The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1937
Page 3
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SATURDAY, -MARCH 6,- 1937 BLYTHEVILLE'(ARK.) COURIER NEWS i 'PAGE THREE. GtSCilTSTO yw TRIBUTE in THEIR_ Will Honor Juliette Low in Observance of 25th Anniversary. By WALTER C. PARKES NBA Service StaB Cormpondenl NEW YORK.—Twenty-five years ago an American woman, returning from England, debarked from tho S. S. Arcadian, burning with an Idea. On March 12 of this year nearly 400,000 members of Ihc Girl Scouts will commence an eight- month celebration of the fruition 3f that idea. Trie woman was Mrs, Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl 3couts In America. Born In Sa t yannah, Ga., during the troublous times of the Civil War, she had carried, an Englishman and gone •a live in his native land. There she became acquainted with Sir 3/obert Baden-Powell and his sis- Ijfa. They discussed Ills plans for (".'« Boy Scout-movement and Mrs. Gow's imagination was fired with Jie possibility of organizing a sim- lar project for girls. . ; , Her first effort al "Girl Guid- ng," as the English called It, was imong tlie girls of Glen Lyon, Perthshire, where her husband hail i shooting lodge. The program In- :luded chicken raising and weaving 'he wool sheared from their par- mis' sheep. Other brief experienc-, ;s with girls in London and. Lam- xth increased her eagerness to jresent : the gift of scouting to 1 American, girls, and she lost no • Jme in returning to Savannah. [ - * * • • Turned PaHy Inlo First Troop Commandeering the unehthusias- •ic aid of several somewhat bewild- ;red friends, she gave a tea-party -for 12 girls, and by the time the ?arty was over, .those girls were l; :he first Girl Scout troop in America , It is because Mrs. Low was the (ind of woman she was that when Girl Scouts Cclelwate Silver Jubilee i^^K^rpp^ < C ~>^iJMiJteA^, Vrl'IX \ \ i*>\y* . >..! by Mrs.- Mary Rldgley Ihal Mr, and Mrs. J. D. Huffman; who left several days ago for Tampa, Fla., are now In' Ft. Myers. They from tlie voluminously uniformed Carutliersville Society—.Personal the 1912 tea-party is commema- .'ated by 16,145 troops and Brownie packs' of Girl Scouts in 4.366 cities, it will be more than a birthday oarty to celebrate the Silver Jubi- | Mrs. llecker Entertains. Woman's Club Elect Officers. At the annual meeting. of the Woman's club, at the home of Mrs. IJoscce Pierce Tuesday after- ,'ioon, tlie following officers for the club year were elected: Mrs. A. L. Freytag, president; Mrs. S. Z. Orgel. vice-president; Mrs. Roscoe Pierce, secretary; Mrs, A. B. Rhodes, treasurer, and Mrs. Morrell DeReign, corresponding secretary. A committee was appointed to! tevise the constitution and -by-1 laws of the club. Other committees were also appointed to formulate plans for the year's work. Tlie meeting days of the club have been chained to the second tnd fourth Tuesday afternoons of °ach month, with the . next to be held at the home of• Mrs.'.Orgel 'on March 23. will visit in Florida first of April. Mrs. Arline Reams and babj of Cape . airardeau are visiting in the home of Mr. and Mis Clayton Schultz. Mrs. Laura 1 Askew, who lias been visiting her daughter, Mrs Al'lie Durham, in El Paso, Texas for the "past month, has returned to her home here. ' She was accompanied home by hei- grand daughter, Dorothy. lee of the organization. It will be a oation-wlde tribute to the success 3f Mrs. Low's great vision, to her faith in American girlhood and to .her personal magic winch transmuted apathy and dillelantism into, ene'rgetlc. enthusiasm and sustain- •Irs.,' Frankilnj; O/- RdoseveiV.' iion- trary pr«sid?nt,iwijl be the princi- [ .-Virs. Herbert Hoover, the presi- ' Ait, and first Girl scout to become a.