The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 9, 1948
Page 7
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FRIDAY, APRIL 9, 1948 PAGE SEVEJf *•<>/ £«««!<«, Business, Farm and Auto JDU QUOIN. Ill, (UP)—Dr. G H •liiti-iclgc loft his car in reverse »«ar on a cold night, after he liad Twckcd out his driveway the next morning, he found the gears wouldn't shift. He backed up the •Ix blocks to his office. ES/EBW WOMAAJ WHO MAKES A FOOL <XJT OP A M*N, THEBE IS ANOTHER WHO MAKES A MAN OOf More Canneries Urged in Missco Frisco Specialist Discusses Outlook at Rotary Luncheon A. G. Anderson, assistant agent for agricultural development of the Experiment Station to Study Effect Of Radio Activity on Plant Growth •kansas could become " .'„: " , J u [?> Commission I.-, :annfng section of the ??H ' A , "" a " ci "K the study, i. and In this connec- , , '' P rovld « part of Ihe spc- led attention to the „\. inatcrlal s required. "Now this carpenter hid plenty • of sense J Pi-lsco Rallroad^St. Ix>uls, Mo., addressed local Rotarlans at their meeting In the Hotel Noble yesterday. Mr, Anderson predicted that Northeast Arkansas could become the leading ca ' United Stales. _ tion he called attention to Hie - rapid growth of the industry in * \ Northwest Arkansas, but tolnlcd lout lhat Ihe dairy interests in that . section might crowd out canning.. Mr. Anderson praised Godfrey White, osceola farmer, for his initiative in experimenting with canning crops. He pointed out that Mr. White's experiments with celery, potatoes, onions, asparagus, spinach, and peas have been a big help to vegetable groaers of this area. FAYETTEVIL,LE, Ark., April 9.-* The Arkansas Agricultural Experiment station Is cooperating in a study on Ihe influence of radiouc- tive materials on the growth of crop plants, Or. Ltppcrt s. Ellis, station director, has announced The work will be carried cm cooperatively by the Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering of the U. S. Department, 01 Agriculture, and a number uf stole experiment, stations. The. XI. S. Atomic Energy Commission I.-, For you'll find that items ta lore, From the front porch to the backyard fence Came from your friendly TRAD- • ING POST store!" J Caution Advised InUseofUD Unwise Use May Be Harmful, Arkansas Agronomists Claim dor the W dire Mlr oei the diicction C°°Pcr. head of p, of Professor J. K. • the Horticulture ' Soil Conservation '"HOWE 8« +10 WEST ASH BLVTHESI/ILLE. ARKA,N5A« In discussing Northwest Arkansas I he told of the Campbell Soup Company experiment In Fort Smith, and if the experiment Is successful it Is highly probable that It will result in a large soup cannery In Fort Smith. •""Arkansas," Mr. Anderson said, 'rinks filth in spinach canning in the U. S.. both In quality and In toriaee." According to Mr. Anderson almost 50,000 acres in Arkansas FAYETTEV1LLE, April B-Agaln !?? y ™ r " ' S mj< "''l.ortant fh!" Arkansas laimers wlio use the chemical weed-killer 2.4-D exercise r lm "-' h <««'»°". »8vonoml.,t.s at the of Arkansas College of University of Arkansas Agriculture. It will be carried on at Experiment Station wan, FVv.t^ 3 m Expe 'l lne " 1 B 'allon 'all With the annual latm )o .« lo ,,„, Tr urt R, e ,; ,"'!? " 1C Pruil """ T" lry duc to w <* ds e'^'ter tin, iiiick Blanch Experiment Station ll ": combined loss from Insects and TI,?'«;.,,I , - i dlscascs on I' 1 ""!* »"d nnlmafs. thpv »iJ , .? ? a " ned lo fhld facts Concede that nn effective way of I about the effects of radioactive m,v controlling weeds is -rcatlv needed Uerials on plant growth and per- But unwise use of 24-1) can cause ' orman ' formance. The materials will not more harm than eoori. be used as tracers to measure the . Cotton Is very susceptible lo In- errects; of standard fertilizer mate- ' Jury from the chemical nnd so arc rials. Ihe Idea Is to determine the nearly all Burden [lowers vetrclR- duect Influence of Hie radioactive blcs. and broad-leaved crops That materials on Ihe production and i means the herbicide should'never quality of vegetable croi«. , be used near these crops when th» ion aimosv au.uuo acres in Arkansas K'owin? 11 so, to what ext ire devoted to the growth of can- I the radiation does affect ning crops. Beans are another valuable canning crop of Arkansas, and the state ranks fourth In canning of that crop, Mr. Anderson said. Other guests of the Rotarlans were L- S. Hamilton, Dallas, Tex., Godfrey White, osceola; P. D. Foster, Blytheville, and J. O. Rankin, Hayti, Mo. YOU CAN BUY FROM US PIONEER Hybrid Seed Corn *• Jack Robinson Implement Company 500 East Main St. Blytherille, Ark. It has been known for a long time that all soils are radioactive to some degree. Will applications of radioactive materials improve phiiil growth? If so, to what extent? If Plant | wind is blowing. AJrplnnc npplica- iion should only be done by experienced men with low-pressure equipment nnd when there is no air movement. Farmers who use 2,4-D on their tf/i.i/Vi 1 ,', n BV- •.'