The Courier News from ,  on November 16, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from , · Page 4

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Wednesday, November 16, 1932
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR' . THE BLYTHEVILLE COUR1EJJ NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO,, PUBLlSHEKb 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor H., W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., Hew York, Chicago, Detroit, si. Louis, Dallas, Kansas Cily, LiUlc nock. Published Every Afternoon Except Suiul;iy. Entered as second class matlc-r at the pust ollice al Blytbevillc, Arkansas, under -Ml as Congress October 9, 1017. Served by the United Tress SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier In the city of Ulythevillc, 15: p;r week cr.$6.50 per year In fidvatice. By mail within a radius of 50 miles, S3.CO per year, $1.50 for six months, 85c for three mon'.hs; by mall In postal zones l\vu to six, Inclusive, 50.50 per year, in zones seven r.nd clglit, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. County Expenses Faced with statutory requirements which it h;i<! no choice but to meet, the Mississippi county (|iionim i<nii't this \vcek did just ;iljout nil it pnip- evly could toward meclini; tho domuvul for reduction in county oxptMiililiifi;::, but Hint was very little. If tlie court deserves any criticism it is certainly not for its refusal io attempt to exercise powers which do not belong to it, but rather for its failure to express itself on a i>ro;rr;im of legislative relief through which the financial problems of this ami other hard pressed counties might be solved. Governor-elect Futrell lias promised to bring before the legislature specific recommendations for a CO per cent reduction in the cost of operating the state-, government. It is even more important, from Ihc standpoint of the taxpayers of (Instate, that an equally ilclinilc program for reduction ol county expendiirres be ready for legislative action. Salaries, court expenditures, jail costs, the fee system, overlapping and duplication of police functions all nuiit have attention if local governniunl;; are to function with the reduced revenues that are in prospect for the present and the immediate future. Judge Zal H. Harrison told the quorum court that establishment, of Mississippi county as a separate judicial district would save the taxpayers of this county $15,000 "iimially. One judge would handle civil, criminal and chancery work, justice would be speedier, and long and expensive jail detentions pending trial would be eliminated. Under such an arrangement we would need only one man for the prosecution of criminal cases, mid he could be paid an adequate salary ami still leaves KHbstantial saving (u (he county. Is there any good reason under the sun why that should not be done? Furthermore, if 50 cents per day id adequate for feeding ami caring for the unfortunate poor of the county, why is it necessary to pay 81 a day for jail board? Certainly there is room for an important saving here. Directly or indirectly the people of the Chickasawbii township of this county arc contributing to the support of a city police department, a township constable with numerous deputies, and the sheriff's office. Isn't there room for a paving here? All of the major county and judicial OUT OUR WAY salaries remain as (ix'.'d by the legislature at a time when Hie county and state were relatively pro.