The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 4, 1931
Page 7
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SATURDAY, APRIL -1, 1931 (ARK.V COUKlttU PAGE SEVEN Two cents a word lor llrst Infection a:.d one cent a word 'or each subsequent insertion. No udverliieuieul tskea tor less than Sl)c. Count tii<> winds and send the cash. flume 3UO LAU RA - LOU! BROQKMAN 'OURlJOAUWiNGlIOUSK By Aliern Author ofSHkARr,'HUNGRY, cl IN Hi:Ul-: TODAY Mrltl'tlDt:, lll-Ji-nr. !>H \i-vy Yiirk olfn'p, iliur- 1 U'M.t.An: -;» Ji'iu :il (In 1 IIII .-.i.j,in. AX. VK I'OU SALB l _ __ __ l , t'OH SALE— Baby Clittks. All var- | :ct:cs. Custom halehinj tol:tit- 1 cii. '.Mariiyn Hatchery. Bij Uieu:w. | zO-CM-'il' 1 ; TOR SALEAioou. dry cook wood,; liucii.iiKiii Coal Cu., Phone. 107. j lU'-CN ' I r Cil SALU-Hcnvcien CV.!o:i Seed. ! Welch I-'.-sli-:-, The Grind Leader. | iC-K8 ; - nr lii-r •mow- <:>-ii.v>' lins I.ITII Jlllyd litlism, linck (rum H n bait In I'jirl*. Jiml (l.-nn-oc hni lirokcn thrtr iil. MIPM- I.-* nti romnnce I [icy HI i:>|i» Irltrr i-niv j.iii-t for, IIK l:nv>rr. 'I'lipy In l-'urrMt Clly i'a nre niLtncoa- il cnuli ber, ii** fruei Alnn i:- ~y M'lijH It li:trk unnrirni-il, l.'i.-r lt:r m-;:il:i>:l- "1 Jl.\lli:IA l.iilMM:. U'lillin-i-'s former, i-i IHHH:(i rilll.l.lI'H, \vraltby .V-u Yurhtr, I* niiimnnrcil In a 0 tlio office. She'd lieanl blui talk i memories ot a dream In which tho! Jim's t;. .0 her over tho tolepliouo, thoupli, had Ijcen floating on a cloud tli!it and Bays sometimes they quar-1 leaked Ilko iho pink comforter, ifl." | Slie had encountered a Iruffle olli- Wbeio was Mrs. Fowler wlnn^ccr who In reality was lleuucl, the Hie shootlnj; look place?" j stale's attorney. llemiot liad nr-j "Co!:-in You beard her say she was t rested and taken ber to Jail i ho. IIIIVA home, diiln't youl" ' where n woman In a loug black veil | tlio ll\ I "But, Jim—Iben she hasn't nny : stood up and exclaimed, "You dlil better alibi than Nina!" !t! You It now you did III" "Except that Nina was In lhe| <:ypsy blinked her eyes and nrop- samo building and Mrs. Fowler w:;s i pcd herself up on oiio elbow. Ac- Besides, there's I cordlur; to tlio clock on tho Mi'' 1 Cl< USED CARS Compare our ;idvcrtts:-mi-nt S'rkis wilh Memphis In' ilit* n ,::' Mm 'i loner ii-iliT nnd \'si.9 Chevrolet -1-Ouor WJ Chyvi-uii-t 2-J)u'jr Memphis l l rk-i- l'.Hil Fold Coupe Memphis Price • lyaj (jlievroliri .. i.... Memphis 5'riu" 1 Mil' ly npiLiiitt tlir Kill. Jt-viily IntL-rcvteil rnnf. Slie KOPK to llir ulrl Kl\t* hvr uintU-il In c:i»e K!I« !1S. FOWI.KII, "lie inti, 1.^ cnllrcl :L^ it lii(* uu Ihc Klani], clear across town. uomollvotor tbe «oman tu kill heritable it was 2:30. Sho could limdly husband" V.ellevo eho had slept so lonf. Sleep- "iiovi do you tnow that? There lily she fell tack njalust tbe pil- miglit havo liecn SO reasons! Jim, j Lous, how long would It take for n pjr-i •>•».» sou In n car lo get from Fowler's! rt-.