The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 9, 1948
Page 10
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/' PAftl TTJf (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Month >r Lia. Me Oouct *"• *rerM« worda M Ib* Un* &d onUrvd for thrw or *U time* uid •hopptd l>*/ore expiration will b* charff- ii for KM number ot UmM tb« Mi *p- MAit<l ftn<t fedjUAtnitiiL of bill m*d#. All Cl**6lfted Advertising oopr «ub- mUt*d br penon* i«*LdLnx ouuldc of EM dtr m\ut be Accompanied bj e**b E*tM m»y b« «»*ily computed from t*« onUt lor Irmulmr laMr- liOlU lAkM tb* 004 t.DM I»t«. Ko rMpouJblJltr will b* !**•:< lor BOM thaa on* Incorrect Insertion of All jhd> *r« rcctricUrf to th«tr proper tlMilflcfctlon. ' *tyl» »nd tf P*. Tn« tourl*r rater*** th* rlcbt to MUt or MJect «i »d. Apartment for Two room »nd huth unfurnished downstair* ind two rooms fur^rhed up*t*ir*. 41* •. Eye Amor*. Cull oi^5, Thr«« room furni6h«f *p«rtm*nt, tn K, Sixth. Jfhon« 433«. 4:B-plc-13 J*lc« fjimlshed #Mic)#ncy •partmtnt, bedrtxjra, private eniranc«. Close in, IIS X. D*i'U St. 4.a-pfc-l3 Nlc« three room unfurnished »P* rt - ment upstairs, couple preferred. Telephone 4*29. 4,9-pk-Il Two room furnished apartment. Phone W29. «7 X. Rose, . 4,9-pX-ll Apartmvnft Wanted Thrw or four room« unfurnlslird. Call 4923 or 3134. 3124-ck-tf UnfurnUhfrd thr*t or four room •pRrtment or house. CftH 3R07 nftcr m ^'K.nk.l.l Business Service Directory Auto Supp/iM and S«rvic« CHAPMAN SimVICI STATION U>ln * DUUlon Phone 1 Don't endanger your Is- Uy wtth HultT tlre*^—BUy LEB TTRBS. )3!ll-ok-t! Jeep parts now available »t P.OOLE MOTOR CO. We ctti fill all your need* Oet venuln* p«rta from our complete Une. feLIB POOL*. OWNER * OPERATOR •crath Highway &t at St««l«, Mo. Phon. Bt««l« U Foorfi UVl niTBM, !«t hrni. rurnll am- «.tr. I3i B, Lilly, phon. 3WJ, 4;7-p*-lt F lori til inMl T*rl«tlM tad 001- K) urgtr *ix««. Scad lor CMcnpUY. pnc. lut. AZALEA OAHIWNS, X>7 • B»rk»d»l«. MeinpbU, Tenji. l;lt-pk-«|18 Household Good* '•netUn blind* now im »t«ck. mfcdf K. U. BUndi. D*H r»lnt Rtor« 100 M, Uftln at phoo* ***e. »24-ck-tl K1RBT VACUUM CLEANER, Guaranteed for life, Randall He.wkn. Mleaman. f>hon« 3339 for demonstration. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY PERFECTION COOK STOVES HUBBARD HARDWARE COMPANY 213 \V. Main Phone 2015 4-6-ck-13 Se« Ui for Venetian Blinds. Immediate Delivery From Our Stock ' E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. "Friendly Buildingf Service" FRIDAY, APRIL », 1MI We can deliver your new Maytag I washer today. ADAMS APP1JANCK i COMPANY, 208 W. Main. Fllone 2071. ' 4 J-pK-5 2 Insurant* For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 4-7-ck-tf Laundry Awning l.aunnrr none. Willie Belle Cireen now between 81 Hlgl»*»y and FKth Street. In Kear or chlcfcasAH'ba. Phone «09. CnrtKln* Isundpred nod *tretchfd. I Moved from 214 B. Kronlclln lo 100 W. . un *rry. 3:30-plt-4i30 I ^Brf^^^^^MMBJgMMTB'^jgj^^ifigi WE HANDLE ONLY THE BEST! Come And See Them HERE ARE A FEW OF OUR FINE RUNNING CARS—LOW-PRJCED! 