The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1934
Page 3
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DECEMBER 7, 1934 BLYTHEVILLfe (ARK.) MISS LOUISE DIXON MRS. ROTH CAMPBELL MRS. BERTHA M. HARRIJ MRS. EDNA K. CRABTREE MISS EDNA M. FERGUSON THESE RECIPES WILL HELP M °JE>.&B.N:.bjOM.E^.E ws PAGE Miss Ferguson Gives Rules for Preparing Foocl in Quantities near Friends In Hlyllieville: When planning snppsrs for the cliurcli or for lodge an! club groups, it Is just as important to make a menu, shop carefully and cook according to directions, as It is ivhen planning- ihe family meals. I am giving in this week's letter, some suggestions for a menu, together \vith recipes worked out for one hundred servings. Chan?- 1 vegetable and fruit suggestions lo correspond with local market conditions, and of course modify th? cookery according to whether tilers Is an adequate, well equipped kit Chen, or whether most of the dishes are prepared at home and carried to the church. The "covered dish" supper, which is prepared by the women at home, Is more effective when handsome glass Casseroles are used. One such is' illustrated and a recipe is given for the "cov- ercd-dlsh" made in it. An Easy Menu Scalloped Oysters and Macaroni with Bacon Sauce Brown Sugar Carrot Hint's Vegetable Relish Bread and Butter Mock Apple Mousse Coffee Scalloped Oyslers Fifteen packages elbow macaroni: fifteen quarts oysters; two and three fourths clip's bacon fat; one cusi flour; five and one half quart? milk; live tablespoons of salt; two teaspoons pepper; two teaspoons of paprika; one cup of minced pars- l«y; seven and one half cups oyster liquid; ten cups packed, diced raw bacon (or five pounds}; seven cups buttered bread crumbs. Parboil the macaroni for seven minutes in rapidly boiling salted water (four quarts of water to o package of macaroni, with one tablespoon of .salt). Drain, chop the oysters into small pieces, reserving seven and one half cups of the oyster liquor for . the while sauce. Grease .the dripping pan? fi- layer,-r,of ..the'.VcooJced mac*ai"6nl then a layer or tile; oysters, alternating L-ntil,. the;-piuis are filled Cut. Ihe bacon into, small pieces and fry until crisp'."Remove from the fat. ..Then to two and three fourths cups of.fat add the flour and seasonings. Stir until ' vfti: blended. : Now. add the oyster liquor <in:i nillk, stirring constantly until smooth and creamy. Then stir in the.bacon. . Poiii-. the ,'sanci over the macaroni and oysters, jiist enough to fill every, corner and ,to peep .lip through the' lop. Cover with .the buttered crumbs and bake each panfiil for about, twcnty-.five nilniitcs 'in a" moderate oven, 375 degrees TV . ., ,. Brown Sugar Carrot Rings '• Sixteen quarts carrots, cut in rings (twenty bunches); two cups of shortening; four tablespoons o! salt; four cups (about one and one half pounds) brown" sugar. : Coo): the carrots the clay beforr the dinner in boiling, salted water until tender. Drain and keep in Ihe refrigerator until thirty minutes bsfore serving; then spread in shallow pans, add the mcltc:! short- sugar. Heat in the oven or on top of the stove until time to ba serv- • cd. Stir occasionally. To give the carrots a glazed aiiiwarancc, place under the broiler flame for .five mlnnie.s. Hnl Muttered Loaf Bread (2M slices for 100 guests) Buy- five loaves of sandwich oread. A loaf twenty-three inches long will