The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1934
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXXT—NO. 225 THK P01UMANT KKWm-At-EK Of HOHTH«* TO ARKAM8AB libroUTgb^S^Ll ^ ^-i-^ T? O HOME EDITION BlythCTllle- DHjy Newt BlythevUta Mississippi V»Uey Lewier Blythevllle Hertld ARKANSAS, FIUDAY, WKORJIBKIl 7, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS S CROWD HUNGARIAN BORDER Launch Drive to End Robberies George Means, Local Salesman, Reports''• Shooting Bandil Last Night Pollen and county officers joined today In a general drasnet for suspicious characters and transients In an effort to break up a series of hold-ups , and attempted hold-ups climaxed by the shooting of a prominent Fris-co official by biindUs herp curly yesterda}' morning ami the. wounding of :i jjunnian by a hold-up victim on Highway 61, south of Blythcvill3, early last niglu. Authorities were hopeful that some trace could be fomul of bandlte who robbed George Moans, .- local packing company salesman, In < daring highway hold-up. Means reporied lhat lie shot one of the bandits three times -as they made their getaway. J. L. Minima, assistant superintendent, of thc( river division of the Frisco railroad, was removed from the Ulylhevillc hospital last night and carried by train to St. Louis where surgeons at the railroad's private hospital were to probe for a bullet that Mumna receivfl v/l^n lie answered: n command to elevate his hands by swinglnj; an intended haymaker. Mumna's condition'is not believed . to be serious. fiounil Up Underway All suspects rounded up yesterday and today were being put through.., a Btllling .by., local officers and ; erStk invcitlga.tors of ; - -Jthe_B-|3td -iWIrba'd.'-•' They' 'aft" be= Ing fingerprinted, before being released. .,:-' •.''.. Means was en route from ps- ceola to Ills liome here when lie was held up about 8:30 o'clock .lost night on Highway ci. ' 7 miles south of Blytheville Manila the comity seat It would >e a fine tiling for the railroad. So Brown 'approached J. K. P. Hale,, of Osceola, then Mississippi county representative 'in the ijen- ral assembly, and oulnined his Two cars were parked diagonally ncro% the highway, headed south, as Means approached, driv- ine north. Believing that an accident had occurred Means drove h!s car off on the road shoulder to avoid striking the. other machines. When lie stopped two men who had been standing beside one of the machines approached Means and said the gas line of their cur was stopped up, asking him to pull them lo the nearest town. About that time the oilier car drove away and as Means suggested that he had no tow rope but would push then- car to the nearest service station a third occupant, of the machine approached on the other side of Ins i-.'ir and leveled a pistol at liirn. cautioning him lhat they meant "business". The other men also pulled guns, Means said. Thay made only one request. Means staled, asking that he hand ever his order book. In which had been accustomed, unlil recently, to carry his collections, including cash and checks. compiled with their request, turning over his order book \vjli. .?F41 in checks which he hnrl collected during Hie day, but no cash. Although Means had some cash ui 'o wallet in his pocket the bandits made no effort tc- search him or his car, lie stalcci. tut expressed disappointment al the contents of his order hook. Means Opens Fire As the tandlls backed loward their cor and started to eel inside Means grabbed a .38 calibre automatic from Its hiding plane in Ills car nnd opened fire. His first fhot. the salesman declared, dropped the last gunman entering Ihe car and ns he crumpled to the prucment Means poured two more fhots into him. The Injured man's companions reached out of their car and pulled him Inside, speeding awhy without returning Means' fire. Fearful that the bandits would return Means left his car and hid In a nearby weed patch for (several mlni(!es, (then returned lo his car and hurried to Bly- IhevDle where he reporlerl the robbery to police officers. Sheriff Clarence Wilson aud Thurman Atkins, policeman, started an mcdlate investigation of the rob- wry, but no trace of flic bandits COUM -to found. Means said Ihe gunmen were traveling m a Ford V-8 coupe »"« yellow wire wheels and had no license putcs noticeable. Ac- the ti .? ns , of the