The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 17, 1944
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, Candidates Seen At Bar Meeting i ! Col. Barton Reported ,; To Have Selected His p Campaign Manager 1 By JIM DOWNING United 1'rcss Stuff Correspondent I LITTLE ROCK. Mny 17 (UP>- Nrarly every campaigner' iu Ar- knusas went over lo lust week's nar Association meeting in Hot Springs to feel pulses and sniff at (lie political winds. 'Among the candidates seen in circulation among the lawyers were C. O. "Crip" Hall, seeking re-election as secretary of slate; Col. T. H. Barton of El Dorado, senatorial candidate:; Lee Baker, lieutenant- governor hopeful—and his opponent, LI. Gov, J. L. Bex Shaver; Ally. Gen. Guy K. Williams; J, Uosscr Venalile; Floyd Stein of El Dorado, opposing Williams; Will Steel, gubernatorial candidate from Texarkana; find three or four supreme court candidates Includint; Minor Milii'ee. Lawrence Autcn and Fred Jones. Moreover, a large number of can- dldiiles for minor ofliccs were on hand to look after the delegations from their own districts. Colonel Barton was reported al the convention to have picked his campaign manager from among the delegates, but O. P. Hniies', the Colonel's publicity man, said no announcement would Ue made immediately on the selection. Among the missing were David D. Terry and Ben Laney. both candidates for governor, rormer comptroller J. Bryan Sims was on hand the first day, hut went back to Llttl c Rock before nightfall. Neither Laney nor Sims made any an- anoimcement of their campaign managers up to noon Saturday. j /Although GOI-. Homer M. Ad- I »(|r> did not attend the convention, Iswcral of his partisans were among I th e visitors, including Harvc I Thorn and Sol Russell, the former I in the state land office and the BLYTHEVlLLli (AUK.) COUK1EH NEWS latter an-attorney for the claims commission .Adklns 'went over later—on Saturday—escorting Governor ana Mrs. Broiighton of North Carolina. Former Lt.. Gov. Bob Bailey of HiissDllvllle was taking considerable chaffing nboul his famous rc- notmcemeiit of his projected gubernatorial campaign on grounds'that he would not buy the office and that It cost too much to run for the $6,000-a-yeav position. "All right, la\igh." said he, "but I got stacks of letters from my friends congratulating me on my stand, They all approved of the position I took." Prosecutor Lyle Brown of Hope who overheard Bailey's remark cracked back with: "Th e real reason Bob didn't want to run was thnt he's making too much inoney with his law practice." "Hmmph," said Bailey. l-ec Baker, the Chlcot county representative who Is running for lieutenant, governor against Shaver and Hep. . n. prince of convoy, says he has given away his "first million' paper matches .and has ordered more. "They go," he said, "like—to coin a phrase—hotcakes." Baker said he probably would do some of his campaigning by air, getting in some needed training hours in the air while Hying-from one part of. the slate to the other. Colonel Barton also has been using his'cabin plane to make connections lu Ills jumps around the stale. . .. | Senator Hattie W. Caraway said recently she would use' "a surrey fringe on lop" if necessary to cover Hie state in her campaign. Considerable agitation apparently is being bulll up for raising tlie Arkansas governor's salary from its present $0,000 level. One gubernatorial candidate said he would advocate "say $15,000 to $25.000' for his successor In office If ho were elected. As it stands loday, partisans contend, the office does not pay enough to attract high-type executives except in the rare cases when men decide to sacrifice personal gain to serve the state. 