The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUK Sofia) Calendar • FRIDAY'S EVENTS Red Pepper club of city high school entei.'iiinliig football hoys with dinner parly al country club. EJmivood Cemetery association luncheon meeting with Mrs. Olio Bradben-y at Ullle River at, 12:30. Ladies Bible class of First Methodist churcli meeting with Mrs. Alice Lee, 7::iO r. M, Miss Margaret Mcn'Ut present- inii younger pupils In recllal at school auditorium, 8 P. M. SATURDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. B. n. Msion, Mrs. h. S Biiscoc and Mrs. Sptirgeon Patterson, of Jackson, Miss., having bridge party r.t Woman's club, •} P. M. Kllk-Vooi Mrs. C. II. Voss has iinnoiinccd the marriage of her daughter, Alene, lo Mr. J. T. Ullis, both of (his city, The wedding was solemnized Saturday at, steelc, Mo with the Rev. J. W. Cunningham, . pastor of the Baptist cliurch, performing (he coreiiiony. Ttie bride wore a frock of blue light weight wool with navy bine acei'x-orles. 'Mr, Ellis inui ills bride were guests of honor at a dinner given by Mr. ami Mrs, Harry Lilies Monday. Other ijiicsls Included Mr .nut Mrs. A. H. Gingham and Miss Janet Lovclt, ol Cleveland, Miss. Mrs. Lines Is a sister of Mrs Ellis. Dciiiliiiins Study Hitler The Delphian Fine Arts club Imil its final meeting until January yesterday ut the Hotel Noble when a; study of Hitler was given wilh Mrs. Lloyd V. Wise ns lender. In answering roll call Ihe 14 members present gave topics ol tlie clay concerning Roosevelt mid his administration and the ten best piuys of tlie year. Mrs. Wise gave ihc life of Hitler, of his Austrian birth and his American wife. lu s comments from Germany luday and his power there. Informal- Costume A touch of timie is supplied by tills 1ml and "scarf or'sSi'ce, Plnld wool. They nre ,vorn ,vmi a strictly Inlnagc. UliKiic) designed Ihc cwcmblc. of the cos yellow and brown of brown Mrs.' Dixie ,, Crawford comparison of Hitler gave a Chrlslmiis yitts. Mrs. w. who denies C. Hes, „. ..<i,i L , tiuu UM1HJ:> life and liberty," of Mussolini and hts regime as "King of Italy," and of the kindly policies uf l!oe,sevell. \vork. drive. • * * Club Has Airs. Harry -W. Ilaincs was guest ,of Mrs. Max H. Reid when sliu club Tuesday afternoon. The prize, Film's' lioslciy. \\ent to Mrs, Doyle Hen- turos. (lei ion ... • ' A salad iilalc was served .sandwiches', D —•• .....I. t*. ^>. i'ies - tor, a member ol the scout, trooi. committee, • • • • • ' . with tills cards whicl: - ...,j ,..iju n in ^UL 11 yttir s subsciijition tu tlic American Girl as an cxlrn reward for selling tlie Once a month Mr. ant! Mrs. o. ns Chili Z!^^^^*^?^-& club Klilerlair bci-s of the TuMday'"iiriidae mm as h« gucitv; iut a luncheon mcet- hi(c .U |i] t - country club. Christinas pl.ic* laidi and tallies and red bciilcs on Ihe mantel gave n festive note. Lunch was served al small tables around the nre place. went lo Mrs. Hunter Tho. pri/c C. Sims. .. . at the Dlylhcvillc Iiospitiil. i he baby, who weighs lour pounds, has not yet been named. V. SI. U. Obscrra.j,- Wrck or I'niycr. • Tlie WoinnnV; .Missioimry union of the -First Baptist church is observing ll !c iveck illrs. Vollmcr Jlu.s Club Tarty _ Members of u,c Wednesday Bridgp club and Mrs! llakcr Wilson had lunch and played cards nl tile country club yesterday — Clarence Vollmcr was yellow chry.san- Ihc centerpiece when Mrs hostess. Lavender and ihcinums formed for Ihe luncheon table arranged in .the ball room and the place cards were in keeping with this Pretty molll. Lingerie went to Mrs. Wilson for lui.