Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 8, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1895
Page 5
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Holiday • Novelties! Neckwear! Handkerchiefs! Gloves! - - Suspenders! Night Robes! Elegant Goods! Great Variety! DEWENTER DENISON HOTEL FIRE The Noted Indianapolis Hostelry Badly Damaged. LEGISLATORS RUSH FROM THE STATE BOUSE TO LOOK AFTER THEIR EFFECTS. Mpiintnr Collott tind Hepr.-ioenlmtlvo Lon^veli G^C Out Their II Ion<ri«iiiH m. <1 (In- Kfl'ec. » nt S'Ci-e ary «f St«ie Given w li» IVnn [V .1 lu ilifi Cuy, « ere i«i.vea— Tiv<> Fireineu Inja ed l>v a F'lill •& C«:>-i>'i-e— Si icmem. i-f '!'« Hotel Mt-.i-K.il'- iu> <o ihe Origin 01 the i'lic tuiilExiem uf iJie jLoss. THE HATTEB. 1 f\N\ GOING Said one of our Customers, but I waot you .to .save my measure. When I get a GOOD TAILOR I stick to him. You Suit me to a T. E. PLURIBUS UNUMI TUCKER & YOUNG,- THE, FErtRL STRBET TrtlLORS. DAILY JOURNAL. KIW BISHOP OF1NDIAHA. FRIDAY MORNING. FEB. 8. Hurl In • Fall. Mrs. George Mulcahey, wbo was I recently Injured about the spine In a j full oo a board walk at her home on IFifceentb street, Is oonQntd to her bed. 1 mother is bttul1 ' MlQQ " Bl *Q°P of Indiana In I all, ten clerg\ mea were nominated for Mre. Wm. Siegfried, her from Peru to attend, the injured tiff' n Whlie of Mlunr'«o<« Ni-li'C«e<i 11 Huv<*e>-d tb« Lute Bmhop Kulck»-rbiicher, The E(>i8i;opat convention at Indl- anapolls last Wednesday afternoon elaoied John H&zen White of Fari. In the Jurj's H«- tin. The case of ihe cliy of L 'ganeport IT*. Martin McHale, the fialoonlst. for (the alleged breaking of the screen law, •appealed from a justice court, occupied 'the attention of the circuticourt and a jury yesterday. A sealed verdict will i returned this morning eh.<uld a ieoUlon bo reached during tho night. Kiil«Ti«li'Od Tlie Tbe Seniors of iho bl»;b school mln llatered to the wnnie of tbo Juniors Ped.«6!»day night at tho home of Harry Toualey on east High street. Every- kblcg was lovely until tho refresh- aenta were served when the Juniors found tbelr eatables stroogly tlnciurod rllh quinine, 7k« Xixlorn IliTllM tastes mtOloniiliy, in keeping ^tbor luxuries. A remedy must Ito'-pieaeantlv acceptable in form, purely whoUt-oae In composition, Iruly bontficlal in effoot and entirely Ireofrom every objectionable quality. \t re»)ly 111 ho co&uulia a phjulolae; constipated be uses the gentle laxatUc Syrup of Figs. A change of veone io Howard county yesterday allowed in ibo suit of Irs. Mary Deer vs. Tbe Lognnsport llreet R«llw»y company for |1 ,000 |»m»ge8. Se\e ftl montba ago Mary er ai-eerta thatsbe was thrown from [ te»t In one of tho company's care by be derailment of the car on thu Tnlrd Ireet bridge, and prrmanentty in bred about the spine. Tbe com- t alleged that the plaintiff bad en unable to help herself or leave »r bed »lnoe th'e accident, for which lie held the company liable through be alleged carelas&cees of the em- lloye*. Awarded Ilfhest Honors—World'* Fair. •DR; the olilue made vacant by tbe deatb of D^vid Buel Knlokerbaoker, D. D. Besides the man elected, tbe Rev J. J. Faude, of Minneapolis; the Rev. Mon Williams, of Marquecte, Mlob.; the Rov. J H Johnson, of Detroit; the RBV. .Jamas D. Stanley, of Terre H-ute; the Rev. J E Cathell, of Richmond, Ind ; and the Rev. G. A. (Jarsienden, of St. Paul's ohuroh of Indianapolis, wore voted for. Tho first ballot showed the votes to be well uoa'.iorod Toe Riiv. G A. Carsteoi>en, received one vote; tho RBV J E Cathell, four; and the Rev. Jtiroes D. Stanley of Torre Haute, twenty four. As the balloiiog pro^ ceeded, U was soon tbat the strongest candidate oulflde of Mr. While was th» Rev J J Faudo of Minneapolis. Ii wa^ 5 o'clock btfoie a d^cioion