cut forty good-steed slices. Butler every other slice. Two pounds of butter arc required. Rearrange the loaf and tie with a string. Sprinkle each loaf lightly with. W at cr and wrap in brown paper or place in pajicr tags, place in a hot oven until warm through nnd through. This method of fixing bread eliminates the butter service at the table and gives ordinary loaf bread a fresh-baked flavor. Mock Apple Mousse Sis and one fourth quarts applc- faucc; five pounds graham crackers; (wo and one fourth quarts heavy cream in-hipped, sweetened nntf vanilla-flavored). Fold the crumbled graham crackers into the apple sauce. Pour into a pudding dish and place in the refrigerator to chill tor two or three hours. Serve with the whipped cream. Other Keciprs for One Hundred Maple Glazed Sweet Fotalots Mity pounds .sweet potatoes; four (1 , ma Ple syrup; two quarts wa- rii 3 CU1>S shortening, iv,™ v '"'ore Ihe dinner, wash. ana boil the potatoes until ^nder. An hour before a-shiuV" 1 Mo Prime Roast Traditional English Holiday Di&h USE MBltl union julre, Hum brans and faa jwks. .Mix well, (lion TO!,! i n | )I;I|L '_ '" eilg while*, i'mir into a groaWd MKliiR mid unfc,. In inoilofali! oven i300 about Ihlrly Minute.-;, serve wllli lomnld Mlh . 0 Serves six. Tlio.y May Take the Place 1 of Meat for Lvmr.hcon or Light Supper for luncheon or 11 light supixr n vegetable nmln dish Is often more l» ilftnnucl Ihnti moat, Usually such n dish Is more cconoml- cnl nnd II may n i so supply needed nourishment found especially In veui-iablra. Tliesc dishes are ox- colls-nt In main dishes: Vfriable I.oaf One cup cooked or canned cartels; one cup cooked or canned ono cup cooked or Servo Chick ttli cup milk; one cup . soft broad crumbs; one eighth lcus|ioon of pepper; one fourth teaspoon of paprika; one half teaspoon salt; one plrnlcnto, cut In strl|is; three onion rings, ... . . .,, ,, ~'~ -—-—. —.-. - -T- Cno|) Cilrro ,,. nm , uentls Pllt .if liter nvibt, in which Hit liiincs aic left lo give U shn|«, Lv, In the opinion peas through sieve. ' llcat uf Hit I'nglish, 11 111 fur a Idm,'. """' —-' - -would rather hnvo it any dixy lliair .,... ' . '; „ i,'. x I,""","" "* ....T,. ... ,.,,j v..vj I....,, .-^UL Liu; UIHIIC HllrUlCC U11U 1] NhA Service Staff Writer turkey, and for chcse 1 have plan- vent the escape of the Juices. The roast beef oj merrie old'ncd a roast, beef Christ/tins din- Even ot a Keif-basting toaster Is England has earned favor of late ncr. - |,, scl | r <lnlrt |l<k] ater . r Thn me!a years with hostesses for Christmas The filcl or tenderloin is the furnl.vlje.s plenty of moisture -Don't dinner, though it's a mistaken Idea tendcrest cut for a roast and -— •••--- •• to suppose that if a prime rib cut there Is no waste in bone, poor is used, 11, is much cheaper, es- meat or fat. Next lo the filet, the pccially for a big dinner. Trite, it's best, cuts for roasting uve the ..J,, _ and add to milk and bread (I,... crumbs. Mix with vegetables. Add t ' the entire surface and pre- seasonings and .slmpc Into loaf, 1'lacc pimicnto, green ]>eppcr and inlon on top unit take-In R mod- crate oven (350) degrees) thirty minutes. Serve with whlto sauce j--~ J ••"• •* l "a »'inn'.i . * i iii_, iiffi IJLOI, 1,1 LU» lui lUilMlilJJ Hit; tllK JHH- :ho»per than turkey by the pound, tcrhousc nnd prime rib cuts. Some 'ant the turkey goes further ami discriminating food fanciers pre- A'l-.en