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Wednesday, November 16, 1932
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j/ Me United Press Blythrvllle Courier BLYTHEVILJLECOURIER NEWS . v/i*m»rt oi AK KAN SAB AND SOUTHEAST MlSSOUlil ' " * ^^^^5 HOMEEDITIOiN - _______ - ____ — •_ i ,K. AUK A NSAS, WKl WKS1) A V, NOVKMHKK 10 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS?. Guard lor Wales on North Ireland Visit BELFAST. Ireland, Nov. 1C (UP) -•The Prince of Wales arrived lu 'rt- IIKUIV in an iiltno.sphetv uf ; li-n-ion with thousands of military Objections of Owners Credited With Reversal of City Policy. The cily ccum-il hst night jn- formally amended an urilmanci! passed at lhe August session rc- (liiirints foreign merchants entering bi:?ine.*s here lo deposit $200 in I cash «i(h (lie city clerk, under a! clarification of itinerant merchant, i Uy ' resolution the council In-1 structed the city clerk to accept ' n SMfl surely bond instead uf de-1 iiiandJiiif S200 cnsfi deposit. Tl! C ordinance uriginally provid-1 ctl that any o;it oi town "nu-rrhnml entering business here should dc--' liGMt 5200 with (he city clerk, this amciint less lhe regular pr-lvileLa- lax fee for two years lo b e re- Iiinded j[ thc business continues in cjjeratiou for one year, but the entire amount to be kept if thc buiincss is discontinued within a r.cricd tf 'one year. Member:; of the council were lolc last niyhl that the ordinance I.aaeci at Ihu request uf local merchants lo protect them against lhe io-tnllccl -fall inerchani" hiu really lailed to operate effective! and had also proved a barrier to icntal of local business properties Pruperly Owners Objcrt Discussion of the ordinance «-.:£ opened by Major Neill Rec<l who said he had been advised that the ordinance was working" a hardship cir owners of lo'cap real estate property in the business section and residential property well in a smaller degree. The lour members of the council pres- uil agreed that Ihe bcdy had act• .cd-souiewhat hastily in passing the mensure., and particularly in acting at l!i c request of a group nl merchants without giving property owners nn opportunity to bu heard Several councllnicn said while (hey desired to give local business protection that tue requirement oi a 5200 'cash deposit was tco drastic and they believed shculd be remedied. Thc suggestion of a "'id private uuards linn at every str|). II.? came 'to dedicate th Parliament building on hl s 1 '". 1 '"''. 1 ' 111 "" Irc) ""< 1 - smrmindhii: ' m»v Ihst COURT FIGHT FOR FREEDOM ^^^ ^^F • V : • S .->-, *1 .A ft i- slim> "" ll Ess « nmi ti-r, sjioclally IKwuivi: from n ,- norsei-i '-Action salute or Roan chaMercd Liverpool. (or Reverses Decision Afler County judge Cites Law. SITEMD MEETING Final determination of Mississippi county's ballo: cfi Hit thiXM mill cmmly road lax at the yencrat election last Tuesday may dev'Jh • (on the state election board as th-_' result of a provisional certification by the county clcclhn board show; r • •'•: i ;:ition cf Ihs lax. 1 The certificallun, as mailed to the slate board -today, sliow.s that the lax carried by a margin of 22 vctc; , . chools to Close S^turrlav but lloles that llic bci ' r r I ' ' A • ! I0r I'/lucatlOn AsSOCia- : $200 approved surety bond instead of the cash deposit wa? offered and a resolution to that effect was passed imanlmoush;. There is some question, as to whether the resolution will operate legally but it wns generally agreed that such a measure would give the city clerk informal authority at least to accept surely bonds until the ordinance can be amended. The council «-BS told that while i he ordinance had kept out certain businesses that on the olim hand it had failed (o effectively carry out the intcnticn of tht council. It