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Press-Courier from Oxnard, California • Page 1

Press-Courier from Oxnard, California • Page 1

Oxnard, California
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Press- toutier SERVING VENTURA COUNTY VOLUME 50 NUMBER 268-PRICE TEN CENTS OXNARD, CALIFORNIA, WEDNESDAY. MAY 14, 1958 Troops Fly to Aid Nixon This Is Oxnard A bit of local news was glean, cd on our recent visit to Wash' Inrtoa lor the editors' meeting. Bob Atwood, editor and pub- Usher Times." was there with his He related that the pretty aaugmer oi nons played the lead opposite Will Rogers in a recent play in Anchorage, Eugene O'Neill'B "Ah Wilderness." Made a big hit, too. The Shannons, you know, lived here where Mr. Shannon was city manager. He left Oxnard for the Alaska post. Kiwanlans are selling hard on tickets (or their annual pancake will be held May II. You ought to go. It is always lot of fun, your friends will be there, the breakfast la a hearty and tasty one, and the profits go to the club's youth chairman. Navy couple Lt and Mrs, D. W. Fleddcrjohn and children, Thomas, Alan, Jerry and Craig have come to Oxnard from New Bremen, Ohio. Moving over from Ventura are Mr. and Sirs. J. T. Seltzer and daughter, Deb-ra. Mr. Seltzer is a salesman for Sears. Mr. and Mrs. lialyh H. Zcladon and children, David and Garre, have moved to Ox nard from Camarillo. Mr. Zela don is a psychologist and social worker. To his new job on the Oxnard Police Force from San Angelo, have jjr. una niin.nn n.iauu:mj and son, Erick. Navy newcomers from Han Diego, are Lt, and Mrs. Robert Dkkruau audi children, Bobby, Glenda, Jane, Carol, Rickey and Julia. From Wilmington have tome Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Hastings his work as a machinist at Point MUKU. Barbara formerly home for Mr. and Mrs. .1. S. JUlbm-t. He works at La I'erla Market. To his civil service job at the Huencmc Naval Base have came Mr. and Win. J. Qniglcy and children, Timothy, Uolleen and Erin, rmm Lone Heach Mr. and Mrs. W. P- Drcytr and children, Vic kie, Donald and Sharon have come lo Oxnard from Anaheim, Dad Is a timekeeper at Associ ated Banning Co. From San Rafael have come Mr. and Mrs. J. A. D'Anilivogto and sou, Dennis. Mr. iTAmbrogio is a cabinet maker for ftubottom Cabinet Co. Formerly of Riverside are Mr. and Jim. K. Cheek and children, Sfr.van, Stuart and Candy, Bad is manager of the Firestone Store in Ventura. Moving ciuwii from Ventura ate Mi-, and Mrs. 1. (J. Bad and children, Tonl, Teresa, Lupe, and Rita. Dad works for Sumis Lemon and Mrs. Haez for General Telephone Co. New comers from San Pedro afe Mr. and Mrs. C. 1). Sanders and daughter. Terri-Ann, to bis job at Safeway Store. Mr. and W. JH. Xatfuo nave I ram I-UJllUild ma juu the Bechtel Corp. Transferred from Washington, B.C., Point Mugu are Cmdr. und Mrs. Lewis I). Hubert ana daughiprs, Denlsc and Barbara 4 Schools Slate Summer School Summer school will bo cotv ducted ai iuui stnuura, nard Elementary school hoard heard last night. A total of 1,039 children have been pre-registered at Harrington, Kamala, Ramona and Ilay-dock schools. Summer classes In remedial reading, remedial arithmetic, icience, home economics, shop and health and physical educa tion will be conducted for the sixth, seventh ana eignm at Havdock. The regular subjects will be taught grades; through five at the other three schools, lOOIS. Sessions eight will' a for grades seven awl1 six weekfi long, and last; eradea throush six will is throuah six will Jour weeks. Classes will begin! run until Aug. i. The day start! fit and SMOLDERING EMBERS glow through smoke at Ventura Coastal Lemon Co. Damage from fire is estimated between 550,000 and $75,000. Photo Dr. Garrett Says Hospital Investigation Is "Unfair" Hospital Su perintendent Dr. Franklin Carrett said today he thinks the investigation of Camarillo State Hospital is "unfair." "The deal Is unfair," he said. "The hospital is one of the best in the country We have a large group of loyal employees doing their very best." Attorney General Ldmund G. said that his office be gan an Investigation the first of the year when he placed two agents in the hospital as civil, service psychiatric the United Press reported today. Met Them April 14 Dr. Garrett had no doubt to-1 day that the agents were work ing in the hospital at that but he had no report of the investigation until April 14 when Dr. Eugpne Marshall director of the state Department! Mental Hygiene, introduced Dave May and James of the attorney general's to him, Attorney General Brown said today that the Investigation was based on "complaints from relatives on mistreatment of patients." Tuis was a