|i score. + f « Celebrate* liirlliilay With ; , sin R |.. lr(y Niiiclcen of F.B.Joyiirr's friends helped iiun cc-.carnto hi.s blrlhdav ast evening when Mrs. Joyncr was utll t . CS!< at a t|Uail (lln " er 'for men The four course menu was serv- «> at a tab'c attractively arranged «uh poftiMttias, on a base ' of holly, nil flanked with lor the center- were miniature in crystal holders, piece. The favors goblets. Amoni; the: «ucst-s were Fret Bomticld and Byron Howman bolli HI bikvsl'in Mo., and J. A. Waterman of Muniihis. iltice selecting" the .Die- Mrs, iicmiiui liimer is captain of several days visilint; the clemen- liir liiry schools Miss Winnie _„ ,,,t,, MUSK) VVllin VU'gll Turner, county supervisor. * £ p Masons In H ; ,ve Guests Al Annual ijuck Supper "ic mutual duck simper E iv<.n uy the local chapter 5f the Masons will be attended ( ],i s yem . by °"^ known national The nffair, of held (he --, tt i. A nt; m| 15 lo include .members Eastern Star, will i, 0 evening nt u, 0 lln n. OSMO| »- Brand Burn. Mr. and Mrs. uill McCormicfc au- .m-v or Sluekcy or speak informally. of prayer inLsslons wilh infcrraU'iiu sessions each afternoon at the church. in the meeting Monday' Mrs. John Buchanan was leader of Ihc program which opened with -i prayer by the Rev. Alfred Carpenter before he commented iip- 11!.,!!^ "i™ 8 ' 11 "Simeon Ready for W. Bishop spoke , Sec Jesus" and for ineiUliilton M K _ wm Ho ,, n ... Played "While Shepherds Wuich- «1 . Mrs. ,\, L. Sander, formerly Of here and now ot Pocahontas. Ark., Mrs. A. C. Blnylock and Mrs. Alfred Carpenter offered nrayers. "si, c Hath Done What ,.„ £° l 'W" Wils IM subject of Mrs. R, L. Rccder'A- talk, Mrs. Ivy Crawford read a poem, Mrs. K, U. Marr .sjwko oil Africa and -m 'Weal for tlie foreign lands was! veil by Mr.<. w. M. Williams Mrs. W. M. Crow was taubr | o the lne.'dny program when me I theme "items Satisfied with' Jra«s was carried out in (he devotion;]! taken from Ltik- •>••>•> Lcpanlo. lodge, Fred Brand senior Bits oj Mostly Persona! J. Allen is aticmljng to busl ne.a Hi Joncsboro today. Nancy Lou Hc.rdin, dnughtcr of Mr. and Mrs. Louie Hardln, has returned from the Memphis liap- tlst hospital where she underwent a tonsllectomy. Her. parents accompanied her. Miss Mlidrcu Vick of Brookport, III., has returned home after several dnys stay with her aunt, Mrs. ".' a. Hires, and family. Miss Ethel Emerson, of Hernan- uo. .Miss., Is the guest, ol her sister, Mrs. J. T. Hall, anil family. Mrs. w. A. Grlmmclt, and Kenneth Qsijorn motored to Memphis yesterday to meet Miss Johnnyc Lafoon, of Colfnx, La., who will v sit her uncle, Dr. Orhnmclt, and Mrs. Crlmmctt. Miss Betty McCutclicii had ns ici- guests lust weekend Misses Jane Gray, Virginia peters and Dorothy, nimyan, who attend St. Mary's school at Memphis. Mrs. Harry Kirby ami Mrs. M. A. Isaacs are in Memphis today. Mis. Rilcy n. Jones and Mrs Ui.xle Crawford, accompanied b Mrs Jones' inother, Mrs. Walte Cani, of Wilson, arc In Memphi; Dr. P. A. Robinson, »-ho has >f C ," c. 1 " foi ' Sonl ' ; U'nc, wcnl »ot Springs Tuesday. Ho was companled by his son Jack ley. Mr and Mrs. Fred Bonincld of ^ikoslon, Mo., were guctls of Mr and Mrs. r. B. j oynt!1 . .v^terday "id today. They formerly 1, here. ' Mrs. c. F. Hlnkemorc irent lo t-ovington, Tcrin., yesterday for CONTRARY By Helen Welihfmer I WANTED a tea rose / On a brown stem, 1*6 'Clips and saucers, llifec lowels to hem. . ' -- ..... 