The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1934
Page 8
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: EIGHT <THJ$ BWKEVILW} (JOUIUISB NflWH ifO-tfcTOIUjeK jjsws OO, PDBtMH OO, OK. R H&NKB AawrtUuw "trtyrr u-lfvlt. tJi, iuc, Ni* Votlt, ChJcigo, , IHU**, KtVWf C/ty, J5\Wy Afl/-rc<xm cccoiw o;sw u)i>Hcr (ho jxjst office nt (fiyUicvllIo. Ar- fcaiifas, under acl, ul tobcr 8, 1617. Serves uv Uultad BUBSUKL'TION By-cwrlcr lu Luo V.ty w •wlc or 10.50 per jtm 1 lu »dv&ncc By mall wJUiW a radius ul GO lullc*, W,oo per y«rV »f,S3 (or «u mouiaji, 85c- Tor tljcc uiuullu; ,t>y mall In postal zonw two to nix, lucliulve.. «j.50 per year, !u zones scvcu tuio night, nu.ou iwr year, payable lu «rtv»uc» • Private Industry May HaOe • Chance to Justify ItsdJ |N>,vc- lo "lalvd" Jibe v»;!i\)lu Tuimcssuc Vsillcy experiment to (.lie Kiipi-emc courl, lo see whether anylliiiiK- in tlio CoiistituUon tumbles Uncle Siuo lo Ins- Jiave fis lie hits l;ecn behaving in (ho vicinity of Muscle Shoals, a new iirop- osjl.ion of even 'jrrciilei- inlurosl is being nuulc in connection with ;> nuigli- boring Tliis one is l])u i\lojioiij.;;i]K'l;i Valley of iiovlhcin West Virginia. There i.s ;ili'o;i(iy an extensive industrial de- vclopiiicnt in Iliis region — coal mines, Mod mills, i;l;iss litetories, :ni:l wlisit- Jiol — iiinl gin eminent experts hnve been looking :il llic possibilities fur a great, projecl tlierc. vjl this time, accunliiiK to reports Jisliiiiglon, lliey jii'o goinjf lo HU#- UHltai the job be dono by private ii'Sjlry. .iui<l not by the tvovevmiient. I\ * * * •' Mtjiiy details are still to be wurlieil vouvsc, Whctliev I lie oloclm- power which can be had so abundantly in those 10 Wi'sl Virginia counties should IJB ireiKT.'ited by water or by co;il !.>; .slill an open question. The pioi-ihe way in which housing l)H-jocl-s ijHiu.strial organi^iilioii, and power (lislribntion sy.sleins would be oriSiiui'icd hits not bteu a«lllcti. But ihc interehtiiib' thinj; is the sutft'uslion thiil this whole develop- njoul bi> (iiianu'il and controlled by priv;tlo capitnl, with 'Uncle Sam doin^ litllo jiioic lluui ofl'or Hiife'ift'stioiis antl exercise ijenoral supervision. * « * With the, , Mwinl -object;-, tlml are being honglil in (ho Tennessee Valloy no one has any quarrel. Licit ev hou.s- ing, rohiibililalion of haekward nival aieas, cheaper mul more jibumlanl electric power, a rogioniil phm whkli would oliininato wii.slcil cll'oi-l and give oix-cy. iiilinbiliuit ii chnuco for a better liCc— thqse arc Roals with which no one can qnavrel. , Objection to the program arises be- (iiuise the'sjovernmont is doing these things, leaving little loom for private initmtivc. "The Monongahcla proposal would lie an excellent ooiiiiter-balfiiicc. 