The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, November 17, 1932
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L Svrwd bu the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER O* NOKTlSXltrr Am^MQ^TT^T^ !L-" ' * * *• ^ JL, 1 A^ ¥W k~7 " x ™* *«••••» ^ v AivrvAriDAE} AND HOiTTtOSAHT UISSOTIR1 "'— "" ' TT^*^ VOL. XXIX—NO. 208 Blyiheyille Dally News, Hlythcviile Courier. 'Pft Vallry leader. RITAIN OFFE , ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, NOVKMH1CU 17 JM2 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENtS,, Bully for the Marines- RIZE BtlFBRII,! Miphwav Department Had '$1,200 Bid on Same • Work, Witness Testifies LITTLE RO"K, Nov. 17. (UP) — , A group of buildings constructed \(or $1.500 were rii/.?d at a cost of U $13,000 to ti-.e state of Arkansas. This is the summary of testimony brought out before the highway audit commission here today. Testimony of E. T. Bolas, gen- 4 eral contractor of Clarendon, v.-as | read bofore the audit group. Bolas, it was revealed, built the buildiins "before the war" at a cost of $1,500. I Made $1,250 Bid' | The contractor sail he submit- j ted a written bid offering to raze j the buildings to make room for an i rpproach to the Clarendon brld:;i' for $1,250. He said he could make bond and guarantee satisfaction. I The estimate included all v.-o-v. j Another Clarendon part-time! crmlrnclor m.ide nn estimate of j $3.000 for all work. The contractor. | Ed Bock, yavc his testimony, like' Bolas. before Judge Mann of For- ! rest City, a member of the audit commission, at clarendon. It nlso v;ns vcaci today. Records of ths highway depart- rccent meeting of the RESULT OF df 1 Wrt Sweeping Democratic Victory Certified After Canvass o( Returns. ir.cnt nt a 0 audit group revealed $13.000 was paid the Austin Bridge company lo r --- --,.- ..- « t ^.. IJV ,. remove the structures. I -"BBS. 2nd, mascot- to the United Slates. Marines fcotball team from Oil Prnbc Looms I Quantlco, Va., and succeeds the original Jiggs, who died several An investigation of the purchase J months ago. The marines have landed—and along with them came this Jolly lilllc playmate just lo see that the si'tualion was kept well in hand He n of oil, gasoline, gre.iss. arid other j by the highway depart- ' lubricants by .... ..., „.„....- incut £?emed certain today. Juc'ge W. J. Waggoner, chairman of the audit commission, displayed t?lt=- ••ernms addressed" to-the president , or the'NpJlonal Refining comp'Jnj- ! ?,', Ci.n.cianafi - In "xHlcti >'h« asked vJhat iiudlt commission" auditor. 1 ; -be allowed access to tte' company's records in Memphis and elssivhe'n: showing transactions with the Art-areas' highway department. A telegram in reply, signed "P D. Pretter,"-said in part: "C.innot voluntarily grant access tc records.". coiirt action would be taken to spect the record's. of th« stale of Arkansas against ira, wniK.'YuM D , .1 Jones and 'Rogers, Memphis con- £=a^\jr'S 5SMv"5Si.«J L-'iiJrJii^-.Uj] [OmnrTnU' rn f^ll wnnf-h. TT-™__ i , ,. . . . . tomorrow to tell whether he would voluntarily turn over SI8.K4.rii) from rtslricts which audil group alleges is ^ t,? highway department. Ocean Flyers Must Meet U. S. Conditions WASHINGTON. Nov. 17. (UP)Th? federal TOvernment acted today in an effort to forestall transoceanic flights by inexperienced pilots with inadequately equipped air- Younj. assistant craft. Col. Clarence secretary of commerce for aeronautics, announced a change in air commerce regulations to* insure closer supervision over such perilous flights. Police Seek To Make Solitary Confinement Real No longer will sulking prisoners emerge fat and smiling after days of "solitary