occupants of ?,.rtf»t?' r> whlch departed 1m Hlfidmtcly -*• - First Cham her oLGomrtierce Won Fight For County Seat TiUroduclion at the Chamber of agreement' lo Introduce a bill for Commerce banquet last ntglil of Hie division of the county. The Atty. C. M. Buck, os "the first measure provided that the new secretary of-the first chamber of district should be known as "Lu- commcrce" in Blylhevillc recalled zon." after the prlncti&l Island of lo old timers the circumstances the Philippines, then much in the surrounding the creation of that public eye following Uie Spanlsh- Blytheville/\ civic organiui- American war, and an appropriate lion — the BIyilicvIlle Men's association. Business companion name for thai of Intended county seat. The Iwnn- 11 was in 19W. The Jonesboro, Lake City and Eastern railroad had clary line between It and the Osccola district was fixed to pans recently extended its line as far J "- st norih o( B| S'U>evil)c and then east as Manila and It occurred to ° slant ° rf sotithwestward to em- E. Foster Brown, of Joncstoro, one ,, rnce "'O-'t-of the I.Htle River and of Die promoters ot the road that Buffalo'Island part of the comity, if )ie COIIM bring about the cn>n- IL l iravl<le d. f °r selection of tlic tion of a second judicial district c ' ollllt V Kca L *>y popular referendum Mississippi county and make rrom al »°nfi Manila, Blythevllle, and Cooktown. Tlic latter, a separate, municipality In thaw days, is now the western part of Blytheville. Unfortunately news of what was contemplated leaked out and Ihe (Continued 'on Page Two) STflTE IS L 3 re-Christmas Sales Are Running Substantially Ahead of Last Year KANSAS CITY, Mo., Dec. 7 (UP) —Christmas stockings will sag iin- ler 'a load 16 ; per cent heavier -his year than last. I \ The holiday spirit ii pulling itself out of the morafs' of necssBi- .lesbnd again will find expression in . jred^wagpn.s,, • and - : climbiiig.'. mori-: keys, silks and tics, dianloml.s'"anil siJvenvare.'/ ' ' ; A UMted Press survey in 25,citlcs from .coast lo coast and border to sorrier .shows Ihnt Christ mas trade is .running as much/as-53 pir cent iilgher than [t was last year. The average estimate by merchants was 16.8 per cent. Where a -plaid dress sufficed last year an evening gown will be on [he- tree this-season. Oriental rugs, furnishings, Jamps, jewelry and leather goods were in demand In the New York metropolitan area. 'Leading New York department stores estimated .sales up 5 per cent with prospects the volume would Increase as Christmas neared. Illinois To Get First Chance At Duke, Weisbrod CARUTHERSVIIiE, Mo., Dec '.—H. M. Duke; arid Emory Weis- Jrod. alleged confidence men, who fleeced two Hay'li men out of about $2.500, will not be returned iere to face felony charges unless hey are acquitted on misdemeanor charges at Murphysbonv ill the sheriff's office here has been nolified. Spends Less Than Neighboring States with Lower Per Capita Wealth LITTLE ROCK. Dec. T. (UP)— Arkansas' educational expenditures are too, small considering Its Income and wealth as'compared with iha national average and \vllh indivld- ul states, M. Crawford 'oreene, director of research and statistics In the department.or,.education, has determined. ""*' " ' ' .' Greene, makes'lils explanation In comparative ratios. po r .each dollar of Income psr child between the. ages of fl and n years i'n Arkansas the national income of the 48. states and . the District of Columbia is $2.11 pa- chll;l. In Mississippi (lie Income Is 78 .-. cents and in - For each .dollar of wealth per child in Arkansas there is $2.13 for the nation, 76 cents for Mississippi, 78 cents for Alabama and $1.20 for Louisiana, Far each dollar Arkansas spends per child ^as computed on average daily school attendance the notion spends $2.82, Mississippi $1.23 and Louisiana $1.62, showing, Greene said .Hint the ratio of school expenditures over the nation to the annual income and the wealth Is much greater than in Arkansas. Mississippi has an-income and a wealth much less per child than Arkansas yet it spends 23 per cent more. Alabama's income and wealth are less than , Arkansas' but Ihe dMSIrl Mcni|)hian Tells Chambei of Commerce U.S. Musi Have Foreign Outlets, Keestablisliment of foreign trade lo provide outlets for our surplus cotton, tobacco, wheat and other products Is essential