The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1934
Page 2
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£>"^; T^^^^^i 9* Bu Cunts , Walker H BjVer .Mrs <B Clark • and Mrs E. B played cards »|th mem s he Thursday contract c|ub ij, Hie'home of Mrs. O W. Mo- Cufchen. The Christm»s motif was used In decorating the McCutch- m'f home *hfch lias recently been remodeled ••Hosiery went (a Mrs, Clark and Mrs. O. E. Keck fo'r high score prizes Thc hostess soncd a salad plate • « ° EpUrt»las Club tyemfcrs o{ Iho Thur&du) Luncheon club had lunch ai|c played cards at tlio i country clut «)]?;> Mrs BJJOII Morse was hostess. >' mtxe^ bouquet was (He centerpiece fo» the table arranged by the ftrcp)»c.e In the card sanic •»h)ch following tho Up course luncheon, Mrs Everett, u 'ace »on'the prize ,<* f O Hu Book txrij Wn W W Ta>lor ciU«rtalnc<J *** ^ B^^v^i, in niCl} U] otrs of' the Tueiday aiiq 'jnurs- 0»» Booi climbs, for a p lr tj yes- »»rday afternoop. Her large homo was decorated »lth holly wreaths jgjU. boui^ieU, of clirysanthcmnms *u<l roxs^nd the Yulctldp holl- ftoy »as i emphasized Iti the rc- fr«hn)cnt covers, tallic,s and the .course. c.d.iln the guest'. v.a.s Mrs. ' ^ulJcrtQii of Dawson K5',' BUe^t of I^Jr. aiul 5 Branson r - J^*f-^ v f. 1 ' * > ^ 9fit»» v-Mteitfco troojvs of Blfl tcouls In ^M|,Anii5reJ school have uh|ted VWjMI|<lrc.d Eades as leader aiid ports Anderson »j, ab{>|5tant. *-*• "i meeting jc»tcr<ia> piaiis Ide to «U Chrittjuus can- a'pjcnlo to be hcki nils oilllng ViiH count .. . badges • ' Charles prlcgcr Ji , llcut „—. captain, wab 'in cliurne o Sic'mcethTg ,," w t * .1 ^^^NAGVPlVPlpl TO£ M" ^V ' 'W • vo " '•*<•• I'm Mktof sL^t^W 10 !}*?. 4wr ' • t « r " Wy l«w, 5WPI for Ihv (line lo So Hi? uwirt uvc wlJI Open Mf Ws ilorc, Stm I lo'love me, loo." ed blin (>r«d am) iiiilk, "Dpii'Nioww ls of .silk. "I'VE no nfed of ilres^s, * Rings and dancing timus; , Any tune they s Try (o wll me, Irink l'oundotaiiys|iop? Spfues, ptffuws, hmtc'Jels, void »nj >llvf i- spoons. , • "Pronj the Ihrong who knock Would have had a iwlion In h|s proffertd slock? , WHY I uni so liopt'fu) . Eiifh new oat may s .Somelhln« I can purchase Darlljijj, I don'l know) D.' 5i )Vta .jThc AfirtPfel Bapllit draining union nor» thu cfflelenoj banner •n<f t^c group tliu p iu attendance banner In a meeting "f the. MtiilsslpfS 'Coliitly Senior Bapim Training 'Union at the r(rsl, Bap^t, cliUrch hero last, ever ttlne OthcrCc))Urchcs represented wtrc. Dell and the First arxt i3cc, end churches here, «lth 60 pics- L'Hlgh Lights of the Slalc Con- venlion'' nai ,the pro s ram theme »q!h the Witoelm union of the fjrsl church' In Qharec A C Blay- l«k, mra Crpok,: Axilla Nash and "1C Ray Alfred Carpenter took -ta 15mlnulcs confeiences ^hich preceded the meeting the Rc\. Alfted Carpenter led a group of P«5tors and directors and Miss PauliJic pructt discussed the rc- Pj?rts and the associations; standards in another group Country Club H*s 4 Dinct. The countr> clqb had a dai\ce Ujbcrla rioftnan Amy Ruth fk Alice Ballba jiot^lco Bc.', Aim and Murlisn pecn and Luuru Jjalc ]x «6slitc<| by <|MI«) puiil|s of M!