\\:: jolt renewed ttio paliu In office out to bis hornet" [ -•- her head. Sin closed her oyes • • • I asaln but cho did not deep. A TIM considered. "Ob, I should say ' "'He later when Matilda cam: Into J Off-hand about 20 minutes." ! "'<= re °»> 011 t! l' l °° U '° Elrl lpol(c(! "But theii slie could have <!tme "I 1 _.*''•'' srallca. it! Sho could have—don't you see! | "' l: ' :l Suppose Sirs, Fowler came lo the umincul. 1 -- • rl::ht ilo'.vn stairs. Mstllda.' 1 <;o ox WITH i'nn s'i'o fllJAl'TEU XXVill r.~> J.'rs. Fowler who had is it, Jim?" i-'l c!"Wi-.:-!l!l! <." w:l rc.l. Wb.'ll l|-..-y IV :. ; r.-oai Lo pullei! furv.iml lur. Oy[•.-.>• : lim i'v . =1 ;.rri>.•:•! -ih'i i tl.en s\..-.:-.,• mound, llj diov ft U' b:o.ith. "Well," lie Mid chorlly. "H'-i ail offico after Nina left. Maybe they had a quarrel or a Etrim^lo awl she fired the gun. Ions nap," eho an cvi-rylbiuq going all suicide. Tovmh ticn. Ot ruurse ovor uu\\! '1'ln.y'v "lint ;u:i e;iii't inna mo w!ia! l::i:.[:uir,i." "It's live.-," Jim ro|ie.!tod. glad jou •»in'ii't tiif-re tu After jIvniKt'j pel ft;rm:'.:'. 1 wouldn't lie Liiri'rbid If hh : (.hi chair." "Oil, .1 iui—no!" "Jto h..! ilireo wllucsre.- 1 ." went' mi, "—technical i-xrc-ils— v -lio tcslii;. d It couldn't have In 1 .a I'.irii. r w.i.i l "Yes. i:i::'am. I flnlslicd my bak- She could have run i ">R ™'> '>•"'* ™"'H tnrnu B h with tiie IHHU<:S. 1 ve a cup ot hoi LEE MOTOR CO. FOR SALE—Baby's pen, \valKer and Pll<me -iiD. i-'Oii Hi^ :!u-p:-f>;: hark, apparently lifeless la !:-.'r Evat. There was n great buzz if c^cilemeiil. Court attendants : usiicd forward. From somewhere i do:tor appeared. I'rescnlly the u-:::i:u:';t cyea opened and 8hc r.:!:;il l:c-r In ad. She was able te lri:2 with assistance and the doctor r.iid ni:oll:cr man helped her from the roam. The pbysiclnn returncil ;;•;;: Kii::oi:necil that Mrs. Vowlcr I v..-.: i;p:3er severe strain and could FOR KEMT-I-ou.-'rooin'lioiislTiiidi i» : !-:; nucs'.ioued further. Baiuju. p.iytren, on nave-1 E::S co-jld not he queEtioned on --Hit-lit. . GarULii piauted. 5i^.au \w • J ir^i L Fo\ r, Phune 450-J. ! _ -3 aUC-KlF I down stairs—llio building lias Iwo' stairways you know—and got Intn | a car and been home hy iho time [ Ihe police telephoned at C:3C!" Jim bad been listening thoughtfully. Now be sbook his head. "It won't work," be said. "You haven't any raore case against her than any other person In town who happened to be alone [it li o'clock tlmt evening. No, I've sot to fight the thing out r.3 Biiicldc. People don't get in and out ot public buildings without someone seeing them. There woro half a dozen witnesses in court today who swore that no > ^ it- 1—i iccru !nr:iisU«l Hat, Tjr ^ 11 c?