The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1952
Page 6
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,AT<TC.) C KKW9 MONT)AT, MAT 19, THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES. Publisher HARRY A. HAINES, Assistant Publisher A. A. FREDR1CKSON, Editor PAUL D HUMAN Advertising Manner Sole National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Witmcr Co, tie* York, Chicago, Detroit AtUtiU. Uemphls. Entered as second clias matter a< tht po*t- otflce at Blylhevillo, Arkansas, under »ct ,ot Con- grest, October 9. 1917. Member of The Associated Presi 8UDSCRIPT1ON RATES: By carrier in the city ol Dlytlievllle or »ny ftUDurban lown wher* carrier service Is maintained, 25c per week By mall, within a reams 01 iO miles. Jb.OO per ye»r, 12.50 for six months. S1.2J (or three monthi; by mail outside 50 mile zone. H2.SO per veal payable in advance-. Meditations Then hear liiuu from heaven, and lorglvf. Ihe llmu liasf (aught lliem Hie good way. wlifrein sin of Ih) servants, nnil ol III) |«0]>lc IM-IO], when Ihey should u:ilk; anil send rain njmii Ihv lanil, which Ihou h.isl K ivrn linti) (hey people for an Inhurllinc*.—I] Chron, G:'27. t * * God's way of forgiving i.s ihonmuh and lienrly —both to forgive and to foigct; and If thine he not so, thou hast no portion of Bis.—Leightoii. Barbs The lazy nmn uses a cloudy morning to explRiri why h* couldn't get up bright and early. * * » We wonder how many youngsters will be taken to Ihe drfve-in becauJW mom eoulriri't rind a baby tiHtw. t * * Shoi tly lots of Vids won't bother to ask mother if they can go swimminy -because they want to go. * * • .AK the big-league learns wenl Inln nclion, K dW ihe «erub teams—.spring ckanlnff. * * • H*ynosa, Mexico, school Jcids love (heir teach- •r«—»-ho weui on .strike and the kitfe had a holiday Gov. McMath's Tax Suit Shows Flair for Unique Gov. Sidney McMnth has a penchant for doing the unusual, although lie generally restricts this talent for those times when the results will be politically beneficial. At present, he's involved in ;i uni(|iie mitneuver—for a governor, Uhal is. The Arkansas governor is suing Ihe State of Arkansas. And if that doesn't stir more than passing interest, his plans for future forays should. He also plans lo sue the federal government. This ik'spite the fact lie luis shown considerable admiration for the current head of that government and the policies of said chief executive. The suits involve taxes, also » timely topic nowadays. Not long ago, Gov. ^kOlath got nipped for 51,221.22 in back slate income taxes, lie also was dunned for additional federal taxes in H larger amount. "Unfair!" the governor cried, and headed for the courts. We will be interested to .see if the courts hold the added assessments fair or foul. Most "f us. hate similar opinions about today's taxes, oven when we are not billed tor extra remittance. An interesting sidebar lo the .Mc- M:'.; h lax tale is the late of the Bureau 01" Internal Revenue agunt who, while a: signed lu the Arkansas office, brought a ,mil I'n'.f ;ifiair. U'ilhiii a remarkably .s'.inl time after the MeMath tax sh.ry )-•)•< !-:r. Ibis awnt u a s trausl'erml to ( !i.c;',^o. Day> later, before the actual '•'•'. ply initiation marks liecsmsc it was o;'L' of lhi.isi- n-s'V'ialums williotit ex'. a'.ion by anyone. Although we'll inxiijaiily nevrr know t!'.is geiilleiiiai'.'s ialt>. we tVH the latest ileveli.pnivnl in tl:e .MeMath lax case worthy of nu'tilion. Its not every :!;<y a guvi-riior siies ti'.e state he irovi-n;s. pl Koje Incident, Propaganda For Reds, Calls for Inquiry 1 lie levins iijii'L'rjil lo by (ii.'iirriil Cul>'»ii in oi'iltr tn uliliiin tiic voli^ise of tlcn- ontl Dofld t' CoiiiiiHuiist in-is^noi-j!' Ivtnds on Kujc Islmui aiv tm>l>aW\- llic flic/ for Rod proj>;i}, r <m<l<i since (lie Koroau \vur l>PK"n. (.'olson nckiunvlcd^ed p;ist institutes <if bloodshed in Ihe camp, promised to ilo nil lie could to eliminate further violence, and assured iM'isoncv.s tlial in the fiilure tiiey could anticipate humane