The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1934
Page 4
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PACE FOUK fHB BLVTHJSVILLB COURIER NEWS <"H» OODBIEK NBW8 OO, PHBLIMOTM 'OR' BABOOOK a w HAants. sole N«tlon»l «v«rtlsuig Ariuuuat DalUe*. toe, Nv» York Cbleifo t'f^Jl Si Louli, Dallu. K»io»3 C)t>. Uemohl*. Published Bvery Afternoon n«Dt 8una»y. • ; Entered as second u'ua milter tt Die post office at Bij'theyllle, Ar- kniisas, under act ol Congrtt*, October 9. 1911. • • , . Serves DV mo Onlua By corner in inc. nij oj Blvtiicnn*. !»o per •H V in ffl 50 r>T year In advtn"* • l)v oi9U wlUUn a rartlus of W mile*. (3.00 p*> •.< ti :ui ut nx inoiuhs, 85c (or (Urae month* iv null In postal zones two to six, InduslTe, J6.50 per year, in /onps scvrn onr eight, U0^> MI yea', payable to «riy»nc» A Much Ooer-Rakd 'Menace' Fully 1,000,000 Communists ;uul active sympnUmei'.s with Communism arc working now lo overthrow the Amur- iean government and llie American social ttinl economic system, accordiiijj to a warning issued by K. K. West, president of Hit; United •Slalu.s Junior CliamlKT of Commerce. Since it tool; only about 150,000 m revolutionists lo accomplish Hie overthrow of the Kerensky government in 19)8, Mr. West feels Unit this represents a pretty iilm'miiig mouico to .American institutions. It is a little hard to share hit) fear,, for 'two 1 raiuoiKs., it is pretty elcar Ihiil.lhis eslimate of Communist s-ti'ouiHh |s KVCiitly wiiujKci'iitetl. Second, the ISfi.OOO Hals who tip.sel Kerensky had a (lifferpnt medium in iwhich to operntu than Amurk'lui rcvo- jluUonists liave. | They lived in a society which hull proved its own bankvuptcy licyoml dispute, mid. the overwhelming majority of Kussmns were so desperate that 'they preferred to'try the wildest experiment rather llian reniiiin as they were. That isn't even remotely true in America today; until it-is, the .Communist "menace." eim't be very ulnniiing'. Veterans Set an Example (iiulolph JJuss,' Hitler's chief aide'in the Nazi party, is reported to have iicccptcil an invitation of Kronen' Ivar veforans 'it> address tliuin-titr Paris' This, it is reported, would be the first step in an effort to gel German and .French veterans lot'ellier on an uinic- able program looldng toward the preservation of peace. Whether anything will come of it is, ol course, something that only time win tell. Bui there is something peculiarly hopeful about the effort, at any rate. Most of the international hatred that curses the world these days is kept alive by civilians. The men who did the .actual fighting hate—not each other, bill war itself, and the illogical human tendency lo forget the aims for which they fought. If there could b c a genuine approach between French and German veterans, the non-combatants of the two na- OUT OUR WAY tjons would jfcl a iwwerful object Ics- *'bn on (lie '.futility of post-war suspicions mid enmities, Possibilities in Airships Once more .the potentialities of the gianl dirigible are up for discussion— this lime'because of recommendation by the president's aviation commission that Ihe government build two or more wirshjps for commercial trims, oceanic service. Disillusioned though we may have been by dirigible tragedies in recent years, there IK nevertheless something