*s MarJoric DucKelt U rc Inrlkd- ^ and TB Hint The CommunUj Craft, exchange, iopwted bs M\c Wpmuns^Ausn- i»r} of (.he F(rst frcsbytcrlsn . Hi\iieli will have u QUrlblinas sale tojnonou ill llic poff 1,0 < | Uuens and othei approprlaln gljls will be for sale alopg sillh islies pica 'and ' i.ookle', Tor ., 1 '» e , Masonic Arrl\c officers of the i lt anniia] «uik ^ujjpcr to be gl-«ti at tlio hall ^ils "c'KHltig, 7 o'clock, have arrived:.' ' , Both members ot the Mnsonjc chapter and tlie Order of the Eastern Star will attend. - - j Southerners ,, ltl dancers, N ^h.5 Included t^Qs- *fWPW Driver and .,sfin, o{ Oeoeoja s*0d*(chcs, . and drhiVs v, v . the evening^ -! * * Has Club Partj. C H Will} ed for the Mr and PlcUcs potato guest of ,,-,„ „ . ' "'"J »!"» guest 01 Mrs Cecil shnnc for the «ccklv P«b or the Mid-week Brulfcc dub ' i h!ul luncl1 tables arranged In the UUle Rock ' sor of slate schools wit of education, ' Hornersville Society — Personal ; -._ Mr. nnd Mrs. Roy Scnbaugh, of Jackson, speiH Thanksgiving here with Mrs. Seabangh's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. ' E. D. Burlcson. Edwin Cope, a student nt University of Tennessee at Memphis was here Wednesday night and Thursday vlsltlrig'his parents, Mr. ami Mrs. E. a. cope, Mrs. Gcprgc JS. Brown went to Caruthcrsvlllc Wednesday where she was the guest ot hor sisler, Airs. S. B. Juden and family. Mr. Brown drove <(o\vn • tor-her , Sunday. Dr. and Mrs. Hobcrt p. iiiu mid son, of Cape Qlrardeau. came Wednesday to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with Mrs. Hill's porcnls, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. ktjisolring. Dr. Hill Is a member ol the fa cully of the Stale Teachers college'at cape Qlrnrdeau. Misses clco Krapl, uernicc Gulp. and Ruth Marshall,' students' In Baptist college, Jonesboro, ami Clint Tinnin, of A..'* M. college there, spent thc Thanksgiving holidays with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. M ,' rtagan nnd daughter spent- the.week end at rrenton, Tenn.. as guests of Mr. Hasan's parcnls, Mr. and Mrs. 13. Hag ntj. Mrs. i<\ c. Parks and, {laughters, Mrs, J. }i.,Fnijr aiut.tvy, went to Holcojnb Friday, where nicy were guests of Mrs. Park'* 1 parents, 1 ' dlahkcnship. and.wife. • Mrs. E. u. Davis ai>d cMusliU,,,, of Trumaiin, Ark., were here last week as gwsts of Mrs. u. A. ttwtjii. Mr. apd.JJrs. Nelsoii Tnmln rc- lurncd Sunday ,tronr Greenville, Miss., wlicrc tlWy. )md siicrit a few days with .-Mrs.-••Timlin's lather. KT.A.News "iiducatlon I'br Chariicter" was the theme of Ihc proerain presented Wednesday nftoriwon by Mrs' Ocorgc Oyshigfjr ut thc mcctlnc ot Ihc Cjiidbury,! 