modification of a United Press story yesterday which quoted Mr. Brown as saying situations at the hospital ere shucking and worse than Modesto. Dr. Garrett said this morning that a hospital is always going to have "rumors." hospital employee was fir ed last week for "mistreatment" uf a patient at the hospital. The mistreatment reportedly was the refusal uf the employee to pay back $4 he had borrowed from the patient. Dr. uarrett was asked if poll- tics were playing a part in the investigation. "I think you can your own conclusion he told a reporter this morning. Nearly Completed Results of the investigation, lo be completed in about three weeks, will be turned over lo Presiding Justice W. Turney Fox of the District Court of Appeal. He is chairman of the governor's Advisory Committee on Mental Hygiene. The study is completely out side and removed from politics," he said today. He helped develop the program under which the current investigation is being 'carried out, he said, "It's a constructive survey and sluily, ra- said. umii a destructive one," he 1 don't want relatives anil friends of patients to be undu ly disturbed," he said. "The investigation concerns individual and isolated reports, There is no pattern that has permeated the hospital. The over-all operations are not Involved." Accord lmr to United Press, Mr, Brown reported that some evidence of "loose handling" of narcotics was under invcstlga- Dr. Garrett answered this morning that "drugs" rather than "narcotics" arc being con- JilHmfl Hi HM the fctftpHfJ distinguished: carefully between narcotics and drugs andthenar-eotics on each ward are carefully checked. Sex Charge Withdrawn The charge of "homosexuality among patients" raised yesterday was attributed to Pat Frayne, Mr. Brown's press representative. Mr. Frayne told the United Press yesterday afternoon that he "now finds no justification to any reports of homosexuality down there." His earlier' report, he explained to United Press, was "based on an incorrect assumption by him and a hurried and incomplete reading of the report." Mr. Brown also said that the report of homosexuality was unjustified. He denied statements attributed lo him by United Press yesterday saying that conditions at Camarillo were worse than at Modesto, where there were charges that brutality had led to death of patients; TWIN BOYS BORN; BIRTHDAYS DIFFER VENTURA Police Officer Earl Metidenhall's twin sons won't be exactly identical their birthdays will be different. Olficer MendetihalTs wife, Barbara, gave birth to a six-pound boy at Foster Memorial Hospital at 11:52 p.m. yesterday. The seeoud boy, weighing five pounds and three ounces, was born 10 minutes later at 12:02 this morning. The couple also has a 15-month-old son. $50,000 Blaze Sweeps Ventura Lemon Cannery VENTURA A spirit from welding equipment touched off a $50,000 to $75,000 fire at the Ventura Coastal Lemon Co. plant in southwest industrial quarter at 4:18 p.m yesterday. Firemen remained at the site throughout the night as lacquer-coated cans glowed like a fur nace under red heat The loss was confined stored cans and cardboard cartons stacked in advance for canning operations over a five- aay period. Not Enoqgh. Hydrants Three engine companies of Ventura firemen responded, but there was some delay because of a shortage of fire plugs in the area. Firemen saved near by packing sheds and ware houses from damage. A large amount of material was salvaged by a fork' lift operated by employees of the lemon company. Ventura firemen answered two other calls during the Coastal Lemon Co. fire. Some $500 structural damagt and "extensive smoke damage" was caused by. a blaze at 7:52 p.m. in a storage closet at the home of Mrs. Barbara J. Benesch, 317 Artemcsia avenue. The other fire threatened a Union Oil Co. tank, farm In the Ventura Oil Field when flames spread from the city dump to nearby grass land at p.m Junta in Control in Algeria; Civil War Looms in France PAltlS, (ID Premier Pierre Pflimlin today ordered Gen. Raoul Salan, French Commander in Algeria, lo take charge of insurrection-ridden Algiers and restore order. President Itene Coty demanded loyalty from the 400,000 French trooyis in Algeria where a military-civilian junta seized power with a of public safety" and urged Gen. Charles De Gaulle to head up a strong-man government in Paris. France enpeared close to civil war. Mew disorders appeared to be shaping up In the wake of riots In Paris and Algiers Tues day. Gen. Sulan announced in Algiers ho was assuming "provisional" civil and military powers throughout the North African territory. Mr. Pflimlin won approval from the National Assembly as premier, at least temporarily' giving