-perous and living costs -.wi'i'i: lii;rhi'r. Some of them, ui our opinion, .-ire none' too liigh now for the kind of .^c-rvia: this county ri:(|iiiruV, ijilt [iliut's cunld bu revised downward willi KD ri.ik to the public interest. Tbc nu'tiei al least di-seives study. of lliesc- mii'ilers were liniu^hl out in a report made tiinnlli.s ago by a coinmitU'u appoinlfd by Judge Harrison to study ti.e problem of county expenditures, lint .-i far as wo are nwaw no .itcp lia : ; (M-C-II taken (o assure tbeir considerati'in by tbu Icfjisla- ttire. And that is pKrisoly what must be done it 1 we art 1 to anv remrdv. Slarl the New Deal Now Tortured by Hire:- y.'iu•: o! incessant economic Equccainjs that thn-nta-.-a the cvcntmil dtslruc- licn ol nil our bo.uli'd .;!.'.utiani:;, the people H'dcomcd the "new <!.•:•.!" (flVrud by the :,nc- c:-E!ifiil narty. Some ol ii:.?:;i ».m'.c:l ben 1 , ninny believe th:\t ecoacmv n-ILd v ill follow irxdlli- tr.Iion ol liquor l:\v.s. li..; Uu ;;,-;.f. in?is demand Kovernmenli.l fimi-tiomn;.; lo er.rt Hi--' inarch toward imvcu'iiy ;.HK j:ovwly of Die v.'jrrilug man r-.nd '.,01.111:1. Tl:a story is one of undivided councils--:i pupular manUale to tlic victors. To what client covc-rnmcnl:'.] action cat] afford Genuine relief no n:;.!i knows. Tne American Irnilitlon of lalssuz-faiiu has been bfl iar bi-l-ind since IK'J, and It may );? Iclt still more remote,-by COIDJII^ devtlcprnedls, but ti:o prospects ore There arc ample private resources, liquid imd available for Immediate use, lo restore at least half of the production volume los; dnce. 11)29 und (o put not less ihnn •l.(!GO,COO men back ra v.ork. no:i:£Slle atri' of ci:nsi:mp'.ien i;i a:'.!"!-.; nliave tnre itccKsilude, but ueil below iiiMiry. call lo-; replenishment, that ha:: te'ii deh'.ycd mere Jjy fiar of events limn i;y l:\cV. K, power io b:iy. To await politic!: action isndn- '.lie new dispensation muy delay recovery tour months cr more, with little reason. The motive power now paralyzed in Idle ban!; reserves mid hoard- Ings on quickly end the country's nu'.Jor troubles by dccidin; in facj the future with as much courage as Hit nation .showc-.l on Tu;:-:i:.;y. Capital's reward is based upon its willingness to assume risk of legitimate business—the production of ycuns. clis'.ribution to the consumer's home, willi employment and pay for nil concerned hi li-.c pio-fss and fjr the adi'crt^if.i that expedites and multiplies Its results. Unlock the jam in the capital flow and the United stistes tan breathe ngsln .without pain ' in pnJiv.r.-Uicn for its laVjor and more complex !:is!: of filing !l:e shackle-; off ths world trade that makes prosperity plus. < —Editor ntul Publisher. If I'd known how much fuss tar. i;o-:ir to b^ raisod ever this 1,'d a got niarric:! tnii -norii- ir.i! while I v.-ns nt (ho. rlcrk's ollice. All this fc-s c\LI- an old (infTer like I'M ruin;: co "Lake on!- a ncT.'iiit! No. she's no 6pi 1117 chicken, either. —Giorgi: li. Taylor, i>5. inta-viewril when lie married Miss Clcrtnu:;: :>Fain;, 76, in New • York City. * » * T havo me di.Ticuity in tr.ivdlny nnrl the.: is. 1 r,:n cttistnni'.y cvi-tiite.i v.ith tolivj; an Enslisli- wcm-.ui. I Oon'l. mind it. as Ir.ylislwcmcn are very line —Miss Knlhcrinc Mayo. Am• eriean author. * * * £xcc th? v;?r there has been some moral injustice toward Italy. —Edouavd Ucrrioi, I'r'cin- HT ni Fi,'.n.-f. 1 r/i'.hiT imp;(k- i:or fadlitnl.- the business ol the j:r,-,vi. -- Eamu.'l Ir.mill, Jr.. iu reply lo all qiirsllM-s by reporters. By William: * f " T^»m^m^v?r:;-'-\ if-,.,... - ..'