The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Camera Faster Than Eye Harry Grayson ' NEW YORK; Dec. 1.—Now tlia firing virtually 11,15- ceased on tli field, dlioflUng lias stalled in ol( familiar gallerle.s U 15 the opu trason oiv coriche.s, and old Brmls ])ipfe.Mlwinl .iliimnl. .student piibll- catlons, aiid undergraduates nil (.>•- pect lo bug til? limit. The largest turnover is anticipated, in [he past, 1 wljore sitim UoiB are tincoinfortiible for. 10 01 )noro i/ientors. It is said thnt Tddlo Casey will reslgi) al Hamid, While few If any, instructors could have done niiy belter with ilie young atK i comjraratlvely liglu CrlmMin ma- luJal, ii also la tnie Hum none could- have fared much wor.'e. Wesley Master, UK; i;,lj young mnn who played plenty ol end m,d kicked for Ohio .Slntt In '2s. '20 nnd "M, is repui-tr-d in line for Die top ,spoi. nt CniJibi-ldse. Filler's ftPlwlnimcnt would make Harvard Hie nig Te tnp iccojid nicmljcr of Three to abandon the system, nnd linn lo the iiig for a head lootliall coach. Conic)) snapped out of it loiif; enough to shellac Dartmouth, but the embryo rnglncerK have heen chantiiiB. "Out wilh noble," and Romcyji Berry, the gmdiintn nsnn- iiBcr credit«l will! koepini! Gloomy Gil'.s ))end nbove water for (lie InsL five years, K sc;n in a mood to release his grip, » V T Tu'w Losses Tod Many at .Holy Cross ' Dr Eddie Anderson, who plny- «i with llio Immortal George al Notre Dame, isn't exactly ,^,, u Jar with all factions at Holy cross The 1'nrple's material was C om- liarcd with thai of Minnesota Or Anderso;i lost only one resutar.m-d Kidd mid tliu .squad was niiemuiu- cd by n splendid /reshmuii team It therefore Roes wllliout saying •,tl)al (he \voreeslcr iiBtltiitlon looked lorwnni to one of Its blR- 8Mt season,?, nnd that successive .^setbacks by Colgnlc and Temple, each by n margin of two toiich- douns,' did not set well. There ore hints |l m i Diet: Kanley, of NorlhWMlcm, is to 'replace Joe McKeiiney nt Boston College There is dissallsfiictlon at both fcliooh. lilihousli the Eagles emerged victorious in their last three itarls _ ngnlnst Vlllanovn Centre, and Doston University, it, • Is tlie three consecutive reverses Mil -«nchnsetts. Institute of that preceded these games—nt the hands of Fordhnm. Western Maryland, and small Providence—that gripes supporters of the Maroon nml Gold. Noilh«-esteni dropped five major tngaBemcnls. with an army Hint, ««s l)el/er«| promising nt (lie outset Vic Hanson's ? case nt Syracuse is n striking example of how quickly n conch c.iti be (miBforincd froiu n hero to a harassed imliviiiual The himdsome nhinuiiis was hailed ns something of a wonder worker when (he Orange comiilctcd a Kix- RT-.VTHEVU.I.E (ARK.J COURIER HEWS game winning streak by'conmier- !"£ niiconn.uered Jfieliigan Slnie Syracuse ran rough-shod over Cornell Brown, nnd Peini Slate, tint Just Tvhen Hanson had visions of a trip to (he Pasadena Rose Bowl, lie MM his big squad repelled in its t«o most important contests— against Colgate and Columbia, af- .ter twice having tlfc ball inside of the enemy's five-yard line on each • heart-breaking occasion. Wlirrc There's Disaster, There's , n Squawk , Disquieting tales are heard in "said to J. Wilder Tasker nt Rulsers, Tuss McLaughry nt Brown, Chick .Meehaii nt Manhat- lin; Herb McCracken at Lafayette Mai Stevens nt New York University, and-Harvey Harman at Pennsylvania. • .. . ' nutgers, vdtli what, was considered remarkable material, succumbed to litile Franklin and Marshall, Pennsylvania, mm Colgate. Brown had a disastrous season and scarcely outdrejv little Providence College at home. Brown stu- _dents have assumed the sophistl- _ cated air that kept Princeton nn- •^oirgradiiates away from Princeton } ~ TOO IJTF, TO gnmcs until Frily, Crisler sharpen ed the Tiger's claws. i Median expressed nltOBcther loo tor run one wliose second to much confidence outfit was ;• lo Georgetown, ^lichiuau State Catholic University, Holy Crass, and Vilianova. and be held even by Kansas Slate. Lnfnyctlc could Deal none save little MuhlcnbM-g and Aiurlght tut. in Juslice. lo Mc.Cracken, lire „ publisher, h nuch lo work with tho Easlon lea'm. Ncy York University'.? , IOSI] shoved the vai-slty around all fnll j"-i ••-•- f-v i«*\,v^i nLhtii, 111C young publisher, lie had nune too in rebiilkllng con- nix! the Violet should sidenible distance, in 1. Vet, Archio Roberts', persona popularity and his having' couched lti(.