attractive about this new proposal. For the big dirigible; is such a marvelously ingenious creation—such n clever and beautiful triumph over the elements—that it is very hard lo believe that we can never get any practical good out of it. : There must be some way in which these gimil airships can be made to render service which is worth their cost. It might be well worth Uncle Sam's while to put a little more money . inlo their development, and find out. Schools vs. Colleges We nil believe In educating our children and (he other fellow's children. And we'll wear slick pants and four-year-old lulls ami coals to do H. ..Bui we,ought lo choose Ihe niosl Imiwrtanl iihiiGb'-of education in limes like llm>t!. mid eliminate the less Important at least, temporarily. 1 don't believe Unit II Is incmiitoil on Hie stole of Arkansas to provide the ixirllal funds for n college education- wlicu common schools mid common .school toucher's arc siillcrUig. We Itnvc s-cvcit .wcomlary colleges In Avkansus, partially supported Ijy slule Jinids. And l)c- fore \vc ask the people ol Avkansas, nl least fifteen per cent, ol whom arc on tho federal rcllel payroll, tu burden tlK'insclw.s with u sales tax Hint inii.sL bo paid by the rlcli and poor "like, sonicUiiiig' should he done about these schools. ' Tho money (jruntccl these schools probably would iiol".solve (he.-common school situation but II would uo a long'• wny. I: wc cun't liiive full (enn grade aiul liigli schools and thc-sc secondary colleges, too, without lni]>osiii B additional.luxes oti the people.'(hen we should decide wlllch Is the most important, Llic grade "ml lilBtl schools or these collcees that arc scattered, nil over Arkansas, must'- of them within seventy-live miles of each other. -Waller Sun-ells, Jr., In Pine' Bliift Commercial. H has begun to look as though lutor Is alxno" to swallow tho church. -The Rev. John II. Thompson of 'Montgomery, N. Y. It used to be.thai the needy who flocked lo California wero Itinerants, but now it seems to be whole families. —Vlcrlliijj Kersey, Citli- forniu suncrintcntlcnl of public instruction. • * • I'm not n witty person. 1 just, try to be funny. — Fanny mice. » * * - Put the ordinary rnun up against a real, live MiuitiniiiB baby and he never would, get It dressed. '-J. jr. Wade, WasHlngton's champion baby dresser. » » 'f The younger generation bcliovc-.s' in Hitler for two rcnsons—his slrong nallonallsm and the fact that lie Is socially radical. -Dorothy Thompson (Mrs, Sinclair Lewis). By Williams JABK.) COURIER NEWS SIDE GtANCpS By Qeo^ge Clark FRIDAY, 'DBCKMUBR. 7, ,t.V.V / =0. ItnU. ,vo fk I. .11 , J » 'i'-IW >'.!.<!• '"'ON/ JUtK|,|'i rln,,i x k miriiril ,-, K ali,., (,,„, ,, ' bt-r rouni-uia(,. SAIIAn KKXT • "" *"»,'•"*'» I'liTBH Ki;',V. . B |rl. Jiiiuwlrdwr Vulrrlu vlih u (.ay , cl . One ,kot. ka» "Oh, yes, Christmas shopping! Call ' order CURIOUS WORLD ENEMIES GREEN TURn E DI P,TS ON TME SANDY . ,'fcEACH BEFORE SHE FINALLY DEPOSITS HER. EGGS IN O NE. POTATOES ARE ABOUT EIGHT. TENTHS , Iturultitf [IUIT >'** liliu, iclt» Her MICH cnKUEtWfnt t» al tin cnu. Ifcr >amc du.v Ann Itre'ils* her rnKiiKt'iilcnl (o Tony. sue mid ri'trr men In a rvuluunint nuil dl.cujln Ikflr mulunl uuku|>|.liii-»,. «>fU t\t atiltn ktt 10 niurry him •fc« iiicreei. Tbtr nrt iiuirrleu ILiic nlKlir anil net out for l.'lnrjilu, I'ell-r'* nititlipr In hurrillLiI by J'.V!.