1911 Ford Tudrtr—Allraclivt Low l'ri«» 1942 Chevrolet Coach—New Motor 19,17 Ford Tudor—New Reconditioned Motor 194« Ford I'icknp Truck I9JS Ford Pickup Truck 19-14 Ford Long-Whe,efbase Truck with stake body Plenty Others Now At 5th at Walnut ompanu nm^ m •» Phone 4453 Loan* NOT the Cheapest— But the BEST! We have been making and Installing quality canvas awning for 22 years. Carney Awning Company M (. niUT *T. PHONE »72 ' Money To Loan On farm land or city property. We also buy notes. CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Building Boofci" • BOOKS . ;Fictton, Juveniles, Bibles, Religious .Books, Reference Books, Dictionaries, Text Books, new and used. Tri-States School Supply Estate Loans ?.H.A. Loans 6% Home Loans Farm Loans Commercial Loans TERRY ABSTRACT AND REALTY COMPANY 213 W, WALNUT PHONI 2M1 M* 1. FIRST IT. PHONI 3153 3J23-C1C.4123 Building Material COTTON PLANTING SEED a. r. i,.-i4 State Certified. Blue Tug, Delintcd and Treated. 100 Ib. new bags O6UXUUA. A«JC. BRYAN FARMS PHONE 100 Ptnonal Hetlr« after 20 years—with hair n»y !or tne rest ol your life. Army Ground force, soldiers ri.y l s the highest In Array mstory. with * secure tuture i«e your Army and Air Force. Rccrult- Ini Office, city Hull. Blythevllle. Plumber PXHHONAL LOANS AMtomObll.-.lg- rmlure--corn»« Quick prl. »»!« terilce PersonMlierl .Uentlon Com* In or telephone 292R GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION 122 W Ash Bt Blrtftertl!« Ark. Bargai n P ri ces on Q u a 1 i ty ' ; WALLPAPER E. C; Robinson Lumber Co. "Friendly Building Service" ii« w. Ash pnone ssi > SPECfXt Do your own woi-k and save Kent K concrete mixer, wheelbarrow and shovels. Any other tools you ma> . heed. Also For Sole HAY and COAL Phone 4489 Box 659 Blytheville, Ark. 3-3-ck-tt When you build or remodel think first of Wards. \Ve can save you money on bathroom fixtures, sinks, \vallboard, roofing, siding, insulation, attic fans, water systems, water heaters, and paints. Call 591 and ask for estimates. Use your credit. MONTGOMERY WARD 4-7-ck-tf Business Property For Rent Money to Loan Do you need t. lo»n to repair or n- model? No down payment. DO mor- tage, no red tape THA APPROVED RATI »% ASIC FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor non» 3034 Lynch Build I ni Blytherllle. Art. Lawn Mowers sharpened and repaired. Blytheville Machine Shop, Phone 2828. 211 S. Second. 4-6-ck-tf Mattresses INVEST IN REST J V ' 1 _ y _ri"." ?.°"< "«" h _ »r »!cepl !15 •"»""•«' r SMITH VAT--o • MATTRESS UO. ol DlythCTIIle. now oilers to m«te your old felt mattress uxe new at the low cost or only 1850 or ir you preTer an Inneraprlns made out or your old rnauress, we will do so at the low urlce of »J< 50. Nolhlii,- but the best or materials la used \n renovating or your old mattressrs vim Hie latlcst machlnerj-. All work giiar- anlecd. PHONE <8I9 On OROP A £ A 5" TO SMITH MATTRE83 COM- PANL. GENERAL DELIVERY. FREE MUE3 P *"" DELIVERY WITHIK 50 '"ONE DAY SERVICE" Musical MerchonoV'i* Piano ror 5..., We Have a thoroughly reconditioned piano with nice bench In tbe Tlclnlty ot Blytheville. that we will sell ror balance due. Anyone Interested will nleait wrlt« ««. and w« Mil pirn description ocatlon where piano can Be teen. BEARDS TEMPLE Or MUSIO Paragoum. Artansa* «.8-clc-lo It yot: need