The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1956 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 1, 1956
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1956 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE 1 Reds to Find Selves Wanting In Economic Aid Competition By WILLIAM L. RYAN AP Foreign News Analyst The Soviet Union stuck a tentative toe in the pool of economic competition with the United States. The resultant ripple caused a great deal of excitement. When the Russians weigh their chances of expanding that competition, they will find themselves wanting in many respects. The smallness of the Soviet program of economic aid to uncommitted countries indi- ,cates the Kremlin's cautious approach. Even Soviet promises are not big. Since World. War n the United States has extended aid in loans and grants to foreign countries amounting to about 65 billion dollars. This includes economic, technical, military and U.K. assistance. Soviet loans and grants for economic aid, both to satellites .and non-Corrimunist countries, have totalled about two billion. The extent of Soviet military aid -to Communist satellites is not available., ^ Part of Development Most of this Soviet aid is part of a development since early 1954. Soviet policy shifted then to propaganda seeking to give the - impression that the USSR was ready to enter into economic, as well as political, competition with the United States for foreign friendship. Since then Moscow has concluded agreements with non-Communist countries extending a half billion dollars worth of credits. Most of that remains on paper. The actual outlay in hard, including such projects as a steel mill in India and the ^program in Afghanistan, equals perhaps 150 million dollars. There are promises and hints of much more to come, but the performance likely will depend on many factors, including the political climate of the moment. The spigot can be turned on and off at short notice. More Lure Than Fact Trade remains more lure than lact. Soviet trade is tiny in relation to world trade. Export is a matter of political decision. Moscow has trade agreements with 58 nations, but the question is whether it can perform in quantity or quality.' There are indications Moscow uses the potential as a mask for inability to achieve the fact. The Soviet sally into economic competition seems a weak political attempt to steal American thunder. Nations accustomed to American aid take It for granted. But the Soviet thrust is far from enough to hold any permanent Initiative. In itself, the economic, drive could never be decisive in a contest with the Unit/ed States. The USSR for years is likely to remain a net importing nation. At the moment, Moscow seems to be probing, trying to determine how far It can go In this field. It is inexperienced. The United States is miles and years ahead. Mutt Find Answers Still, the political effects of such stories on peoples in depressed areas are such that the West must come up with strong answers. Proponents of long-term American commitments in the field of economic aid contend this would assure uncommitted countries of the continued interest of the United States — and help turn back the Soviet challenge. At the same time an argument can be made out for the contention that one Soviet aim is to stimulate the United States into a competition tha will bleed he country progressively. The Soviet Union does not give anything away. Except for the satellite countries, no grants are involved In its economic aid. The essence of the program is trade and loans on a business basis, with Moscow expecting full value for everything it offers. But this, too, has 'attractions for nations which Insist they want to keep their self respect. The Soviet Union asserts it does not attempt to pin nations down into alliances in return for economic assistance. Same Circumstance People in the areas involved often identify their nations with the USSR in this sense: Russia was HEAVY PROTECTION - An armor-plate coat weighing 65 pounds is scheduled to be issued to Detroit, Mich., police. It was desiTned a'ter this mockup for use in combating rioting crowds and barricaded gunmen. Strap- on armor leggings will protect the legs. Portholes will b« eovered with bullet-proof glass. A powerful spotlight mounted . atop the shield will aid in night gun battles. Arrow points to gun. a backward country which advanced spectacularly to the role of a leading industrial power. Soviet indicating to such people they cannot hope for full independence unless they copy Soviet ways. In the propaganda war to come, it, presumably will be the United