The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, March 9, 1937
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A-4AW THi; DOMINANT NEWSPAPER VOL. XXXIII—NO. 303 Blythevllle Courier Hl.vthevllio Dally 1 News Blythevlllc Herald Mississippi Valley Leader AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, SHOT KILLS TWO Will Present His Program to Nation in Radio Talk Tonight WASHINGTON, Mar. D. (UP)— Prcnclsnt Roosevelt will take personal; command tonight of the su- prjm; court reorganization n»iit which has divided his partv and may end in it compromls*. s«t'lc- meiit. The president will speak to the nation in a nresi'.lj chat at 9'.30 I»". 'c. s . t.). It will be tlle eighth chat of his WBite House temuc and the second time within a week that he lias broadcast an appeal /or authority to expand the nation's highest court to 15 members if six 'jns- tices now over the 10-year retirement age refuse to leave the bench U was icarncd tiiat tonight's chat will deal with: ] George James, Memphis Financier, Dies Totljy \ MEMPHIS. Mar. 9. (UP)-George R. James, Memphis financier and former member of (lie Federal Reserve IJoard. today died following a long illness. For years the only southern member of the reserve board, James re- sls'ned In January, 193G, and rc- lurncd lo Memphis. He was chairman of the board of William R. Moore Dry Goods'Co. and held large interests In a Memphis bank. His wife, a son, and two -daughters survive. Funeral services will bs held here Thursday. for Prisoners iTfllKE TIES UP Negro Workers "at Memphis Lumber Concern Demand Higher Wages , Mar. 9. (UP)—Walk- MEMPHIS 2.—Difficulties of Ihc constitu- shut down of the W L Bruce Lum tional amendment process. ber Co. piant hertemployin,/Z 3.—An indeiieiident judiciary. The strikers, mostly negroes were •!.—Need for reinvigoration of the not members of a union. They de- federal courts from top to bottom m » n <loel a wage Increase of live It is understood the president will '• cellls nn hour Instead of til- two advance the argument that the courts must be infused with youn-- er meu to interpret the constit-i- """ " "- president believes it to lion AS th Imi-e been u-ritien rather than to write into it other political and economic policies. Pamphlet, captioncd "Packing . . -• —-("..^.ivi. i rt^MLLK the court or Pelting the Sweat- sho]).-' appeared in the capital today under the seal of Labor's Non- and n half cent increase gianfd '.veslerday. Workers in the planl have been on a five-day 40-hour week. Employers iind women striker^ of the Tri-Stat; bress Manufacturing Cr> todnv agreed to arbitrate. The strike, enlivened by hair- pulling and dress-tearing between feminine pickets and non-union workers, was called When engineers at Chattanooga v/iinled a dungeon for the new county workhouse, they, thought of "cooler," and evolved this modernistic bastlle that looks like a mechanical refrigerator II is 10 feet high, made of thick concrete, reinforced with sieel. Nine holes admil air, but no light. It has "no sent, no bed. Cornbread and .water are shoved through a double-locked door at the bottom. Inside it is dark, day and night. T1 - . " ~* i-*»LJUl O 1WIJ- ' •••*'• iH^.l-tl JI-aLLlUilV UV I artisan Leagur. Prom the Ameri- tlle Io=al of the International La- cnn Federation of I,ahor came an- dl?E Garment Workers Union af- nouncemem t!:nt local wiion mem- "llnted with John L. Lewis'c i O bsrs from'roast, tn ^nod i, n ,i < Police today stopped pickettn» prevented openinv of the'fac- bsrs from'coast to coast had be=n urged to write their, congressmen nsking them to vote for the presi- <ient's lti11 "~ * '• t"vji I- vuie ior me presi- ( °*y where a woman iras nearly bill. Federation president o^roljpd and five wer- arrested in ,„,, ,!