Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 4, 1960 · Page 13
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 13

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 4, 1960
Page 13
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1960 ROGER D. TATE Texico, Illinois Phone; Skyline 5-4701 Indict Sheriff For Rock Island Jail Terror READY MIX CONCRETE LIMESTONE Phone CH 2-5479 S. D. BALDRIDGE Benton Road— Box 463 B. MM Real Es 'r .fs and Insurane* 128 North 9th Phone CH 2-4930 Mt Vernon, nilntils $25.00 io $800.00 On Your SigTwturel Furniture or Personal Property. Back io School Loans mm Tois.^ ROCK ISLAND, HI. (AP) -The Rock Island county grand jury, charging that a reign of ten-or and immorality has gripped inmates of the county jail, has indicted Sheriff Howard L. Diete- 'rich. Dieterich was accused Thursday [of misfeasance for alleged conditions in the jail, of which he is warden. Specifically, the jury mentioned such reported conditions as kangaroo courts, unsanitary facilities and immoral acts 'perpetrated by prisoners against fellow inmates. One 16-year-old boy was mistreated by three fellow inmates, the jury reported, an elderly man was subjected to immoral acts ,and another inmate was tortured with a burning cigarette. The panel said prisoners "in a measure rule the jail" and "kan- [garoo courts sentence other prisoners to long periods of torture [and terror." When the jury toured the jail in September, a near-riot erupted in one of the cell blocks. Investigation revealed a general detrio- ration of conditions with acts of torture, immorality and inhuman treatment spreading throughout the jail, said the report filed in Circuit Court. Dieterich, 44, a Democrat, was elected sheriff in 1958. Misfeasance — wrongful and injurious exercise of lawful authority — is punishable by a $10,000 fine and removal from office. The jury's indictment charged tlie sheriff with failure to perform his official duties as warden and failure to keep inmates safe from physical harm. THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS 13 FARM NEWS .... By RICHARD P. POWERS ... WASHINGTON (AP) - The Agriculture Department says poul- trymen are unlikely to have as good a year in 1961 as they have had this year. Prices for eggs, farm chickens, broilers and turkeys this year have averaged higher than in 1959. But, the department said, in 1961 egg broBer and turkey prices are likely to move back toward the 1959 levels. The department said in reporting on the price outlook for 1961 that the principal factors are the expected larger supplies of poultry meats throughout the year and of eggs during the last six months 'of 1961. People are eating record amounts of chicken and turkey. The department estimates that in 1960 consumers will eat 29.2 pounds of chicken per person and 6 pounds of turkey. Ten years ago the per capita consumption of chicken was 21 pounds and of turkey, 4 pounds. In contrast, however, egg consumption in 1961 is expected to decline further from the 18-year low of 325 eggs per person consumed in 1960. Ten years ago the per capita consumption of eggs was 389. Egg prices are likely to continue higher than the year before for some months, possibly through the first quarter of 1961. This is expected to induce a larger hatch of chicks than last spring. As a result, the laying flock some time alter midsummer will be producing more eggs than in the corresponding months of 1S60. The reduction in the laying flock this year is the result of the 15 per cent cut in the number of i-eplacement chickens raised in 1960, the fewest since 1910. lliiiiiiuiii'tia! Speedway j! Proved For I Turnpike Safety! «.70.15 Black 1 Tub«-Typ« ilj ALL SIZES LOW PRICED | *Plui tax and raeoppabl* tir» iiiiniaiaspipjiaiijiii LET US SAFETY CHECK YOUR CAR FREE CAR SAFETY HEADQUARTERS STAN tt. TIRE MAN 12th ond Broadway Dial CH 2-6400 Dial CH 4-1500 YOUR SAFETY IS OUR BUSINESS WASHINGTDN (AP) - The Ag riculture Department reports that planting of winter small 'grains has attained the windup stage In the Northwest and Com Belt while in the Gull States this activity was stepped up sharply. But in California seeding was held in check by lack of moisture. Irrigated barley was doing well in California, but dryland small grains in the Far Southwest are doing poorly or seeding is being delayed in tiie hope of receiving moishire. In the Far Northwest, progress is generally good and in thft Cen tral Rocky Mountain area rains JERRYB.GOTT WHAT'S NEW — A former model herself, Bettina, right, looks over the mannequins before new styles were shown at her own f asliion house in Paris. Bettina has been named a benel5claiy in the will of the late Aly Kahn, Last May she was in the car when he was killed in a crash. improved small grains. I In the Com Belt, progress in: harvesting com ranges from about i average in the eastern section tO| well over a week behind in the northwestern portion. The major producing area from! Iowa through Northern Illinois and Indiana continues to reflect the greatest delay in com hai-vestingj as a late crop and unfavorable drying conditions tended to keep pickers idle. program has been 