to ihe achievement or nermnneiil prosperity for (he United Stales, the Blythevjlle .ClmmUer of Commence','was told last night by W. II. Hersleln,' Memphis, principal s]»akcr at the organization's annual banquet. j Nearly 100 members" of Uie Chamber of commerce-and their wives gathered at the Hotel Noble for (he banquet, described as file mast successful affair of its kind In receni years. ' . ! The program was opened with' a song and dance numljer by three young pupils of Miss Margaret MoT- fltt, the little Misses Dltsle Sllll- man, Ruth Turner, and Ixnilse Matthews, accompanied by Miss Louise Turner, all of Luxora. Russell Phillips, retiring president of Hie chamber, presided. W. J. Wnii- derllch, president for 1935. spoke briefly. He sold that he would tell what the Chamber of commerce would do under his administration after it was done, but -'submitted a brief outline of projects that he had In mind. J. Mell Brooka, entering,upon h]g fourteenth year as secretory, mnde a brief report In which ho listed accomplishments 'of 'he' past year. - , ir " Wouto Forget War Debts . Mr. ..Hersteln/ pastveresldeiilc of the Memphis t;nartber,^r-i3orn; n-ierce-aiid president of the Memphis Rotary dub,-dovoted'his talk chiefly lo ii plea for better international relations ivhich. he said are'fneccssary'flsja foundation for revived foreign trade. He said Ihe united-Slates should abandon Insistence upon collection of uncol- cenls. in Alabama 87 ?,? ™, ce "P™ collection Lciilslana $121 'ccUole- war debts and devote ll.s ' attention to obtaining business that is available abroad.- America, he declared, is primarily an Industrial and commercial nation and cannot afford to follow policies that strangle Industrv ana commerce. Just as it, Is the job.of local chambers of commerce to conserve the commercial Interests of their communities, so, he declared Is It the job of the business mwi of America, working .through the united States Chamber O f Commerce, to guard the commercial interests of the country. He expressed regret 'that President Roosevelt, at the outset of his administration, had not surrounded himself, with advisors of practl- to Inrn the pair over to officers en\ Duke and Wclsbrod allegedly oli- l.tlnect money from two Hayfi men by convincing their victims that they could make two $10 bills appear where there had been only one before by. a msgio combination of paper nnd water. U. S. Agrees to League Action for Chaco Peace WASHINGTON, Dec. 7. (UP)— The United States today modified its obdurate stand against any par- Iclpatton by the League of Nations In settlement of purely American affairs, and ogreed to partial cooperation with the league In another attempt to bring peace lo the Gran chnco. — -*, it,wu bliutl in n,Mir>tI.^ UUw lilt „„! Viol *" I school expenditure Is greater'. While ?',. ^ ' "' , ex P<?i-i<"ice, but de, Loulslana's income and wealth are ,,'o, t, , P leasur ° nl Indications greater l(s ratio on school expendl- " lat , b f lness -">*". 1" 'he future, tnre Is much more than Arkansas'. *™j,, [ ° llaver R greater voice in the rn,,, , ,, , , guidance of public po cles. a rJn f ?, rC ! nSS , anSWCr l ° '"? Mnst Recover Trade argument that Arkansas cannot Secretary of state Cordell Hut! and Secretary'of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace are absolutely right, he asserted, In their Insistence that permanent prosperity requires the rehabilitation of foreign trade. The cotton, tobacco and wheat producers, and many others, he said, must sell abroad If they are to prosper. He did not touch directly upon control of agricultural production, except to express the fear that the prosiwrlty a brought n as temporary, of upon the tariff, but spoke at .some length upon the war debt situation. These debts, he said, were Incurred for goods which we sent to Europe during the war. We refuse (o accept goods In payment, Ihe debtors cannot pay any olhei Other statistic.'