The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1932
Page 5
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WEDNIfflDAY,_Np_VEMBER 1G, 1932 VILl,!'], (AKK.)' COURIER NR\VS Classified Advertising Kates Minimum Charge 50c Count 5 Average Words lo a Line Mon;ii rate per line, per moiith SUc Six times, per Hue per day . 05e' Three [lines per line per day 06c One time uev line' lOc All Ada run irregularly take the one luue rate. BUSINESS UlKL'Cl'OiCi' PHONE -117 E. F PHY WONDEIl CITY COAL CO., FOK MONTKVALLO-STtt AVKN RED ASH, SIPSEY, OLD BEN & KEN- , TUCKY COALS, lOp-k 12-10 COAI, - WOOU - CORN COLLINS COAL COMPANY . KY. & Chic. PHONK « W'-K 12-b BUCHANAN, black bin we 21c-kim PHONE 107 "Our coal is treat you white." KINDLING and WOOD for lieullng and cooking. We deliver. W. M. Smith, phone 930 or Gateway Store. 21p-k 11-21 overhaul jour elcc-. inc- sweeper. Worn guaranteed, i Trantliam Coal' & Transfer Co lenncr ticcirlc Service. % On-1 Dealers in jtns Jrurn. CD. Pnone uSU. |_ Kentucky and Sunlight Coil 2ac-k 11-30; s >'M!)iore i; R I! .St. Phone am. Ul'HOLSTElUNG and renntshing lurnltuve. II. 13. (Jakes, lib W. Mum tic- EXPERT Typewriter and adding mncliinc repairing, u. a. B:ank- eusrupli ll(j li, Rose. I'hone 1G5W. ic-k JV!-1 - , ... ... COAL a t low prices. I'honc 48. IP K.-K-1 1'rcmpt Dcllvi-ry. BLYTJ1EVILLE COAL CO., walnut & Railroad Sw. 8C-IC 12-1) ARTISTIC S1IO-CARDS Small Sis»s Hale Banners HAHVEY McCALL 305 E. MAIN GARAGES ItOOM & 110AK1) PAY TAXES NOW PAVING 1 AND SEWEK I TAXES ion 1932 ARE MOW HUE AND PAYAHLB AT MY OFl'ICB. I'LliASli PAY JJEl'OHE UliUiM- Utl< 31 AWiJ AVOJL) 1'KiN/lLTjh.Jj. Ci. Collector Office across U-om «Norjlu Holol. \VANTiiU 'i'U CORN WANTED—Murlljn Halch- tiy, WANTED—Turkeys, (Jeesf, liens mid IJucks. 1'KIGLY W1OCJLY OH KKOOER STORE. Uc-bU .p.If! !•-.!• TW/S CURIOUS WORLD - USED Stoves unj llanges. li. J. Dodson Furniture. 4c-kl2-! FRIOTJOF IHf: 6HEAT NORWEGIAN EXPLORER, WHO DIEO IN I9SO, HAS TWO LAND AREAS NAMED MIS' HONOR. , ANO THEVARS AT OF THEJTARTH. ONE IS NEAR THE /VCWW POt-E AND THE OTHEft. NEAR THE JCWWfOiE. WANTK1) WEEKLY. "Also" IIousekccp!i W i SOME , P N ' K !° I 1 '. 1 "' 0 "]!Ciis:s on roams. Prog Pond Cafe PJc-tf ct "' ' rip lo Loills!:llli >' '"^ ct this _ . KOOM & BOARD-Cloie in. 100 W. ! |v..eek. Mr. Hill, 115 W. Ash. Ash. Mrs. E. Gay. 15i)-k!5! AS LARGE AS" • 7&VA//S'&4US* FELL IN PRETORIA, SOOTH AFRICA, ON CHRISTMAS EVE. 1923 2p-kl2-2 Protesting Victim Is Fleeced by Robbers Eli I'ASO, TPXHS (Ul 1 )—K: L, Hrynnt Is cured of [)roltslin B ( u lubbers, Not only did two men tnke Ills raul, vest, mid $1.75 In nisli, but my twlli v.ln-ii I o|>ciicd my | u v . r j tl moiilli tb pretest nnd miulc nie-cal ngui lulu 1 tliwii util ami give llic-iii ii|i," a ?.yenM, declared iiire"' ""' l/ '*"' The larger mass of people its well llio educated and traveled class- i ^j nave adoptcl li;e practice. One reason for this condition, | Dr. Wci.sclier said, .Is the widely Chinese Practice and Wrcu'k- LI- OLIUU.'