was pointed out that by use of a clause allowing IOCRJ residents to enter business without (ieuosiling ¥200 but only by payment cf the regular license lee the ordinance had been evaded. Instances in which out of town parlies were said lo have entered business here since passage of the ordinance by using local residents as the nominal but actually entirely uninterested principal parties were citert. One purported evasion cf this type was rejxirteci as so evident that aldermen ordered the city attorney to investigate the lir,ii with n view to bring- hi^' a court action for violation ( f the ordinance against it. IVanl Court to Move The apparent ignoring- of a rc- qti:st of the city that th= ccun'.y qmum coart allow S30 a monui ™ ino county's share of cx|>cnsc incident t:. option of the rmm- •«irai courtroom and clerks of- lice vvas reported to the council. ; ing under its interpretation of sec- I'/lllCatlOn AsSOCia- : tion SSSO of Crawford and Moses r,itrir>i-in<T .digest, <litr nol Include the vole re' u '""b' [corded at thc Dell precinct in Hec, 1 tor township because the poll books ncacis and teachers of & nd billots cast at the box were nol county will have an turned In by the seventh day after part in the program at the election as required by law. The ortli- - provision also declares chat It is asso- : known that, the vote al Dell was and sufficient to defeat the tax by Wil- va votes had it b?en counted. Col- ! ... Judce Quolrs Law | The'-.pi.jvlslonal certification is in- antl j terptc(ed-tp~mean that the road lax ineefin I east cialion, (o l>? held Friday Siitiirdav in the new R. E. son hall at Arkansas stats lose. .lone.sboro. Sclimis throughout closed Frirfav to ancn of teachers in, Blvthevil'e the county arc to be permit attend. . - and school officials at thc meeting. It is expected that most of the teachers of the county will attend the session.?, which open at 9 a. m. Friday and close at noon Satiir- dav. celH xirtl; will be effective In this county.un- less some action Ij 'taken by : the state board--'-voldlug tli* ' "'" ' W. R. Dyess of Osci man of_ the county boa Courier,;News today that the board did not feel that It should take the entire responsibility for determining the result of the ballot on a, clialr- told the Ai Last-a Model Baby! <'"[)i<l Wny l Times Arc Hard Mas Mis >'<!M TllOU^h Goi's Immediately to Mis l)r.;l' AIV- Wavm Wr>l- coine on Return. WASHINGTON. Nov. II!. HI/') - Pivslilr-nl Hoover raiur> bru-k t» Wri-ibhiKlon today and, p.itislivt -n- ly tu exchange urcctlnv.s with u crtunl of Irbnd* who wralnniH"! lii-u home, jiluiiKCcI Immcdliil.ily Into (hi' • iimmi'iitou.'i problems of war debts i nnd domestic dlinnilllM contrinl.- A crowd of 1,000 uersons. Indiut- IIIK Virc-l'rpslilonl Cnrlln and most t of (he ineinlicrr of Ihs cnlihi"!, iwi. ;1l-e jirenWcnl'.s Iraln al the cou- I elusion o( his Iriuvi-i.'Onlljii.-iiUl I .Inurney from I'ulo Alto, Cal. Mi Hoover, llrccl but ninlllnt. shn-'- linnds with hit well wlshcvH ami ! tliiiii hurried to the While nous:. 'Ho HTH at his In Hip -3x0311 • live oltlces nltucklruF. tlie muss itf , business before him nl 0 1 Mr. Hoover rcmfeij-ed iliirlnir lhe , mornini! with Secretary nf Truas: ury Mills and fonn:>r K?n:i";r llcn- . I'V J. Allen of KunsiH. They mi. ! ninoiiit his clo.=«.st advlwr.s. ! An luvUnllon also wus extended ,(o Scnrclnry.of Slnle Sllmson ID I have hmclicon with llif nrcsldml al ire White House today. UoiiM-vi-lL llctlrr AMJANY, N. Y..