The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1934
Page 7
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- THURSDAY, Former Editor R c c ;* ) Is Minstrel : Show T h a i Packed Gem Theater By r.. M'. ROSS III the yo-ars following 1911, wlifn Hie former i'dllbr of'llis- aourl«i- arrived.In ulythr-ville, v/hili- <nery- WIIS <:lj!lslril(:llVl-, 'illlljib tilil ' •' •. was found to '> doing thins j which added t "H' h e . -town' ^amusement am -'plcasurp, a n.i 'for caring' , fo (\i£ piiDi- of the c o m m 'unity more : -especial)} during (tie Yille tide season, pro vlding it rca Sanln .claw; foi • the .kiddles am ; - - - . dependent fami- .L'M. Itoss 1 i e? H . 1 ,. ( ,, y ever did a Christinas season rol around that something was nol put forlh, whether by! the Gooiirc-lbws the Ejfc; lodge, or. something. At that -tune Dlythcyilla had an Elks lodge of .some 250. members as well as a privaCe club called Ihe Chick- osawba Vclub. .The former was located in. the old Grand' Leader building while the ,latter was on Uic second noor f of tlie'Hnbbard' Pur niture . coinpany" building. .V. , . lyiinstrel" Sfels '$500, : . •;. Usually somctliini;: along the line ot a. minstrel show was sponsored and nearly .everybody's assistance was enllsied, assiiriiiH ; a big financial sifcccss. One of llio hiost out- standbij; minstrel' shov:s was sttigcd in the old Gem* tfealre. nov/ the Rltz." It; was to provide a Chrkt- nias tieat of'sfoodlcs, swcc-ts and substantlnlB'foi; the poor'kiddies as well as coal,-provisions and v. 1 car- iiif-appaiel for-the-dependent- fam- ll(es of the- city nnd cbmimmlty. The Elfc sponsored -this. • Nobody ever believed the' lown''Iiad.- as ininy children is 'gathered -In?front of Uie building.- Tliey were admitted,-'marched'-to the stage, received their packages," and marched ' out at '.the oilier door. Tills, as suited/was made possible by the Elks minstrel show .which : preced- .ed-It. Nearly-every-worthwhile man ana-several ladies -were included in the cast. Buddy Stler and Judge - qeorge Barliam:took the two leading parts • as endmcn.- while Judge C; A. Cunningham acted as intcr- ^locutor. iiel -Brooks . and "Stutz" *Hendrick5 t ^\v<ji-c''-cnilmen-.:n-icls- on either end. Dr. C. C. Stevciis played the part of .the negro preacher, and did he deliver.a-."spiritualistic"-ser- mon -and i»und . the'-Book in his einpliasis. Most- of. :; lhc: principals were-in black face. ; and prpiessipii- als..could' not have typified their cliara'cters belter. Many, thought ^Dr. Stevens., niissc'd ;Iiis icaliiiig. ... .: .. -Sonietli'ing^Ulifr SSOO.was netted-in the i performance. No -.set- admission feD.-:was..adhcred' to:; Ticket-'selicrs retained ,$i -and $5.;bills if'-thcy were, profcnco".'No- change . was: re- tu'nied:; Everybody applauded,'the announcement'that, a. minstrel-show was forthcoming: One was put on later for the aid ;of,.Comr>any M. fl'f-'-thc slate -militia. Hairy Atkins and.,the new .editor, were.drafted on another occasion lo iiiakc'a trip to; Memphis, t at their, owii cxpeii.^ to rent uniforms for-a.'show, 'pic : ttires of tills* cast arc" yet 'In oM albums hi. Blyllicvillc, 'Including many now absent, having taken I heir last long trip, or moved away »nd by many almost forgotten, except when such community service Is recalled. • Since Blytlievlllc was a community hi the building, as \vas the surrounding country, much community service was • rendered,-and. no more willing people ever were called upon by leaders in giving of Iheir time or substance in building . a city or community. Volunteers Build Road Those \yho now ride over the splendid hard road between Blythe- villc and psceola' c.-l nhardly visr "alizc-a time when there .was no direct road bcUvein these livo conn Tournament ChampilJh Slums Finesse and Makes His''Slam Solution to Previous Contract Problem UV W.«. 