&f^'^'^mf^^^ J ^ l: ^'^" .• '},V;l«ft''"''•''"" "$'%? /••^J^jt.^'-'^''''^ ' ^€1 ...A^^ r ' v """ > -^ '^Sm SOO^FOOO_ __ ;lj;./ *. &™ti NEWS SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Duke Uniucrsily Is Southern ShowpJace ^ )} SasifeX- 0 J Tl;e largest univeiiity eonstrurt'.on prosram of Uul:e Univcrsiiy ficm the $40,COO.OC3 >:as twn coi;>j-,!en.'d ji:s; eight year.s .illei' the emlo«-niciit ever Carried out under cue project-that of ci-af, encio^mont established by the laic James B.' was established. Mr. uul-e the lobir -ncrchenl. cn-atcd t!:e endowment on Dec. 11. 1'JM. Around old Trinity Collc», .'•c-.v and manniioth university which the sponsor never lived to sse. Mr after creating tho endowment. Above is an air view of modem Duke !cm tower in Uyj c?nt:r, with residential buildinss on the left tli= rigl-.i. The itnii:ii:n. Trinity College with its ncvi Vr'ananv, College o; nuke, and the hew Nurses' Home are not shown til;: univt-rsity i:; entirely within the city limits ol Durham, N. C., it dhlriu iviliiin i;:; c-ui territory. The ntc a fe- arisen thl jibin a yo and iis »il has Uuke died i v.-ith the chapel Georgian buildings, which now comprise in this photograph. Alt:.^ houses a complete shoym ev: years ,130 was unbroken woodland. "It's too young for me. I don't want to look like year-old," Grocery Accouni Re\'£als Old Costs 1 (i- family paid for necessities uzariy a quarter century ago. One pound of butter. .30; 0:12 w»nI.-,,---, „.. „„ pound'cf lard, 15; two pounds of WAUKESnA, \Vis. (UP1 - A ; green beans, 10; box of matches statement of a gr :ccry acranat for j .65; four ears of sweat corn, .«;' °"' CHURCH EXCUSES By Oeoiae W. Barium Police Method ExIi Plans Abn for ST. LOUIS (UP)— Pbiio c:innrehiniiivc exhibit of inodcri i'clicv t:ietlu ci.i o' r.dinuiisteiin . r:ml:ial juit.c?. t; havo teen ;! of tin' Ciii;3:;.> \Vo-.iiV.'. I 7 a;r have been al:an<io:ud. m-corflin: lo Joseph .A. Gevk. I;I.:K>: pros: ficnt of the Internati- elation of chief:; cf I'cii Plans for il;: i xliilj:; v in 1030. while Clerk v*..s cf (he assQcialion. C«-;k Isir commission had tfc: it would not be po^-b 1 .. 1 ply the exhibit became ; had been found to fi:i:df, lo finance it. AESO- ii; :,• made | : ::ii(i ih:: -:: advitert : .' 13 Etip-j ;in meaiv. : | niio the: Studcnl Bicycles , 1 Are Registered' TC.V, i\iax . (OP) Student jrjM cop;-. :u Z::-.'.--}) col- Uce are bjin? kept bi«y 1'r... year. whal ftith MS bicycle:- in :,-c. Kach of the bicyck-., i ie-r:s- t-^red. and each fccais, :, license innuber. . Courier New.-, M:-, "Vi : »V IK^S^ r af "* "°»<"*"°<> "f It is figured Hint about four .p| lopulation of lilted States is left-handed. GABRIELLE 0 FORBUSH i C/9J2 S/MM scsua etc. lE T()'.?AT wlr!i n .irnE Joe says he thinks. .Mot!'.:r's j mind is not all it should be. He I thinks she has worried and fine!- j led 53 much about her church and baptism so much that it h',- (o seme oxtenl affected her :r.i:id but I told him he was foolish io think inch thines: his reason for sayinr; this. I think, was brought about, by Mother insisting on the radio being brought into her :::y.n since she has been laid up r.nU her tuning in mid listenhr lo ,'onv. of those fellows v,-l;r> attempt to tell one's fortune o:-r.\;':v; answer questions that are scr.i i!'