The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1937
Page 6
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Jolly Old Soul' \ But Fomier Boxing Cham ,- Is Jgnored By Boxin Fraternity . This is (he second of a scrl on former sports stars. * t * * . ' BY RICHARD MtCANN - ' NEA Sen Ice Sports Writer PITTSBURGH, Maich' 6 -Th boys are saying that Jess Willai nas Just lost another round in h tattle with life. v H seems that Jess, who has 1m more lips and downs than an cle ( \alor boy since he knocked th world's heavyweight clown off the shiny black billiard-ball dom of Jack Johnson, opened up n eafi here a while ago, but, for somi J.eason or other, no longer own 1 any interest In it. -.The boys, Jumping to conclu SiOivs. say tsk UK, poor old Jea Is taking another beating But, Jess, still as jolly as old King cole despite his numerous leversea, refuses to whlmpei out . an admission, that this last venture was a set-back . . "i j^t liaven't been able to find a location that would be entirely satisfactory," says Jess. Talking like that he sort of icminits you of tlie beaten battler who curses (he judges as he his wounds i Jess was asked, inther brutally point-blank, If he wcie broke. The former heavyweight champion ducked and weaved nnrt sparicd with the question , "Who can tell?' h c jabbed back •\Vho can tell? I've got n lot of investments in scntteied lent ei- tate and, of course, they hnve depreciated <ycs, dcpieclatcd-thafs the word big Jess usedl in value for beyond what anybody thought they would or could-so ho, v can j ,, i " ow 1>m 5 l«n<lliiB financlal- Thf $800,000 Is Clone Howevei, there's no doubt that Jess doesn't have that $800000 "e reaped foi himself, his managers and others as a n^hl«r, circus performei and vaudeville entertainer. That money has gone the way pf all eash. He poumi some of the gold Into an empty oil well he scattered some it around on v;eedy leal estate In California and then he used the sHnrny ic- mainder to build a grocery mai- ket In Los Angeles" He wound uji _a few months later making S15 per week^as a. nooi man In the ! Now! * atler Severn! • flyei-s he's £ a °£ 1° •!?'"'• so '' to Wok- He's ?!S'"\ f ™ real estate 'business a»<J he • wouW'lmve you to know W nt Washington Stale, whore : plajs footbr.ll nn<l-does w>m2 o.xlng ' ' "Hes ,1 big fellow," fny, PAJM '= l>,-,id!y. "He's six feel oiir- Ki-a-hiilf and must wcJ;:,i 'n>mi 0 They say hi! can om ripni i, IDC.' Hmiinn . . . Perhaps (here 11 rnclliei Willie 'Hope . nnmul •'s WHtaro . . hicks And Jons Lose At Tyronza ' ' ' - At'EASlE' wo^ld that he's doin all' right ' , got a tot of real 'estate Investments here In Western Penn- ,sylvanla," sajs Jess. ' r :Vvote all my time to, looking nftei them I would like to do some icferce ~ matches and Although he has no dhect con- i •"*• ^ still vei7 much Interested in it In fact, .some of 'the old-tiniera will say that his interest now is than it was when he was Jess was too genial b& a " 1 ' enlly «««* e never seemed to im- v, n< Why llc wns s»PPosed to £/L , ,? ""• fellow nnd w ">- 'he other, fellow was tr}lng to hit him -he wasn't mad at ansbody and he couldn't nndeistand why any- s K ^r* 1 nt lilin to Jess doesn't pav any attention to those fellows wlio sneer at his victory over Jack Johnson. So ' took a dive. f H 5 JtSS n at , day ' ' that rcnlly "They're *as." and the b,g fel- ,,,..„„ . VShls up as his' mind .tjhigs b:;ck thc p , ctl|rij of Jolm _ son. laym ? out on the cam-as sleamny in the Huvnna heat wave. 