The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1934
Page 3
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;DAY, DECEMBER 6, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS illamt of Rny entertained Sunday in honor of hrr husband •Widay. Tiioso present Ray and daujhter, Patsy iiytlieviite, rx>]«o Payn°, of He. Mr. mid M rs . J0 i m QO- • nn<! Mrs, joe inline. Mi B. P. Ustoj- Jr., liovt nod- Ear Ray. only two . lill- >• Harry Hlgglns nnd Wll- y, wr-ro absent, •vnon Woods u«s lwwU?ss to dinner Saturday evening. md nlnso were playe-l i being awarded for lilxli Bingo. Mi's. Russell Devoro, of !o., returned MonJ.iy nf- ?k's visit with the parents Devore, Mr. ftild Mrs. Jim rhey were, accompanied )>y '.(•} cohan;;, who was tl a • nf Mr., and Mrs. (,'ohwm flds His 'JV>afilr<?*s' C'fillrf, • W. King left Sunday for Ifli., where slie ..will visit Mrs". A/el Kin;; for a few Imer Jones returned Mon- thc Melhodisl hospital in v,'herc she had been rs- reatmenl for arthritis, i'ma Harris was the nurst irenls, Mr. and Mrs. Porto V;er Ihc week end. Mhs g a student in Southeast preachers' college in Caire u, id Mrs. Sam Workman Iro "" Ham Meets Emergencies of Holiday Season .,„.,„__, - - him is j. spicy fi,oriU for s UIKI Runners, ami lias a festive air iliat 'even turkey can't fjulclo. BY MARY I-:. NKA Service Stair \Vrilcr rm ,• , ^S ' a " (l daU8h - thom alld thc »- aiu-^f M« n-^. "Oh, dear, it's so \vo: „ have the children home for the holidays, but it is a, chore to keep •laid on curly endive. Let the avn- ca:lo stand In lemon juice and tlic nderful to IjjraJKfniil segments In saliid oil for Mrs. Ghas. of Mico'a, SuncJay. wrothy, Dates, da'J2h!/>r 0 C Mrs. W. A. Gates sr.,.ar- ^ rc(J all time/ , friends well. ther of four college boys and "iris will man he sighing. For nil her sighing, though, sh manages the Iccding and has ^,,In. training m to cnjo/ the children, too. One ol c> ,» ,,,n, ,,„ her rules is (0 have a )ja) . c() ham , „, _. , , m thc house which sliced cold or •• 1. Tfiomns and daugh- with a tart sauce in tlic "banti" n. Mrs. Ray Mathl.i nnd dish win not onlv do as Ihc m£ nnxl \,fvp nn.,.1 .»,, _r f n . .... . J ' L u.i.y'.} k company meals but will is a substantial item for it-making, in n liun-y. slie lot, of course, upon thai ihclf or hers, tn hour before combining. Cauliflower in cream sauce mnkos a perfeci vegetable for this parly, if you ncod one, frozen jiuddirig for dessert adds just the right Important touch. Or'you ini<fhl.-liave 'Bavnrlan cream or a fruit de.wrl with a jellied foundaUo.'i. li;ikii) Ifam . and Mrs. Ted \Viems, ,ot for spent the day Sunday serve' and Mrs. M. R, Bailey. sandw. dwards, who is In the Bly- relics - , o c lospital, Is rapidly linprov- sturdy emergehcy sef of hers is expected to be removed well slocked as it is with eann-ci Jme this week. - and polled meats, hors d'o-'uvrcs ad Mrs. Virgil Utlcy an3 vegetables, crackers, cheese and urlan, and AJJ.SS Eugenia «' Cooler, wt-re in Memphis - -» n,<ui, ,,L uuur. ui IJilKGt! n' ,vebb returned Friday from as only for emergencies though i W^^A. ^. ere ., he S P? IU f h tn l. k | naV h M |r anyUl " 1B> beUc= '-' ror i holiday buffet sup|»r, for thc ™<'ii£. Have sweet jjotalo apples (recipe later) and a salad of nlter- latinj segments of grapefruit and alccs-or avaciulo bound with