, BIytlievillc, charged with felonious assault on A. c. Hankins near Decr- ing . November 1. was also 1 continued when Hankins was unable to attend. Hariklns was wounded by buck shot. - Solution to Previous Contract Problem 11V JVM. E. McKENNEV Secretary, American itridgc League .The American Bridge League credits winners of various major tournaments with "master points." To be a qualified master, a player must have at least three master l.-alnt-s- lo his credit. There arc fewer than 100 qualified masters in tl'.B United States. The woman whiwill receive ths A K J 0 * J c . »ka '•' 4 A 4 10 T 'i \ ^ l>(lt'lical(:—kV. illlcl S. vu}. .South \\>M, , Xfli-lli Mast, I + . I A fi I'llbS P.US -» • ^ A »* Pass ,v ;; * Oreililig lead—# •'. ill.. .. 'itle us ii !c outstanding player of ™ United tjlalcs this year will W Elinor Murdoch. She is liic highest ranking woman player on Hie masters' list and railis lltll among n le country's best players Today's Contract 1'roblem The contract is four, hearts iiy Norlli. Kast opens Ihc five of- clubs. How slioujj the . li:iatl be played to mako five- .i)(Ict? ff a spado-is Vipened, linw should _llia luiul be ' played? 10.7 . V AQJ 6 VK K *AJ 111 32 } -. EoluOoli Itt next l5si»., Jet. black eggs of normal proportions and form are laid by a duck on the farm of Ambrose Hore, Warsaw, Ind. Such islfls us. compacts, wutcli- es, rings, necklaces, weekend bags, purses and other tjlfts can be found at Pat O'Bryaiii, Jeweler * + . '*• LOVELY GIl'TS Of' 1 PERMANENCE... WATCHES, DIAMONDS, NOVELTIES, LEATHER GOODS, PEN AND PENCIL SETS. . .STERL I N G AND PLATED SILVERWARE. GUARD'S JEWELRY STORE II' YOU WANT TO CIIVK SOMI'TI'HING KEM. PEIU-'EOT Make it Daniel Orcen House Slipireref lor Her or for Illtir • BOOTERY ) Cloud Shoes and 'Hosiery : LADIES LEATHER JACKETS Zlpiwr style, lluiit .'or ilurk brt>wn, $10. r • NcwMeacl Clothing Co. + *"+.•'•• 'Dear H.'iiiU:. -We_ _know l(;ts of _ little "girls iihd' bijj oilcs'' who waiil a jx;rm'anent ••I6!' : ChrLstmas. How about. 113 ' MARGARET DEEN BEAUT V x : . . SHOPPE . .: '+; *'•"•.;* GIFl'S SHE'LL AUORE Atomizers, Perfume,sets, Bridge • Cards, Compacts, Pangburn's : Candies, Houbigant and Coty's . Perfume Sets,-; Heating Pads and oilier acceptable gifts. . BELL'S PHARMACY ' '. * * * .-• ' BEAUTYY ^BRINGS . HAPPINESS H you really want to make' her happy this Christmas include in jour gifts one of our permanent waves. GRACE ELANORE SHOPPE * + + GIVE SOMETHING PERSONAL Satin and • Crepe Negligees... Velvet and .Corduroy Rubes... Corduroy aim Crepe Pajamas ...Satin and. Crepe Undies. THE'•••FAMOUS JOB Applebaum ' ' ' * : ' ; * *.: WARNING OltDKl; IN THE MUNfCIPAL COURT, CH1CKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. A. • w. Fleming, Plaintiff, vs. Major Bradford, Defendant. The rtcfcHdnnl, Major Bradford", is warned to appear within thirty i days in the court, named in the*' caption hereof and answer the I complaint of the plaintiff, A. W. Fjeining. Dated this Mill day of Nov., 1834. I'Tank Whltworth;' Clerk. Ed Cook, ' . Ally, for Plaiulilf, v. M-21-28-5 This ycor she had the distinction of winning the Individual • roasters' championship. '-.... At Ihc national' -championship tournament to be held In New York Cily tile week of Dec.