1 Jl'OLLI VIJIV 11, several days stay with rein lives. Leslie Hooper, who Is ill at the Memphis Baptist hosiJllnl. Is bct- tsr and will he brought Home tomorrow or Saturday- HLs ilaiiglUer, ' Hoopcl '' wilh Miss Bobbie Lee Klrig, who un- cterwent un operation upon her knee Mondiiy at Dr. Henry G. Hills clinic In Memphis-, is resting very well. Her leg has been placed in a east. •"•'BSlimaCu r A °SS „«•-•»«.« « ^o^^ '"HI lUltSior cif A ..i - : J - -•-. >-i>,.i U i , Lj | muster of Arkansas, will Hospital Notes Admitted: J. L. Minima, chullcc Mo.; J. j. Weidon. Holland. ,Mo. Dismissed: Laura Chlldcrs Dell- Connie Wallace, Dell. '• When tlic tourist trade ilrops off In the winter, Die caretaker at the northmoal state park or Upper Michigan spends his imc making wooden chairs, benches, and settees from tree trunks and antlers. simple favors. .One would suppose -ifc could sju-ii-e (ea cups, One yellow rose. § HE sent me orchids „ With best feg Cai'cfully \\riftcn . Oh gold-edged cards. Since I love you At (he coiiu'iii'y • Things life can do! Steele-Cooter Society — Personal The locnl chapter of the Eastern star is having a special meeting tonight to elect officers for the ensuing year. The Woman's Missionary society was entertained this week by Mrs. W. E. Hodges, Eight members, led by Mrs. J. A. Wallace, participated in' presentation of the World Outlook program. Mrs. R. 3. Stcelt; jr. gave the Introduction of the Home Mission. book. Mrs Snm Hamrn will entertain the society next week. tommy Crawford has gone to Ian Antonio, Tex., for an extend- d visit with hts brother. Mrs. Linnic Brooks has rclurii- d to her home at Cooler after a •isit in Jackson, Tenn. Calvin Gene, small son ot Mr. n»d Mrs. Elivood Brown, who has been seriously ill, is somewhat belter. Miss Mollic Lee Bates, of Car- Whcrsrille, spent last week end here as the guest of Miss Eunice Guthrlc. Mrs. Linnic Duke and daughter, Miss Callle Mne, and James Reid spent. Sunday in Dexter with Mr iitl Mrs. C'oleman, Miss Van Amburg has returned to her school at Cooler after a visit with her parents at Jackson Mo. Buddy Wright and E. W. McCann spent the early purl of the week in St. Louis on business. Mr. and Mrs. Clinrles Giithric of Poplar' Bluff, spent last week end lore as guests of Mrs. Rutli Law- ion and Eunice Guthric. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Spcnce and son, Buford, spent Sunday in Jarrisburg, Ark., as guests of Mr. uid Mra. i. M. Greer and family. Mrs. G. G. Travis and son, Guy Stewart, and Mrs. Jack Ozmcnt 1 'were guests of Mrs. Peurl Stewart Give your mother ... , «itn Mr.s. i ,»., Nc«ccmb in .. cccm n chaise Mrs. A , vin i illHln!lll S)>okp j ,, """»ii;m .*ipyKt, Working Together With God" --... Olhc Mallock sisokt- on ualy' Mrs. Croiv on Japan, .Mrs. wri «owrs on "Apoilles lo the Moun- U"»w and Mrs. K. F. nioi|.«vir »« "Where tlm OlMin,; Gu ' ,,' Nmiic". Prayett were said by H.u<- baricc" Tonighl j Jackson.% ''i, h: '" dcr ' Tul " "'• Members cf the country clu'.)! Logan ar.d W Mil have a dance lontirtu at llic] - ' •S.^". 1 ?. 1 !""