The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1937
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MARCH 0, 1937 REALIZE // - < '•, jf CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rote per line for consecutive Insertions: ' One tine per line r:. lOo Two times per line per day ... 08o Three times per Hue per day .. OCc Six times per line per day .... 05o Month rate per line ......— 60o Cards of Thanks 50c & 7Bc Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six' times affd stopped before expiration will he charged (or the number of times the ad appeared.and a(lj«.5tnjB)t of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be nceom- punled !&y cash. Hates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility, will be taken for more than one Incorrect insertion of anv classified ad. Bus., Opportunities Beauty Culture IS THE COMING PROFESSION Learn, this pleasant work which y pays well. New class opening—state supervised Reasonable Tuition Mrs. William Berryman , Elaine Beauty Shop v^fl 'Vr Wanted To Buy We Pay §6-§7.50 per ton for Scrap Iron, Radiators §1$1.50, Metals 3e to 12c lb., also buy hides & old batteries AR1AN AUTO PARTS 128 E. Main Phono 176 For lie-lit STORE BUILDING on. W, Main St., near new factory site, Kea- L. Fojvlcr. 3-ck-tt WE BUY Hides & Metals Wool & Scrap Iron Blythcville Iron & Metal Co. Cherry £ R. H. Phone 448 ... WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Hubbard 2nd Hand - Furniture Store r&one 1031 ' Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co, -303 E. Main For Sale Business Directory Built-To-Order HOMES WE ATTEND TO AM. DETAILS Let's Talk* It Over—Phone 100 E, C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Sporting Goods of all kinds Uniforms & equipment for base-. t>a)l, handball, -Softball, soccer ball, tennis, track & boxing.. " PLUMBING! Fixtures, pipe, fittings; all/- bathroom accessories, valves, electric water systems for farms. Water softeners, fitters or any other item connected with plumbing or heat"PETE" THE PLUMBER Best Prices Hubbard Hdw. Co. MOST •COMPLBTB STOCK SPHAY MATERIALS and , _. ,,,, INSECTICIDES -.'..': ;«^in. : this'locality ;'•'/' • .-i/Eor. useirjn nil Fruit; Trees", ' r '_ Shrubbery, and Vegetables/ 0 '* Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. J. W. Shouse Wilson Henrj Cotton Seed!!! ' STOMEVILLE — DPI, HALF'& HALF BEST PRICES - BIytheville Gin Co. USED BRICK. Cheap. A. K. Carter, 007.N. 5th St. 3-p-k-10 CHILD'S HIGH CHAIR. CHEAP GOOD CONDITION. Mrs. Carl Davis, call 630. Pair young draft mares ana harness, reasonable. Guaranteed .to be sound and good workers. \Vt 2,500 Ibs.-Joe Craig, Phone 74. •• -' • 27c kt Mules For Sale DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC. MIJWOWS G. C. Hawks, 300 E. Main ins! •* "MY COAL IS,IM«VCK— B UT I TREAT; VOU WHITE" I Also Pay Best Prices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 101 Coal & Wood Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky COAL Shaver-Foster Gin Co. rhone 278 Chickasawba & R. R. It You Want Wood, We Have It! Ash & Oak Kentucky Lump Coal, $6.50 .ton Economy Coal Co. 221 W. Cherry plums 14b Shoe Repairing CITY SHOE SHOP ' Try us once Then try us Uvicc After that you'll let us .Do your shoo work the Rest of your life. WM. FKEE.IIAN & J. li. HOLT 4 doors east Penney's NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP 12J West Main. Simon P. Lee in charge 4 Photos FREE with Each Order for Half Sole Job QUALITY SHOE SHOP "The house, of good service and quality. Everything for your shoes and boots. Rubber heels 25c up Soles 50c up. Free Delivery r - P;:<mc ]2 0 H., B. Campbell, Owner . Poultry & Eggs POULTRY WANTED We pay highest market prices for all kinds poultry. Fisher & Gnlncs at Galnes Grocery & Market, U W. Main. , BABY CHICKS ; ALL VARIETIES Custom Hatching MARILYN HATCHERY Hwy, 61 North, Blythovilie Youni? white Plymouth Rock HENS' S1.50 