The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 8, 1937
Page 3
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MONDAY, MARCH s, 193? Church's Program Gives Emphasis to Each Phase of Work Tlie First Baptist clmrcli lin.s lhanged Its spring program from the usual spring revival of two veeks duration to.brief periods of smpliasls upon" each phase of .'liurch ocllvlty, it lias been an- lounced by Hie Hcv.'Alfred 0'ir- tfnter. •.•-., The program started tlie first veek In March with the Womans Missionary Union, under the icad- .'I'shlp of Mrs. Leslie Moore em- JliRslnIng Home IVfissions Ih'roueh jpecifll programs and an- offcrliia or missions. The second week in vtarcJi Is led by tJ, e Baptist Train- ng Union under the leadership of Jirector, Alvj'n Huffman jr., Art of Soul'. Winning^ and womota, projects to wli, othci" o Christ and the church. Tlie list meeting of tins group will be JSU tonleht when the Rev. Homci- Reynolds; or Little Rock will brind "« nrst, inspirational address Thp enrollment for tin, i m ini,, s schoo , """- lait night; In the Union "I life goal of 200 en- will be reached this cve- third week ,„ M .rch W | U 1 by the Brotherhood tlie oganization of the church. o led oiled im irogram ^ -' if s c n m! , x ln men s bniiQiici nt the church nth Lawson H. Cookc of Mcm- >lus Southwide Secretary for (lie as u, e Brotherhood movement, principal speaker. The fourth week In March will « elvcn to n young peoples re- •ivnl with Chester Swor, of ciin- on, Miss., as tlie speaker. This is i popular movement ninone the «mth of Baptist churches and rfr.-Swor is now leading th e ' Pi ,. st Baptist church of Shreveport in n jueccssful campaign. the Bible School, .-. , -•'. superintendent . lead with study courses of- er«tl for all workers leading to he t ,diploma and red May ;ernioiis on irtship, h , -* leadc r shi l> •Ilie School nnnual will be Marriage and Vacation '•" Bible i« 'I, • ", . , kxl the, church in the largest Board. Cheerful'Giver Rewarded ' •' •, v • ai) Inconie Tax Paying Time This Is the fourth of six articles on deductions the average taxpayer may make In his- fccl- f'lul Income lax return. * • * «y NI!<V Service I't-rhaps (lie most, pieaasnt deductions you can make on your income (ax return are those based on what yen have given away. lint lie careful. All the money /on may liavj given away during lie past year hit't, neces'iitriiy ile- luetlUe. The money you may have issswl out to jmidliandlcM on the ilreel, or the S5 check -you sent to Cousin Ed that time lie was In a pot, <b not count as contributions nitlcr the income tax law, Only those to recognized orgnnl- ations are counted, as It would be oo liard to check up on casual tfnefaclions to individual peopl;. I'UltroSI! ftll'OKTANT The organization you have given to must "be operated exclusively for .religions, charitable, scientific, literary or educational pur pases, or for the prevention of cruelty to animals or children. It most ofthe organization's activity consists tn lobbying or propagandizing, your contributions are not deductible. And In any case, if any part of the income of the organization go?:, to-private stockholders or •Individuals, it's no go. That doMii't refer to charitable organizations like Uic Red Cross, which may distribute funds to individuals. Community fund contributions, for instance, are definitely deductible, and so arc contributions to organizations 'devoted to the advancement of learning, like a college, or a purely scientific research foundation. 