\lrst Lady, will open the celebration ,wi({i, a., national broadcast .,on MarchT42,Y' "' ' ' "' M 01 |'pal speaker:at-a Silver .Jubilee din-: h ner in New.York on April 3. Proni August 9 to.23, girls from thirty i foreign nations, members of the I international pirl Scout movement, rwill -bs 'the 'guests of Am erica n_ 1 Scouts during a great encampment 1 at Camp Andree, Briarcliit Manor, IN. Y. The climax of the jubilee | celebration will be a national convention at Savannah, Ga., the. I birthplace, of Girl Scouting. . '* . * • .Handicapped by Ill-Health .Mrs. Low would seem lo be the i last person • on earth to undertake the foundation of a great national movement/—and what is more, practically Single-handed • carry, it through the early days of confusion, and struggle. Fifty-two years old when she 'brought-.the-idea back from Bng-1 j w '•land, .'in Ill-health, handicapped by rd ~ T ' 'deafness, .with no iota of expert ' ence In organizing, Igiorant of of: flee routine and completely help- financial matters, she had ('nothing but an indomitable will, a 1 complete blindness to obstacles and a fervent faith in the worth of her Idea. She turned her deafness into an asset by using, it to ignore refusals of .co-operation. Never a wealthy woman, she financed the movement in-its cradle days and when funds i low, she sold her personal pos- _Bions. Her checkbook was ever a "puzzle to her and bills payable were filed in .four bundles, marked "This Year," "Next Year," "Some| time" and "Never." When the early committees of the Girl Scouts i struck a snag, her invariable solution was "Let's put it up to the girls." If the girls liked it, it wa.- right. If not. out with it! Juliette .Low's great dream was of goodwill between the world's races, with Girl Scouting as the ! medium. She considered Scouting I as a game whose rules are: "To play 1 fair. To play in your place. To plaj for your side and not yourself.' Mrs/Low died in 1927, aclive al! inost to tbe day of her death . And because the Girl Scouls'rec- ognlzc that they owe their very | being to Mrs. Low's devotion to ai i idea, and the continued growth o the organization to her unbounded generosity of time, energy and money! the Silver Jubilee will be j as much a testimonial to the care fill stewardship of her Ideals a: It will be a celebration of the material well-being of the movement Mrs. Amos Recker entertained 'he West Side Bridee club Tues•lay afternoon -at her home on West Sixth street. ' High score for the afternoon "8s htld by Mrs. -Ben Topper Mrs. Eawin Huffman cut for cori- -olation. * i « Have Dinner A( Pastor's Homt. : Tlie deacons of the First Bap- /;ist' church,t'.u-ith their wives am 'me" guest, "Mrs. Earl .Long,; en 'pyed a covered • dish dinner a '.KB home of the Rev. and Mrs D: K. Foster. . Monday evening. 'I Following the dinner. Mrs. ' J "3. Luten brought in a large birth -lay cake, centered with one larg 'ighted candle, as a surprise fo *ier husband, whose birthday wa *hat day. She' exp'ained th'a -he had taken the some - "fjft •••dd" candles and melted tliein 'ntO: the- one, candle. After the dinner, the ladies •net with the .deacons in their •pen . business " meetin?.' Tlie building program wns discussed ind tentative plans vcrc made, ^ev. Foster presented a program 'or the church ; to. work out dur- Luxora Society — Personal Osccola Society — Pcisonnl l.unclieon. One of the most delightful ,of he spring parlies vvus the 3-coufse irldge luncheon ijlvej\ yesterday by Mrs. w. E, Johnson ahd'Mrs. Mil- Ion 1'opo lit the honift of their nolher, .Mrs, IlniTy .Driver, (loiil; of town.•••• , • j • ';••'•• Seven, tables of'players rind several ndduioniu ..'l)inclH'pn • A wns carried out illlcs ,ami Tl)c dlnlujj liible Vns < an Hinjiork'tli 1 -'! : cloih fiom Honolulu and en; . .... of Jonriulh ami fcin vvith jil'ovv 1'inulle.s on eich side thte i|nm<!*, hlBlust scoio J. W. Cox Is Candidate for Mayor of Leachville LEACHVILLE, Ark.—Hats v ? nre now beginning to fall in the po- illiea] ilii|>. for,lh« municipal election to \K liclcl' Anvil 6. J. W. Cox, cashier of the; U'aclwllle Banking ompinj, |i« announced foi mayor f Eail Pit III, present mtiyor, h\s'ait uomiceil for nldennimi W. U ,'l'a,- uor has announced for reelection ns city recorder. All oilier city officials are expected, to be caridi- ihclr present-positions: mide bj Mrs of Little noi.k n fa Wilson ji , only oiil-of 'Manila i T- 1-Society,—Personal dates . to! Manila High Students .. Will Publish Newspaper MANILA Aik-> < 3tudcnt. t i In Iho yj'/h ichoot here liavc'oignntml a silurel ii,c»s'p'i])0i lo be kuov\n as Uiii.Mftnlln 111 Times. Tlie editorial flnlf.K a'Sxl follows: faculty advisors MIS Rouen Sanderson and W \V ' roller, editor-in.clilcf, .Dtlmt Ijove; t youngsters pictured above with the late President Theodore Roose velt In the organization s ciily years into Hie smart, high-spirited youngsters typified by the painting at left.