-aJ uuiiM.-. Call fit , *• ic-TJ." I JC^ RENT—Forty acres of lanti '• ^ i,iri_i.jSmiy one mile r.onh o! | Lusora \Vill Hiansh. A. G. Liu'.e.' 1-irsi National liaru;. c-k-Jj 1!^ folinv.-lng day Cither. Benn.ct, liij stale's-allorney, annniincei! tlmi ii:c iicalih ti his wilness did nc-l t-vn:::l tlL'r to ap'.KV.r. At l:^i'-:o that evening Jim Wal- nud be i deuco ,ailing In Iho kitchen for you. Will you have It now'i" tlypsy's throat w a a i-arched. That vould be fine," 6be agreed, "and will you get nic a class ol cold water?" Matilda returned, with the turn- blt-r. While Gypsy was drinhing II ilie cook rcarran?;cd the tlinilun nl the wiudown to' keep out ilie aftcr- noin sutiliiilit. Tiicn Blic dowuytair::. In 10 minutes sh= was bac 1 ; with a tray. There steamlnj bowl ot beef hroib ccikcd will; vegc- taldos c-^d rice, tinder :•. cliiua bill- pot of lea. "Is there anything cite t'nal I can set you, lan'ain?" "NGtblng mure," Gypsy salil. "1 diiin't liuow I was hungry lint Ibis lo (Jypsy. "What do yuu .inic-u times while sbo wad dressing i | 00 > ;s d t .i! c ioua. Oh~l would ihiuk of thai, woman'.' 1 wish 1' and when she came to tbe break- -mother handicrchluC." I'oabl he sure she doesn't know [j 5 t ( ao i e her eyes were smarting. \viille she finished the broth am: i.::i:ciiiiiiG she's hlillns." "Catchlns cold, cren't you?" Jim ! ,j r;ln ^ |-, cr !|.j -,v;;s 3!-ii;t!ins by the living one .came in or went out ot tlint covcr wn " 3 ., „,;,,, o( &<Mm baiMlne who hasn't an nir-ti^il j t t d b ,, „ Alii.: Tt nv..c.f K-,vn Tlflflll R-.-irirfo' alibi. It must bave been suicide! There the dlscut'slou cuded for the evening. Cypsy awoke next mornini; wilh a headache. She sneezed half a i!f>ic-n times while sho wad dressing FOR RENT—a room bunsalov.- on j fJaugan, newly deuoratsd, liot< and cold wat;: 1 . Apply Ike Miller, | I'lione £oS. 1C-TFJ — _ —. -r 'FOR RENT -- G rcoTi house o'.r. ucriru St.. r.f.vly papevccl nr.d j painted. Call C78. 4C-TF 1 yil s'.-.ort !:;c liiliim his ripu wilh lo C;;>. j y. iookina childish in crepe froeit made witii sves. sat with her feel r.v lncv:cn uiidcr her at cue end ot the i "1 don't think so. I think I've already caught It." A loud | "katchco" punctuated the sentence. Jim put down his coffee cup. ,) r ank her tea Maliii'.ii [-lial i about alfalrs in tb; and Cora hnd bought a laslio. Harriet had corne up from Miss Wai- jlace's to borrow the vacuum cleaner. I The rolls had lisan slow risiu? but fox terrier's nose il in li:e crook of her clboiv. my advice," he sjld, "and ; they were In Ihe oven no-.v. FOR, RENT—Bungalow, 310 East Kciuuckv. Key at 313 Iteu'.ucky.l 4P-K.91 -li:i yuu iiK-ii rl uslscil. J:;u rticppcd Mr=. Fowler'.'" thf • slay homo today. Go hack to bed | :acd have Matilda brliis WANTED ill" "'0 be,:vy up. that 'vas Ills favcr- Me Ar, iic \:cV. u llauio lo Ibe pi) '.' li-.. i-.orid-.