confinement, on i< slender diet, if the latest plan of i proves successful. More than one prisoner has n calmly announced his refusal to work and then sat down and asked officers what they intended to do about it, grinning when they placed him in a cell. f i ^"V" ths clty ]ail ar( > so b 'J«t tliat there la plenty O f room between bars to hand objects of considerable size through to the prisoner. While prisoners refusing 'to work sat In cells, others with the freedom of runways in front of the cells passed trough cigarettes and n-eals, which had previously b^en Passed through window bars from confederates on the outside In this manner while police technically f'ept obstinate prisoners on a m»a- Ecr diet they actually waxed sl««k rnd fat. Today welders' were busy preparing a "dungeon" on the tower floor of the jail. A cell In the lower tier was being enclosed in solid sheets of metal, except for air spaces, rnd so constructed that no articles could be passed through. Police say the next prisoner who refuses to work will (mi himself parkcrt in (lie dark cell ivliicii niil be dlffer- rnt from tlie "solitary confinement" mcled out In the past. Arkansas Will Tile !>Jew Complaint Against Memphis Contractors. Harahan viaduct, had been prepared today. Last week the state's suit, filed in the chnncery court at Memphis, was dismissed on the defendants' iemuner. Some $393,706 was sought cy the state. It was the total amount paid the firm under the alleged illegal contract. Tec Memphis chancellor gave as one of the grounds for SEEK SLMEIi US EI'S|DIIIIPEI1 Youfig Chicago Woman Freed After Being Held Six .^ Hours by Gunman. CHIOAGb, Nov. 17 (UP)— Miss Lijlian Henry, 19-year-old niece of fprmer police commissioner John Alcock, was released to.1ay bj' n gunman who kidnaped and attacked her shortly after lie had killed 'a man in a holdup. The return home of Miss Henrv after being held prisoner In an automobile by tl-o slayer-kidnaper fnr six hours, and her report that she iiad been attacked, caused intensify their already police to wide-spread search for the man. The killer kidnaped her about last midnight after tossing her work performed. Walter Pope, assistant attorney general, who prepared the amended complaint, said it would bs sent to Allen Hughes, attorney at Memphis. Pope said it is expected tho iefendanls demur to A half hour earlier the kidnaper had shot and killed Fraiik Jordan, 38, n salesman. Police believed it was certain h,? was the same man who on the preceding night shot and serious- amended complaint and that !tie i ly wountictl James McElligott. demurrer will be sustained, aflti- which an appeal will be taken to the supreme court of Tennessee. Troops Asked Again in Illinois Mine Trouble III., Nov. 17 . Is Fined $50 On liquor Charge Bessie Mack Jordan, Manila woman, was fund $50 for Illegal oos- r °.-;=lon of liquor by Judge C. A. "••nnineham In municipal court SPRINGFIELD, in., Nov 17 I.>.I-IK,,,I,H ,n muu.cicai court (UP)—National guard protection Wednesday. Sentence was sus- to avert "loss of life" was' asked i cm(i( '' 1 nt request of Constable R. today for the Peabody Coal com- i T - w fl?"t to enable the defend- pany's mine at Andrew after the; llnt to P"? tne nne and costs at ascend dash In two days between i " ve dollars a week, employes and striking miners, and J p - Polk forfeited a $16.55 cash •ise of tear gns to disperse the at- ' bond -™ a charge of disturbing lackers. | the r<*wt when hs failed to ap- Acting Sheriff William Beynon P ear In caurt made the request of Adjt. Gen.' One """' was n " e & *25 for pub- Carlos Black. He was accompsn-' '"•' drunkenness, led by Walter I,. Moody, chief of the state highway police. Chicago Wheat CHICAGO, Nov. 17 (UP)—Wheat clcsed: December. 