treatment under international law. The clear implkaliuii running through all these terms is that the prisoner compound at Koje haa been n continuous sluimbles of violence and that up lo DOW (be Communist captives have not Ijcen getting humane consideration. It is indeed Irtie that there haa been bloodshed during past riots at Koje, Init Army guards fii-ed onlj- when all other measures had failed lu restore order. Kvidetice indicates prison camp officials have extended themselves in try- iny lo respect prisoners' rights. Thus it gives a completely erroneous 1 picture to concede even temporarily that ill treatment was common. Colson went further. He agreed to end "forcible screening or any rearming of prisoners" at Koje. This suggests some sort of third-degree inquisition has Ijeon going on as we have sought to find out it" prisoners wished to he rcpat- naletl. lint there is nothing at all lo indicate such is the case. And whnt rearming of prisoners can be pointed to? Not a shred of information we have substantiates any admission that we are arming captives and shoving them back into combat. A man's life was wt stake and hence we dealt with the prisoners under duress. Hnl it i.s at least conceivable that we could have arranged Dodd'.s release without simply rubber-stamping what apparently was a prepared list of Communist demands deliberately drafted to embarrass us. Dodil himself cannot be absolved of some blame in the matter, since he obviously took inadequate precautions to protect himself when he approached the compound. To say the whole performance was a mess i.s to put it gently. We need, of, course, feel no obligation to honor Col- Ron's promises made under duress. But very little we can do will offset the made-lo-order propaganda we have given the Reds. In its tremendous urge to investigate, Congress frequently embarks on some pretty foolish excursions. But here is a situation that cries out for thorough inquiry. How has prison camp administration at Koje fallen into such apparently incompetent hands? Is Koje a rare instance, or is it typical of our handling of camps in the Korean theater? No doubt the Army and the Defense Department will do their own investigating. But that is hardly enough. When we start feeding the Red propaganda machine, it becomes a matter of broad general concern. Views of Others ron Curtain Philosophy Thvirtnnn Sensing, ot the Southern Slates Industrial Council, recently wrote, "H frmionl in a democratic ccnmlry means anything. K means thnt a man has the right to join a unlcm if he so cleslie.s, but it. also means thai he cannot tie forced to join a union bclorc he can get a job and make a living (or himself and his family—aa in the union shop." Years ngo some businesses forced workers to sign a paper in which they agreed not to join a union. This was called Ihe "yellow dog contraul," and H represented an Indefensihle tyranny. Congress properly made the practice Illegal, and so alfirmecl the right ot a man to join a union if he chose. Today the shoe Is simply on the other toot —the pendulum has swung to the opposite extreme, compulsory union membership Is every bit ns tyrannical, every bit as Inimical to the American tradition ol individual [recdoui. as the yellow dog contract. The unions' job i.s to .sell their services on I heir merits—just ;is ar.y other service is sold. That is their right and Iheir duty. It a worker thinks those services are worth their cast in liues. he'll join. That was the way the orgnnizcd labor movement was built, ami (lie way it RTCW strong. To *ay that a m;ui must join or not joiu any or- g.tni^'.tion in order to get and keep a Job is to mac rliclatnivlitp. Iron Curtain slyle. That kind of thinking has no place In ft free nation. Johnson City iT'enn.) Press-Chronicle SO THEY SAY Ridiculous! They Don't Know How to Vote" Secrecy, even »u»re than violence. Is Ihc \\s\\~ us iii k of dp^pot^m, fAilI Information goes only with democracy. —Dr. AlUorto Gain?a Pa?., srlf- pMifd cnnor ift the ArgcutJ.'sc )ie«*paper LA I*i t u?.a. * * * Ovu donie^iLc Ti;.s1 'uici^n policies me inseparable 1 . The welfare ami prosperity of tlie American people are dccuiu-ly ftffccted by our eKorU for ftoilci peace.