15 1>EK CENT LIMIT Church collection money, i>ew rents or dues, or contributions to the church building fund or rc?n- lar church activities arc deductible. . Any contribution to Hie government, 1 slate or local, such as a per- iwtual gift of a lot to the city for a public park, is deductible. Contributions 'to lodges may be deductible if you can show, that the money was used for religious, scientific, educational, literary or charitable purposes, if you've been'unustinllv The 'government allows total deductions of only 15 pjr cent of VOID net income exclusive of tlu> contributions. Next: Casualties and th;-fls_ tlit-lr jnopi'i- listing in your II. s. iiLi-uine f:ix returns. Refugee, Thankful For Aid Given in Tinie of Disaster "1 want everybody to knoiv ho«good those people :il ti.e armory have beeii to me," said John 7, Smith, n crippled and weather-worn Hood refugee, who asked the Courier News to publish a "Thank you." thorn a present but I want the doctors and all those down at the armory to know that I and my family appreciate what they have done for us," he said. And Ills story is but one ol the many who appreciate being carwl for although they speak iu> thanks. Sjiiilil. ivho Is 07 and loaks its if 'he could .hardly walk, has b»er in two car wrecks within the last year and is almost disablfAl. Hlr wife Is ill at the Red Cross hospj- lal mid so her three daughters age 12, a and 2. and her son. age -1, were sent to tlie orphanage at Little Rock until the mother is able to care for them. They ' were living with KOIUC friends two miles north of Del' when the-high water came and, like thousands of other refugees,' they were brought into Blytheville What little (hey liiid' was lost In the (lood. They have no home, no relatives, smith doesn't, knou- ivhot is to become of them but maybe things will' get belter, he says, and' he is Etlll hopeful for somethlnj to happen. "Those folks have been mighty good to us. They kept us from starving and are taking care or my wire's children until she is better years. In ft' .> to the orient as O'Hu his orchestra lire to play Karl was 'with will '" mllk : , you please tell eveyrouc ' snl<1 Smlll > a 2 :>l » »"'i Jlfi &uncia V school of this church Bul if you've been mmsirallv viii co-operate with other Baptist Benerous during the past year, and murchDs of Mississippi county in 8'vcn away most of your income •aklfig a couiity-wlde religious con- 5 ' 011 can>t deduct all you gave away, 1US - ' ' f . il:*li«! *— rtlvp « ^ r 'i services' will, Vacation Bible School in the state ' Cmh for tllc !)ast •During the month of Julv ' the .-- — _ series of local church will go afield in the the popular subject, county, assisting other Baptist M»rri».,» „,.., .,.,.- «,„„,,,,,, iu a connty-wide revival campaign. This movement will be under the leadership of Dr. Roland Q ' Lcave " ct ' ' , - - nnt -ftUI'c dfliiirtmcnt o wangcl- o fenirof •Wie-Baplist. Home MiSoi, Australia to Start Antarctic Exploitation CANBERRA (UP)—Australia ha; taken the first steps toward: fulfilling the prediction of Admiral Richard E. Byrd that the Antarctic circle would prove the storehouse for coal and many mineral of future civilizations. .The .Commonwealth government has decided to undertake the development of -the j mineral re- Eourcns, and especially coal, of its 5,250,000 acres, of Antarctic • territory. . A meterological station is to be installed and a survey made of the various deposits. tairl Roberts and Homer Siioclpross Rise as \ : M- tcrlaiuers lion ul Chlcneo; aftor-lils fiunlly moved thr-re, Itolh of Ills twrcnts Mr, nnd Mrs. \v. A. Snotlsross. arc nuislci^ ns arc other iiipmbprs of ! lie family, so .Homer conies by his singing naturally, lie hns ucen dome except lonhlly well' in Chicago imislcul circles and roomily' was selociou to Mug the tenor lend "" ".'!