1,'y tin's 1>la "" pl ' iv " lc inil '0live would h'ave a j'|, can pro- e- to K\}OW vide tJje 'game sod(i) should prove Hint it i:ou|d— if Hie cijds Bought, in the Teii|ie(iJcc''Val- lo'y'enn be; niadc 'available ''by jn'lvalt: eapjta] sccljiiig a p;'olH_il, ?)1 oiir Ira- flii|o));il, (irfilH-iiJotlvi; ctonoiiiy would jusljiy iiH rifi|ji lo anrvival \\i liie IDOricj'll H'Ol'lf). U would be.lmvd ID Uu'nlt of a bet- lor wiiy of comparing |>rlvato and public projects of this (dnd than to set up Koine such nmlurliikjnu as this, with llic TVA !iJoi)K»i(|L' il iis it viinl' slivk. --Bruce Cation. For the Peace oj the World . ^ Vice J'ruinier Stanley Baldwin of England tells a Glasgow audiunco thitt Oi-eat Britain's Meet will never be u.sed in the uruied ,blucUade of aii.v wiuntry on earth until the guvorn- HK'iil has first consulted the United Slates gfvi'rmncnt. iJiinuUiuieoiiKJy, Sccretui-y of Slate Cord el I Hull of the Diiilwl .Slates forecasts dose, friendly iui;l active co-operation between this country and I'lngland in inailers of future naval policy. I'Voni these statements it is reasonable to assume | ha | luadinjr nic'ti in both governments !in , comini; more and IIIOI-L- lo llic liclk'f Dial the two great lOiiglish-spealiing nations will stand more or less shoulder lo shoulder in internal.iunal alfairs henceforth; and Ilk? augury i H n good one. A decade ago I lie tu-o cotinlritw ficeiued to be (h-ifllnj,' into a condition f mill did liost-ilify— which would have l-iteii ii IrcmciuloiiK tragedy, . \\'hen all is said and done, there are overwhelming masons Cor co-operation. If America and England are to stand together. the peace of Uiu world .should be measurably safer. World Wat in Miniaiure Thiil loiig-dnnvn out, confused, and bloody little war between Kulivia and I'(ir;i|,'((ay seeius to lw t'urnishiiiK un admirable laboratory 'specimen' of the rwil (lung. \Vlial linppcns in great, wars is depicted here, in miniature, and the spectacle is an instructive! one. A two-paragraph dispatch from. .U I'M/., Bolivia, is an example. This story remarking that Kuliviu has now enrolled iU 18-year- old conseripls, not due for service until UMi. Then it added that the Bolivian army had won ;\ smashing victory, indicting l n . SS c,s O l' 15,000 men on .llicir opponents; .and the story closed with « reminder of Kimiillaiioous etaims of a sweeping- victory by the 'Paraguayans.' Modern war is epilomuod in that little slory. Heavy losses, conflicting claims of victory—and llic grim summoning of 18-yenr-olds lo (lie colors! A down- ma :*IKC nownlul o impulse. -i>«,r. vnsil.v „„ [(]>IK:I] U) ,, lc C5 u, cllc iijli i» smolliur Ihu siiicldc C ii i-!ii(ll;iy, uolumbiiv Uni- f^ Pi, •' *m&z3Z*Ka& l>f J? V* 'F'i7 s '- V - N ""-• •• * ^-'' -' ; . BtftSJf* HKHU T0IMV .«.^i'\'*«>ty»f EH. fr«dj '"••» JJ, inil«-«f«rk • « Ilinr7. Ik! Oil. I. I«M TTftk TOflV KlC|i|*E, (•••Krcifi • , 1 1 * (', >li»»«o ES™1« .•*•'•« *>» >» IAIMU _ «N» "Vtu' TBK KBK. lrl V ., Hk» I* fffft IWNKFTT. "«%f7 .ID. <• «ii«b «• hc> llMf nil* J ciiiwil wli^m r«(f i kio«l* ( iil l|. T • . Toil 7 ••)<• A dswo'i tD •hum plan* tor btj «t 4n»> wtttt kt tjenki • d<t« p>tlr A »«r rne. ( <>i t i,| Ike »4 Ptitr Krndlill ncci I. "iMay I let liim play with it a'while, just to .see if he ill f l?' ; THIS £URIOU$ WORLD "-v^ tfs;^^ "" STATE PRISON IS BUILT OH THt GKAVG- VARO OF THE HRISOIl BROUGHT 10 LIGHT THE R6MWN4 OP SIROS, BEASTS . AND R MIMOSA PUftMT OF THE TROPICS, .WILTS OH BEING TOUCHED. WHO LAID THE. FOUNDATIONS -^'Vi OP INTERNATIONAL LAW, ENTERED J/f, A UNIVERSITY A.T II, AND