- IO,,Mlss Murdoch and her teammates'will be itriving hard .to «ln Ihc women's leaiu-ot-four championship, which' is being played 'for only Die second lime, one o! Miss Murdoch's slrong points^ her-defensive' play. : The 1'lay Here's, an Inleresltng dercnslve hand which slie played 111 a recent toumaniDnt.. Mlfs Mwdoch was slt- WAUNING OIUIEH N THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICK ASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Sybil Roucrts, Plaintiff, ' No. 58-10 vs. J. C. Huberts, Dcrt'iKlanl.. The defendant. .). C. Ifoberls, is warned lo appear wilhiti'• Ihirly days In Ihe court named in' the caption hereof 'and answer the :6mplaint of'the plaintiff, Sybil Hoberts. Dated this lOlh tiny of Norcin- ber,; 1034. R. L. GA1NES, Clerk, By Elliott Sartaln, D, C Holland & Bariiam, • Attorneys, LOW-BOX WAFFU MAKER Bakes golden' brown wnlflcs cxiictly to jour^ lastc. Heat indicator iclls when lo pour batter. Patented expansion hinge allows baiter to raise. Beautifully finished •' hi clnon- lum- plate --.•- $5.95. V HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Walnut-Ccdfir diesis Beautiful walnut finish Cedar Chcsls, singje or double deck style... A ylft -that liny woman will npprcclBlc:..AII 'moderately priced. .••'•• HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. ' 1 HILK :i|OKli, ALWAYS AGCBl-'J'ABLK fepecla|ly if it's the new shcer-clcur Allen A. . . V6c to 51.35. . . also Ladles House Slippers nt popular prices. At the hfew York Store FLOYD A. .WHITE The Gift Supreme Tlie modern servant lhat bun- Islics kitchen drudgery., , the new llolpolul Range with hl- spccd Calrod units. ..sold on convenient terms If desired. Several models lo select from. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER, CO. "At Your Service" * + + A Comfortable Clmlr for Dad! How tic'il love 11 comfortable chair nil his own...You'll lliul nil styles, slues 'iunl prices in our complete stock, HUUBARD FURNITURE CO. vv. lluudbags for Auntie! Handbags for Mother! Handbags for the Little Woman! LIUIe evening delights loo, In metals and .sequins, mid brocades, that will bri.-'S lasting pleasure, Every feminine name on your list can \K checked with a smart If.uidL'flK from the NEW YORK STORE Such appropriate gilts as. hosiery, ijloves, handkerchiefs, lounging robes can be found al PARKHURST'S. • ; . forKiddies J * 4 TOYLAND NOW OPEN Mothers and miners, as well us children will enjoy u visit lo mir complete Toy Dcpurl- inenl. . J. C, PENNEY CO. + * + A COMPLETE TOY DEPARTMENT— for all ages. Every- Ihlni; moderately priced, OBERST STORE CO. •'••• + •* + ' '. He .Ncctb Gloves anil we have n. large selection of kidsfcins and Imitation pigskin at 08c. $t.