The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 10, 1948
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BLYT _VOL. XI,V— NO 16 «11th-Hour Move Brings Soft Coal Strike Near End Blylheville Courier Blylheville Dally News DOMINANT Mississippi Vallev Leader Blyclievitle Herald Sen. Bridget Named Third Trustee of UMW's Welfare Fund ., Hfrrold WAQi.' °f"SI>«ndPnt WASHINGTON, April 10. (UPl- lohn Itll '*' nlltlc Hth-hour move. lodav ^, .?''* a " d coal °l*™lor. 5 S H S w rt °" a move »•»'«'» the United Mine Workers leader sa-el back trf '" r W3 " rile "* ""'»« back to work within 48 hours spnth?" ""f E2ra Vn " Hor "' re » le - sentmg coal operators, agreed to the Woi'Hmem of sen. Styles Md^, trusUe of "tV" • t ""' d ••""I""-'*'" ' mme ™' k - over sl "ke of the mi° (f by lhe ""*»"• h ° first "l'»»rtiar ' the fu ire I^wi^'anrt'Vh™" 0 " m " '^" w « e °" '« the strike. " ° 1IeriUors ' ' n ^ le(1 fj^*'" faccs °°'"' 1 aciic >ii Monday far his refusal lo call off the strike It! S was der CO ' Ui - "'' dfr >0 do ™' what affect a return to work Mo'n- day would have on the court action he faces. The agreement to appoint Bridges as trustee was reached in a surprise meeting this morning in the office of House Speaker Joseph w Martin, Jr., R., Mas.s. Lewis at once called a meelins of the trustees for tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. (CST). He said he con- sidereo it "a reasonable assumption" that an agreement -..-.,] be reached within 46 hours over the controversy which precipitated the '27- day-old soft coal strike. Martin, flanked by Lewis and Van Horn, toid .surprised reporters thlt he hao called the sudden meeting of the two .antagonists at lo a m CST today. j"To show how generous both have "en. I would like, to point out tha', ,. ! agreed to select Sen. Bridges by 10:13 a.m.," he said. He added that Bridges has al- icady accepted the appointment :i.s the "impartial" member of the trustee.*' board. "I hope the men will be back -it work within 48 hours after tomorrows meeting." Martin said. Van Horn, asked whether he anticipated any difficulties, replied only: "We will lake those lip as we - eome to them." NationV tionomy" nisrupicd * Martin said he had been greVly concerned over "rhe prolonged stoppage" of mine production. He said it wa.s disrupting the nation's economy, and interfering with this country's foreign aid program T «as concerned that it migjit disrupt not only our economy but tluu of the whole world." Martin said. Martin revealed that he had proposed to Van Horn and Lewis to replace the "impartial" member of the board who has resigned. Lewis is chairman of the three trustees "f found both i Lewis and Van Horn >anxious to do what was best for the public, the country and tlie world.' Lewis, who had been sitting in massive silence at Martin's riel^ got up at lhe conclusion of "the speaker's statement and said: "I merely want to confirm what. -ihe speaker has said. I join the Beaker in saying that it is merely a matter of getting together on a:i agreement." Brutality of Officers To Be Investigated by Dallas County Jurors DER.MOTT, Ark,. April 10. <UP> — Prosecutor John Gibson said today lhe case ol a Dallas County Negro' allegedly shot an0 mistreated bv a white man who claimed to be a deputy sheriff, will go to lhe grnnj jury when il meets June 21. Gibson's statement followed a -scathing denouncement of sucn mistreatment by judge Thoiua.v Trimble at Litilc Hock. Judge Trimble wa.s hearing a"suit brought by lhe Negro. Even, Smilh, against a. surcl company which bonded Dallas County law enforcement officers. Judge Trimble turned down a request for a directed Judgment tor lhe Negro because Sheriff J. B. Atkinson said the while man, Louis Sims, had not been sworn in as a deputy. But he compared the IreMmeiu given the Negro during a dice game roundup last June to the "methods of Nnzi Germany." Smiil, said he was shot by Sinn beaten with a blackjack, and forced to walk nearly a mile to Onr- „ -— — • -nf, ui i in: in]- thasc as lol'fhn^ n f f ^__ lt .. . ".JJrtftt. Draff Necessary, Backers Predict Few of 560,000 Men Marked for Induction Expected to Enlist By Frank Flcazrr ..'A C !!,. l>n:ss Sla " ''orrcsiiondr-nl WASHINGTON. April 10 ,UPJ- Draft backers said lodav most of the 560,000 men .narked 'for hidu?