a licensed plumber, or jxpett store repair work done, call Harry Ueyen at Rubbarit Hardware iljo-ck-tr Services Haljy J7U5. aittep. ror lnTorniatlO[t call 4.9-pK-ll We can Save you up to 50% on PAINT JOBS U> have tnrce nmilern spray units and will do any kind or Job Tenant house mptal roofs (10 up. with No 1 tiinlnum paint. Wrlte-pnone CHARLES KENNEMORE "II K. HALE PHONE 57 OSCEOLA. ARK. «.7-riK-5!7 HOUSE MOVING. ThirleeTi years experience. Plenty of equipment. References. Leveling;, foundation repairing. Virgil Foley, phone 2105. 3-19-pk-4-19 Typist TTP1NO. Phone 422J or 2579. Dogs, Cats, and Pets Kor sale: Black"; thoroughbred sli- veeks old Cocker Spaniel puppies Phone 4259. -•- - - Farmer* Column ror nit; DUc T B and ll B mo. B ' Karmall cultivator. F-20 cultivator and ' plainer, I>te modrl John Oeere axle i type with fertilizer »ll«chment. vlohn Oeer* and rjo biuteri. old «tyl« pull type, One set of M ateel wheels. Ont { 1HO breaking plow. J. W. wldner. |inon« 649 Yarnro, or 3013 Porlnvr- vlll«. 4;a-pk-ll Make your own blocks with n Dandy Boy block maker, only 184.50. ] Power lawn mower $110.50. Roto Dig Scraper $99.95. JIM BROWN STORE 4-8-ck-Ll SKKO AND TRACTORS FOR SALE Pedlnreed. Certified and Flral Year Slonevflie 2C. 2B and 4H (Ambassador). L'OKer 100 wilt resistant. Alfaira seed. HeBUlar Farmall traclora on rubber and M*el. J, O. Knnkln, Box 387. two inllea south or Kaytl, Missouri, on lcnway 81, phon« 2514. 4;S-pk-ll For Safe, Cars & Trucks fOR SALS: — One A-model ford J in perrcct chapt. Call 7B3 after 4:00 ' l'/2 ton 1941 Chevrolet truck. Stake body, dual wheel.! Sacrifice, |450. See Dozier,, 116 N. Second. 4-7-ck-10; 1946 SWR FORD truck, ex-! (.•client condition. Two speed. axle, radio and heater, fogj lights and spot light, vacuum j trailer brakes, air hovn. 51 825x20 tires, 2 750x20 tires.! A real buy for only $1550. I BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO.j 217 S. Second St. Phone 4422 4-6-ck-13 USED TRUCK SPECIALS 1941 Dodge LAVB two speed j axle. New paint job, heater! $750. 1D42 Dodge half ton pickup. New motor and paint job. ?950. j See us for used trucks. I BLYTHBV1LLE MOTOR CO. i 217 S. Second St. Phone 4422 4-6-ck-lS LOW COST HAULING WITH JEEP TRUCKS The completely new line of trucks r medium duty, low cost hauling, nwprcd by the mighty "Jeep" engine flow on display at POOLE MOTOIt CO. ELLIS POOLE. OWNER AND OPERATOR. S HIGHWAY 91 AT S'l'EELE. MO. PHONE STEELS 49. 4.2-pH-lO 1W40 Plymouth lour door sedan. $500 cnsh. Clean as a hound's tooth. Home " leral Home. Call 2206. 3.3l-pK-4:14 ' Forcf pickup truck, Davis, steele. Mo. $3.000. See 4;H-pk-l;i For Sale, Farm I have slock and Etaln. poultry and cotton farms for sale. Prices reason- .ihle. Call or write C. W. Smith. Dexter. Missouri. 4]l-pk-5ll . lan: .one black and white setter puppy. About six months old. Reward. Call 23(1:! or 2042. 4;9-pk-13 Wearing Apparel Acre hill farm. New sis loom K.'f,'.