The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 9, 1948
Page 11
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FRIDAT, APRIL •, 1948 P UT ° UR WAY By * *• Williotm Our Boordinc, H^ TTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PUT THAT GUN COWM, LOUT.' I CO IN THERE SO THE WHOtE SHOP WON'T KWOW I TAKE PEP SHOTS.' - - . HULL SHOP WOULDN'T KNOW IT, WITH HIM SITTIN' WAITIW 1 WITH HI& SLEEVE ROLLED UP.' 1 FEEL BETTER KNOW1N GREAT BRAINS HAVE DUMB SPOTS.' EGAD.SMUFFV/CAM VOO GWe A\e AW INKLING, HOVJ OSCAR. CAhlKlCNl COWTRIVEDTO KIT .031 LACT VEAP?—He HAS EA^Eri SO MUCH ING THfe IrtDtAK r rr PROP6L ms TORSO TO FIRST os A WOULD CLftP OSCAR IN THE . SWAMP eery CLIKIK, VMIIH HrXrJDCOFPS OM,24 HOOKS BeFOCe A GAME.'-~ MO CHO\MTILL ^FTbRTHfc < GftMe ~-TH6rJ A. UHEY KEPT HOKS&RV ANlD innocent *J By Renee Shann COPYRIGHT BV RENEE SHANN- DISTRIBUTED 8V NEA SERVICE INC CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING '.!^ Five room house located on 'North Highway 61, inside city miits. Ideal spot for business location. Immediate possession. House can be moved to rear of lot and space on Highway could be used for store or shop. Two bedroom home equipped with automatic hot water heater, Venetian blinds, garage, only three blocks from mam business district. Owner can move in today. Beautiful super modem home. Two large bedrooms, automatic gas heat. Attached garage. Large spacious living- and dining rooms, sun- porch, breakfast bar. FHA approved and financed. Built for enjoyable living. One of our best locations. Comfortable well - located •Juplex. Hardwood floors. Well ^Insulated, Quick, possession Can be financed, gee or call • MAX LOGAN Realtor Lynch Building, phone 2034 rut. «••«• i* I like to of. onl> at course the 1 never nod much chanre. Aun Helen is a much stronger character. She's older than Aunt Alice" "1 see. Are there only fust the two at them?" That'i aa There war another sister. Uy mother She wa> very much roungcr. She died when I was seven." •Poor Uttle mouse!" he tald softly. -You caa't remember toer I suppose?" "Oh yes. I can. Only not very dearly. But she wa» absolutely c e LUTHbR GRAY J[»-pK-u For Sa/e, Good motor scooter, priced r quick tale. Call 4461 after 4 p.m. 3-31-ck-tf 111 PAUL, watching her come toward him, wondered what she'd think it she were to know how anxiously he'd been waiting for tier train, fearful lest she might not to be on it He took her handj ana smiled down at her. "It was the purest chance. Aunt Helen wanted her library book changed." "Goci blesa Aunt Helen," he said reverently. Then, "Listen, what shall we do flrst? Get that library book out at the way?" "I think it would be wiser." There was nothing available on her aunt's list so Patience had to choose a book for her. She decided on one she thought her aunt raighl enjoy, and the girl at the ?.??,* " ld u was a " ver * Pleasant little itory." "Sounda awful." said Paul. Patience smiled. "Aunt Helen will like it all right. Mind you, Aunt Alice reads thriller*." "The devil ih« doesl I'd like to meet Aunt Alice." "She'i really the fiy one of the two. At least 1 alwayi feel ahe'd man with ear wanted t u uftL , I m I. MlMlsslnpl County I . ._. opportunity, us to JOT m • day. »o e*certenc« or capital rcqulr- &>sssy?