'Gr^li, but it ,\a>, lict that hj~ Irt the snt »'o and no shade Trere was 30 prostr ' at , ons amon? the specials And (her- was rn e> end Johnvn, nghtins; w that furnace for an hour and 44 minutes'" • louis Can't Take It Despite the tact IhaT he ge.s sort-of a cold should «r trom the boxing rxjs today, thv big'fel- IPV Ues the game, anl would -o tUMigl, it all over again. "It -,,as a swell pvurlcnco r 0 ; m- -il helped me msKe a lot pf fr.s-i- all over the. couvry' Jess doesn't _ think much ot ti.c fighters of today . "Johnson In his prime could ve whipped the lot of -em," savs Jess 'He was a finished boxer. Joe Louis | 5 pretty good, but Schmeling proved that Louis couldn't lake a po'lch on the chin Jimmy Braddock's" P'etty good, too, but he's an old Wan and majbe he take It either. Schmellng's really the Mft of the bunch Looks to n ^ like he'd win the championship If they'd give him a chance." ' Jess U sUH hale and hearty at 53. His hair Is graying, but "I slil! got as much as I ever had" He isn't imnh heavier than he w;cE when ,ie was pummeled to a pulp by that wild man Dcmpscy • . • "I -weigh about 210," says Jess, patting his ,tummy, "and I ain't so soft, either." ,Jess ,Is mui-Tied and has five rrre an as flve -- --. ». u ,,,|,i ^i-mce chUdren, ihrc* daughters apd U « [To m U U | e Chevrolet Co. ' s Jew jr> the youngest, Is a alu . > ; i* Ark. (Special to the ...uu,,,-. News)—Blylhcvllle . and Manila Mississippi county hopes weic swept out of the FVvmih Dls- trlcj bpyi high school toiiri atiiuiit In. the quarter' 'final roi'md. ? last night as Marlon. Jonosbnro, Buy *ncl corning advanced to the semifinal round. Marlon mil Manila's Lions out of ,tl'c the nrst or tile rour-goiHc quarter nnal series Ihsl nlglit The crittenden county troupe nnishea ahead, .13 to 30 nf- tcr a fast battle.. In thc final K 'ame of the night Corning put the Blv- Uievile Chlckns-aws • out of title consideration ivith a-four-point 3228 triumph ' ' The favored Joncslioro Hurricane ran.up n big score against Hulb»rt out Hulbert likewise found the Hurricane defense far from ™ rfe 'f •oro uon easily, however 50 m a free scoring affnlr Bnv "encraliy conceded the oiilv team ;uth an oubido chance of •stopp™ the joncsboro combine, oresshe-Cushion-over r to 24 irnnou < s the next obslacl ne iitiir of (he apparently hue- this atternoon. m (he other MM-llnal Bay and Corni.V m uutlle iK r>\ii Tn^« «„_». fa ... ". V lli;'liscd to boot .leTiv'iji; now'lii;, roots' le'nV in—pr.: trl6s"tp,. ariy-V : vvny.^'llcrc yoii'se'e''.E^rl'SarnIc,'. .forinci;•jpckoy'an'd-'noiy'n lrairi-, : er. ih.'tlic'pndiloqk- ut : '!lia|.fnh : : _ i _j_vJlP'Vit.TMa .••,;•'.•..;;: •; Read Courier- N^wa, Wont' Ada Manila was eliminated from the „ °' eville still remains I,, n, e coiirolalion round. Cat Inherits S'W) OES MOINES. la. (UP)_Pi cnty Government loan Cotton • Phone 167 APPLEBAUM BROS. COTtON CO. Blfr, ". ' »!jthertbe, Act. By KICIIARI)' McCANN NBA- Service Sports Writer • It develops now that Mr. Robert leller, the hlghest-paid. Juvenile matinee Idol outside of Hollyw-obd B.goJng to gel $16,000 for his labors tills season,.and not just $10.000 as previously reiwrted In the journals We were pleased to hear this because;'we had been quite concerned, about young Mr,; Feller ftriu hi- nnanclal [roubles. After, all v'oi, can't expect a' feilow-nol even a feller—to go out 1 there oh the''hill and do. his best'when .'he doesn't know where his next government homl .Is coming from. •• 'But now, ' with $15,000'trickling in. liobert ought to be able lo fitru»- gle. along cheerfully enough uiuil inlngs-start breaking: hls'way : ' fuWlcftllon of.thiS.jis.oOo n'gure '111 .vex Mr. C. C. Slapnlcka, 'no doubt.,, Mr.^Stopnlc^a, you know> Is the gensral-ma-iiager of thn Clcvcoml Indians, tlm .firm which Is using ttie child labor'of "-Her, a.fd m announcing lv , a .R .salury, at- only:, ^IftOOO-.-itr Slapnicka ,was telling a little Wtti' .le for economy's sake;.you see-tlie $10,000 fleure didn't ngur« to make He veteran members of the in- dluns 1 payroll as greedy' and as ,°'"'" '!?' vo ^. ** knowJne for the season. But Mr, • Slupnlcka's strati doesn't seem 'to 'have done-nil good, Only a few of the Indli mve signed. Most o f them are aj nig for kingly salaries and $17,500. .... And even if the 'boys relent and come down in their demand's he. Indian ball club will £""$ ilghcst-salarled second divisioi (cam since tlie mighty crumbled and collapsed In bit Ills hold-oiit ball players that he soth managed and pitched for the : pennant-wlnning Chicago ' White epx In 1901 at a salary of $3500 ' ^And i led the pitchers that year' .00" says Orlfflth, proudly pointing' .to the record b&oi which shows.lie .won 24 games 'and lost-7. '...