•'. <"«M»il)le tLH-rt on the Ncl- l?,,,,," y " CU ' u '' k luint'r Is ,i 'I'wo former niythevllle boys who five milking- .good in (.],<> ln i!slc rl( ' nv <- % E'»-l Rota-Is uml Homer ,, r Jean j'i'ived an offer from "Husk" IIKI-C nml his band, of Chiciigo lor an exclusive contract, for live The Editor's Letter Box Idler to Kttfl of- stuled entertainers' mtl ° thpie. Sm for i(j singer inonllis, ,-is a tii)) dnnccr, miJ muster of ceremonies. It hasn't been mnny years Blnce fcai'l was a youngster, Koine to 1 lylhevilie dances "just to watch I ie grown people dance." He was always asked to do his stunt of <ap dancing. w j,lch he always did providing one of the most popular numbers on I'lilcrtnlimient, pro- jfiams here for many years. His family moved to Luxorn, then os- ceola and Earl went with them. Later lie sang over tlie radio anil since that time has been gradu- •ul!' climbing In the modern music world. His orchestra has been playing < Greenwood, Miss., .mid he was "1 -Mcnip|iL5 .last_.\vcckcnd, where he met hLs parents, Mr. and Mrs' Mrs. Jhmnte Roberts, and son Carl, of _0sceol«. Mrs.' Roberts' mother, Mrs. George Carter, and daughter. Pay. of Luxora. Before returning- to Greenwood Monday Homer Snodgrass, who was reared i n Blytheville and sang at nil the First Methodist church nf- (airs, received his musical cduca- Beware Coughs from common 'colds That Hang On No matter how rnnriy medlcrnes you have tried for your couBli, chest noitl nr liTnn/»>itfil iT-r-i ., WLWUU|I L innj ut; ut^vvillK uriU you .cannot afford to take a chance with anything less than Crcomul- slon, which goes right to the seat of the.trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the Inflamed membranes as the germ-laden phlegm, is loosened and expelled. . Evert if other: remedies have tailed don t to discouraged, your druggist Is authorized to guarantee SSJ.'S'WS, ?l d -t? jefSnd your with I 9 ~ - . ' ' _ ^ •— • ^_'_i „_ : • I Evelyn Chandler -> Daring -:- Lovely I " ^ -!«-»- - J \ A :'I'o the 1,1'lti-r of Tliiinks mciny ns (ive of live of my faintly tlnclore for what they have * """ " lso " la " k ""- 1 '»"'•« ... thu nlythevlllc ho,s- pllal for what tliev IHUV done for •ny little ulrl that died there, Now for UK; soldier hoys. 1 thank every one of them lor their kindness and protection for me and my family. We have had n place for our meals, a plncc, to sleep nnd a lire to sit hy. Now I thank you all from the depths of. my he-art. J. W. HlBus, BcMionslratipii i v N,c\\'s Notes I'litinlsi'i! !,-,ii!il Ml (,'liil).' The Promised Uiml i-j[ club met Thursday, March 4, with' 25,- members pix'sent and only one iibsoiit. TJw mfttln;; was c:ille<l-to order hy the president, Heiinetl Hull, and Hit! following program given: Inik by Miss l.olu Thonipson, Kolo by Hvn Hntli lirlsRndliie, song and Inn Remcmlxjr This When ' ; You Need a Laxative H is tx'Ucr for you if your 'locly kt'dps ^orkitit; .'Us Nn r tiiro intoiulod, lAxid \VnsloM (liuc.stion) should bi l cliniiiiiiluil.qvory tiny. Wlion you iruL coiislipuleil; luk'u n or [.wo o( |)(in!iy \'c'f, r et«l)l« U I n c It - nnuijrhL for [H'onijit, i-efi'csliinjf rolirjf, TliniiKands nnd thousiiuHls of iiiun inut \voincu like 'Hlnuk- Drmitfhl and hooj) it nlways on liiind, for use »L flic llrnl of ''t'0iis!i|)iitioii. ; Have dance by Betty Jwin Divls, story by U, K. Ashby, Miss Cora Lee Colenmn and D,' s. Lam. ip- gate h tercstluK talks In uhlch they told iniH ' » °. C<illli| i'-» l <le tounminnit nhtl otlici liliinnwi for this yeai ' . f nnsod'lkind school March JJ t «tilfl;So.,rl 1L . thlb wnds nn " vliailon to all who wmitd mic to como to 'visit them Brown i-ll BLACK-DRAUGHT A 0001) l^XATIVIC for lowest cost per washing' :< SEE THE NEW, MAYTAG IRONER MAYTAG • Tlie May tag is liiillt to give you curcfullj'-wnshcil clean clottics at lower'"cost jtcr wiislniiB MU\ for more years. Kxcluiive features of convenience Knd perfoniu'ncc— the' Gyrntator \y:i&lnng actioitp- famous Roller \Vaur Keinovcr — sqnnrc, cait- iiiuiiiituiDi tub anil niaii_y others, nuke tlie Maytag (}ic washrr any fiunily call licst tttfortl to, own. Mnyt.ig models available with Kasolitic Multi-Motor. '. ' - 1 • i • E.,B.',Gee Sales,Co., Inc. 51H &"Maih" '— '• rimnt (tt Wing-footed Skating Marvel HELLO! Attractive Evelyn Chandler—America's Queen of 'Figure Skaters—leaps into the camera's range. THE ARABIAN CARTWHEEL-.t complete somersault without (otic/i- i>ip the ice. The only one who has mustered it ia Evciyn Chandler. SUCH BALANCE takes healthy nerves I Ho she smokes Camels. "Camels arc so mifd," she says, "they don't jangle my nervca." "ACROBATIC SKATING is strenuous nnd exciting " says Evelyn. "It takes a digestion in tiptop shape, i'make Camels an important part of my meals. They help rae ch- joy my food and give me a sense of well-being." 19 DIZZY SPINS in rapid sac- cession I Another time ^hen smooth-working digestion stands Evelyn in pood stead. FAMOUS SKI EXPERT. Sig Budmmyr says: "I smoke with my meals anil afterwards;, 'for digestion's sake.' And I'll pick- Camels every lime for flavor." Modern life often pushes ns to the limit. Alfiuch times especially, smoking Camcla is nn aid to digestion. Camels help to case, tcasion anil speed up the tlow of digestive fluids—nlknlinc digestive fluids—Uial play so vilal a part in the \vay you enjoy food anil in the way food agrees witliyou. Camels are mililcr-an important point with steady smokers. With their finer tobaccos, Camels arc gentla to your throat. A fact of interest to tmokers: Cameli are made from finer, MORE EXPENSIVE TOBACCOS- Turkishand Domolic— rtian ony other popular brand. SPARK-PLUG of the Detroit Red Wings is Herb Uwis. "1 keep an eagle eye on my digestion," Kerb says. "Camels top off a good meal." STREAKS DOWN a bob-run at CO rn, p. h. Sloel-nerved Xaumond F. Staienssays: "I en joy the pleasure of smoking to thefuli, knowing Camels never bother my nerves." SEC YOU *T HISTORIC CPHV5 HAlll NIGHT!— fcdcQaWOCofoge" -The famous laueli-raafccr of the movies—trrcprcwiblc Jack Oakie in person—lead! you iTirouzh a full-liout's (rain en- tcrlainnicnt. Imafrine Jack Oaklc running • collr-jfd Don't miss Mm or hissupDonlnecaslltlcnny Good man's "Swine" llanjl Hollywood cometlians and stnzins slarsl Special college onialcur latent every \yeekl TuejJays—WO pm K.S.T.,8:MpmC.S.T.,7:MpmM.S.T.,6:»pmP. S T over \VA HO-Columbia Nctwoik. ' Mmvli «, I LEFTY'S I SERVICE STATION Arkansas-Missouri 'uiio' s Shell Products Visit one ; of- the most modern. scrvici. 1 sdillons lii (he Souih. A '.courUous stud of ntliindants at ynur sMvlce 21 lioiirs n dnv. In nltcndanco Tlie dull now has 30 mcmoers, ot wliom in are new' nwmters It will be represented in Hie county 4-H basketball tour- nniiipnl DiK montti The next meeting will be helti t |, e nrsfc Ilinrsi1ay ( In •-" I Our customers arc pio- tocloij l|0iii .il^ngfrous Kf/m>, \ij slerlllzfrs In wlilili « e ilMnfect rich Ii^.mmifiit liffore II K ii ml. No Increase In Frlcfs RED BALL BARBER SHOP do these one mishaps ever happen to you? \ , i ' ' * j Your telephone bell pick up the receiver, and,..there is no one ' / ** ' on the line. Here are some ways to ' avoid this .., for yourself and others: „ * i I. SomeonB may hoV« a<ked foryouf.flumbtr by >,' mistake, dltcovered I lie etror, and hmyj u)5.'. REMEDY: Ihe.dlietfory before niakma'a ctrll. "' "^ ^ 2. Someons called you, bul got Impatienl and .didn't wait a reaionabl» time For you to an>w«r. . ; ' REMEDY: When you make a call, wall about a, minute (10 ring)) for a reply befoie you hang up, 3. You may not hav» aniw*r*d your UUphon* ptomplly; by the time you amwtred, the pefion colling had hung up, REMEDft Always try to answer youi telepfion* ptomplly. »Simple lemedlw, th*t«..,bul Important. Th»y help tii give you.btfltr telephone nrvlit,

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