—I'resHjnl-flloct raiTil fvnin n lilt ' address at 8 p. m. Friday, and a , board could take whatever action - talk-j by Judge J. M. Putrell, gov-I crnor elect, Is set for II a m "af.iirrtav. c. M. Hirst, state commissioner of education, will fwnk al 9 a. m. Saturday. Miss Willie Lawson. KUoerintend- ent of Mississippi • county school-; -ill speak at a P. T. A nron Ffidav morning on • "Needs of Our District." Miss •-tan-son will also, preside at n sectional meeting on Art -Education Saturday morning. Crawford Grrcne, ent of . Blvtheville superintend- schools. will m'cside at the 'annual mt'ellnt; of !. Northeast Arkaasas Athletic association, of which he is chairman. Friday afternoon. Win Luna B wtllvlm of the Blytheville high r chool faculty will preside at. a 'lc-mirtment meeting on senior 1 high ichorvl English, in which Mrs. C. L Moore of Osceola is amons l ho?r. T,-,bedulr:rt to narticipate. Mrs. Lucille Halev of the .iuntor high "chnol facull-v will lead discussion of "Unit of Poetry." Others on the nroin-am of various departmental and sectional meetings are C. I,. Bird, Wilson; Miss Sclma Lcntz. Dljlhevilte: Miss Mnxine Hnlstead, Luxora: H. B. Schwartz. Luxora: M. W. Melton. Shawnec: M. S. Burge. Arnorul: Miss Blanche Cleem, Osceola. nnd Supt. Oeorge Doyle, Osceola. S(!Wcd thc coimt - v i 1)ad siigseslcd that, unable expense, the part of ;i; c rounly mijht hous P (.., ^,. lu lltxl The counciimcn expressed Ihem^ cr o thc courthouse nevt .-mr ns Vl'OUer lr> I* 'H.-M- ..LJI lia j. jn_i 10 equaling cxucn^es ind rn»rt aWCI w a " rCmarkc <' "'at 'the court could move lomcrrow as far .s n; was concerned Discussion of the municipal court expense aroused comment from the mav;r and aldermen that the county was not bearing | ts Dro ,y> r burden of "anything." 8In ' tsftdP S to the expense of the municipal court, which the aldermen proftss- M to view as one-sided, reported tt'.vy contributions by the city to he Red Cross In comparison to "»ie, if anything, by the county were cited. AT, offer to build an etectrlc light punt in- Blytheville, to be operated at low rates 'and sold to the city for 25 cents on the tlollar when it had bcpn paid for was revealed by Mayor Kceri in a lelltr he read. Tlie firm making thc offer was not revealed. In connection with this letter (Continued on Page 3) Night Work for Women and Children Opposed SPAUTANBURG. S. C.. Nov. 16. IUP)—Resolutions reaffirming approval of elimination of night wort- bv women and minors and advocacy of a shorter work week were adopted by the executive commute; of 'h; Cotlc-.i Texllle Institute in session here. Eighty-five textile mill 2X?cutivcs representing 175 mills and about 50 per cent of tha 'nation's spindles attended the meeting, in c'ranjc of George Sloan. New York, president o! the institute. Sloan said it was the most representative gathering of cotton executives In hit six years as president of thc organization. desired, 'it was explained. Mr. added that while action of : j The life of an artist's model Is Just a large Joke lo slx-montlw-old, - „ ,-,„. ,„ I ±jarry. Neville Cox (above) of Sussex, England. Thc youngster hnsj llc "W^'l U. planned lodav lo been chosen by Frank Brangwyn as the model for the village babyj", 1 ""* "™ 1jlc V" of thc New Ynrl: which will be one of the-central figures | n the , argc mllral5 Hr !uigwyn is executing for Rockefeller Center In New York. the county board ravm art; In-f.'lr- ness to both proponents and ojtpo- I nents of the road tax it might IK caustically referred (o as "passing the buck." The county election board was j prepared ; to certify the vote show- ] Ing the road tax defeated by 78 votes when County Judge Zal B. Harrison appeared before the body late yesterday afternoon at Osceola and called attention of jjle board to section 3836 of Crawford and Moses digest. It reads as follows: "As soon as returns from all tile precincts are received, but In no event later than the seventh day aflcr the election, the county election commissioners shall, from the certificates and ballots for the sec- era! precincts, proceed to ascertain and declare the result of the election. . ." T&E&H PHY Refuses to Levy Tax Rending Voluntary. Salary Cuts in Jefferson County i'lNE BLUFF. Ark—Seeking an neteemcnt with counly officers for voluntary reductions In salaries Irem (he figures fixed by sifiinle. tl-c Jefferson county quorum court refliMd to levy the customary 5- mill tax for county general purposes and adjourned for two we sits he left iinllnlsl!