The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 9, 1948
Page 9
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FRIDAY, APRIL », 1949 1 ._. _ School Merger Move Renewed Education Forces To Put Petition* in \h Circulation Soon LITTLE ROCK, Ark., April « ITJP>—The first step* toward plac- Ihg a school district reorganization «ct upon the November general •lection ballot in Arkansas was •ompleled today. Ally. Gen. Guy E. Wllliami ap- I proved the popular name of the measure at the request of Forrest I Rozzeli, field secretary ol the AT- I kansas Education Association. | Officials of the AEA immediately announced that petitions would b« circulated to obtain the 12172 •ignatures needed to place the act before the voters. The petitions must be filed with the lecretary jf state by July 2. The act is similar to one defeated two years ago. It would automatically creile a new school district /» each of the 75 Arkansas counties on June i, i94g. The new district would be made up of all districts in the county having less than 350 enumerated pupils on March 1, The principal objective of the act, -according to AEA officials, is to pro- K$Jde every child in Arkansas with access to an accredited high school The act provides for the election of a five-member board of directors in each county and the administration of the district by the county school supervisor as superintendent. It also would empower the County Board of Education to annex all e ** -n c i • or any portion of the newly ere- rOyctfeviffe Seeking at.erf riisf.fif*! t (\ i »»i-itv, *,,* jf_i_i. i ... I \/ ,. _» _ _ __ • i _ _ •. * * Low/ess Teenagers Run Wild In Detroit, Destroy Property DETROIT, April t (Ul»> —Detroit* Police official! moved today lo combat a growing wave of ")*wle<»nejS8" by roving jams ol teen-agers who hive smashed properly, heckled pedestrians and been accused of a claying In recent weeks. The latest incident occurred in neighboring' Windsor, Ont., lajst night when more than 4*0 high school youths paraded through the downtown area and attacked the office of the Labor Progressive (Communist) Party. rive party officials were beaten with bats and rubber hoses and the office wa.s wrecked. Also last, night a gang of 303 teen-agers paraded the streets and hoo.led at. pedestrians in suburban Dearborn, and another'gang returned to » drive-in restaurant North of here which was smashed to pieces earlier this week. In the latter case, the gang left without Infllctlnj new damage but threatened to "come back later." Detroit Police Commissioner Hairy S. Toy declared that "we are not going to permit anyone lo take thi law Into his own handsteen-agers— or anyone else." Public clamor lor increased police vigilance arose after an incident Easter Sunday in which Robert Barson, 19-year-old Michigan State College athlete, was stabbed to death in an attack by teen-age gang members. Three youths identified by police us members of a "hoodlum gang" await trial on minder charges in the Barson slaying.' ' »- i Vote on Ho "> ital of education on matters of annexation would be appealable, to any court ol competent Jurisdiction. Five Await Trial For Murder of Caraway Planter JONESBORO, Ark., April 9. (UP) —Five persons today raced trial in Craighead circuit Court In connection with the brutal slaying of Caraway Planter Fred Holder. They were bound over to the April 26 term of circuit court following a preliminary hearing at Caraway. .Lafon Ainsworth, 22. of Leach- JTiile, has been charged with the h,r[f er ir nd ^'°M d B ' ocker ' Mrs- E| - bertin Rice, Basil Blevlns anti Harold George have been charged with being accessories, • oi unanceilor John K. Butt In which ' " « Executive Files the election commissioners had been I Protest Against CAB enioincd from iilaoinir \\,~ -*,, A n n eti ,. r i n ..^^ ... LITTLE ROCK. Ark,. April 9. (UP)—Officials of the City of Fayetteville today asked the Arkansas Supreme court to order an election held on the question of \ising an approved bond Issue for the con- slruction of a county hospital. They appealed from a decision of Chancellor John K. Butt in which enjoined from placing the proposal on the ballot. Mayor George Sanders and other officials sought to use proceeds from a Slo.CCO bond issue to cooperate with Washington County and th3 University of Arkansas In building a new hospital, p. R. Green and other members of the board of control of the Fnyetteville City Hospital contended that the money was intended (or remodeling the pre.i- eiH institution and pould not be diverted to other uses. Steelman Halts War Plant Sales WAA to Delay Dealt 30 Days (o Permit Review of Conditions WASHINGTON. April 