The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 4, 1931
Page 5
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SATURDAY, APRIL <t, 1031 (AUK.V COUUIKK NEWS Showed America How to Play Football Son of Vikings Made Football History with Adventurous Spirit. HV WII.UAM IIKAUCIIEK .M.'A Service Sports Kditor Knuta Rockne was a son of the Vikiims. His Wood was like thehs and it called him to daring and lulvGiitiu 1 .? Just as it called HID Vikings of old Norway who pointer their ships into the trackless ocean The son of immigrants, who became the greatest football coach the world lias ever known, finally just as many of his Viking forefathers had died, upon a ship, outward bound on a Western trail. Rockiie found in aviation the Fame thrill that tbe old Norsemen fcund in (heir crude and restless ciaft u-ith which they dared the (icvils of the deep to do their worst. It was an .excitement lint satisfied a desire that was dear to him, a craving for adventure that Crow out of his Norse heritage. Tlie ships of his brave forebears rank in uncharted r-?as The ship of Rockne plunged to the earth In flames. The croft In which lie sailed differed from theirs, but the old urge that prompted him to nj was tlv: same daring that sent them into the lenip;stius darkness. An idea of tins spirit of Rockne's was conveyed during a recent visit to Notre Dame. Rccknc had an tui- toa'.cbile that had b?en presented to him in recognition of his cham- 'ilonship football team of the year before. He had been in one of the chemistry laboratories where he liked to dabble around with strange ccmpounds and mixtures. It was almost time for the squad to prac- . lice when he emerged, mot n'.e and invited me to ride over lo the football field, old Carter Field it was then. tt? leaped in and grasped the '.vheel. We started with a rush and a roar, much aft?r the manner in which his (rrr-at grid teams started Hardly had I closed the door than tbe machine shot out. up over the curbing with a terrific jolt. i vv vT i s ^t\ U —"•—- \i . . ~*" WINS .. A5 ATHLETE. NOTRE OAMt. I BRUSHING UP SPORTS ME PLAYr.O Tilt I-'LUTE IN THE COLLEGE. BAND. f, OFCOIW SeiMTDORAIS DliTROU AND KF.PI . i'k'n Ar-IVnVRr-. DAMU HID YOU KNOW THAT— After banging the new bali round brutally. Hack Wilson ays he thinks it will \K no larder to lilt than the old one .he thinks the new ball talk largely a great big spoof... lowcver, everybody v.ill know more about It when the piichers start bearing clov.n.. .There are 45,000 goals on the where .he Cubs have been go .hrough spring maneuvers... but Hack Wilson says he'll be darned if he lets Rogers Hornby moke him a goat by shoving him from center to left or right field...Hack likes it center...He is in good conditioi this spring, having played ketball during the winter will the firemen's team at Martins burg, W. Va...and from th energetic way he chases thos flies all over the island, you'i think the chunky one was rook just trying to make th grade...he gets his uniforms s dirty thai the management give him eight, which is double ih usual allotment. Speed His Tlienie Rockne never was one to stick lo roads. In bis driving he uset up a enr in a few months, and i' had to ti? a good car to last a yea; under his impulsive guidance. We grazed a Irce. Rcckne, with r.o display of emotion, kept talkin ii. that hard, metallic voice tha hii players learned to admire ani cbey. "I like to drive." he said. "Bu I like to fly. tco. Maybe if I hadn been a foot ball coach I would hav b.