„„„., .... . .. n serDs of minor clashes between " non-union, workers.-- tllc Wll.Tir-put into-ef-- helpful to labdi?' Burglar Breaks Window ..and Enters Dru^ Store Breaking a display window a ourylnr gained access to the Hi Way cut Rate drug store, Main and Division streets, sometime* before daylight this morning anrt removed .1 quantity of eigfirettss and tobacco. also rifling a cash register About a dollar in change was removed from the cash register. The value of the tobacco was not. estimated, Joseph P. Kennedy Is Nominated By Roosevelt WASHINGTON, Mar. 3 (UP) — President Roosevelt today nominated Joseph P. Kennedy of New York as chairman of the new • United Stales marilime commission. uui the window today when np drove n b.g beautiful orchid colored de- Job, all trimmed in polished mckle and out stepped an In- telcclual lookin' man with a vvh, c uniform. When I met him self a r ' hC '" lroducc(l I" 1 "- ss.^mii^S' 1 ^ When I told him that I jest cd my dog scraps from the table, he arched hi, eyebrow- in horror. Then I called my mon-rd pup m and the fella arched "hi, other eyebrow, l don't go 1u , inlch ' for pedigreed dogs, i ]Mn "'" toward the hound, but if i can ' t Ret that, I like a nice mixture' I think some people earn- that pedigree stuff too far'. I know one lady out here who has some pedi Breed dogs that she gives more attention to than she does he r oa 'n children. Her husband, told her one time, he says "Why i s it. '"•it when you hear the children r| y at night, you Jest roll over "'id go i^f. j 0 s j ee p. |j l|t jj } . ou hear one of those pups whine, yon ^ break your neck gettln' out, 0 em?" She says "Remember; >c daddy of them pirns is a thoroughbred." , ttr ^ non-unon, workers - Potlce took charge aud forced a conference of .union representatives, employers, aud Mayor Overtoil ( for later today. Watkins he plant, normally employs 150 women In makinj inexpensive eat ton dresses. Abraham Fined $15 on Beer Sale Charge Ctedad Abraham.'was fined S15 for sailing beer without a city p»r- mit by Municipal Judge Doyle Hen- SerEcii this monihig as city officials renewed thsir effort to clo« R-ul road street "beer Joints '• The trial marked resumption of litigation over the Railroad str» e t station for the nrst ti,n s since Chancellor J. P. oantnev refused to entertain the plea of Abraham lor an order restraining c it v offi ' Veteran Crows Chary Of Hand Grenade Relic TROY, N. Y. (UP)-After more than 15 years, J. Murray Dampsey decndcd that n World War hand grenade isn't safe around the house. So he wrapped the implement of war in a pair of trousers and brought, it to the no- lice station. "You fellows get rid of i.'," h e said. .Bu*,5.fl .Hi .. . Third Tevm- Rejection Was More Definite BV RODNEY DUTCHER Courier Ne« s Washinitlon Correspondent WASHINGTON. -Aspirants for presidential nomination in mo are not entirely relieved by Roosevelt s assurances that he looks ' to prirate iife signed affidavit, couched In E0 1™" '["'Buage, officially sealed and ' , front Hoosevelt said at the Democratic- Victor}- Dinner" here: "My great ambition on Jan 20 1W1, Is to turn over this desk and chair in the While Home to inv successor, whoever lie may be ( "' Spanish Insuvgenls Ga l p : lure Cargo of American Arms for Loyalists : ARCKACllON, France, Mar : 0 i UP)—The only uncapturcd sur- nvor of the Spanish loyalist relghter Mar Canlnbrico. torpedoed, shelled and "seized by the I'cbcl cruiser Canarlas. arrived icre today and- reported that the hip, Instead of sinking, had been towed to port as a prize of war His story added a new'- twist to > the fantastic .sea incident which i became a high light of [)le Sp(1 ,,. I Isli civil war. c . Tnwcil lo Sau Sebastian The survivor, Pablo Juan Boo was landed here by , a French rawler which picked him