- tion under lhe proposed Andrews Selective Service Law will have, to be drafted. They are not expected to volunteer. Rep. Waiter G. Andrews R N Y predicted that volunteering—de.sp,;o ttf-v • incentives to sign up-won't ma,:e much of a dent in the big=e- manpower requirements propased in his drail bill. That would mean substantial draft calls in the 1!> throu»Ji n age group. The armed services? ow'r a two-ear period, could be boosted 10 a maximum strength of 1944000 men. How soon the draft got under way would be left to President Truman But he could not give the signal without first certifying to Congress that tne volunteer method had failed. Tn Test Inducements In no case could this be befo-e 60 days from the time the bill becomes law. Andrews said the waititi" period ia.-Lo :-isl ne,s' induceinenis for volunteers. These- include a r«- vivert GJ BUI of Rishlji and twj- year cnlLstmciit -periods. Hearings oil thi.s "delayed-aclion" draft measure start Monday beloro Ihe House Armed Services Committee. Andrews, committee chairman, said they wilj last at least lo days. Tn other defense developments- Chflirinan Robert A. Taft. R b ot the Senate GOP Policy Committee promised immediate floor ac:ion on whatever defense legislation '- reported by the Senate Armed rviccs Committee. Rm i^" < _ not looking for a least another week. Truman Advisers RecommendCurb On Tax Spenders Proposal Applauded But Congressmen Cool Toward Controls B) Auslln O. YVthrwrln United Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, April 10. (UP) — Congress today applauded the recommendation of president Truman's economic advisers for deduced government spending. But it remained cool to an appeal for selective price, wage and rattonin.- controls. ' Chairman Jesse p. Wolcolt It Mich., ol the House Banking Com ' mince said restoration ol the con- JJt^rJOIlTHIiAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTIlKAS'l ^SAS, SATURDAY. Al'Kll, 10, 1«M8 NEWS — — _'--L'.' : '_ ' _______} ' _^'*"' '"• IMS TKi\- i'AGh'S ~ ~ ^^ '" •-—• -- _____J^. GLB COPIES FIVE CENT! Rioters Apply Torch to Bogota ^^fg^er Air Force' DeW6y Extends 'High U.S. Officials we ca trols is uiinocf.ssB.ry see the impact of military si>end- :ng and foreign aid on our domes- lie economy." His reaction was typical of many members of both houses, especially llle Republican majority. They pojnleri mil, that Congress paid no heed when Mr. Truman asked for standby controls, ill his message to the .special session last November. Wolfott's position was anticipated by Mr. Truman's council of economic advisers in the first of its quarterly reports ever to be made public. Jl said Congress would want 10 look over foreign and domestic spending programs before considering i revival of controls. Says New Taxes Nrriled The council, headed by Dr Edwin G. Noursc said Marshall pl.Mi spending and the new 53.003,003000 to $4,003.000,00 defense program "will not swamp our economy nor require us lo pass fro,], free enterprise lo regimentation." But il cautioned that some "svs- tomatic ami vigorous discipline"" is called for. The council criticized sharply the current coal strike. Us recommendations, based an the assumption of labor peace a ,i no great increase in defense proposals, were: 1. New laxas lo pay for all ne.v defense expenses noi offset by government spending cuts elsewhere. Reduction of government spending wherever possible. 2. An increase in bank reserve requirements and restriction of coil- sumer ncdit to hold down public Buying power. 3. Full support for the new ".security loan" campaign. 