-ni an aviator. There's some thing about it that gets you." Wr; bumped and jolted across a shallow ditch at about 40 miles an hour. \Ve v/ent splashing straight through the center o[ a small pond, rrmllns; mud and water flying up over the hood. Finally we crossed another curtfig, wheeled along a Kiavcl read and pulled up al the fcotbail field. Rockivj shot on the brakes with a bang and we slid for a few feet Ivforc stopping. He leaped out and slatted at c:ice giving directions to the squad, dividing them ir.lo units for pas: ing, blocking, tackling and signals. The picture that he left with ir.? is that of him at the wheel steering an uncharted course iust as the Vikings of old drove their clout ships. If the Viking urge in him hadn't Ixcn £0 strong, Rockne might have become a famous chemist. His old ti'achets at tsolre Dame ottcn praised his brilliant efforts v.'itli the test tubes. But innan rest- li-sness finally brought him to the fcotball field, and to deeds of daring. It VMS the Viking in him thnt led to his envelopment ot the for- v.ard p^ss The story of that be- hem. As the Vikings roamed, h cams went, on jaunts from or :i:d of the country to the otlic seeking conquest, matching the! mettle against the mightiest in ev ery section. Rockne loved to go, bravely, as the Vikings went. i University of Michigan : i Received 18 Million No Honu* M in i ..'^L. ! Hl ., hV( . :1> 1 ciKl^-v.aients were rt:coivetl by 11'.''• Un!\iv.,ity 'if Mirhicsn <Uinn;: iidiiig lo U:. Alexander Ci.; cut of t!:? imlvors-. The >vi bequest of the .Cook of New York! clle-.:e of law is !;e- cinncir Debbie's Reserves Looking o\-:t the Brooklyn .... r,d team Ilia ether day in U; C . uto \\lham t, o'.ith. the undent ivory ivunuman. [: lly .'? . •! . , .„„, „,,, . ,31-ry Siitton. spake in this wise: ; licved to bo the J^KI ^ti|;lejKi j ''I beieve th° F'-tond Brooklyn ?vt '- given by an n.'jUi .cam. as it is lined up right now,'to r.n American jchojl. 3 hlter than ihe first-string tcc.m: if the Cincinna'.i Hods." ; ... i i IT I i p- If Larry isn't clialtcrinn throu':'n: l/W.'j!E-l'tC?,uea I'S ,)is team, lliat means that Uncle Robbie is going to have more than 1 ball team for this yenfs cum-' : paign There seem lo lv> ample I MAKYSV1L1.K. CM.. .UP)—If' enforcements a!l alrng the line. : um catch a fAO-hcailcd trout m' To stall with ih» otitlicUI. 1;ii-r= • the Noith Yiiba nver next ye-.", are Boone, Roroi'.feld and Cohen.: don't bie-.i'i yuur l!;:sk of snase-• fut Old Man Bressier on lirr.t buse. bit." on the vt.-ks. ; Mickey Finn al second. Slnde al Several do?™ i'E those double-' short and Jack \Viu:ie: at third.; hfadtd trout v.ire hatched recently | Behind the bat !s bin Ernie L<jtn-1 at !!.:> Vuba r;-.\!' hatuliery, 1- bardi Finn has shr.v/n almost' p-.iles 'vc"'. of Ucv.-:i:c-\ille. i cno'ioh ttuif ar:-un;l second to Accu\V'.'.;.' lo (juv Tabkr, fort- crov.'d Fresco Tiicinrson off t:->':niiu at ih? lialchc-ry. about G'j o. ; spot. Sla'Je, always a pretty coo; li-.