you have a number to feed, fcr to (he more expensive allowed' to flic liohnd for >"• two come to about the same filet, contending (hat they arc A rolled roist which R m and put the cover on the roaster until the heat Is reduced nfter searing. How (o Salt and Pfpper Allow 1 tablespoon' salt and 1-8 teaspoon pepper for each pound of meat. Fifteen to 30 minutes arc - n the end. Yet there arc lovers of beef who jucier. Horn's Flavor Meal and Gravy When the hones nre left In pact than n cut containing bones requires twenty minutes lo the " "^" VLJI - .j""vo <ut,- H.AI, in u pound if the meat Is to be rare minutes in a moderate oven, rib roast. It -is called a .standing A standing rib roasi n°e Ls ?n?y leare™. hastine nr^n.Uv rib roast . scraping the meal, from 15 minutes lo the pound to be 375 degrees, basting occasionally. Spinach Casserole Two gallons spinach-, two cups „.„ minced onion; two and two tliirds popular rolled roast, tablespoons salt; one and one third roast is easier to . . o the bones and rolling and tying roasted rare. Twenty-five to the meat In shai)c" :; produce.s""the minutes to the pound produce Tho rolled mil-done rousts hut, the After the "first If, mlnnte.s of iiinmit.> \n pepper; sixteen egys; four cups evaporated milk; four cups water; t\vo quarts butterea bread crumbs. ,.,„., t , 0 u ouuammmi uu^'u Freshly cooked spinach may be on the outside and rtonVlet. the illon"7s~you"ci,^o To'make "•" cnop the spinach nne on:l butcher cut off too much of this Here's the accompanying 400 bones flavor the meat and gravy, roasting- reduce oveii' heii't to The best grade of beef Is a vivid degrees F. -ed mottled with fat. Be sure A rust beef dinner can be as there is a substanlial co.vng of fa! formal or infoi-mal In Its composl- add all the other ingredients except the crumbs. Place the mix- in a greased baking pan. Cov- ouLside fat. A fine cut of beef should always be roasted in an open roast- food line-up: Tomato Jtiicc Cocktail Olives ' Celery Roast Beef Potatoes DriiKsels SprouLs; —.. ... .. O .v....,v u uun .,. 5 jj»... vj«, v-i\y.i uu iuiisit'ti in an open roaster with the crumbs. Bake in a mod-1 er. The cheaper cuts are for pot- irate oven, 350 degrees P.. until roasting and braising. No water' Frnnconia orov.-n, tor about fifteen, minutes. >. should ever foe added miring the Ham Loaf ] cooking process. .The Ifquor in the 1 Brown Oravv .Bake in five pans twelve and one i roasting pan is Vml for basting | Yorkshire I'uilcltmr ha by three and one half inches, Wipe : roa st ..v.-el. with -n damp Salad of G raw fruit and French 'oy:three inches deep, and cut tweri-'! cloth-bul. rio^noi wash- Cold- wn f - - "• S u,, lulll -" enc " jy-four. slices-to a pan. ..-,-- . .-..., - - C.IHUV , a moderate oven (375 de- and bake for forty- five ' lite lapioca; nine pounds lean uncooked veal, .shoulder, ground; four and one half quarts milk; four and one .half ounces onion juice; one and. one eighth .kaspcons |>epper; ihrcc tablesixrons Worcestershire jauce; three and one half teaspoons ialt. ..