4. Allocation, price, wage and rationing controls. A system of ma- iPnaIs-,prioritjps > _bA£rig£i'U5e.- of/vital materials i n "unnecessary"'pro- jecfs. Tax Cut Criticized 5. Better use of the labor supply by strengthening the U.S. employment service; draft deferment, lor workers; placing of rtefcns" contracts in -'loose" labor areas' p-nd effort to prevent "labor" pirating .such as occurred early i,, the inst, war. ., le council criticized the $4801,000 Republican tax cut as ",inlo- -., „. — ,,j M ^1, v^iKiit; /\i i u t:u j V- ^ 3rd. and s^ id the president's <ni- Services Committee. But he said he ; ti-intlation program wa.s necessarv for anything lor at i lo "neutralize" it. - . .It is our belief that the European " The senate Armed Services committee has directed its aliomion iow«rn the Air Force In „„ attempt lo determine how Inrne the Air n me | S 1(1 l><>. Appearing al the hearing were, from left lo right, sealed- Sccrctarv ,«[ Air W. Stuart Symington; Secretary of Defense .lames rt,r,<,.st n | „,„", Senator Chan Ourney. Hepubllcan from South Dakota, chair,,,,,,, n'f the committee. Slanding from 1eH to right: Goner,,! Hoyt s . Vl , mlc ,,, lu ,,,, who w.ll succeed General Carl Spaal* as Chief of Staff vn „„. A |, m . ce and General Spanlz. (NEA Tclepholo.) 250 Teachers Attend Meeting Here Today 200 Attend Clinic Conducted at Dell By Health Units An additional 200 citizens of the Dell Community were given immun- isations against smallpox, diphtheria, and whooping cough at the second clinic sponsored by ihp Community Health Organization Thur= day. In iue. firs! clinic April 1. conducted under the Community Health Organization 440 Immuni'zation-; wcre given. Mrs. Annabel Fill, Mississippi Count/ Health Nurse, w. o. Stinnett, director of the Malaria Control division of the Communicable DDscasc Control Board, and Mrs E O. Ambroy. assistant fo Mrs fin' worked with Mrs. Curtis Down and Mrs. D. \v. Cranford. boll, of Dell lhe clinic yesterday. Recovery program arui Ihe defense plan as now proposed should not generate inflationary pressures al this time which should require resort to overall controls of 'he war economy type," the council told Mr. Truman. The council linked the steel industry's recent price boost witt III* Approximately 250 teachers from CO:U 3ll ' ikc as factors which gaJC Mississippi County were in Blyihe-! llew .'' im l' rtus " to higher prices, vlile today attending the Mississippi! high cast of lfvi 'i£ still ex- County Education A'ssociation meet- , a " "P wavd pressure on wages,' ing at the Blylheville High School. nul- The day's program was introduced "~ by John Mayes. County School Sn- t perintcndent, and was then turned I over to tlie temporary chairman. , Lowell Osrten. superintcndcnl of the |^s school s>Metn. j In his report, to the association Mr. Ogdcn pointed out that only seven members of the school teachers from this county must join the I Education Association before the county would IK classified as a 100 per cent county. Ijvst year 392 j teaching positions were n><;i.,iered and there are at present 38fi paid I memberships in the association. I The morning session was devoted to sectional meeting? and ornaniza- hion. Mrs. A. B. Fail-Held. Blythc- j ville. Central superintendent, was in charge of the meeting for grades one Ihronsh three: Fred Boyd. prinl cipal of the Leachvtlle Elementary School, ted discussion covering : grades four throush six; Miss Lou| ise Phillips, of Wilson, led the Eng ii ^1= t ~>-!; irH^ 1 -- 1 "^ Thursday from 9:00 „.