France a government to cope with one of its gravest po litical crises to date. He prohlb- ed all public demonstrations hrougbout mainland France, Right-wing groups Tuesday danuulntttd against Ur. FfUn- lin's investiture' as premier. New anti-government demonstrations were shaping up in Algiers. President Coty used the prestige of his office and the power of the French constitution in an attempt to slop military defiance before it spread from Algeria into metropolitan France. But the junta's coup had gone so far there appeared no turning back. In Algiers, Gen. Jacques Mas-su called the Pflimlin cabinet "a government of abandonment." Gen, Massu said his army group would keep control of Algeria "until final victory." Gen. Massu, apparently with the backing of Gen, Salan, broadcast over Algiers radio a violent speeuh in which he apparently closed all exits for a peaceful settlement. Premier Pflimlin told reporters he was convinced the military defiance In Algiers was the result of a "dramatic misunderstanding," "The will of the government is to defend Algeria," he said, "Our Algerian compatriots, our army which is the admiration of the country, muse bt convinced el tbif." Assassination Try Feared In Venezuela CARACAS, Venezuela More than 1,000 U.S. paratroops and Marines converged on the Caribbean today ready if needed to rescue Vice President Richard M. Nixon from any assassination attempts in mob ridden Venezuela. Government officials In Washington expressed concern there might be an assassination attempt when Mr. Nixon and his wife Pat leave the sanctuary of the U.S. Embassy tonight to fly home. Mobs like those that attacked Mr. Nixon, his wife Pat and local leaders here Tuesday swarmed through the streets during the night, smashing windows and shrieking antl-Amerlcan slogans. Police armed with jungle knives, clubs and pistols tried to restore Order. Narrow Escape The Nixons, wiho narrowly escaped death, or injury at the hands of the mobs Tuesday, spent the night at the U.S. Embassy residence in suburlan Caracas. President Eisenhower, "hopping mad" at the attack on America's No. 2 executive, ordered troops Into tha Caribbean area. "It is not easy to endure the kind of activities I had to go through today," Mr. Nixon told newsmen Tuesday night. "It is not pleasant to be covered from head to foot with spit, and to have a roan spit directly Into tne race an my wita. "I don't like It. Members of my staff who are there to protect ma must expose themselves to great danger. It la harder to keep your temper than to lose it, but I assure those who did these things today that they never will get what they want because I won't lose my temper." Central Direction Mr. Nixon said he gaw indications that-the mobs "were sub ject to some central direction in my opinion, Communist dominated." He laid such activity is a serious threat to freedom. "If what wo jaw today goes, unchecked, there will come to the Americas a dictatorship much more terrible than Peres Jlmenety he said. "The thousands of students who died on the streets of Budapest proved wnat i say." Mr. Nixon and outraged U.S. congressional leaders believed the violence was but Venezuelan authorities blamed the mob outbreak on "tramps and miscreants linked with the regime of (ousted ex President Marcos) Perez Hear Adra, Wolfgang Larraza-bal, chief of the military junta which replaced Mr. Perez in January, said "several" such persons have been arrested, Parauoop Airlift Two companies of paratroops from Ft, Campbell, sped south in giant Hercules turbo prop transports to Puerto Rico Ramey field, two hours by air from Caracas. Other planes carried two com panies oF Marines from Camp to the big U.S. naval base at Guantanamo, Cuba, three hours' flying time from the Venezuelan capital. A third Marine company will fly out by helicopter today to Join the Caribbean-bound aircraft carrier Tarawa at sea. The trouble here started Tuesday on the Nixons' arrival from Bogota at the conclusion of an eight-nation Latin American tour. Screaming anil-American demonstrators at the airport spat on the Vice President and his wife. A few minutes later, a mob attacked Mr. Nixon's car with stones and clubs. They smashed Its side windows and showered the Vice President with shattered glass. He escaped injury, thanks to speedy action by his Secret Service guard. Col. Hess to Speak Tonight in Oxnard Col. Dean E. Hess, West Coast information officer for the Secretary of the Air Force, wilt speak to the Oxnard Exchange' and Klwanls Clubs tonight at 7 in the Elks Lodge. The Weather The Weathen Sunny today and Thursday. Fog patches near coast early Thursday. Tempera last 21 hours: maximum Ike Believes Reds Behind