up'from -he water as lie tried to escape rom the crippled ship. He said the Mar o enugla lire as previously ed but that Ihe flames were brought under control ami The First Soil Conservation Checks Received Here The nrst checks In payment of benefits earned under the IBM soil conservation program have arrived ,\t the office of the comity figrltuldinil agent hero. These SB checks, which tola! ajijn-oxlinntcly $7.000 lire expected to be followed by « much lai-Bci number within a few clays. Farmers checks imvc arrived nrc beini: notified by mall. Most of the nrst checks are icr smnl) f(u-jners.\ Ne\v Line-up Impends in Fight (or Sleel Labor Leadership PITTSDU«oii, t'a.. Mar. 9, (UP) u snip, f ' «' *^wui\^tn, i'a., Aiai. n, (UP) He said the Mar Cantabrico ~' 1: ' e Carnegie Illinois steel Cor- prevlously import-j |DMatlo "' s company' union, oppawd to.the C. I. o.. announced willing. . ~ "^' «-viiuui aim me Ilc ^ s t^xlfty to cut Its connection irelghter was towed by Ihe Can- wllh l)lc company'lo become an nf- arias to (lie rebel port of San I mlnte of Ule American Federation iebastian. • ', of Labor. The Canarias made prisoners: nf i At " le slllne ll 'ne John p. Prey. of (he F. ot L. . nt and crew, Juan Boo said'! ( . - - ,..-.,...~..v .,„„ 11 were drowned trying tb I ,. " le mct0 ' workers union, DLssuiseu as liHIIsh ship The Mar Cantabrico, which "" *ns Disguised as a LU i n, . i i saW he would confer Jatc today or | l <>"iorrow with • company : union • i- lcil(ler5 on their reciuesl to b? ad~ Adopts Resolution Su|i pcrting 'Governor; Ap proves Roosevelt Plai LITTLE fiOOK, Mar. 0 (Up)_ l|' llle Arkansas seiwte till* nioniln li:nvp li* approval to Iwo resolu | "on, one urging appointment o Ciov. Carl B. Dnlley to the l) s district Judceshlp and aiioihc si'pT/irtlny President WooscvellV proposed court reorganization plnn riie • resolution uittliuj the ,\ r knnsas delegation In congress K submit Oovernor nnllty's imine t' the president to succeed the luti •Midge John R Mnrtlneaii wn Introduced by Senator llnl Emltl of Clarendon. Senator;; ciosc to the governoi >ld he Imil not seriously C0 n. sfdcrcd (he vacant Juctgeslilp am described the resolution as : eourtesy" proposal. Ecnnioi' Roy Mllum of Harrison ralsen the only objection which he later withdrew. A lone nay was voted bv Senator Ed Dillon of Little 'nock Court Vole 'Is clcisc rialor Clyde Ells of Bcnton introduced • the resolulloi. orlnlizing congress to support the court reorganization plnn No roll, call was lakcn nml Ihc pre- drllllrr . «ITI - . * .'5 for the JovaHsf- i i - • ~ " " ~" .coast, crew and passenlers ,",'„" • , Tln Workcrs said to include two or t) «c S "' "° ls erican ohmteers for the " army, were taken aboard 'iinarfns. H™ CY « r r - Cantabrlc ° s »"e<l Iron nm .York lor-Vc'- - .liimitions S2,7CO,(iOO. ,' She -p ional munitions - Carnegie- other United Slates ateel •s ahd to independent im Green, president of >thc [A^P.^of L., left the way -open lo <i when,, while,refusing, nn iirtrti i —. T :"°" l(m 1° "advise 1 ' ilie union on ™».» munitions at, Vera >,„'" reor B anlz " tlo 'V he said he would Vhen she sailed from Vera r'nit'' conslt ! e ' s " c 'i "move if the union Fenruaiy is her announced to I™ * clcn " breah wllh ths! ' :6 '"- liiation was Barcelona, on Spain's! 1 " 1 ^" Mediterranean coast, but •* "'".'"Slrucled to land her Bilbao, on the , siding j olllcer hard put (0 A p decide on (he close oralvote noil of senators by Kills last week showed n majority O f two fnv orlng the resolution Senators H. A. Norlhcutt nl Salem anil J. ,p n ii] i Wnr( , of the "• • IMIJ WIUll BnUsvllle spoke in -favor of measure. ,p Vera . " le B ? y of B Kc y The M ar '. Cnntabrico figured rominently In t ,, e America 'S New vlr 5 '"•'' de P" rtl »-« If>m New yoik. She raced oul of the »H»r with a hasmy load ed ca ' o o{ airplanes and other, wnr ma- clion ftV*" ^ f ™»^iZl ction to bar export of American ™" and war supplies to /ear-that 'he. will feel Asks Divorce Mrs. Onie Davis has filed suit i chancery court here against Ernest Davis, asking for a divorce on the ground of desertion. Her nttorney is E. E. Alexander. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111., Mar. 9 (UP'— Hogs: receipts D.COO Top 10.40 170-230 Ibs 10.25-10.30 light weights 1.CO-9.85 Bulk sows 0..50-9.70 Cattle: receipts 2,500 Steers 8.25-9,25 Slaughter steers 6.CO-I2.50 Mixed heifers and ycarlin°s 7.00-8.60 Slaughter heifers 0.00-1050 Beef cows 4.50-5.50 Cutlers and low cullers 3.50-4.50 Chicago Wheat open high ' low close fay 1351-2;37 1-4 135 1-2 136 3.3 July 1181-4 119 3-1 118 1-3 119 \.\ May Chicago Corn open 'high ( Or {«*-» JIO 1-8 , M 5-S 104 10., 1-2101 1-R1047-R Jan lenient is comparable lo : the •nther enigmatic remark of Calviij ochdee: •;! do' not choose :to There seems no sound ba- Is for supposing at this time that '• D. R. has any thought'or seel;- :ng a third term. Suspicion appears to rest chiefly on the tradi- lon that no president lias ever occn liappy at leaving the White House, even after two terms' Presidential Intimates scoff at Uie thought, Some already are busy speculating as to Roosevelt's 1!MO successor, if not actually laying unobtrusive groundwork for certain candidates. They say there isn't any more reason for supposing Roosevelt harbors third- term ambitions than there Is for paying serious attention to suggestions M rs . Roosevelt might succeed him. Mrs, Roosevelt herself Branded that last as "idiotic" The mere fact any such .phantasy- reached such a point that it was raised at one >A her press con fcrenccs. amply demonstrate! that people do get some tunny political ideas Into their heads New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Mar 9 (UP) — Cotton futures gained around one dollar a bale In all months today on a .resumption or the no ward swing to new highs , vht jj, carried all months past !3 cents with the exception of January. March May Julv oct open high i ow c ,' e IMS 1332 1360 1383 1335 1366 1335 35S 1322 1352 isia 13W «« 1311 1283 303 1283 1313 1285 ,^ . l»2 UM'1292 I'M Fall oh Pavement Fatal to Roseland Refugee *- "» ° e "' SCre ™' --— b»v»u(JUJ ILiU- in bos cars at Dell . the box On the outcome of the fight b"- tween the c. I. o. and the company nmon hinges control of Carne»l«Illinois' 100.GDO steel workers. , The conference with Prey was arranged in a series of telephone conferences between members of the company union's, "little supreme court" and the labor leader. ' Sclllp Elgin Strikes ELGIN, III., Mar. fl (UP)—Settlement of strikes at the Illinois Watch Case company and the American Novelty Works, which threw nearly 1,000 employes out of work two weeks ago, was announced today. Police Chief to Quit Over 3 Cents Daily Pay BRUNSWICK, Me. (TJP)_ Too long hours and too little p.iy were blamed by Police Chief William R. Edwards in announcing his intention of resigning in March Police head here for 18 years. The senate passed,.o lo 7. House ihirii . SlV '"* ' llie ' Bovernor authority to appoint a slate'"mine Inspector without rccqmincndatloi of, the stnte mining 'board .'