The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 8, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE-TWO'" (ASK.) COtmitJh NEWS MONDAY, MARCH 8, i937 Spcial ' study course* high school, 1 pii , • ' 4,. " % ' TTJPSDAY'8 EVENTS Sirs. O. W, McCulchen and Mrs. James'Hill jr, entertaining D A R. villi « )unth,coi) at, Mccutcttcn home, 1 P, M - - , • Womiris club nhd Children of Confederacy having bingo party, nt Woman's .club,_1;30 p.m. Mrs. ,JO« 'frtcschman, hn\lng Young Matrons Bridge club Tuesday Bridge club meeting v,tth Mrs. Floyd White, , > , , junior d. A., nrsl Bapilst church, nl«t|ng at c>U»ch, 4 p'.m imermealtlo <j. A^ First Baptist church,;! p.m. Sunbeams meeting First Bapllst church, 3.36\prn,< *. " Church of Chris I'Bible study Is meeting with Mrs , 0 O, Graves, 230j>uiv'jt /' j Junior-Senloi' P.-T. - A. - tnceltaf 3 pm, at high school auditorium, follpwins, meelln? of executive board, 2)30 nJii... f ,, WEDftferJAY'S EVENTS Mrs. W, A. Afllick havlnff Wednesday Bridge club. THURSDAYS EVENTS Busfness Women's clrolo Of the First i Methodist church Meeting at the chiiril], 7:30 P. M. Mrs'Edgar Bonlrft hostess to tho Thursday Contract club. Mrs H. H! Houclilns having Mid-Wcek Bridge Club Thursday Bridge club meet tag vUth Mrs. w. D McClUrkln Thursday UlriorMon club with Mrs. RusScll Phillips. , Ynrbrti Missions^ 1 society jncel* InS Win Mrs L Wllcolcr , Toun an<( Country cjlub meeting with Mfs J. W. Parker, 1 pm FRIDAY'S -EVENTS' Stated meeting of Ordci of Uie Eastern Star nl til ehal! nt 7!30 Maple Oro\6 Cemetery Assock- tlon having silver dinn6r at Woman's club, .12 o'clock. Makes No-Trump Contract By Forcing Favorable •)ly WM. E. McKENNEV The throw-In piny Is pno 'of tho tavorltes of experts. Its object, ,'of course, Is 16 make a chpsciv.'otHlo- nent lend a suit that will give Icclarer n contract he cannot otherwise fulfill. An interesting example of this type of play Is today's hand, which vas rcalt In a recent New York .•triplicate gntne, n))d In which only one of ''eight players reached tlio jossiblc game cpiitract. The bidding wns dRrlttg, ns Mite Polly "Ann Buck . Weds Earl A. O'Neal Miss Polly 'Ann, Buck, daughter ol Mf aftd 'Mrs Churchill M Buck, became the, bride of Eall A O'Neal, of Uttle Bock, In a ceremony solemnized Sattirday morning at ihe home of. the Rev. 1 W T. aullivait, pastor of a Piesbytcrian chitfch of Hot spflngV'Vfto read the ring service at '10 30,,0'clocli The attractive, i^ride wore a ui el ofi greyyoolf;Wlthia')o»e cfts 4Q8163 . 4S37 Hi 2 1043? , , » AS ^ +KQJ1054 Duplicntc—All vulnerable, Scmth \Vesl i /Nortli East 1 * 1 » 1 A Pnss 2N.T. PiiSS 3N.T 'Pass 6penlng lend—* Q - i. '. Novth, holding n second stopper Hi dlniUohds, nnd bellev- ine that ' this \\mild give iih wrtncr plenty of time to'develop :he hand, went to three no trump, Tile opening lend of the qwcoft South hail ohly n single .stopper tho Adversely bid s\)U; but his partner's : spade bid encouraged :f dlniiimirts wns won the diunir.y. • South then led Today's Contract Problem South is playing the contract at four spades. - East, after Winning the opening lend, re-: turns a trump. South draws trumps In three founds. \Vhlch should ho lead now: a diamond, a heart or a clubl *Q5 (Blind) (Blind) + KQ783 None vul.' Opener—*J. Solution In next issue. Bits of ,News Mostly, Personal Manila ;; Society •— Personal turn to his school today niter a T ;, vy An J week's illness. invites