43; July, 43 1-4. Closing Stock Price* »£ — 1 May A. T. and, T 107 1-2 July Anaconda Copper 9 3-8: Ocl Auburn 45 Caterpillar Tractor'....'.'. 10 Chrysler 153-4 Cities Service '..'." 3 1-4 t\ew York Cotton Dec Jan NEW YORK. Nov. 17 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open iilgh low doss 620 63S 621 628 636 640 634 634 G40 652 643 644 659 662 654 654 669 672 6«3 6«4 j <Jvi 683 686 678 680 Spols closed nt 640, unchanged, quiet. 80 3-4 Coca Cola Continental Baking Electric ig i.j General Motors .', 533-4 Middlewest Utilities .... Montgomery Ward 131-4 New York central 23 3-a Packsrd 2 7 8 Radio Corp '.'.['.'. 7 Simmons Beds '•"' 770 Standard of N. J. .. " " 3I Texas Corp ]5 U. S. Slee) ,'" 35 j . New Orleans cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 17 (UP) — Gotten closed steady. open high low close Cfc'CE01,,\. Ark.. Nov. 17.—Tire election of Democratic nominees for all county and district officer was certified by the Mississippi county board of election commissioners at their inciting here Tuesday, when the official count also confirmed overwhelming defenl of nil thfl amendments and Initiated acts, and revealed tl'c road tax as passed by (ho narrow margin of 22 votes provided the box at Dell Is not Included In the count. • -. The committee certified tile election of Clarence (Big Hoy) WilSQli ns sheriff of (he caunly; Zal B. Harrison, county judge; K.' L. Galnes, circuit ccourt clerk; Fret'. Flccman, county court derk; . W. W. .Hollipctef treasurer; Jao" 3. Dillahiintfc assewor; W. H. Stovall. coroner; William Overton, I surveyor; Curtis J. Little, stale fe'p- I rc'sciHatlve. The committee also certified hr. unoppawl vole in this county for Denver Dudley for prosecuting attorney of this judicial district," for W. J. Driver for representative in ! Congress, and for Free! Parish for I stale senator. Each of the county officers, according to the certified rcimrt, received 0,222 votes, which Is presumably the number of votes polled in the election. In only one Instance did a regularly nominated Democratic candidate full to win. That was in Canadian tr.wnshlp, where Ivin .Butler, running as an Independent', was reefccted constable. Lane .Norwtil "was the Democratic" nomiriiw. •' . Tiie commissioners certified no justices of the peace elected In B|g Lake and Swayne townships, and as a result of the failure of th» bmM to receive the Dell box no township officers were certified as elected In Hector tpwnshlp. Prsumably the governor will make .appointments to fill these vacancies. Justices of the peace and constables for other townships In tho county ivere certified as follows: Bowen township: justice of ihr peace, Jsss Gilliam nnd G. W. Potter: constable, W. E. Lott. Chickarawba township: justiceiof, ilie peace, Oscar Alexander. £-• Walker, n. J. Walker, R. L. M C - Knltrht; constable. Harry Taylor. Clear Lake: justices of the peace E A. Haynes. c. G. Smith- constable, Charles Lutes, Fletcher township: justice of (>-• peace. Tom McGarrlty; constable '.V. W. WooJs. Golden Lake township; justices"! the peace, J. c. Cullom, W.' F Wilson; constable. .1. J. Qresr. Hickman township: justice* n' (he peace, T. H. HatfieM and L Adkinson; ooiKtabie, J. A Hnrrl- son. Little River township: justices of the peace, nock Lunsford, M. R lsco; constable. Britt Sharpo Monroe: Justices of tee r>ace \" P. Hale. George G. Raines. G. L waridell; constable, Ralph M C £1- valn. Neal lon-nship: justices .