strips , gre o oun wth strips astructor, and Miss Maria °f red and green pepper fml cov- " -'"• "- ' ! ' ' with his mother. Mrs. ?ebb. . „ ti few days spent In tardeau with thctv parents, irence Pierce, local grade , hlgli" school teacher, re- iunday. lobinson, O f MemphLs, v:as night guest of his mother, S. Robinson, Wednesday. • net. Mrs. Oscic Wilson, of lle, Tenn., are housegnests 1 Mrs. c. P. Jenkins this nek Criltle and Miss Thel- oinpson, , were "• visitors in i Friday/ ' • ; Id Mrs. H:"Utle.v'nltended •ess in S[. r 'LoiiLs Monday iday. returning 'home TIIC.S- It. teulaii Mitchell, member 'of i school faculty, re-limied from n visit with •'friends nee, MO. . visit of several days with inls at Bonne Torre, 'M 0 ., try McClain is home. Yates, former member 'of . school faculty, spent .Wed- with Superintendent and I. Myers, and other friends Saturday for Highland. III. ;coy left Monday n j gn t for plal, accompanied by Heui and Mark Smith, of Blv- He will be employed at Ml- on know what you are ' Ask the man with a. ;st. Hubbard Furniture Co. —Adv. This Modern -AXATIVE STES FINE *nd finicky Kuitm-j!» u v* it Ften-J-raiii!, th« dtlicioui mint 3 |1»>U»«, u,,,, J olt lit, ,h,f r . There i, no ««. bu. tht mlm. portant, Feena-imni it chcwctj, ,n« l,tc yaur f ooJi ; , „,„,! ul n!i» juico. Thi.j no miss of yout ,„,,„ s ,,J,u nly „ BpJK fif Ft, . Ual fot ehil- .. - <f .» ..111,11,. ,»,,,;„ lnd lf , orough •ups. Doctors pr ri crit,« tht I»>1|", imS™" 1 *- ?""->™<«- tl « 'or o<in vuKout ufi,t to " dM "" >u '- To;t 'v. E«t b«fc «nd su r t!,«tt. G<l ddiciou. >W CAN I TELL \ really good tea 13 very easy if >ys ask for IndiaTca— and if you « you gcHc by looking for the . n *""<fcm»rfcon tea packages. like India Tea. It's so 'viny-rich and saiisfy- Ing. Remember, to get it, look for the trademaik " on te» •liat not. for Uiirtet Supptr Von mmt'm think of bnketl ham SWMI I'olaln , Thr<;e or tour sweet jxitatoes, 4 lul)lesp«oi)s butler, 2 Uihlrspoons crenm, 1-2 en,) sugnr, 1-2 cup hell- ing u-alcr, 2 tiiMos/ioons sherry, whole cloves. Boll ssvcct potatoes until lender. Feel :ind mash. Scnson with but- tor and cream, adding salt lo taste. Melt sugar In Iron frying pan. Aitcl boiling \ratcr and when syrupy ndcl .sherry. Make sweet jMtatoes In cloves about i apart over whole hum. place in roaster and pour over a dressing- nude by mixing 2 cups brown sugar, 2 teaspoons English mustard and li tablespoons .jun,.u «i.iui ..SIK.-JIy. Ai.iKc SWCCL jwiatoes in Scrub ham thoroughly with -a small balls nnd slick with cloves rush. Then let sland in cold wa- "'-- '-• •-•-•• ••-"----• • -• tcr for six or eight hoiu-s or over nisiit. change water several times. Put into a large kettle with enough cold water to more than cover lism. Bring slowly to the boiling ]>oinl and simmer for lour or live hours. depending on the siy.e of the ham. Allow ubout 25 minutes for each pountl of ham. Lei ham caol in the water. Wlun cos), cut oir rind and .surplus ml, leaving not more than 1-2 inch rim of fat. Stick whole. - shallow -„ nnd pour over syrup. Bake .in a hot oven \nitil svrup Is absorbed. Serve in baking dish o'r "s a garnish around ham. Rend Courier Sews want AAs. "WEAKllDlW Sidy Getting Up Nights To harmle.ssly Bush poisons ami acid from kidneys and correct ir- rllution of bladder to that you ean stop "getting up nights" get a 35 cent [Mckiige of Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules iind'v dike . a ..