•'." I want YOU to see this great new tractor I *»y •*»( 1. believing That', why I w.nt ^yo^^hyth. Ford Tr.ctor i. now be«er than ever. How about bringing ,„. out to your fa™ for . f ree demonsir.tion? I know you'll like Ford Triple-Quick A«.eh,n, of implement, ... the fast> qu|et 4-speed tran smission . . .Ford Hydraulic Touch Control of implement,... Md ' many oiher advantages. These new Dearborn Implements ("ade for the Ford Tractor) «e just right, too. You-lHike my kind of service. So how .bout dn> ppin , in or phoning me soon? RUSSELl PHILLIPS TRACTOR COMPANY Scufh Division Street Phone 2171 „.. mytj ttiicct yiant [ *<Kiiii;is WHO use 24-D on their growth, what !s the relation of na- i pastures in the early Sprint: to kill tural radioactivity in the soil to the weeds find lliat it also kills the amount needed for stimulation? legumes in the pasture, the agron- Many experiments have been conducted in Europe and America to study the influence of radioactivity on plant growth. Some studies were carried on in Arkansas a few years ago by Professor Cooper. The results of the work, in different locations have been cnnllicting and inconclusive, showing apparently beneficial effects in some cases, no influence in others, ajid apparently harmful,effects in still others. In the cooperative project now getting underway, radioactive materials will be used in greenhouse and field experiments on a variety of crops grown on different soil types. Three-fold objective is to determine the effect of the radioactive materials on growth, maturity, composition, and yield of crops; on the germination of seeds and vigor of seedlings; and and on the number and activity of soil bacteria and other micro-organisms. omists point out, Tims the early Spring grazing afforded by the le- Bumes .will be eliminated, There are conflicting reports on the use nf 2.4-D on small grains nnrt' com, partially because varieties differ in their reaction to the herbicide. These crops are only relatively resistant, and applying the chemical when the plant is making lap- id growth will very likely rosull In damage. The aBronomists advise that 2,4-p should never be used on small grains if a legume has been overscertcd on the grain, and should not be applied between the shooting and heading stage of growth Applying Ihe 2,4-D to the soil immediately . following planting, or "pro-emergence treatment," appeals a promising way or controlling weeds in corn, although too large an application will be harmful. A small application at this time will cause only slight damage to a germinating crop of cotton. When this treatment is used, the seed should be sown at a slightly greater depth than usual, and the seedbed well prepared and firmly packed. If prc- .- ...... — ----- •-- """" emergence treatment is to be made can be trimmed but deep-seated on cotton or coin, it should be tried mold will spoil flavor. , j on a small scale only. It is impos- rir ^ y a 1 " ml . n " m t ,f Ulp! ;, ate to hy - ' sible at t! " r - - im e to make defiinie arnngcas if rich blue flowers arc j recommendations for applying the desired. Sulphur maybe added, material to the soil ' Other acid loving plants such as For such crops as soybeans ami azaleas or rhododendrons should tie "".r^mis aim given a similar- treatment -- - -- - — Farm Agents' Tips Check all home-cured meat for any signs of mold. Outside mold he the Da ntn ri , planted cool weather ' Cr ° PS 5UCh ES ' . carrots, kohlrabi, garden peas, ete. FOR SALE DORTCH'S IMPROVED OGDEN BEANS Stale Certified NON-CERTIFIED OGDEN PURITY 98% Germination &&% C. L. Wylie, Grocer, Promised Land Phone 2025 or L. R. Matthews Gin, Yarbro Phone 727 E-Z RIDE TRACTOR SEAT ft^Titit. sbXftaKi*: AV"" SEE YOUR IMPLEMENT DEALER If He Cannot Supply—Call, Write or Wire John Miles Miller Co. Distributor 123 West