„, ,?,? L"'.!."' Osceo "<' " le . sclc »« and Thursday from 9:00 12:00 noon. m. until — u ^*..,.,,, ,. lt . .1V,, L IH. 1; rtlltl mnlhcmatics group, and K. G. Lewis. Chancery Court To Convene Monday ; vocational teacher in discussion croup Arkansas Cotton Men Will Attend Ginners' School Keith Bilbrey, County Agenl lor Mississippi County, will be among those attending the two-day Arkansas Dinners' Short Course", to be conducted in the U. S. Cotton Ginning and Fiber Laboratory, stonc- ville. Miss.. April 16 and 17" sponsoi- ed by Arkansas Extension Service Five representatives from each of the major cotton producing counties will atlend for a total of about ISO lolal. K. E. Chandler, assistant county agent for Mississippi County and Fred Flecman of near Manila will attend from North Mississippi Covi"'•• Mr. Bilbrey slated that t w ,| from this county Jews and Arabs Fight Furiously Highway is Lifeline Over Which Food Reaches Jerusalem JERUSALEM, April 10. (UP) ,_ Heavy flrlnB was heard loday from lhe direction of Kastcl. six miles West of Jerusalem, a.s Arab forces -•stormed the stratetlo hill village -n an attempt to rum,.. : i- e il. from ihe Jews for tl\e second lime this week. Arab command sources thai Iraoi irregulars this morning after a attack, iiiit A'-Jewisri'd lust before noon that troops still held the villa Jewish ca; day along ' miles West ol Jerusalem in the Ju- I Ulc shln dean hills..was believed to have so', lhe stage lor reopening of lhe Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway to Jewish XX) convoys. , Arab foices in ihe hills sealed the niRhway so tightly during the pa.u .-.everBl weeks thai lood ralionin • was instituted in.the ICO.OOa-mcm- ber Jewish community of Jerusalem Kastcl, which has changed hands three times in the past n-cck was reported half destroyed by the furious fighting, with only 20 of Its 40 houses still standing. The Irani commander in ,/erus- ilein reportedly senl. nn urgenl ap- ocal lo Arab leader Paivzi Kl KnwK- Ji in Nablus for reinforcements 1-j recapture the Judcaii hills an:i 'loci; the Tel Aviv highway. The Arab attack on Ksstcl was reported to be under command " Shclk Hasten Salamch. who Timt Bomb Sinks Gun-RunningShip Guns, Ammunition Destined tor Italy's Reds Sunk at Bari By J. Kil«:,nl M,,rr»T (United 1'ress Staff CorrMpunrifinl) Rome, April 10. (UP)—A time bomb attached lo Ihe hull sank lhe Kun-runnln s ship Lino In Karl harbor lodiiy with a cnrgo of rifles and ammunition allegedly destined for use by Communists In the lUlftln n campaign. Lino weix^ down as. mysler- ^as she hrto been operated'111 •7^—rrf> walers. An Official report "—" ""•= viiin-i:. sMa n time i>on,b wi,s attached to ipuire of Kastel yosler- I " le l»'ow beloiv the water line with ner Yassin. two I Two I™"" guards had been aboard of Jerusalerii in ,vio T.,_ I the ship since ILs capture ami de- tcntloii nt Bnri, but the bomb plan| ting escaped their notice. I t'ollce said lhe ship began sell, lii« in Ihe water at 11 a.m and I went under within Iwo minutes I The wa.s so sudden, Ihcy |sald. that Ihe ship "must have been scuttled." The Lino, allegedly bound for | Beirut. .Lebanon, with a commer- | cinl cargo from Trieste, was seized j week .when a m-,dc an ,m- , .scheduled stop at Bail. Police opened crates In the hold and found 8.000 rifles and 6.000,000 rounds of ammunition. Police charged the Runs were destined for Communists In the "bloody Ptlglia" region around Barl an. In Sicily, where they said would have stopped next. The Titles, the police said, were of the Gcrmnn Manser type "and appeared ti> have been nmde in Ihe Dewey Extends Nebraska Drive Stasscn Rests Until Monday in GOP Fight For Mid-West's Votes (By Unite* i-rts,) An u ^v^^ n Nebraska today but Harold E. until Monday when he makes a llnal appeal lo voters for their favor In the slate's prlmarv next ruesday, ' j At Chlcnyo, meanwhile 400 „„,,. ' porters of i|,.,,ry A . svallnc,. „„,„_ cii'd fro,,, <s .,i,,i os , o S| ., , (| formal orgnulzntloii of lhe "new pnrty" which will push his hide '"linvr'- l ' n '" n<l " ny f '"' Pi''«<L'l<'nl. day so that he C ould talk High U.S. Officials Escape Injury a^ Embassy Invaded Omaha to Washington tii'li"moni- i"K, Slu.ssen exuresKcd rojifldcnce Hint he would wind up a.s lop man" amor, R he sever, candidate, entered lest Jlc " llbl!l: "" '™e-'or-i,ll