The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 16, 1944
Page 7
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TUESDAY. MAY 1C, 19J4 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line lor .A- ,.,. time per line ......... " ...... times ytt line ptr day, ' '"ijo time* per line per toy.'.".'.'.'. f a time* per line per day 7* Ufnerper toe per day.. 1 ..'" fc ontb per llue ....... (<£ Adi i ordered lor three or six 'times d stopped be/ore expiration will charged for tho number or tlmS e ad appeared and adjuntmeat ol l made. Aavenumg copy out - h - "WO™by cash. Rates may be easl- computed from the abova table. Advertising ordered for Irregular millions takes the on* time rate. No responsibility win be, 'taken r more than one Incorrect liuei- classified ad. For Sale For Sale New Jour room lioiise with hot water heater. Phono 3933. 5|10pk23 Sand and gravel. Bnrksdalo Manufacturing Co., Phone 2911. 5-13-ck-20 . BLYTHEVILLE, ('ARK,): COURIER NE#S For Rent. Nicely furnished tico room npavt nicnt, 103 Donijan or IOC W. Mnlti 5;10-pk-10 1936 FORD FORDOR. City driven, 5 excellent tires. Radio and hcat- cr. Phillips Motor Co. 5110-ck-21 BICYCLES for men and women boys and girls. Tom Little Hardware Co., Inc. 5'8-ck-S FORD Deluxe Sedan Co»[». 1841 model. Radio, heater nnd live good tires. Phillips Motor Co, 5-lo-cklO iwrfcx oil burner refrigerator ijocia condition. Hay Brown, Huff-' 'k. 5-15pki8 0 "ere level land farm. ~Apnraxl- nntely 00 acres in cultivation— >alanco Umber pasture. 6-rooni frame dwelling. 30x30 barn, other mtbuildings. $25 per acre acre fnrm near Manila.' Price $4000. J. C. CHAPIN, Manila, Ark vp 5-room residences with bath close In. Price $3,050. Terms half- easli. Could scl! separate. Pbone 4«, office with Lucien Coleman 120 So, 2nd. H. C. Campbell 5|15-pk-22 41 FORD V-8 "Super Deluxo" TUTOR. Beautiful 2-ione color. Jnven less than 15,000 miles Completely equipped to drive Phillips Motor Co. 5]15-ck-2l jkes Used Electric Water System CS'od as new. No certificate required. $45.00. Tom Little Hdw. Co - 5|15-pk-18 Electric Washing Machine? Man's Pre-war Bicycle. Power Lawn Mower. Rebuilt Hand Lawn Mower. lilyllieville Machine Shop _ 5115-ck-l.f 41 FORD V-8 "Super Deluxe" CONVERTIBLE COUPE. Radio intl heater. 5 A-i tires. Excellent n appearance and mechanical condition. Phillips Motor Co. 5|15-ck-21 FOR QUICK SALE list your projv erty with: H. C. CAMPBELL,, 'hone 44.6. Office 120 S. 2nd, with Lucien E. Coleman. 5-2-pk-2 -types of. motors repaired, Armature winding. Refrigerators and rebuilt •„ motors for sale. Rowen Electric Co., 120 N. First, Phono 1 _ ' • • 28ck28 40 CHEVROLET "Master Deluxe'' I'OWfJ SEDAN. Unusually sound nechanical condition. 5 good tires', !eater,-seat covers. Dark green color. Phillips Motor Co. • _ 5|lG-ck-21 SEI) PTANOS hotigh7Tr7ri solrt. ; George Ford, Hnnl- tfiy Appliance Co. 5-1-ck-l We monel-Eifcitrlc Radios Radio Hospital, 204 W. Ash. _ < 21-pk-27 •title and Console RADIOS. Slectric and battery. HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Phone 2071. 7-ck-7 ate Certified, Ceresan-treated Mtapine 12 cottonseed, $5.00—100 $90.00 Ton. Ralsoy soybeans Certified $3.25 bu. Not Cert. $2.75 m. Tenn. and Dortch hybrid corn. Vill trade 2 bu. ovir treated for 3 >». your untreated cottonseed. Burdette Plantation, Burdette. Certified caboage planti, free from yellows, tomatoes, peppers hot and sweet, All kinds of ilowcr plants and seeds. Hea ton's Home of Flowers. Davis Avenue al Frank""• 3-2-ok-tf —" ' V«Srt*w^, , V^V^^J, Wanted To Kent Oarage convenient to 1305 West Walnut. Phone 2333. 5|ll-i)k-14 Furnished Call 89fl. apavEment Lost or house, 5-3-pk-17 Rooms for men. Harry Atkins, 4tl8-pk-5[18 OHIce In Ingram Building. Inquire at the Parthurst Co. M-30-ck-tf Diamond, wedding and Humes High class ring on safety pin, Phone 2541. Mrs. John Riley. Reivard 5113-pk-17 Black mare mule. Small wllh smooth mouth. Oracly Homer, niythevllle Wanted Experienced bookkeeper. Ph. 565— Male or female upholsterers. Steady work. Good pay. Good working conditions. Apply at once by letter or in person to U. S. BEDDING COMPANY, 1047 Florida St., Memphis, Tenn. 5-15-ck-8 Small porlablc ratiio in good condition. Phone 2711. 