^. bouse, one large stock barn, one small 47-pk-10 I barn, a large concrete cellar, food well. ( KOOrt rence all around, chicken houses, and smoke house. youne; orflinrd. pond. Half quarter'from store, post, or- Tlce. school and church. A good stock farm. Jim Xoons. Attica. Ark, 4i7-pk-2l SPIREI. LA Individually designed fteallh supports are recommended for these conditions: Industrial and chronic fatigue, post operative conditions, ptosls or Internal organs, faulty posture, extrcment obesity, and maternity. Mra. Leon Scherer. Splrella Dealer Phone 36'J2. Fitted In your nome 4;2-pk-5i2 Farmer's Column State-Certified Bimlette 19 - Improved Arksoy Soybeans. Burdette Plantation. Burdette phone 782. 4-7-ck-tf Kor Sale: On*- Alltn Chalmer Model O crawler tractor. Completely rebuilt JIMS. PnMl Byrum Implement. 4.7-clt-2l 160 acres on gravel. If this farm sells now the new owner IF YOU BUY PRICE, THAT'S FINE YOU BUY QUALITY, THAT'S BETTER YOU WANT BOTH, WE HAVE IT '41 CHEVROLET TOWN SEDAN Ke»l x<M>d finish. Motor A-l condilion, jf<x>d rubber. You can own this one now for only ... $925 '41 PLYMOUTH 4-DOOR SEDAN Motor completely overhauled. Huns like new. Deluxe model radio and heater. Special $895 '39 CHEVROLET TOWN SEDAN Deluxe 2-door. New finish, low mileaKe. Motor O. K. Car bus been carefully checked. This one for only $695 '41 DODGE 4-DOOR SEDAN Green finish, gent covers, hot water healer, good rubber. Reduced for thi» sale from $1195 to $895 '41 DeSOTO 4-DOOR SEDAN Beautiful blue finish'. Radio, healer, new seat COT- ers. Tires like new. Only . $895 '39 FORD TUDOR SEDAN Deluxe 85 HI' motor. Mo- («r completely overhauled. Low mileage. One owner. I'riced to sell quickly .... $495 50 - More on our big Used Car Lot - 50 Fosy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY W* Never Close 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 578 Sales Dept. Open til 8 p.m. For Sale —City Property Five room house with hath on Vine Street. ?4250. Four room house on Lilly Street. 52250. Five room house with bath on 50x190 lot on Ash Street. Four room house on Holly Street. Priced to sell at ?5,00(i House in West part of city, five rooms and bath. Bargain at ?3750. Cates-Worthington Co. 115 S. Third Phone 2751 or 28-13 or 2367 alter 5 p.m. SPECIAL.: Three room houjft «B FIVE ROOM RESIDENCE Four room house East of With bath. On bus line, now Town. §3500. vacant. Price $4,000, ?1500 Two new lirick homes on'cash. Terms. West Main, Butane gas, attic • fans, hardwood floors, modem throughout. Sliown by ap- will receive this year's rent - t ,~ $265 per acre. pomtment only. 160 acres on gravel, well Groway "hire biijldin«j and improved with one main house f° ck ° n foulh Ifath Street. - - Lease on lot ShD per year. A and three tenant houses. $250 per acre. 60 acres West of Half JIoou on State Highway. $210 per acre. David Real Estate & Investment Co. Division and Main Phone 3G33 4-7-ck-tf Sporting Goods BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS BasfibMi uniform* In Mocfc Wholesale prices lo schools ami teanu. Wilson «nu Spadlrtlns ba5el)nlls. Comnlcta line of Wilson Merchandise. Teraporar- "ly locnterl 122 N. Second St nl NorrM Frlnllni! Companj.. Phonn 3J13. Rcal- nence A283. IT'S WILSON TODAY IN SPORTS EQUIPMENT BABY CHICKS U. S. approved, pullonim controlled. ?Ki.oO BLAYLOCK HATCHERY N. Highway 61 Phone 3172 3-31-ck-tt FERTILIZER 3-!)