^c Ivn-.lis i-iakc tin.::- npiKnr-, fl'rider, 1ms b^-en sho-jklng evevy-1 anc? cul of r;'.;:mt 200,000 egjs j bo-;y during the spring trip by hatched. I pasting the slightly-lesS-lhan-livcU;- . | app:e from town. Warner, at | third, who 55v: sonw service ivlth j Toledo last year, is as fast a fKu- >Iiacici Make Shii ST. LOUIS. Mo. ilJi't — Shitic: rac-n were donattn NEXT: Kockrcc's dream of sue-, cess anil how the great Walter Eckcrsall inspired him. , cr as Robbis has rn h;r. roster, aiitl: :ov . ;thetcbt base-runner in a Tioiin , h=r>- irom window i-h-uc-. I uniform (which doesn't seem lo . to th" CMiii.:'.; i.;:u-.=i. 01 • say a lot. at that, but you sho-.ild ; Cili/e:'s'_ Cornmiitci- 0:1 Kelief ol / W£/ if : V ^.'f-iVv 1 / -S!|i ^v.,, M :jg.^f i! : ^J' ; . . ' - • "*, J ;, w, -HUM?'.. ''. •-,v-^. r --. ^>j£.---' .,.,^ f.Sr.-'-. see him go). 42-Year-Old Bill Cleveland Public Gaze Sc!:\vab. steel mti'.'nati over Dcthle Sl'.'l's bonus «y=ten\ as lie 1 ,-i \>\\ brill travel far down fairway at While Sulphur cc- CLEVELAND. (UP)— gazers will have a chance spring and summer to view tiio heavcnr, through the big lelescop? at the Warner fc Swasey Observatory of Case School of Applied! Science. Two dates each month until July' hav2 been designated by Direclor J. J. Nassau as "public nights," when astronomy fans may peer through the instrument at Jupiter and fo'.ir of its moons, Mars and its riolar ice-cap and the great nebula in the constellation of Orion. Admission will be free but only upon advance reservation. Fora Plant Uses More Water Than 4 Cities the recent opening of a tunnel which connected the Ford Motor Company's River Rouge plant with a branch of the Detroit river, r.ior water was made available to th n of the tian when ^nntc, the son of poor Korwcsian parents who brought him to the Kcw World when he r.-as still a baby. Ind to work hard durins the summers lo k?e» hiiu- seli at schoo!. Developed Tnss One summer while Rorkr.e was ttill a ftiiclent at Notre Dame, he and Gus Dcrais worked as waiters in a resort hntel at Cedar Point, O. It was lucre that Rockne wilh his fia'.r lor daring and dramatics, toil- id wi!li Dorais. a buddy, in the perfection of the pass. Gus threw passes to liockuc during overy minute Ihr two could gel r.way frcm their work. Dorais. who nov.- is a crach at the University ot Detroit, threw him short passes flat pas.-es iong arching passe tiist made "Rock" hustle to catch They uorkrd indefatigably. In the \-ar lhat followed, their success v.ith tl'.e pass was ama/ins. "Ti 1 .' 1 pass is gcins to change this t;.i:r.c." Hockne predicted- 18 years •I-o \vhen h n captained the No'.rc l)j,, u . t:am Ihrousli an undefeated v^av. "He-sides b^ing a beautiful th'ir-,3 to watch, it opens up the "Vmi-. 11 "°'' s "' : element of sur- ••'ri.v lo atark If you've got a lot c''-C'S in yo'-i"' rciwrlolrc. the oiu-mv never knows what's coming and tan' 1 , set" The r-"- r-t bern exploited. Rockr.e, with (or discovery, explored its i-c-sibilitifi-- Again, the old Vik- l!i.' iirnc f«- chance, for what was !•••*• and different! "His ni;n caught that spirit. Kcckne's teams were daring teams. with the color of ariventure about | sf:i Sold nil 1.0IJIS, Mo. .vj.i r.l Toledo. • iP that ho could use Mu>: again if 1 1 " omr to K p hn i hi> <• hbl el r el 1 Tl e n u ho n I i ° r r » n ctt n i; t \ n lie u i is hereby ijlveu ,c:l commission ,-itli the terms o; n cd by the Chancrry ic^- u D C d of February. 