5|10-pk-n Male bookkeeper. Must be efficient and extremely accurate. Meyers Distributing Co. Phone 437. 5|ll-ck-18 Seamstresses and checkers. Apply Hudson Tailor Shop. 28-ck-t£ Experienced cooks end waitresses Apply Hotel Noble: IB-ok-tf Stenographer. Must \K fast on typewriter and able to take dictation. Meyers Distributing Co. Pho. aill-ck-18 Wanted Wanted— 4 of 5 room house unfurnished. by nermanent people. P o 10-dh-k-l7 Two room nunrlmcm, iiavtinlly IHV nlshetl. Mrs, A.vci'.s, 10J Weil Sycs _» 10 ™. 5110-px-lS Dedi'oom with kltchcn~)>rlvlii>gi>s 322 E. Kentucky. 5-!0-|>kl8 Bcditwin. 1125 Honrn. Phone 3316 5-10-0-10 Bedroom with kllclipn prlvilcgoa foi couiilo only.,Phono 589, from 12:30 to 5 ]>.m. 13-iiH-n . private entrance; electric water healer service. Phone 2037. &110-))k-n Comfortable bedroom, southwest Tentli nntl Clilcknsnwta. Phone Comtorluble bedroom, adjoining bath. 1017 Walnut. Phone 25m. 28tf Bedrooms for rent with kitchen jirlvlleges and maid service. Phone Wanted to Buy E STORAGE TANK Wanted to buy :\ good used t;aso- Ilnc .storage tank with a capacity of 14,000 to 10,000 gallons. Cull or write KEISEH SUPPI, CO, Kclspr, Ark. S|lfi-ck-23 Pre-war baby stroller. Phone 3330, Corn arid hay, top prices paid Blytheville Grnln & Elevator Co. 8-ck-tl Will pay cash for $10,000 worth of good used furni iture. Wade Furniture Co. Will pay 2oe per uoz. for wlro coat hangers. Hudson Cleaners. General Advises 13-Year-Old NORTH WOODSTOCK, N. H. (UP) — Thirteen-year-old Herbert Tjj'JHlc Is tnking no cliiincos on being unprepared when Ills dratt board calls him. The boy wrote (o Brig. c.en. George H. Weems, assistant commandant of the infantry school at p^ort Benning, On., asking how he could "get rcadv" for the Army. Th e General's advice: "Stay in school—there'll al ways lie an Army." "Since Eagle Puss was made a' sergeant, he thinks he ought to •' 10-ck-6-10 ' _.:•.: look more official!" All Auto Owners 'Spring Check-Up' Maintain yonr car for the duration with onr thorough "Pro- Active Service" anil avoid damage ana destruction of parts SBJrd to replace. * CLEAN RADIATOR AND COOLING SYSTEM * CHANGE ENGINE AND GEAR OILS * TIGHTEN ALL BOLTS AND BRACES * TUNE CARBURETOR AND DISTRIBUTOR Come In NOW for our SPECIAL SPRING CHECKUP, Minor repairs and adjustments TODAY will prevent expensive overhauls tomorrow. TeL PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Actliortwa FoM Dealer Ith * Waln.t BON EDWARDS •Th« IOTAL, nirra, OOBONA. AND RKJUNOTDB Ht H. toll BTBKIT " PEON! iWO (Irery TimMacUon Miut B« B«tliT»etor») Good Used y Horse-Drawn Equipment -Also Harness- NITRATE OF SODA 3-9-18-and PH7 Fertilizers. J. L TERRELL J11.5. Broadway Phone 2631 HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured nnO scrooi actress, '9 Any ' 10 Facility 11 Chaldean city 12 Natives or Latvia 15 Sire of shot i |fi Fixed look ^ JD Dutch city °>, ifl Onward t & ilPnlm lily \«? 22 VeeclnUle X1 23 Bird's home 25 Erect 26 Debit note : (ahbr.) 27 Alleged force 29 Him 30 Manuscript (nbbv.) t , 31 Us ; '.' 32 That thing 13 Electrical term 35 Half-cm 3G Jumbled type 37 Symbol for , soleninm •• ^, 3fl Scorch ({J/.'. 41 Serpents \ , ' 43 Light knock . 44 Myself ' ~ ^ Chaos ^^_-' 47 Diminutive of Patrick 48 Greek letter 50 Area measure 52 Frighten 54 Sun god 55 Class of VEKnCAI, 1 Comrades — 2 Emmet 10 Yes (Sp.) , Snibllcal I7.!80sheels * t pronoun • 18 Auricles .A •1 Baseball slick 24 Citadel ''A 5 Hops' kiln 25 Networks 6 French article (anal.) Services Let us slmrucii nnd rawlr your huvu mower while our parts nnd repairs last, lllylhcvlllc Jlncliliu- 7 Pccnn 8 A folds 12 Cm nt 13 English statesman M Therefore family name 40 Those who rf'i ] mimic . _. .'