&ij r] % > £3Sh. a 3!»» '] IKE you could b« U onJy the opportunity offered. Look let's have an early tea and «o to (he flicks after." He ted tier into * tea-shop at he spoke and over to a Ultie table In a for corner. And when the waitress had taken their order: "Tell me more about yourself, and your maiden aunts, and your mother who was so lovely and so gay." Patience diew off her if loves »nd aid them beside her bag on the 'It's really because of my nother that my aunts have brought me up so atric'Jy. She ran away when she was twenty and married an acrobat." Her eyes lardened. "My grandparents cut her off completely." "My goodness!" "My father deserted my mother, bhe died io the South of France. Someone wrote to the family law- r er. By that time my grandparents had both died. My aunts went down to Cannes at once. Vou ee, they knew my mother had had wins—she sent them a little pho- ograph one Christmas without a word. Just a photograph of herself and her babies." He stared at her. "Good Lord, there aren't two f you?" She shook her head. I "No." the taid wistfully. 1 often wUn there were. My aunta arrived expecting to ana me and my sister, and found 1 was there Frenchwoman looking after me." "But didn't she Know what Dad become of your sister?" "No, And there wasnt anyone whc could tell my aunU anything. Ihe, did all they could to trace her Without any lucK In ihe end hey came Me* to England bringing me with them." "And you'v* been with them ever since?" "Yes." her voice warmed with affection. "They've oeeo abao- lulely wonderful tt> met" f JE looked at her and aw thai she meant it rhere wu a candid simplicity In ner hazei eye«. She lived in her own little world and was unaware that rt wa* bounded by oigh iralla. "Dont you aver fee) you want to be really gay? Go to a wild Party? Chase up to town with some young man—me. for Instance —and dance till the smalj hours?" She frowned. "I dont think I'd like a wild party. And I did once danct till the small hours." "Oncel And you're twenty rearj old! Listen, wilt rou come to a dance with me one mghtT The» have them here at the Town Hail every Saturday, nj drive rou lorne after. I'll borrow my latber'i She looked at him and though she longed to say she would—thai there was nothing she'd like better —she knew it was Impossible. Her aunta would never allow it "Truly, 1 oan't, though 1 would like to." He decided that It wai a aub- ect to which he could return later. Some other Saturday afternoon perhaps. Because somehow or other he was going to see to tt hat this meeting wa« repeated But for the time being- He glanced at his watch. "The big aim staru in a quar- er-of-an-hour. U you drink down liat cup of tea right away we'll ust about make U." (To Be Continued) M Aoro» rrom oil, J.JJ rk-4.22 Universal Electric stove Full size table top, three surface burners and deep well cooker large oven, warmin 8 ^o7 P° rcel «in finish. 2786. 4-1-ck-tf 801. Practically S "'" »PP""ng young men n. free to tr»»el w lih Hatlonn " coi - c.rn to New York »nd return Good nd drawing account "" National Finance Company local office has opening for young; man 21-27 for position as adjuster. Car furnished. Box BVV % Courier News. 4-7-ck-10 new , ca)1 2-2V-ck-tf for Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEW S OFFICJ — 10 ' 10 <l . Help Wanted, Female Ulddle-ax« woman wanted to keen fcouw. car. for two children Wll come alter you. Write Ulll.n UcQw «0 K. Howard. Duturaln. 