- M'd wlien h-j was forcud lo til.s I:--' i nearly a week ago. nonsevclt received ncwspanermo: for Ihc nrst tlmn In five days at i bedside ccnfercnce. Propped v.\> b pillows l:c sat in an ,old ffishlon: high backed mahognny bed nnd dis cussed nmrnij; other things fortl.comlnc session on war dcbU willi Presltlent Hoover nt Washing ton. Between puds ot his dcprcsMon Is over—so far a;: IB liKinlod Is roiim-ii?:!. Al II Ifxiks Hint way. Then; wcru iiini-rlui(i! licenses Issued libiv -' P.lsl IllOJll.) which Is (Ii» J,,|y- 'sl number Ksited any month .slu'c" llwiuli:-!- or 1MU. I,, Si'ptunilK..- -,i 11)1.* yciir (l:crc ttvn- 711 Issu.'d. Oclclivr 2^ was a red lelt-r d-iy M rouplM havlni; anplli'd nl t|, e i •ult't' of Mrs. ,lohn It. LIIIHI. 1-3IU1. ! •ormer Ruler of 'Chicago : Underworld . Apj?ea'rs Bored by Proceedings;;: l " nrrtl "' e ,'", " !a ' ral 1rlslm ATLANTA, Oa ' , r-l^er.1 Jud' 8 o Tin- mmidi ot uctowr sc»ms tu 1:1; inori> popular tlmn June In this l'.'rl of (hi! counlry. In October of ''M war iliKft! were 10S llcsiUTn ; which van tin; m of Lhia ost wrUlr-u mm SETS M electio i without making any Fewer Relatives of Con- pressmen Will Havo Jobs at Next Session. 1 WASfflNGTON, Nov. 1C. <UP)Ranks of the senators nnd congressmen who carried relatives on Ihe government payroll ivivrr hesn decressd by tlie 1932 election. Sixty senators and congressmen who in their present or preceding riallcns I term: s supported relatives at public All boxes except the Dell box had except for farm" nnd home cxter'iin c xi»"fe have been retired, volnn- been turned in when the board mH " ' ' - ... at Osceola yesterday afternoon. The vote showed the road tax carried by 22 voles. Report 'oy Telephone Mr. Dyess called E. M. Woodard at Dell by long dislancc telephone and Mr. Woodard, at his request, secured a tabulation ol the I)D]1 vote and relayed It to Mr. Dyess. The Dell box had apparently thrui inquests arc- the negligence of precinct ejection 1 — That il .Ll-uvJll . mill, ,u ?ork. . ' i uirily or otherwise. Ti:ere nre 100 In thc adjournment resolution m ore still left In congress out of a ct.nfldcncc was expressed that il j kllow 'n total of ICO. A number niov- v.-culd be psssiblo to reach salnry | cd thcir relatives after the wids- I c-ut agreements with the various I spread nature of the practice was ' county officers within two. weeks," I re r»rted in United Press dispalches The courl adopted a number of • s °vernl monllis ago. "solutions asking legislative action ! Five scnatorK out of the 37 who In the Interests of economy in "re known to hnve given ccngres- county govcnmiDiit. Among these slonal Jobs to their relatives have 11 salcilrc be reduced wa , been defeated. Brookhnrt of to-,™ n in the primary. Deleal cantilr- sln™".',^ *\ !' 1C D -",, Me ^ '' ? nlllou:ils it! kK P ln B «'llli Ihe sjr- , came in the election for Jones, cantue store and not been delivered — •- ' - r Documents Mailed for Extradition of Insull WASHINGTON. Nov. 10. (UP) — Governor Emmerson of Illinois today advised the state department that he mailed to the department l«t night legal documents neces- sftry for issuance of extradition pa- i>ers to return Samuel Insull sr .ormer C'alcajo utilities magnate from Greece for trial i n lo the county board. The unofficial count repcrk'd to Chairman Dyess by Mr. Woodard showed 32 votes for and 132 votes against, tlie road tax which if Inthe tax by 78 votes, eluded In the county would defeat The Dell tox had not bean ce- ilvered at Osceola when the .