Women to Attend Miss 'Hazel Ring of l}lylhcvlllc was the gnesl of Miss Vclma Johnson Satvirday night. round mul ictumed iv diamond, clearing- the still. South\iiow played four rounds ft club East won tlio seconding ills .contract; Wofnen's club In' ft meeting tonight 7:30 o'clock, at tho Hotel Noble. Bingo Party Planned. Plans have Wen coi«|ilct«d for tho bingo nnrty the Woman's club rind the Children Of the.confed- eracy will ha\a Tuesday night, T30 .o'clock, Bt the club house. of clubs, and West had to find (our move -discards.•He had : al- icady given up pile spade, and now purled - \villV two hearty, '.another itiadc, and then a 'diamond. South now led the khi8';o( hearts, Which . West won. Wesl cashed his two good i diamonds but South-'re'tnlnetr the nee and nve of spades In'his own, hand and the quecniantl eight In-. cliun- my. West how/had to lead i from his- k'lug-Jackoof spades,, and , the contract: was made through an accurate 'Use of ; the throw-In piny to force a'-.lead.Which South himself could not m'nko without los- Mr. and Mrs. Warren Jackson and Miss CjOWn Rend spent Sunday in'Jonesboro. Tiicy were ac- companled by Emrtietl, Colvln, BID i Hunt, Jimmlo Hunt ftiid, Byron Moore who 1 returned to Arkansas State college after having spent the weekend at home, , ' Dr. J. A. Luckclt Is spending several days In Clarksdalc, Miss./ with relatives. , ' ' Mr. and Mrs. B. S. .Simmons are spending the day In Memphis. Suslo Taylor reliirncd yesterday 'rom Dycr&buvg, T'enn., where she ins been visiting her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Leo, for ,wp months. She was nccomapiilcd lome by her great grandmother, vlrs. J. M. Olllesple, who has also jeen at Dyei'sbiirg; Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Duck returned Saturday from Utllc nook, where they spent several days. Mr Buck will return .the last of the week lo again transact biisiness The condition of.Mrs. j.-.'Q,jCrl- ner. who , Is ill" at tho Meiiiplils Methodist hospital,. bccahie' critical yestcixlay and members of- her family were summoned to, her bedside Her Infant daughter, who, Is nn'ih- .cubntor, is getting along well. ' Mr. and Mrs. Max'B. Kcld ancl Mrs. Reid's sister, Miss Burton Norr«l, were 'in Piggotl yesterday , for tlte funeral of Charles 'Gilbert; a cousin of Mrs. need find Mlss'-Wor- rcd. - . ,.— „ cflsus! coat ovefaavsriorl coat and net felt hat and city-lr. nice jBorles'were In HID sameVshade'Hor cbfsage \vas" of pink joses and valley lilies ^ After a brktal trljv through points of Louls'iabii and. Teidis, Ihcv win reside iti' Little Roc* ,, Mrs O'tye'aV'wno li a.mcwberiol n pjonecr Blythcvllie family, graduated frorn the city high,school lust spring, she wns selected to represent Mississippi county in the beauty contest of the Mid-South fnlr two jears ago and \\on Second place In the final contest, sen lug ns flrsl maid of honor to the queen The bridegroom is the son' of Mr ana Mrs Frank A O'Neal, ot Springfield, Mo, Ha received his later education at Washington University, 51,,Louis, and the University of Missouri, Columbia, ana Is a in umber of the Sigma Nn fraternity He Is connected with the Blair Milling Company of Atchl- son, Kans, 1 .-• » « Guest Speakers At Study Sleeting The famUj and the community will b6 dWpasW cooperatively in Oseeola i — Personal' P.-T. A. I'lans Study Cours* FottaUilg tho outlliie of the tiUe erg aril zatlon, the local P.