-f th- eacc, C. H. Garner, w. A Rte- ers; constable, w. C. Haney Pecan lowjisllp: justices of tha Peace, John \Jz2c\\, R. c . Brand' constable. M. c. Lon» AfcGavock tonnshlp: 0 ' Justices of the peace, N. w. Lee and P w Holt; constable, ,). w. Slaton. Swayne: constable. Logan Rosieli Scott township: Justices of tv P33CC, H. C. Smith. A. F. A.«h- burn; constable, D. M. Norton. Troy township: justices of t'" peace. R. H. Cromer. R. H. Crais- constable, c. J. Lynch. Whlllon township: Jnftlc» of trr psocc. W. W. Hurt; corvitablo. J T Rlsley. Canadian township: tustlces the peace. H. v. Miiciieson. A. T Harshman; constable, Ivin Bullsr. Burdette township: justices of Ur wace, H. J. Fondren. J. P. Tomp- Wns; constable. J. j. Bledsoe. Half Moon township: justices of the peace, J. H. Hannan, J. N. Holland; constable. S. A. Brooks Big Lake township: Justtcjs ff Peace, none elected; constabb. R T. Wright. Carson Lak e township: justices of (ha j:-acc. W, F. M. Ferguson. J. C. Klrkpatrlck; constable, J. E. Pit (man. Deo March May July Ocl 628 636 647 657 668 682 633 6.36 649 659 685 624 633 640 651 660 676 628 633b 641 654 664 618b S|»ts closed at 634, unchanged steady. John's Cheeks fiit Him Behind JaiJ Bars Again l-OH ANOBLES. Nov. 17 (Ul>> Jolm Alnen.s, who snld lie cmcc "Pi'iu SOO.GOO on n UO-dny hom-y- | h I0(lay M'KEE DEGL I Decent Govcnirncnl (he Knic Actiiu! Mayor Tells Chamber :>\ Commerce. NKW YOlifC. Nov 17 . ' -• t« -J\«l-l|llllll - [L.SS (11 who succeeded the dynamic James imiillnit J. Wulker ns mayor of New York ' Mi": tmikni wit), Ttimmnnv Hull on (he Issue of '•decent government," on nr- with cnshhuf $85 worth of without .sufficient deposit. The 20-year-old son of a once •ciillliy Utllc Ilotk. Ark., fmnlly, Ahivns linix>fiillv wilted help from "Is father, John I). Ahrens, who snld he had l-wn nil bill ruined bv Ihc escapades of his son. Ahrens sr., said he was a former .. Insurance excrntlvc and had come here with his wife In the hope his son would settle down. The elder Ahrens intimated he would not heln his son from his •'•"•nl difficulties. Three years a«o Jolm Ahrens created i|iiito a stir In Memphis by wcnlm; Nun Mnlre Pierce, u radio entertal:i?r of Cincinnati, Ohio, In a scven-diiv romance. They rushed over to Marlon, Ark., to be married. Six hours after the wcildlnif Ilin youlh wns behind (he city Jnl) oars. Usinn the name pf S. Honors Morrison he had married his bride, bought tti-o $4.000 niitomorjlles and two homes for $40.000. During tli'j woolne ncrlod he gave checks (oi 1 his purchases amoimtlm: to $5,ftiio. 'ifttl buttled against Tammany One of these checks was for $10 members of tho bonrd of estimation tniostlons surrounding tho 'Hilly" Gaiucs Hags First |) W ;r <>!' Year at Lake nnd luis drclnjv?! ''iiiil/.iiUon now city. In (in cxtcr tile nnllng mil , "sick nnd tired" of present, con- '"llrns In Ihc city xovornmDnt mid I'-nl It M-HS I line for a crusade lo purify the municipality. McKcc's speech camrj OK n dls- llnrt surprise at a meeting of iiniikcrc, morchnnls and 1 badness mon nt the' nnniinl dinner of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York last nl«ht. U wns evident ivli-;ii MeKcc was called upon lo snv w few words th'U he was under the stress of great emotion. Throughout the dny he Ij. "lilJIy" Clntiii"; '"|'l-y firciill ram-l clerk,' i'e!»T; "lliiR Ilio Hist <[«•!• during Hi,: (liilnm, iiinnocj of „ |)ii|-ty'uj nil and vlslllng hunters, killed I'J'u pHiii buck alunt nltio 'lies nlmvc the Hlohwiiy IS bridge '"'!' UlB l-nkc, Momluy. Ualiics, 111 l:t mi exjX'rl shot despite thJ "I nn arm yenm ago In a (lent, llred four B |iois k'k before he fell a tram the hunter. ' a parly to cover his wedding expense.'