--l. "I cr.i:!.!n'l i:-!:l:'r5(ani! w!;y s!io framed." tlyi:sy a(i!iiiirt-il. "I mean ihiug hot io drink. That's t'le only way to break up a cold." "Oh. lull Jim 1 hale to miss the : telephoned?" trial:" I "No. iri.Yain." "Never mini! about the trial. Or.?! "Jlr. ;Wallac. number of ilie fauilly'll be on the i in^s-a'eV' 'Aro ymi fcclins h:IKr n.v Matilda nulled as she too!: Urn irp.y. fijpsy r.tilled a £»'.-.20. ".'.:'.i-;!i better," she said. i-j 'jut tho hlidi •iL i ii'ipui C 1 ::! 1 tllC Jlliy. I v.ilUiUa 1 . and'l'i'i sure of il." "ph, but Nliui—" Jliri lurued nyd walked tho wlnd.iw. \Vh<-:i he spohe hlu voleo coimdv'd ^Irar.EP. ' haw to pay for it, 1 ;MC.-E," lie e:\\ I, Jtr; Fan'-t into n i-i::i!r. ot thei.i EPS!:O f:ir a Ions tr ' Then Gypsy as'sol, "ilow longer will the trial last?" 'Cr.a't loll If [;?r::el thillK !ilo:o lip bl.i iMv.? or l:<H. i haven't. U will'/ to to me jury tomorrow." Dinner v.a? a coaiber tr.-.'iil. Jiui's shouliicra s.-c:u;il heavy v.-ICi il co:isclu:iE'H-f5 of d_'::':it. lie s n liitlo. ('vii.-v bud fi:.-^otl-jn I aciiii:f; Uiroa: l.;i: f-i.i: Von? wipi ftaiii i:::in< ry ibo vlslnu «' Nina Hubcris' trbililcncd facs. t'he tlipiieht of Ihe U-'.lcr ItirUt'il i;pJlnii-5-t!:e IcC.-;' l'ii ; ;;i..r,'s heart. V'aul.l <:.u have in BX .11 m |iii:-l-.i.-il a-,-..iy hiJ c.-alr :• he lii:d b.irtly tajti'.l 'tli-! d>-. "Think I'll £u to 'be ll.Maiy,' saiJ. "You ili-:i'i mind?" 'fbe r f,irl shooii her hr.-:l. ; he'-ty-.cY ;:ore ?'.:': VvlEt.L,'iM'ATC£KTAI^LV IS SWEET \ ° >: •:•? \-\f,M ( ~~ A.-iP PO V6U S-'/JO^ I 'T- -ri}CSPAS3l/-JCi OH MV PRGPERTV, S SI,<Sc£ S'oU V-JEK-E MCTf :-:, A.'V I V{i;f.P!Mf:J "!f.l VAW." A A,'.y I VE.I.L C7F A ' l.lke 1 AUD, UP oM LAPDE ;BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES' THAT'S II 1 Ai,i, AHfil'T? By MartiL F.U't ViV'M ! : '' .;'' \i?.-.if-^'-'A?$>i&# V.>.' D".'.<W<> f'-'T •-:•: 1^ *Vr'-.^j;iraii:iEii^ i*;cuvu yAt I" :X'v:Ke;.-;V^M Z "Has as POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L. Bcniict', Co. Feed Co. ^10 M. RnUroad St., wcsOi of cG-j-tnouiL', J. E. I-'lslier, Fhune: r,-, 24C-TF lir:!r^:s she v.autcd lo .^ct o:it of an- ure dauscrous—" Ti.oy? v.-ift iio".'li. barely the stairs to bc-r i?J10 ch.11:"<:d llj!, l«-!l.i..l there. New 1 want yuu to do [ Ma. IK?, fnid he not. s':i> do- i 'I'l:--:i fi-.r a •:'•:••: I tell you. Gypsy. Spring colds j pai-iot! a nuiiimt later, closing the itavcil at l any i; any mure (niestioiis. isn't smr.e ivay you can insist on ^ lier there againr 1 nficr hi-r. Gyj-sy stayed In hec! drowslni: an- til 5::'.0. Her head no Iniii'cr arlicrt Iliroat was fever- POULTRY WANTED—Market pri-1 iti, uiiy quantity. Marilyn Ha'.