-.,. ..Combine the ingredlenls and mix ;horoi:ghly. Bake in greased loaf P»ns, in a hot oven, 450 degrees p., for twenty minutes, then decrease heat to irees I ; . -liiiiuVes. longer. Serve hot."with plctnant beet sauce. Piquant Beet Sauce Two gallons beets; one and one •Tail cups shortening; one cup of Hour; one gallon bsef .broth or ivaler;- ono cup chopped'parsley; i-.vo cups, vinegar; one cup sugar; .ivc and one third tablespoons of .all; iwo cups evaporaled milk. Use freshly cooked or canned Sects and chop line. Cream together the batter Or shortening and the flour and add the broth or water, slirring constantly. Boll lor :hrec minutes. Add the itfle ?incrs a an e d nrt t<", C> h '°' 1^ W out . pl "i n p " dlli "K wJlti Golden Sauce of the meat. Pul into hot oven to I . beets, and when hot add the vinegar, sugar, salt. Add the evaporated milk. Serve one half cup over wch meat-loaf slice and garnish with the parsley. Baked. Polalocs with Cliccsc . •One hundred and twenty baked f Coffee Milk Some Good Sandwich Fillers for School Child's Lunchbox It's no use to-discuss sandwich fillings unless the sandwiches are to be carefully wrapped afterwards to preserve' their freshness and Ila- vor. Be sure there is . plenty of wnxot paper, cellophane, waxed paper bags and rubber,bands 011 hand. Then cut. Uic bread a little thicker than yon would for the tea table, use good butter and a generous amount, of fillings. Datenut Kullcr SnmlwMics One half cup dales, with stone- removed; lliree foiifths cup walnut kernels; one fourth tcnspoon sail; two (ablespoons cream; broad; but- and walnut kernels tor. Put through Ihe food chopper twice, us- nig a fine cutter. Add the salt and mix with cream just before using. Spread on buttered slices of whole oughly. Spread oti buttered slices of brown bread.. Before placing slices together, lay « It-tluce leaf between. Carrot, Cabba/re, and Nut Sandwiches One hair cup earrols, finely chopped; one half cup cabbage,' finely chopped; one fourth cup nut meats, finely chopped; one fourth cup mayonnaise. Put carrots, cabbage, and nut meals through the foo;l chopper. Blend -. them with mayonnaise. Spread bet-ween thin slices'of bread spread with Duller, wakes one and otic, third cups fillings.. Bacon .int! 1'ii-kln Sandwiches potaloe.s; and one half cups butter; iwo and one half cups gral- ed chsese; one and one half cups' finely chopped chives. Wash Ihc potatoes the day before "" dinner, and bake just before serving in a moderate oven grces p. for about one hour. Cut large oval piece of skin from the broadside of Ihc potato, ant 1 with a fork stir the Inside, addin? one teaspoon of the butter, one half teaspoon of lli; chopped chives; ihen cover wilh a teaspoon of Hie grater] cheese and serve immediately. The heat of the potato snghtly melts the cheese. The worl- miiy be <Ione even a half hour hc- lorc serving and Ihe potatoes kept '•ot in the oven. I.eltucc and Banana S.ilad Twelve heads lettuce; torn- dozen medium-slzed bananas' two lemons—juice; one and one half quarts sour cream; one tablespoon salt; one teaspoon pepper; one tablespoon of paprika: thres fourths cup grated horse-radish Wash the lettuce nnd shred finely wiln the scissoi-s. Arrange on ploltro or on Individual serving plates. Peel and slice the banana.-; ind arrange in small mounds, on the lettuce and sprinkle nt once with the lemon juice. Garnish with dressing made of the other ingre- wheat bread. Tarn and Wal .^S-arsss;'5;=™™«S».?