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Later Hie patient Is sent lo the acoustic section where audomellc studies are made of his hearing Impairment. When the Injury has been properly diagnosed, Hie patient Is tlUc< with a hearing device, actually a miniature radio made of Incite which is held lo Ids chest by a while shoulder harness. Correct use of Ihe hearing aid Is one of his first courses, followed by 40 to 60 lessons In lip rending, and instructions In personal adjustment and speech. Preliminary sludles require from five to six days and the entire rehabilitation period lasts from eight to 10 weeks. Ited Cross Co-Oper:tles During his entire course o! lical- meiit the patient Is in conslaiil touch with his supervisors and Red Cross operatives who help him solve any personal, domestic or economic problem. Hospital shows and recreational activities of manv kinds provide him with cnlcrtain- IH the United Stales District Court, Eastern District of Arkansas, Jmtcsboro Division. United Slates of America, Petitioner vs. No. j-215 uvll, 440 acres of land, more or less, u Mississippi Comity. Arkansas, nnd !•-. 11. lioyd, et al., Defendants. Or rter of Publication. Upon application of Ihe plaintiff, United States of AJ»w«i. duly verified, it appearing that Iho united Stales of America ins commenced in Ihls court a suit lo condemn and enforce n legal claim to certain tracts of land lying and being situate In Mississippi Comity, Arkansas, said lands being specifically described Hi phitn- UlT's complaint us follows: Tract No 14. The Southwest Quarter (SWA) of Seclle-n Twenty-Eight (28); Knsl Half (K!il of the Northeast Quarter (NE'i) of Sccllon Tlililv-Two (32), nnd the Kasl Half (KV-) of the Northwest Quarter (NW!i) uf Sccllon Thirty-three (33), Township Fifteen (15) North, flange Nine 131 East of the mil <5th) i>i-lncl- pnl Meridian, Mississippi County, Arkansas, containing In Hie aggro- sale three -hundred twenty <320) acres, more or less. Tract No. E 1005 The West Half (VV«) of the Noiili- casl Quarlcr INK',',) of Sccllon Thirty-two (32), Township Fifteen (15) North, Hangc Nine (D) Uast of the Fifth (5th) Principal Merld- Supreme Court Rules On Two County Coses Tv.-> Mississippi County Circuit Com! rases were disposed of In Monday's session ol Stale Supremo Court, The court affirmed u judgement of this enmity's circuit court hold- mg ill C. S. Con-)' was bimvd from collecting a fire Insurance claim because lie failed (o Insert Hie claim lu n previous suit lie- t«"cen his wife mid (he Mcmmlllc Insurance Company of Amevlrn The court siild that In the previous case Cure} 1 had conveyed llir cliilm to his wife, lie supported her coiileulloii thai It was hers. After mi unfavorable decision, Corey branglit Milt In his own name. Mr. Corey hail asked for less suffered when (Ire destroyed his home at 112 West Davis, Mim-h Claude p. cooper. Fnink „„.,„. las and J. T. crowdi-r represented Air. Corey. Attorneys for the Insurance fim, were lU-hl and hvrard. Iho lli-sl day of July, |<H-|, mu | lo <'.M>in; on lh« Mill day of June 1015, us prescribed by Hulk-tin duU'd January 7, 1U38 niul Sii|>|>leiiu>ntul Itt'tiulnllon No, 19 elVccllve July jo '"'"' Miner Hull. ' _ —... ,„»,., a llkkl.l|Jllk 1MU1H1- .,,, Ian, Mississippi County, Arkmisiis lllc cim - of M - '<• containing in ihe iiggrcyale clchtj Gc '"'B c "M- l*e was s (80) iicres, more or less. Trad No ' e ™ KC dismissed. nenl. When thoroughly treated the soldier is released from tho center, usually lo return lo normal living. fen ring that lie may neglect con- :actlng proper agencies which will :ielp him continue lo overcome his hearing disability, the institution and the Hed Cross establish connections with these outside organizations for his welfare; Social Security Agency, American Red Cross branch offices, committees of civilian otogisls appointed by Ihe Hearing Conservation