-lg & 6-8-12 Miss D P & I, 14 Certified Cotton Seed. PLANTERS COOP. Phone 720 3-'<>2-ck-4-15 H. O CAMPBELL Phone 4446 or 2930 Office 210 S. Second "I have no sidelines" 4-!>-ck-13 160 acres on HLphway O 2>i miles West or Advance near Brownwood 115 acres in cultivation. 2 s-room nouses two narns. This farm can be *o!tl at 160 or 8(1 or 100 or 12fl acres to suit mirchasor. On passenger bus route. ! f i i'1 ' "." :hool. mall tad mllH routes. Priced UIV6 1'Clltal MOll.SCs incllldCrl • i I. p r.,,l n T"rt». * «„. i " al ' lcims can be AI, SUI.t.IVAN'a RKSTAURANT Pot Colter. In Town Aerow from city Hull Phone 2462 1.23-ck-4 22 Pure Ogden SoyliR'an Seed. (Hale Seed Farm, Burdette. Phone 702. 4-7-ck-tf Ware house .with railroad connection, office and garage. Can rent together or separately. David Real Estate & Investment Co. Main ana Division Phone 3633 4-7-ck-tf Receiving new Dodjre JOB- RATED trucks weekly.- See us for immediate delivery on icw Dodge Job-Rated Trucks BLYTHEV1LLR MOTOR CO. Dodge-Plymouth Dodge Job-Rated Trucks 217 S. Second St. Phone 4422 'l-6-ck-20 Foods -Reach. for Hart's Bread. __ - BT POPOWR DEMAND~we acsln l« '?, neel T 00 " . Ro!ls ' ' nd Cho5fl.t" ollf. If you haven't tried them, come by * ur f"» m burs -and brownies 6 1^ 4.9-clt-lO CM, Phone. Notice AIIV,' All Vegetables Well Across from city HM 1 «62 l:.< 22 Pf-rsonal DULUV !;•-<«-•< SPORTING GOODS Specials PLAY TENTS for Junior. Regular |8.75 reduced to 7x7 TENT for the sporis- man, JJ7.88. ?24.05 TENNIS RACKETS 1-3 off. MONTGOMERY WARD 4-8-ck-ll Tor Sale: International pick-tip hay R. Rhodes *,7-pk-14 baler, good Bteelt, Mo. condition. J. rhone M. ror sale: Two new « foot tandem disk harrows. Russell Wilder. Luxora Rout* I. Gllcrest Farm, 4i5-pk-12 Spotted Poland China Boars Sii-nd by Delta Sewing alterations, buttonhole*. Mr« l'atk>. DOS c Cherrj. Phone 3133. S.ll-pk-<;U BELTS. BUCKl.Es7V:overed"b;ittorIs". button holes. Mae Miller. Alma Bass Elma Crowder. |^,onr M9. If no answer. <«:I2, SOI! ^f. Fifth St. 320-ck-<20 Typewriter TYPEWRITERS outstanding son of Wilson's Challenger. Boars are subject to . (ration and priced right, Ben Holly, Cooler, Mo. 3-30-pk-4-lb 1547 Chevrolet plcxup. D rhone 973. 3 l«-rk-<-!« Rortl. Smith, ton Fort*t>!«. DON EDWARDS The TrpewrtMt M, tooon* M. rtuxt 3331 ' ••M«kM The healthiest chicks on the market: AAAA Grade Pulloreum-Tcsled. BABY CHICKS AAAA f H..15 AAA 13.35 AA $12.95 JIM BROWN STORK 3-18-ck-l per ncrc. Half cash. Possession no^ . Owner BEN H. HARRIS Sikcston, Missouri, or \V. M. BURNS, Realtor 'hone 3361, Blytheville, Ark. E. T. Hubbard, Salesman 4 9-rfc-u For Sale, City Property Two lots, two new buildings youne rees. South Lunge St.. I.eachville 150O. Abstract, deed. Mr«. New modern two bedro leele. pnone 128 steele. GROCERY STORE in Bly- hevilie. This is oni of the >est buys on today's market. Did $66,000 business last year. lenly of equipment and a urge clean stock of merchandise. Good five room living Uiarters and hath in connec- ion. Rent $40 a month. Good ease. Walk-out proposition good buy at $2500. 