Incidents WASHINGTON (If) Presl dent Eisenhower said today It1 looked as if there was some kind of concerted plan by the Com munists in the anU-Amerlcan demonstrations around the world. He said he thought the Com munists were capitalizing latent unrest. The President told a news conference that the possibility of hostile demonstrations. against Vice President Richard M. Nixon on his South American tour had been discussed In advance of the trip. But the President said no one had anticipated the violence which occurred in Caracas Venezuela, Tuesday. The President defended his action in sending 1,000 troops U.s. bases Puerto Rico and Cuba, saying this was the sim plesc precautionary type of mea sure in the world, He said the Venezuelan gov ernment was not notified, but that he bad simply put thi tTDops in a place where they would be availahle in case the Venezuelans said they couldn't handle the situation. The President was asked how he assessed anti-American demonstrations in various parts of the world, particularly the ami- outbUrsti to Venezuela and Peru. It appeared to him, he said, to be largely exploitation rather than a Red effort to evoke such outbursts. U. S. Offers To Lebanon for Infernal Security) BULLETIN GIBRALTAR (tH Five warships of the U. S. Navy steamed hurriedly out of Gibraltar for the eastern Mediterranean today. Naval circles believed they were headed for positions near Lebanon. BEIRUT, Lebanon nil The United States offered "polic equipment" to Lebanon tonight to "help this government maintain internal security." U. S. Ambassador Robert McClintock commandeered an American ocean liner to evacuate endangered American citi zens from Tripoli, main provin cial city where rebellion against the pro -Western government erputed last week. The U. S. 6th Fleet was- re ported ready to speed to the aid of the government if President ChamDun requests such said. McClintock promised United States would airlift "police equipment," including tear gas and gas masks to help local security forces maintam order. it was the first American ac tion to provide aid for President Camilla Chamoun's beleaguered regime. Romb Blasts It came after anti-government' terrorists exploded two bombs near the U. S. Embassy in Ihe sixth day of violence that had orougnt this tiny Mideast country to brink of civil war. either explosion caused any casualties. The second bomb went off 10 yards from the Embassy building, blew out an automobile show window and wrecked a station wagon. Earlier, Maj. Melvin ways, U. S. military attache, was ston ed by demonstrators as he drove to Beirut airport this morning He was not hurt. The new Incidents underscor ed the anti-American nature of the riots that have swept this country since last Friday. The u. information service uo- rary in Tripoli was sacked and burned Saturday, The Lebanese army moved in to back the government of President Chamoun staunchly pro -Western chief executive who has been The main target of violent opposi tion attacks. Tha oDDositlon demands that Mr. Chamoun resign, His six- year term as president ends shortly, but there nave neen reports he may seek to have the constitution amended so he can run for a second term. Tha cabinet catted a meeting at noon to consider filina a for mal protest in the United Ni nons, Uotincii against Jnlted Arab Republic Mi i WW I ARMED. FORCES QUEEN Donna Woodruff perches atop a 155 mm "Long Tom" gun barrel to watch preparations for the Oxnard Super Shopping Center celebrations which open tomorrow. Photo 3-Day Armed Forces Display Readied at Shopping Center America's "Space Age" weapons will go on display tomorrow at the Oxnard Super Shopping firtt annual Armed Forces Day celebration. Rockets, missile, and electronic dvrieM will be shown by the services; All branches of the military will exhibit the latest developments in their fighting arsenal during the three-day observance. The climax of the event will come Saturday with the presentation of Armed Forces Day Queen Donna Woodruff, of Oxnard, and a flyover by jet aircraft. Misa Woodruff Is the 19-year- old daughter of Lt. Cmdr, and Mrs, Kenneth T. Woodruff. She was awarded many prizes, including a three-day paid vacation for two in Las Vegas, when she won the queen contest The center merchants' association planned the program and will present $100 to the Army and Navy relief funds and to the Air Force Aid So ciety, In addition, to flyover Armed Forces. Day, high Santa Paula, and Moorpark will join in a mass playing of the Star Spangled Banner as county youth organizations raise the flag at 11 a.m. Air Force F-SS, B-52 and F-104 jets will be included in the sweep across the shopping center during tha flag-raising