-board meeting adjourned about S o'clock nnd under thc law as Interpreted by the commission ciutd not be Included, as the unofficial report wai no basis for inclusion of the Dali i'ote In the certification. Members of the board sail that t was both Ue duty of precinct (officials and the board to sec that 1 the boxes 'vtre delivered to t Inboard for the official count. Thc Dell bos was the only one missing when the official count was made and no effort to deliver il had. apparently been made by officials nt the precinct booth. Both Mr. r>ye« and Marcus Evrard of Blytheville, thc only two active members of the board, had been handicapped by sickness in their official duties and some of the work had necessarily b;en 'eft to others. Joe Ohapln of Manila thc third member of the board has not attended any of the board's Missions. courts. Illinois The state department expects if the papers arc In regular form to '«•» 'he extradition document \M U to thc American legation in us. Two representatives of the Illinois state's attorney's office left for Athens several weeks ago and SAN ANTONIO, Texas (UP) Pond Hllles have become so thick on lakes about San Antonio that Ihe city park department has Invented a mower to combat them. The device Is similar to' a grass mower but mounted on a flat- bottomed boat. The same engine drives the boat and operates culler. the , to be performed and the nbil- , Washington, Srncot, Utah, Thomas, Y ol the ]:€ople lo pay. 2.—That as th 3 sheriff's office and Idaho. Watson, Indiana. All arc Republicans. A total of 55 house tho ,, / t| "" l '- y l c><!nfc '" !havc cnrriej relatives at govern- ho laws nnd preserve the peace. n,ent expense will not return for the office of constable of Vaiiglnc the next congress. This still leave' aboiSh«S byTeSg KKr^i ^^^^O^ *™* '" S2a ncr finnnm on.i (\,« A u. u i« A it- u i ^. ... -°. vjn-, other 3.—That the law requiring lhe printing of the list of lands (!e- the Minncsota, Is or | pending a final count. The list covers both parlies. The most prominent member of the payrolls list charges l « ^ n r all fees nnd . Speaker Garner, has been Of by any county of- - • oilier n deciding factor in all of K. _r 3^.. . 6 >^--iui in ,111 OI fice be paid into tlie county treasury monthly, and that all expanses and salaries of all offices be paid by regular warrants drawn by lhe county clerx after thn nccutmls have been allowed by the county court. < 5— That B.S the grand jury Is nn antiquated part of our judicial system and a useless cxp3ns», that nn amendment to the conslUulIon be Proposed by the legislature providing for abolishing of tlw grand Jflry and the substitution cf the simple procedure followed by tfhfr stales. A. T, anrf T. Directors Vote Regular Dividend NEW YORK, Nov. 16 (UPI- Directors of American Telephone and Telegraph company today declared the regularly quarterly dividend of $2.25, payable January 16 to stockholders of record Deccmljer 20. The house last spring vo'.o-.l to open its payrolls to public inspection as a re«uH of i>rotesls fro:n constituents followlnj United Pr«s tllsclos- .*. C. Sargeant, 51, Die* After Appendicitis Attack J. C. Sargent. 61, died nt 1:25 o'clock last night at the Dlytncvllle hospital. His death \vns attribute! to complications following nn attack of ap.