. to Jiijn. AJother probably IKS nuf ! (no much faith in what they have to say. Joe says its all ris:hl for tbriu to answer her ,15 to the probable location cf Mother's former husbands, especially the thro: I;:;',! passed aw.y, but when U came to Ihc proposition of sct- IlinL" the question of bap!i:-in they are as IK says a total loss. Of cn'.iL5?. they did not answer "yes" or "no" bn! gave their answer in such a way that Mother's imas'ni- | ation supplied the missin'; part, | and Joe says shi is more concern- i cd in hearing her name over the ' r:u{io 'i'.an she ii about her church or husband, either. • ir ninriliT tiurilcrcr liicre, *r;io nr.nic i:c)l li, TOM rllM for: KuKor nt InlniiJ lining m l.i:il *l VKJtn.r., fimrrlcd three- jciirs :imt nlllrti In lovi-. 'I'lu- AvcriEU II:MU I.V.- curNli for Iliu n^'i'I;-i'iul: <:i>i;;fi.\ AMOS I'K.UKSDV, ciiiorir, dltlant rclnllve or l.lniln-*,; C.VV- TAI.\ l)i: vos. hnniNiunc Ilflirlaii rvnri'Nctillri^ ri i:itrniu>:in tH-rfu-ie nininifccriiriT ^Tltlj Mln, ni Ai-rrlll l:n|iri i u do I>i:^ini.-SKt .lilt'. STAT- l.A?, lll:it, inlililluiveslcrii iii:iiia e rr of thf llrin Avrrilf .MAIIVIX rii.l'l-r. I.lndir*. mill I.I.I X SII.AllK}l.\i:s- Si:Y. !ri>.li ivritcr i>n ;i Ictfji/re lm:r. 'l'l:c Imiisc [any (i'fifl n!T (o n l::ul xlnrt. CniiRin Amos st.irl.^ n !ii':il"il :ir^iii!ii.|ii viitli S[iruij;b/irs- .^.-J 1 \l!:u:n hr (It'iiosir.frf nx n il:ln- cc-r.:nx rrlirl f,,r i:i-tc,,i!!n;v U:I||- illii'i mi.-l; |:i JjKlj.-i. V L .IC mormrlfe- J'.i::nj, llie u::tc!i ilt,^. ix rniinil lin:inll.v kll'.ri!. Cnii.'.iii Anun |il:i;.a ^uir wTHi SI;in;in(l|.T, crilici/mjr llic iillitr'.s tr:ni\e until M:il]:it,i!iT lirrnfis it cln!i in .l!v:-, !: ,|. ,\ , ,hc CciKnfry <:lilh .\r,«ii iiti;i'n!I /•p\i-r:il cni-kt:i([x i\illn,ut Liitnvin^ tlic-v urc nl. c,:,dli,. „„,! (in,,, |,,_ Mills I.v-Vi». Tom linnllr |iiTm:liiIi'» J)f\'ns tt> uvt-rldijT.- (Jic iii.vltlfs-. II is iiKrcpil tliai fulfil^ Amiu ivill lr:ivi- varty r.rii nnirtiliiK. 'I !ii! «t!iors, nic-.-iiu^ liilt-. |»ro|i:irc for llu- Country *:[tih dnncc. .\t>v. <;o ox « i in TIII: sroisy CilAI'TtOR JX *ij CERTAI.NLY fc-el a licaefic- lor — brinsiiiK four iiressi.!- alile. Intellic^nt. iniattielicil jacn. T!io woniea \vill mot> inc." Linda looked arnui:i! lii Ir.w-lil ro,i:;i opc ver.-in:::— Invrirt e.Jjrje, im tlio broad Hie il- rr :;— v:f'.i(ii in virn lr:n£ over tlie tv.iuMi;-.- lishts o{ several little bo;U Iniiiliii::'; and our, lo:ig impressive ivhr.rt at v.'lilcli a fine v.l. lie. jae!:l mlu-rly swayed under lite pcill nf ll!c (i(!c. Tli ; v.urtU v. ci'O hai'iHy spoken liefnro cvouiT justified her bcliot in tlic |irc:!;'.!ci-y inclincta of her rex. ("oiiiiii." lirinly toward them o;;c of (i;e raost dcicr- on t!-.c rr.riy frinu different sides \.crc tv.n cf;u:iliy taiilcvu ni.nia- r.-.a*. wliile a soil, clclirnte i;urf:lo i>; InujjliitT j;i.«t bcliiinl infonnei) l.i:n!a Hint —as usrnl — I-'leur r.;i:l outgeneraled tiicm all ar.rl rcachc-l the- goal tir.:|. It was iianl for Linda, lioi'.est as Fl-e v.-.v.:. lo decide i'.ift what tiic thought of I''ic:;r Sloner. Always Flic admired the girl's i;cau- Lmda icliirlcd off on Tom's willmg mm. brought her, willi her low, delicious gui'Ele elbo'.v o[ the I o£ laughter, at tlic elsian but also near enough lo Sliausliiicssoy and I'ralt to cast eacli a glance which seemcj lo contain Koine special, personal Just wlial, neither could have s-ald lint both immediately who lias just successfully launched her first troou o( chicks, Linda dropped item from her mind and whirled off on Tom's willing aim. The dance ilonr v.