9. (Uri- John R, steelmnn, »ssis(«nt lo President Tinman, has halted for •iO d«y» the disposal of mirplus lov- ernment war plants. Steelman announced h» hacl requested the w,r Awt, Administration "lo withhold for a TO-dav iwuorf final disposal action on all Unsold industrial plants, including machine tool.i «nd other production equipment. Exempt from Steelman'g order Is any plant covered by » n»:lon.i security clause. This clause requires the plant to be mdnUined In such a condition that it could be reconverted to war production In 120 days. More than 150 war plants now »re covered by auch a clause. Steelman salrt the purpose of today's order Is t o permit Ihe munitions board to review the conditions and status of other plants still unsold. Earlier this week, Mr. Truman talked with Rep. Lyndon Johnson, D,, Tex., who had protested against demoblllutlon of war production plants nt » time when the government is attempting to mozl- llze manpower. Steelman said the restrictions of the security clause may be Imposed in future M)M of other plants. He said he acted after consults- chairman of the National Security Resources Board and War Assets Administrator jes» Larsen. BLYTHEVTLLl (AM.? OOUHIK» VZWi U. S. War Crimes Court Weakens Nazis' Defense . nK Y n "'B»0, April t. An American war crime* court i rr Ini J2 N«! Bil« ou.rd 9t th« plaintiff Valera T Sehiilti. ZHttd lhl» if day of March, 19M. KAKVnf MORRIS, Cterk By B«u»r Peterson, B. o. C. F. Cooper, Ally, /or pltf. M B. cook, Alty. ad lltei", for • Amv Army nHicer U no OXCIIM *oldlrr ctxnmltlJnn • crime Judie Michael s Mi«m«nno of Pittsbiiuh ruled that "It 1. * ( »|. ' ,, i io lhat t toldler Is required to <to «- erythmr his wperlor officer orders ntrn to do." The ruling jtruck at tin heart of one of (he key defends of mo,( or the Naris tried by war erimM courts. For Ihe mo»t p«rt Uwy In, slsted they were merely carryln* out ordeu o( their auperlora The defendant* In the CIM w«r» j 32 S3 officer, who earned otit lha Nasl campaign r>I extermination of persons rcRiirded by the Nulls M "racially imdeslmble." M»J. Gen Otto Ohlendorf «nd hl.i 51 co-dj-' tcndants were accused of miirdertnf 1.000.000 person* under Uit Nail terror rul«. WARNING ORDCR In the Ohanofrj- Court, Chlek- a.w>rb» Di.tricl, MlMlmlppl Otinlr. Arkantas. «lera F. SehultB Plaintiff vs. No. 10,421 Eail L. Schultr. Defendant. The defendant Earl L. Schultz \K hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court, named in the caption hereof and *niwer tht House Passes ., for Independent Agencies WA8HINOTOK, April *. tUP)- Th« Kouw rttferdtr paMM anil •cut to th« stnat* ^w^omTw iwalallon appropriating t*47 Ml 551 for lndep«nd«nt f«deraJ aaen. clet (or th* 1M* rtacaj v*« r be- Blimtni July l. The bill o*nl«d HI,014,11) IN* than President Truman requested Chief point of different* concerned federal «M for hljhwayi The lions* originally provided S452.2M.D45 for this program, Ihe Senate M21 > 3M.U4. The HOUM ajreed to lh« S»nM« figura British Motorists Get Driving Allowance Cut LONDON, April 9."(UP)_Bri' WASHINGTON, April 9. (UP) — One of the big five domestic airlines yesterday, protested the apparent "reluctance" of the Civil Aeronautic,? Board to recognize the "serious" financial problems of the airline industry. '. The protest was made" by Warren Lee Pierson. board chairman of Transcontinental A; Western Air, following the board's decision on higher government air mail pay rates. The decision, announced Wednesday. raised by approximately a third the payments to TWA. American. Eastern, Northwest and TJnll- louance for Britain's motorists will i •*"*•*• »j<."vt,i>, >*u,iuncav RUU um».be restored starting June 1. ' e<1 Airlines. It would pay them »5,A dollar-saving measure taken""' "^ ~~~ " last Fall eliminated the pleasure driving allowance of former 270 LONDON, April 9. (UP)—Brl »^" sl " e unvmg allowance of 270 tain's Minister of Fuel Hush Gait ,, pcr , month - The new gasoline •kcll, told the Jlouse of Commons ? L°" , R ° Ws motorist s 8« miles yesterday .'lhat> basic fjasotoe «"! j ° ( drlvinK "month. ,. the 211,000 more annually than $14,622.000 received last year. The board, however, turned down all requests for Increases for any periods prior to Jan. 1, 1«48. GARDEN SEEDS COMPLETE STOCK BULK OR PACKAGE FRESH PLANTS DAILY BLYTHEYILLE CURB MARKET T30 EAST MAIN ST. DYNAMITE Now in Stock at Paul Byrum's Fried Chicken.. Crappie Dinner -BEER- 7 Days a Weekl Blanchard's Cafe Portageville, Mo. Owned By Stanley Keller Pianos Win 1 * selection of models and price* on our floor all the time Piano Tuning And repair by an expert. 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