— W. .\UTcU Harrinian. Mutual Se- 1 ',\iii say T..I thr Kt-ord according to the ixvt Riivur. \\has -AC z\r binlduip in prncticaUy t^ry field «e know anything about rcpre- tp::l5 supciun -Ac-iitons lo those of Ihe Soviets.— Ainiy Chief or Hfafl Gen. J. Uwlon Collins. » * * The sr.Ue <.r if.umainnU ur^cd upon thi? rif- n-.oc'iafifs by Uie U .S is a .souirc not ot slvenplh, hut of %vrr.i:i.r>y Ud-wihg Brilbti Labor le:irior Aucvnin li€\ AD. *eter Edson's Washington Column — Eisenhower Neckties at Public Throat Cut Tafts Circulation Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD (NEA) — Movies Without Popcorn: Liuda Darnell and Gary Mcrrcll are the stars before the camera in Fox's "Niglil Without Sleep." a susjrfnse thriller ahout a composer who believes he has murdered his wife. They piny Uicir scene umler Roy Baker's direction In the shell of a limousine, dismantled except for tile basket and rear window I notice that luscious Linda draws her mink coat about her each time Baker calls for "Camera." It -.urns out that Linda hasu'i, boihc-rccl to mil en the dress provided uy the studio, instead, she's wearing her ( v. n black lace under.slip. You Just can't Ifll what nun-ie' iinreiis an- wearing—or not wearini; —underneath tticir mink coals in Hollywood. * • • An artificial oL-enn has been created for UI's "City Beneath the Sea." an adventure flic'rier about a snrk f -n're. Director Fmid f-'octt c''er is Invnir up p.n a (ion *!'.ot in which Bob Py:ui pnd Tony Quinti, ps de"o-'ea riivei'S, pliuio- C"1 into the briny. Pcnver.s stands bv v.::'i nt''?r a f :t'i!'£ \vrio play members of the treasure- real, play the partners. Today Marge is wearing maternity clothes and gees into som» strenuous iiiribci'ing-up exercises out of camera range Just as » studio policeman ushers a party of tourists onto the bound stage. A lew seconds later I hear one of the wo- f men in the group say: "Really, somebody should speak la lhal youiis wnmin. Docs her obstetrician allow her to turn cartwheels in her condition?" • * * It's a rlddle-me-thls scene that Jane Wyinan and Will Rogers. Jr.. are playing against the background of New York in 1!)13 lor "The Story of Will Rogers." Will, Jr., Is playing the role ol his own famous • father and has just discovered that Jane, ns Mrs. Rogers. Is knitting tiny garments tor her first, stork | Director Michael Curtlz carefully i rehearses Will. Jr.. in the exact i 'hac'? of ei".. ':-]]) 1'ir.l he is Ui r".- | Islcr. Cut even Laurence Oliver vm;M SMUT trouble with the situa- 'i~n ard the lines. The unborn child Hint lias Will, *r.. '•" ^' J !l<r v.'i'h v-at^i'mtl pride is I'T, -'F. Try thr.l in front of your mirrrr. have respected my oath of office, j which was to defend the ConsiHu- I tion and execute the laws of Congress." On the second part of the question he ducked, which %ns interpreted as meaning he didn't say "No" • • • gag of the week: If said, "I sat down and xvrote a letter to ihe sender, refusing the gift. Then I tore up the original and filed the carbon copy." • • • SOMETHING slightly different in the way of political campaign propaganda was left by the mailman on General Eisenhower and Averell I ' he riC5 , ks of Washington correspon- WASHINGTON — <NEA1 — A .'Vv- system of presidential poll- iking has now been perfected. It's nown a.s the necktie poll. The nine comes from sales returns on the various political neckties now being hawked around the are d c c b r a t e d Harriman I'liould^apperT'to be" he I delm last wcck " IL wns a wiih coonsk in 1 winning candidates for president. I ?_ ra P n record rroni somebody named caps, others with-their domestic policies would be a "I Like Ike," still j good bit like Coca Cola in ci popu- otlicrs with "Mr. larily contest with Pepsi Cola. Both Republican" TafL i have secret formulas and nobody Up till mid-! knows exactly what's in 'em, April, soles of tliej ... Kefauver tic led] WHAT it takes lo be a presiden- hc Eisenhower and Talt tic sales i tiai candidate's wife was revealed in y RJI ovcrnJl lead of 30 per cent. I startling fashion by red-headed n the smith. Die Kefauver tie sold. Nancy Kefauver in a short piece There's a rca!' 