1 . T. A. •• ,. . . g Appreciation In Art" was discuss, cd by Mrs. acorgo Cross, the He" v. f. piitlcrworth, pastor of the First Christian church 'spoke on "Education Tlnouiili Training" n \\A Mrs. K. p. . . son rcjirl the presMonfif o for December. Heartlnea wore gtv. Dorls Mllrtri . In the business session, Wiiltcr Bock, new tcuclwr In .'tho schwl wn.i;lntro[|ucert. It was voted u, i(;' lw«tc >20 (or nccrtc'd'inStruc'tloilai materlnls. MJSS uiclle Armstrong's itoin was awarded 'Hie Ifld percent mcmbcrehtp Pr IJB of ?3. ' The cjty coimoll ot I' T ,\ 's met Tuesday morning at the' high M. lool. Miss Krlc . "numbers of Uttlc Rock, executive sccrelury of II c ArkKnsws Tuberculosis nssoci- 511okc "I the tuberculosis '» Arkans« 5 onct gave rc- the tcsUj given the students In Blytheville schools Miss Hazel Sample gave IV talk oil A Comparison of the Trend of Thinking of the Novelist of Today nnd Several Years Ago" A list of books purchased by the council and placed on the PT A at the library was read.' . of Blytlievllle. home 8 ' C ' i>tIC WJlorl< * is Mrs. ^ Dies at Father's Home Mrs. Charles' n.'"cri»l s ,' 35. of of W ? "r T iV SS " C i iwl «•"« il0 "" iif i&tncir, K. L. Lftnificy on Wcii Jamison street, at U:« n. m hn( i been for „ fcw day Mrs. Craig t, 5m vlvcd by , wsband. cimrles ii. cralg w 0 ™ s ' « wrto jr.. and John Thoin- s, and her father, B. L. Lanslcv hc was can led to Rlpl >'• burial, vlth w . „_' ' eiifiB? i^M-v* ^ er " I * ctt *l" tllls ' chti, ' m! J ' Rimer,-MUitd Weathers; rrcd , .•ii*"'- • a }' d ^ s - Bob °»'ni>y ••,.-, chUdrcn, ol cargthcrsvlllc,.-were here; Sunday, as gikst Sot Mrs. J. . :WUl(il)s, ajid (nmlly. Mr.-/nd Mrs. J. w. U)nmx nnd eh Wren tpcul llio Thanksgiving holldav.s wui, relatives In Camp. Capo Qlrardeau ThUrsday^lo be Ihc „ ^!s of Mr. Cope's molhei, Mis. Maltle cope, 1 and-sister, nib-Virginia AndcrEon, Mr., and Mrs 'ullly Sjicncer returned to theii hotne in Detroit Tuesday after a Uslt here viith Mr. wd Mrs Robert Palmer. Mrs. E, o. Cope "»ivd Mrs Charles P. Kenne^t shopiied-ln WtdiKssday,.'., ,, , , Manila; ' raa jr " aur<lo ». Ark. Curtis ARMERS BANK & TRUST €0. i DEPT. Bits q[ New Mostly Persona^ Mrs. HiiKXill Phillips tspcnl Tuesday In Memphis. ' Mrs. H. A. Lynch and daughter, Sllss Martha Ann, aim son, Louis, will spend tomorrow In Memphis. W. M. Scruggs, Evci'clt B. Gee, UK! Byron Morse attended to pus, ness In ijj-OK'iisvlllc, Tenn., yes- Icrday. -•- - - ... .Mis, M.. FiUshniHOJis, .gruhd worthy matron of the local .Kast- crn Slav chapter, Mrs. Charles Al- forct, grand tnarshnl of Ihe state order, and Mrs. Edwards returned «sl niglit (roin Little 'Rock where they uttendcd 'a mcoting of ^thc il«lc order. Miss Ulllan Dietrich went ' to Capo Qlvardcau, Wo,, today for Ihe weekend, Mr. nnd Mrs. W. Owen Blue 're-' urnccl Icxlny from N.ewporl where Ihcy attended the (upcral of Mrs. JMtic'fi brother, Lyn C, Willlainson of Oklahomu. Burial was made at "nwiirk, Ark. , ,v : ^frs. o. w. o'l'iilc" formerly of Wtllc Rock,,'tins 'returned tocher new home, 050 Center Drive 'Hehi IMrk, Memphis,^after u vWi'wilh her fatiier, A. o. Hall, who' has bwu seriously 111 for |)Vo weeks but «'liu is now slowly huprovliig.' : '.v Liberty News The Rev. W. !(. Ilorn-lillcd ht apiwlnliuoilt .Here Saturday iilt-iii ana Sunday. . Mi', aijd Mrs. .J. M.,Aycock anil .wghlcr. Miss Mlldrcil, spent Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. Doyle rtycqck, OH the Gllchrlst road. Mrs. aus yberdt and 'children ,»nt Siitvdiiy |i, Memphis. Tliev worq accompaiHcd by Mrs. U. 