each; rooster Irep with each IB hens or single roosters, 51.50. < Abbott-Joliiison Poultry Rirm . Barficld road. Batteries BATTERY SERVICE ' Call J. Ben' dune Phone 8 at Tom Jackson's .'Ye have some especially good -bar ains in cars, trucks and pick-up. See Our's Before You Buyi '936 International ii Ton Pick-U 1935 Ford IK. Ton Truck 1829 Chevrolet Sedan- 1031 Chevrolet Roadster 1930 Oakland Sedan Delta' implements, Inc. 3OOD ALFALFA HAY, reason ably -priced. Mrs. B. L. Tunic Osceola, Ark. • • 4-p-k- S "CHOICE DPL No. 11 COTTO SEED carefully saved for our ow •se. BARGAIN. Electric Gin Co. LTJXORA,:ARK. Icely Furnished STEAMHEATED BEDROOM, bath. Call 5CO. 4c kl-4 room furnished apt., 1015 w. Ash Call 445-W. Mrs. Goodwin. 10-tf .irnished, .stenmhcated ApnrlinciU. Telephones 107 mid 671. Oc ktf 'uriilslicd 5 room house,. 124 E. Cherry.. All conveniences. Mrs. Tattle Bryenns, v 27p k8 ftderri •! Room^ FURNISHED Apartment. Phone 280. 2Cc ktf room furnished spartment. 1031 W. Ash. Call 9G8. 21-c-k-tl rnfurnlshcd or Furnished six room modern cottage,, electric rcfrlg- ation, near grade and high «hools. 909 Holly, Call 402. 20c)ctf X)R RENT—Office formerly occupied 1)5' the Highfill Cotton Co., t the Ellis Implement Co. Phone 40, l-ck-8 room furnished apartment, pri- te hatli. back & front entrances. Iso bedroom. Call 72-W. 2c ktf 'wo Room Furnished Apartment. Newly redecorated. Couple only: Irs. Wyalt Henley, 1315 w. Main. So klO [odern 3-room FURNISHED Aparlment, 224 Dougan. Mrs. ,\. r ert. : .... - Oc kit Room and Board $6 PER WEEK 'njoy comforts of steam heat, ot and cold water, good food, all or this low price. • Pcabodj- Hofcl 111 E. Main John Charles Fremont «-as the iepubllcan party's first presiden- tal candidate. He was chosen at he first Republican national con- 'entlo'n at Philadelphia, Pa., in WALNUT • AT'FICTH. ST. • For ricder Used Car Value '30 FOUI) FOKUOit TOUll- IJX'U. I,ock:> ;\\\il uuius Like New '....,. ?52S 'i» FOItn COUPE: N^s' Taint "ml Tires. ,\ Good One $'i75 '^1 I)E SOTO SKI)A\. motor and Tlri-s Nnv ...,....., S124 '31 OI1KVKOI.ET MAST lilt COACH. Sec Tills One .. 5205 '33 FOKD roitnoit. A Good Kay For $205 '31 KOItl) TUD01). Lois of Mileage ••.!•••. ¥145 '33 OLDSMOUILK SEDAN. A Clean Car 1. iS35 Many Others '1'a Choose Froni I'lioiie 810 liciiicmlcr, You Take No CliiuiM (I'licu Von Bny a K. & G. Used Car — They Musi Satisfy - - Our Hcpulation Is Your rrotcclion Phillips Used Car Lot Hoy Calvin, Jlfr., Usud Car De'pt. NATIONALLY ADVERTISED 1'RODUCT WITH E31'A13LISHED MABKtT Thousands of customers, retail out- lels, belter service stations, gases, car dealers,'Industrial pinnis (of men selected 03 Jnctory dlstrlu- utor to look after Pyroll business. H you have sales, merchandising; nWlitj'. Integrity, ambition, dean record, (his opportunity worth 'upwards to $10,006 a mi more yearly. From Sntunlay Evening Post, popular McchnnlC3. Country CKMillc- man. Time, l^rtune, Trade and Class Magazine, Newspapers, pili- uoards, radio, more Ulan-76 million lirospeclK get tho'.Pyroll story of the nullity to save motors, repair bills an;l Industrial lubrication snvlugs of $5000 nnuunlly. Highly imlottsu by millions, leading laborntorlei-. large-Industries, e(c. Life tlmo 011- porlitnity. write fully. 1'YROIl, COMPANY, 8500 Main, Real Estate FOK .. .. Pretty pour Room Bungalow, with Bath. Two doors from high school grounds. Garage, Shady yard. Price $050. Terms. 4-ck-8 TJiom'au Land Co., Sole Agents Three Acres near High School on gravel street outside' citty., city Water and i;g. l :!s. Nice cottage, poultry house, large- dairy house with concrete lloor. • Shane trees and shrubbery.