-T A. Mill , liPkl It? annual study .ourso, beginning tommtow mul 'ontlnutog tlUPugh TluuSdny chairman uncP has outlined. Iho plalis tor', Hie-.week. '. *•':*;* 1; -' Mrs.. J. A. : .McEiitlro iot'-Ptao Bluff is expected tomorrow to oelcy is a post office cmplofe:;.a the guest of; her sister, Mrs. A. W. Young, '• '.;•'•' Pauline Mec]linVj/iir. ? :' MavryVIllinois Mar OARUTHERSVILLE; Mo.,','.'''\lnr 8--Mr. and Mrs.-, vynltcr : . Medlli of (his city avo today amiovuiciris the cnuageinenl •-• and apprpaohliu marriage 'of. thjlr daugiitei-i Mk, Pauline, ciihrhilfig 'and member of C(\r»tliersvllle's yount social set.-:to 'Bernard "M. Bradlc. ol Inka, III. The wed'ding:wll) ,oc cur in the lalb spring. Mr.-. Brad Mr. and \ilrs. \Vil|lain Qrigsby anil daughter, Billy Ann; of Memphis spent the week c'nd with Mr. Cirigsby's . molhcr,'; Mrs.- William StMTOH. . .'-, ; f Mrs. J. L. Williams, who Irai; been seriously 111 for several motilhs.Js.-iiipw. nijle, to, sit tip for awhile cncu'-day.: ,,'" ..','.. .'..':' .'.'. .'" Cnrl Muxwcll , of .Memphis ami Mr., .and Mrs. noliiiul Green of Blythevillc 'vvere guests of Mi-, and ' Mrs.'.j. A. Plge ycstcrdiiy. Mrs. J.' Mauler 1 of. ifot . .. . Springs, Mrs. E. b. : Sanders of Memphis .' mid Mrs. O/ Howton nl L'. Hnle. Troy 'May-Is .a .patient nl' St. y tne secfind study the Parcnt-each- er Associations ot the city are hav- The classes vvlll bo lield at 2JO[tuxora were here Saturday to nt- cach afternoon Tnesdfty nuil tend the funeraL of Mrs!'Margaret rimirsdny's classes will rncel in '•"-•'.he coiuUy court ix>6in. "vyetlncs-. . ., ....._,,. ttiy's class will be* held In Con-! Joseph's hospitM', ii) r Mem]ihis" .lection i vvjith the regular monthly I Roy .Dlllard "arid- son, Jiuunlc meeting, of tlm p.-T. A. at the arc business visitors In Memphis' ^rarlij- school biHUlli'ig nt which todny. "• • i i AIlss, Willie LasvsoiV Of the Ark- . •' ''-' ' ' ' ' nnsi's ;. Education Association will Bead .Courltt News Want Ads ;[> tho guest speaker. 04 .'nicsday Miss Neltie Gray will SptAK, iisl»s as her • subject, 'Toward a Better Understanding .A'Schools." "Social Evils" will be liscusscHrby Slip!.. Qcdrgo H. Deer. '.On Thursday the speakers will jo D. JYed Tajlor Ji. and Welby [•<Kiri£, .who v¥lU'EiKhk.on "Social Security," and ''A Probation Ot- Ver and the Delinquent Child," ing oa Iifondfty nights from 7 until 8 o clock at the high scrioo i nudl . torlum. 1'ic Re^.,y. L>nn Wade, pastor of Ihc Plrit Methodist church, \Vlll take up tlie subject, "The 'Family and tiie .Community" and ' The Family's part. In Ctonmunlly .Recreation 1 ' *ln be themes discussed by Miss Clarice Little, WPA county supervispr of recreation • . . Business Women > to Study T6nlght, . Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, county examiner of schools and supervisor of elementary schools of Blj- r,'! 10 ' $ U cwdtat the study clnss of the Business arid. . Prdfe&s!oru\ v respectively. ;H. B. Jones is.sludy course Mothers! ' Don't take chances "BERNAT- KNlttiNG VARNs , FREK rasTRUCmONS New spring ftnd summer \anis ,Ultet Stiles Clares, ,Rrld4i, 2.SO P, M MR|. ^fcgtlE ' HOOPbR 11(8 Chlctfeawba £* Phone 79? The Morning AfterTakin^ Carters Little Liver Pills TONIGHT 7:45-8:15 TOO LATH TO CLASSIFY FOR 8ALK MY HOME, 010 ,\V. Mnlii. Mrs. .'3 S. slcrnberg. Call 981. 8-ck-tf :ukn. but hnsncceptcd a-i)6)iUo; n'Chicago, where (lie youngVcpii pic will mnkc Ihclr home. Manila Theater Man to Install New Seat MANILA, Ark.