'K. Mi'KKNN'pV Nrirflnry, Awi'ricaiijl'rliUe t.ragur There i\K iv,'o typo. 1 ! nf brM$e. playm. Hie. monpy playt-rs and HIB. uimnanOTtt 'iitayws. .Peculiar as ii may fr-r-m, innny 'fine lonnvi- nient iihtycn; nrc not. cxccptlonnlly iiionr-y iilayer.s-. a'nrt n good money [il.iycr iilwnys iniike - ty seals. A circuitous route by way ot Clear Lake and down tlie levee was all but passable- or desirable cither for comf6rt."or'.distance. Mis. Ada Rousan,' editor of the psceola 'Tliijcs, and the Courier ! editor istatled the., agitation for 3 short •cut road between the two 'towns .Publicity was given in the two papers, large posters we're printed arid circulated at their expense, pro- moling free service: days 'for men and teams, wort; 1 starting at either end of Sic territory,'meeting-mid way. Willing women from' each town provided meals lor the workers, who brought their implements, teams, scrapers and delighted In the service. Eventually the* road "irns paved. Burdette was n prosperous mill town in those days, and the- road went west to Mini, place. The old days were anything but unpleasant, In genera!, much .is we no w llilnlc of the hardships encountered. AH o!d timer said to the "Her Oils week "We used lo have just as much fun as we now have, "iding t), 0 'jiBunds' ot n loj wagon irom Blytheville to airfield on almost Indescribable road.';, standing «,i™'?. s !* ot »8aKlM as out- of to„.,°"' -? h 2PPer.s from ten or filtecn 'evllle thought noth- On lh <- n»3 a" day IiU Bopping «-hll fl the Passable,..and did the a 0 a i^amd; business, Uiurnnmi-nl' pltiyef. n.'ivl<l lliiinsllne Ims , woir for iniscir (he utlo of oiilsunidlni; toiini.'iinr'iii p]ay'er.ol (ho country ''pi- iln! lafe .thrcfe-yf'ni-s'. Wlien- TCI- lie t'nlci-sr'd'toiiiiiiini'iH, )i h nlii-tn bet lhat'lhe will finish 'UioDf! 1)10 fliNt flvK'nria', sjfliiernlly yiiii'll find hiin'on. iii|i. - * ..Emu .In Ills' woisi' 'games you will never find ) mn , -lit the'end the loura.'inient-, with a score Today 1 * Contract Wns I li m Ihe r Problem i intrad «t fir™ Bjin[|,jj,.. \vimt ls..tlia milXilllUU"; Kortli^iln' number 1 South f>< 11'i'kn cnn (al p o l'i'ovl^jrr;*\vesi finesses ilia- 4 mn i > s i :: >• - „ * J ii -i .n 4 4 A Q 9 S 1 ¥.1 C » 1 0 8 7 + KC I L 0 :i N W E S 0«l«r * S 7 S 2 V K 9 c * A (j 5 A J s ( ,-*Tir ' . • V A Q J i) 7 • K II ( 4 Solution .A Q 10 7 2 ' In nnxt Issue. (t nurnsllno Is n very accurate mid below average.. ^ - '' . - | Since 'he nml lii.v^c.immates won 'enreni'r'p'lnvcr irr.ri.-e «• ,. .-. vj wl Miv>i/.ui*ll! learn,-a.s (hey l;e)ievi.'-U Is too K.Q J c*5 4 4 id -•'. ''.. AAQ7 C, * ' ;| * * T ; \Vesr,: ? * ' Pass •- ,\ 0 ,ti, ' •East Pass - : Pass Jl'nss 41 and illscouraecs oilier teams rotn "ciUeriziK the 'contests ; the National Tour- inmc-nt . of tlie Amc-rlcnn Bridge '-eaeue, wlilch willibe'iliela'ln Nev/ York the. week of ; pec; .10,. lie ami iis trn'inmatc.-! will' irartlclpalc,. -but ' ' . :hey, ii-'iu -mak up ,. O.' different. West opened (he ace of diamonds lo prevent the discard of a poMi- ble .singleton diiunoi^i, on a spade When the nee hcltir'Wcst continued with the queen of diamonds winch llmroUnc won in dummy' with (he king, discarding a club. Some players might, foolishly slai-l out to set the spades, but Diirnsline saw that he did not have enoiiuh trump entries to do that. , He decided against" 'the- club because West had made a t vulnerable'ovcrcall and, 'therefore must hold tlie kiiiB 'of clubs. So' the only chance he had to make his contract was by a squeeze* pltty Tliererorc, nurnstlne took six rounds of hearts on- which . West discarded 'three diamonds and the' dummy, two. clubs nhd-Lwo spacta; —it was immaterial .what East played. ...... . '.•,.. - ^fow, .three rounds of spades were mkcn and, on the third round, West. must bear down to tlie silicic/on king O f clubs nna the Jack of diamond 1 ;. '•'•.' : So. purnslfiie leads n. club 'aiKt MS ho,. has kept track of 'West's hand, lie;plays the'ace'ami drops (lie Wank, king, which, establishes his* qucc-n.: ',•',.'. ' . (ARK.) COURTER NEWS , t-l 6M ora Days (7/J//7 Christmas Slore,s rcmaindd 'oiicn until ten o'clock nearly each evening and on Saturday nights -until > midnight. alespcoplc doing :wlthqut hmch and dinner. : ,- , • -.-'' • : - . Armorel |i Bu5y : Towii Armorcl- was one of-, the busy in .the .days , reinem- bereUy When Ihe I/cc Wilson mill was located' there, scarcely a, d,9¥ e11 icres/of •cleared ^land/-was ; acc'^ssir >lc." The surrounding' country was i vast wilderness o[ , vit-fiiVi •' Umber. 'ifty or more men worked 'in. and about the mill,' and nearly, as 'many ii .the, .woods -cutting, timber, and gelling it to the .mill., 'For jvic.inbst )art : Ihe,' .log's. '.were* rolled ;'iiitp , the nybif au'd; iib'alc'd !lo. trie . mill.'/ihpii- unds qf>!oi;s^'consiai!tly ijiy. in, IH bayou .aii'd '.m'ariy !yeavs' 'lUtcrwards iiany , wef.c , salvagc'd'Trqni ;|"}v«ter- oggiiiif'"".