-as not ns crowded ts she bad anticipated. The cooler, comfortable porclies; tlio Ions, silent wharf; the hn- rcflMc.1 their flattered pleasure, iff"'" 1 Brass clusters ol ,. , ,. , , . , . li-lirnbbery, each with its hidden Onh i,:c completely sophisticated | bench and lawn chairs; oven the Hclsi.iii greeted her willi llies.imojc.irs and a few ticd-up launches even, suave courtesy. If his eyes I ani ' oilier craft proved more al' on bcr a second than necessar — linear I L:.. many tban the amuse- llicy liiid ostcn- with a look l!,at 3ll)ly comc po^My _ only possibly _ con- Savo for Rn <„.„..„„,.„ ., dl](y voyc;l in his turn some personal rcccr:'.:lion, Linda could not say. dcince' r Lintla pa«- llttlo of her guests. Early in the evening Mar- iliil think that It was only fairjvin 1'ratt succeeded in finding her that 1'iciir should be forced to momentarily '.ilonc—be evidently r.ive someone Hie Eanie tribute of j preferred not to cut in on Tom— s 1 i K ii 11 y breathless expectancy j br.t lie very soon yielded bcr to a Vi i.ich lici technique elicited from i neighbor wilh no such luliibi- : (Uii(jr men. Yes, liere was onc|t' ons - *\t any rale, dancing with (-•••I was more than a match for dis- Marvin was no Krcat pleasure. He was a conscientious lint not a natural dancer and this evening bis formal politeness tried her very soul. At Intervals she saw ty— nr..l sometime;; lie- nerve. ': l:onld be so unliocdniing to her. ri'ci|!icnlly Linda wns es!:siicratcil | 5:!lrTl " disappeared wilh the her carj aad on .•young lady wiio for all her appnr- i.iuil ;iii:;c ai;na. | c , t artlOSSUCSS HCCllcd 110 luatcr- ;i.-hnt-?s fnmplcsf'.y | mi maneuvering to aid her. Mr. IIP cr/iilc! li.tve scr.i Stnll.'iiuler — s!ir|iri?higly dlscov- tl.c iKautiliil I-'lc'ir torn limb from ' verc<1 lo tlc vcry toul1 ot dallci »S j indeed—solemnly loxtrotling '" T INIIA'S original group ij rnlveil rapiilly. Tho I!. n:ovc;l aivay bc:-i<le Flcur, suin-|'i'«i «ith Dolly Algcr, with Flcur " ' .----..-.- ! —•'-'•'• -""—cut damsels ot the They scciucti to find Iiini an acceptable partner, If not n Ihrilllng one, and Linda was :!aiiRl:ter of Mair.iua. No. 1—a:as well pleased that his tew , ;nv . n (hat | ;J . nM lrnvs oC sreciiiaml willi dift'cn justice; neighborhood. dances wil!i her wcro ot perfunctory shortness. * surprise ot (he evening linili without a trcuiur. This was the mldwcstcrner. somewhat forbidding For all itcrlor. ,a charmins liillc widow; and Llan^horo w;is no doubt that Mr. Slat- one of Use- times when Klc;ir u.ero- j Shaiicbnessoy—just what had bc-jlandor was really tond'ol'da'ncicg. l.v clever. cninval herMjIf on [bo |:orch—r.ot to bail H,em as they entered bi; to slip smoothly inici Hie group so that to ll:i- .iiiproa.-liiiii; hunters iuliialiy btcincd to lie n pan o .' i ; . A:: I ii: ~ -irati's; il.ri-,i> i,., :c , v thai I-'Itar wmiUi -.xtjur.'. recognition of ;'. 13 a coraojiiocm) lier. It was so like ilie'como ot bim in tho shuttle? Oh.|ii| 3 sons o 0 [ rhytlim was perfect: calculallin; crcaliiro to vcs— KUa Moudcll wlio should . ], 0 Indulged ill no stunts or flights ot havo bCC " J 1 ' 3 ™ k - eni1 . hos , tcss , o( f »"icy. Dancing willi him was had l lounccrt l ' 1>0 " lllm " 3 licr law - julter smoothness and delight. Not m fll , ,, rcy ( ]ust l;] ;c i:ila. having ! c , ring mllcll to talk ^ cll she ' dufhod the resimasibilillcs, to'tianccd, Linda welcomed tho un- rlnlm her guest wben be could be I broken silence. Slatlandcr scorned ! useful!) and leil him oi«. to the to put ':.'3 mliul entirely on wliat 'jioivh where U-r own parly ,lio was doing and certainly the re- assemblcil. That nccounloit