*..,M ...,v L u L.iuiv.-iijuttji.i rnuiljum un Ullpsmts 1I1UL\ inKC- vinegar, unto in ,1 moderately hot as directed. Other symptoms of oven until nicely brown!;]. It will kidney and bladder weaknesses are lake .-iboiit i hour for thc ham to ' ' ' ic hot clear through anil the ecant, burning or stnnrltng piis- Kagc—backache—leg cram])S—-piiffy eyr-S: . = —Adv. 1 BETTER FURNITURE " w ^.^-'ff"»»ff special attention this iveekJvlFmer Furniture at special prices. Bed Room Suites wimm immaiMaMMMB^MMMMMtttH^g Living Room Suites, Exlra Fine l.arfc Walnut • ViuiL-fr Sulk'. Our Bcsl' . lieilroom Kiiilf. K|icoial L75 Hoosier Kitchen Cabinets $29.75 Florence Finest Oil Range $49.75 All Porcelain Ranges $39.95 Cejar Chests from $10 toj49j5 Smokers, all prices to $15.00 Occasional Tables up to $90.00 We have the most complete stock in our history. And don't forget we are still able to hold our low prices on specials such as Bed Room Suites ^•^••BSeMmHi^MMMI Living Room Suites 3-Picce, Wiilnul Piu- $29.95 Overstuffed • 2-Piccc $29.95 You won't find such prices as these in the cities. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Blytheville, Ark. ''* • ?J 'I,' < , j- t - ,,. Hi PAQE THRFJ'" PIGGLY WIGGLY KROGER STORE PRICES FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY BANANAS Urge Jumbo Melaripe Fruit Dozen 15c ireen beans Pomul Cocoanuts Killjliorc Pound Coffee Cmtnd'y Cltih 1-1,1).' Tin tAKKUlS I'rcSh. • /K Umith D •TANGERINES ^ APPIB Ydrks (-0 hli. J l-ihhy's ir( No. I Can. 2 for ID LUX FLAKES M ACARONI, SpaKhetii or 1 Vc Noodles. 2 I'kgs. II CAULI R '-"" Oranges .Ink-)' 'Florida Vwincl, I'lurid a I'fliln Skin SYi'illi^v I Ml- (itinranlevd Do/oil (inintilntt'd 10 Pounds R Fresh 1AC Mi. -IV CABBAGE New 0 ret n I,I). BCSCO 12-0/.. Jar Kticli CRISCC :!-Lh. Can 49 C TOMATO PASTE oi . Itwls t'Iiclo«s ITC Kuch J. 1 LUX SOAP -I for 0()!d ISaiul no 2 for / C. C. Quick < Ifeixnl,,, O MILK C. C. ,'i 'i'iill or li Small 17c mm^m MUSTARD • Embassy N Qiiarl Jjir Each 10c Salad Dressing 25c Avondalo ((<•'• W/i Can 'Kuch Crackers (,'ounlr'y : Cliil> 2-1,1).' Kox' Peaches Avohdule K*. 2/2 Can ILUUtl COFFEE French CHOCOLATE "iTu.. 10 C APRICOTS . 18 BREAD * Almonds, I,li. He; Flllitrls, l;l) - 1!)c ; Hr; «il Nuts, l.\i. Uc; Walnuts, 2»o : mived, 15c KRAUT Avniulnle Lin-gc 2'/ 2 Can 3 for 25c HOMINY Tall Can , 6 for 25c FLOUR Si S/Sr$l,75 • i€wei > ! A - - - 22<; .leicel, -.'i'lJis. - - .(Me PLUMS , £. ^' 15 SNOW DRIFT large ' CAKE ljiirgc Kvii|M>rntc(l DOG FOOD FRUIT CAKE lli:,S Keifer ICC Can it) e. zy f Can FRESH BREAD a 10° CHOCOLATE nRO S. 10° led <?C f.h 0 Bacon KWICK KRISP, Sliced OQ Uindlcss, I'oiind - - - - &U UEGULAR, Sliced 97 (find On, J'onni! H Pork Chops Cenlcr Cute, I.b. - 10c Kurt Culs, Vouutl Cheese Wisconsin Daisy Pound Beef Liver Krcsh' Pound Oysters Baltimore Selccls None Holler Pint Kraut Hulk \cw Stock Pound Sausage I'tirc Pork I'nil ml Pnrafinc Tonnd Pork Roast 15c MACKERKL,, Potmtl .... - 22c SMG'KD CAT, Pound 25c KKD SNAPPBFl, l\und - - - - 23c STEAKS, Pound ------ 20e THICK KIH ROAST, Lh. - l2!/iC HIUSKET, Pound ...... iy lC Chni« or Roasl I'o'und Smoked Hams 8 to 10 Ibs. Average Half or Whole, Ib.

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