The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 8, 1937
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VOL. XXXIlf— NO. 302 _'-''. ' TI 'E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AmrAMa^ "^^A^ ' •*• ^ •*"-* T T kj/ Ty^me Courier SMiSSiiTS^r^ ' ^^MBTARKANaM AND SOUTHEAST MrSsoUIU nlythevllle Courier Blylhevliic~Daliv u»»-« Blytheville Herald Mississippi V-- -- 1 r, t' S V *_ j «f U t * $ <M Jt.rj:t .• < tti'-if- ,' - -V V,*< ^ .'ITif^ ;,„ " .'^ }, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MARCir'8, 1037 LLrliffilfli) Announce Their Support After Conference With President Today -•-. Mar. 8 (UP)— Fifteen midwest'farm leaders "and Labors Kon-Parllsnn Lea«uc today .swung support to .President J«ioscvc-ll's judiciary program as Miintc opiMiients charged hi°li administration oflicials with "propagandist activities" in behalf of (ho court plan. I'ho farm group announced its support of the court program after conferring with .Mr. Roosevelt Iney declared "agriculture's gr'at- csl progress has been thwarted Dy Hie' supreme, cbml." This pronouncement came as Labor's No.i-Parlmn Loa«uc •ciealeil last year ; to support Piesideiil. ; Roosevelt's reelection V r L 1 "!"' 1 "" 0 " 5 ' 1 '' nt "" assembly of 600 labor leaders (o »ive the judiciary program full backin-. C'lark Charges Propaganda" • The farm leaders, many,of HIE,,, Heads of state units O f me Pafm crs Union, issued a formal slate- -'"«t of .their, sympathy with the judiciary program. • The charge of " ' ' nclJvjllcs". was voiced ^'fhfstn- nte by Senator Bennett c. Clark i,Hr!" : ' n 10 '' opl - )onmt o! «« court imn. It was made after Major- iy Leader Joseph T. Robinson mcl contended lhat a system o _chain etters" and organised com' nuimcations was being employee"! Seeks Religious Peace in Mexico ^^^. ^^^. • ^^^m •— — — ; " ^^*mu nvrj tjji;«u» No .Major Decisions WSrilJTOTON. Mar 8 (UP)- -I1?,,. s " prc " 1! ; cm "<- ^thout in vylnl iclion lt ultinute Heci'ii'lly apphiniul archl)islu>p" of Aloxico, Alunni^iKir l.uis M Marline/, ahovc.' will nmier- lake the difliculi lash of devis- »-3 a religions pro);riin\ lo Huar- anlcc the CnlrmlU; i-hiireli free- ' <lnm of worship in Mexico and si ill rclain Hie ,-ipproval of ilie Ovrrnmont. Involves Nine-Year- 0 I d Vlcisurt Wins Vc tfp i L "&LH 2s&j*&- LITTLE} ROCK, March 8. '(UP) - I.e senate today passed a. b.ll n l iCl L,°P JX) "™ t5 .. M| d 'ww«.*r:p )San Francisco Bay Feels Sharp Earthquake Shock SAN FRANCISCO. Mar. 8 (UP! —An eartliqunkc' of sharp inten- *<J- shook cities hi tlie San'Pran- clMo.bny area at 2;30 n JU in. ilay. OaST „„',',' Sa^f m'nclsc'o'"'^ awakened by Die shock. some said that tlioi • .aumi WINDSOR, VI., Mar. 8 ,ui',_ Sheriff Ei-nest H. Schoenfeld's marble shooting skill was credltet today with coaxing a confession fom.a five-year-old suspect h (he murder of four-year-old rw erly Ann Page. The sheriff first won the boy confidence by taking Mm on M< knee and giving i,i m n (lil "' Brci'SM, back for a' second '(„- 33C of m.irhl*»c )tn,. n u< ..... °. the <lmv " r " hc The officer gpVto lib knees and he game started. As i, p"g,"™ d the man and boy cmi HKi ibont'Beverly Ann. The lad oW he sheriff how -he held the gr's lend ,,,,'der, the shallow water of I brook Friday while a nlne- ' r onthnoisial cabes before took jiuisdlcllon *t, - - -•——.. of a new nf" <..