™i: slices bacon, broiled crisp, nnd fine- ul Sandivirh ...... n kiiiiui O.I I IIMt U IICS 4 One cup finely chopped cooked | dlc ham; one "--" - - •••' ly chopped To bonus; limed peas; one egg; one half *••*«• Utoni MB. KANCT i(m JOS. GEORGE THURN MRS. EMILY M. en iifi (lie mince moat sonic Unw alifnU of il.s actual u.'w u m t [i n):iy motion' nnri ih<? flavor,; Wonrt Dso in, a nillnn for n two crust pK Wilh In Covom One one throe pound clifckon; ohl» no fom-lli cup totr; ot»i •nspoon salt; folir (nblc- butter; oiii! inl pojiiiei 1 ; .. eeii |x>p| W ]-; roilr |nbli<l Picons Hour; ono l.-moiii Iw.i u'n- ^POOIIN .salt; ffiw (tJ'flliLs peppoi- • Kilt chicken 'Into pieces Mill'ibifi lor servijiif. Dip each plecf! In Well teuton oac, then fourth asfc onft cup of .flour which hns hnd on; half teaspoon of .salt in |xc,| m t. Drown the chicken In HID hoi . a skillet, oo not mil ,,| the skllld when . bultcr Into _ mini? lo frj odd ns needed place In casserole. Optional: Remove chicken ii two-qiiiirl oven . . lo which bits of chopped plnilelito or ::lici!d stuffed olives linve lieen Servos six. Chinew Three tablespoons butler or vcscwble oil; one onion;-chopped; one clove garlic; one cup canned corn; one cup ham, chopped; one half cup grated cheese; four eggs; one half teaspoon salt; one half teaspoon paprika; one eighth lou- spoon ixpper; two tablespoons pl- mientos. chopped. » Fry onion and garlic In huller or oil five mlnulcs. (Remove garlic after fryini; If desired.I Add torn, ham nnd cheese and cook five inlDiitas longer. Heat eggs- sightly and add wilh salt, pepper, paprika and pimlenlo io nrst mixture. Cook slowlv until egg Is sel. Serve at once. Serves four. Kidney Ikan Roast Two cups canned red kidney am; one cup grated cheese; one onion, chopped fine; one (able- spoon butler; one cup broad crumbs; salt, pepper and paprika to taste; two eggs. Brain liquid from beans nnd run beans and cheese through meat chopper. Cook onion In butter until light brown. 'Combine'ingre- dients, add .sonsoiilngs and eggs, well-beaten, ivfold Inlo a loaf-pi- pack (Irmly in « buttered baking dish and cover the lop wilh- u'lil- tered crumbs. Bake In'ii moderate oven (360 degrees) ""in ,Vi/, n i,, browned. Serve with Servos six. Shrimp. Creole' 'IV.'0 cups) shrimp, canned freshly cooked; tw'o tablespooti. butler; Iwo slices onion, chopper) one half Iccspoon salt; one cigiill teaspoon pepper; one fourth lea spoon paprika; one.^ialf cup fisl slock; one cup canned tomatoes one InblMpoon of parsley, chop ped; one fourth cup olives, chop ped, Cook onion In,butter until brown Add flour, salt, i>cpritr, paprika and the stock. Cook unlil slightls thickened, stirring constantly. Add tomatoes, parsley and olives am cook slowly about fifteen minutes Add shrimp ami hent thoroughly Serve around mold fo boiled rice Serves six. Lima llcaiis -will. . .... One half pound bacon; one cui canned green limn beans; fou i 7,- i".i'i"-i.-> ui sm« '," "A" f » l " ll!11 b ">wn; ). Add Dri ''ir 9ns; OUR eup ftrnpo Juice or enn- "«l fruit Juice, Carefully wash ami i|j-y ()je cur- the egg jolks until ll e i,i. Add the milk, s.\lt and nonr smooth wWi an DF emits A famous nld Cloviuiui restaurant In New York has n Innif list of well known wrllm. painters and imisl- clniis as palroiis-and tho fnvorlU dish of (hesi' men and woriuin at this chop IIOILSO IK French Tried 0:1- Ions wllli Fry Iho onions" tills way some night soon nnd sec how' much tin family will praise your cooking. French Fried Onions- Cut large onions ---. .... D ^ u,,,i,,,,, uww.xi Inlo slices about one fourth inch thick. Separate -slices Into rings. Dip rings Into nillk, dredge with Hour nnd fry In deep-hot fnt healed io 