'ic: Ivlf'rop of j Dh-e:tor Bob PjirrlOi Is putting Ja-'nii'ju. tco. nnd ] overheard a set; Occr-'e .^-r.^ers and Marta Torcn visitor 5a 1- : i through their t)ac?s ill ''Assignment "Whv. H's so real I can almost j —Paris" at Columbia. ^ fee EITC I Flynn." j Tlia-to to a trick prcceys shot,™ • • • I >'i-rla c."d C5:~VTe are in a err rac- Burt Lrmcm-r, his svi-b!e:'c'!ed { ! "~ thrcv T h t 1 :? streets of Paris, 1mir i:vt;ypd rnci pl:i:.!ercd down to v.i'.h C'eor^o at the wheel. But the his heed. f>'>irley Eootli. Philin O':cr | ciireitor halts the scene. Will a and a swrum of ex'.rf-s ?re attcr.d- ! mrkr-up mnn put sor>e srca^e- a meeti 1 .!". of Alcoholics Anony- i naiiH en Gc'.-r ?'.s hands? The Brit- tnov= en Hal V'alH^' "Come T!a:k, LirMrr Fheba" srt at Pnr:vnoimt. \\\i">\ J>ir'-rinr 11-nloi Mann is finally sati^f!?d v.'ih lite bieli'v Tclcr ! which she wrote for "The Kefnuver 0 per cent better than the other wo. Uut In the mid-west Hie Taft j Heacon." her husband's campaign sold besl. j newspaper. Here's an excerpt: n the last lew weeks, howcvoi, [ "in the next lew months I'll be he sales charts have changed. Sales; In a great many parts of the United f Die Eisenhower lie have jumped, stales with Est'es . . . I'm afraid my o 20 per cent over Ihe Taft and Kc-, wardrobe is not eqviippcd for me to auver numbers. Even in the South.' he 'the best dressed woman' in all he Eisenhower tie Is the sales load- : Hie various climes in which I'll find d by as much as 10 per cent. , myself, but I'm sure I'll be comfort- The sales manager of the com-1 able if not the picture of fashion, lany that makes these ties in New , "This wardrobe problem seems to fork says that they are the best- ; be of great interest to the general elliiiB item they have. He says lip. public and many of the interviews upposes that the bis jump in Eis- I've had stress my clothes, nhowcr tie sales can be tied rtelu, "All this sounds a little silly and n with the announcement ol tke's very complicated. Actually I'm glad esignation. to p ay attention to the small details * * * if they help in the over-all picture. " "" K. Randall, president j This is a big adventure In the live of Inland Steel Co. a chief i of the Kefauvers and my role as I to help in any way I spokesman for tbe steel industry in .'.see it I; Is cainpiumi a!;ninst President Tru- ] can unn'.s seizure, wn.s nsked he! yowM Ji.-ivc done it he were presl- i HEI'UBMCA.V National Commit- dtnt and it he would accept the, ice News Letter reports this expla- Rr-pubtican prr-.-idciUirit nomination,' nation jjivcn by a retired bureau- Nntionnl Prcs.i Cltib luncheon.) crat on how he escaped invcstlga- i-rply: "If I hart been presi-i tion for accepting costly gifts: touching (lr?.nia fragment Is lies >?Jacr. off-stijffr. TJie '•xtr.'") n;r v s a ' omnn wear ins: dark £l-TSscs on Hie sidelines antl I'nil to rccor;:Mze licr- -Site Is Hie producer's U'ifc. but in the days before Mtmid swent in. she WHS tfce sr re en's f^iidnj-y comedienne. Hsr nnnie? Louise FaTcnda. * • • M?.rgc and Gowcr Cba'.npion. M.onica Lewis and newcomer Dean Villcr are. at vrrk in a musical. "Everything I Have Is Yours," at MGM. It's tlie story of a dance team Dan AUender of Dalhart. Tex. Ac- who sulit i'n when the wife finds company ing literatures snid he was a candidate for president on the Democratic ticket, though nobody in Washington had heard ol him before. The record turned out to be a couple of corny renditions — "We Need a Real Democrat Up in Wnsh- ngton" and "Dan's the Man" — ("He has n plan, a very great plan; he'll referee, for liberty.") Then, down at the bottom of his enclosed campaign poster, the catch showed up. Candidate Allencier was financing his campaign by the sale of hats arid ties, and he enclosed order