WAS A _IAJWV6R /-.T 15 YEARS OF AGE The silc of Ncviuin slaio prison Is an excavation from a ))il), in Hie form of n bowl. During the excavation work a largo elephant uiis uncovered. Tills led lo furthcv: search, with astounding dis- corerles of prcliisloric aniiruik as tbe result. fiy Will ia in OH, MO-NO—1 YOU SHOWED A LOT OP INTELLIGENCE, IN MOT GITT'M IT STUCK THINK OF GITTKl TllAT INTO TM 1 HOUSE, AM' VVARMIW' IT OP , TO QIT you OFF/ '' v - iftiV'/«-*/ tH i NKXT: llcm- ilci-s (lie fciinle green turtjo liiilo ln:i tgg- from tnuniiis'.' Stomach Generally Works Well Despite Ideas ol: Food Faddist* sv in;. Moiiitis l-Mitvr, .liiiirnal nf lli Anicrimn Mrtliral AuiQi-iulion, and nf lly- Cd;i, Ills-. lU-allh MaKininc Evci-ywlMTc you lool; today nit tdvci tiH'inmUx unnounccniuiiU> und IK'rmintiOlial Miatm'al Of (00(1 filll- li:ls. To imsli llnjir ideas, they must. |I;IVT some unusual notion of what liuppi'iis lo the (ood in tlie liuinau body. They do not hesitate to con- liailicl I'ilahlishcd facts of science knowledge also ad.s nt llic siiini.- lime on Ihc cut'bohyd rules. Ill 50 persons who suffered from various chronic diseases, one-fourth nf a iioiind of hamhurrjcr .steak wns diijcitcd in 3 horns ami mlnules. Onc-foiii'th of u pound tit luiin- limber stealc and one-half of » pound of niiishcd nolnlorti was dl- ftslcd in 3 hours ami 51 iniinitcs. When a small amount ot butler (about Ilircc miners) was added lo itrta ka> 4c P«l«r dlni-u. H»r»» Hr • ua ike H lk»t ImreVd him V«. Vl« Mm A«. »4 kelr ••<•>! <pkti>. < k» <|> wiirrr k'« . Tktr nrf itiBrrlrtf ict »•! tor Klot-' NOW GO 0» WITH TUB STOKI CHAITKR XI II yALL'RIA'3 oervousuKs bad w'oru o9. 8h« had refused to ECO frlenda wio bad called through tba door anil now, with evening coming op, ste was walling eipec- tautlf for Fete-'i call. He liacJ bad hours to tliluk cblnga over apd lo realize lie bad been bard and un. just. Surely lie would uot punish tiisr tub wiiole Cbrlstinas daj. What a. day it bad bean! Wual an awful day after «-horrlulo night before! Oub irjluulo .everyone bnij - bceu baylDg-Eo uiucb .fun aui) tllu Unit thero was Marvin Waltcra,' driiiii and. ^"aylrjg a guu. B^erytHKf)' tr»- Ing. to : f« out of GlghL Tucn-tne awful sound of ttie.cuu report «od Dirk falling to tlio floor.- Nouody kiiow who. called thp: police. Prob- My It wao lliat ollly Peg Walters bciaell. v?ueu tliey. rcalitcd Dick was ouly sltsUUj injured It was too •late to do uuytalng about it. Now Valeria's wliolc Cliristmas ilaj" liad been ruined— because 'ol a Jealous Uusbani When ebe and Peter -married, Valeria tliouglit.;he would bavo to'tcarn to coutro) bis Jealousy. It would bo '. borrluie. having Jiim'malio sccaca like Mar- Tin. 0£ course >iio kacVr'ho uailn't meant U when ho eaid that Uiej wcro through. If ho had- meant <L way -hadn't 'bo .taken the r!at? Valeria Bllppcd it on Her floger again. It-chone brllllaiitly. non's : surlugly. ., j( Tho maid -camu to the door. "Shall 1 -lirlng .youi-.dlDuer, Jl!|g3 Valeria?" .; .'•. "Yes. Tlioii'Iay out my things, ^ola." rt belated Cliristnias'dinusr, but oho was ready for; It. ' S : Urs. Wainright opened- the -rloor, 1 "l.Ueard you tell -Lola you would ire.38." '- .' . ' • - • ---- called?" "No, but^lio will." ' • ' . •...