—0. W. Tipim (nvncr nncl ninimgcr of thi m Tli'ctitcr ' lierc,. has purchased -35 iie\v seals for iih'Oicntera here nil nt Mbnotte. .TWO hundred and tc of the sents «'l)| l» installed licr niul-tlic remnlning UO scats wl 1)6 used in Hit Mdnctte tliealcr' FOR ;UKNT 2 ucwly decorated iinfumlshcrt rooms, ,'ndjoining btith. Prlvntc entrance. Couple - only. Ayyly al 516 s.JfYanklln niter 5 p. M. 8C kll Gas, Gas All theTime,Can'i Eat or Sleep "Th? flaa on my Homach was to ba I eouw-n'ot »at or sleep. Even.m heart seemed-to'hurt. A friend iui flested Adlorika. 'The flrit dose I tw brought me relief. ' Now ) eat 3* Wish, slicp fine nnd nevor felt better. •—Mrs. JAS, Filler. . Adlerlka nets on BOTH Ifpper ' lower bowtli while ordlnnry laxn.,.. net on the lower bowel only. AdlerlK owes your system a thoroijoh eljant Ing, orlnglng out old, poisonous inalti «hak you would not btllevc was In you • yslem and. (hat has been causing o« pains, sour stomach, nervousness ar headaches fop months. . flr. 11. I. Skojb, ,V,», 'Vorli, rj, V'Mf, ,tdu,,l IK,,,IB m^a'i'tatiui. Cllvo youp boweli a REAL cte.iniln wild Adlenka and see liow oood yo Kirby Bros. Drug Co. Robinson Drug Co. CERTIFIED ROWDEN COTTON SEED Land's End Plantation Seeds Trade Mnrk M^cgislcrcd WE SELL ONLY SEED WE GROW R. H. ALEXANDER Scot), Arkansas HANHA FUNERAL HOME f, A bcautitul and ssmpathctlc . 5 service at hiodcrato cost "*' >i< - n i •. • b : AmbuUncc , 111 K. Itl Phono 58 1st BAPTIST CHURCH Hear— " Dr.'Reynolds' Inspirational ssage TRAINING IN CHRISTAIN SERVICE i 'All Tim Week ''•-«.*_•> ••.«,««,* »„«_» «.» « •„•.« « »"•„»'•'' '1 Dr ilomcr Itcynolds Tlie Women's Mlsslonnry society inct In the Mctliodlsl church Friday afternoon «'tth Ilic iiresldcnt. Mrs. II. M. Flcenwn, In clmrge Mrs. I.. 8.. Muljlcy was In charge ol the devotional period. The new st\idy on Africa will begin next week with Mrs. Fred Ncediiam teaching Ihc course. Finns were perfected for a St. Patrick's parly to be given March 17, Mrs. If. O.'Robinson find Mrs. Howard Perkins were hostesses Tlie clety will meet next 'Friday In c home of Mrs. Jean Ashnbran- r will: Mrs. Myrtle Pearson tis- itniit hostess. • • • * * A surprlso < Homecoming' party is given to Mr. and Mrs. 6. B. lydcr In tliclr home here lust ght by members of the Mclho- st- Missionary society. Those who tended were Mr. and Mrs. H. M. ceman, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. chlcy.Br.'. Rev. nnd Mrs. J. M. nrrlson ami liiuiBhl'cr, Miss Lena ranees, Mrs. Albert Scott, Mrs, ick 'Upton a"U son, Carl W. Tip- in II., Mrs. Myrtle Pearson, Mrs. 'yrtle Brown, J(rs. Ida Asliasran- er, Mrs. H. Poe, Mrs Bull Ashii- i-aniier, Mrs. G. O. Stuart, Mrs. red Necclhtim, Miss Helen Pearson, , B. Aslnibranner. Mnx Hutclilns of Manila Is vis- Ing Ws'slstcr, Mia. Rolnnd' Brad- cy of con way, Ark., for a few days. Irs. Bradley'Is the former Miss Jrlnu Hulcliins. Mr. and Mi^, Henry Blnnkeri- ilp of Hie Red Store community •ere called to Walnut \HAge b> 'ic death Saturday of Mrs Jlankclislilp's sister. .Arnold Phillips was" aWc to re- Charles Pickering Dies at Equality, HI. Mrs. Rives C. Allen nnd son, Rives Jr., were called to Equality, 111., by the deatli of their uncle, Charles Pickering,.', who died yesterday morning. -Mrs. Alice Womack, irto- hcr ol Mrs. Allen and a sister of Mr., Pickering, and daughter, Mrs. Jesse M. White, have b;en Incre for several days.. Mr. Pickering