14,872,650 pounds of canned beef and gra\'y at a cost of $7,19,000 since this phase of the program started Oct. 13. In another program, for distribution to needy persons and other eligible outlets, tlie department has bought 9,867,000 pounds of dried whole eggs at a cost of $11,260.000 since resumption of the program June 22. IVHDWnnES BUSY (Paid Pol. Adv.) WASHINGTON (AP) - Tlie Ag-i culture Department has bought' riculture Department has bought 42,798,000 pounds of frozen gi-ound COLUMBIA, S. C. (if) — In 1957, beef for use in the national school the latest yeai- for which complete lunch program at a cost of $17,-1 figures are available, 16 per cent 223,000 since the start of the!of the 62,942 babies born in South program Aug. 19. | Carolina, were delivered by mid Also t>ought for the school lunch iwive.s. RE-ELECT LAWRENCE J. STARM CANDIDATE FOR STATE'S ATTORNEY The Illinois Campaign By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Republicans and Democrats today entered the final battle for Illinois with election hopes running high in both parties. Robert Kennedy, brotiier of Sen. John F. Kennedy, spent Thursday barnstorming the state and said the Democrats have a "great chance of carrjdng Illinois." Republican candidates were equally certain the fruits of victory would be theirs. Kennedy said in Springfield that his brother, the Democratic presidential choice, might carry Cook County (Chicago) by 350,000 votes. Although such a Ctook County edge is'nt necessary to win the state, Kennedy said, it would indicate a Democratic victory in Illinois. He said Democratic strength in Central and Southern Illinois is 'more than anticipated." Meanwhile, other Democrats prepared a torchlight parade to greet Sen. Kennedy on his arrival later today in Chicago. Gov. William G. Stratton, looking for a third term, and his Democratic rival. Otto Kemer, campaigned Thursday along battle lines staked out earlier. Stratton reiterated his opposition to a state income tax and suggested that Chicago's Democratic mayor, Richard J. Daley, might influence Kemer in favor of such a levy. Kemer, who like Stratton stumped in the Chicago suburbs, said he would oppose a state income tax. "No one can tell just what the governor's position really is," he asserted- In a statement issued today, Kemer said "the people of Illinois will not tolerate four more years of promises by Stratton." Kemer, who planned to spend the evening with Kennedy, charged the Stratton administration with "what appears to be a total lack of concern for the welfare of the people." Samuel W. Witwer, Republican choice for the U.S. Senate, said Thursday he would "destroy a certain myth, the myth of Paul Douglas as tlie great economizer." E>emocratic Sen. Paul H. Douglas said in a statement that Witwer's charge that Douglas would'nt help share the cost of a televised Witwer-Douglas debate "is just another of (Witwer's) imag&ied grievances." The Chicago Sun-Times said its straw poll of Illinois voters continues to give Kennedy, Kemer and Douglas an edge. Kennedy leads Vice President Richard M. Nixon 52.2 percentage points to 47.8, the newspaper said. Kemer's statewide total is 57.7 per cent to 42.3 per cent lor Stratton, the Sun-Times reported. Douglas leads Witwer 57.3 to 42.7. The newspaper said that in heavily Republican areas near CMcago where Kennedy drew large crowds on his last visit, Dollsters found "no lingering signs of a Democratic upsurge." In the closing roimds of the! campaign, Stratton will dedicate a new Northwest Expressway link near Ciliicago Saturday moming, fly to Springfield for an evening rally, and return to Chicago for I more speeches Sunday. He will spend electiraj day awaiting retimis in his home town, Morris. Kemer will stump Saturday with appearances scheduled in 01- ney, Springfield, St. Louis, Her- rin, Benton and Peoria. He will address rallies in Peoria and Decatur Sunday. Kemer will vote Nov. S in his home town, Glenview, and await returns at his downtou-n Chicago headquarters. You have a date—November 8— to VOTE for OTTO KERNER for GOVERNOR "The Sun-Times indorses Otto Kerner, the Democratic nominee for governor. He is a man of substance, dignity and iccomplishmene who could bring to Springfield a moral leadership in State house politics that has been lacking for the past 8 years." Chicago Sun-Timti, Octobtr 20, I960 "Judge Kemer has a brilliant record as a law^'er, jurist, soldier, humanitarian and civic leader. He has not been tainted by the sUghtest breath of scandal. He should maJce tn excellent governor." Tb* Rock/ord Rtgister-Rtpuhlic, an oubtanding Republican tttwspaper August 22, 1960. "The governor has based his entire campaign on his record, which certainly is spotty, to put it charitably, and on his tirades against (^licago's City Hall. He is attempting to arouse downstate against Chicago". ... We believe governor Stratton has earned defeat, and that Judge Otto Kerner is deserving of the support of any independent voter or independent Repubhcan who is not afiaid to aoss party lines." Gikon Ciiy Couritr,. .a Ripublicatt l^ewspaptr, Octobtr 6, I960. "We believe Kerner to be a man of firm