-. Price $1850, prefer all cash. Might arrange terms. ' Thomas Land Co., Sole Agents Salesmen Wanted WIS HAVli -SECURED THE SEKVfCES OF AN 'RADIO MECHANIC who will guarantee to rermti your ratllt) to Hrsf class couiil- llon. • A Co:ii|i|clo Lino of TuliM ami 1'urls - - Best Trices Hubbnnl Tire'* Hut. Co. Phone 476 Plume 7«0^ ••W,-- BLVTHKVIjLtR.,';'; Superior Coal & Mining C Drs. Wert & Wcrt Over Joe Isaacs' Store *WB MAKE 'EM 1 SliE" r Phone 610 , 24 Hour Wrecker Service Beat Prices Joyncr Motor Sales Call 1000 Storage' LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION Arkansas-Missouri Lino Shell Products Visit one of (lie, most moil- em serv>i!o sl'nllOTiji. in the South. A courteous start r>( attendants nt your service 2-i • houra a clay. COAL- FEED ' . ".-• PHONI r 1 -, • Children's Author'. 1 — • i HORIZONTAL 1,5 Author of "The Birds* Christmas Carol." 110 Sewing I machine reel. ;J1 War'flyer, [12 Hair tool." «. [13 Blond. j 15 Wheel center 16 Trays lor tltshcs. , 18 Neuter ! pronoim. |19 Spain. 20 Snaky fish. '21'Hitler drug. 23 Rigid. '28 To Kive. 29 to encircle. 30 Book name. ;32 To scoff. W Sound of , inquiry. ;35 Wool knots. 36 Small particle. '37 i'alher. 'iS Nothing '40 Lists of names 42 Chum. '43 To doze, 45 Cities. 46 Writing tool. 47 Blockhead. 49 Electrified particle. 50 Engraver's loot. 52 She was a writer. 53 was lier •native land. VERTICAL 2 Concerning. 3 Crave, 4 To recede, fi Sage. 6 Habituates. V Officers' mallets, 8 One who ices. 9 Northeast. 12 loVe her stories. 14 Hail! 1C One that ipols 17 Keyed instruments. 19 Killed. • 21 Social Insect, 22 Eel trap,' 24 Singing voices 25 Blood-sucking • insect. 26 Distant, 27Sleel. 31 Court excuse. 32 Reddlslj brown pigment. 34 Indian vernacular, 37Overpoweiing fright. 39 Secular, 41 One and one. # Fairy; 44 Kettle. 46 Cat's murmur. 47 Provided. 48 Musical note. 50 To exist. 51 North America. PHILADELPHIA (Ul?)—The city has. be'oii (iskc<l to contribute $2,000 toward expenses of a promotion trip through signed to-"self dciphta. Pennsylvania dc- the Poft of Phila- SPECIAL BARGAIN New Four Row PLANTER For Model A John Deere Tractor Also Several Good Used CULTIVATORS PAUL BYRUM Certificate good for $50.00 Credit on Farmall Tractor. Don't jiced it and - will sell at big loss. Thomas Land Co. 4 Six head of CJood MULES for sale. See Paul Bynun. Scktf Personal MFiV' GET VIGOR AT ONCE! J -'J- 1 - J J-'' New Oslrcx Tonic Tablets contain raw oyster invijjora- tors and other stimulants.' One dose peps up organs, glands.K not delighted, maker refunds few cents paid, Call, write KIrby Eros. Drug Stores. Farm Loans $500 Jp ALSO LOANS ON BUSINESS BUILDINGS. RF.SIDENCES, FILLING STATIONS. Don H. Kasserman Room 220—Lynch bldg. P. O. Box 410 TOEE! If exncss acid causes you Stomach Ulcers. Gas Pains, indigestion. Heartburn, GET free sample doctor's prescription, at Kirby Bros. Drug Co. NO RED TAPE Borrow money on your car to pay for your licenses and other bills. Car need not be paid for See U. W. ML'LUNS Sudbury BMg; Phone 4ag Wanted LAUNDRY, rough dry or finished. Good-work. Mrs. Mick, 616 Lake. 2-pk-O 7HES8 DJMOSAURsS ACERt ACESURESUMPIMTO , BUT I AIMT SO SOLO OM JHIS G1MGSIOE GOT,' WHAT A BPSAK. MOW IP r CAW OULY GIT THIS KMOt I.WT1E3 BOOTS AND HER BUDIHES WHV.CORA-I THOUGHT YOU 5WD R\<bVW XOU Mt,CQRIV. 6WO 1 WAS 010 WASH TUBBS t!6Hl THOlhAMi) TEN- J AH, HA! I SEE YOU'RE STILL E16HT THOUSAND ^. Ct-EANINS UP, CbLOMEL. TWENTV- I OU&HTA ESI EASV'S GOINSG "''• BSTTEK THAM EVER. ^6 cow-' SECUTWE KNOCKOUTS. ri£'S THE; GREATEST FI6KTER — / THAT EVER UVEP/ he ^ A TW , lr ; ANOTHER TORPEOo KNOCK EASV'S EARS OFF. FRKCKLES AND. His FRIENDS I WATCH -THE BIG SHIPg STEAMiUG OUT TO .f "rEAH- TfjERE GOES THE SEA, DoWr YOU -3- )/( MATSANIA .' IT WEVER. STOPS' SHE'LI, RRTUHN SOMH'BAY! W^M!Jp\\ '' ^ >vm i 1 1 LIKE IT \v1LL BE A LCWG TIME EEfOPE \VE HIT THIS PORT OH A ECAT LIKS: TF-IAT.... STEAMIMG pLTT TO A\VAY PLACES.' I V. WHATTKE ABOUT, V/m-l JJ A CARE OH TT-iEIR MIHDS ? Jl'l-L V/AVS AT SEE THAT WES' THE OWLY Bcr/WAVlMQ STocfcrDW....rT'S- EOUWD FDR SIWQAPORE/ AT US .V/OBLD I EVER FROM THE ._ HIU.? ' ''- ' ' OJY V-'jSr" 1 —X. t*, fim\w

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