•. Mra. WaiorlgUt said, in n trou.' lilcfl-tone, ''Sirs: Kendall called this' etternocra. Slje. waritcd to end" Peter. She said heTeft the tipuas »ft«r'' (jvenltSasi ana basn't bte'u back since." • 'In tlie; mood'- Lo was In! he (irobablj wouldn't como hoine. 1 imagine Uo ate dinner tl the cjub:" As- Mrs. Walnrlgir continued -to elaro dubiously, Valeria broke out angrily, "You act as tuough I had lost; Peter tor eooil. Look' norcl" She flasijei] her Ting. nMlB niornjijj uoivspawr tad been brought to Mrs. Kendall's bed, along will/her grapefruit and coffee without cream. '.' Sbo WM jtill : »lrcuuuualy en- bar Ocur« prourj that (he bad : b««D ) to her .Hule'lo'kitn Ho* 9- fal> *t>|i« 10 B»nr older (ritndi) bait group (at ana double chjuiwd.: , •: ' :, .. , ' ; Itt «a »djoiii|ng room Carol h«ard her nother erooii. Tlio troan WM fojlowid' iff an ei c it«d Kre«(i. which broujbt C»rbj Bylnj to her "Oood b,c»«etif, niotlier! Are you Mrs, Keuda|l held out the Ucwo- paper I'uS moaned again. "We'ra disgraced! Look vrhit Feler baa 'lone." Carol snatcbcd Iho folded, sheet (roin tier nioiie/'e bacd, read tbc titadllnes. o-Dd «auk into a chair. "Why don't you »a» sometblng— " "If Peter, ha^ got hjm8eit In a wes" Carol said slowly, "he baa hlmaelt to blama { don't tea wjiy I should cry about It." "U'a the V mc38 ho bus got iU loto!" Mrs. Ksudall , eoubcd. "All tile coreas or .Father Kendall er»- couraglos him In hla queer Ideas. Peter has never bad tbo least option of what obllEatlou to family tradition means.' Oh, poor Valeria!" "I'm uot wasting .sympathy /on her after the stunt she pulled last nlebt," Carol $ait) ' bluntly. ' "Valeria Isn't perfect, 'perhaps," Mrs. Kendall said, "but «8 all know sho has never. Iqred anyone but Peter. It was n terrible thing for httu. to do." '-. . "VaJerla la just a -fraud," Carol said. "1'iB neartlly lu favor of 1'eter'o giving her tho galq." "And 1 Kipnpse you're not worried over Peter marrying some common crcnturs h« probably met on tli.8 street! Khe had to do sometblug dlBgraceful ,why couldn't be have walled uutil Iho year after your , debut?*. ^Darn iny aohul," Cnrol^aid. "Carol: Ijcan't understand you, All this disgrace and you sit there -'otil ' aa"a "cucumber." - ho-toTvn's^bl? that »-o needn't, get -In each oiher's 'ij don't Intend to be'old.fasb- toned and tlss the bride." / }hltt , **ii Kwaill'i Volco was -• - ; _"'^.-saving my: kisses 'tor ; bctler .51*,"- Carol CftiitiDUed-flippantly."I may bavo on urgo toward romance Wbo catf'tell?" - got : a - cold c]oth for'- her .lief 's . nca'ij; sal down add read tlje detailao'f the'weddlug re- poited |Q tbe'oewBpapflr; : "Peter aiia this slri.bavb gone aay'; - Nohoay -'Bcems' 'to i-khow : Tft?*' 1 W'» ' Vecortera "the sijp. BomebQw." ' ' ' ; . : . . "^!l. : toaff -Epmcthins t'n. be ftaqRt^ lor." sir?, -^eadall 'i»ia> -Caro|_ 6 a[r), "Gife the/girl crodlt lor wit,,,niot!|er. -JVaaa't ihe smaii off -with Peter. rl' B ut under '- ' . . , 1 ».. J flo'n't discuss It; He 'must ;; ha>e- been' perfectly cnad." "Valer|a:piil}»d ? ona: too, many of her fa?fpnea; Tliat:Wfls.