committee of the American Otolaryngology and Ihe Americ-.ui Legion. COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (UP) —The forest service of Texas A. and M. College reports that nearly a million forest, tree seedlings have been planted in 48 Texas counties during trie-last -six -months. Three- fourths of all the seedlings planted were slash pine. Political Announcements TT:B Courier News Has been authorized to announce the following candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary In August: STATE REPRESENTATIVE ALENE WORD (for re-election, Post No. 2) W. J. WUNDERLICH (for re-election, Post No. 1) J. LEE BEARDEN (for re-election, Post No. 3) LUC1EN E. COLEMAN E. C. "GENE" FLEEKAN (Post No. 4) SHERIFF AND COLLECTOR HALE JACKflON (for re-election) W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON COUNT* TREASURER R. B. (SKEET) STOUT MISS DELLA PURTLE CODNTI JUDGE ROLAND GREEN (for re-election) CIRCUIT COURT CLERK HARVET MORRIS (For re-election) COUNTF CLERK T. W. POTTER (for re-election) E 1007. The Northeast Quarter <NF ',}> of the Northwest. Quarter (NW ',!) of Section Thirty-two Township Hflccn (151 North, Nine W East of Ihe Fifth (5lh) Principal Meridian. Mlsslsslpp • -••-•......... i>ii.^niAai|l|l County, Arkansas, containing in Die aggreunle forty (40) iicn-s, more 01 less. Said sull being nil action of Ihe United States of America lo condemn said land for the <isc am ! benent of the United Stales of America for use In connection with Ihe establishment ol the Manila Auxiliary Field No, 3. lo Ihe Advanced Twin Unginc Training School Airfield, Blylhcvillc, Arkansas, and It appearing lo the court lliat the following named defendants, and Ihelr unknown heirs at law, to-wlt: E. B. Boyd, Tyronza, Arkansas; Jewel Dodgers, % ftfnrgarct Astmbramicr, Manila, Arkansas; The Federal Und Bank of St. Louis, Missouri; Business Men's Assurance Company of America. Kansas' City, Missouri"; jvnd Bank Commissioner, ol St. Louis. Missouri; Russell C. Flccman and Dorothy D. Plceman, his wife. Lake Providence, Louisiana; J. T Ashabramicr, single, 37004037 Co C. Ml TD Rn. APO 201 P. O. Saii 'Ynnelsco. California; Ray D. Aslm- Jranner, Pic. single ASN 38209549, 3rd Company, EWC-SCSU-llliD, Camp Edwards, MassachnscUs; are lot inhabitants of and arc not found wilhln this District, and are lonresidents of Ihis Slalc, and lhat -licy have not voluntarily entered heir appearances herein, and that lersonnl service upon said above mined defendants cannot be had; 11 s hereby ordered that the above named nonresident defendants, and each of them, appear, plead, answer, or demur to the said complaint filed by the petitioner, United Slates of America, on or tefore the 15th day of June, 1014, and In default thereof that the Court will 'proceed to a hearing and adjudication of salri suit, nnd that this order lie published in a newspaper of general circulation tn Mississippi County, Arkansas, once a week for four con seculive weefcs. This 3rd day o May, 1044. (s) Thomas C. Trimble Judge. A true copy I certify, Gradj Miller, clerk. By Dixie N. Tolleson D- c - 5|10-n-24-3 N OT1CE Notice Is hereby given lhat tin undersigned will within the linn fixed by law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues for a permit t< sell beer at retail at 217 West Mull St., Blylhevillc, Mississippi County The undersigned slates that he 1: n citizen of Arkansas, of good mora character, that he has never bcei convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and lhat the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this slate, or any other state, relating to the sale of alcoholic liquors. E. B. Chllwood. Subscribed and sworn to before me this IGth day of May, 1944. J. Graham Sudbury (Seal) Nolary Public My commission expires Dec 31 1946. • vs. settled and The case involved (he. Read Courier News Wnnt Ada. FRISCO LINES IST.LOUI5-SAN FRANCISCO RY.l MISSOURI .ARKANSAS.OKLAHOMA.TEXAS-KANSAS TENNESSEi . MISSISSIPPI • ALABAMA • FLORIDA M-».' .,„'.