3li5-ai6 dogrtfo, or hot enough lo brown an Inch cube of broad In sixty seconds. Brain, salt slightly. Keep hot till served. ir over chicken. Add Ihc slrtilh- od Juice of one small Icn.oh aiul sufficient wnler to cover ehlckon ««l salt and )>cppcr. Pince cover over Iho ... — halt cup flour; oiu; half teaspoon salt; one l«\,spodn incited fnt; three lo four Inrga onions. Beat egg yolk slightly. Add milk. Ulr in Hour, sail, and melted f,,i, Mix Until smooUi. nip onion rings lot enough lo ' of biond in* until Real - - - — ....... .... .-nt*-!'.-.* L..-I , - Din eacli section Of —"" - ler. l)i op It) nr.-M 1 ) degrees or I brown un Inuh ciilw forty ^eoiul, fry irnwii. French Frloil _. t I'uro cggphlnl and Till Icnglli- Iso Into '.trips as for Tronch filed potatoes, sprinkle with salt, nml |>opj>er Droilge nllh Hour, dip hi. diluted vilth milk or watci Uu espooi^ (o ouch pg ( { and roll In Hue, dry broad crumbs Try until liolilen biown in (hop fnt hrale 1 to 3Ki-W ilogrco),, 01 hot enough to brown an Inch cube of bread ,ln nmln .HIM! salt, » fio many icclpp", (.ill for grnlnl ehocolale; |l saves lime' nnd Rlvjs u smoother product lo melt Ihe chocolate set In n .small pan In Uic top of the lea kettle. Or use 11 <louWc, boiler. iciul ** fjr uikitillrM, SHfODANS SAME top. from l " , hollf be arranged over thn Ivy until : 'dcilcaidy 1 ''br l ownKt"sa'lt ticforc serving. l-Vrnch Fried CaulUlavrrr teaspoons One mcdluin-slMd cauliflower; lihfulls Hour; two , ' "v.-'i.vvni.-, vnu JI1LVIIU1IL-SIXCI1 Ca.Ult(u powder; one tciwpooh ,,f yolks of two eggs- one r III' InKlAcivint.i. -I i _,_ 1£ ' . ... ' ^-hb- 1 . win. j | in I APPETIZING KATLIFFS COLDMCDAI. c'nt* "r 1 " , "" ' >-<-«*"|/xfvJii ui salt, four lablespooiw sliorlclilliB; three fourths cup milk. Sift flour once; measure. Then sift again with baking poWdci- nml salt. Blond In shortening. Add JiKt, enough milk lo make a soft dough nira out on a ligjuiy (loured board nnd roll or pat until about three r,uarlors inch thick. Cut out Uic biscuits and ari-ange over Die lop of chicken. Hcturn casscrolo lo oven tiiul bake In n. moderalc oven at 400 degrees . p. for about twenty-five minutes, or until blswlis are done If this dli-h Is (b be used for n.' church supper, do not, Inakc bis- ciilt-s, M high thllt the Bias., cover of; the casserole cannot bo placed over Ihen, whc,, thuy are taken o the supper. When this dish i« to ho carried some distance.' bLs- "'"" •"- '- •-'-'" sei>arateiy. . ciip milk; one haK leas|»on salt; three 1 fourths cup flour. I Wash the cauliflower nnd scim-l rate into flowers. ' lioll (ititil tender In Kalici; water, then' drain ! (A slice 'or lemon.tiolisd wilh can-; llllower kccp.s II ixrfcctly white) K A T I. I F F ' S GOLD MEDAL Mill.I IMKMM(TS P"lt.s may be ' y Hien .ihe 'b'lsciiits. already baked add ingrc- and blend thoroughly. Spread » ' '* half cup finely chopped i between thin 'slices of bread spread nets; one teaspoon inns-j vvilh butter. Makes three fo'urtlis KCri...,., ( unu ivi>-->|A/vni J11U5- I •••*•• u tard; four tablespoons Iliick sweet-| C "P ° r cream; salt ami iwppsr lo lastc- bvead; butter. Mix (he ham, walnut kernels, mustard and cream. Add sail and ncppiv lo iosle. Spread . between and Peanut Sandwiches One cup dried figs, finely chop- ired; dash of salt; two teaspoons lemon juice; ihrce tablespoons of waler; one half cup mayonnaise; - , ,,. - . as- to de-1 thin slices of buttered white bread. I one fourth cup sailed iwanuLs fin-- hl "f tea Cheese :uul Olive Sandwiches fly chopped. ' (teaspoon * . half teaspoon salt; one half' lea• >poon paprika. I Cut bacon in small pieces. Pu in hot frying pan and cook uiitl delicately brown. Add bcnas and eggs beaten with the milk and seasonings. Stir and cook unii eggs are set, Serve plain or 01 toast, points.