1931 y-u in " 11 0 niy Csitrm ope H ^ 1 lo u =U c i h b tl e o t i " f co'.ic.Tii'ja. i « il'n ti-.s r.eavi llj 110 " bi re 5 But at times U \ i 01 rj i, d 1 i (I b bidder, c ci- 1 of on:h>, doer o! the Court ho pi :crib- Cit, it Blythc- i U i ( i i rtil es- Un<-l D ob' e fell nil e inur n mj lies o o s o i tl " nch ci i of ie e cill i 01 o^ dav U ahead fo DEARBORN, Mich., (UP)—With Ford plaiit than is used by four argest cities in the Thc two-mile tunnel has a cap acily for 313.GOO.OOO gallons of \va tor daily, which is more used by Delrcit. Washington. Phil idelphia and Cincinnati combined Tile aditionnl water supply w needed to increase 'the output of the plant. ar.rt thus p:rm production. id the soM o! Ihu '20;h day 3 tm Courier News Want Ads Pay. BOY To BECOME PRESIDEN FEU) TAKE (h r \ mi ' J ^ i'oi«r.nuHiy Sv.ilcli o;is r:.iv o: i',-.;• nl'iif-? s:-:; i= Hit ffirir.e:- U-vo:liy l).i!io:v ;v/.v ; the »i!o of Arthur lin:nn:-.'ft-in,; \Ci\ k Ehcvn witli her Jaajhuv, Crvol, bafklng in the sun h\ Sea Sp-'ayi Pal", Beach, F'.a. Paid With Interest CINCINNATI, O., (UP)—Malhew Hermann. su;>erlntciident of the Eelhesda Hcmo for the Aged, step- covered that pod on a rusly nail 42 yours ago' while attending a school at Mt. Pleasant, la. . He was treated by Dr. Henry Schumacher, Davenport, la., who liiiseiitcd him with a bill for $1.75, but Hermann being "broke," the bill went unpaid. Recently Hermann met the doctor, whose name he had foigollcn, during a visit to a 'son In Iowa City. Upon returning to Cincinnati Herniar. ttnt the doctor a check for $19 M, representing the amount of the bill w-ilh compound Interest. Missouri. Goose Escapes New Owner; Flies Home MANTECA, Cal., (UP) - Mrs, Clmrk's Coe, resident hjrc, has i" Ll ,, t .v ^ has a strong liqmljVg.':iusun<iK She boiiBht n blrdlfrpm.VoeAVinct at Atlanta, rive:hi!}e5.i'diSttint;- and look It home v rin'e,dUt:i In the morniriB 'slie'. found the goose gone. After. .:'a.':SCitfph she went lo Vluet's'-fRrniV-'.She hnc there only ,n-."f«wV, ; mnutes - been when the other fowls,'. '. ,, Ihc goose 'flew- In :4nJ iolnec ' Missouri -Plans yel H»Hi« ST. LOUIS, Mo! (UP)'— Plan for "wet" rallies throughout Mis souri July 4 haye bcieuinnnouncc< by the Anli-Prohibltlon ^League o 'LiqUor" Seller Charged With Fraud by Cop ARKADELPHIA, Art, (OT) - Cty Marshal .Ed Bloomfleld mads * sudden appearance in . orie of. 1 , the :own's byways' recently »na ; discovered Alexander', Glen; 'N.egro, handing 'n five doll»r bill to'J.'A. Miller, of South Cafolina,-in exchange forri'b " -* -' Tiie officer on Iho v court, L-.V - - ;•-•-, - arralyzid. ,'1'o-liis. LCiasrjn,'|H)piov- cd to be water. ' '*.''./^'' ; Miller was .fined.(25 OB,'- a'jcliariB of fraud and lodged-in']a(rJ6r>f»U- ure to-pay. -' ... '. ••••'.''.. ..E.'Bailey's suss nf; AT:SUbHT EXTRA COST •1O95 *••"»• Prficcd *700 lower, yet the in action of all Knights A nir..siX. priced llhc » I ' . la beauty, size and power; this;new car surpass^ any low-priced;Knight ever built . . * It has longer wheel- 'base, greater overall length, wider tread ...Interiorsare roomier, ; mprc luxurious.. .TheST-horsepower rtqtor is the highest development of : the patented double slceve-valve engine. HHII.J.IAVT KM<;nT . 2 M'.W WIM.VS TKl't'KS Xl'illysPi* TVHU-. l-jjli 9« to 1095 ;.iir« ,f". P. b. Toledo, 0. KNIGHT MORGAN NQTOR CO. Blythevilte,'Ark, Coal is found In.almosl, nil-.. ot Colombia,' the :ittourees : of its better•• known rejion 'l«|rig.'estimated at 27.COO,000,0« metric tons.

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