con- Meanwlillc. Mrs. Mary Knmcy. riinlrjiuiii of tl,c Ncbriiskn ch|vi> to «'ln Itu. ooi' nomination lor Gen iJoiiRliis MacArlhur. said 1.1,m. u cnlile from the netlenil hart «,n- vh,ee,l her that he would "not null the rnce If he plm-,-,, low in the prlmtiry. MacArlhur,; cable si,Id: "You mny «e .sure lha| mv s ente- im;nt o! March 9 thai I wa'.s nvnll- able for any public dntv to which I nilfthl be called by lhe American People was not limited u, any par- lictllar political task but was a rc- stntcineni of a concept of lh e responsibility of clllwn..,),l,> fo,. which I then stood, now stand, and shall conllnue lo stand as lon« a.s I live." Accept tin. I I'nxUlon? Some observers wondered whether the phrase—"not limited lo any parllcular political la,k" - ,,,™,,t hat he would be willing to accept he vice-presidential nomination If he w>-c pns.sed up for the No. 1 o 'ioting and loyal government sel aovmnnent ,„«„« b..,,,,,, lo up ptai on the sliTct.s. Looters wll piowled llirounh Inirneil and s' ped jiml di.smTs,:,!. ' C 5l "' 1 All Aii,,-,l,.,, ns w . (lll W|!) . t hrff '" atU'nil Ilir Inlcr-Ame, ii-,„ • '"llfl'KM,,-,. „-,•!,. l-riuirl,.,! ,„',,. •» >K llli:ii, iv.-r.i Sccri-l Si-l'i clary of (;iiiiiii lrr<re w I'll Hiirrhi,;,,,. llie l ' il U > "s' U"!" 11 '' l "''''""" s '" (Ires on the K roimd tloor. They succeeded In Mvlng lhe IjullddiK. lhe bldod-lmth wos touched pfl yo.slcrdiiv by | hp n.s.s,,.vil,u,tlo', of leader. Like »t The Wallace followers who met :>>Ko went Inlo a huddle lo sel up plans tor a nnlional convention and organize a drive to raise-»i,000,000 for Wallaces c«m- pa gn. Tlie money w ll| \ K ra -|., e(1 chiefly among labor union members. Wallace and hl.s runnlnu male Sen. _Gleu H. Taylor, a, Ida., are to address nlghl. lorcos, by Coiitymnlst li,stlBiiloi : s- revolt spread {.tiroimh the city A.UUX«|T> IH M»blK<| At least .15 novurnmnin were set nbln/e. The ussnssln hlin- «Hf was beaten lo death, snipped naked and di'nj| 8 «,j to the prcsl- dcn la! palace of I',e,sldeni Narlnno Osphm Perez, „ caiwervnllvc. He was left lying In the street before the palace, Alfonso Corrca, an employe of lhe ron-Anicrlc-nti Union, rcporlcd In • pooled eyewitness dispatch lo the slide department litre thai he saw ninny borfle.s In the streets. He snw a boy moaning for help, bul could do nothing for him. ' Lalcr correa .sM.i, he was taken 10 K liberal hcndqiinrlcr.s" There ! he told al)out 21) men about the boy and they .said they wcre sorry, j uul "llml's war," A,i lincoji.'lrincd report was clr- Russians Bring Up Ruhr Issues Propaganda Driv« Seen by Western P»wer» in Berlin , April 10. (UP)-Th. Soviet-licensed Berlin press poss" . Ule Rll . w | Pan s ' tr ^ an apparent attempt to ,1,-lve thi llnc-e western , mwei , 0|lt o( B , reopened a demand today for Soviet P»rllc palion In International con! l''o ol Hie mlKlity Induilrlal Ruhr ' H was believed Hut , fu|| ., c »[,' barrage for intern»U of tl,e Ruhr would ^ S °° n as S"" 1 " M a rally to- . s cr- . Orsanhnllon., leaders said U|I| "« I ^ ll « »"8"la literal news- Hi cy exiwclcd M.OOO persons to nay ', " U|W| ' E1 P| 'l«"ipo Hint nt least ]00 n „ ....^.,,.1, Lir.uvu ]jt i AUIIA 1C) jmy ' ---,.- ..... v n b itru.->t j \nj nrlmlMlon fees to hear the speeches!' Km*"."'* Wcre belluvcl1 '« liave been In the chlcaao aiadium, >tlllci1 , Dcwey and Sla.ssen both apprnled 1 ">' llaw " u "'y a few (Mrsons were lo the heavy Nebraska fnrm vote In ' Itreclis, those In of Hiclr speeches lasl night: Each I m °'' c '' promisect. If elected, lo set lip programs lo Insure the farmer * fair share of lhe national Income. Sen. Robert A. Tnf( al Ohio, who Is competing ncllvely with Stas.sen, l^cwey and MacArthnr at lhe Nel"'!l'?if.?.. cl< i' :tl . 0 ! 1 - * ( ! (<l t<xla >' 'liat he „„ considered his chances as "vcrv fnvornble." Sen. Arthur vanrten- lierg of Michigan. Oov. Enrl \7ar- n around Barl and , rcn "' Cn llfonilii, and House Speak- they said the Lino I er Joc M!