.. Sevenlec'n' 'bills, "mos'tly-' : local' 'if, nature, ncrc '.vitluiiinvn: from Mhe calendar to clear Ihe way for passage of urgent 'legislation Ilefuse TO Urge Vetoes ' The house pf representatives by a vote of 30 lo «, this morning refused to pass -a resolullon nsking Gov. Curl E. Bailey to •-'~ "--' -11 2S2 and HOIISS S by (he general , assembly. The senate bill calls for n reduction in auto per ccnsc fres while the house mea- i-ure transfers the' indebtedness of! seven tree bridge districts to ti state highway department The resolution was Introduced by Rep. L, K. Buerklc of Arkansas county, who yesterday issued o statement asking ihe general pub- he lo . urge the governor to veto he measures. The right against the resolution was letl by Rep Oarlton Harris, Pine Bluff, an- ih.;r of the bridge Mil, and Rep Ward of I.ce county. •St. Louis Man Succumbs to Auto Crash Injuries William Henry Tyson, iti-year-oli Ollkliil of a St. Louts car tramnor connnuiy, <ile<I nt t) o'clock Ihi: momliij! in iho Hlvllicvlltc hospita of n skull frncturc siistnlncd In n hl'ihwiiy accident near Sleele, Mo, enrly Monday. Mr. Tyson, who resided at 312. Clani Street In St. Wills, l s sur- ivlvwi by Ills wife, Mrs, Melbn Ty>.on, his parents. Mr. and Mrs. H?n- iy Tysoji, foitr biolhers, Judson Woodham, olenn and Edward; and three sisters, Mrs. Julius' y.. 0 fl?M Mrs. Mary McUod and M'.<sClracc' Tyson. 'i'he body will be sent to St. Louis his afternoon nnd funeral services vlll be held there tomorrow. The Cobb Funeral Home Is in charge of rimeriil nrru'ngeincnts. HEIDI lit air Bound Over to Federal Court on Currency Charge .pAnUTHERSVIU,E. Mo.- Two Pomlscot county men, alleged lo uwe been working a conndence iaiiiB racket on gullible resident or he coltomvoocl Point 'community vere ordered held to await aclion of the federal district court on Weapon in Hands of I ! Year -Old Douglas Owens Kills His Sisters STEELi:, Mo, Mai S— A. shotgun 111 Ihe hands of 11-year-oM ponglas Otseni,, v,ho was eMiiblt- lug it to Ills yoimgei sisteis, Ws J accidentally dischaiuccl late ycs- Iculay nfleinoon, killing Rulh 9 and Benin, 18 months. ' '' The tiagcdy occuiicd at about }'••«> P m In Ihc home of 'Mi »n« Mi', Hob Owens, pnicnts of NIC chltdieii, in (he Qlbson Bayou conmninllv. about three miles noilli of Steele The chaigc fiom the gun 1Mb n. h In the pit of u 10 s t om ach, killing hoi Instantly Benin, who was hit In the back of the head, died nfiei teaching Ihc offlco of i. J. R Chapman in Steele MJS Owens m ,d ram of her five m"" Jllst lct " r "" 1 fon> with her paients, An j,,(! , J °" klCJ '' nl Sn vamiah. . Mi Owens met. them nt Stcele and they drovo to their lomc In a laxlrab. Upon tlieli ni- , rivnl the chitd-en rushed Into the house ahead of Ihclr paienU ami i shotgun, ivhlcli Mr. Owens had »i i owed from it fiiend. caught lie c>c of Douglas. He picked It ' IP, imiwaie that It was loaded "id was dlsolaylng it to Mis ^ vent off"" 1 '" ' S °" l Tile Oirens', who came to Hits xmiinmiily a n.imbei of years ago from Snvnnnali, nle promlcnt Gibson j ja j ou . runciiil , C | vices foi the two' hi r < , . of tl>e tr "B«ly were bed tils aftcinoon with buHal rt , farmers of Ihe jonnmmlly orts. it Is alleged that the pair had iii-cfiilly "doctored" currency to nuke it appear that one bill was rally the dnpjJcaUon of another y changing serial numbers to make hem identical. The victims wci- c said lo have omplalned lo offlcm when they eeainc dbsatlsOcd, resxntln-j In the nvcstijatlptk and arrests made by he federal ngcnls. By a vote house shortly SaJ.irv of 58 to 30 before the the .... w ,. V ii, IIIL flUUIl Access voted to adopt a joint conference . report to restore the ''S.GOO salary for W. -E. Pliipiis, -- « ..v. t ,„, ,„ V( . ar5 llclltl ° r the slate education de- Edwards estim.aled- his average P" rlmcnt - « had been cut to day's waee as 83 rant* anri hie «,-- ^.200 in the dcnarlmenfs »m- . was seriously inj tf wife Mrs • • lrs - day's wage as 83 cents and ks av- ! " a BcnwJ:-d« y a s 20 .hours. From 5900-a-ycar salary, lie paid II- ive sisters, II and Lei Mrs. Ida a ~ •*« Ivv 5 ' S! > r «h Holland. tinerai arrangements are iii. according to the Cobb Home. Closing Stock Price* NEW YORK, Alar. 9 (UP) _ Tobacco shares, with declines