!. It was return of that check which wnt liliii to Jail. Joh-^ father at thnt time made pood the checks and charges in tb." case were dropped, while his bride had their marriage iinnuilcd. ccolit, Irby of Wiilnnt Hldge I'mil „,, , • - - Wltlc. llptiin and Mr. .Oaliit . . Blltliijvllli.. Oalnra lias lure hut s- O r returned I incnibcra of the imrty will remnln nt their 1!I K Lnl-c uiilll Ihc end of the week' ' flnnnclng of the municipal sub- wny. Introduced ns a man whoso] Pf-rsfimilllv had Induced mare (hnn ' 13S,0(K) cltl/cns to write in his name as their choice for mnyor against a machine nmde candidate, McKce said that ho hud In-. ,-, tended to remain silent but that, r j v bccnuse of conditions In tho '" ' i government hi could no logcr strain himself. er Telenhones Hoov_ „„„- finniiiEi War Debt Discussion Appointment. WASHINGTON, Nov. 17 <TJP) """•'•'^nt' ' ' ' Mrs. Marie Hickman In- jurpcJ at Main and Second Intersection. Mrs.' Marie Hfckmnn, Arkan- sos-lvMssouri power company em- »!ove. sustained Injuries to her hip and two rilis, when she was ''nick by a car, drlviin by Claude 'Buddy" Whltworlh lit (he Intersection of Main and Second streets - House for his conference with I President Hoover, H noimcei! today.. Heated Session, Marked by Fist Fights, Fails .to Oust Him. night. Whltworth had backed . its car out of a Main street rark- n? soncc in front of the Grand •coder hulldln<r nnd turned to his left across Main Into Second street. Mrs. Hlckmnn was cross- 'm on (lit touth slds of Main r vom the west to the -cast side of ^"cnnd street. Mrs. Illckmni) turned her back Just as the car struck ;t pitched her several feet forward and she rolled across the pave- •nent a few feet more. Mrs. HIckinan was carried to n physician's office and later i«- novcd to the Blythcville hospital vlicrc she wns resting well lodny. Mrs. Hickman Is secretary to 6. P- Moss, manager, and T, G. Seals, engl.necr. of the -Arkansas Mis- "°" CC •;ourl power company. Ch'of A. D. Owyn sn MEMPHIS. Nov. 11. (UP)—Pollco reserves, fist RsMs. and rcvefn- ttons about private lives of the participants had failed today to decide, the battle, for the imstornte of Central Baptist church. Dr. Ben Cox is still the minister of the church, while Hi; $25,000 lot which lie demanded ns his price for resigning remained the property of the church. The meeting, called to decide what lo. do about trie pastorate and tile lot, ended nl midnight with the arguments over sundry motions ao 'heated, despite the presence of police reserves, that not n vote was token on a single motion. W. C. Jackson, who ope'n;d the. meeting with prnycr, led a physical assault during the session on J. E. Barnbtt, who demanded IRS! Dr. Cox resign unconditionally. Dr. Cox agreed to resign provided the congregation would deed the prop_..... ... „. „,.,„ o, 1LU „ ,„,„,.<: cr iy t 0 the north of the church lo nvestlgalion showed the accident the Ben Cox Evangelistic I ™vo- "O hf» imnvnM?kl\lsi ITn cnlrlnni. . -"v-iu lent association, ivhlcli lie proposes He said no n the country near iicre. KCOTrSBURG. Ind, (UP) — When John Broun reported for Jury duty in Scott circuit court here, the first cuss on the docket wns Brown vs. Brown. Farther down the docket there was another Brown awaiting trial. The defendant's wife's name was Mary Brown. Identical with Juror Brorvn'6 wife. Trestle Blast Isolates Tennessee Kilning Town NASHVILLE, Tcnn.. Nov. 17 (UP) —Striking miners isolated Wilder. Tenn., from the ouUlde world last night by dynamiting n railroad trestle and cuttlnz the line into the east Tennessee min» town. The railroad is the sole means of bringing food Into the area acres' the mountains with the exception °t a narrow dirt road ma'c Impassable to am- kind of vehicle by iccent rains. Officials of the T"ii- I'essse Central railroad here