blanks. WHAT'S LEFT of the New Deal- Fair Deal, liberal wing of the'Dem- ocratic Party, will hammer out its platform demands at the fifth national convention of Americans for Democratic action in Washington, May 16-18. Seven hundred and fifty delegates are expected. President Truman will address the group at .1 banquet Saturday, May 17. Ex - Attorney General Francis Biddle, national chairman of ADA. will preside. Senators Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota and James E. Murray of Montana and Rep. Jacob K. Javlts of New York will be the shining Merits. Robert Nathan, former War Pro- iductlon Board economist, will be. chairman of the domestic policy that she is expecting a baby. Marge and Gower, wrio are married for York. West opened the seven of diamonds, dummy played low and Mr. Moss, holding the East cards, won with the king. The key play had to be made at this point. Just for the fun of it, look at the hands and decide on the defensive plav. Then read on about what Mr. Moss did. Mr. Moss decided that his partner had nor led a singleton diamond. He chose instead to try for two heart tricks. He therefore returned his low spade. ar!'r b?.!.',-i at first, but finally '-"tVi l- ! s mi'ti. "! r c's ct'.va*'S l r '-ki:'.£ about make- a ct'2U- ni~":b'r arrv:ls beliini . "i.'T-o rlt'rs he tblrk be is that Ire d^r'-u't t-cc- 1 make-up—his wife, 2-n 2::i O'b-r?" Irene Dunne, vexed by money troubles, is playing a dcmestic scene with Dean Jii<-'~er as her hubby in "It Grows on Trees." Liter in the -criot. Tre-ic will discover that her back''f*rd frees have sprouted S5 and S'-O bills! As I re ne and D ean tl iscu ss the family budget, I notice that there are framed photosranh.s of their screen children, Joan Evans and Dee Pollard, on the walls of the set. These are actual photcgraphs borrowed from the parents of Joan and Dee. Look closely when you see the movie and you wiU see gorgeous Joan Evans without a stitch of clolhins reclining en a bearskin rii£? But it's Joan nt the age of three months^ • » * Jce McCrea isn't ready to do TV yet, so Craig Stevens will replaco him as star of "Tales of the Texas Rangers" when it hoofbeats over the home screens- Declarer won the king spades, and was (hen unable IP THE PEOPLE ever wake lip to the mess this county is in, it will help the sleeping pill business. —Ellavillc (GfO Sun. dent of the United States. I would- "When I received any gift," he'platform committee. the Doctor Says — Bj EDWIN P. JORDAN. M. D. Written for NEA Serrke A tnan \vho says that his age is, should not, neelect them until seri- 11 writes that he lias observed that | oils harm to the kidneys or blad- many older men develop a prostate I tier itself has been done, condition, and says that he haft! Perhaps sometime a method wiU some reluctance £or an operation if j be discovered of preventing prostate bc nvoklcd, HP also asks if j enlargement or of treating It with a cure ran be achieved in the parly J hormrn?5 or rin:g5 Although stll- Masc these Hues have been It seem,"; probable that thl* cor- marie, at present surgery is usually rwpotuCcin is .somewhat confined j I*'* 1 preferred method or treatment, between infections ot the prostate j Sovrral different and good meth- Sland. which rue more likely lo oc-i <K ^ of opernUus on the prostate rur in voimcev men. nnrt the* frequent fn1ur<;enient ot the c,laml without- tnicction. which is n (re- q;ient penalty of growing older. It is the hitter condition which will be rii.-cu5sed in this column. aunefl at removing some of the rxcrw; ti?sue nnd reheving the symptoms are available. Thepe are done frequently and succewtully and should not be too much feared. Enlargement of the prostate !s The prostate i* a sex stand Kims i rea " y a ' na j m * 1 »pcompanlnicnt ot tn tlw ncrk. or outlet, o! the Wad-j f tctl "\ (? older ' U ls n ? 1 . R rttsc f se ' drr. Whrn itcnlsii-ces too tmu-h i(! (houi!h ltmay re51)l!l " serions portton of th £ lowfrj^" 1 ^""- lf old *** f}J ld J* P«' and can cnu^e 1 Vf-ntC(i ' doubtless thte difficulty also difficuliy. indeed, the niosl Irr- \ would b ^ qucnt symptom of such enlarap- > tnf-nt is the necc.