«ll.t ' .'- "I'licre :la ,nd; excuse lor Peter. 1I« probably .cipects'us. to in eet'tiii with open Bras -phen they come back. He'll 'bo wrons. 1 won't have anything to do W|tb her." Carol smiled >nd .left' (he , room. Sijo had, .no . pitiebce. wiia her uiothcr'B :byBle'rjc'si'!. ..."'.' Carol west down the .wide Btalr. tnroush the hair and out on 'the torraco. "Lawrence/* she said -to » blond youus map in a chauffeur'B uniform. "Mollr-r will.- Warn you to drlv» Un Jo .Miss Bennett'i Ithdi ibe.'bour.' Tlit tkuiier jouns. ,-,., touched l)lf cw. His blue «i«« ; Ui» ber« (or 40 Inulauu 'Vfry-wtll, tolas." 'Lawi'^Dce, you oilgti't *»/—«ir f«l'l« tprrr jou are not drirlnj me Iti6t«a(l." ';• "I'm tcry ,iorry, uiiss.* , ' ' "Aud, L4«r«nco. 1 dou'l tliink jou fibould saj 'tufja/ It souuds..«v —»o, well t don't Ilk* It. l'v« iritd to teach ta? MUs t!«iu«tt or Mlap Carol e»cr a luce you tatgt. It's belter form. Well, 1 (ike it better. Don't you tlilnlt you'll ofiT Icarnl" *Vc», oilsa.Misa.Carol." fJa naa Biulliiig now. Ctrol aial|ca baclf. : "ify, beoji wotideiins about your Bliouldera, They're awfully broad. Did you ever play footiiallT" • ."Nol Miss Carol. Dut -I've dont a lot.'$t liEutlne. It ; cima uatnral to we, beias Irish." "I ttay need you to drive me ont Ulor" "Very eooa, Mias Carol." SLe went back In tlie houec, iiaaj. ins C«leste. her maid, on tlio Blair. Carol thousht there was a halt- smile on the mild'a face, anil her own flualied suddenly. - - gnC! found ilia. Kendall dresflris, ^licr mother esid -rrqUully. ''Carol, wlicro'have you been?" You leave all tho worrying for-'me to ilo. Get-GOBieliiiiie .on. I'm "gain* lo. Valeria's." . "Tliat Icta mo out. t wouldn't KO thcro on n bet to listen to-you two ween toecther arid tear t'elcr to bits." ' • "Vou'ro not very syiupallielic." "No. And I have' some shopping to do." Carol went Into ue-r own rouin, rcluruirji; iu tt.few moments wearing a gray fur co»l, with a email herd p'uJled closo auout hor eaart dark.curls. She wore no rouge, lull borrlliw were brllllanlly carmine. "AV/ttle too much color on your l.!l»." Mrs;.Kendall.objected: Ca.ol ij'as no benaty, her ; motncr wst thinking, but ehe was smart-look, iiife-anj she h»rf.charm. .Thp two drove to Vsleria's ap;irt. meut;atid:Mrs. Kendall went lu. "Pluaso Btoj :the car," Carol ID. slructed tho chauSeur «[tcr they had driven on a:«bort distance. 'Im coming up front. 1 ' "Do you think you should, miss?" Carol laughea.- "Yes, I tbink i should. I don't llke-.oiUlug 'back hero alone. And besides there nr« so^nany things 1 want to ask yoo.» "About iiny sloalders, 10189?" "No: Tour dlctlon.'for one ihina." "Acfjuirtd 'In-"the :best .families,: Miss Carol." .;•'•'.'. > . Carol-bad:taken her scat boslif. lilro. TneryounB. ebauffenrrtacefl ner sternly,, dropping' hi? dellbejau draw! to esy "erossl.v T OU 'ri> beius very ^foolish.--you iknow." "I like oe1ng;iooll8lir-Carpl;«Dli» in a low "Imti. "Can"t : yoi-6eei Law-.