. upcu uii nigiu. UA^: I & rjlCiH'i 1 GAKAGK. fnonc toD.j x.,,-,- „„,„. , -i SALESM13N WANTED NtOE MEALS, 25 cents. Phone 807. | SIC Wesl Asli Street. 6e-k 12-5 .WANTED MEN WITH CARS, n TT~r.' ... __ — I 25-50 to supply consumers in Cit- r. R. WATSON—$5.50 week-' 112 E. Cherry. Pliune 002. 14c-k 12-H . I 1JSSOTO SALES & SERVICE Commercial Auto Repahui;; FOR SALE FOR SALE—New Home Hotel, 117 ItOY iiAKEic JOE WILLIAMS \ West Main Street. PHONE as» I 4,, kl'J 4 I AUTO GLASS 1 ~ ' WOVEN WIRE FENCING 14p-kl7 ies of boro ntit! Truninnii xvlih irldely advertised household and farm pre<l- ucts. Route exper!«nc2 • -preferred but not necessary. Wrllc Industries UEAUTY I'AKLOKS WE SPECIALIZE IN HAIR TINTING i: DYEING NELL'S BEAUTY SHOP, Phone 02 20C li 11-2-i SCALP TREATMENTS OUR SPECIALTY McADAM'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 283 28C-K 11-2S HOJIECKAFT FR15E demonstration on latest sawing art. S1NOERCRAPT rugs, toys and sifts. SINGER 'SEWINU -MACHINE CO. 2^-k 11-2! DRESSMAKING DRESSMAKING—Coats rellned, alterations a SDecialty. R u t it Thompson, Uoli Hole). 20t-!:ll-20 CLEANERS. TAILORS TO BE WELL DRESSED THE ARK.MO LUMBER YARDS TO __. 29c-kll29 Courier NUHSERY STOCK SHHUBS—All prices. We set them out. Hester's Fruit and Produce. 123 Fnst Main. 19p-k 11-19 FARM LANDS FOR SALE— 53 acres In cultivation. 3 houses, hig barn, in 0 miles of Blythoville. 1 mile of good school. S25.CQ per acre, terms. Phone 887 or 808. W. T. Ba'rnett. CC-K-TF DON'T DELAY, the time to "buy a farm or home In town is when prices are lo\v, this may not last, we all hope not. If you want property ut, low prices see us lor prirep and terras. W.. M. BURNS [ t6AT>,-BUS\-Eia, I AM AU A BTOtLIAI^T NOVELTY IDEA 1 J : -innim V,. i i T IN V •"• 1 - u "" ; " • "iM'iuvi-s uirtn control OTliilte Mclnl liisimi'.ion In cliliin.; tnln condldoiis. By Alicru COMPANY, INC. Oc-h la-9 LIVE STOCK YOU MUST BE WELL PRESSED FOR SALE—Jersey Milch Cows PRESS WHILE YOU WAIT with young calves. Sec R. M. HUDSON TAILOR SHOP ! Seek at Harris' Barn. lDp-klI-19 CLEANERS^^ia-W j ^Ec¥ COWS for sn* or HATS CLEANED and .ic-shapcd, Hester's Fruit & Produce. . 75c. Hudson Tailor Shop. Phone S3. . !2c-kl2-12 RADIO SERVICR _ QUICK SERVICE on all types of radios. Watch for our advertising car. Parklnirsc Co, Phone 57. ISp-kll-lt RADIOS P.EPAIRED. Work ginr- aiitecd. estimates free\ R. L. Dcdman, Walpoic Electric Shop. Phone 3M. Hp-k 12-14 El.HCTRICAI, DUST-PROOF BAGS. Brushes aiKi Riibhur Covered Cord for yen; electric sv/cepcr. HefTncr Ktcctric Service, '.i Gillen Furn. Co., CaK C80. ' Hc-k 12-14 NEW LOW PRICES on lamps, irons. IwaU-io, etc. WALPOLE ELECTHIC SHOP. Phone 311. 