^ndlcltls. Funeral services will I« held tomorrow morning nl 10 o'clock at the family home. 1907 West Cherry street with the Rev. Siimmcrall of- nclatlng. Interment will be rnnde at Maple Grove cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking company is In charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased Is survived by his widow, and a brother. A. Sargent, and two sisters. Mrs. Annie Pntrcll and Mrs. B. G. Hodge of Padil- revenlcil he exireclcd to b' ni. tin White House "about Hie first, of thi week," slopping lh=rc en route to Warm Springs. On., ivSerc lie wll meet Democratic cougrcEslonal leaders. "Will (ho debts conference he o more tlmn one day's duration?" hr v.-ns nsked. The governor smiled ami did nnswcr. His frlmds, however, ar." convinced It will IK brief. jwliHInr out that previous arrangement:! cal for him lo be In Warm Springs r week from Icday. Cotton Freight Rate to New England Cut A reiluctlon of fi c^nLs iwr hundred on the freight rate [or cotton from Dlythcvllle as lo caslVrn mil nni Rhode island rltles (vent in|n eircc 1 to<lay on all railroads serving this lerrllory. If. T. Gulp, rommcrela ""em cf II:r> Coitnn l)3lt. (old tin- Courier News t<xlfiy. A similar reduction r.n shlpmjnt? 'o Canadian points will lake cffccl November 24. Thc reduction will clve this clt\ a 09-cent rale on 100-l»l(> car lots in addition [o the regular com- oress charges. Natchez Grand Jury Renews Merrill Probe NATCIIf-.'Z. MKs. Kov. 16. (UP) —Behind guarded dnor.j of chancery court the county Rrand jurj today resumed Its InvestlKatlln o' the Jane Men-Ill mystery case. Dozens of «-ltiiMs?$. cmcors townsfolk, and planlntion negro:. 1 ! awaited Ihelr turns (o give testimony regarding lhe strange, almcsl legendary Hgnres involve^ in thf case. The slain Miss Merrill, cnce a famous beauty, daughter of a United States ambassador lo Botelum, had lived In seclusion here fcr almost forty years. Diphtheria Protection Nearly 100 Per Cent Prnctlcallv all children attending nirnl schools in Mississippi county nre now imniijiilze;! agalmt rttplith«rl« as the result of an extensive campaign by the county health unit. As each rural school opened this year a clinic wns held. In this wny 5 percent of the students have been given loxold. At thc present time there nre no cases of diphtheria In thc county although this Ls the season 'or (bo dl$«iue. luuis livu O f|0' lhe federal government 'to' dF' were wpdx'il. lllL '> s Al Capone's application for i writ of habeas corpus. .' -.-. . . At the end of a two .and one- htilf hour liearlnit '. In ftder'al : court JudRc Underwood gave courier for Cnjirtic uiie week In which-to'-flle » brief In answer to the Vove'rh- ; incut's motion. .•'."• i If tin motion of. the government- is sustained Capone's attempt "to | «aln his freedom from a 10-mar Iwritcnco for Income tax fraud' on I grounds his case was outlawed I by the statute of limitations, Jails ' Hut If the court should deny, tha government's mollon.-to dismiss, further arguments then 111 Last Wcek-S Her- 1 ie '" 0 "l c r on Capone's ple» - Hint thb ChlcflBO federal court which sent him to Hie vftnlU iiry wn« without jurisdiction. Sllll fut and not as carefully" dressed ns In his palmier days Cnrone seemed bored by the .»K .umiieiits of .his attprneya for-a writ thnt would free'him "from a- len year sentence for Income ,liuc fraud. . ...... Under the . heaviest giurd of lln!l«<j Stttes rnarihRls , employed here In yearn, Capnne was brought lo the federal building at 8:30 a. in. for fh« Mirlnj at 10. ' Asslal«h( Unll*d stiles Attorney O*n«jT»i 'A. p: Youngqulit, tion at Least a Million Above Previous Record ^ WASHINGTON, Nov. 16. (U!>>- Voltrs of the nation cast at least 1.000000 nwrc ballots In last week's fivet . | )C rore In his- e story. United Pn-f.5 labulnllon of Hie . icsulls In every stat (ny. tlnllots e shou-ed to- already cotlnlcd tolnl nearly 37,500,000; it wa s fsllniiiled Inal at least 60,000 votes »- C re yet jo l» ndded In the official count em- brneliig returns from . Isolated pre- "Incls nnd from absentee ballots , . . ..-.