*, '." '''", '"""I'isr. IIU Kt.lrr. CAIUII., who In iiiuvb niirnciril I'T 4he chiiurtfur ului drlvcM lirr wmtjyjr'* car, revelWN (he newt ROW <JO OJi WITH THE STOI1Y CIIAPTBI! XIV l^AST driving brousbi Peter and * Ann lo tho rlclully of the little Florida homo on the aftcnioou of the third day. Kor hours Peter's powerful car liacl been cutting Its way along a roud leading through a tangle of tropical growth. A' forest so thick with shadows that u seemed late afternoon although tlio sun was still high. "I expected you to iiel|i." alia continued. "Sarah cuuld tell y»u I'm not much good In a kitchen, Hut I'm learning. What about the 1' bought Hie plac.o 1 family?' realized It would be a whllo'elo- tAauc on my hands. 'But 1 IIUHE on lo It for sonio reason, and finally 1 tit Uiia family to stay here. 1 (jive tliem tlio iifocceds from the prunees ami a small moiithlv wane to keep llHfiS |l|>." lie had ojieticd a door ami now tur/icil on tlio llgtu. Ann stood, n admiration. , o || V |,, S roora . van lyiiteilly Siwjilsli. with tii|ieslric3, Us balustrades, dark. ornate fiiriiltiiro Biiiijiloineiiteil by Ills whig chairs covered with bright cretonne. The curtains were cream with rich draperies of tjluo tiro- -ade. A slalr with a wronBht Irou ' =:, T-JJ - - -- "&? ildo of tlio room. A iirlghl n rc slowed In tlia fireplace. vegetables. While Ann was chatting wll ner I'eter was tolkiug . wild <,•„„ man-fashion, about blijjiits sprays anil simidgo pota. lie ,.« glad they had Uono BO well with Hi oranges last year. \\Mint were Hi prospects tills season '! I'resenlly Aim and Peter ivc-r on their way un<:k to Ilia "iimigalov tho lighted windows" of tlic hous gleaming cheerfully In,the dark ucsa. l-ena, Sam's wife, hud volitiilccrci to do tlto cooking for tlic yoiiii!- couple. Sam had stocked llio pam with provisions and would xo market ai-cry oilier day for vci tables. . "Ami uo, Mrs. Kendall," Pole alii, "wo begin housekeeping." After she had sono to her rnoii „ , in "Oh,. breathed Ann. place!" "The bedrooms and bath are upstairs," Peter sa'fd. "Let's have a limit at Hie kitchen." Tall nines, palms, Imyc water I .'" lc kitchen floor was covered Flaming hllilscua und llm I wltl ' linoleum In lame p,ruy and Wilclr "locks, coiiylug an old flagged slune flooring. The roo n, |, iu i rm& \ t oaks. nioru delicately lined oleaudc, breaking the ilccu green with color. ADI) over nil Uic Intense, brooding silliness, (trokcn only by tho rustle ol a leaf or lljc cry of a' bird. As the shadows lengthened the tray moss, swaying in tlio wind, was like ghostly wjiite arms reach- Ins out toward tlioui. Ann moved closer to 1'ctcr. "VVclrd, Isu'l It?" "I'Vighlencd?" Ito laughed anil reached over lo gjyu her liand a icatisuring pat. No, sbo couldn't bu frightened willi Peter. Peter's slrons. Bplon- dldly muscled shoulders, bio fight- t-r's cliiti meant adciiuatc prolec lion Atid there was something about him. apart from his russsed strougtb aud bigness, that gave Aim a feeling ol security. H was the way Peter looked al life. "It's jiiBt around (lie bend of tills hike," Peter said. And then. "Here we arc." On the; to)i ot Iho slope, almost hidden by orange trees, was a small bungalow, Spanish