24 room new brick tourist hotel on Highway 61 doing capacity business. Owner retiring. Will sell for less than replacement cost. A good investment. Two story building at Braggadocio for sale at the low sum of $3500. See us about this, it is worth the money. Grocery store, building and ! .stock with railroad connec- i ]lions on Highway 61. This has; in! sale. Terms can be av- i ranged. • j If you are interested in a ! nice business well located and i doing good business with nice! home in connection, see us, we have what you want. Beautifully landscaped. 75x150 foot lot with four room ' icador j n . onle on Highway 18 East of; 4V P k'-5,2 |city. Priced to sell. Immediate ' possession. David Real Estate i ck Investment Co. Main and Division Street Phone 3633 Residence Phone 2486 4-7-ck-tf !-°r quick tale: >"lvc living rooms Fnone 2394. » grocery business. on Highway, »1800. 3i31-pfc-l:14 New care, doing good business Best location in Manila. 3e , James boats SOV20I, root lot »t Tarbro. Cull 3SS7 or « c( ._j. c. Whittle m Tarbro. . JJOHM like new. Prtce W500 with ttSoo down and balance like rent. fr'lr« roo m ho\is» arid four roo IB house, both with bath on **me lot This in K good buy, turnu Six room .House with half bath on srr, ^u,. T ¥, 5 r mh5 ° u " - "" c « <° suburban store, with llTlnf qua-iem olns Hood buslnrss Owner s«y« sell on account of health.. Termi On» or lh e best forty ncres uroimrl BlytneTllle with HO.OOO worth ot 1m- prorpmentji. If sold SOOD. powe.!Slon rhls year. We rmve one, or the best • l.w acres In Mississippi Counts 1 . Thin u all tractor land and If sold at once the new owner Till collrct thu year's rent II yovi want to buy or sell property see or call BERT ROSS. Real Bsme ot Llltle Bert Ross, salesman Phone 4291 or 3815 Prompt and a Complete Real EalBl* LANGLEY'S GRIST MILL is now for sale at unusually low price. Call 2680 for in- . formation. 4-8-pk-22 (Continued on Next Page) house in 43-pk-lO CROCERY C O^TpTelT'sto c k 5TORV : :s. notion *..„ t ,, us3 »,. a uu /Ixtltrrs s:i.OOO. Sell 10 move :nt or lease building w 'lh is nn<l hAth living cinnrlcrs. momris: one Toledo s'calc. ease. Walk-out proposition „„,',,;„ mo y il » : onc Toledo scai M; ?7,000. Will be glart lo show ™«»-T >r ?»S ll « t ?! lc S. 11 'iT[ : SS f mTPrPstnd. ?^ ;""*•.«"•« ^'"le base: one 14 f interested. Johnny Marr Real Estate 112 S. Second St. Phone 4111, Russell Marr 807 4-,'i-ck-lO i-onmcr. walnut finish. 75 ft. snclvmit; one plullorm scale; 1*0 lour- 1001 fluorescent IlRhts; thirty fret Neon; one four-hole Ice cream boK Installed by Scsl Test Co • on< rovir- loot brend rack lima lied or Tin Top WEST KND GROCERY, jlayll. Mo. Hlcriway R4. u interested call 2:1-12 or come ar ,d se« John Hollomon. Haytl. Mo. Box 223. 4;6-p*-l3 Rent A New Thor GLAD1RON Automatic Ivoner Automatic Ironer Reasonable Rates—Free Delivery BLYTHEVILLE WILLYS SALES Telephone 554 «,9-rk-IJ CHECK WHEEL BEARINGS Worn wheel hearings can cause nasty accidents and costly repairs. Why take chances when our mechanics will check and repack your bearings in a jiffy. Drive in tomorrow . . . Drive away KNOWING your bearing* will not fail. BRING YOUR TRUCKS TO OUR MODERN SHOP! ---- i-l V c o « o o »> _*_T_»_P_ •WALNUT AT BROADWAY *DIAL sss FOR

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