>„+ imolMn * constitutionality ^!^ |v -employment insurance The "new unemployment insurance case involves the question or constitutionality of the Ala- ibama. .unemployment insurance law. nn act intended to supplement the New Deal's social secur-i ity program. The court today rebuffed the efforts of former Federal ' Cotton Diversion Payments Will'Be the Same This Year As Last The 1937.fede7a7~farm program, soon to be presented lo'Mlssissiiiiii county f farmers "hi V- Series -'of t-ommiimtj meetings, will be .very similar to last year's program; according to County A»ch't 'D <? Land ip ";•""' v.~ - ... -.35 in most cases .aiirt> cotton diversion payments will be^the s <nne. as last year, five ceiits per which'a rlf" . ma:rimum ^age will, be -35'per centy'Jit ba^"' Cotton ,-yields .upon which' ( di- >rS!On . nflim-iHT.i.V--",..;ii . •_ . . • . version, .ppyments be based . UI1JIV ,, j-i;in,-Ji(l c/llOCC Halsted Hitter-of Florida to have the tribunal comtder'senate impeachment proceedings which resulted in his.-removal from of- Several cases of unusual inter- fice. -.-... ... uv .., ut luiiiaiutl lllttil - have been pending before tlie court for some time, in V | CW , of the rontroveny around the tribunal their impending decision lins been the subject of much speculation. " . among the •cislon has ...... ^, a ,,. i , ,„„„,,,. than is usual arc challenges of Ihe validity of tlie Wagner Labor Relations Act and its companion measure, the Raihray Labor Act, and of a number of state Va*>e nnd hour measures. ' ° -Of major importance cases on which de- been delayed longer ..••ii - -i-r-'/"*-"^ \wiii'.-pe oased wll.m general be,Determined ul at- tluf Ir eV lICUV —' b£ - i * le '?"" jiipon ; its i.productioii-'hktoiV 'for he past five ,yri,i. TJihi: nteti, °d (vill place. a premium upon "better .arm Practices, siicli as.proher ro 'atioii.of crops and the" p'ant n. °f.. ^ cans ' alfalfa, and othei soil-building legumes. ' '937 program will. bave ! the 'f' encouraging' the boys were with- Authorities were Inclined to believe the.boys story although 1,1, companion steadfastly t | ci ,'d knowledge, of the crime Th e y wore,.-however, determined to ob fin scientific support 0 n, e youngster's tale . ™ " Albion Parker said of "toppling | over." ' ).-„„ "•• """.u Aeeincd to ' "'\S: wst .-««l"Hi. camo board of the bonu ...... present [x>wers. , The measure, Introduced by Senator Armff Taylor, auwonrlat' $150,000,<XKI for refunding of bonds at lower Interest rates ^ in attacking the bill, senator Roy Mllum of Harrhon said thai 11 eliminated the appropriation ' he rccenty appointed boaid. leav- ng that.body without funds with which to function. Siiiator Miliim's motion to'place Uie measure back on second rend- In? for amendment failed He was aided,In his fight 1 n,. \tr CT »T i. _ _ _ ^'ly. however, "0 serious damage. The tremor, which lined was seemed to HI CULLY IN , Louis Man 'Uiicon- srcioiis; -" Relatives Fly ; to H.'s Bedside • William H. Tyson, 31, of CHI11(> t -^-vii, ^| u *SSS i« l "*••»_J*"*-' f a tor He sa -- ' , . Norrell of Montlccllo woi.ld ' ' preme cot » t .would declare the bill unconstltu- I'd salaries. The state In " le oast. Norrell . Sees Patronage Motive , ' Administrative leaders, Senators lyde ..Ellis of Bcnionvlile. H M Barney O f Texarkana and R R h,". 