! found by Greene show Arkansas 45lh in Income p" r child, Wh In wealth per child, and 47th In expenditure la tabulations including the District of Columbia. The ranking of 47th In expenditure is Including cost O f bond maturities and interest. Excluding the bonds and Interest and considering only operating'cost, Arkansas ranks lasl, Greene said. car, led Means to believe that they were Involved In the robbery. Officers believed the bandits might have tseii using a stolen car. Hospitals and physicians in nearby towns were Informed to b? on the watch for a man seeking treatment for bullet wounds but officers believed if. the bandits lived in this section they might be . able to contact source.? froth which, medical attention could be obtained -with no questions nsked. Arkansas Is 18l!i In the amount I wa >'. so we might as well stop In- of Indebtedness per pupil with a proration ol $86.25, Oreenc found. The national average, based on average dally attendance, Is $139,63 Per pupil. Veteran Denies 'Greatly Exaggerated' Report BEULAIRE, 0. (UP)—Paul A, VVimmer has scut a letter to the Veterans' Bureau at Washington denying a "greatly exaggerated" re- Port of his death. The bureau had notified Wlm- nier's family it was ready to pay his adjusted compensation for Ills death. The mistake occurred when a Columbus man used wimmer'.i service serial number lo obtain a nag for a veteran's funeral. ''I hope you have a long wait before paying that claim," wlnimcr wrote...." - .-•;•• currlng the 111 will of possible CILS tomcrs by keeping Ihe issues alhc he argued. He concluded with a picture of what might have happened to the united Stales had we failed to assist, the Allies and thus halt the threat ot German world domination, it i s possible, he said that the tremendous cost of the war to us was.a very cheap price lo pay for the security It gave us. Mr. Brooks, In his report, said that 1934 had not been a year of outstanding accomplishment on Uic part of the chamber of Commerce. Members received, a good return for their small investment, however, he declared; and pointed lo assistance given in the cotton acreage reduction signup campaign, an effective fight agalnit a change in railroad rates that would have diverted cotton from Dlytlievlllc, the partially successful enorts of Uie chamber to curb solicitation of funds In this'City, the scrip relief program, and the airport. I'leiress Counts ; Out Divorce 4 $10,000 Fire.Loss at. Caruthersyille Today If* tlj '• .......j ..,.,,, J^L-f, I r -Hrc nf unknown origin cau.m ' •- In loss r.illnialed liHuvpn $11000 OIK yrnr TnillpUT •'— """ "" oato " M ' 9 filim " . "rough mi entire • business block (do hrarC or tlie city here this i'Mlni! before firemen .succeeded In clirdtlng the (limits. empevaliircs As Low Asi|,,S c ' ll !;l; 1 ^, llnmi " t( 'l l " hvo in n • . H .1 m " 1(II "B. oH'iiwt mid occ 10 Degrees Arc Fore- "' " cast for Arkansas I*y Iliiltcil I'ross A blltcr cold wave swept across Canada and Uie United Slulcx lo- day. Temperatures plunged lo abnormally low levels, even |u Sontli- cm .stales. No Immediate roller was forccnsl. Tlic coltl mm- (al. lowed extended snow .slonn.s nnd ndilcil to (lie bunion plmwd upon relief agencies, "The cold wave Is gencnil llmi- oul the.United stutes," tlic wonllinr bureau «(,. SI. Ixmls roporlcd. "It Is nccoinpnriiiijl by dear .skies ax- cept along the Atlantic seaboard mid In the nnd pails of the southwest.. There is not much prospect for wanner weather for at least 3ll ijoiirs." TcmiMratures as low ns 10 degrees were forecast for Arkansas. . W}ilte Ulvcr, Onliirlo, was Die coldest spot on the weather mao pictured .._ vi> York, ile.ilt a knockout biow'Yo -ated minors tluit nho was to Record Snow Kerallcil ...IMTUICU JIUIIUIW 11HU 8 10 WES tO Tlln lt,.l t ., II . . . divorce tho formoi- Crown Prince '„ c ' llB " r sllow . which fell here "" ormoi- rown rnce „ of Spain H-IIO renounced J,".rl8h" ' ^n 111 , 01 ;"''! 6 , 1 ' to raarr,- . l, e ,-. B ho annouiicel r?cnlU ; (1 to ' . ' " rst Ol U>c . . e aim would rejoin him Hi Burop. I 00 ""' • 1; " 0 «' °f after visiting. Ucr family, • 17 ycnrs a s° t" OSEffl Munitions Makers Sacrifice ""'•'"'' t" dll y. residents tin 1, inn, - -. — that dnte, heavy .enough to constitute n serious obstacle lo traffic, was followed by co!d wcntlicr and additional snows nnd. it was several weeks before all traces ol It dlsnpiwared. —One eign Business 9eciets for For- >TiSHINGTON, Deo. 7. (UP)-Evidence was picscnted lo tcnale Investigators today that a high of flcial of Hie war deparlmeut believed |ti 19.M Ihflv It was vastlj more Important to encourage" the. DuPont coiiiiluny.of Delaware to re- ninln In the mmillluns business than to "endeavor to prated - KC- crels" In the manufnctiirlng pro- ;ss. ."It has been sho«-n here,", sold Senator Arthur 'ii. Vandenbcrg, (Rep., Mlch.J, of the arms committee, "that when the United States .,.