was ruached by the lay members of the convention, when on the tenth ballot, H WHS found that Mr. White bad received a majority over all tbe other candidates. Tbe clergy had decided on Mr. Wdlto somo time before the laity agreed. Tho clergy took only five ballots Oa tbo second ballot of tho clergy, tbe Stv. Molt Williams of Ma queue, Mich., developed nearly as much strength as Mr Wnite. He lost after the second ballot, and on the BfcH, the Rev. J. H. Wdlte, received a mijorhy of tbe votes. John Hnzen White, of Farlbault, Minn., WR,* born in Cincinnati, In 1849. He w»s ' educated at tenynn College. Gambler, 0., and received his theological education at Berkeley Divinity School, Mlddletowo, Conn., where be was graduated in 1876. He was ordained by BUhop Bedell in the same year. After eight years of work in Joliet, III., be went to the rector- ship of St. John the Evangelist's church, St Paul, Minn. He remained at St. Paul four years, when be was c-tiled to the position of warden of ibeSdaburg Divinity School ofFarlbault. which he re-esubllsbed oo a fins foundation. He held tbat position at tne lime of bis election. Mr Wblte Is married and has six children. He is a man always interested in the public good. la his mln. Istratlons hsls regarded as an able man, a strong preacher and a- spiritually minded priest of the 3burch. Tbe Denlson, the fan)'d hostelry of Indianapolis, waa pariltxlly destroyed Dy tire yesterday morning. Toe tire c-iu-ed a sudden siowping of t-e legislative wbeeld as a Urijg majority of the metnberdof both Sonaveana House have rooma In the hotel About IO o'clock, dense volumes of smoke were seen pouring from thi- top fl >or of the hotel, on tbe W~ba.8h street side. An alarm was turned In quickly followed by a general call for the whole Sre department. The fire which seemed to have eotten ahead- way between the floor of the top 8'ory acd the celling of the fourth floor soon began bursting through iha fljor, A. SCENE OF EXCITEBIENT. The scene below was one of great excitement and peop'ecame carrying trunks, pictures, books, valuable fur nlture. bedcloihlng and things of all description As tbe haste Increased, tne trunks were let io slide down the stairs ol their own weight. The elevator was kept buey dirting up and down, and hastily dumping large cargoes of people and furniture. Toe eloitement about the up er floors was intense. The smoke was spreading everywhere, and people at first In d fferent were sweating wiih the hard work of rescuing valuables. It was two o'clock before the fire wae extinguished, it having burned four houro. It was fought hard by the firemen who saved the building from total destruction. Two firemen, Frank Notter and Patrick Ryan, werei'jured by a falling cornice which .knocked them from a ladder.- EXTENT O? THE DAMAGE. The manager of the hotel, T. J. Cuilen, attrioutes the cause of tbe fi^e to a grate in either room 854 or 853. He IQloks that the fire buraed underneath, not on top. He says: •! thought It was not going to be any thing serious, and I triad to keep tbe fact of tbe Ere f'om tbe guests, out I soon saw this was impossible. Toe firemen did as well as they could, but they would .have done much bauer if they had had a better supply of water Tbe greatest datnige to tne hotel has been by water. There are eleven rooms to the ii >or in the wing ih-it burned, and there are four fl >ora bvdiy damaged. I think that'ibe furniture losi* oo tboss rooms will not ba above $15 000 L'ho loss on tne Dullding I am unable to estimate ••Mr Erwin U in New Tort. I have noiified blm'of the fire by telegram. 