-marks- fulfillment _ of the ideal launched by the -late Mrs. Juliette Low (right), foundu of the movement- which this year celebrates its sllvei jubilee Tlornersville Society — Personal 'ng Ihc .year. Each month, the church is to put special emphasis ™ some certain phase of church work. . • ' : ' "^ Mrs. Russell Bowen was hostess o six tables of bridge. Thursday af- ernoon in her home. Tlie St. Palick motif was carried out in the ialad plate served to Ihc guests. Tigh score was held by Mrs. B. T 3allcu p and the second prize was awarded to Mrs. Jesse Brown. Mrs. Charlie Miinin received the cut prize. Out: of town guests were Mines. E. SJ Segraves, C. E. Crih field, Dvvight Blackvvood, Mason. Hale Jackson, Frank Williams and' Godfrey white of Osceola. • * •' *'.'.. Mr. and Mrs. Hays Cowan nnd daughter, Sue, of Memphis, were the guests of Mrs. Sue Brown Sunday. . '- : Mrs. E. R. Bogan, Mrs. Louis Spann, and Mrs. Sue Brown wtvc Memphis visitors Monday. Addison Wynn of winbna, Miss^, was the guest of Mr. and-Mrs. R. ' .T. Ballew Tuesday. ' Mr.- Abo Livcrant has purchased the: home of Mrs. Pearl Cowan on Calhoun street • and will take 'possession about the middle - of May. News has. been received of the death of. Mrs. Jack. Brown's mother, Mrs.'.J. T. Raines, of Vicksburg, Miss. Mrs, Brown was with her mother'at the time of her death. Mr. Brown Went to Vicksburg for the funeral. The Luxora schools will hold classes on Saturdays for five- .weeks to make up the time lost during flood conditions. Miss Hazel Earp of Little Rock, Ark., is here visiting Mr. nnd Mrs. Carl 13. Watson. Dr. and Mrs. Robert, E. Hill and children of Cape Glrardeau 5)>eiit thst week here with Mrs. Hill's mother. Mrs. T B. Klnsolv ing. and vvith her sister. Mrs. Roger Manning. Mrs; Lee Rosenberg and children of Manila visited -Mrs. Ros- enberg's'sister, < Mrs. O. J. Cope, here recently. Mrs. Rosenberg has daughter attending Hornersville liiRh school. Mr. and Mrs.. W. - R. Harkey. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Harkey and son, Dubb. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Harkey, of Sen a til, were guests Roy Newton and his-sister,'Mrs Frank Moore, left' Tuesday, ;fo Flint] Midi., where they hope t find ! employment, lasl-Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. L W Hirkej N Ti^e. Woman's Missionary socte Ly ~of the Methodist church- ine .Thursday afternoon at.the. horn of Mrs. C. N. Claincs. :Mrs. Rog er Manning and Mrs. Betty Ros hill clnrge of the program Hirst SCLOIK! pi l/o vva> awnided Mrs. .Charles colemnn, while Mrs James H Diher cut consolation • * 4 M I'atrlrlt Pnrly, Mis.-, Olmtjs Us to* nnd Miss Cbrisllni' Polndexlcr, members of Iht high school fai,ultj,'cnleitiiliic( (he entire faculty vvitli their \Uyes and- husbimls at lhi> omo of M: iiud Mrs o L Mooro list evening Ith a st Patricks Dij paitj Kvcryono , was i asked to wear omahing giccn The colois of and while were cmpbaslml n decoralioiw -and refreshments. nances Campbell was awanlc<i: the iirizb idr Ihc most original Irish poem, nnMMrs, 0. Moore a gift for the longest fist of articles representative of Ireland T ound tlirougho\it tlie rousi\ Mi;., Deer 'wns the whincr of n jolixlo incc. * t. . 4 Mi nnd Mis John W Edrlng- 'on left yesterday for. Columbia, Icnn ivhcie lliej ylll spend Iho vvcekeiul wllh , their' 1 son, William Daid nhn is a student In Co lumbln Military Academy. Mi and Mis llmij Millci 'ji anil daughter, Patsy, were 'Mem phis visitors Friday. Mrs. 0. K.