„ _ ,„ develops a new weapon we must pnrenlly liopcli-ss - search for Impart the knowledge to potential'trans- CARUTHERSV1LLE, Mo., Dec. 7 One inmrl-Pr of an Inch of'snoM fell here between (i .o'clock/and [ o'clock this; .mbrninjr.'.H soon•:melted mvay. snow of the season fell todaj the t seventeenth nnnl>er5ary of Ih biggest snow In the cltys history I irgc flukes ucre falling thick!) but were melting fast Seventeen JCMS ago today a •monslonn swept the c |tj nnd left clblil and one half inches on the ground K'llhln 24 hours. Storm Handicaps Search For Missing Aviators HONOLULU, Dec. 7 (UP) — A storm bringing heavy - seas ami rnln made the U. g; navy's task more difficult today- in ers can operate their plants at capacity." Chairman Gerald P. Nj'e, Republican, North Dakota, said he regarded Vamlenbcrg's statement as "Ihe best argument for elimination of the prlirntc manufacture of arms." Earlier ,\rajor K. V. Cossey. DuPont military sales director, testified that Uie company planned to withdraw from the munitions <<a- ncss shortly after Ihe war but was persuaded not to by war department officials.. ap- 'n .-oceanic, plane which fell Into near the Island of /CRIP Hark In 1B17 and 1918, (he man or woman who didn't do his or licr part was given the name of "slacker." Nolwdy wanted that name so we had very little holding- back. Today, the man or woman who.Is not using Keller Scrip anil Stamps Is not doing his or her part of the relief job. Are you in Iliat class? irf /'(/ fcri'ng.l/ts jlocfa'pj ittc^ l/cjort fftflf'e gelt , 1 mitring' ... • • - ,. ,, ,"• - v* occupied the Duiilton-aaniM- Drug com- iiiny, and jiracllcully ruined UK' -.tore's slock nnd equipment of Mm vanity licmily shop mi ( | j. ^, Jale, chirojiniclor, occii|>an'i.i of - second door. C!othln S of tlio Cross, viihiocl at about $000 he |ST!TuTI War Clouds .Gather Again As Repiisals^Are Taken- for "King's Murdei ' ' lly UFOKCE KAU10K -'/ Vnllcd f'rrw Correspondent '."• IRUE DHL Election Probcvs Turn Aside To Discover Vio- lalion; Cost $256 OARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Dec. 1 , , -Pemlscot county's grand j lrr y - ..-.,.....j ., bkiiiiu jury Impaneled to probe election day violence, which submitted lls final report, yesterday, did return one "dlulment. It was learned today. A resident of the .southwest section of the county, whose name was not revealed because he' has loft the slale nnd cannot be scrv- fd ivlth 11 warrant, was Indicted for assault with Intent to kill In shooting Inlo n lioiiso.'Tlte shoot- nig had' no connection with election day violence. - • The Indictment, as the only tangible, result of the Jury's services.- cost the county $250 It was revealed. Tlic .total represents the iimoutil expended in payment of sheriff 1 .; costs witnesses' fees and Juiors fees for tht foui days the jury WB.S In session!, ,Inipii!e,Ii.d especially to Investigate the killing of Horace Ferreil ami othei acts of violence a November B the dav of the gen eiill election (lip Jury brought In no IndlclmenU but recommended ihnt pence officer? pcifonn tlich duties moie effcclhclj 01 resign frnm (hell offices It was reliably reported today that Indictments in connection with some cases of election day violence failed by one vote- The Jury, II. wus stated, voted'8 lo 4 to Indict, one short of -'iho necessary G to 3 vote Irlven front their homes In Yngo- Hlnvlu, crqwdod thh border town to- ilny while angry citizens demon-* slratcrt in the , -rtreeUs, crying, "Down with Serbia." <•» • Tlic mass ex'adliv enforced by the Yugoslavian government In reprisal for the assassination of King Alexander by terrorists alleged «to have cnmc from Hungary, presented scenes ot human mkery unparalleled In post-war times. " T When It Is complete 27000 Him"-" jarlan m,ldents of Yugoslavia will have been driven from their homes Hungary has •sharply prol*st«d'' the cxpuhlom and th« dispute reached a crlsh today at the i of Nations sewlon at Gene Uprooted from Ho Men, Hamcn and streamed across the borde't^ mothers. with babies in feeble old men and w. pled children, women about- Jo' coiiie inolhers, children sefrfa'tc'd from llielr parents They; had been uprooted