0 ' Ellreka s P rln SS, ar. r , he bil1 <U<I " Ot fttr " ct lll « of tlie refunding board H. we do not pass this bill," Bar' be call- Officials Join in ... 1'mal Tribute to Judge iWarlmeau I-oiiIs. Js it Tiansporls Co of SI T The 3 n- i 3 " el to the late" Fcde™',' - Joh " E " ls A '" r!l " £ " jurist and former go< 1B ^" te lvas b »"«' ' funeral sdrvtc uner conducted In Ihe First ordering n Reaches Agreement Witt Government to Abolish f PARIS, Ma,.. 8 (UP)_-fi,e b ' nr f Vrni\nn *•_!!- .• - ., Mt - UHI. grown on land - a^unu (jn lanci flivertpri irom cotton production to oil mills r"bK'X B ^ llcewhil!hwni «? ta Sn v^r^t for tiie of morrow. The Bank of the county "this ; 15 nicetjjigs will be held ater m the Chickasawba district /probably starting In, a week or '"" days. i n the mea'ntUr further f s of «» i . that «- c have the power of reasoning things out There's 110 problem In ' itT1 it. That's tha «t put or the reason , something annoys you. Tlie blood fishes to your Head and atS your brain-and it takes a cool Jiead lo reason things out I think one of the coolest headed men I ever saV was my uncle Squlncy. He was showln' me his farm one day and as we was Roln' through the stable, one of his 'miles hauled off and kicked him Wiini across the barn. He cot up nnd i,e says "Don't think nothin' -°' (hat-that mule does that to "w every day." •Aiid I says "Why In the world «°' t you take a club to 1,1m? n " » - bul bettor not-lt might make him ers desiring about the program may", obt^',' copies of a pamphlet descr by applying to the county office here or at Osccola. City Dwellers Chidecl • CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP) _ A self-respecting ape wouldn't trade bodies with the typical human city dweller, says Dr. Ernest A, Hooten Harvard anthropologist. "Mentil- ly. man is selling hfsTvf . h is July Chicago Wheat open high ion- cla;e 135 130 1-4 134 5-8 135 7-8 1163-1 IIS 3-S US 1-2 118 1-8 Chicago Corn open ,108 high low close 109 ,1-8 107 7-8 109 ••"•y ivo iua ,1-8 107 7-8 1(» July 1033-8 101 h-l 103 l-o 104 I. B Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, in., M.(UP)—Hogs: receipts, 15000 Top, 10.30. ' 170-230 IDS., 10.10-10.25 M?ht weights, 7.00-985 Bulk Sows, 9.70-9.75 Cattle: receipts, 4,500, •hTSi'^Tu^S ,5^?'V»U*. e.vs nfn «>• »«.i._ i_..i * f • . "••"'• . . * • . Slaughter heifers, e.oo-io so Beef cows, 4.75-5.75 ' Cullers and low ciitiers; of «n approbation decree to- pf France fixed om was established i, ncco ancc with governmental decree t whe her it would have to — Bank of Published nt 11 Prance rulins 10. a, in., (.nfc, --— . v ,.8 ,' francs: ,tp . the' do'lWr Price mo'nl 6 " 1 ro rCSSed - tl!at l ' le da> ' aftcrth""'" 1 " >ri ™ "'°" ^ nrob,h/4 la1 ''" P " ™" ? AS; probably tomoiTOw. Scores Loan Program WASHINGTON, JKar 8 (UP)- Snm D. McReynolds (Dem., Term) chairman of the house, nffaii;s committee, today _j ,. " :•••—• >yu»y criticized the French government's -rfro- >osnl to seek American funds In Us huge defense loan prog win New York Cotton ton closed steady. 0|K11 high Mar. May July Oct. Dec. J.lii. '1377 1396 1335 1355 1315 13H 1270 1299 1260 1293 1267 1291 tow close 1377 1385 132S. 1345 1312 . '266 1287 1255 1281 1267 1282 spots closed quiet nt 14065 ; 0 ™? 