? S '!i b ^ an« Kb marriage of Ucthol and Wilson Byars. both or "I Siccle, .Mo. The licv j* w" iM^'nnlnghain. p.xuor of l!ie Bantitt I cluuch theie._ lead the service irchcstra win play. "• Pie Eamhvichcs and drinks be served througlioul i.i buffet fashion. Tins will probably be Ihc ounce until the Christinas (lance on December 25 the diince Lloyd da'' t- Seoul-, t-lji, Activities, I hi- Luige ichooi. Girl liavcr an Interesting tlicy arc carrying There arc 25 program which out this year, the troop m h , «nl be ihc "•Wing of il, c ... "•" "" ti" 1 ^ ni me iroon winch is divided into three patrols The Cat patrol has Tommyc Dean Ha chci as leader. Waunlcc Arwrad fa leadci of Ihc Bob While ,»ti 0 | M ^ f 1 ry Alyre lScily ts lc;ll ' c r oi (lie Owl patrol. 'Hie scouts mccl each Wcdncsdav afternoon afltr seliool in Hie scou'l room. At the last meeting th°y started mfeklng vates from jars and bottles which are lo bs us:d for "" d Sii|>i-iiiitciidciiK Principals I" Men At Osccola Tonight W F. Hall ot UtUc nock ol the -state^ ileparlmcnl of education. o principal sp-uker al rtncipa Is of Mississippi' c ty .schools m Osccoia tonight JIcs Missisitppi county f or ? Catching Co VICKS "^^ VA-TRO-NO CARD OF THANKS We are tliankful to nil our many kind friends for their help an-1 kindness through the illness and death of our .darling boy, Louise Gordon Hoguh. •, Mr. and M'rs. Charles B. Hogini SALE !± VnTi«« clccl fnm > • ;i 'B «»vm All $49. 75 Coats only $34.75 Ail $29.75 lo $39.75 Coals §22.75 to S24.75 ljwiuliful r '"' lrimmwl aml Kil Oilier Coals in Huin, Tailoretl and |f llr Irmmii-il Alodcls. 312.75 (o $2-l.7S values ' §8.75 lo $17.75 A Small Cash Deposit Will Hold Your Selection Until Christmas One (.'raup Silk Crepe Dresses, sizes 12 lo 5'.>, an colors. M2.75 lo $ 11,75 ilrcMr.s. S8.75 - 8J.0.75 One (i'rou|> DRESSES Silk Crepe nml Uicsscs. $5.95 to dresses. Wool $3.15 3.95 4.95 5.95 New slock, yon nuiil Eec lo appreciate Iheiti. One Silk Dr«s«i. 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World's Art Dealers Plan Their Peace Drive BRUSSELS. lUIV-VViir Is 'very bad for (he ait business:, anil the art dealers of file W orj/j uiLcn-t (o come out strongly for international pace wlieft tliuy i,ald llielr second international conference In this city In Juhf, 1935. Tills, at least, is the decision reached by (he or e nn!zln s commll- lee which has been meeting hcvc 17 "T l )Ut "peace" right up at I' top of the ascnda. other sub- is on. which 'resolutions 'win b" offered include: "Customs <uil!"s '"'I the art trade;" and "The so- and artistic mission ol Die an " dealer. Next year's^ conferenc grows out of one held at Milan attended ene by art dealers, collectors, museum directors, nr lists and others at vhlch it wns resolved to form an nmtlonal association of "thoss n o oss vlio liavc the difficult mission ot 'ling i,j art objects" liKCIiMBlill "i CINCINNATI (UP;-annual winter war rows &M starlings i v Saner, wrkhni^^M who led attacks last WAKE UP LIVER Bill WITHOUT CALJ And You'll Jump () U ( , the Morning Rarin 1 H you foci sour arul sunk Dal looks 11 unk, .lon't swallow a tot < mil water, oil,iaulivci-9m!y or •Hit cj|iect them lo mnk« you su inc] buoyant and full ol sunjliiru , For Ilicy «n't Jo ft. They onl nowols and a racrc movc.mpnt d.l Ilia cause. The rrasoji Tor your d I feeling Si your livrr. It Bhoutd t ,l pounds ol liquid bilo into yourll H Mils Lilc is not r/cd il<wm I dtdst. H (Lit decays in l.aj blyala up your Elomiuh. 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