type. AHiitle l»tli bordered by llowcrs ran from tho steps to tho cdgo o! Iho lako. "Potcc!" "Like It?" "I'm afraid I shall lovo it ami JOU'll never tjct mo away." I'eter got out, opened tlie side gate and tlio big car climbed tho slope, crushing.thick grass under tbu wliecla. . "A garage and everything!" marveled Ann. / . .Peter smiled. "People lived bore once, you know." T trlilstriiiK! abruptly. . — p ""-"I'l'vu iiMiuiHiv, a. Ihoiieli he bad realized lioiv light hearted ho sounded. Ar.u, lying j,, |, fr „ , , called to him. "i>eter I feel | safer with tticso burglar »,.-,,•„ " ',' Peter's deep lainjh. Idiot. •(ion? looking through a grin'" Haven't you auy i nlaB J n ," »on ro n tu-otty scimrii- ^"fed^fro,,, ! L V , ING !lW!ikC ' A "" l °" M ll "'™" h tr's. TI,et,,r-l..; 'r...!?!:!! 1 ' Wiltcl ' cl1 !' sllveo under tlio reading Peter's room was Dr. Mtidd was awakened at 4 o'clock on the morniiv nf \,, n ,«W. by tuo men on horseback. One of the « n T«iTl h '' broken leg, and asked the doctor to set it. T llls he dW imtV i! that the patient was John Wilkes Booth who i,'id hi-ol-cn'Uic I "'!'" leaped from President Lincoln'., theatre tox, a tier nrlng the "* shot NEXT: What f rog grom .„ ,. lrgc .,,. ., (crricr DO YOU. MIND LEAVIN6 ME PAN,JUST OME , 'TO COOK DINNER I CftM GET :\ ALOW6 WITH ONE \ PAM —I'LL COOK ONE THIM6 AT / ^r^St A TIME IN IT. /^~-~z-^- ->^^ (Hg 'KITCHEM MHCHAKIIC! Blood-Sucking Insects Are Dangerous Disease Carriers iHK garage was clean and free from cobwebs. Ann wondered. And then, as they came outside, Tetcr sprang his surprise. . "Bee that house, i'ou cao jubt see tbo red cliiumey through the trees. A family lives there." "I thought wo were alone in the world." "Thought I'd mako yon cook- on your—your—" Ho slopped, embarrassed. . l "On my honeymoon," Ann supplied. Well, it .was a queer kind of silk shades covered Iho lights. There were gay pillows on tlio window gent, a gay chintz-covered chair jjp. fmnislicil In tbero was a practiral, iirecn-sliadcd light near his lied for reading. Ann peeped in at tho blno and while tiled b|iUi, A lull mid •jhoirer Klcctrio llahl. "Siicti luxury! I tliunsjht from whtit yon said we 1 .-! bo camping." "I've run down a few limes so [ furnished t[, 0 |,] a |. c Ijllt tl|or(J arc defects, as 3-011 will Und out. Sometimes tlio water runs low. ir it docs, we'll do luie of our balhinr »i Hie lake." "In January!" "Lots of mild (|;,vs. |-|| l( ..,|| ( orcr and tell Sam and hia wife . here. "I'm going with }•„„.•• A]m Not for worlilii would she Plaster walls and dainty- ruffled Swiss curtains at tlio windows. . Upalalrs the .survey led fr u ,n , »H»™ In'tr' ™^°wL ^ u tj ! — r^ *™"' ^^ cream and decorated in rose, Soft enL^,,^ n^"^ Was it possible that only a week ago she and Tony had been diiuciu:- on tno root? Had It only dccti .i few weeks ago that Tony bail caught her in his arms, caying You're, my girl . . ." She buried her face asainst her pillow though Ehe could shut out tho memory o: Tony's dark, eager lace and his If 1)3 against liors. tried lo think of Pclcr. Vis- ---iK liis tanned face. Ilia brown hair, his gray cyen, his stroiif. rcs[> lute dilji: Peter had tioea wonderful. Slio could never, never 'lie grateful cnonsb. But 6 hc w ,-, 3 lonely, lonely! A sob was hi liDr been left behhid i house. in tbir, quiet little 'HI'iV 1 Blurted out Grove. Tlic path w; Iho srovo was dark. Ejiadott'ii alone tlic through the f-'A rough and iv i Hi palli. black Anu -•*...