• 42 Petty quarrels' •14 Mother ,.,.... W We •*''!> 4S) Gun (slnna) SO Mail! ' 51 Legal point' IT 28 Low haunt in ' 29 Italy part 33 External „... (comb, form) 53 Sedan 3J Hoax &*.,,, ,5S Symbol fur' S7M.1M ..:..* V silver . 38noyal It.illr.u" SC Street (nbbr.) I 5?" I 1 WE'VE A GOOD L/Nf OF USED CARS and TRUCKS Will Pay TOP CASH PRICES for Used Gars'and Trucks—Sec Us Before You BUY or SELL! BUFORD MARTIN Showrooms 114 W. Main Phono 565 SEWING USSSONS — Complete (i U'.s.son Couiw. $10.0U| IVcsmml Instnu'tlon. Your choice ot Dressmaking, ciittlni! nnd fllthm, jc- slylinu, etc. Adernoou nnd night. Classes now farming, Hepalm lor nil makes of sewing ninctitnn Singer Sewlnit Machlno Co., Pimne 2782, 114 So. Hrondwny 5-5-ck-0-5 Kaugh dry laundry, also, spnwls hlanki'is, light (|i)lll»j JO!) K ' ' PRESCRIPTIONS Frwhwt Stock Guaranteed Beat Prlcti Kirby Drug Stores Elmer VUL'CARIZIRG Tire & Tube Repair CottOd Ifcit B.R, * g. Bwy. II (Formerly with EiifUr Am. «»,) TmiKh, liint wriirli'iK leather, ivurkntamhlii Hint rriii;>!.s Hie li'Klher <|iiiillly. Close prices for lli;,Vf, SEIIVIOR. " H-flUTCRS QUflt,ITY $HQ€ SHOP t?r w. iM.fli-N -&T. NATION-WIDK AMBULANCE SK'nvICK Tin! Musi rtiiiiliirii Ktiulpiiirnt HO),T FUNKKAL HOftlR I'lionc 511 r«r Dptulln SEED and FEED Complete Lino of Field Seech. "SPEAR BRAND" Poultry, Hog, and Dairy Feed. SOYBEAN MEAL Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main St. Phono 856 or 857 NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites mny be ruining your property. Cull me to; 'p without cost or oblignliun, HATS, MICK AND HOAClI CONTKOfi GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP S09 E. Kcntccky Phong 23M H'y V. T- HAMLlfl Wanted To Trade Read Courier News Want Ads. Electric Refrigerators, for oil burning refrigerators. Lewis Sales Co Sikeston. 5]9-pk-23 .It is against the law to pluck a c6luinbinc in the state o! Colorado. Hold Everything IMCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ily AIURItlLL BLOSSER MlLDA TWJS IS MME- 10NE.')( NlO.' ) y' ~ WELl-.TWE POLICE HAVE VOJ SEEN THE MORNIN& PAPER. ! . FOUND THE "BODY* TWERE'S A PICTURE OF If OH THE FRONTPAGE/ \JmmKm-'4 - £=?'~ /J lliiwKi&T^ RED RYDER » DATE WITH VOU. By FRED HARMAN AUTHOR ity to f\E BACK— TKIS , Q.ERK HA.Srt'1 S DIED, VDu'lL &E CHARGED VOITrt ROBBERY ONLY.' i&^r BirlKOGiCCWW • Fine Workmanship by Expert Photographers. • No a p p o i ntmenf Necessary. • Proofs Shown For • Satisfactory Selections. Hv ,, r ,, su| , : " E LlEUtENAMT TIME FOR THE 60MB TO EXPLODE AND THE LIEUTENANT IS STILL IUSIDE! THE EXPLO \T6 A CAR STARTING AMERICAN IS SA» O'Steen's Studio FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER AIL SIZES Cheaper Than Bridge lu •OOTS AND HER liUDDIES _Bv EDGAR MARTIN STi^r^V '^ Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 OsceoU, Ark. WE FttJ." AM, DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS Ktm SAVE .TOD MONET STEWART' S * L.k« Phon. LOY EICV CHEVROLET COMPANY Phone 578 Our recent shipments from Eastern markets have brought our stock of Used Cars to the most complete selection between Memphis and St, touts. PACKARDS, BUiCKS CHEVROLET*, FORDS, DODGES, PLYMOUTHS, PONTIACS, MERCURYS, OLDSMOBILES— SEDANS, COUPES, CONVERTIBLES, - 1934 to 1942 MODELS. •.;•••. .-i, t Bring your TIRES in for o check up Factory Method Repair and Recapping Don't Let Dirty Sparkplugs Be a 5th Column , Are you losing out on bet- tcr eiiffine porfornmncc just your 'spnrk- plutfs :irc conlcd with carbon? Arc you burning more g;is than yon should? If you ;irc, it's time you did something' about it. The best way to ilclou'r around trouble like this is to lot our expert mechanics' lake over the job. It's thorough —it's inexpensive. Free Estimate' Conic Fit Any'Time for Free Sparkplug Service Kslimale, WRECKER SERVICE Call 578 . ; LOY f/CH CHEVROLET COMPANY OPEN DAY and N!TE

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