3 New ^OriewTcotton NE\V ORLEANS, Mar —Cotton closed barely }!» r - "65 1372 '1355 ^ V°y »30 1348 13 5 3 " ^ J«* "30 13,6 1 OCt. ...... J27o 1294 1267 12S9 V* I2«0 1296 12JG12M •"" 1281 1280 1281 X ed Into special-session Senator Barney charged 'thai Jtatc Treasurer Eilrl Page w'as'be- ll nd - the • opposition because he would deprive him of some 'f his patronage. He predicted-that without passage of the bill the eovernor \i--' J l;,to yet_o lhe ; Klmzey Mi«? i-',%; ! als ">n inflebt t?, le ^^^estate, and ther-MIUim fourth 'or CG "l^Sasollne t ax onc . lourtn-of-a cent. . r In answer to-an opposition charge 'nat the administration had attempted -to/rush- the bill Ihroii'h during the last days of tie ses- sloa. Senator. Ellis said- "if n ,,y. lhK W . n nt SinC f re m wlslli "S '9 <""«'<) 'Is bill, why did tffey nil olfer llieir- amendments sooner?" . Rcp^K R< %'' e " ar>C 8°'(UP)- ^VrtSSdV^S Bailey, who opposed the nassaoe of House Bill 521 and Senate ^il! 262 y " le ECneral assembly last week The house bill W as one , v bich would transfer Ihe indebtedness o seven bridge districts to the sta?e h ghway deportment' while he sea»'•> b.,11 called for a reductloif o! ler cent on aulo and truck li- cliurch. A proclamation' 0 , sttttelioiisc oincds'and wgislat chambers closed for, the rest day was signed thh mornl GOV, Carl E. Bailey, who heav Ihe list of state officials nt 'eliding the-services fouWi ''""H" pf re nrMentalivb following. ..u,c Issuance of tl, proclaniaaon, voted to quit wor at,l o clock and to resume dollb eratlons at\7, ! o'dock .-"-.• "f am to people of the Bailey , «+ IL. -jwvuijior aatiev -.-,veo these, two bills because it hey become taws, Arkansas' lib Slait Carried on Skates WHEATLAND, La. IUP>- SSJ on ice skates, Four Injured in Acciden Near Godfrey White Home Last Night OSCEOLA, ATiTl D. H Le,, >ug of. Jackson, Mo., and 'hi Sdea,r d?ra L b ' n "^' <* Cni! lM? n " II01lI f • Hayncs "ntl'-Mt" Rcda Jacobs, also of Cape"c car'turned over al the curve i, front of Godfrey White's 'hom' mo s Closing Stock Prices '. NEW YORK. March 8 <UP>- -hrysler stock plunged In late dcal- ligs loday following announcement of a strike called In the company's planls. Other sections turned down. Trading increased with tickers run- ling behind. A. T. and T - 178 U2 American Waterworks 25 1-2 Anaconda Copper . R7 i a rjfttH o,««i Beth, steel 3hrysler ...... Cities Service 3eu. Electric . Gen. Motors .. int. Harvester 101 S-S 127 1-2 4 1-4 61 1-2 66 3-4 14 3-4 , ~ B? 1-fl !. Y. Central 52 Packard " M , t Montgomery Ward Pet. Radio St. L.-S. P. 12 1 3-8 Simmons Beds *....." 52 Standard ol N. J. ""•'" 7 , , , Studcbakcr '.'.'.'.'.'". 133-8 Texas Co .,'.' 563.9 U. S. Smelting ..... <n i n U.S. Steel .-..........'.'V.'.' 123 Varner Bros. ;.\...;.; ; '; • 151-2 Zonlte .-:.'.'/•;,'," "11-2 n o clock last night. Isadore • Lcnbaiigli was seriously Injured. H e head InJurv. He on,? and ^ and nccnnJiiHe'v we're un^ -'oils when brought to th offices of Dr. L. p. Massey in Swift ambulance. . D - "-, Lenbaugh, a member of ie hl B li school faculty at ™ nr ° C , Ci . Ve(l oiily m i nor | 1IJllrlC5 me dnvcr was unfamiliar with ";• roa| l «»d did not know of the ishwa' C " r plun8ctl off -'lie landed right side up""injure naa opposite the White home. Tl?e car Pnctically demolished,was brought wrecker"" ° SCC ° ta M ° t0r C ° mp! " 1 >' Sore Lenbaueh Is connected the Southeast Missouri hos in Cape Girardeau and Mis and Miss Jacobs are --.