[, L.,^ Jjutll. iM]u slipped her arm tlirouali Pcler'a and trudged uloiin by tifesldc wbflo lio pushed aSido. bnufcheo* anB iildcd lier• tbr'oiigb the" trcS?."- i A light strcamitiB from, tin: open door ot lite frame collage mads Ihe jialh clear aa;! a'ho slipped her arm from his. "Hello. Sam!".rclcr called. Tho family trooped to the porch There wero Sam and his wite, a Mingcr woman and tier husband. little girl about tlirce. and n boy. Ann judged that tiio boy. who had bright dark eyes, was around 10. "Howdy. Mr. Kendall." Sam bald. "We tried to fu everything right, "r." "Everything's fine," Peter sntd. 'The houso loolis ulcc. Mrs. Kendall likes tlio flowers." "Wo have a garden," Sam's wife fever, which has also been c;>l.'e:l ship fever and jail fever. Various methods liave teen worked out. for preventing spread of disease by insect.';. Insecticides, inch as sulphur dioxide and hyilro- :yanic gas, arc potent in destroying insects in large numbers, but because of their danger to human life they should never bo used except by those who imdcrsUmd their tcchnic of control. throat. In bis-rjoni. Peter was probably IhlnkiiiK of Valeria Hcnnett, Just as she was thinking ol Tony. Ann wondered, vaguely troubled by tim thought, if Valeria and her aunt had been tucsls here In Peter's Florida home, .'Inally sric dropped off to sleep. to drcar.i of Tony and I'utcr. It was a mixcd-up dream In which Tony ami Peter, dark forests and nlllgalora figured iiromiueutly. ',' Tlic sun VMS shining through lb* window near her bed. making bright patcbcs on the spread, when Ann opened,licr.cycs. Tlio air was inltd and owtct, ,ntirrin K tier pleas- l.tnsly. Hlie • remembered "Polor'a lake, which would bo sparkling now under Iho sun. rippling up against tho white, sandy bcacb. It was a temptation too great fa resist. Ann remembered Sarah had tucked her bathing suit Into one of the traveling cases. She had remonstrated, but Sarali had saiii that no one'cvcr. went to Florida with out a bathing suit. Tlio house was very still as Ann, dressed In the whito bathing suit, her bronze fialr tinder a while cap, slipped out the front door and down the long, flower-bordered path that ran gayly, like a bright ribbon, to the water. (To lie Continued) sliiiicc.5 may fca ttjecl in atomizers killing frosts coine in the following '" Vl " '"""•'* "" "'" ' "••-' ! " August, strong tides and currents . to kill insects on clothing and in rocins. Destruction of the on a large scale is one oi the problem'; to which sanitary engineers devote incrca.shi" nttcii"- tion. | rake the temperature of this particular area. Edible mushrooms the dinner plates grow along a small Four copies of the famous M»K na .Ch.irt.