rmig- in contrast today with other censs fees, taxes. Insurance, repair bills, gasoline bills and postage and stationery charges. out sections Coolidge Home Town May Bar Water Troughs NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (UP) — labeled, a menace to automobilists and children, one of the last two watering troughs (hat recall horse and buggy days In Northampton home of the late President Calvin r secons on the stock market where gains ranging to more than 3 ,points were the rule. A T and T, American Waterworks Anaconda Copper Bethlehem steel Chrjiler Cities Service .'..... Coca Cola ...'.......' General American Tank- General Electric General Motors International Harvester Me Kcsson-Robbl ns Montgomery War<i iYeu- York Central ..].. Packard Phillips Petroleum ..... Radio Corp St. I.onls-Ean Francisco Simmons Bed Standard of N J ...... Sludcbakrr Texas Corp .. ; . u s smelting .. U S Steel ......'. W.irner Bi"os 178 25 1-4 67 1-4 103 3-8 127 1-2 -r— 147 1-2 61 1-2 65 1-2 110 1-2 15 6" 7-8 51 5-8 11 56 7-8 12 4 1-4 „-, soon may be removed Alderman Robert P. Emrick has requested the public works board to order removal of the trough f'-om his district because children Playing near Ihe trough often are narrowly missed by automobiles. HONOLULU (UP)—Five women !n Hawaii have been granted private pilot licenses by the federal government. Part of their training consists In over-water nytn» be twcen islands of Broup. Ihe Hawaiian ''New York Cotton NEW YORK, Mar. 9 "lUPl Cotton closed 'steady. March 52 1-2 May 18 3-8 1 July ' 58 3-8 Oct 99 124 1-8 15 3-g 7 1-2 twenty-two. open high low 1383 1410 1373 1349 1375 1342 J33I 1362 1327 1290 1315 1285 1282 1307 1210 close 1407 13S1 1350 13)0 nor. the dcparlment's gcn- eral appropriation bill. Hep. William Thompson. Independence county, in opposing the adoption of the resolution, said that Ihc house In doing so would be bowing to the senate. "Throughout Ihc session the the house senate has ordered around like it, was a wayward child ami we should refuse to accede lo their wishes and stand on our judgment like men" Thompson declared. Without a dissenting ballot the house voted, 90 to 0, passlnn the reorganized welfare department appropriation bill. Welfare Money Volcil Heeding a statement by Governo- Ballcy. delivered at a dinner for members of tlle senate at the Hotel Marion last night, that the state Welfare Dcparlmenl approprlallon bill had failed to secure the necessary three-fourths vote yesterday nflcrnoo", the senntc returned lo chambers last night and passed Ihe bill, 31 to o, on reconsideration. The vote was taken without debate The appropriation bill provides $024.520 annually for suite and county administrative expense and authorizes disbursement of S3 500000 in federal-slate funds for old age pensions and grants' to indigent persons, blind, bospltnlization of Ihe indigent sick, crippled c hil- aren's care. Juvenile court supervision, certification of CCC. WPA and NVA-cnrollces and distribution of surplus commodities. The |»tl tax would be abolished as a voUng requirement, but in no oilier way (Continued on page 2) ^hurclies Map Plans for Vacation School The First Methodist. Lake Street fetlmdlst. First' Christian. Firs! resbyterlan and First Ntwarcne churches will cooperate in the nnmia! Daily ' Vacation church school, to be held at the First Methodist church the first week In June, it „•„., ((ccWcd nt meeting last night of the Mln- slcrlal Association and rcni'Mtn- ativrs of the Sunday schools ol churches which partloi- Tlie Rev. Carroll cloyd. pastor of Ihe First Christian church will again direct the school, other members of (he faculty ..'