The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1934 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1934
Page 10
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New Headquarters for New Deal BTiTTHBVTT.I.r5 (ARKj COURFRR KFAVS OiUs return to Washington from Warm S,,,ln a! , OB, President Roowvoll will om w (l ,h office in ihe «•«!> remodeled and entarned cxenillvc offices build!.* b*IHe llie While Ho liresidenh. «,csl d.con,ws the -window Han a i,, gs , with ,he XnKrtam W on * "J 1 ' dentil) flag o,, U,c other. Note Die «],,p model at ri,,,H, a symbol of ihe n-e^ent^L;^ -WEEKLY SUND'AY SCHOOL LESSON?= The Christian as Teacher Th*i International Uniform Sun«Iay School Lesson for Dec; !i •** WM K GILROY, I), i). fi&iiy ""»•' nf Advance D1K! - lotatal hi (ho foimd- ana,!,, Us pro- lio (me witness .- Is ' a tji nnd the line lenclicv h ft , .. •/'" tw ° PVMee.i-onc n-o'm f ^Ocspels ' mid Wip from the the Acts—\\C'have insl.i- .,*si - '~>~ •* should lie .said : Hint "*6 !ia\c Insistence on the power of learning ! Jesus in Ihe pipage : from Mnl- thews Oaspe) is •ipcnklng of (he difference thnt there': is among hewers Even n grcnl ' teacher cannot do much foi those unwilling to Ictnii. Tlic mnn in contact with n grent Teacher, *ho Is cagci to know and to put In pmclicc Ihe things Hint the master has to leach, ts like a »lw mnn who builds his house upon a lock—thnt i« upon n sure foundation: • Widens i mnn viho hciire Ihe te.ioher, but who pays little heed, and who hns no purpose; to put, the teaching!; Into prncllcc,' Is like a *--"•'• mnn who builds ;. ; .his.hoiisc "pon (he sands,.where tlio winds ami floods innke havoc,: of it. Is not tills Hie pliiln expression nf what we MO URUIn au,i nisain manifested In Jlfe? One lioy. noes to collfijc. iKMlbly the finest, imlvi;>'sll.jr in thn country.. He. IUIK i-vi?ry oiitioitutilly of leniiiliij; and lni)>|-ovlii|; Ills mind nnd ntllng hlmsoll for Hie l)iil he either makes :i failure of tlie thlnjr or he "nets, by," deriving litllo reiil hcnnlit, even If he does .sneered in imslnc his ox- nmlnntionii. '. Ano|lii:r sliiilcni, iitwpis his on- iioilunity 'witli cngcnim. Educn- llon for him' Is not n mailer merely of fuinilinc tcilniii requirements, but lib comes to Irave his mlml nilcd and lib soul slirrcd so Hint he mny (•» out inlo life well e<|iifpl»d, not having learned everything, but having foiiiul the way of learning nnd (he way of liiRhest improvement, nnd service Undoubtedly \ vc i mvc tlie.'ie two soi'ts even In.'the school or'Christ There arc those wliosc professed nllcBtancc, loi Him l s fornml nnd lifeless. His tonchings have novel- cmiclicct. mid gloi'inert (liclr lives. There tire others to whom He is ic supreme teacher; lo sit nt His feet and to lenrn or Him or to follow in His fqoisteiis in' ways.of iscivice is the.highest quest 1 of'life. I'ommiUely, we may "speak of lhe».. things not. as mailers of .theory; but as nmtters of practice, Tli^rc «re men who »;o Ipariied of Christ, thnt their lives tjornme iin liihiiirnllon to olhci-t. . It liiippoiis lierc In our le.«on that there i;; reference to one of these who vim niuucd Apollos. We do nof know a ijtral deal about him. We do know tlmt'he was a man or eloquence will) wliom 1'nnl ns sometimes unftvoi-nlily com- i-cij, liccausc ?nul was, nppar- enlly. not so eloquent and ntlrnc- IIVB In .his liorsoiwliiy... The power of this mnn Apollos wns Hint he wns u'cll of(»lp|)cci and prepared, lie was "miehiy in the 'Scriptures."| How can a man teach unless lie has learned well? Possibly we nrc inclined today to see Paul and Apollos as rivals. In reality in the early church (hey were men labor- Ins for the common goal of bringing men nnd women to the way of. Chrisl, and Ihe power or each wns . Ihe power of «>hnt he h«d learned und whnt he was enabled lo : teach others by precept and by example. • ^ The .teacher will find it helpful in connection wjlh this lesson lo look up all Hie, New Tesinment passages-In whlcli Apollos • is- meu- .tlaiictl. ..,•••.;," • •••.