\Rlchards of SI. Loul Is the guest of her .sister, Mrs. 1 C U. Driver, this week, Mi aijd Mis E H Stephen were business visitor's at Slkcston Mo., Thursday and Friday. Whll there they visited Mrs.' Stephens mother, Mrs. Alice Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. John • R. .Mille arc spending the week-cud' In Dy crsbin'R' as Iho gucsls of.: tliel daughter, Mrs. J. Paul Daird, an Dr. Bnird. Miss Blanche- Clecre. who ha been quite ill nt her home for tw weeks, with Influenza; Is able t sit up. Mi's. Eugene Packnrd ; hn supplied for her, in school. ssoelnte, Anna Bcllo s^edltor, Jcane Fowler; nssoclatd, y.lxittlc S[iii|»on; si orls editor, W]llatn Sliocklcj; fen'lurcs. J. C, f>flptt; clw ie|»rt- in Seniors OthafLove, Juniors, William fahocjcley,. \IM\Miid Iley- nolds, sjphombrci,; ifc'ule liedwell; rieshnieli,. IjOrcne' Osborne Girl'Scouts lo Atten^ Church 'Service Sunday Members of ,thc 'local Girl'- Scou •ganluitiqn will attend Ilic Sun ly moinlng j>eivlcc,of llm'PJr.s lelhotlLsl chinch In 'a ijody, ns'i oitlou of,, llieki observance of ill: vventj-flftli annlyeraiiy of ^1 hi Scout movement * Roscoc Meredith Bugg ha 1 !-returned from a' fe> days visit'with' hlsTslster, Mrs, Emma. Alfords of Covlngfon, Ky, whom he had ol sefli since he was Uo jean •j>ng»>.: i* > , ' Itobert A. West has relumed roni SprhifflfWrVTeun, where he as employed-for la v few weeks. Will Bob Noone'n > was released •am n Memphis hospital Friday, e Is reported to be in an Im- loved condition- Mr. and Mrs Claud -Grain were ailed to Memphis because of Hie Incss of hei son, EvertOn Blxler. Richard Marlon and .Robert Onirad, tvvin sons- of Mr. and rfrs' James Mooro of this city, ho have been 111, are said to be ninovjng- They were admitted o St Bernnid'b hospital In Jones- , Mi'o recently, Tlllirmn golden of Senath,,Mo, s the guest ,thls. week o! his lister, Mrs. Bert, ; Aslmbranher; Mrs E L- Caraway Is on an ex- cnded visit with friends and relatives In Plgeott, Ark, and,St. Louts, _ Mo , Albeit Scott of Manila h visit- u his father, Alec Scott of Mammoth Springs, Ark, who is Cecil Crew's has returned to his nomo In st Louis, after visiting frlotyls and relatives here The heart of the modem radlc lie vacuum Inbc, was patented 1 800 by'nr. Loe de Forest; ' TERRY ABSTRACT & i; ; REALTY CO. ' Abftftctvl^nd* ft IMO* B'.'~M. Ttrry, Prt*. »ml Mir. Phone W Bfjrbi«yiUe,Aik. Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER i f SERVICE BUREAU , , •.. \ DON FDWARDS, PrbprietOT * • , -\ All makn of Rtbnllt. TyptwrlUni, Adillrif >. ftUcUnei M Caknluton—RepalrlDf—P»rt*—Blbboo* "' ^ j „ i' ATTENTION FARMERS!!! E. J. BROWNE GIN Opening Saturday MANILA CAFE One door South of Post Office 3 S'ears In Golden Cafe > 15 years experience VERA BRAND ''-" and son r ess Speight spent" Thursday i Memphis on business, Mrs. .W.- L. Cantrnll and daugh- er, Miss Mnry Loterie, dro'v'e Memphis Tuesday, where Mnry orenp is undergoing treatment fo. n infected throat. Miss Myra Gcrrish has been onfined to her home" this week y Illness. . Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Kent left Vetlnesday for Booneville, Mo., o get their son, Jimmie, who is . student at Kempcr Military cademy. Jimmie will spend the spring vacation here with his iarents. Mr. and Mrs. Dclbert Long of Chicago were the guests of Miss Marie Stanek the past week-end. Mrs. Marj' Treece has been ill or a few days with Influenza. Word has been received here Buy Farm at Armorel Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Psalmonde, formerly of Cotton_, Plant, have boU, at Armorel, and vvillniake purchased the farm of O.-M.-Ab- their hoine here, i ' ' W. M. Burns Agency 'handled the transaction. HANNA FUNERAL HOME A beautiful and sympathetic service at moderate cost. Ambulance Service 111 N. 1st Phone 58 (HEDWW 3936 DODGE HALF-TON PICK-UP 193G CMC HALF-TON PICK-UP 1934 DODGE SEDAN 1934 CHEVROLET SEDAN 1935 CHEVROLET TUDOR 1935 PLYMOUTH TOURING • LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. ... because they give me the good things I want in a cigarette I work hard and I play hard...and I guess I smoke more cigarettes than most anybody I know. , The reason is...Chesterfields give - j me a lot of pleasure. It's easy to figure why... they're mild, , not strong...and they've got a taste and aroma that clicks every time!

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