15c-k 12-15 KKSTAURANTS GEO. WRIGHT'S Wall Street Lnncii. Greyhound Bus Station. Phone 116. '31p-k 11-31 TAXI TM A KURRY? CALL STRINGER TAXI PHONE 270 13P-K 11-1C I'LUftliilNG REDUCED RATES on plunibin^ work don? iwtore cold wcalhev. A. G. Aiscn, Call 80iw. 1CC-K12-16 W E R T Hi: MAKES 'KM SHE Oilice Over Joe Isaac's Store Nif/ht Ford Service, EXl'ERT KORI> HKI'AIKS WRECKKK SntVICE PHILLIPS MOTOR CO.; Phone 810-7J7 ' 19p-klll9 ?ARMERS having livestock to sell or (f they desire (o buy they .vi'.l find it convenient and econ- imical lo use Courier News Want- Ads. AUTOMOTIVE .\'FAV FORD BATTERIES. Rental baltcries, rccliarging nnd repairing. 177 Tiro & Battery Sta'tion. 18C-K 11-10 WATERPROOF Covers for trucks ami v.-agons. Carney Awning Co., ;13 S. First St., Phone C43. 17P-K 11-lt AUTOMOBILE Gluss, new and used auto parts. Jackson Auto Parts Co. Phone 68. 3c-k 12-3 WASHING ISC - - GREASING 7Sc DAY & NIGHT SEHV1UB PHON'E 555 21P-K 11-25 GET READY FOR COLD WEATHER. Auto curtains and tops repaired. II. Son. Phone 888. II. Wrisrlil & 16p-k23 FOR KKNT STORE building, oil Franklin. $8 L. Fowler, Phone 450J. 4cklf KURNTSHED HOUSE, clsie ill. Call Miss Nell Harris, Phons 32 ISs-klO TWO UNFUI{NlSHEDApartnwnTr,. REDUCED Rcnls. Phone 383 or ia!. 15c K-tl Second Hand FURNITURE NOUGHT ANM) SOLD R« J. Dodsors E. Main Ph\ne 155 Have You Tried ACTON the best Phone 100 For Free Sample C. ROBINSON LUMBER \ THOUGHT OP TOR MY GINGER ALE / HOUTVW SEASON 1 TO THI& -— THlk y COL-OR-b AR.t 'RED ANti \ 1 ^ 601 Nt. TO :•?,. VJ~ X nX_ ME Tt-VlNK OF VoUt?. LOT CURLY-QUES U&IN6 CR.EM&. »S AN OAK TREE THAT OWNS A DEED TO ITSELF AND TO THE 6ROUNP ON WHICH IT STANDS'. JUDOE W. H. JACKSON, v,ho ..uft- 11 VL ..-I I,, AIDciu, Q.I., wns very fond cf Ills Ircfs, n.peclnlly one sreal oak. In otdcr that Ihu oak iiiiijht never destroyed, Jnckcon li:t<l u deed dra SITUATIONS WANTED Die live the ownership of il.self and the yrouiul within cMil feet nil sides of it. The (Iced Is filed In Athens. result producing service nt low &THAYED — 1 ;,:.iz»d fiice Bay Mure. 1 brown Marc. 1 bliic Horse Mule, 1 brown Horse; Mule. REWARD for return or In- (orinallon leading to return 01 silverware stolen from my hoini; of Nov. 3. E. M. McCall. OC'-K 12-3 blind In- right eye. AdBms, Biythevllle, nnd receive 510 reward. D. O. x \VaiTlngton, Gosnell. HOOTS AND HER UUDDIRS OW, KiOOO . VOO M^T WlTO SALESMAN SAM THREE OINKS FOR SAM! CH^SE m OTHER WASH TU151JS OFF TO SPAIN! By Crane / OH, I WOUU-WT 5AV >T PERFEtT, EASY. NrfER \ PROW1S6P TO <btT US JOBS. / THIS IS CEWA1NIV c\'s TlWt \MtttH PR£.TTY CURL To TOOOBIE. PEAO. WTVV PKOMEV Ht F6t>OR^S IWS1ST tO uiiTH TUtK TO El-SE TO r». FRECKLES AND HIS FKiENDS f J'Ui, 6NE YOU OKE MORE CHANCE To OPEU THAT DOOR AND IF you DOM'T, I'M 60IW5 To Pop You OKIE !! L-1 T NfCK U'ORK, FKK(:,Ks woi OPZWH6 IT '.'. \WHAT tx> V3L) OF QUICKLY REMOVING TWE DAB TWAT MOLDS THE POOR, FRECKLES AMD WHAr DO You 7VIIMK OF THAT? HERE'S ANOTHER OHE To keep THAT OJJE COA/IPAWV tl SUCH A7Ste|<:._D'yA TUDJK \JE CAW SEf BACK TIE tSA'MG'S OVER? RED WWS IS BEIWG HELD BY A STUDENT UKI1IL TWO OF THEM RUSH FOR FOOT BALL F'IELD...,

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