'A Ebardt ,-ind Mrs. Ctilvln aossetl of Burdcttc. - Misses Alvilda Hush aiul' Lura Orook relurncd Saturday from Ut- U« llopK, .where tlwy attended llw At IJic city.', hal ..ij December H, Ihc novel and enter laming show, "^UlgliUpaiUgsy «n be presented by the Senior class of. (he c|ty Wjjh school. The 'play is an original one written by Ralph f'urrar of lite Senior claw, 'riw cast and choruses arc ma4c up of wntors with the exception of a (cv, ' . The cast in the main production Includes Ralph Fnrrar, Porjs VVII- son, Simon .Joseph, Patty Bhang, Rouse Harp, John Burns, Lucille Boiirlaml, Robert Recder, Albert Sandere, Mell Brooks, Henry Uws ford, Collcii Holland, Jlmmlc oas kln, Frances Freeman,' Harold Sud bury and Marjoric Ducfccll, The 'choruses, arc under the directions of Misses Belly !,;<: Mo' Oiitclien, Mnry Spain <Usrey and Miirjorlc Duckelt, The girls in liio clioniEcs are: Lystra Brackhi, A«d- loy Ulythe, Doris Ray Dobyns, Jessalyn iilomeycr, Freddie Langwcll, Polly Ann Buck, Dorrhic Coulter and Mnry Virginia, Cutler. The toys' who arc to bo' in u, c choruses arc: Spencer Alexander, Leonard Joliusqn, Hcrshcl Moslcy, Dick 'rip- ton, Hasil Locke, E. B. Rogers, Herman Turner and otto Seraiw. 'Tlie general manager is Ralph Pamir. Men Brooks Is assistant manager, James Guard is business ammger, Albert Sunders Is 'advertising manager. Hob Gocdrich Is slage manager, and Emma Jo Hess is properly and costume manager First Chamber of Commerce Won Figlit For County Seat * A. c: uttlc/ J. : A. Smj 5B& Cobp,- pjy Jwi?;>, W W Bivih i 1'. AllUon, J. u. EdwartsL c Argo, L. ft. Coleman, and 'j,,y ,, Stewart. ' : " , •',.:• A few of the signers.will lx m ognlicet! iif men sHIl prominent i u affairs of this coinmiiW^S4j "" ""'' ""- a'-fc-w^Kive P. Buck, and. A. O. Little had law offices upstairs In » frame store building on Ihc norlhwest corner of tyain and Franklin 'streets, only recently rawd. M the call of the rtl . elder Mr. Buck, who served as tin., temporary chairman, business men ,„,,. of Dlytheville and cooklown ' met as t llwi'e to |)lan a course of action, ,00 The organization they Joi'med to Jell I31CCL . t Iin nmni-irrmnn jimn tr, j t... ^'f r —- — -« *>-v M out and that a tliose i-e ..._, _ .- vvtuy v » HkVOC It- wainlng revealed Blytlieville dig victor by about, four to one: ' Mr. Buck still has in his files a to euirwtee the crcc- city.o;-;g | 2 ,ooo court- Blylhcvllle' be' choscri , y scat,''p«Ud'April 9, approved by'L.'D "county judge on April ell ,« ' meet the emergency created by 190, „ °, unty J H d8e <>'»• April. nj Brown's proposal later became this'H v r m n"' s ', llc si B"Murcs of city's nrst chamber of commerce. ' '' p - Sl »l'th, I. o. ,i f, . ^-"v*,,,, tj. *> flaruin W J; Smith, J. w. Noririan, B E Mangram, , T... A. Bla'ckVell olty's nm chamber" of commec ^JJ^ 11 *' £ Pr. B. A. oiigg. of cooklown, fa- ^ C5 !