>r "» of Mnssaclui.'ieti.s are >pcd , 1M t. eniereri but have nol campaigned. ^^^L^^^i^ 111 ^ plam '" w**"*" was killed Thursday H>lsic1 "'-1 f ie guns had defects, they said. Official reports said 12 shells from t ^i-'"', C ,? V °" 1 ' hCir " Se ' <>r the a 24-pound gun were found in the i i ,,' V , . . Kastel area near Enab nnonrcni v I ^ . B lc slllps ""l |(irs Ilsl «'' fired bv the ArabrFvto" of n ' hcr(<lesll " ! ' ll <>» "* ™ f M. one of the d-nage or c4^^ro 'th H - ' ".S ,",« vT" '!i '" C ^'^ ing was not known. -'(Billing, police said only one ,,f British reports said a truce in the fighting at Mi.shmar Hacmck of Haifa, ended when Hagnnah troops attacked and occupied an Arab settlement nearby. one marked for SecurityCouncil Admits Burma To Membership the cases aboard was Beirut New violence was reporict turbulent fialain election cam-, P.ilg". A government spokesman ' -said the most crillcal days would come Immediately nllcr Ihe voting on April 18 but Hint the armed forces were ready 10 meet any sit- A,, r || nty. other ginners would go. During Ihe two-day meeting a review of basic, principles of drying. the Court House here at, in a.m. | dents Monday with Chancellor Francis! Noble r-in „>, - . Cherry of Joucsboro prcsidm" -'leirnVr !. - S" 0 . fl *" 1Rl<> < 1 '•'« "' i 1 - cnrn to Live tducalion program | described his pin,, for further improvement of schools and teaching! by offering a pr i, c to the ouustnnd- Arkansa* frerasc: Cloudy and '"^ »'°fk donejnjigis-w. niShl". Light Mill, ^unri^y.^cloudy! ^ $ce °'° Men Purchase with Kttlr. change Cullison Studios Weather —. , f* ••"•-i ^n-d vji uryiiiiF Blythcvillc. 1 c 'Panlng. ginning, al ,,) baling opei- -,,.0..,,,,, t lu iip for the f n ^-ions will be given by A M Pen vocational and commercial teachers, i <tlcton - Dallas. Tex., cotton ginnhu In lhe afternoon session music i specialist. The ginner.s' win also and special numbers were presented st "dy machinery, seed varities lhe by the Blytheville High School rolc of tn» Glnncr in cotlon markct- ' ing. and will Inspect a ginning and fiber laboralory. The two-day program will end with a discussion of "Mechanized Cotton Production" bv Charles M. Sayre. superintcndcnl. of -.-., i School u ,^ the Orlder Primary Stu- Stone Removal From Cemetery Mayor E. R. Jackson explained today that stones being hauled a- <vny from the old cemetery on Chic- kasRivba during the clean-up work kens L Br!ivc *"" r ' . lo partly cloudy in lempcratuiTs. Miniinum this mortiinR—M. Maximum yesterday—66. Sunset loday~-6:28. Sunrise toniorrow^5;n4 Precipitation, 2-1 hours to 7 a today—.11. Total since .Ian. 1 —1S.M. Mean I rtnpr ratine imidwav Iwcen hish and low) ss. Wormal mean for April—61. A. .-3. Brnttey. Jr.. and Richard --- —j-~. ••»,'>->iiii^nvjcn, o. Delta Experiment Station at stone- vllle. and W. E. Mocks, agriculture engineer at Stoncviile Southern Baptist College Singers to Visit City WALNUT RiDGE. April. 10 The SO-voice choral club of Southern the Cull Olencoe today. Mr. M Studio located In the] coin, win presemTconVert "i sic- Pi. II \vas anhrtimr-AH ™H ,. :„ -. .. _. . ' n - sac Hotel, u was announced studio in Osceola ry will r,.,,- flwir photographic red music at the Blylheville Bap- list Church, Tuesday night, April ~ '. R t 7 ',30. Tills rnnrfri ie r**>n ^t nn i in club. ne sivrn throughout, Ihe of Arkansas and Missouri annual sprint lour ^f the The markers are being saved, he said, and the only slones hauled a»ay are portions of tombstones or footings. The markers themselves will be cleaned so Die irocrlptiom on the-n can be read, the mayor said. Thcv then will be re-located and placed on the graves (.hat can be located and identified. There are no names or Inwript- Ions or any of the slones being hauled away. Mayor Jackson sa'l-i The old cemetery, unused for many years, l.s being cleaned up • icpaianons lo resist violence, according to Vice Premier Randolfo Pacciardi. Chief of the Cabinet's Public Order Commlslon Included airborne transport of troops and police ( O nny isolate regions of I.AKK SUCCESS. N Y | 10. .i7P,—The United Nation* .IP- In the I runty Council voted 10 to 0 today cam-, to admit Burma to UN membership. Tlie votc virtually assured final admission of the newly-lndcprn- dcnl Asiatic, state during 'the special Palestine session of tile UN G"ni'- ra| Assembly. w)u<-h .