- I clu-ry. '^10 S. r'vjurtli Bi. OC-'li'l arts of LOST AND FOUND I LOST—One mare mule ab'j'.it ten | brancic:! \vith "C" on- inouicler. IV.rly takhi'j tills j , :>>T>.is" kit an oldei 1 muie instead, i :^\~RI hbuiy B. F. Ho:.iialcis. Boxj '• Iijl.''^'^'^'!-!!!!'. ^P-ILS j .E" UUCO Authcrizcd re-j finishing s'.ulion. O. T. Shamlin | v.ith Dc-nlon Chcvic-'.et Co., ^lailli at rranklin. Kiie i\-H3 alout to protest but an- oilier all.nek of sneezing Inier- lunlcd. "Ali riglit." the slrl a?iC--fl Einl H'ousii htr "V^j, iiiorc is—if It will «o any i inctkiy. 1'rivately slit- decide;! s!:clis!i sbi; feit mi!c : i Iwiler tiidn in r.r.::::: ' !n Ihe n^aiilimo Beimel's • must lc ° ;i a3 nilsc-iahlo as she wa^l'm iKornin^-. Si:e i!re.=so-l in norm i ::!<U:;;; tlir.'-\- diinineil lelterd and | fcclinf. ( elo:hi::.4 ar.d |.r -i-j: in v,-ii-c---M '.vim saw 1 After lie had gone Hypsy went lo j lialf hour before thn d:cs--i Niiia and i'nrler bavin;; dinner In j the Ijlciicn to talk over Ilia dsy's trying In cover up -.vith reuse am! ,;:i::Lr. Say—-lid yuu notice tlis'. nrdorla: anil menus wilh Matilda.] rov.dtr tho V.T.V ho r;Jil 1h:.:o letter.;? M.idc- i It was Cora 'a day to do tbe ironing, j ; : :<.'::i M:nrd tivi.-e as incriraiuating! Gypsy gave JlniWa inftriirMoas it j rjOWNSTAilty llii front dior' ;..j tl-.iy are. I'd gel Mrs. Fowler 1 ;a!;e eliiir^e of the household. Tuon i* s [ Krr . :I . c .|i .,„,] s i ; . 3 -;. : r W t:-.--, n t!::'rj in a ininiito If 1 tboushi | sbc'.(r'.:t iifjlairs lo her room. .Hn, T ,-, s Lor.12. A rina:ent Ir.'cr I -:::ii ti'..- ri^lil liuneli. I cau't gel | ]| c r hend vvr.s hot and thrubhlnc.' she liear.l bin fa.itstcps 0:1 l!ie L.IJI- it; 1 !::-.'; Iliat s]ic knows Kaiue-. ^;:c comyitcd (he uiedieino ca[iii:rt j s:l;:irs. c,y;v:y l'jn;cd and i^ft U.e Ijiiij!. litit wh:'.t'.'" [ 3!1( i found the rcintrty that wasi nii>r:i. !!o wr.s iirilf v.ay iiy '.hi- Oypsv kanc'l b^r head b-iei: an:l, usually most elective. 'I ben she | lii^ht when sho uaohc-J Ihu he.::i r.'.:-lied the o;:ij[)jite >vall between l.r.i ;-i--.vcd Hi!;. • Doesn't Xii'.a h:ivo any suss-cs- tinrs?" she as'led. "Xina said siiii'e sev inidrc??cil r took a hut bath and £<n,uf the tt&irs. •\ ...,.,„„., i n-s-cit ui!j. into bed. i "CjTsy-ilu juu thiui; yuu slum I'l^ItSONAij [ • Hasn't xina have anv su^=-C3- The cuveri feit soft and Tr?.rr.l., ha up'.'" Ciyp.=y closed ber eyes ami f.iliedj "Oi:. yos. !'m rraritcaily w seen tile the blanlicts more closely a'oout her. | i-.ov.-. Dif! au;th:ir4 r.- : -.::!;ni luit twine before. Said Ftr.v-j Almost immediately she fell asieuii. ] While s!io v,..s :.