-Serves four, lima Bean Souffle One cup canned lima beans lour tablespoons butler; four tablespoons flour; one cup milk; one To make dressing: wn j p the cream until frolhy, add the other Ingredients, and bent until very itlfT. -EDNA Nf. FERGUSON. Two snmll Cook teaspoon salt; one clghTh one teaspooi Hix pickles, walnut k es, cheese and mayon ' K ' V '.h °" c h!llr thor- ^spread, s lln °ii"«r. MaScs one a c " 1>s nili "8- Aft " nlli »g sprinldc peanuts on top £cOtlOmiCOi-Use one LEVEL teaspoonful to a cup ot flour for most recipes. — Scientifically made ty b powder SPECIALISTS to produce best KC BAKING POWDER Same Price Today as 44 rears Ago. 25 ounces far 250 You can also buy A I . . ] 1 10 ounc« can for !•« XU11 IS ounca can lor If* Double -Tested — Double -Action MILLIONS OF POUNDS HAVE BEEN USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT .. • "-*• «-Ob jujrui, uvili i. three egg whiles, beaten stiff. Rub lima beans through a coarse strainer. MeJt butter in double ho.ler blend in flour and when l^ u a ' Ul bubblln S. ad 'l "'Hk gradually stirring constnnlly lo Prevent lumping. Add salt, pepper, trale oven, 350 degrees P. for feu to fifteen minutes liefore scrvln* Serve In Us baking" d|sh. This recipe servos clfiht Pumpkin and Mince Pies in Season Now Two cups steamed or baked sifted pumpkin; one cup brown augar; one ten.spoon ground cln- nnmon; one half teaspoon ground ginger; one third teaspoon salt; two eggs; one and one"third cups milk; two tablespoons melted butter. Blend all Ingredients thoroughly together, (urn into nn uncooked pastry .shell and just before putting inlo (he oven pour two Inble- spoons milk over i;ie lop io help form a crust. .Mealloj-'s Mince Mfat Two cups cm-runts; two cups of seeded rafsins; two cujis brown sugar; three cups finely chopped beef suet; Hires cups chopped up- j Pies; one cup chopped cllron-' one cup chopped almonds; HIJ-M teaspoons mixed ground 'spices- graUfd i-lnc) and juice Ihrco lem-, PRACHCAL GIFTT8 COLQNlX'L'PERtbL'AlOR • HIGH:BOy PAJIERN Mnkn .perfect-drip coffee sutomntidally-the wnter uripsasithtot*; 7cupc«pac- tty. P«rieU«d Body ind Spout. Chromium Flite,' '• . . , :; WAFFLE MAKER 'Bakes golden brown wafflci exactly to' jour taste. Heat indicator tellj when to pour batter. Patented expansion nlnge alloiys batter to raUe. Beautifully finished in Unroniluni Plate 5.95 .TURN-EASy TOASTER OIK of the nx>st beautiful of all Tuin-Eusy Toastcn. At- tractlre piercing on bread rack*and top. Sides, bottom «n4toppan«llri. Chromium COFFEEPERCOLATOR Mnkcs perfect drip coffee iiiJConiflticnlly —the viatcr "rips us it heats fccupcapjic- ity. Scnmlcss body mid spauc. Aluminum, Highly I'ulished. " 2.95 5.95 HUBBARD HDW. CO. Chilled By Frigtdalre Safe - Sanitary Pint - 1 C Qurt CRAIGS DAIRY Phone 74 Real Sale Values woolen fabrics . . . Attractive models and terns (ailorcil by Hardwirk and ftlorrls-Schaffnor A limited number, so you'd bet ler hurry! HLD/CN Cleaner-Tailor-Clothier-

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