-onvciics .le\t svcck. A two-thirds vote of the fjf UN members Is nece.ssarv In lhe a.wcmblv. Argentina abstained on the vote for Burma because no instructions had been received from nuenos Aires, but ll.s delegate explained mctil IriH.Iw ,, r p,,,!,.,; »,. ; , < . arfl , ,„ »n rfforl lo ,:,,m,n>nrt ,,f the .SllDulJOIt. Shorlly before 8 a.m. EST hoiv- I «*'er, six soldiers carrying Klm ., | pissed the Ainedciui embassy en : route to a nearby spot where a few persons still were looting stores I Among the buildings destroyed by (fire wore the Franco-Colomblnn ; College and the Rcglna Hotel. The RcRliw Hold housed some delesn- i lions lo lhe conference, but all were I accounted for. A French flag flew over the college building. One man attempted lo "invade" the Granada Hotel In which some newspaper coiresirondcnts ore stay- Ing. He wa.s pushed out by Iwo sol- It. was generally lelt thai ih. die,.,. Correspondent., reported that Politburo, which dlrccls Soviet army troops, loyal lo the govern- ! '"reign poltcv, mav have undent mem. control vtriuitlly the entire 1 Imatcd American and Brill"/, optS- itlon lo the Russian war of nerves Some quarters believed thai the kreinlln may have laken over net-' Mkolovsky was missing from th, capilol today nl , d m ,»iif lt<] „,„ 'JJ believed he h»d flown to Moscow ™ consult with the Politburo on Ru Uerlln Xl m ° Ve '" the " C °' d W>r " 'inteinullonal control Is Polen'l 0 .! tal Ss'^uror-a" not be c«rrled out by jingle Impi-r l»lisllc power.? »| otl ' e| ••„!,, th ^ Soviet Army newspaper T»egllch« Rundschau in the first »rlkle an thi subject In .,|T :„„„(!„ * "A control In which the couhtrie* do S ",','oi e Vr"lclp l «T« <!d bi> °" mgn " approved." More Pll« Hl^h j n B^Hn The Soviet-licensed trade tmtori newspaper Tribune joined in th» campaign will, » from page editor la I chaining tlie Ruhr was beini -sold tor one third ll.s world price Meanwhile, the British Licensed Iclegraf reported that there were UcMcni.i O f packages addressed to Western Germany pi]«t up ln Berlin because of soviet refusal to permit mole than two mail cars . day to pnH., through the Soviet Zone to the Western zones. f-|f lMn „• » day are needed normally. Western allied quarters though "mu,red' l b'y the'kremnn t^ex "S!" ± 3 :j ils " c ° M ?""-' •««" p rn. i|(th of Boaota's Main Street— rren, Si-;>Ilinn. [ Kcvi ']'ri,iip.s On SlrreU It wa.s believed Hint most nvull- . able eovcrnment troop.s were con- ,/ined to the prcsldrntlnl palace area to protect Mariano Osplim Perez, the conservative president against whom Ihe revolt started The building In which (he U S embassy Is located had numerous fires iluring the night which were ojllrkly pill out. persons who climbed to the roof of the embassy building al dawn saw smoke from i\iim- crotis fires throughout lhe downtown section, Uojjotn's four fire engines were not operating. In niiy case, thev Ive direction of lhe situation ,„ Germany after last Monday's air crash. t^d,^S": B±;° ^—I^W^-^ecn unable lo cope j? e 'rM-" iB •"•:::^i:««^«- After the Burma vote the Council turned to the Western Power request for reconsideration of Italy's membership application. Russia earlier vetoed Italy'., application i lngi : 'n nan tne only means of com American delete Warren R. T^TxsOKKKrm.v M ^ MAm Austin said Russia was unjusll- : ' "" and Bogota's extreme altitude of H.ODO feel helped however. Both combined lo keep the fires from spreading widely. Ommunirallon* Disrupted cut, dcrbl.s removed and loose >r broken slones collected