The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1952
Page 5
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MONDAY, MAT 19, 1952 _BLYTHEVILI.P! (AUTO COURIER NEWS Nurse Admits Slaying Niece With Soda Pop Middle-Aged Woman Says She Spiked Drink with Arsenic WETUMPKA Ala. W_A plain rnirtdle-ai;ed hospital heart nitrs•• cnoly confessed last nleht to kHHn-" her little niece with an arsenic"spiked soda pop. Tiie 42-yenr-nlri nurse. Mrs. Earle Dcnnison. denied, however, that she poisoned another niece whose body, exhumed ;i(ter two years, showed arsenic traces. Sheriff Lester Holley said Mrs. Dennison confessed in writing yesterday to the death three weeks ago of her 2-ynar-old niece by marriage. Shirley Diann Weldon. Mrs. nennison even watched ihe autopsy on the child in which the doctors found the arsenic traces, Holley reported. She Was Dressing "When I y/enl lo arrest her last Thursday," Holley continued, ".she v/as in bed. While she was dressing she took something thai knocked her out. I took her to the hospital and the.v fixed her up." The hospital snid it was an overdose of sleeping pills. Mrs. nennison was charged with murder on a warrant sworn out by the parents of botfi children, The sheriff added these details: The same day Mrs. Weldon gave birth to Shirley Diann. Polly Ann SAFKWAV STORE OPKNS-Crowds at today's official opcnill" of the Sr.fcwny store here Indicated a booming tlm-day business for BlytheviHe-s newest supermarket. Hundreds of visitors'also kept the store filled yesterday during an opon house. Yesterday's open lious- vvas purely for inspection purposes allc | sales did .lot "begin until today's official opciiln?. Lines had formed nl the doors this mormn- before the store opened. An interior view of the ne* storo lookin" toward the front, is shown above, pictured beloiv is jack Jordan the new store's manager. (Courier News rhotos) Contri Mrs. Dennison admitted giving the] child the cone but denied It was poisoned. Dies tn Hospital Polly Ami died in the hospital at which Mrs. Dennison was head nurs. and was attended by her I i~£ _/ LSStQU aunt in her off-hours. The Weldons became suspicious after the second child was seized with convulsions immediately after eating something given her by Mrs. Dennison. They asked for the aufcopsy. After the arsenic traces were found they swore out a warrant. Holley said that durinj the four how questioning yesterday Mrs. DwWHson was just us "cool as any- O«M? could be." H<*ey said the body of Mrs. Bennison's late husband, brother to Mi's. Weldon. had been exhumed b*i no poison was found. Following Is a continued list of • contributors to the current Red I Cross financial campaign, which Y IN ANGER - An angry ™ 9 m - a Turner J °y. rt '"f N truce negotiatoi, gives a grim briefing to newsman following a recent fruitless session with KM truce negotiators at munjom, Korea. collec- today still stood at S18.437: Xtimhcr Xine SI.50—Oscar Moore. SI—Bonnie Wilburn, I-croy Harris. Berry Sterling. M. L. Hart, C. M. Bradshnw. Horace Caldwell, Oliver Fisher. Eugene Shnltz. I.eaclivillc S175 — B. C. Land Co. $118.82 — Street booth tions. SSO — j. Lee Bearden, Joe Wheeler, LeRoy Carter,. Nelson Henry S31.35 — Baptist Church. S25 — j. L. Swiliart. ' Mrs J Wemberg, Riggs Jlotor Co Lcach- vitle State Bank. Leachville Lumber Co., Arkansas Missouri Power Corp., Alherton Hiett w R Bryant. Earl H. Wildy. $20 — Julian Jordan, Buffalo Island Compress. Louis Wcinberg. $15 _ v. S. Johnson L, c Pierce, C. L. Smith. SH> — W. D. Cruse, Blylheville Soybean Corp.. Bilje B. Steed, Robert Braden, John Hanni, J. o Edwards, H. H. Howard, Arkansas Associated Telephone Co., \v O Brown. Robert L. Pierce S5 — W. W. Cox, Ida M Hen- sliaw. K. F. Short, G. A. Hipp p A. Alexander, J. w. Alexander, Jim Bridges, Earl Hudson. H H Thurmond, Bruce livid. Delbert Hooker, W. H. Herndon, J. T. Turnbow. Sr.. Mrs. J. T. Turnbow. Sr., Mrs. Norman Kennett, Perry De- 53 — P. L. Lee. Mrs. P. L. Li S2 — E. •/.. Baskott. Royce Lyons. ' 51 — Arnold Watkins. Mrs' Sa- : rah Riffs. Mrs. Kenneth Garrison, Mrs. Elmer Cisco. Nell Bailey, Mrs. H. G. Johnson, E. B. Sain, j J. T. Modglin, Mrs. John Hannil i Mrs. Pauline lioppr, Mrs. Daii | Pate, Mrs. Elmer Carnctt. Mrs. Buddy Branniim, Wallace Wheeler Mrs. E. L. steed. Mrs. W. H. Martin, Mrs. Inez HilL'hs, Mrs tis Hall. ' Wliislleville S50 — Whistle Gin Co. SM — Mrs. W. A. Whistle. S5 — JUannering Tovvles. T A. Bourland. Enoch Hodge. 