-.. The united Press tabulation Rave- 1 10 c " m * <S °*^ from w MWn«ton r to " ht c » " Prnnklln D. Roosevelt 2!.ffiZ8,8Sfl; Herbert lleun, IB, -260.004: Norman Thomas '* i: «n defeated Smith. Returns ns vet to bo rewrted are expected to h,e«, His tolnl. FDR EXPOflTIOUNTY Denies That Reduction in Freight Rates Would Benefit Farmers. J r "* GT °^<> v - i« 'UP)- W N. Y. grain Buf- elevator nnd . nn steamship operator, tod ny told I -- ln that frclgiu rate change, ™i!d not benefit ,he American fnrmer but that an export bounty on wheat- and corn would Increase Ine farmer's purchasing power by almost n billion dollars. Grammar apiwared In opposition to the proposed St. Lawrence wat- lerway and he said the alternative all-American seaway from thc Great Lakes to New York was mmllv undesirable. Chairman Borah asked if any rate readjustment would help thc American farmer. Oramnwr replied that if the American government would put an export bounty of 20 cents a bushel on °^<-t nnd corn, nn aggregate of Wl.000,000, tho farmer's purchas- 'ntr power would be Increased by S760.000.000, He said rate changes would not pay the farmer. Orammcr referred to some sys- :cm similar to the export debenture farm relief program stiggest- -d by nornli and others. Want Special Session OMAHA, Neb.. Nov. 16 (UP)— The National Farmers Union con- venllon' here today adopted n resolution callintc upon President- elect Roosevelt for a special ses- slni of congress In thc event farm relief measures arc not adopted at '.lie short session. Otter resolutions cilled for Immediate adoption of the Fraaler and Swank-Thomns bills, the major planks In the agricultural irogrnm of the union, Campaign Prota WiH Open in Philadehj>hia WASHINGTON. Nov, 16. (UP)The house special campaign funds ommlttcc today eecWed to hold warings in Philadelphia tomorrow nd Friday on, allegation.? of irre- ful»rltit» In th« rtctht ejection. to " ght c »P on «« Attempt to "beat the-«p," opened the proceedings ' Iwforii Judije Underwood- -with a motion to di«n|!S the action for Inck of legal sufficiency. . , .' He was ahtwerM for Capone by William Leihjr 61 Washington *?» charged the government with i»Uura to do exactly w|o«t:th« joV- ernment.hsd charged with Capone with failure to do— namely, swing into the proper legal action to determine "at the . right .'time" whether, .In-.' (act. the statuti of llmttntlpns applied to' the case,."/ Nrw -York Cotton NEW VORK. Nov. 16. Colloii clo.wd steady. Open High law 034 636 624 630 651 652 640 GSO 671 685 D:c. Jan. Mar. May- July Oct. M2 652 663 672 617 650 680 678 630."039 -••• «?.:• 6S1, ' - 66«-' 682 Spots closed at 640, unchanged, quiet. Orleans Cotton NEW ORIGANS. Nov. 16. (UP) Cotton closed steady. Dec. .. Jnn, .. fifar. .. May .. July .. Oct. .. Open High Low 634 635 623 640 C40 629 651 661 070. 685 6-19 658 670 685 638 643 G60 675 Close 634 T 645- 6S5' 664 BTfl Spots closed nl 634, unchanged, steady. Chicago Wheat CHICAGO, Nov. 16. (UP)—Wheat closed: December, 44 7-8; July,-50 7-8. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 107 3^« Anconda Copper 97-8 Auburn 44 ]-2 Caterpillar Tractor 83-8 Chrysler 15 5-8 Cities Service 33-8 Con Cola 86 5-8 Continental Baking .... 41-2 General Electric 16 5-8 General Motors 13 7-8 Mtddlewest Utilities 3-3 Montgomery Ward 13 New York Central 54 '"" Packard 27-8 Radio 7 3.4 Simmons Beds 83-8 Standard of N. J 311-4 Texas Co 14 3-4 U. S. Steel ....,; 35 7.9 WEATHER ARKANSAS - Pair,-/ cold, hard freeie t. :tnned. Thurj- fair, rising temperature. It ratnrt, ssow/t and. «le«t«d .98 Inches litre last night.'Th« minimum tempwature was 25 tffr. grees and the maximum, K3 d!- grees. Today a year ago th« mln- inium temperature vas «S decree*. partly «]4Wr,

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