personal integrity, highly intelligent, and well informed. He has a realistic understanding of great problems now confronting the state. He should be persuasive with the legislature and the people in finding solutions as utisfactoty as possible under the circumstances." Chicago Daily Nma, Octobtr 18, I960. VOTER'S CHECK LIST This or This • A governor who bu been repudiated by tra. ditjonally Republican newspapers because they are convinced he has been, more interested in the building of a personal political machine than to tttviog the needs of our cidzeos. • A governor whose admioisuadoa has been marred again and again bv headline sandals. "Theft of state funds Djr state auditor." ~Laad purchase manipuladons by toll wa* efficiila." "Tax tcaodal involm chief ad- ministradve assisunt." • A governor whose mental health pw^ram sees Illinois mental hospitals understaffed, overcrowded, under financed and overlooked . . a disgraceful program that finds us filling steadily behind out sister states in mental health achievements. A governor whose administradon keeps the truth about the sute's financial condition from the people. At the current ratio of spending to appropriation, Illinois will be 31 million dollars short of requirements by June of 1961. A governor who will use the powers of the governor's office for the benefit of ALL the people of the state, without regard for race, color, creed, geography or political persuasion ... a man of conscience, iacegrity and independent thought. A governor who will give us a morally responsible state administration with men and women of integrity in positions of trust. A governor who sunds for a mental health srogram that will provide not only adequate lospital buildings and facilities; but also the necessary medical and psychiatric personnel to help cure those who can be cured. A governor who will provide a state administration that is financially sound and that will operate on a "performance budget", so that you will know where and how your tax money is being spent. A governor who believes that taxes should be fair and equitable throughout the state- without the inttoduction of a state income tax ... a governor who will sponsor and aup- port a new Revenue Article for the state lO that you will pay only your fair sbue of taxes and no mote. • A governor whose administration hy manip- ulatioa of the so-called "multiplier" has caused undue tax burdens and inequalities ia many areas of the state. Sponsored by CITIZENS FOR KERNER ANNOUNCING... AMERICA'S BEHER BUY England's best-selling car Is priced hundreds less than domestic compacts...has more power, more space than leading German and French Imported economy cars. No wonder car experts call It America's "beat buy"l PUCCD HUNDREDS LESS tlun U.S. conn pacts. Yours for as little as $30 a tnootb after dotra payment DP TO 40 MILES PER GALLON—ten mora than the ayerage U.S. compact... equals or exceeds comparable imports. Saves np to •nc-third a year on oil and lubrication costs, too. # Democrat # Your State's Attorney For The Post 4 Years # Lawyer For The Post 9 Years # Morried, 3 Sons, Jed, David And Charles # Veteran With 2 Yeors Overseas Service # Attends Presbyterian Church # Member Of Veterans, Civic and Fraternal Organizations Your vote and support will assure continued fair and Impartial administration of the duties of the State's Attorney's Office. Thank You (Paid Pol. A«v.) 4 SAVES ON MSORANGE, Uoeoaea, every year! And Anglia tiret are oullai^ less expensive, wear longer. NCWEn SmmO M ITS CUSS^-saney, perky, and every line makes sense. Reverse-slant rear window stays dear ia rain and snow. OROISES AT TURNPIKE SPEEDS indtool strain. Up-front engine virtoally elimi* natea effect of cxoss-winds. PARKS IN SHORTER SPACE than U.S. ecnn. pacta. More leg room, more space inaida than leading imports. BIO IS^aiBiC-FOOT TRUNK-Exceeds lead, ing imports. Holds all your luggage. MATCHLESS BRITISH CRAFTSMANSHIP ghowi inside and out. U.S. size nuts and bolts. Ser/ice is readily available. We make this challenge: Compare Anglia with Volkswagen and Renault Dauphlnel '6ri"MGlIA FEATURES ANGLIA VW RENAULT Encint Up-(rent In rear la re«r Hsrjtpowar 41 40 32 Top Spttd 71.0 • 68.2 64.8 Rur Gil Tink Yej No YM U.S. Sin Nuts & Bolb YM No N» Twnlni Circle (ft.) 32 34 31 Wdfht (IttL) 162$ 1617 USl Length (ina) 155.6 160J lS6.t Front Door Widtli «.J' 42J)' itJf louije icu. n.) 13,0 10.0 M Glov* Box Lotkible Lockebl* Opu Fruh Air Vtnt Opt Extra No No Ash Triors 3 2 2 WRY PAY MORE ... OR SETTIE FOR LESS than Anglia? Now avaiiaiJe at 700ijncoln- Mercury and independent dealers' through, out the country. For name of nearest deslerj call Western Umon Operator 25. Or writet Lincoln-Mercnry Division, Ford Motor Co.* 3000 Sehaefer Road, Dearborn, Michigan.; SAVES MORE THAN U.S. COMPACTS... CIYESMORE VALUE THAN OTHER IPORIS I W. G. Motors Inc. 513 S. lOtli Mt. Vsmon, III. •id*)» EnitwNf hi S^c^/^^'&mtficmy., DMrtwrn, MIef, b> Font Motor Co.. Ud.-bulM«n ol the Mtw Imports) MIS: AniM i PntMt • Csawl • Ztplqir > todlat • Escort • TtsdMS ENGLISH FORD UNE wi una lufOMTiD KONOUY CAM

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