for all jsults juslilicci it. Nor when they ol tlitm. With tlio pleased seusa- jdanced togetlicT did she detect tfon o? a v-ery young aotber henjtiiat aur& of dfsjpiroval he usual y cast about him. Linda, an OT-, perl Uaiicer bcrself. could roraivu! much to another; criiientlv lijj aeitly -greed wilh her sentl-jj ucnts in the matter. Of DeVos ami iniauRbncssey she' saw almost nothing. S. tirlet Hint ,'ith the. first did not come up to r or expectations. Having 4inici- ! | lated dancing with him, slip was' lisappointeil to find tluit they sim- : ply did not get along together— 1 , mil he. made no attempt to pro--' tend they did. His attention! strayed obviously. Sbe would flnnS "lis eyes always on-other nnmeiJl :n tlio room, while lie heedlessli}] ;nided her about in a mechanic/ routine. - - . •• ;•• , As for Lian Sliauglmessey—I where, oh, where was be? vVith. r | earefreo disregard of Iiis social obligations, Shaugbncssey had lisappeared almost at the iiiouieiit- of their arrival. Sbe knoiv lie mt been on tba lloor willi Ellav Mondell or any of her party. His leight, the mass of dark curls'; vhich. rumpled over his sray IrisUJ eyes, the ilisparaging, tlisarnilns. imilc which made him look sol. loyish (and on which she was sureil 10 traded heavilr) could not liavo?P been, hidden f-ven in a moro;' crowded room. Ho had probably ound some appealing companion' inrt was now doubtless coiutort- .}• euscoiised in a cool corner o£ tho veranda, in one ol the ro- 1 r.autic nooks on thu i.iwn or in a sontly cwayitif; boat, [icrliaps, witli cushions piled cozily about him. Wherever ho was, Linda knew he was bolli physically and mentally it .-ase. Hi would display a! genius for gravitating to the most! l corner, tlio must charm ng comjinnlon. Deing norm inn- curious, slid speculated as to the ocation of tlio spot and tlio iden-j I tity of the girl but on her ow* strolls around the grounds, no en lishiemriont came. Probably t fisiting charmer had ttis Irish man in tow, as none ot Ihc. neigh, jorhood belles were missing. * * » T>UT t'ie still, brooding heat o! •*•* tho night had drawn most o! tho crowd outdoors. J-'rcun all ore. .ho broad grounds—along llic/-^ lerfront, on tho porcb, near massed bushes—came the lwink?ij' o£ cigarct bulls, iho llare of matches ami lighters, the high laughter ot the women, Hie unilerj tone of deeper voices. It was bard to round up her guests when, at an hour nor.rer dawn than midnight, the orchestra finished with flourish and instruments were] wearily put away. "Who's missing?" Tom !\3k-eq I.imla as she HIH:K her light wrarl over Iho door ot tho little blue' roailptcr. "Mr. Stallandor's here—I'll take him." she answered. "Marvlii'i coming. Ha met someone lio hnc« just os wo were leaving. That leaves Mr. DeVo3 and Mr. Shangh nessey—" "Hero I am, Madame!" Thi Belgian's voice at her elbow. He threw ,*way bis cigarct arid made her an elaborate bow. Tom leoket at him, then motioned him to the rear scat ot tho larger car. "Think Shauglincsscy coulc havo gono homo?" "1 tton't know." Linda was frankly perplexed. "Jie went o() ! wilh Ella, Haven't seen him iilr evening. A few couples arc sllli) out on the pier. Yon might look—3 Oh, here como tho Monflclls. Elf wbcre's our literary light? In llio Elaro ot tho headlights, her neighbor's face was astonished. "Mr. Shaughnoisoy? I'm sure _, don't know! 1 tavcn't scon hliri for hours. I thoiiKht bo wont baci,' to you, Lincla." .. -.(To Uo CpnliBMd)

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