-, ; Mathewsin's Top'wite Was J 10,000 Clirbty Afalhcwson, consldered : by '/liny (he greatest of all pitchers .never received more than »lo,OM for hls'priceless services. The ereat ... ---. „.„. he hao 1 won 37 'for the Giants the previous'season .'i Walter Minao,,. (h« American Uagues Mathewson, heard aWu Christy., tremendous $10,000 vmec ™2-*£',$' f X eh $. I »™<££ •on 2& for the Washington Nas He uppcd and held out for ,. "or the 1910 seafon. '.- . •ijll made talk. I remember it.won ..because a was the year i was born arid I .remember .(he nurses, bustling about and muttering about tar Johnson'* exorbluht demands The' newspapers were, against htav ,ln {»ls salary nght and wrote quite larehly about him. They wan lu to know where his civic loyalty'Was and what UW .he expect of haw ball and all thut sort of thine he greedy ingrale. Walter lost t m t'" 1 "- It wasn't the first.'nor Mucfi:.'Bumping and 'Cliok- i(ig;' -Litiie Grip Swap- Ping Is Anticipated. By j. p. .vow of [he roughest, : toughest mat yllllans. on Mike' Meroney's wrestling- circuit, combine their ef- i.orts.ou the weekly grappling program of the American Legion Nfon- oay night at the legion hut arena on North Second street. '' Prenchy Leavlit, of Canada, »'.osc. scheduled appearance with «*X Mobley last week was delayed ecaus .... . May Be.BlrtcsJ Money ae- Starting out at 415,000 his first season,..yomur Mr,-Feller threa't- cixslo become one of the biggest money makers I,, .the history* o baseball He probably win ,Le make quite a s much In'one ^season n did Babe Ruth/who got ISO-' .bin If he fulfills, his promt aid,carries on through .the.'yerfrl i getting'quite n rii'iming iwu Easy 'street this year and Is making 1 5 time,. as:much as 'the Babe did in his first year In fact, at Feller's age, -the r-Bdbl was still catching for tlit Industrial School team more. • ' And of mtirsc, .by the time .Pel «r yets through admitting .to tl success .to .cerealsf clgarcls e and e suc| l '^^'^^'Who^mS reading ,J:But five years later things were Oiflerent. I n 1915/SJ,' vVnllcr; "t the peak of .j,ls career, was ap- proaclicd by .reprasentatlve.? of the whlsmatlc Federal league and off "-' -v ;ulcy «io,ooo bonus for \%°^ c ? a ^ 1 w »» "ie ot that league. • in club didn't have ".... tuiu «[ money and it lo &KJ&& S^ our Lord, 1937 -.old'-UiliC salary, Ic , Rusle. . ne 'year ' , wr Clarl:.'qrlfnt!i,',preside 1 iit'. 0 r Nationals; 'like., to (M attractive. Also. .wverar tons of •Stonevme No.; 4-A Cotton Seed one. year from (he- breeder we raised -anil 8 l,m M (),(,,„ .'„„,, fWe tested. We have several hundred bashti, 'of. Beans and Will w'll or trade for any other': variety, ot Cotton Seed or Beans L. R. Matthews Gin Co. Tel.' 15I1-F.1 vartro, Atk . Cotton,, Collon S«d and Coal WELDING ^nSFaSSS Barksdale Mfg. Co. pwnwr> i* Have You Visitcd.Our New , t , " • '^'n-u^ui 1>CV . Modern Service Station V While Gasoline Goodyear Tires Wilhrd,B,i(trrifs Head Service On '. . •3-s - Tires - ' Wreck's il HOUR SKRVlOf B33 For Prompt for the finest LAUNDRY SERVICE '.You've Ever Known We wjish your clothes in water with zero-hardness and soap so gentle you could bathe a baby with it . . the ironing j s so expertly dono that' your clothes-are-returned with the new, snowy-while appearance. PHONE 327, TOO, FOR THE FINEST CLEANING SERVICE YOU'VE EVER KNOWN . r ; of (he c.Uwgo w l?™e . . Us money out of your i»ck" 7' " Johllson P'kl'es for alei, • Griff said • He'Jl be •riKUt acrow the street from lou drawing >ollr custoiners away and' 'o might Just as well Und k 1 now and save a,ot tor"' Jim a1 n "iirted In wai of poor train connections, r s!*," A "' assignment In Charles (I- didn't, do nuthln') .