^..nvj, \v. supervise Ihc school in dally sessions, la lei. which It; he announced this Services Here Today for Mrs. Jack Dodson Funeral scry' in were held here Us aftcrnoor. for Mrs. Cordelia Reynolds Dodson, wife of Jack podson. who died early yesterdav morning at Greenville. 5 MtaT^r death was attributed to tubercnlo- hc Rev. W. o. Singictcrry offi- ed at tlw services Held at e Home chapel mter- this d tr ; P 0 "? 011 was Ulll>blc l ° ™»ko trip hcrc bwaljse of mn ^ U Reynolds, brolhcr of Mrs , attended the services here' formcrl > r In Rites at Gosnell for Mrs. Florence Bryeans Funeral services were held this church GO. cemcteiy, near sieolc the children, besides t~ «... .1 . J. ' *"MV-r |] | , ~"".V..V1I, Ul.-£IUIt.V> hell patents and. biothci DOIIF- "s nrc a 4 |,tcr Mn n'ntl Den- ' ton of Nashville. Tenn, ,,nd a jrother, MiJ.e, 2, charges of conspiracy to iiuitilatc edeval currency by united stales Commissioner lioiislon H, niickby of llayll yesterday. ' W. A. Hemlngcr of slcelc ahd "red O, Collins of Canithorsvlllc ere arraigned before Commlssion- T Ducklcy alter being, taken into custody by secret service ngcnls. Ihelr bonds were set at $5,000 and hey were removed to the poplar Hhiii Jail, ' Hvmlnser and Collins'were said ojiave represented .themselves as of-stock In n company to ,„ ,1|7.«I,. for tllo piirposo of mak|n s currency, They picked -u couple of Collonwond -point -mci s their Intended -victims mid nro- cedcd lo'show Ulicm how curren- y could be duplicated by an "e.x- ..... lislve- process, according lo re- Meningitis'Scare Orls. It Is allemv! thnl II,r. „„<_ i..j at Lepanto Subsides LEPAN'IO, ArT~The fcai of a spinal meningitis outbreak aftei wo cases weic foifii(j"h«re'i by Di 3- E Bylcr and Dr. J. ,K. JCmes/- was abated today. ,|)| j,|i -'-. Quarantine has been I'llfleii on V 'e « noort icfugces who 1 Veie ' ' Hiartcrcd in a tent city elected V Ihc American Red Cross on -He outskirts of Lepanto The „ •efusees weie being; returned tft Mi homes two weeks ago wheitV Harold Via, I2-yeai-old boy, de- ' veloped the disease He was Quickly transfencd to the Isolation hospital In Jonesboio and the othci refusecs were transfened to Hie tent city by the Hed v Cioss inrl oiinmntlned by 1 (lie local doctors Another case was discovered it Riven ale, noith of here, week ngo in the home of 'jun White Tlic nve-months-old baby,, hat had contracted the disease , vas also sent to Jonesboro. Both 3f the children arc critically ill" here Since then no further cases i.ivc developed. Dynamite Damages Paragould Liquor Store PARAGOULD, Mar. 0. (UP)—Dynamite' last midnight caussd $400 damage to the L J Light Liquoi store here, blowing a big hole in one side of the building . Officers sought clues but no arrests were made. I-ist February H the same build- Ing suffered damage bv a mysterious fire. Steele Electors Will Vote On Library Tax STEELE, Mo.—After a-'petition was signed by over 100 citizens of Steele for a ta\ of One mill on the dolLir valuation to maintain and operate a library, tha.'clty council < igrecd to submit the question to :he voters at the annual city clec- :ion on April 6. In the city election only two aldermen arc to I)- 1 elected. WEATHER Arkansas—Pair frost, freezing in -- ...... . >ui<.-iu:e uryeans 60 «"""»«.>—ron »HBV. ireezing in wife of w. M. Bryeans who died'. h " ast P° rt '0» tonight \Vednw- several days ago at Merced Calif i y •*""> cloud i and wanner , The Rev. MI-S. Enpha Beaslcv I , " e , m l )hi s an <l vicinity-Fair ant! officiatort nt the services and'ln-l sl " hll >" v! » rm " tonight anrt Wcd- terinent was made at North Saw- nM<Vl> ' bn ccmcterv. . . •' I _ cemetery. .The Cobb Funeral ]Iomn wa in charge of funeral arrange- Cli The nmhniini. temperature hero > yesterday w as 59, minimum' 41 clear, according to Samuel F Nor- rls. official weather o&servtr.

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