announced fii-nonslcin of nil traffic ov»r the Wlldcr-Montcrov line and «tlmatcd that It would tnko at least three weeks t.i niiice r«nilrs on African Flight LONDON. Nov. 11 (UP)-Amy Johnson Molllson was fwcrl down at Bon?ue11n. Ansola, West Afrl- '». on her nisht from Emrlnnd to Capetown, and probably win have o abandon the fll<rht. she wired iir hnshand. Captain James Mol- llson, today. The woman flyer was endeavoring to beat the record made by her husband on an England to Capetown bight. She bew a light plane similar ,to tho machine In which Molllson new thft Atlantic. prayer meetings and work. Insinuations concerning Dr. Cox's moral and financial Integrity brought from him caustic revela- tlos about private lives of certain of the church members. Grand Chanter Elects Osceola Senior Warden J. B. Bimn. Osceola. was elected senior warden of the Orniifl Lodge of Arkaasas, Free and Accepted Masons, at the annual grand lodge meeting In LKtro Rock yesterday, according to dispatches from that city. Fred Stuckcy of Lepanto was elected junior deacon. Claude A. Ronkln of Murfrecs- boro was elected grnnd master, and Fay Hempstead of Little Rock wns rcelected secretary tor the 52nd year. Mrs. Caroline Sponenbarger of Arkansas City was elected" grand matron of the Arkansas grand chapter. Order of the Eastern Star, and the Rev. Ecll Hay Cul- vcr, Ozark, was nan>:d worthy grand patron. Judge Fines Man S20 PUEBLO, Col. (UP)—A cold, and not liquor, caused him to act a bit l, Claude Yo'.mg In Aii. -•—«- -——a ................. police court In answ to drunk- tOr story, was an- American Delegate Says Disarmament Essential to Economic Recovery.- OF.NKVA, Nov. 17 (UP)-Brltlsh Foreign Secretary Sir Jolm Simon Invited Germ»ny back | 0 the world disarmament conference today on the bnMs of recognition of the principle of armament.? equality tor nil imdoiis. , ,i T ! lr ,, Drltl " h I" 0 " 05 " 15 Provide that the present limitations of Oevian Rrmsment,? undir the Vciiallles treaty be superseded • by n new convention and that O«r- | man UmiUtlons "would b« arrived nt by tho same process Rnd ex-pressed In th« earn/? documents as' tliosc of all other countries." Sir John proposed that Gw-' miiny htve the legal rUht to pos-' sesii all weapons (jrantsd other- powers under a nvtfem of disarmament by att(«*. Propose* Ef ul B»ih Addressing tho steerln? commit- tf of the conference the foreign secretary sug|«tcd that Germany return to the conference on lh« basis o( the following points: • !.—AH -Europ^in states jhbnld fnln in solemn affirmation not under any clrmirrutances to attempt to solve any present or future difficultly by force; 2.—Limitation of German's arm-- amenU will be 'contained In the ar-1 .sonic dleaimainent, convention (to be framed 'by the present conference), as that In which limitation for otto n«Uoni ia'denrwd; ; 3.—Limitation of Gerrnnn arms .. ..••- o suec o The president 1» expccled to re-1 ")M of othor • will lact for tha iirnc nsrlod "and bu subjeet lo the..wm'n revision as celve Governor • BooMvelt > In • tb,- excullve office; of the White Hull BO, Roosevelt peraonally telephoned rearmament, nis plans to the president, as he , Sir John i - --— -- -.-*. t»•-viui,**i.-| ua nc = ~***- "«*•«!» ptW^UWLU i^iEvir mif lyre* nad promised In accepting Mr. •"' bs routed'to fh»'British level . « ... «^>.cH^uig «ir, Hoover's Invitation to come to Washington to confer on war debts and allied problems. Firvlrc) nnd then be further. re«,»„, d " CC(l b * a. one-third all around' WASHINGTON, Nov. 17 (UP)- cut. Throe influential congressional • ''-.