States' business to make these people look to the West for the fulfillment of their hopes. One Washington source who can- nto be identified suggests the United States should open a drive to depict the Soviet Union as the most 'striking success story for American technical aid. He suggests the story be spread all over the East of how the Soviet Union imported impressive numbers of American and other western technical help in the days before World War n when the USSR was struggling to its feet. Stalin himself can Kirby Drug Store $750 For Your Old I ELECTRIC RAZOR on a new Remington, Schlck, Sunbeam, Ronson or Norelco Try a Texaco Service Station First! We Can Supply You with the Finest TEXACO HEATING OIL "Let us power your farm and heat your home" We deliver anywhere in Mississippi County BOB LOGAN ( "YOUR TEXACO MAN" Blytheville Phone 3-3391 Joiner Phone 2421 be quoted on this. Additionally, the propaganda tries to identify their dreams with 'Soviet development, H billion dollars worth of wartime 'lend-lease included such items as power stations, railway equipment and materials for industrial development, as well .as -American technical assistance on a large scale. Is mining an R rilT • FLASH CAMERAS lNI . MOVIE CAMERAS Complete Selection of Flash Bulbs, Polaroid Film, Color Film, Movie Film BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Ph. 3-3647 DON'T BOTHER ABOUT PARK! Hare YOUR Doctor Phone Us Your Prescription-We'll Deliver Free! We Fill Prescriptions From All Doctors KIRBY DRUG STORES opportunity In not exploiting this story," the source said, "and in not welcoming gratefully the shift in Soviet tactics to the arena of economic competition. It indicates we had the' initiative all along, and that was why they started what they did—in an attempt to steal our show." Is the USSR in a condition to stand up before a determined free world in the economic field? Indications are it will be years before that position is reached. Temporary Advantages The Soviet Union has some temporary advantages. For example, it can absorb agricultural surpluses from abroad because of its own shortages, and this is a great help to the nations involved. But the huge agricultural program at home indicates that eventually the USSR itself intends to be a surplus nation. Barring the capitalist world crisis they devoutly hope for, the Red leaders themselves seem fully aware they have a long road to travel before they can think in terms of world domination. Soviet industry still must struggle against lopsided development. It still must consider a long-range program for a better balance between production and raw materials, fuel and areas of consumption. Despite talk of the superiority, of the Soviet training system, the Russians themselves admit the'ir technical training programs are far out»of balance. They admit to poor organization which wastes labor and causes machines to be idle for long periods. They admit poor balance between demand .for and supply of industrial specialists .They admit to a still grievous state in agriculture. All these factors tan tend to hamper Soviet freedom of movement in an attempt to compete with the United States. TOMORROW:The military ouiloko End Advance for PATS Wednesday Feb. 1 Quick Remedy For GOP Error ALVA, Okla. If)— Blushing Republicans have corrected an error committed in the haste of *. last weekend's Woods County convention. They elected W. D. Myers Jr., an Alva banker, county GOP .party treasurer by acclamation. But Myers is registered Democrat. So Miss Gertrude Myers, his sister, was quickly named to the post instead. She's a Republican. I AROPER'S ART—Working with hands more accustomed to laborer's chores, steelworker Louis Dlugosz h7s won critical acclaim for his unique sculpture, achieved with rolled clay.. He's shown at leftlin his Lackawanna, N.Y., home with his clay head of a Negro coworker. In photo at right, his son Michael, 8, prays before his father's striking clay head of Christ. The sculptor-steelworker was sent to Paris by the Chamber of Commerce in Lackawanna to refute the claim of a Parisian art critic that there was nothing original in American art. Dlugosz sculptures only in his spare time, and he never had any formal training in the art. Nude Body of Expectant Mother Found with Knife Thrust in Chest LOS ANGELAS (ff) — The nude body of a teen-age wife, a bent butcher knife in her chest, was found by her young husband when he returned from work yesterday. Officers said there was no sign of a struggle in the bedroom where the victim, Mrs. Barbara Jean Jepson, 18, an expectant mother, was discovered. "1 can't figure out who would do such