-in the same instltutio Jne fotir were returning, --... a week end spent Charleston. Mississippi, as Biicsts of Ml« Haynes- parents. They were taken to Cipe Gir- "rtcau early today In „„„,„""lance from lhat city. School Census Delayed in Mississippi County The annual school census, ordinarily taken In March, has been Postponed in Mississippi county this Jcar because of unsettled condi- "°" s Bulling from the January- febmary. flood. It has been an- nounccd by Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, county examiner. No date for taking the csnsue nas been fixed as yet. It was said »y Miss Turner. Time will be allowed for all flood refugees to return to their homes. Rooster Rises From Ashes ALBANY, N. Y. (UP)-A » »n t In the ruins of a $300,000 fire i\as been found, Once more It. mil ?dorn the spire of a new second Reformed Church In Albany. Is Js In av crltlcnl condllloi the Ulythcville hospital -with « frnctmcd skull and a bioltcn le* as a • result of an accldi-m tthich occurred on IIi B h«ay in fimtli of stecle, eaily this morn- Mr Tyson wns bioiijht (o the o-'-Pllnl about o o'clock 'this nioinlng by tiro unidentified men "•'•" deported from ihe hcfspltal !C attaches Imd olitalued 'tholr .„. , cs • Mr ; '''I 1 -™" was iincon- scioi's and hospital cmiiloycs had ,. - - - In establishing the Identily of the paliciit ,, .T 1 ! 01 "'.', '" llls ixwMsslon rc _ veiled the lm ine of a Memphis ( ailoii!ey and l.l ,, BS flim ,| y ' (lc . '. Tyson was en wny nl Memphis when lhc ucclilent occmrcd. The Injured man's''wife, his orothcr, a n. Tyson and H pon 1 !--" 1 ""' ° mM of>tltc 'rn, ' by piano trom st l ""' e lhc n >'"i»er still remained a mystery •«J ir ? J' U " 1 " lhe Courta ' !»s located the injured man'. Ultoiiioblle In a stecle Mo 1 lun Milt- K r* .. ' ' N« Strikes Tie Up Hudson Auto Plants DETROIT, Mm a (UP)-'Ilnce plants • of the Hudson Motor car company, employing 11,000 workers, were closed by sit-down blrikes today while Chiyslci Coipoiullon and Unltfd Automobile Woikcrs •enforces reached nn Imp.issp on the'question of sole bargaining rights. , Workers In the main axis and body plants of Hudson struck shortly aftcr'/noon when their representatives prepared to submit four demands io • the mnnnftc- ment.' 'Iludsoi^ officials' said the Hilton demands for Increased \Vages, recognition and seniority* had not been received, ' OF LIVES LOS! ' IN SO , hoover. ,| ml Louls mm, was found ly ,, B conscious about 40 feet f,om ,,, . Whctlicr Tyson lost control nf n t,l ""'""b'le «nd it swerved off the highway „„„ „ recked or hcUwr his machine con d"d W | t , no her automobile and llic driver «f the alter failed to stop could M bcjcarncd [hfe afternoon »r. Eustace R. Semmcs n r oi» ' Mrs. Dclbcvl Wli i I c n c Fatally Jnjined in Attempt to Save Child Fimorru -service's wcie held here tils morning for Alls Gcraldhie Whlcner. 