1 expect bill to return at once. Toe loss and tbe damage is not so serious aa was at first th night. We managed to keep tbe fire in the one wlog, and tbe lose on tbe part of the guests will not be heavy. We bad some prominent people in the wing that burned, aod we were just fitting up a suite of rooms tor Secretary of Slate O-vea. Messrs, Verner and McKeo occupied rooms in the wing CASS coatrrr's KEPKESEXTATIVES. Senator Collett and Representative occupiec the same room on and announced &t tbe top of hi» voice I tbat ihe Dcnisoo H use was on fire. I Instantly half ibe members were on their ftel and ruanlng for the doors. M.iuy of thtm board at tbe hotel atd have ibeir families there '•Wait a moment," euij the Speaker pro tern ' Somebody move to adjourn," shouted a member. Upon tbat suggestion a member oo tbe froni, row mnved ibat tbe House adjourn and tbe m-tubers who bad not alre-idy ruan«L -ron toe ball, voted. ID favor of the motiun Neirly all the Representatives ran to the hotel. Sum- uf ibem went, wiib- out their overcomes aod only a few waited for the elevator to tbe flrct fl >or. Btforo the roll was called in the Si-'DaU- P'-e:-iJent, Nye said: • S^Dniors. I huve a reiiort to make that mav interfere wiih bu^lDe^s for a fhori tlcno. I hav^ just, been informed 'bat thf D^n'son Ho'el l(> on firu, and I would fupg'fSt tbat ihose wbo have -elalives ihere or property should go at OLce " In an instant all was excitement. Senator Parker, whosj * if a is at the hotel, went over two seats like a hurdle jumper, and, without bis over, coat ran oui of ihd bui'dlog. Sonator McLean wbo was writing a bill, dropped his pen and started for tbe cloak room There was a scramble fur tbe doors, without wailing for a motion. The Indications Are Tli at Walker & Raucli have the kind o! Rubbers and Overshoes you want Try It on. Wf\LKER 6c RflUGtt. 42O Broadway. For Fine Printing. • • You will find -the Journal Job Rooms unsurpassed. LETTER H&«DS INVITATIONS TEtteflDS, PROGRAMS. STATEMENTS, GftRDS, ENVELOPES f\ SPECIALTY, You get our figures and we'll do the work. Do not fail to .call on the JOURNAL for * AFORUERY VWben It Wnt T«o fc»ie to Mare the Victim From L ••». Tuesday Miss Delia Brown, the milliner was approached by a strange young man who picked out » lady's hat. saying that he wanted It for bis si Bier. Be promised to return for the head apparel in the evening, but failed to connect Wednesday night be showed up howevei, and ID payment for the hat tendered a check on the Lopatcport State bank for (7.50, signed by A B Keepers & Co , aod endorsed by him with ice name E- S Smith. . Mlts Brown was not eatlt-fl d with, the explanation given by tbe young man. who eald tbe check had been given him for a load of corn and that he hid been kept late at the Kei-port warehouse unloading tbe grata. The milliner would not cbarctre the check, and -the man who wore tbe name of E 8 Smith stepped out to cash tbe paper saying he would 8QOQ return. He failed to do so, and yesterday morning Miss Brown Eoilfidd the firm of A^. B K«e. port & Co. of tbe ocouurdoce, and tl.ey ID turn put tbe back-on ihe lookout for'he check. H showed up early io ibe »f ei-noon, being presented at the State National bauk by another milliner wbo bad sold the young man a $2 75 lady's bat for bis "sister" and bud taken tbe $7 50cb«ek Toe State National had been notified of the existence of ih« spurious check and refused to accept it, and when tbe paper was also refused at the Logansport State bank, the milliner renllzed that the bad be<->n taken lu. She bus hopes of BettHog tbo matter out of court, with ibe relatives of tbe young man. Job Printing. See The Specialists For Chronic and Private Diseases and Deformities. Diseases of Women treated by the new electrical method that ha« given wonderful results. D iu't for^e 1 th«.t eb^ir vapor treatment for all Chronic Latisc Trouhips t et* th« remedi"S to 'he di^eaand spots and owres whea evcryrhlng else fails. Call ard investiKate anyway. It eost-8 yo» for consultatiou. Drs. Clmstopner & Longenecker, At The Medical and Surflicalllnstitme. 