\Thc' .l'ake,,'ai\}'aV-i linividcil pbdiflsjitnij, 1 . ivhjlc ,t'lie wood's, were illeil/;with J . i 'v, ; ild ! game, dccr,' : turkey ,nd 'small game/'. ;; , ' ^'_ ' '' ' r • It '\vas ;a : happy, liunting' eronru) urc enough, not 'only, as tor ,am- ilc gaiiiQ, but the 'good. riat\ire<ifel- bws' .wjio I'cbmposecl -the ^working orces .and "attended; the.' big store nd hotii. Tlie' laic Dr* Nail, oiic t Coil's noblemen; was the village hysician.- aiid 'iio-'iiight was -loo ark; or stormy for him- to mount ils horse and 'ride miles over al- nost impas-sable .tvalls tlirough ihc oods to • sec Hie sick. Hr; often emnrked that lie would not. trade !hc£s with Uie prcEldeiit.' so much id he love the pioneer life/ anil much neci! for insurance 'adjusters, but on three- occasion.-, .adjusters came. some, remained Ihrcc: dnys, and had such a "good time" it was not difflculi -to convince; ihcin of the total loss and they reported it as such.. Aflwlhcirr'igood' time" was ended they departed for-tlieir 40.yard line...'.This wns what might be termed a profitable fire,- while the two others succeeding'v.-ere. not. The third fire came. when most-of the. test timber had been.cut mid that .remaining was transported -to Wilson by. train and-die mill 'was !8l I* *$. 51 never rebuilt. ; .. Warning to.lllythcvillc :ic poople with ^-lioni he was asso- ialcd for so many years. He ruwned on a proposllion to go to lew York city to accept n lucra- ive position practicing medicine "ith a brother, where he could have vcd in luxury. Such was the lure o a primitive country, living close o nature, among his fellows, * any ne of whom would -have denied im no favor williin t'neir gift.. Anuorcl Suffered three Tires in ;Ilich the saw mill and lumber ards were destroyed. At Uic time f the first fire J. H. Elkins was in hargc of* the Lee 'Wilson Interests while c.-E. CrUjge r- was the local manager. The mill was insured for $35,000. •'. Since everything, including Ihe 'foundations .tor the lumber jiitcs, was^Tmfncd. , there- was not , Jx>rn« nt Lincoln ddivers last trol House of U-ep- ves, 4br , first time since 1«59 Ji-- trol .cyillCi can, wen sit .-iip\anii take .nollce of what "'happens, (o.n savnriilj town '.when provision is-not madq for. othei-.-iurtiLstrics, wh.en 'thu 1 '' -' " ., . : v Is .-'(Jciitcted aiid "the mlllsjmpvc'::; JSarly. in,thc. history . : ,o"f' the '.present prosperous, city !o'r .-Bly-. theyjllf' it. was' ijolnlcd.oiil .to those who guided ,'tlic .tpwn's' destinies Uiat siiiail faclbi-ies, . cliversificaUon of crops,. and. iijilization of raw un- live", crops .would, forestall a condition 'which lias; befallen other' sawmill to'wiis 'like 'Bufdcttc arid Ar- morcl. • -Many -business men believe it is not lob early now to loot about for -the' rainy day which is destined to come sooner or later. There are possibilities for enhancing Ihe town's activities which could be promoted with a. long, strong pull, all together, without much capital Investment. The efforts now being exerted, by county Aneiit Crllz in securing a soy bean factory for Bly-' theville deserve everybody's level best pushing. In Illinois Ibis industry has made wonderful slriiles nn- ''I it is regarded as second only to their main crop, corn. The le- gume's' value ns a soil replcnisher is almost as profitable as Uic beans and the varied by-products. The cotton reduction agitation now recalls efforts of fifteen years ago when the writer attended the largest meeting ever held in Memphis, In an effort to reduce the cotton acreage. Every planter from Ihe cotton belt who spoke agreed lo reduce his acreage, some donating as much a s $500 lo put the project across. The effort never was heard of again except as ancient history, and it was said enthusiasts present .went home and forthwith made arrangements to double their cotton acreage, believing the others would reduce and if so tlisy would gel 40 cents for their cotton. The farmer was r'gctting five cents then, and each year adding to his crop and land mortgage. Similar cilorts have been made since to reduce the crop to a paying basis, with the excess acreage providing feed and food for the planter, bill "o progress has resulted. Now that Hie farmers arc lo to pamitlod lo vote on the ipiesUim they should Bottle the quest I6n once and for all, with a federal law compelling ad- nerenco Imperative. The present law seems not xtiisbe satlsfacloiy with many, and tiic elcdlon makes It possible to KCCIHO modification no ceptable to the majority. T »lns Had Dlffercnl . CINClNNATr. 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