« ooi t. A. M. [her of Ben Bugg, was elected per- mancnt dialrnmn, a«d C.M. Buck was named secretary. Agreement iva's reached for Cooktown's withdrawal as a bidder < for (he proposed county seal. A new bill was drawn, changing the name of thc. proposed new dls- -rlct to Chlckasawba and modify- nig tho boundary, lines'to those we «iow today. Dr. Bugg ami Mr. jittlc were deaigimled a - committee to go lo Lime Rock and ob- aln subslilutlon of the new bill w that prepared by Brown, with he »ld of J. B. Driver and other whticul leaders nt Osceola were successful. Tile bill , ' J ' H ' Har din, W. w ?"M - P--"-.' t "«l v ?H«on. w. A. Nash inul daughters w , fcnc niid Alorctic, returned Satur- fli'y from Knoxvillc, Ark., where m*y vtsilrd rflalK'cf, Mjss Bcllicl l.loyd an<| Wilson Byars, Miss Alive Voss and J, 'J'. El- Its wore: married Saturday with' a tltniblc ccrvmony, ul'Camthersvillc, Miss Lois Hill returned Sunday rom HW6«W, wlioro she-' spcnl :«1B lolidavs with hav.-iiunl, Mrs. Wul- l<":.Jllll, and Mr. Hill,. Mr. and Mrs. J, w.'Walters,auii family and Hollhs oaklcy, of Lou; oko .were Sunday yuesls of p n Jairatt and iamlly. , ' ' IWr. anti Mrs. J. P, Epnors'on. and . . . son, „„ Mrs Logan I'crkins were ' Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Will Wheat ' ' ni Announces Subject for Calvary Church Sermon ••ChrlsllnnUy at the cross roads" will be discussed at the Calvary Baptist church on my street Sunday afternoon nt 3 o'clock, by the Rev.. Alfred Carpenter, pastor l the First Baptist church. "My opinion of Christianity ns saw it in the Holy Land, as con- rnslcd with (lie trend of religion In our country" wllf no the cen-, ler of discussion for thc sermon A good musical program Is ar- _ ranged nnd all members of the Oalvary church lire Jnvllcd to attend. . mill Mrs. and Clear Lake Mr. and Mrs. J. t<\. llayncs and Mrs. s. M. Craig spent Sunday hi Manila with Mrs. Hnyncs' bro- Ilicr, LUTOOII Slanfleld. Mrs, Mamie iliuicock and [ai'i- ily spent Sunday ^nn Mr. ancl Mis. n. L. llohncs. Mr, and Mrs. Orailie Coir, Mrs. Wllliu Kiddie* and son and dim Bhlcr of Dcnton, Mo,, Mr. and ^fsl. Bud Craig and family, Mr ' "-" O, T. Via ,-iud Jinibo Joe Dial wdc dinner ,. : Sunday of Mr. and Mrs Mi!for<| Miller ajul family. Mr, and Mrs. Urban Ilayncs havo iiiovwl to neiir Salem Tenn Miss Opal wicker- spent last Saturday night with Mia olive A blrlhday dinner Ui honor ol Mrs. Walter l/uitsford and Jfelvln Whitcliead was given Sunday ot Ihc home of Mr. and Mis.' Whito- li?ai|. Mr. ami Mrs. George Klieppard and Mr. nnd Mrs, Fonzo Culvert spent Sunday evening with Mrs Sicppard's purents. Mr. anil Mrs Clint House. Mi. and Mrs.^Houchins Buy Maih^Sircct Hojne Mr. anil Mrs. n. H. Houchins .u™ purchased tlie former E J Browne residence at Main and Eleventh Streets from ll,o Mississippi County Building nnd Loan association. ; They will move there in u short Read Courier News want Adi. CHAPPED LIPS -they _-,, —._. „,, * * ( vj wu4 WiAj adopted, creating the Chickasawba, nistrlct as it now exists and providing for a referendum to choose between Blytlievjllc ujjd Manila for Ihe county seat. Election Contest Succeeds The refereiiduni