has been HI for •omc lime but his condition became rltical several days ngo when ha developed pneumonia. Funeral services will be held lo- norrow, , TRE-EASTER SPECIAL! Iteginning Tuesday, Marcli 9 Will Hold Rites Here for Mrs. Cornelia Dodson Mrs., Cordelia Rcynoiil.s Uodson. onnerfy of this city, died last night al Greenwood, Miss. The body will be brought here for burial,, Funeral services will probably be held tomorrow. Mrs. Dodson is survived by n orother, A. L. Reynolds, also of Qrecmvood, What Diseases Do Piles Cause? • Gymnasium Classes An invitations for any women'in- wrested In athletics to attend the g)'in classes at the First Methodist church Tuesday nlgiit has been ex- !ci!dc<t by Miss Clarice Little, Mississippi comity WPA supervisor of recreation. . . .These classes are to be held cadi Thursday anil Friday nights, beginning at 7:30 o'clock, and are free. Scicrors rjted 52 Years IJBA, O. (UP)-For 52 years Charles Lane, proprietor of a dry goorfs store, 1ms used the same pair of scissors for cutting dress gocds. BM-M am IMI'KOVE VOLIK PROPERTY NOW VVe'll help you secure a FHA loan. Wall Paper -.Paints - Varnishes Auto & Window.'Plate Glass BLYTHBVILLE PAINT and WALLPAPER-GO. Glencoe Hldf. Phgtie ADVICE TO WOMEN Mrs. Maggie S. ; Horn-;. cds and headaches assocj- aled with iheii). I Iwgan - „_ (atcitiff Dr. Pierco's r»- -t'\ 1 voritc l*rcicri[>tiou as a •'• Ionic a»d [ was^reilly in- fa<iv((J I also took ih« 'Prescription 1 during ; c^pcciancy a»«l it increased my appetite and ppetit thru (his I Had more strength* Buy of * your nfteliborbood jrugglsl. New' the, lalilfls SOc,, liquid $1 & $1.35. FOR SALE We have a limited supply of -lice Alfalfa Seed, and price is attractive. Also several toils of 'tonevllla' No. 4-A Cotton Seed one, year from the breeder, we raised and ginned'• tliein and tato tested. Wo have several •midred '.busheh of Benris nnd Per,s; . .-• . i Will sell or trade for any other variety of Cotton Seed or Beans L. R. Matthews Gin Co. Tel. 151I-F3 Yarbro, Aril. Cotton, Cotton Seed, and Coal Dr. A. .J. Marls, chief of start if tho world fnmovis Thornton & \5inor cliiilc says: "Piles ore the lirect cause of thousands of enses if functional troubles of stomach liver, kidneys and licnvl. Chronic constipation, colitis, neuritis, loss; of memory, loss of vigor mid n ;eneml tired feeling are often relieved when recta! troubles are cured." !-Don-H. Rasserman^ i F i llcgular ?5 Pcrman- cn(s for' (When 2 lire given " Shampoo, Set ami Diy 50c 'We iippreeiale your business aiid guarantee to [ileasc. ( Ol'EKATORS: Mrs. Warren Jackson * flliss Gclda Itcaii JacksojiV Beauty Shop Across the Street From Legion Hut 3U N. 2ncl I'honc 795 If, .you have Piles or other recta'; disorders (lo not fool yourself, because serious complications, in- cludUig cancer, develop from what may appear today as a minor affliction. Write today to Thornton & Minor Clinic, Suite 251D, 92G McGcc Street. Kansas City, Mo., tor a free copy of n new IKus- tralcd book which explains Piles tiid other rectal diseases and which, tells about the. successfu methods used by tho world's oldest rectal institution, where more than 47,000 men and women hnve secured permaitcnt 'relief from their recta] troubles without needless surgery, dangerous anaesthetics or liospitallzatlmi. Correspondence is .confidential and literature mailed under plain wrapper. —Adv. 000 Special Agent For the Jefferson Standard Life . Insurance Company Has Returned to.ftlytheville Now Located in Room 220-in (he Lynch Bldg. ' ^ He will lie gliul (o meet his old iioHcyho'ldcrs and ffierids of Ulytheville and territory. Mr.'KassW- man has- Ijccn in this territory twice before : leaving here the last time laic in 1926. ' He is esp'eciayy anxious to see any [iolicyhoklcrs I of the Jefferson, who have, for aiiy reason, Jet their polii'ics; Japse, to ascertain whetrier or not (hey are • i S entitled to the Jefferson very liberal re-issue and -I re-dating of old policies whereby nolicyholdcr' takes I I full credit for ; any premium's • pair). " I t ALSO REAL RESTATE LOAN ACCOUNT For handling farm loans of all sizes, rcsidcricc, ness buildin and lilln .' •'> I" L iiciimiuiB i.irm loans ot all sizes/residence, busi ness building and filling ^station' loans, ••, etc. 1 ": • ."' •'• '-- ' ' I - - "I -i.i HlW' Greater Over-Ail Cold Than There's the Glamour of Easter in Our NEW SUITS and GOATS 11.1 nil picked mnnlicr.s direct from Ilic /njiblon markels! ,\H oul5l:\m1iti£ styles ns [lic- tatril for March, April anil Slay by the leading .authorities . . . smartly tailored or dressy styles. Include One of, Ihc New Short Casual Coats I'evuhr shcrl-lcnglh reals to lend unstudied smartness lo jour new vrard- rol>r. New Hals To I'ul You in the .Spring Slow! Uvcl,v on - tnc - P»cc, v Kcllnl Rrim and. oilier i«eiltls lhat will mnkd )tin "nut to "£» places. 1 ' Spring Dresses Kvcry nc\v fabric and :ill the wanted styles jn our collection'Of-dresses Colorful New Accessories rtn.cs, G'.ovea. 'Hosiery and I'lOttcrs. All made lo "'- lurre Ilic spring costume. Don't I'orget To Sec Our Line of NVir Novolly Shoes JOE ISAACS, Inc. We Give and Redeem );i g i c stamps NORGE' ORIGINATED 30 OF THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURES IN MODERN REFRIGERATION THE ROLLATOR cold-making mechanism , . . 'introduced In JP2(5. MODERN STYLiNQ . . .introduced in 7932. COMPLETELY SESLEO . ICE COMPARTMENT . . . introduced f n J926, And 27 olfier outs|jnc/i features.'. -Atk your for the complete lin. Norge set the pace in the past. Norge sets the pace toJay. (Vorge v/il! set (Ac pace in (fte future. ing De iure you get al! you expect of electric, refrigeration.' Look to the mechanism Ask the size of the motor Be sure it" is big enough to do us work, smoothly and cisily The plus power in the iSorgc motor means it runs less time, uses less current, cuts ' ' Be sure your refriseralor has all these home-appioved features Improved P, ess Action Larilaich CUrrCtU C ° StS ' * Improved Automatic Flood ..„,„ * Combination Bottle and llut thrcc ilowly moving parts iti a permanent hath r>f r,;i '„ ;= .Kl/. Doiry Rack * Sliding Utility f l )crmanc[ » bath of oil.itis able -- 3 lly (0 "wive more.cold than you'll ever need. Visit tKc' Norge dealer near y6u. Sec the Norge before you buy. ' '. • '- NORQE DIVISION T* 'Mrs-Warner Carp., Detroit, <M/rffrl THE ROLUT/)R COMPRESSOR,.., 'h, _e.ily, tolling ' '- instead o/ the Basket * Adjusufele Shelf * Odor-Proof Door on Ice Com- pailment * Closely Spaced Shelf Bats * Hydtovoir * Almost Evetlasling Rollatot Compressor. Hardaway Appliance Co; -,,J. W. Adams,;; Mi Phone''; 233. - DOUtSTIC »SD COMNECdll PKRl *'HHl»OB OIL ia»HERS . FISE U* .^. ; -'• 2 "rl & Alain' G»S *XO EUCllrt UN6ES iV«HEK IKD Umiciis, ' . >l» COIilllllilriDIS » CIBCUIHTOB 800H KKfElli

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