> peaercens combine In cre- a demand that he supplant Dr. Mnl Stevens, who fetched Albie Boolli •iiml other iisslstnnls r ro«- Yale, nobcrts, N. V. U stnv of '2C, '27, and '28, happy years tinder Afeelmii, Iras since been an GIFTS F01! IIKR Fresh fragrant FLOWERS— tlie most appropriate gift. Tliny never nfMiul old or young. Telegraphed anywhere HEATON'S 11OMK OF FLOWERS CIPTS FOK IIOMH Cut flowers or bloomine plants give Xmas cheer in the home Place your order early HEATON'S HOME OP FLOWERS Quicker Starting With FORD GUARANTEED ..'^ .i.RVKRY TOHI) I^m-ERY is RIGIDLY TESTED •.AND FULLY GUARANTEED AT HOME 13 Plate 15 Plato 17 Plate S, 55 .$745 i $795 f and Your Old Battery PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. AND 777 QUICK SERVICE STATION GIFTS OF PER1IANENCF. Permanent. wreaths for Hie cemetery. Remember deparlid imed ones al Xmas HEATON'S HOilE OF FLOWERS FOR SALE Pair mules, wagon, harness, plow tools,, corn, International rldliw cultivator, International Rowe cotton planter. O. D. GRIMES Yar- hro roa d:. Gp REAI, ESTATE FARMS FOR .SALEI Terms Reasonable ETHBI, B. THOMPSON' Ca'rutheraville, Mo. 3' room " MENT, FdlS RENT " FUKNISHED APART- 209 W.- Kentucky. .Mrs. Ce k!3 NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the Annual Stockholders Meeting of The Mississippi County Building and Loan Association will be held in tlie office of the Secretary in the banners Bank & Trust Company PM 0nday ' Jamia i'.v 7th, at '1:00 B. A. LYNCH, Secretary. nsslslniit coaeh nt Ills .student Imsl . ivaehed the stnge where It'tlorsn't ' New lou closed name in demanding. 11 swllelj ni- (PI- : 'tlinv lone, years of football famine. And life wns extremely unnlea.s- iant tor Navy 15111 lni>i'am on thr ICiillforniii «mi|)tis until he re.sly.ii- ed. .Second WffKKtn cau't, pet It Into their linnds Uial when football ^ 1ril te.'iiii.v plity, orw lias to lose, i May .So it Is Hat coaches have to'July ?<;j) up with, or Ije "a step nhcad Oat of the procession ill most schools.! H|X)ts closed Theirs Is u /irecurlous occupation, 1 — wltti old Kmd!!/ professional alurn- nl, .student niibifcnUgiix, nnd an . dergrads liikinu potshots at the hindmost. > ^ But as the Intn 'I'lrn 1 hirst sulil, in ivijnrd [o -baseball umpiring, of the hours." ' Today's Markets Cotton ^ NEW YORK, Dec. 0. (UP)-Cot- steady opan high 1253 IMS l'2!U 12S3 1282 1202 1203 12(14 125!) 1250 Vf!A at ran, on low close 1245 124G 1247 12-19 1252 12r,5 1253 1255 1&7 1243 in Boy's Love of Spirited Horses Cosh His' Life v>><» Orleann'Cotton NKW OHLEANS, llee. Ii lUM— The collon market was' easier lo- liay duo lo iKidjjijii: operations from sixl Imnt, win, urs reported to lie m-sutlalln« with the martiiifw of tlji- cotton pool for exdi.mi'" of i >> li i-lr pool ueitlficair-s for Hi of llifv .spot )M,Mta K/i PErnviu.B, o. iui>) _'j rcy, 11, wns killed because liked lots of .spirit In )K)fsss. Tins hoy had been sent -0111, ic of his father's pastures fcJ'|Oct in or two horses grnzlsig there. .Sprits t-los lonsti tlis more docile of the Uvo 1 - was usually brought in for the enures, Paul decided tu brinp tli>- wilder and almost L.nmanrwabli iiiilnml, ° He [hrew u rope around Its neck, ticd-tho other end to til's vrlsl, and got aslruddle. Then hr, leaded tin; rnmbuiicllouj .steed to-1 vard the house. Tlie horse, geltiii!' j •ongli, bucked and dashed throuiji! I i woods. AS It ran, p ftu l W :ri' .htown, off. lie was lirassed wv-l cinl yards before the rope on his I trlsls .snapjwd. |f| s fiwlicr found i "in Inter and took him to tlie! mine of (he boyv) lirandfalhe;- Jacob Prey, nearby. There Paul died. fteact Countr Thursday & Friday 0|ftl) lar/f 1202 mi 1258 12,'H I20;< I'M! 125'J 12.15 low flow I'M ViV> .... 