„.• : or uol. u lonso cxlslod bt'Uveen Mr. Nous nnd Mr. l.oc. who oral lie Lte'.s contended with ., ,. In ml in-ill- lll.vllievilie'' M',-', lioldliiB prevailed in Hid . n i"<,t«**«<-ti ill (III: lower com ., „„,! Ml . No||s H1M11 . ft] . ed lo (he hinder court. Tho (wo men compromised nnd Ihu aiuionl dismissed. Held and Hvrard represented Mr. we. Attorney for Mr. Ncas was Churchill NOTIC1J OF ri),l\<; oi- - Al'l't.l- CATION FOK U<!UOK I'I'UMIT Notice Is hereby given Ihul (he undersigned has lilcd with li lc Commissioner of Revenues of the Stats' o Arkansas for permit to sell miii dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for bevcniKc at, re iuit lm (|,,. |i n ,| n _ Ises described as 121 East Street, Blylhcviltc. N 0 T 1 <: IJ Notice is hereby given lliat tin. , ll.vod by liuv npply (o the Ccinmils- sloiii-1' of Hevenues of the state of Arkansas for i\ permit to sell Ix'ei- at retail ut South Muln street l.ux- ora. Mississippi County. Tho undcrsiiiiii'd slule.s Unit do Is a I'ill/cn ol Aikunsns, of goml imiral churnch'r. Ihul ho hiis never lwe H convicted of a felony or other crime license lo si-ll beer by llie u'udn-- .slKiu-d has been revoked within live years lasl past; and that lliu uiHlcr- siBiicd has never been convicted of vlolalhn; Ihe laws of Ihls slnlr, or any nlher slule, relating to Ihe rule ol alcoholic lli|iior-s. William OCOI-BO. Subscribed nnd sworn ID before mo this l(i iliiy of May. lull, Nora \vise ini'iin Notary Public My commission expires Mdi '"i 10-111. ~ ' N () T ] {: ]•; Notice Is hereby given u m ( n, iiiKk-rslmied will within llu> llmr llxod by law apply to (he (,'oiiuuls- skmer of ltevenn«.s of the Slate of ArkmiKiis for it pmnlt lo si>ll bcrr at retail al Highway No. Ill tWeslt Hlylhevlllc, Mississippi Cinmly. Tim iindersliineil stales dial he Is H ciil/en of Aiknnsn.s. of Kl i m | , m , m | i-liitracler. thnt he has never been ixmvlelcd of a felony <lr „([,(.,. rfmic hivulvlng moral turpitude; Unit mi llraisf! to sell beer by (he tindor- slisned hns iK'en revoked wllhln live years last past; mid ihal Ihu unilcr- slgnrd has never been ronvlnod in' violating i he laws of lh| s suite, ,„• any other sink., ri'lulliig io (lie , s!l ie of alcoholic liquors. .. f „ E. ». Cliilwooil. Subscribed and sworn lo before me Ihls 10th day of May nil N 0 TI C R Notice Is hereby given llml uiidcrslgni'd wllhln (lie/ time . .., 0 ..m „tit n m nii iim * linn; Used by law apply to Iho Co ils- sloiior of ncvcmii'3 for u permit u> sell beer at 119 West Main, Illylhe- vlllc, Mississippi County. The undcislBiicd stales Hint ho Is a cIllHcn of Arkansas, of good moral character, lliat he has never been convicted of it felony or oilier crime Involving morn! turiiltiido; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned hits been revoked wltliln nvc years las! post; and Hint the under- slftnccl luis never been convicted ol vlulntliiK ,the lnws of this slate, or any other slate, relating to the sale i>f alcoholic liquors. „ . „ , >•:. n. Chilwood. bubscilbfcl am) sworn ( 0 before hie (his Kill, duy of M,iy, I9H. J. Oniliain Sudbiiry (boill) Nolary Public. My coiitinlsslon expires Dec. 31, TliREL' Scout Den I'our of cub Pack Four x w!ll' have a wemer roast this afternoon (it Walker Park. ; Mrs. Max B. Reid, den mother, will accompany (he 12 boys fo the ' ' '' Meetings Clilckasawba Lodge No 134 P & A. M., will have a coll meeting tomorrow night, 7;3o o'clock, at the hall, when the P.A degree will he conferred, a was announced by Dcwcy Gentry, worshipful master. 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