without warning from their homes, loaded Into' crowded trains, and lent across Ihe frontier, shivering and embittered In the wlrrfer weather. Mnny "we're without iiaggage. Some had bundles or n few precious possessions knotted In a cloth Many , «cre actually'^ destitute. some htid only a few pengoes In their pockets. Ihe b.ilk of Iheir possessions household goods, cattla and fanning equipment V ;«re left behind 5 > ^ A«- BfaniM Huntary GENEVA Dec 7. (UP)— Bogullub Jettlc Yugoslavian foreign minister bltteily d6n6uiicc'd-Hungaiy be- foa (lie couhell 'of the LSagu? of Naltons lodaj charging the nation Held Three White Men In Shooting of Negro STUTTGART, Dec. 7. (UP)— Three white mcl | wcre hcld Ilcrc today for questioning in connection with the futal sliooting of Mas- sle Lamb, 50, Stuttgart negro, on the highway u miles east or here last night. The men ore Arthur' Moncrlef and Prank Dooley of Clarenden aud jake Wilson of South ctarcn- aeii. Dooley told officers tlic negro'.' car sldeswipwl His machine "and they asked for S25 damage.'!. Ht •wild the negro refused anil that Moncrlef shot. Moncrlef has refused to talk. Stillman, Frazier and Keiser Clubs Reorganize A number of Boys and Girls 4H clubs in Mississippi county me reorganizing under the direction of Troy Millllns, assistant coumv Agriculture agent. - . ' At stlllman 19 members hnve n enrolled with Mary Franco? wal, president; Marshall' Spears, vice-president; Jewell In-ln scc- rclary; Mre. Ina Meal and Manda rendei-grass, leaders. Twenty-three members Joined the club at Keiser which has these officers: Webb Anderson, president; Frances Johnson, vice- pir.5idetit; Alfa Workman, E °cre- lury; Dell Anderson, reporter- \v E. Reeves mid Clarice Lltlle leaders. . ' , . The Fra2ler club has SB members with Pauline Phillips as president; Elsie wilcoxson, vlcc-presl- deni; Armon Oalnes, secretary, nnd Mrs. a. o. Hood, leader. Mrs. Baby Face Nelson Gets Year And Day Term MADISON, WIS., ,Dec. T (UP)- Jucjgc Patrick T. Stone sent Mn Helen oillls, young George • "Baby .-Face' widow Nelson, orison for o year and'a day today 'a show her "there !s only one'end to the sort of life you have led,". govcniaieiit with complicity In Hip assassinations: Yugoslavia's formnl > charges against Hungary, fraught with dy- immlle lo Elie Internattonar situation, arc before (he council 'for consideration. Jcvtlc in h» speech declared the Hungarian government Itself aided the bind of assassins who, from their base' at Jankapufta In "Hungary, sent out messengers of death, to kill King Alexander and Foreign Minister Louis Earthou of Prance at Jiarsellles -, "The facts on which the Yugoslavian goveinmcnt based these accusations." he said, "are such that (hey clearly establish the responsibility of certain Hungarian au- Ihoritlcs and of (he / Hungarian iciit Itself. 1 ' ","ff^ " War Menace 'Seen I "" J Hungary, defending^ ^hl gainst, Yugosloda's charges-! she fostered the ossassinatlon*plA against King Alexander, declaics Hint the plot was hatched ' b'v Cro-it terroiUts outside of Hungary and was openly announcer! at a Croat terrorist meetm" ' Youngstown, O, before the ° si nation. Dr.- Edward Benes of Czechoslovakia, speaking fo. Ihe Little TJii- tenle (Rumania, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia) supported Yugoslavia, lio.icm, and declared. "If 'he case now before thrj council had happened before Me v-iir rnd botoic. >ho lea°ue c\'- ista: war lehvien. Ue two states tcncerned would IwcJbeen today a sat! reality' - w~ \ v . ;.i "il in the fi,tuic W is .•!«•<!•• lo Impsul thV -.„„«„, the Uttle Entente the same>cat- t '- sl . ro .l'); c 'nov'tab'/ would Bcnes also clMrsed n plot'to •arces Ihe posi par treaties and *r<si teiritorj- from Chechoslo- vakia and Yugoslavia i i afteaiBt unitetaf WEATHER Arkansas—Fair, much colder, temperature's between 10 and 14 degrees, tonight in north portion, 20 to 24 degrees in south and central portions. Saturdaj fair, not quite so cold in north portion ' Memphis and vicinity—Snow this afternoon, cloudy and colder tonight. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 52, minimum 32, clear with .03 of an Inch of snov last night, according to Samuel- £. Norrts,,official *eatherCobs«\er. Brass Is an _alloy, composed ot copper and sine,'

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