417 Market Sf, - - Logansport. IncL G )OD TEJIPLARS TO MKET. IT WAS NOT GOOD. A Two D J'«' T«rt»y— rive W"-»lon I'liblie McetlnK * Jl«re D>-le- Tu- CREAM BAKING POHWR MOST PERFECT MADE. ur* Grape Cream (.'Tartar Powder. ' Fret • Ammonia, Alum o. my other adulterant ,^4if>;ifHARS THE STANDARD "Xothtat T-ntar«, XotkUK «»»«'' Rev. Jonn Bcid. Jr , o( Grem Falli, Mont , recommended EIV'S Cream B>lm to me. I can emphasize his state, ment: "It Is a oositlve cure for catarrh If ueed »s directed —RcV Franol!" W. Poole. Pastor Central Preebjterian Church, Helena, It is tbe aedlclilp^boTe ill other* for catarrh, and it gold. I oan usef with eafe'.y »nd claimed for It.—1 • ford, .Coon. weight 1m Balm :?4t it the tnlrd fl <or and wnen they reached it alter the Senate and Hou-e adjourned tbe situation was .alarming 1 They howiivar thre* their effects Into a sheet and carried them to tbe offi :e below wberethey were properly cared for. Mr. O Ten'a room was In the wing destroyed. He was la Detroit but the contents of the room wera re. move! to a place of safely. Tbe Indianapolis Sun contained the following: '• State sbcretary 0»en had just flsted up elegant apartments in tbe Ddnison which he and his wife exoacied to occupy early nexi west. When, the warning sounded Tobe Best, mayor ul Brazil and Capt. Wright struggled heroically and managed to remove tbe contents of tbe room DEMORALIZED THE LEGISLATORS The Information concerning the fi'e was received by telephone at the State Honse by Custodian Griffin, who told tbe doorkeepers of tbe two Houses of the a--e. Ac ten minutes past ten o'clock, while the clerk of the House was reading a bill for amendments to the charter ; of., .E**n»'rUle. a door- iper rujhcd In from the olo»k room A Drafi for «:<5O Tdnt Did Sol root ens ter Th»ni'ti of tlie Jl<>jr<u Comer Bank. Three days a,o R B Morris con. descended to stop off at R >yal Center, presumably in the interests of tbe bank of Dunaldsonviile. La , for which ha claimed to b * toe traveling agent. He employed tbe landlord of the Knepper hotel to drive him over tbe country, bis purpose neing to dispose of a new variety of 3^d wheat. Yesterday be asked land ord Koep per to identify him at the bank where he was trying to raise cash on a draft for $350. dra*a oa tbe bank of DonaldfOnville, La The cashier's signature was "John Smith" oa tbe draft, but '.a the btnk directory it w.aa T J Clary. Cashier Toomas of tbe Royal Center bank re- fuxed to accommodate tbe stranger, wbo did not wait to »rguo tbe qurstioo, boi leaving hia three • grip?" at tbe hotel, he Hustled aboard a train for thin cny. Caebier Thomas also oame to Logansport. It is known tHat'R. B Morris, in company with three men wbom be met berg. l«ft yesterday j afternoon in the direction of Chicig'i. A telegram to ibe Dunaldsonvllle bank brought the information ihat co Mjch man as Morris was known by the institution. The Fifth district nf the Iodepond« ent order of Good Templara. which includes Cass. Miami, CaTOll, Wabash and Pulatki counties, will begin ft two dtys' meeiloea 1 . McCiff' - ey'a ball in this city at 10:30 a. m today. There will be an uf eruoon feeaion today and the meetings will close at noon tomorrow. Tonight at the Ninth street Chris. tlan church a public meeting will be held, to vvbtch all are cordially invited. There will be about eighty delegates in attendance at the tensions of the district meeting. J. F. K%uffman of Cutler is the District Templar, and Mii-s L'zzle Homburg of this city, is District secretary. The meeting is held every four months, the last one being held at Burlington, Carroll coumy. Provisions have been made