1248 12.W 1251 12S4 1255 1241) 1MO 122'! 122.'! 'Closing Stock Prices NEW YOHK7i>cc. C (UP) - Prolit-tnWng ciime into (he slock, bond and commodity markets today and prices uiriifd im^nlsrly nftei- yesterday's jidvuner-s. Affly Doc A. T. and T. .. Ainicamfa Copper lic-th. steel d steady at 1274, off 0. . Cities SMI vice Conn Cola Gen. Aiu^rJea Cien. Kleclrle CiOH. MOtOlTi ..... Int. Harvester Montgomery Ward N'. y. Oiilral .... Packard . . Phillips Ptt Radio ..... '..'.'.'.'.'. •Simmons ivds Ht. l,,.s. |.< fitundard iij Texas Co. . U. S. Steel ...'.' U. B. Smeltfnn MeKesson-Robblnx Konite .. ...... Tank N, .[. 110 . 11 1-2 iil . -1(1 1-8 . 1 I -':'. IW 1-1 - W, 3.4 . 20 1-4 , :i'j 7-e 30 1-2 IS 1-2 . Ii 1-2 II 1-2 , . 1 S-li •12 ii-il 21 .1-8 M 5-11 110 1-2 Chicago Wfieat open high | mv PtoSl , IOJfi-8 103 • 10' 10-) 10,13-8 1011-4 1KI l-c I07S-I1 Chicago~Corn open high i, w cJ(B( , S4 ft-8 OS 3-8 ! 91 3-8 95 1 -fj fll 3-4 m :i-4 91 5-8 ffi> Why are we « 1,-ad of ibbard Fiirtiltiire seJIhit. utyr'e Co. We fcuy and sell Cottois and Corn white, yellow ot • mixed " / See MS foi'best prices Ouf they go! At a new low price! «RO(JI>- I—sclf-lrhn- nied (iiilnreil eonfs in I ho .warm, si urriy spwfs Men's Rayon ROBES Penney's is taking stock—that's whii these coats are rcpriced! GROUP 2—luxurious ripplinff fur (ri'niniings fin hiindsome eropcb-. nniibccl crepes, boudes! argnins til l-'ull tjliloifd. Da.rk handsoruo •- colors. S m n I!, medium, large. Gift boxed! i Price SCARFS Sillt e'rtfie! Hand - knot tea fringe. Long to t , lp , "> formal style. Kent patterns and Best ol Cift-Shirt V ( ,!,tcs! "TowncraSt" SISliE*tS Finest P rrs l lrlin k Kroadcloih! • $' y ninn would be proud to ovra s ncr.ift"i|[ Bn( | ^. ut .„ l ",° ".« exacting staiwiards Onlv d.J all-combo.1 broailclotl" e smiut.!si colors. U'),,, os , f. (MlV ~l,_ , ? , Men's FITTED CASE f.calhcr! Slide fastener! 8 fittings! Men's Dress SHiilTS P.-eshruiik broadcloths. Plains, fancies, 14-17. Men's Cossack Jackets All wool! Talon fast- cner. 2 mulT nockcts. Men'i Novelty Fa]unac- "Gentry." Surplice, slip- <™ /«« over, or tuxedo. _^-'BV Men's Felt Everetts 49 Warm felt uppers! Cushion soles! Oxford! ROXY Last Time Today Matinee & Nighl— 10c - 2uc Wheeler & Woolsoy in 'COCKEYED l''ox News Comedy Friday & Saturday Bruce Calm i Jndilli Allen H. B. Warner 111 'NIGHT ALARM' SERIAL . . CARTOON Boys' Felt Slippers Strong felt uppers! Cushion soles! 1-614! Women's Kid d'Crsays Black kid with peach Le.ithor soles! ^ For Mc » "> Crave Co.nfort! Moccasins values al this price! Trimmed LINGERIE SiK-.'.'' "" Panties, Janet* peUs, chemises, bce-trimmeil or embroidered— small to Iari;e! SILK GIFT HOSE full faihiantti T/i/5 light-weight, all Flannel ROBE makes a choice gift for women' icd as smart women want them ," olc , hcd collar ' flai " 1 " 14 " 3 ' Wa ™ as a W™- cMnrvcj / lts wc 'R htr Range of colors! Sizes 16 and small to Wool BLANKET A Tfal buy a , Embrd. PUIow Slips 9* Colored embroideries and appliques! 2 in box, Smartly boxed! sors, buffer, file, etc. Chiffons with si I k picot top! f>trv\ce wild mercerized top Bed Ensemble 81x39. iwo cases $.1.79 Towel Sets Men'* Handmade Ties Resilient construction bach in j/ift bo x . Men's Gi£t SCARFS Cost a mere Knitted rayon Fringed ends White or colors' H"y for Christmas right now! Men's GIFT ROBES Cotton blanket 35.98 Shawl collar 3- button front. Patterned and P pin. .Sizes f or nil men. FITTED CASE Leather travel case. Slide fastener. Decorated mtings. Great GIFT Cof(on blanket SinElo or double breasted. Plain * r patterned treat bar(;a:a.v — ",»>^_ B . & Autograph SET Diary lacks How girls love tlicsel Covered in imitntion leather! 5 V ea" <ll«ryf Colors' Gift Negligees Silk C'repe l;aee. niaivilioti, ;mbioidncd net Irititinidgf — or in Uhincse ..lityles! 5»wll to brffe!.. Gi£t Handkerchiefs Women's cotton or tincn! Hemstitched! Gray white or colored omb. corners!

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