a thing," the husband, Joseph Earl Jepson, 20, said repeatedly. He told investigators his wife had not been feeling well when he left for work as clerk at the California Air National Guard, and he had not called home all day. Officers confirmed that Jepson had been at the guard office, a 10- minute drive from his home. An all-points description of a young blonde youth was broadcast by police after neighbors reported having seen such a man loitering in an alley behind.the Jepson's San Fernando Valley apartment. Officers said the bed was not disarranged. The girl's clothes were on the floor, except for one stocking which was knotted around her right wrist. Bloodstains in a closet of the one> room apartment indicated the slayer pawed through clothing in search of something, police said. Van Nuys Policfr lit. Earnest Johnson said Mrs. Jepson, who was to become a mother in July, may have been surprised by the killer as she changed clothing after a shopping trip. Neighbors said she went out in the earl yafternoon. They did not see her return but heard angry voices and a radio blaing n the apatment at 3:30 p.m. The Jepsoss were married last July. Daniel Boone Hangs Up Guns FORT HOOD, Tex. (.?) — Dan'l Boone is hanging up his firearms to become an automobile salesman. Capt. Daniel H. Boone, a great- great-great-great grandson of the famous frontiersman, has retired after 23 years of continuous service with the Army. He's a firearms expert himself and was a member of the U. S. pistol team in Austria for two years.. He has bought a home at nearby Temple where he will work as an automobile salesman. After 30 Years Theif Repents PROVIDENCE, R. I. CB—A woman walked into the Burke Tarr Furniture Store and placed a large banjo wall clock on the counter. "I wish you'd take this to ease my troubles," she said. "Ever since I swiped it off your wall 30 years ago at the other store, I've had nothing but hard luck." The manager quoted the woman as saying also: "I'm really repentant. I'm going to join a church and in order to do that I have to return this clock I stole. Thank you." Then she walked out. Are All Cold Remedies Alike? No! For example, 666 ii the wide- activity medicine, which combine* 4 of the most effective, widely-prescribed drugs known, to relieve ail cold miseries sooner. 666 is more potent and gives positive, dramatic,, rapid relief from miseries of all kindt of colds. That's why 666 is UMUT- passed in effectiveneae. Try it. No other cold remedy can match 666 liquid or 666 Cold Tablets. 666 \ Delta i i %ST j|«r Ul I H %K# Phone For Free Estimates R. C. FARR & SONS Owners Phone 3-4662 — 400 Railroad — Phone 3-4567 Bob Burns Critically I ENCINO, Calif. (/P)—Bob Burns, the bazooka-blowing Arkansas story teller of the 'SOs, is critically ill with a kidney disorder. "The situation doesn't look too good," sad Burns' physician Dr. David Hertz. The 64-year-old movie and radio comedian has been in a coma since last Saturday. His health has been failing since he underwent surgery three years ago. Burns fashioned a length of pipe and a whisky funnel, blew luzzy hass notes and told jokes about his Uncle Fud, Grandpaw Snazzy and other folks in Van Buren, Ark. Inactive in show business for the last 10 years, Burns has been engaged in San Fernando real estate purchases and sales. His 200-acre farm in the valley is an agricultural showplace. Wells-2" to 16" Irrigation - Industrial - Municipal - Domestic WATER is our BUSINESS We Drill For It Pump It Soften It Filter It Cool It Irrigate With It GINNERS-TAKE NOTICE: Let us furnish your water needs for fire fighting power unit cooling, for statifiers. HOME WATER SYSTEMS 3 Years to Pay Complete iron removal, filtering and softening systems built to fit your needs. We have the answer to your needs for'greater water volume and pressures. McKinnon Irrigation Co. Phone 112 or 190 — Manila, Ark. We Buy Ear Corn FARMERS SOYBEAN CO. "Home or Sudden Service" ' Broadway A Hutson Phone 3-81M . The BLACK & WHITE STORE IS CLOSING ON SATURDAY, FEB. TO Our lease has not been renewed / BIG REDUCTIONS IN EVERY DEPT. Saturday Night, February 18th will be our last business day in Blytheville. We invite you to take advantage of special savings in all depts. between now and then. We are grateful for your past patronage and hope we may serve you again in one of our other stores in the mid-south. ATTENTION LAYAWAY CUSTOMERS! Please arrange to pay out your Layaway purchase by Saturday, February 18th. Your cooperation will be appreciated. FIXTURES FOR SALE For information, see the store manager. BLACK & WHITE STORE

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