•• leaders, Including house Demo- /GENEVA, Nov. 17 '(UP)—NoP' cratlc Leader Ralney, today Join- man H. Davis. American <Jele»ate ed In emphatic denunciation of to. the world disarmament confor- any proposal to reduce or cancel the 11 war dcbt.1. . Joining Ralney In llils slatcmcnt were Rcprceonlallvc McFaddcn. Pennsylvania, ranking Republican on the house banking and currency committee, and Representative McReynolds, Democrat, Tennessee, who will head tin foreign relations committee in tho coming short session of congress. Committee Session on Beer Bill Sought WASHINGTON, Nov. 11 (UP) — House Majority Leader Ralney nnd Chairman Collier of the house u'nys nnd means committee today took nndar consideration a proposal by wet bloc ..leaders that lh« ways and means committee be called Into formal session before congress tracts to report a beer for revenue bill. The plan was originated by Representative O'Connor, Democrat. New York. Thre« Men Injured in Pecan Point Accident BASSETT, Ark.. Nov. 17.—Two men suffered severe cuts and bruises and a third was slightly injured In an automobile accident near Pecan Point. The car hit a culvert on A short curve between the levee and the river. Charles Wllber, 23, river worker with the McGeorge Construction company, had seven stitches taken to repnlr a cut In Ills nose. Both of Ills l:ss were badly bruU- ed and lacerated. Jim Honeycutt received a cut near his right eye that required six stitches and one of his hands wns badly cut and bruised. W. E. Wlckham, third occupant of the car, suffered only a few bruises. Duck Hunting Season Claims First FataKty BALD KNOB, Ark.. Nov. n (UP) -The first death of the duck hunting season was reported today A. A. Woods, 60, North Little Rock, died of wounds In a hunting observer iear here I ' ' ' - - - — reporting ^^rrsiS-nS !3;^Sr£ Si?52»iffS *"' to »>* «ccld«ntal. mum. M decraet. ctoud» ; ..*.—Gerraaivv rtidll be 'frrahted.; the Irgal right to arms; granted other .coun We* on condition of "no. : that ktr/ die' s»!d the United Kingdom ranked fifth in' thU branch of the ence, warned the steering committee of the conference todar th»! thcro woulii bo' no further world economic recovery without reddS?' lion of tlw armament* burden. -,'„ This statement was interpreted as n reminder of the Americjin thesis that dUarmament must precede any revision of war debts: •-- Cruise Reservation for Roil Call Winner Made J. A. Waterman, chairman of ths Red Cross roll call committee, has received a letter from th= Friilt Dispatch company, 1 New Orleans, confirming reservation for the winner of Uie R*d Cross membersSip contest now In progress on tfie' S. S. Ulua. which sails from New OTT leans January 14 on a 12-day cruise of the Caribbean. ;"'• The winner of the contest, in which a number of young Mississippi county women are competing, will make the trip, which Includes visits to Havana, Panama, and other points of interest, with' all expenses paid. : Mr. Waterman reports continued progress In the membership campaign. An additional list of nsw Red Cross members will be released for publication tomorrow. Hold Last Rites For Leachville Train Victim LEACHVILLE, Ark.—Funeral services were to be held at Macey today for E. W. Schulti. 67. local Insurance agent, who was killed when hit by a Frisco train at a crossing here yesterday. The train, backing into the depot, knocked Schullz down, crushing his skull, according to witnesses. They said SchulU apparently did not see the train, Schultz had lived Here for the past five years. He formerly raided In Cralgliead county. WEATHER ARKANSAS - Cloudy, not so cold tonight. Friday unsettled, probably occasional r»tns »nd warmer. According lo the official mum, M dtciet*, cloudy.

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