Ash St. Blylheville, Ark. A Phone 2007 Louis Bromflelri of Lucu Ohio one of America's leading exponents of soil conservation, is scheduled lo speak in Memphis In Hold Penbodv on April 15 at 7 p.m. iir e li)g ex '- pnnslon 0 ( Frlo>icl, of the Land movement. Paul Beslor of New York Cily» national president, of Friends ol Ihp Lnnrl, , v ll] attend the meeting expansion of the movement In the South is being advocated, according to Tom Memilcy, farm writer for Ihe press Sclinltnr In Memphis, niirt wider Interest Is being sought among farmers and residents of the citlM, too Long-rnnge planning i» needed to save the soil «nd cltUens can be instrumental in the framing o ( sound national policies Mr Meanley susBwlert- (taverni I>r»w Crowdi CARLSBAD, N.M. (UP»-Visllors to the tamcct Carlsbnrt Cavern* In 1947 set nn all-time high, wltn more than 400,000 persons seeing the caves. The pen!- month WAS August, when 1,(HH) persons saw the caverns. sorghums, using the 2,4-D before th« seed is planted may also be practical. With such pre-plnnling treat- inent. tlie soil should not be dls- lutoed for 2 or 3 weeks alter the chemJcnl Is applied, which means planting must be held up for that length of time. For casy-to-klll weeds, the sodium salt of 2,4-D has been extensively used since it has been the cheapest. Applying the material us a water spray gives more even distribution Minn dusting and Is much less apt to cause damage to nearby susceptible crops. Low-pressure spr»y esuip- mcnt should be used. The sprayers should not be used afterwurds for other work unless they are thoroughly cleaned with hot water and soap or trisodUim phosphate and then allowed to stand overnight, filled with a solution made nf 2 teas- poonfms ol household ammonia to a quart of water. AND THE MASSEY- HARRIS Drill Planling holds < big advan- lagei ovtr th» check jow melhod. Look ov»r lh»»« "quick faclt" . . you'll wanl th« advanlags ol a Masssy.Hami Drill Planter 6n your farm. 1 • PUNTPASTE«...x,plo6Mr.H. and lhat mtam 75 acftt a day wilh fht 4-iow jnodfll. S • NO CHICK WHI . . . no ,w <jpt of lh« row «ndi. Juil m«V* IK> turn and b«fin plantlnfl «gaTn. 1 • CULTIVATING IS 1 451 1 It . . . you'r* nol bumping ottt cron ridgvi. •« • FASTH, lASIEd KAKVISTINC... I Jit picker loVet on even Raw ol ilngl, llolk* inilead ol heavy ilugi. According lo Univeriily reporli, yleldi or* • quaT or b«irer. QUICK DETACHABLE Stm1-mouti(«d dwign wild »jnjl« point hitch maVw atlacMng and d». lacking a limpl* Job. Tl'i «a»/ as a pull lyp« ncchlru—actually lakw loss Ihcn a mlnult. BlGFtRTIUZK HOPPHS Feililizar is piac fn 2 band* aioi • Ide stcdi, at planling deplli, (o promot* rapid growth .. . planl« bool ths wwdf. Big capacity hop- pen hold 85 poundi—less Jloci lor refills! Impltment Company Norlh 6th St. Phone 2142 No Sl«u«h(nr Nwdrrt , ?"*. P«. <UP) - A musi broke Inlo * lioiise where n S ( a ( e ' pollcemtn were qunrtcrert, upset a pile of dishes In doing so mid Jefn Iwlilnd » Jnckcl bearing his name nnd ndikeM. He was ancjtc promptly. Wllli «K tlMlmrnl SKUACH. NO- « I'rtvml ITClt 01 cWltoylkf with Jluiu M-S SOAP 35c. At Drug Sloro K Stulli UtMMtcrlM, n«i»ji«. AUt»m* LOANS r bur'nti refliunclnf. talUtar, riwfcj.i f.rtn Und. and AiU Wwtu. Q«ltk teTiwT Ji N ' T , ED , INSURANCE AGEN it* S. l»t—Inmm Bid*.—Ground Fl*«r A. F, "D»«" hletrirh, Manner "Complete Inwane* Scrrlec" JEEP OWNERS Have Your Jeep Reconditioned Here! As your authorized new Jeep Dealer, we are best clipped io do the job. Our mechanics are "TOPS," our **r,ice is thorough, our work reliable! W. use only Genuine Willys Overland Jeep par.,, Let u,s put your Jeep l n shap . (<1 Work! Blyiheville Willys Sales Co. W« Are As Near As Your Teleph 410 East Main Street on* Phone 554 LET US MEASURE YOUR FRONT DOOR FOR AN ORNAMENTAL SCREEN It Adds Beauty and Dignity To Your Home! Phone 551 E. C ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY 819 West Ash St. "pfcfc.V Get your needs all at one place. Drop in and see our fine assortment. All iri.tal. for chicki (a <-WM!U old. CHICK STARTENA DISINFECT THE HOUSE Help guard chick* Qffainst diBtaie. U>e this di«inf«dont with a pl«a«ant odor. PURINA CHEK.R-FECT PURINA CHEK-R-TABS FULL LINE OF POULTRY NEIDS Brood«r« • liitt*r Founts • F««4« r> Spray Gun* •Thwme. try Th«iznom«Ur» COME AND Sil THEM L. K. Ashcraft COMPANY Vi Block South •( Dtp**

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