Many of Blythcvlllc's pioneer residents are buried In this cemetery and It Is the proposed site of a memorial park. The Lions Club here lasl year adopted a resolution calling allctilion to the cemetery's run-down condition nnd urged thai it be made Into a. memorial park Many of the suggestions in the re- .wliiljon wrrc Inrorporalcd in a report, madr it month aco by Ihr- pork Lommiiion la lhe Ctly Council. Third Blast Victim Dismissed From Hospital Mrs. Otis Pin-ten of Dcllj the third victim of tr,e kerosene Wast Sunday which claimed the live* of her mother-in-law Mrs. n. c. Parlen nnd sister-tn-law Mrs Paul Parten wn.s dismiwr-d from lhe Blylheville today. j rm.stm smo utissta was unjusli- ; ' The young Mr.s. Parlen wa.s burn- ! fl<1<1 '" lak( "? Hie stand thai II ij; • . . _ 4 „, .... . . ^ co ,,jd not votc for ]ta1y lln]cs(| lhe /Vlisjissjppi County - «H. r . SL Al S in riT,^:' Gefs Bi * Bond O"*"" land—were admllted slmullaneous- ly- Austin wit r not Russia lhai n third veto would be Interpreted by the world as an "expression by lhe Sovlel Union of a lack of friendship for lhe people of llalv." — j"••••*, 1*110. rH'trj, wns oui tied about lhe arms body when she rushed lo the aid of the Iwo older . women shortly after a fire, caused by pouring kerosene on live coals • Mr.s. Paul • Sunday Parten died at 1 i. six hours after Filling Station \Suffers Heavy Fire Damage OSCF.OLA. April ltt-Afire,belier- cd caused by static electricity, caused damage e-sliniatcd nt $3 000 loth* Esso Service Station located on Highway 61 in downtown Osceoln and » trailer Iruck owned by the Bencck Corjioraiion of Columbus, Miss., early this morning. According to W. w. Prewitt, chlei of the Osccola Mre Department the trailer truck wa.s being refueled m lhe time of Ihe fire. The fire was said to have started near the cab of the truck. The gasoline lank of trie-truck exploded, crocking plate glass windows of the sUlion and doing considerable dnirmge to lhe station's pumps. The cab of the truck und the trailer were heavily d«maged by the New York Cotton Correction - - Shumpert ot Columbus, on. of ths drivers or the tmck, was a- I UP! — NEW VORK. April 10 Couon clased steady. open high low close MI"". 3i-;n sns 31,^9 3175 M «y 3670 3685 3M9 3683 •'"VV SSOO M').} n.SS!) 3(51B Ofi • -1:S« 3STi 3iVi .TO! firr. ^1!^7 3I1S *iii -»(«r Spolj close 370J up as. Tlie Courier News yesterday reported that the Builders' Supply. Incc.rpornled, was constructing '» building on South Highway 61. and that R. C. Parr wa.s contractor lor the construction work. This was an erroneous report and should have sMl.'d that the building l.s hf ing cnnstruc-lcd by Mr. Fnrr, on his properly, and will be tensed lo ths newly Incorporated enterprise. i Mississippi County has been as-1 -signed «5fiO.OO(J quota in America's Security Loan Campaign lo sell' more U. S. Savings Bonds, and the i goal for the entire stale of Arkansas Is *M million, the Treasury De- ! j pariment announced today, ' j «.. v.,; u.»c<.-, in mr inic*. was *I Counly quotas, lhe purposes and ' »'«P »> lhe bunk co™p»rtment of I ol)Jrclive,s of lhe program were dls-' lh * ral1 al th ' *'— "• l *-- "-- " jcussfo i,, Lime Hock Apr|1 s j t a meeting of county chairmen and , volunteer workers. Charles Evans, lo lhe president of Arkansas Power and Light Company, was the principal speaker. This Is lhe first peacetime cam- lea's Security l.s Our Security 'sl«a«n for the campaign, wlwh ~—,. ... ...v vi»i>i vuiv^iwiimenL 01 lhe cab «t the time of thr. fire. He was awakened by he«t from th« blaze »nd dove from the bunk to Ihe concrete apron o( Ihe si*tlon, slightly injtirlng his right urm. The other driver, E«rl H«rri.<. ulso tA Columbus was In the tUtlon nt 'trt« llrne of the fire. : The truck was reluming to C<>t- umbus from * Northern trip »nd as | the Irsller »»s empty »t the Mm* ' of lhi> lire. '.Roland Booth ol Oie- •

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