111. <|7-piJ;[() C R E DYr~lerinieeded. Young woman with previous bookkeeping experience to post, take credit applications and follow-up accounts. Salary in line with ability and past experience. Apply to Mr, Keasler. MONTGOMERY WARD 4-9-pk-u' HERE'S SAFE STORAGE • For Furs • For Woolens FRECKLES * HIS FRIENDS By £«SJ*>••*.*U*rtO You MAY BC MAW*. ANOTHER HI6M SCHOOL „. , Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Street Phone 4474-4475 Lost and Found Reward for gold-rimmed itlasaea in blue. Ou.rd'a Sase. Phone 3977^ . 4]8-ck-U n,,V°^ t: P" e mahogany rocker on of vuf ?• somwore between Blylhc- ""= »ntl Cooler. Mo.. Tuesday nitcr- HTPK 1 !,. H rc '; Brd to anyone finding It. Mubbard and. son Furniture. 4 t-ck-10 fotlthut Veteran wants Job as ca Rooms „"*""• h »" sll ' clt »«4roora, Jt« K. Ninth PUone 5335 3:20-pk-422 Ttwm. fnonc ? 13-pk-Jl Planting Seed r«lur*a"Ml5u r re', V 0 " 0 "^""' SU<l " n ' °» U ' asiurn Mixtures. I,awn Grasses t other Field Seed. hee Us For Your Requirements BlyCheville Soybean Corporation 856 Phones r for Kent B«i<l«n Phone 1605 COTTON FARMERS Chcmlcallj dclinltd eollon xtf itrm!n»t« quicker, pUnt —i plow the same wetk. Reduce thopplnn ' ft«w m«r« eott«n. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAn.ABLB n. * r. i,. N-,,. u, p,, r j, lk ^ SUnevlUe 2-B, p« r M Ib. bag Otlitf »«rietlt» ; HaH * Hair (Hlhredl per M Ib iMf , • Untvllle 2-c, per 5« Ib. hnj '.'.'.'.I'.'. Colters 1M Will Resistant, per M Ib, Iwi!,".'."" | Paula, per 5* Ib. hi f !!!!!)[! Empire, per 5t Ib. bajr.,....,,,,^*,,,','^* t " "*|"" C«aM In »n4 pl»te jour order «r |el your supply today. .^>W BLY'1'ilEVIU.F. SOYBEAN CORF. ^^ ; Finn* 83« Blythfvillt, Ark. Phone «l «P ; Brancbet: l*«chTllle, Ark. CardmO. M* BHiwriTllht, *M trnMa. M*, That's no ivjy to treat Jenny Lu! She's your ^ bfst friendl /> friend is like a flower !/ you wjnt it to bhom youver oof to cultivate it...and water It...and Working on (he Weasel By MICHAEL 'MALLKY and RALPH LANS THWO FRCW THE LEFT UlHtSUV WHO C« L AYK> ME WHEN I WAS WALKING TO MEET KIP TOE NIGHT ROCKY SLONE WAS KILLED. VOU MIGHT JUST T! NEVER SKN AS Witt SING US A V'THEROf THEM PRETTY rUW.ARNoiO.) «lft BEFORE WE GOT TWO POSITIVE 50MEB&UY 6OT FRAMED, ALL BIGHT, BUT IT'S HOT VOU. HOW WELL DO WU KNOW MERK ARBEU ? WASH TUBI1S Making the Host of Ry LESLIE TURNER IT BURNS ME UP, OLE LUCIFEC SEUMU' OFF OM * JOB MJV OFFICE BOV COULTXV HfkWDLED, MJ 1 VETTIM'HIS PST STUFFED THAT WOUID'VE BEEW ft REAL CHM.LEMSE TO HAVE TUCKLED THE MAL WITH DIHWIDOIE CROOME HE MUST BE A "\ HO, I'M AFRAID HfK 2! 6 U"»J E JZiL clJ *'\ «"'WE 8WHT WE. OK»V. VOU'RE COMMA MISS SEEM) TVKE ROMAV, 7001 I'D LIKE TO KNOW HOW 1rf "KRIWSLE " VET. I'll CALL KK WHENIF1UISH MV , CHOREWMUZONMJ By FRED HARMAM THAT CHftRse, CRADROCK/ TrtErV TRTAGAIK).'JUST WATCH / YOU G£T-UrA I.OMG By V. T. HAMLIN £«?^ ( ^V^^S^'^-^T THEY'VE <WN«" ON... tUNDLY NOW THAT IVI <SROWN OLD..UNAB1-6 TO La-M>THBM...r REMAIN M DESOLATION! AH9UNR BUT IK AU. MY TRAVELS ^WlU. IVf COTN NOTHN4I VV*U LIKE TH!»: WHAT;: NOT *,LKtAPy PEAC> SEtMS JO PXtNS HOW _ KEEP / 'MONOTONOUS, ALIVE r ,XV »1l»TAIr4IN« UOOTS AND HKK BUDUIKS By EDGAR MARTIN

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