-i, 'scaled by Kini; John ! :>t- Hnnnymede more than 100 01 ; years ago, still exist, tw'O of them icu-frce Smith Sound, , Greenland, although the snow docs csnmvi « i • • • ' w[rania ™. aiuioiigii tiic snow docs crs In tlic c Spraji. containing poisonous sub- not Disappear until mid-June and I and Salisbury being in the manuscript room „ Vlic British Museum, and the oth- in tlic cathedrals ol Lincoln OUR HOARDING HOUSE KV 111!. MOKKIS Krlitor, Journal of the American ,ViS<Ki:ifion, anil of llyscia, the Health Magaxinc Of course you know that mosquitoes can carry malaria and yellow fever from one |!i | 0 "another, bill probably you do not realise ho\v many other discards there arc in .which IIIMTI.S air responsible fur the .spread. In 1833 It was'itcinonstrafMi that Texas fever could be Irnmrniilcd by, cattle ticks, since then, many other diseases have-teen added to UIC; IIS s t." AcltiaJIy, any insect which'MICKS blocd m.iy be H carrier or disease. However, because of the ubiquitous cliaroctcr of the mosr|iillo and its wl(lc dissemination in nature, it is among the most serious of all disease '. spreaders. Besides malaria anil yriioiv icver UK] fjfsctvio called IHarlasis is V r " los iull«a. In 1878, ah doctor showed tlml the callctl Illarlac can be Imnsmlltcrt by Hie bite ol a , m- tccted nioM|iiiio. When tlic.w Illntiiic KOI i n t,i the Wins'and lymphatic vc'sscb they Wock the. Dow. This rcMlil, m urge enlargements, particularly of "<;-; I'Bs. mid nixxluces a rthrnsa- called clc|>hatilliii!.s. AhoH.t-r U f wi -'i for «|, ir |, ,„„,. ,'M S T IT1 -i : «'«ibi-- I* Mr «";. «IM a m!S w. knowu al.,, ,,,, bieaklone fever" or "dan-v fever," v.-Iilc), occurs V ;w:l vMy ui hot areas. The region aroinvi Tampa, Ha., .sulfcrnj g re; ,tly from this condition during u lc past six months. The disease is called "breakboiic ever" because of the pains in the bone.';, nmi -,1,,,,^. fl . Vl -r" fcccaiiss the jrersoii wlio Bcls (lle ,]lscnsc walks with a great deal of tliltt- cnlty bcacliM- u( n, t . lraill . IU( , sllfllicw. Tills disease .scidom kills people, hut it can weaken them anil lay llu-n, »„ for consitlcr- nblc jicrlods of time. So far ns l« known, Hie only way o Bel rid of the dtosc is to set UU of the mosfjuitocs that carry It. Flics of tliircrcnl kinds have spread various types of disease. Iji Africa (he tsetse lly spread Ihe .African sleeping slck- Tlic common IIOUM iiy si)rc;nls (llsctiic by feeding firal, on iiinnui-e "»t| djctiynl nialcrials, and then depositing it« mill on footl The stable ny can spread tUicusc in Ihe tunic way. but, it, biles people occasionally, Another iliscar;c spread by },i\i, K ||w | ; [iei-niy fcycr. or (iibrcmhi. Tlic flea i.s capable of i:l-rc- JllJI (llf ".'Irin t ii ii hi Ilils May liaininlUing'iii'firlijii'., ui-iH-liili-d \\illi the "liitw of Teas. Vliwlly. lliir.: nrr, tin- tody Ik.-, tt'lilch (laiuiult (IL:asc Ly s'lircii'.i-. :»S illlli. They au nsicjiitcil By Alien. IQ *^s5\ I "DONT MEf^N TO "SE PASSING VOU VARNISH,JNSTEM5 OP SYRUP, "FOP, YOUKPKMCW- BUT T)ON~T TORGET TH^" NEXT 'hAA,"RCH \ou T>M AN INCOME T/XX /—YES^-YOJ (SOT A NICE WA"D TOR YOUR GOLTJ MINE, AND THAT MAKES YOU "RIPE RDP- INCOME PICKING /-—-SAVE SOrV\t YOUR JACK TO TW IT.'THATS NETRANSOI-A X fe ^ X VOU C AKf.T i J'SS SQUtETETHRU (iX^ lKro :' o WHAT/— WHY— AH- "f U"FF -TU"FP —.E6 AT3, "DO I HAVE TO PW AN INCOME TAY. 1 ? WHY--5PUT-T--JJMF ITS THE FIRST MONEY i EVER MAxDt-— AND O THEY'LL TAV^ >At f —BY J0\ | WONT STAND TOR IT / <$ o V ?<^M & : ^>i *<v- -(f^ *--*-. ^ (f" 5>NfcORHQSt| COMlNCb L-VtNT6 TH.CC CAST SHADOWS •BEFOREHAND i ,J$ SP^° -.^ { ( §i^s\^\c?; >—'.'A\^-\ r -•:, \'i w IL ^ ; fj ?& \ \\ ^i> ISS«BYiU\tiftvi

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