by the members of Logaosport lodge No. 113 for tbe entertainment of all who may be in attendance. LOGABSrOBT LETTER CARRIERS P»»l »nd Pre-eot Who Have Bern Allowed %'«•( **n-»ii" ttr Overtime. Vmong the claims by letter carriers for extra compensation for overtime favorably passed upor by the Court of Claims and transmitted to Congress Wednesday by the Sscretary of the Treasurer. »re the following to Lo« g> osport people: J,>bn F Bisnop, $172,45; G- W. Boe-ger. f 62 08; D C Cu mer. $100.76; A'vm Dtfnba $4796; C A E>.an, $96.68; J. F German. $53 22; R. Minders $9982; E A McA'iioier, $99 82: G P Moliee $163 2.=>; A Mor (zan. $39.38; H*--vcy A. MWB. $93 22; ,J. W, f^rker $145.72 ¥ W eroscb, ,$15257; C. D Sellers. $l"3 37; J Smth. $11107; Bvroo kVtiHon, $108.35; W. W. Wilson, $163.25;' tow 1 , $1.852 96 ceised had boon under treatment s'mco November. Her ailments were rheu- mattom and Jung disease. Ic wn» understood thai her condition bad. grown much better of late she bavlny stated in a recent loiter that 8bO thought she was growing stronger, and thai her suffdrines were sDgbt. Tha family's (irat knowledge that aebanga for the worse haa laken place in her cOodlilon was the news of her dumias by telegraph yesterday. Toe husband, Asa Coleman, and three children, Harry, Ha'tle and Deoby, are left 10 mourn the loss of a loving cTtnp'ialon and moiber. They have ibe sympathy of tho entire com,.» muol'y. Toe deceased was tha vouncest daughter of tee late Or (S. N Fitch. Sue was 56 years of age. For many years she" had been a* Invalid, though her death, corning when her|j-oiicltou8 relatives bad every reason to beliefe tbat eho was nmucti better, w»s a terrible shock to then*. Toe remtln* will reach the city today In the care of the bereaved hue. band and son Henry. , At 8 o'clock Wednesday ulght ajt the bindsomely furnished hnme prepared by tbe groom At No. 231 OAig9 street, the happy wedding of Fred Horeiman and Ml«9 Clera B Biack occurred, the R v. J, C. Ktuffcnaa performing the ceremony. A number of relatives and personal Mends ol the young people were present. A wedding repai-t WM disposed of, and the blissful pair were tbe recipients of many valuable and useful presents. •'1 She Told flljn tbe Bwuon "Why is it that yon girla seem to- think EO much more of the men who come in here than you do of the worn- ] en?" asked the man with an tion point in his mind. "Is it ! the men are more agreeable? 1 " "Oht" • . no." replied the saleslady, with a tos» . of her head. "It is becauso the roea •* are such ninnies that they dont knoir 1 what things are worth- If thev do. it 1 doesn't matter, if you only appear to- i :o ' think they're awfully bright or awfully. } 8- ! good looking-."— Boston Transcript. i Tlrrdof W-l'l-«. morn log Dw ght Powell left bi.i borne and cutter .standing n"- httobed io front of Harry TousUy'i home while he had an interview »ith Mr. TouBiev, The horse became tired of watting aod started home at & lively g*M which rejulted In the total wreck of D«>aih of Hrx. A*t Cvl'Btin. Tde m-ioy fneods of Mr* Emma Cnleman were pained bevood expres. sion vesterday.morning by tbe no «s of tbat lady's sudden^ death at 'be g.-vnltarlum avBa'tle Creek Mich. J)-. Asa. Colemaa received » message early jeaterday morning from the »utbort- Ues of Vhe luetiiution, where the de« A Softrned Heart. ' Little >ick—Mamma, may I g-o an<4 j play witn Rohby Up too, and stay therv | to L'ioner if they ask me? ' Mamma^I thought you didnt lik»' j Robby Upton. : "I dif'o't, bat as I passed his hons« • jast DOW. toy heart softened toward ' him." . ! "Did he look lock lonely?" I "Xo'tn; he looked happy:" j "V/hat about?" ?. "Be said bis motherwasmaldn* »ppl« : .j "— K;'V. AdrertJMr. ':i.

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