54 — C. H. Whistle. Jr. $2 —- R. n. Morgan. J. A. Statlcr, Robert BegKS. SI — H. D. Tatum. Bert Bell. Sam Jones, Bud Tatum, w. C. Powers, R. Jordan, F. K. Montgomery, Eli- Ja Bell, Harry Downing, Envin Southern. Knsclanrt $15 — W. J. Osborne. 55 — Dewey Sheppard. 52 — W. L. Wilbourn, dene Bradberry. 51 — Dewey Wilson. Tomato 52 — Harvey Tillmnn. " — Bob Lee. Louis Malone Arvil Malone, John Camion, Sam Prince, Otis Wolford, Clarence Brown. Ho.-liy $25—Ne«'.50in Biothers L G C-ir ter Gin Co. : S10-W. I>. Carter. ! S5-,lohll HridKCS. Russ Olowell ' Norman Bailey, A. E Mill li;an g' ] H. Carter, p. o. iMcCl.iin $:—I. O. MilliRnn. $1—Dee Piu-kc-t. lioberi r.mbor Kox Klilrr Sift—Izora Da\ - is S10—C. C. Grable. S5—Jef[ Pauls. Joe w RnuK 1 cs Ilolmnn, Herbert Sikes. Dan nrewrr • (ifarKC nas'fs. Clarctu'c z^tckfi\-' i Ix'sler ] ;1 ore.s^'^]le, C. K. Hio\vn rhii ' i li|> Rollins, ban While, orne Met- I calf, J. D. Young. Normnn Rulds ! Rancel Hicks, W. E. Crnfion, Hom- ' <T Ificks. »2—Dan Manners, n, 1>, (ialyean Raymond Roach, Curt Hicks Cm t Cole. E. A. Fish. W. K. Miller IJnv- mnnd Hicks, V. Hanmrs. " • SI—Harmon Kmnli. w. A Mar-• shall. J. L. nainbnlt. nud )lnnners Klmer Dunning, VeMcr A. I'ntloji. ' | Red Radio Beaming Propaganda at VVor/d f.ONDON <,T, - M OSl . nv( . n :1(l io; preaches the Kremlin line lo the world in :ci foreicn Inn^na-i's. i In toliBtios as diverse ns Arabic Cantrwlcse. Mncedonirui anil Ilintlii-'. sluni. the niiinl btoadfiivitiiR ccnti-r rc:.r!lcs every corner of ihe .-'obi- i Usinir several channels, short and ' medium wave, Moscow Radio K ,, n the ,-iir ivith 5S3 hours of forej.,,, ' broadcasts weekly. Thp pi'v...^,,), ire relayed by transnilttprs hi the Soviet Union and in the satellite' coimtries. ' ; The United Stales Is the princi- ! pal target with 46 hours a «c»k of English-language brnnrjrast.t. nu s . , slan commentators—often s-pcakiiv In American slanc-concentrate on Korean war propapanda. BAT DRIVES BEARS BATTY - Bear facts of baseball are learned by Baylor University's Iwo Mexican blnck bear cubs as they show up for spriim training. vcryonc on the Waco Tex womlcrmi! what's bruin 1 with the thrcc-monlh-old as lljcy roa;n about oil exploratory tours. ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE Til!man. E. Dell M. Woodard (oddition- S!0 — 45 al). J.nsf Cane Mrs. otto Bradberry. Mnynton SIC—.\f. D. Reed. S3—Otis Miller. Mike Berry, S3—W. C. WinbeiTy, Tom Hilt. S2-WH1 noyri. Adolph Cupp. o L. Taylor, Mr. & Mr*. N. H. Kisner SI—O. E. Malone. Howard Brook., Bryant Montgomery, Fred Apple Grason ward. Ed Grooms, oriis Dortrl, Barney Justus. Jason Hawk- Ins. H. J. Lenin, Jess Smith. Clyde Hawkins. E. E. r.ooch, Clay Brooks Jesse Breaks, Lin-en Green. Jnik McCoy. Recce Wood. I'aivliecn S5—Fred Patterson. C. F.. Buck O. B. GsJyean. Ralph Pierce. R. E. Montcomery, John licarden. S2.50—J. R. Coblirn. $ 2 Flnyrt Reeves, Robert Heevcs H. p. Reeves. A. A. Taylor. Bertha 7iinr.v.i]i, r,. w. Pa^-lcy rjr'-v \ Nunnery. M. L, Cude. "Mclvie "MC-" Olawn. Frank Johnson Alma R Ray, Edcar Motley, Albert Davidson, jn.-k Fletcher, R. W. Lyerly OJen .Mrtlienj'. 51.50—Dcv.-nrd Xuniw^It, SI—Ray Enbaukf.. John JaeksiM 3. M. Garrison. R, K Hnskins, Dick Blocker. Harnlcl Glide, nil] Curte. J. B. Gradi. Carl Wells, J. v. Ho-gartl H. D. Uiilcs. R. u. Bennett. M. D' Mnncrum. Brack Reeves. Boh Edain. Robnrl. A. Chiltire.-s, C. 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