ceremonies, Exhibits will be open begin ning at 9 a.m. tomorrow. They include: A Regulus I missile and a mock-up of the Vanguard satellite will be shown by the Naval Air Missile Test Center at Point Mugu. Also the Center will show a scale model of how Point Mugu will look in the future. Base personnel will be at the exhibit to explain Mugu's use and role in the new Pacific issile. Hangs. Missile firing equipment and models will be provided by the USS Norton Sound. A mcdel of the Norton Sound and a dummy rerrier nussue wilt be shown. Construction Battalion Center Seabees will show equipment used in their world-wide construction projects and training programs. A mobile museum trailer unit will depict the accomplishments of the Seabees. Representing the Army will be a 40-fout walk-through van which details the tidssion of the Army in the electronic era. A model of the United States' first satellite, Explorer, will be included in the display. The trail- will be manned by personnel from 6th Army in Los Angeles. A lbo mm "Liong lomr sen- propelled howitzer and supporting equipment will be dos ed by iiattery A ana a at the 225th Army Held ArtiUsry National Guard unit The 8Rth Engineering Battal-n (Heavy Construction) and the 355th General Hospital Unit will show engineering and Medical Corps equipment, as part of the Army Reserve exhibit. id Cross workers will oper ate a mobile canteen and strra coffee and cookies during the three-day period. A home eer-vice representative will be available" to -explain the assist ance and cooperation oi the Bed Cross with the armed aerviceB. A complete combat platoon of the 67th Special Infantry Company of the Marine Corps Re serve will be on duty during the event. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Campflre Girls will present a massed pledge of allegiance to the flag May 17 at the shopping center post office. $170 Filing Fea Rebate Request by Fay Turned Down VENTURA County Supisr- visors yesterday denied tne claim of one-time coroner emh-didate' Jack Fay for the return of his $170 election filing fee. Mr. Fay withdrew from the race last month when district attorney Boy Gustafson produced i telegram from the Yakima County, district attorney showing that Mr. Fay had been convicted of a felony there. Mr, Fay said he would have appealed to the Washington governor to have the 20-year-old burglary felony dismissed if there had been time before the election. Instead, Mr. Fay decided to withdraw from the elec tion and put in a claim against the county to get his filing fee back. Naumann Asks Big FRP Line Now for Metropolitan Water SANTA PAULA United! Water Conservation District to day will recommend to a Feather River Project advisory routing committee In Los Angeles that a Feather River line be built immediately from Lds Angeles to Ventura County to make Metropolitan Water District supplies available now. When thu Feather River Project is constructed, the line' would be ready and waiting for use. The suggestion was made In a UWCD directors' meeting here yesterday by Robert Nau mann of oxnard. Mr. Naumann easoned that construction of a small line now for importation Metropolitan water might eventually be wasteful, If the Feather River Project were to' come in and replace the small delivery line when It was about half paid for. Big Tha Feather River line pro posed for this area would carry about 2,500 second feet of water, but county needs might be only lew nunurea second feet at this time. StilL no water would be wasted by constructing the Feather River line at this (line, and it would be available for the ther River Project is completed, Mr. Naumann said. It might be constructed with state funds right now to benefit Ventura Coutny, Mr. Naumann reasoned. Engineering studies of similar projects have already been completed with state funds. he said. Directors authorized Chief Engineer and Manager William P. Price Jr. to present tha plan to the Feather River committee today. Directors atoo authorized two-year contract with a $19,000 retainer, between United and Northcutt Ely, specialist in water law, to represent the district in Washington D.C The fee covers all services he will perform. Mr. Ely is presently chief special counsel for California In the California-Arizona controversy over the Colorado Rivar. His duties will include United on all scllvities concerning federal approval of and funding of the proposed Calls-suas Municipal Water Dlstrkt's Se3pe Creek project. Director Robert Beardday Jfc yesterday told dlrctort he has asked to be relieved on the forms 21-man advisory water eommlnee srt up semal years ago bjr tne Bases ef

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