^ity for Ei cquen' uriuaiion. is likely to be pnitk'ularly trouble.-onie Rt niahl nnd it.s effccJ •JACOBY ON BRIDGE Make Foe Squirm With Good Defenie Ry OSWALD JACOBT U'ritlcn for KEA Service Although a team of four contest generally conceded to be the surest, test of skill, very lew bridge clubs organize team competitions, An oiiUstnndfng exception, however, s the Paradise Bridge Stiulto, of New York City, where team games are held every Sunday night. In the hanrt shown today nn un- sufil defensive play was made by make the contract. He could not safely lake a iliscanl on dummy's ace of diamonds without drawing another round of trumps. If he drew another round of trumps, however. East could im~ j mediately cnsh the nee of hearts i and lead a second heart to his | artner's queen. South made a neat try by lead- ig a club to the ace and then con- inuing with the king of clu&s. Mr^ iloss avoided the trap by refus- ng to ruff the second club. (Had ruffed, dummy's second trump ould have been used to ruff a earl,) Now South had to lose a rump and two hearts no mattter ow he squirmed. on urinarv apparatus 75 Years Ago In Bfyihevrj/c noyme. Another common early ! ,;,.-.;. sjnuitoin o' piost;itic euinri;emiMit I '' is delay or cJifticuHy In bogiiuiin^ i \snnation. Such symptoms as (he.'-e i ^lavt Brarinally but tend to get i 1'lie nmnunt of HA in. irnt,\tU>n j and lok-a! discomfort v'^xised by en-^oineiit of the prostate varies j Horn i>n>on to iier.son. Tliero i> «l>o Mime danper of thf develop- : n;rnf of kidney trouble \ir.'n\i>r of; Ihc bark p?-<->-nre Iforn the ?jrine ' lield in the blacider. i Thr rcmplir.ilions of nn enlariie- itient of tlie promtsle cL'ind be tv.iuung in cotton buying She i.s believed lo be the first woman cotton buyer in this area. Mrs. B.MOU Morj-c lias been elected pt evident of the Junior-Senior Hich Srhool PTA. Daco B.jfcer. who several weeks aiio WHS paaicipanL in one ol the j Milton MO.V. playinsr with Sidney roughest uTcstlin« matches in Bly-! Mandell, iti a team game at the 1* • A 1065 + AKS74 3 WEST Q 10652 IAST 4A8 + J 1061 4Q SOUTH (D) 4KQJ10S53 East-West vul. South AVest N'frrtH ^ 4 Pass Pass Opening lead—* 7 F.ut Pass Speaking of the fumbling to clean up the Wa s h i n g t o n scandals, wonder if any wom- a n would n't know that if you try to clean a kitchen floor with a dirty mop, you'll smear on more new dirt than you gel off the floor. All Lit Up Answer to Pravioui Puzzt* HORIZONTAL ! Fuel once widely used for lighting * Coal oil 8 Electric light , v., ke , bv W S 0!> ' wlu ' ;lt '»'"»' ™»tch. ' Roy hour, no-holcis-barrcd ('ovimh. Mis«, Paradise Club. Messrs. Moss and Mandell. both inem'oers of the 1952 Vanderbilt, Cup ClinDipion-ship lean;. \vou the open pair game in last year's Decora tioii Day Tournament nnd were practicing for this year's tourna- >ermui. Thos* *iio ha\t symptoms, R ea d Countr NCM. Classified Ads. i merit, scheduled for May 30 in New 12 Exist 13 Australian ostrich . M Continent 15 Misdeed 16 Those who dare ISHurriej 20 Dries 21 Anger 2ZSad cry 24 Facts 26 Wolfhound 27 Viper 30 Huns together 32 Candle-holder 34 Crow bars 35 Popular sport 36 Sheltered side 37 Disorder 39 Soil from smoke 40 Yugoslavia's boss 41 Former governor of Algiers 42 Shelter 45 Sure 49 Clear of blame 51 National Recovery Administration (ab.) 52 Singing voice 53 Eager 54 Wheel tooth 55 Horned ruminant 56 Writing tools 57 Abstract being VERTICAL 1 Slash 2 Operatic solo 3 Easily affected 4 River embankment 5 So be ill 6 Monthly "1 Place 8 Uncover* 9 Employer 10 Italian coini 11 Fish 17 Custom 19 Exchange 23 Endures 24 Small valley 25 Toward the sheltered side 28 Item of property 27 Nuisanw 28 Homer's reputed birthplace 29 That which annoys 3.1 Costly fur 33 Beginning 38 Land tenure 40 Male singinp voice 42 Car's ligM 43 Bar on which a wheel turni ' 44 Cast 8 ballo* ' 46 Famous English school 47 Melal 4 B Scolds 50 Knock

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