-Sinkey, Cor,„"' Mlss - ilanl. They are down or the feature attraction, a nlne- iy -minute 'or less affair, two best. rails out of' three. Another, stranger to local fan- oni, Bunny Gllfford, who Hails " Louisiana, likely will have his plenty full with -Patrick, rr?.. y> . clal ™nl to the mltldle- »«'gnt championship. They will also hP« f /T r the .hour and half, two alb out of t |lre e basis. • •? n ? na ve been florjdng to the ' mat shows In hopes of seeing some Slnk ? y a <" 0fou K» goi' so far, "0 one has been "" Jot) efficiently. While ' Sinkey has been beaten, i) Cafulhersville Eliminated In Sensational Game by Lilbouni Five. n rue - rccelveit - can pa t is one of the finest ' reresento " ves pver <0 but with ~ - On irance he was forced s science and use iiis precision and skill. years. Bead courier NOW,, W nnt Ad» WRESTLING Every Monday Night 8 P.j>f. Charles Sinkey v «- Frthchy Learift 1'alrick O'Dowdy TO. Bunny (JlifTord Anierican Leginn Stadium Jim Ripple, New York Giants' outfielder, comes clean in this picture as the .\vatcr ripples down over his manly bosom. He's just had a stiff workout under the hot Havana sun at the Giants' training c.inip and lie's' Retting rid of some of the grime of his labors In prove.hc should, be the team's clcaii-up man. —£ r Growing Up, Here's Proof ' WARSAW. Ind. (UP) — Jack Hamlin, of Etna Green, - is growing up. He advertised in a War- SILW paper to trade two toy locomotives, two switches, three passenger cars, six freight cars, and 40,sections of track—for a clarinet or .saxophone-. - ^ Indians Ask Land Fund SALT LAKE CITY (UP)—Convinced that more than 30,000 acres Dt'-valuable coal lands were arbitrarily taken from them by Presidential proclamation in 1903, Utc Indians have asked "the Great White father at Washington for 5860,098 in payment. cmmty — • Mo., Mar.) u— 'Special to the Courier News)— Cardwell, DunkHn county, , 'and I.ilbourn. Ne.w Madrid countv' will clash In the,finals of the reg lonal high school tournament here tonight by virtue of victories in list night's Mml-fiimls before -i 1 acked house here. Fans were still talking todnv fbout the sensational- Lilbourn faruthersville seml-nnal which ' 'as forced Into the, third ex A i^riod beffirq Lilnoum inanaiicd o eke out a 21 to 13 triumph ever 1C PemL^ot county q,,rteu T " the other semi-final Cardwell • won handily from ether New 22 to 14. , Lllfconrn and Caruthersvilic cashing in ,,ie first game of'JaS "le l!ml Seml " n ' lalS ' S V 1BC<1 a ^t-' C - d B%n!' U ' e way tllra "gl'°" ( ° Battllnr point for pol|lt a teams scrapped through the reg u Inr game period, closing at 15-15.. In the first three-minute extra period each team scored- a -foul same, the .period endinA ifi-ic In the second three-minute extra per oil each team counted a 'field goal, making .the score 18 to 18 I" the last peiidd Lilbourn was the nrst to score and automatically won the game, 21 to 19' Caruthcrsville and MarVion meet In a losers' division .game for third and fourth place - to- CLEVELAND (UP)-Decaiise ' a colony oi starlings Is living in :he chimney, the Robert Mewcomb lainily hasn't used tu fireplace his winter. It would disturb the birds they say. CERTIFIED ROWDEN COTTON SEED Land's End Plantation Seeds • Trade Mark Registered WE SELL ONLY. SEED WE GROW R. H. ALEXANDER , , {Scott, Arkansas • ».^.-..: •' '. T .'".i- . •»._. . , ..^i BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY . ^ Main Street Give a thought ttrMain^treet as = you scan today's headlines! All the world's excitement isn't in Europe. For, in our town ... and towns like ours clear across the country .. . there's a daily revolution going-on. Changes in dress styles and food prices ... the rise of a hat crown ... the fall of furniture prices these matters vitally affect our daily living.. ., And •the news is ably, fully covered in advertisements. ;VllereV in concise, meaty form makers of the world's -goods tellyou what's new, what's good . . .and how , to jnake your dollars S-T-R-E-T-C-H. i .• Smart people who like to be-up-to-the-minute in , living current events, follow advertisements as..close' jy as headlines. They know what's doing i n Europe , ^nd .America i .. but they also know where ; money buys most!

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