was hcl<| ami Manila was announced the victor. But Bli'lhevillc partisans bvmiglit a contest suit, charging illegal voting. The popular story fs thm when the ballots were B one Into Ihc court found sa ma?iy illegal rotes at both Blythcvillo and Manila that all of (he election Doses were thrown out except that at Huffman and. that the Iluff-: man vote determined the location] of the county seat at Blytheville. ! It. Is a good story but. like many another it is, not true. Men who WINTER WINDS liHINC WINTER ILLS Feet wot nnd cold from sludgy reels; in th c moniing, sore Uiroals, colds, congeslion. A thick poultice of Cross Salve on a soft doll), appltcd to the .tinoat or chest quickly penetrates to the Inflamed tissues, brings restful case and safety. Used for more than a gciieniJ tion, its powerful gcrmlcida'l and IKuetrutlii" i>owor accounts for ils- success on Hie most neglected and seriously congejited cases.,3Dc & 50c al all dealers. ' —Adv. 10-A SPARKLE! LIFE! LUSTER! We d like to ifcqw y ou j, ow lh odprlej. method of diy.cJe. B ini* •he DRI-SHEEN PRCK;E« "- I™ mak« your moKsbiled g«menn fretb «d new .gain! Bring usThit or juit which you thought codd?! b* succe«fully cleutd ... aqS^JJ «• prove that DJl-SHEENwJH,£ More (» 'hit. tuner and freshne", tee licensed to ute the nsi nce is giving us a finer .reputation th ts e»er for doing fine wofk. - -innncnicwimf kmj •eJtrnlr tiwJ»cd plint oi»tui»t p,, BAUNES' Nu-Wa Cleaners I'hone 180 Such Fun! ^^ . to -hrighten furniture with NVATKRSFAR HNAMI- L 24 rich colors Wttersjw QnJck-drrlng Enamel U ca»y lo •pp>y. It brioR* colorful new bennty—dries In 4 hours ud leaves no bTu»h strrmkj- Oneccat l«»Jl that's gen- crilly needed. Cotnc in to- j^iy for free color card. </. pint UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL... <w, While SHELLAC Gal, $2,60 QuicWryj^, c|«r WATERSPAR VARNISH <£$\ Kxira ,tv lr jWf. Tor interior ^' !l «r cxtctiur u«. Will , lut lurn «•)>!«. r>ii <s ' 12-Quart PAIL ; 30c Each CALCIMINE, All Colors,.,.,. Per Lb 12c Habbard Hardware Co. Aurhokiziii) PITTSBURGH VAINT PRODUCT'S .AGENCY.' ELJCTRIC RANGE May we suggest that you give Mother an Electric Range this Christmas? Yes, we admit that upon first thought it seems "too practical'.'—"not enough sentiment attached to a range." But, after all, so many Christmas gifts are mere remembrances. Why not make this a Christmas lhat Mother .wi|t long remember. Give her a modern Electric Range—and that means easier and better cooking, new hours of freedom from the kitcfien —lime to really enjoy life. What gift could be niorc appropriate than pric tha^ lightens that mos: [abocio'us ind tirr\c-consuming of Household tasks—(he cooking of three m^ais'-,a."day— 365 'days in.l hc year? jjere's a gift t!?at will really beautify »nd modernize th« htart of HER horflt-^the gljt that will bring a newordcr of convenience, cle»nliqcss an,'d econbrny. Conje in now. Inspect our Christmas models. Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. -'—At Your Service —

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