23, wife of Delbcrt Wliltener, nud hoi j«ii-6l<| wu John . Luclnn, who perished Hi n lhc at Maiston, Mo , late Saturday Mrs. Wliltener died al the Blylhe- vlllc hospital caily Sunday morning, several hours nftei the fire. Mrs. whltcnei, member of a well known femllj here, Is survived by four" brothers, R'i Jt Russell, Ln- claii and Marcus csatnes, and a sister, Mrs Lorcnc Kerfoot Also surviving !\frs whllcncr and her son arc tlie husband .nnd father ™[l p o»y A»", 5, daughter and -~ f • ' f ^"-'t\' fr i \ i c U ^ } ._ :-/rhe.-Rj». Mr Hoiman, assisted by the Rev. H, Ljnn Wntle, of- finloFiift n( i) 1n ._- i .'. x ' One Report Says Vessel ,Was Bombaided ,by Spanish Wai ship ,eHaT 0 L^FLL u ^r u ^.'<y h « Xny that an Eldci-Dempstci liner hid BOite t ' hi names In' Hie " it If- " ' 11 111 yfilS I CitI CCi passengers ' luut several, hundred- been lost. UnconlUmcd reports, coming 'oily nfte, official adylces to the admiralty and Llojds of a dLastei " a Bilthi, ship in Spa, lls |, ,,„ ^rs, said an imldenllficd Eldcrl Dcmpslci ship, earning loyalist refugees from Boidcaux, Prance, had i nl!l C , B " y ,° r ^"i'- four upremoudAfi rms $15,000 Injury, Judgment c <>urt o-, ' Orawfor , "V™^ urnwford county circuit -and ' . , , o- j ated ,a( the services held at the Cobb Funeral Home chapel Interment wits made at, Ehn«ood ceme- lery.,' ' ' ' ' " io have said that Mr. TJ-SO"; Condition at the time ritical for operation. .: was too - ...AU IU W mm to undergo an Will Inaugurate Recreation Program Blytheville will have three rec- catfon centers, all of which will be functioning within the , len en days under a WPA project" Miss Clarice Little, county saa- rvisor of recreation for the WPA as announced that 'Mrs. R IV IcNight will serve as local su'per- 1S ^'.u rhe -. pr ° e ™" 1 «''«• consist of askclball, baseball, soft ball ten's, ping pong and boxing, which ill be under the instmction of B "rts, games for small children' be supciTised by Mrs. Monte nnders. the story telling hour to e conducted by Mrs. Ellen Acton ie Young Mothers' club, to be In large of Mrs. McKnight, 'who ill first take up lhc 'designing of othes for small children, com-° j™ , l ," sjtnlctlo » I" classes, — , "'VM *\ii mi; • entire imily to be able to have recrca- ?".."'i thc sarne l . fmc - 'A part of " "" held each f all kinds, and gym' onditcted by Miss Little. It Is planned for the classes will be licsday and Friday at the » -.. uu j jiigiiu, in, me ir.«.t Methodist church and other etails will be announced later. onesboro Wife Saves Husband's Life in Fire JONESBORO.-Quick action by s wife probably saved the life T. C. Potter who suffered serl- us burns when a ' kerosene can ^ploded while he was building a re in his home. here. Saturday. - --.-.. Hill, Carl Xfatthews L M Vance, Herman nutcnbcrry, 'ihotn- ns West and Mr Young acted [as pallbearers second sticct, between Walnut and Main was closed to frame <hirlng the funeral became of the laigrf number of automobiles parked in front of thc funeral home. The baby toy was burned to death and the mother was fatnlh burned when an oil stoic Ap'odcd as waste kero-sene was accidental)! Ignited in thc whitcner home at Marston. Mrs whitcner attempted o rescue her baby but was unable to do so nnd burns she received in he effort resulted In her death at the Dlytlieville hospital several u?,"» S after th ? nrc occurred Mrs wmteners husbind was away trom home when the fire broke out nnd her five-year-old daughter was on the porch of the residence McHaney dissented. , ' ~ ' The court i-eversed the- de'euinn manded"f r C °"" ty "«' "»< ' - maided fo, new trial the case ' s.