-j.u:'.l;ii!:; s-i:u •JP-K'2-ij Ur.iiiin't lii;e lohave Kia wiic^oiuiil Wlien she awoke sbo h.nit -tag-ae I llir.t fniiii-fuliis J. J. Thompson from '.hr co of Brcnrluriy and Main streets islsside wave linov.'ii. tinier ihc iio,- is returned] by mnr.iolpnl i>o! : to 1209 West Ash su-cc; the po-i tho plan ice will he requested to act. '•"••.•- iC-Ki Radio Proving Great Aid to Police Fovces WAKFilKGTON, rupi—Radio i^ ec;uinc, i:iiu general tr: .1:. an nicl lo i;o)i::L> 1:1 man\ s:ntr.i and i-HKi. tho )r'i;i!i'i,-.l Radio Commission re- Ovtr ( in els 'or use .tions Under] of 'allocation, the Com-! says rvery town anil ciiy ii: titc co-.nitry can have police r.iu- ] io facilities without interference. | In a'.iuilion to the channels set | aside ;or inmiicpD.h'tirs, the Hadio , Ccr.imifsira has set asW? one l channel for S'.ate police. Michi-1 Ra-.i and Massnclnifctts have nl- j I'cadv availed thrrriiisr-lvtii of ntho-1 Irlepl'-ony i" d v.-c,rk of their, state -.:o!ic.;. anti Pennsylvania I Etnlc iio'.icc carry on radio coin-1 muuicalicii in coae. alieatiy h.avt 1 , or j — are coi«iuctim;. police-radio sy.-,-1 Ca;iarfiau ToUlisl t.::-,-,s opira'.e fr:::i police. „ . r , hcr.dMir.rlers to ij.urol cai'5. Ti-., j Not jilU't fl' 1 / AKmp fj.=:<m has !>crn found to be vcryj . ctficieiit a:iii .^-[dr, up iiic ccop-| TORONTO. On'-.. (UPi— General rieprrfs'.ott aparently overlooked the tourist business in Ontario in 10:0, it appears from official flg- n:\t on toiiris'. traffic, released by the Provincial Publicity office, 'iiicy ii-vval that C50.1C3 more auicirobilcs crossed the 1 American border Ontario last I yes: 1 "unu i:i IW3. Alicficthcr. 4,- j IC1.6C.1 er.'.f cair.e into Canada at | 11 .^ various pnrls of entry. More American cars entered Ontario at WimU:T than rit any o'.ricr point. Mere than one-tuiarter of l!:e Ont2rio-l>cu:-irt cars—1.130.351 lo tx- exact—crc«crt the line at Windsor. FAY O.DAVIS riwnc -lil ter Kflil Denier Invest VJilh Safety G'."- pniil (jiiiivtovly on full ixtiil slock, ?10U am! Ciiii'iin'^ ilc • ^'^" f 11's t iiioi'U;-'*!- 1 ' loans oil liomco in Bly'ii'.ev.ili'. Secured ;imt Tnsui'cd. 1 Blytheville Building ' I Loan Asseciaiicn W. M. Burns, Sec. The MnveTiinioul of Malta V:ct-;)3 a vi:m'>i?r of cat-servants of the slilo, to nnard Die vr.dcrgroiir.a : yr.-innrics \viio Vvoul tiom toon lur.iyry rats .e short work ATJ, KINDS OF ^tACHIXE WORK Electric unri CUs Wcldinj done OSliRON BLACKSMITH S-HOl' 115 X. Franklin SI. AD HFS FHIBNDS i c;;t-w:;r;£0 vzz 'i-iT, IT CO:-S- \/\ 'JSW I cTfll BACl^ LAOf g THAT S/MD HAD B2E1J D6UVEKO SVPST'-Y AFTCa 1 C'Jf-- 1 ^I^S Tco TIC£O To OPETU IT TUSW, SO />>Jo r WASH TUHHS ^ —3^1?i^S^|J~/> r 'LZl"| ^^-^ pel • f. ; .^---\ \ ^^^^^f|s5~5

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