- rence, that you-are-the only p'ui'I can be natural with? Tou don't ejjfecl things of trie'. You don't cart anything about the'KendaU traditions. You probably don't know we bate, such tninss. But we- nave.. And every member ij ; suppo3Ed ta live theai,". • - - . "1 knowisome-.other.things." '"What things?" "That you're rich, i'm poor. I'm .. an .Irish chauffeur and you arc^- "J«st an American girl, M»- rouce. Can't you forget all those other things and rcmemoer^'you ore -*uat a man2 JJ •- : • ' ~ t _' t .^ . .(To Be Continued) -'•'••'^ A Mauritius' 2-ccnt stamp of the] 'pcniiy rctl" variety was recently sold'in London -for S12.0DO, highest price ever paid for a stamp in EiifjiHjKl. A 3-ptnny -blue stamp Irani the-same country Imnnjlil $8,500 • the same day. Fred McKcaii, of New Kensington, Pa., has a freak foivi \vllli tlicMiead and feet of a rooster and the body of a cii'.ck. The bird wtilk.-; lil;c n pciiquin, has a. chicken^ fear of the water, and' makes a noise lliat is new to the fowl work!. OUR BOARDING HOUS Trinity. Churcn, 237-yt'ar-oltl ftruclurc nl llic licud or Wnll Street, New York City, is.(He ricii- cst clitirch iivliiis country and jios, sibly in the world. Its real cstiito: holdings in lower Miinhaltdn nlonc were a.fficMcd nt 527,870100 (his 3-car. . A secretion -Known- as litrudin, obtained from the nroutli ylnntls ot the pond leech. Is used to iwc- rcnl.blood clotilng. - 1 ". »Q am. , slnM ,s llHl k« OT -..d B o of j Sh mli^. 1^^"^iT™ (n ,'," i''" c ' ( ' 1(1 four lioui's aurt Uvo miii- 1 nr avoraiii: luunan slrirui\ch ve- tutcss. r.cls in ;i rcctuin (Iffinllc «',iy In [ * iiicsl food Miljstmiwi. There nrc, | An a ix-Mili. ot nil |]U-M- invt-sli ol «nn'8«, viiriatioiis. , i:alimis, it wns founil Ili-it there 'Mil- nmonnl of tiini- rninired for was no evidence :it all in iiu!ir-iir Ilir stomach to empty; ll.%lf ilo lliat imid-lm und »«<K->« lU'iids hiniely on ihr kind of food inlo It. Miwl persons Iwvc a •live Him- in Ilii: stomach ot I four IIOHI-.S. ,. . - - ...-.-,- v. - ,j, ^ ,,, It^ny^l j I, '• iliuc-sUoi. o( meal <«, « lu -olel» | J0 i 1|( ,,„: (lk ., •' of polnloc.s us :i nirbnliyclniti! | (,,,- .. llrt j, is . H. ii nunilicr ot invalids, lie found I in 'b,- i'ui(|.. ( | ii-lWTOi meal and pulatoi-s or he- ! hi'i'kj.'i'oiiiu!'"""' iwrcn proltin-', ;nid lailioh.vdiMd-:, i ']. ; linllv I'l i» in i;cii(T,d. - ' r , , l , ',' " "^"'^i « . . • r "!' 1 ' llji "-- "'"me lUi-lt iniw-s pro- .•ulidivi. ilin-r in-,- [( lialj J Si'"!! 1 ™ ltoll - V;1 ral^, und Unit fowl riiiWiittt who insi-,1 that! miW,,,- |l is not wrll In niivpioli'lu:: :in,; ' li'i Ulul Iliai. titrti mix- irj,.|| v fi : E'' iWl> ""' ;> 1: "" U1 ' ; h '"'"'' 'I'lic Mom.o-ti. ",'vnj i,, | H -i-.nns : I'm'!,',', ,i «i(li diii-ly yciuii — <-" in DONT TELL rAE.HOOPLE./ , I'VE BEEN KROUND fACE STABLES IN TH".COUNTR\ ' WHY TV\tY CALL "BEETLE OF YOURS WILL ~P,UN YOU DEEP IN'TH'.P,, UK.&TEN B£LOW YE5.BMUEY. BUT I HAVE ANOTHER HORSE, LIKE , ON /x TrttWAOMETER/ YEH -ENTRANCE ON E^Chl RACE CLUB -QUE-S— 30CKEY AND TWENTY- GRAND; OR YOUK NAG TO OTHER YOU LL "BE T-LATTER'N A ROSE PETAL OLD NOVEL7 •• 1 'Jl/11 V VJ| U\\ are n>coi)i|»tiWc in (he stomach. j, pic „ IH »ri- C1 "wl.y ( " ' lite- likely Mult, many ;al. anil thai th(.. sc ', ___... lessened ninoiinl - However, con!•'• a .srrions nint- well frji-

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