^^u.-r^'i; tv court erred lu .dmtotoTof Pemiscot Court Eight Road OARUTHEHSVILLE, Mo^Thr-- Pfiniscot count, com I Tas I,f. of roari 13 New °'' n Dow »l"(f. succeedi n f. succeeding cr Downing, distrlpt 3 A n' m ' Caruthersville Suspends - - Downing, disinpt 3 A Sunday Closing Measure «™^T!^^ CARUTHERSVfLLB, Mo-By a "'"" "' r ° PfaC ' ng JClm " ft\tf\ If, f^,.~ ' ._. _ . . .. •*• " ;;^ S-^\ vote ' lhc clty counc » has decided to dispense, tempor- nrily, with the Sunday "closina law," adopted in February, appll- cable to grocciy and dry goods slores, and will re-hear ttie quev "on at the April Tneethig Previous to, the February meeting, several merchants had petllioned the council ^to enact the closing ordinance, bill at the legular March meeting a number of residential merchants asked the council lo delay enforcement of the law set- "g out that a large portion of Ihctr revenue was derived from Sunday morning tales to housewives. After hearing the petition the council decided to put off enforcement of thc "closing law" until after a rc-hcaring on the matter in April. le accident occurred when onred kerosene on lhc fire. he Mrs. Potter used a comfort to stlnguLili the fire. Mr. Potter's olhlng caught fire. He suffered rlous burns on his body,' face nd amis. The .housewife nl.w saved their ome when she extinguished' a 120 In the flooring which caught a result 'of the explosion, Forfeits $$0 Bond for Reckless Driving Prank Gallio failed to appear in municipal court here this mornina to answer a charge of reckless driving preferred by Leachvills onicers "'id his $50 bona ua s forfeited. James Robinson «as fined $25 on a charge of petit larceny. * Iic « Crosb y «as fined $10 tor disturbing the peace 0. B. Hollomaii was fined $10 for public .drunkenness while John Mac Ellis and James Harper forfeited cash bonds on public drunkenness trlct 1] The court announced a number' feeks ago" a|lp ° 1Wm ' n * -*vc«l. Manila Youth Injured in Motorcycle Upset — ....j.n. Broom 'ed a broken col- urday night ;^ en i^mot^cj^; three ml^ "'" P °P Iar , Corner, Broom and Russell Ptceman were I".™?.. 10 - 1 * 311 "" 11 * on their mo- It jlid oir the .<• water hole on u f"t,"j'""' ""^ tegnn sweruno He failed to right it and it turned oier, thro«In» |,un to the mio. h his machine h Br °° m ' ™ « the son of Mr. and Mrs L Broom of this citj. Mr . Broom „ the minagcr of the Meyers Bros cotton gin here charges" . . to answer to v -..«w* iw iui^^cr io a^clurge of i,S^ lbl " g ih ° W,™ n " d hls <»sn bond was forfelied WEATHER Arkansas - Fair, coldei, frost freezing temperature In e\trcmo north portion tonight Tuesday Memphis and Ucinttv -Fan- nnd considerably colder tonight and Tuesday. Lowest temperature tonight 32 lo 36 The maximum temperature hero- *<:l^1rV14t* i> «- Ft . .1. . lav ^u f ST . • — ne maMn ""» temperature i.ay.iElols Hampton, negro Je-iterday M. IS 54 minimun- o answer ir, « T i,h,,™ .» ii-.j. .:,„*.t .' "'""inim 48, , , «ith 25 of an inch rainfall according to Samuel' X Norm Of- I ficial weather observer.

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