« ami $1.08... Lined or Unllncd. J, C. PENNEY CO. ' ' ' '+ '* * Sports Equipment Golf Clubs, Hags and llalls... Guns of every description... Exercising equipment of alt ; khifc... Huntln? clothes and' ncccMorles... All Moder n t c 1 y Priced! HUUDARD HARDWARE CO. + * + LOUNGING ROI1E3 lilnck Hal crepe with contrasting trims, $10. New Mead Closing Co. PAT O'BRYANT, jeweler, siig- gests bill folds, fountain peas, pencils, rings, fitted zipper sets, cigarette cases, lighters* watches, chains and bands. At Hayncs' Men's Shop can be found gifts for the man from 25c ~ up. May we suggest handkerchiefs, lies, pajamas, shirts, scarfs, lounging robes, hats, bells and buckles? See our stock before making your selection. PARKHUIIST'S — hcailqiwi tcrs for, .'fhlrUs, tics, sos. handkerchiefs, • lounging robes, scurfs tiiul- other . masculine gifts.' PURE SILK PAJAMAS A|l co.'ors; plain models J-l. styles {G.50. Now Mead Clolhiny Co. •'•- •'.+ '+ t Kor |lim H'c SujgCbf A Pl|ic, Cigars. Slmvhig Set or HhacITer I/'ountain Pen. . BELL'S 'PHARMACY fragrant !• LOWERS- llic most appropriate gill. Tlnfy. never offend old or young. Telegraphed anywhere. , ; HEATON'S' HOME .•OP FLOWERS TOll BOYS AND GIRLS Bicycles. Wagons, Desks, Doll Cabs, Dolls, Toys of nil kinds. Klrkliuluirs 5i' & iOo Store + •> * Every Child Needs One of course, It's Ihc new I. E. H, SltieSy Ltnnp—"II o C t c r tight means Uctler sight"—Hoor ami Tuble Models. Buy From Your Dealer or ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. -.'.'"At, Your Service" for Family ' ALL SIXES Xmas Tlqe ON STANDS, special prices. ^ Place orders ' early. 21'4 S. buvis. Call G10-J. AmorJcn's Fiansl, Gift! Km pen Living Room Fuinituic .. Made to endure throughout llio auef>...Single pieces m complete suites: HUBIIARD PURNiTtlllli CO' + * + > Have jour FURNITURE np- holbtcicd & lopalrcd for n pcr- fctt Clnlstmas gift. SPECIAL PHICES. J/ W. JENKINS & SON lit! S. II. R.-Plionc 1SJ ' + * * + + ' * CEUAtt CHESTS LOUNGE CIIAIRU Wt> liiiYe They VV»nl! Skates, Tricycles, Scooters, III- cycles, Coaster Wagons, Buddy Bikes, ' .22 limes (Stevens, Ifuiujlton mid Springfield), ~ Pocket' Knives, Flashlights, Watches, Hiiiillnjj Knives, Buck Jones Air nines mid Scout Knives mid A*cs, Including currier. Burke Hardware Co. 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Right, libw we have almost every kind. oJ a iBIcycIc, Tricycle and'Wagon, but we ad- vtsc hnmedlatc selection as replacements arc hard to this year. HUBBARD .HARDWARE CO. Bicycle Tires. Horns, SaiUllcs, Baskets, Handle Grips. Spokes, Wheels, Rims. Brake Parts, Repairing. CARNEY'S SHOP, 113 S. First, Phone G13. for Home + :* + ace (he largest mid most complete stock .of gift goods In Northeast Arkansas. Toys, glassware, dishes, pottery, leather goods, all -makes radios, luucs and : uatlcrLCS, lamps, electrical appliances, pictures and many other lovely things— all 'MODERATELY PRICED. PARKHURST'S 107-109 E. Mnln * •.*.'.* Cut flowers or blooming planls give Xmas cliccr In the home. PInco your order early. HEATON'S HOME OP FLOWERS Q/lsof Permanence A West ill ghouse ELECTRIC Range or UADIO would be 'a. iwrfccl gift. Walpolc Eleclric Shop * + * ; Tins perfect gjfl. One 8x10 tinted-In oil and three 4x(i iwr- t raits—$5. Belt's All Studio + + * Permanent wreaths for 'the cemetery. Remember departed' loved one 1 , at Xmiis i ' HEATON'S HOME OF FLOWERS •<^'-> 1 • ' i-ff-*^**^ f.; ' T»i .L^"-:.^ $ MF :li *' . ' '^g' ^imii'^Sm Mmw&tii^^ txwmmwmwwmwmmmmmmwmvm* ','-. ',-<••••>•".> J---v »;».-. *.\ * , ^.un. .- t-.o;. V.M.^ *.:i -, , •, .^-• i -.-:. Ji '.';'(-.^.s- ] .J l /. .;>.,.;. •- - • ^

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