•. Toledo "Last Grim, But Laughs' Come TOLEDO, O lHP)-Por nil-liiclr laiujhtci, thcio n-\s T grlmness.lii tue fate of 'eich of 'thb dozen members of the Last Man club'tis they sal In then fiist official nieei- liB In the Chamber ot Commerce Wir ulcniiis ,,|| the members nil) contlmiir their- oraanlialion along lines of •.imihr groiiixs oi'-er Oie | covjilry A bottle of liquor will pt placed in the center, of ihe table at each meeting As death imp- ties U< chairs tlie> will be tilled '""""* *•"*•- last mnn may itrluk " the ootlle. 'ilicrc ' In She club altn- « ircr w, JSfV Z * glon WO" "'C-. honors a -, *¥ firsh meeting He .-arrived lai » ' hsl man in the Milo J Wnrner, nn- of at ,. chose the isih ctin'iV'.' 1 " The memljcrs drink a loast and chaltcd'ocfore llieir lurkcy luncheon Mis^served At limes, when-it appeired all were hugliinj. at least oil? lice could scnerallj- ijc found solemn it s c>rs r j r chin g the faces of the olhcrs luiicheon" Is considered as' the hit-' csi.fiastrononiic Innovjitfoti lierc II is .invented^ by., a. rrcnchmmi and complies ; with .the -slnntlnrds of French taste and gastronomy n ronslsls lHcml|y or six courses! -hors declines; -fish, 'meal,' vecclnble clicete and rruil. it 'j s most popu- Jnr In tanks,, brokerage houses and cei'lniiyprcnch ministries. rcklncsp In ,lr\vr,lry •HOUS7SRJ. Tux." (UP)—Altnch- mcnt or- (wo couples ror n liltle white and tan Pekinese dog led lo Uicir ni rests on chavses of a J3 000 Jewel ihcfi. A Los Anecles Inislnts), >»»» reported' to otlicers tlml person? he snspcctcrt owned a Pekinese.. Ueteclh'c I,. \\>. jack-son, til Antniilo,. received a lirondcnsl on the suspcets, l/.iirr lip saw „ woman :(! ef out.qf -an aulomobilc followed by a,.Pekinese. The jewelry, was recovered..' ~ . , SHOHE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSOKANCF nr.vr. Sandwich Luncheons Popular in Paris — The len-mim inroids on the an-, of, the ! iu-V >,V" • The •'s.i'ndwishJ'i CASH FEED STORE . ,t12 F/. MAIN ST. ROTYP TEST IT YOURSELF IN YOUR OWN CAR YOUR WORD IS FINAL In erery field tHere's a "iinest"! We have produced Aerotype ESSO with the avowed purpose o! making it the FINEST motor car fuel.' Aetoiype ESSO is intended for those with whom quality and performance are paramount consideraiionsl In Jiigh anti-knock rating and general efficiency, it resembles Ihe powerful fuels used for flying! In fact, it is modeled aiter U. S. Army Fighting Grade Aviation Fuel.. hence its name! WE MAKE NO CLAIMS In keeping with cur policy to avoid claims, we leave it to you to judge Aerotype ESSO in your own way! Note with what degree oj ease it permits your engine to function when called upon to do its utmost! '-.'• ' ' " '"' ''«'•-•• , . •..-;' In other words . . let your own tests determine whether for luxury, comfort and all-around motoring satisfaction Aerotype ESSO is equaled by any other motor car fuel you've ever used! OUR GUARANTEE IS UNCONDITIONAL' A premium fuel, Aerotype ESSO sells at the usual price of 2c a gallon more than regular gasoline! • ••'•.• If you can truthfully say after trying it that it does not outperform any other motor car fuel you've ever used, you will receive a CASH REFUND of the difference between the price of Aerotype ESSO and that of regular gasoline! • . ,:;. fin«,_ ~ i • n. i - * * n °* er wor ds, the Aerotype ESSO you buy will cost All we ask „ that you gi ve i, a fair and thorough trial! you no more than anv nil™ *ij Jf I'JSSS T«st it for "fast fring"., quick starting • i and its ability, to attain peak efficiency with less "warm up"! • • • Check its resistance to intense cold and sudden changes ol temperature and altitude! • • • Try out its power.. its anti-knock quali- lie* .. under severe strainl you no more than any regular L priceS motor-fuel! ' USE IT QV THE tUV AT THIS SIGN Thl» ilgn IJ.nlili.. Ihe 30,000 E.j, *nd Station! Iiom Main, | o whi npioient th« pitxlucli »nJ iiivico or IVo xoilcl't l»>ilina oil Aerolype ESSO is now on «ale at ESSO Dealers and Stations! ' - • • '••:• ' ; Buy a tankful today . . put it through its paces over the week-end! .».'•• ' • ' . Be as critical as you please in judging its ability to improve the performance of your carl L Observeitsaccelerationandget-awayJ STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA Do that and we hare no fear of the consequence*! •J

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