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Oxnard, California
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Huebner Rechosen Methodist Pastor Rev. Paul Huebner was rechosen pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church, and various committees were appointed at the' 'Fourth Quarterly conference of church officials, held last night at the First M. E. church. Dr.

A. J. Hughes, superintendent of the Long Reach district, was in charge of the meeting. Tlie board of trustees, ns appointed for the ensuing year, consists of the following members: I. M.

Poggi. Frank Pettis, J. W. gliillington, B. F.

Barr, Albert Johnson. The finance committee was named as follows: Lawrence Johnson, chairman, Roy Fulton, Harland Burfeindt, J. W. Shillington, I. M.

Poggi, A. E. Liddie, Mark Reynolds, C. I. Gilmore, Hueneme, Elmer Johnson, Elmer Power and George Harlan.

Elmer W. Power was elected financial secretary. Irwin Lowe, supported by a delegation of Lion club officials, consisting nf Farl Viiia-nles m-psident Frank Canning, vice president, and Oscar Boos, appeared before the conference to ask that Rev. Paul Huebner, a brother Lion, be re-elected for the coming year as pastor of the Metho dist church. The vote was unanimous that Rev.

Huebner be kept in this pastorate. Reports of all the church organiza; tions were given at the conference. The meeting followed a delicious supper sewed by the Ladies Aid under the direction of Mrs. P. S.

Fairbanks. Oxnard Tops County In List Ot Presidents With the reelection of James Krou-ser as president of. the Ventura County Newspaper Publisher's association, Oxnard dgain takes the lead as the executive cetner of Ventura county, revealing that whether its money, or law, general or Oxnard Is on top: W. Mark Durley, Oxnard, president of Ventura County Bar association. J.

P. Levy, Oxnard, president of the Ventura County Banker's association. Lathrop, Oxnard president of the Ventura County Chamber of Commerce. R. Oxnard, president g( Ventura uoiiniy mi wrowera association.

J. J. Oxnard, president of the Ventura County Newspaper pub- Ushers' association. The Oxnard Daily Courier TODAY TEMPERATURE Highest 78 BAROMETER AND THE OXNARD DAILY NEWS OXNARD, VENTURA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY, AUG. 14, 1928.

Celebrate Home Coming of Hero JUNIOR COLLET MACHINERY IS SET1NM0T0N F. L. Fairbanks To Appoint Publicity Committee For Election WANT FAVORABLE ACTION Question Of Junior College Dis trict Will Go Before Voters In November. Machinery, to secure Hie favorable action of the voters in the November election on tlie junior college question, wns set in motion at a meeting of the Ventura Comity college committee and many interested taxpayers held last night at the Ventura County Country clubhouse at Saticoy, it was announced today by W. D.

Bannister. Oxnard member of the committee. F. L. Fairbanks, who called the meeting, and chairman of the committee was authorized by a formal vote to appoint a publicity committee.

This body, which will be named soon, will secure favorable articles to be published in newspapers, urging the voters to vote Yes on the junior college question. Every effort will be made' between now and election time to 'impress upon the citizenry the heed for the passage qt this act. The question to go before the voters at the November election 5a "Shall we organize the Ventura County junior college After question receives the affirmative support of the voters, the next step is the organization-; of the district The trustees will he elected in May.and they will handle the details of organization. Most of the time at the meeting was taken up with a general discussion of the many advantages of a junior college. Every district and.

sec-lion of the county, save Muorpark. was represented at the meeting. Tbose attending from Oxnard. included W. D.

Bannister, Dr. H. M. Slaire, R. B.

Haydock, Charles Donion. Mark Durley, Fied Noble, John Canning, Frank Canning, and Earl Ruggles. SACRAMENTO, The state franchise tax, wlficir must be paid by August wili net the state of Califor- ilia approximately 142,000,000, the largest amount in the history of tlie stalte, according to Charles G. Johnson, State Treasurer. DEMAND ARREST OF MISS GROVE IN KELLY CASE S.

S. Hahn Asks That She Be Questioned In Interests Of Former Oxnarder. CHICAGO POLICE WIRED Los Angeles Police Believe Miss Grove Had No Connection With Murder fBy IntematronM Service) LOS ANGELES. 14. A de mand that Virginia Grove, prominent fiancee, issue an explanation to clear up the mysterious telegram mentioning her name in connection with the murder of Mrs.

Myrtle Melius, was made here today by police. Attorney S. S. Hahn, counsel for Leo Kelly former resident, of Oxnard, ml hundsome butcher sweetheart of Mrs. Melius, also insisted on an ex-, planation in the interests of his client.

Detectives aaid that while Miss Grove probably had no connection with the case, thev had wired Chicago police asking her arrest. FLA, HURRICANE tf It Litil i mi Mn JACKSONVILLE, Aug. Florida's coast between Ponnsacola and Apalachicola will feel the effects of the hurricane which ia-sweeplng in Apalachicola. with a barometer reading of 29.60 and a wind of 30 iles and hour seemed to be in the di rect path of the storm. Mobile had a steady wind from the north indicating that the storm was east.

Rain was reported during the night. Much suf fering happened along the west coast. lowlands for miles along the coast was reported under water. 7006 Acres Of Virgin Timber Burned Over (By International SPOKANE. Vvttsl'i.

Near-7000 acres of virgin timber have boon destroyed by, a fire burning over a three miles front. Several hundred firefighters are now fighting the flames. The town of Blanchard is In the path of the fire. County Newspaper Men Meet At Santa Pauja At the annual meeting of the Ven tura County Publishers association, held at the Glen Tavern, Santa Paula, last night, James Krouser of the Ox nard Courier, was reelected president; Gal V. Hoffman, Moorpark Enterprise, in the new vice president, and Leo Smith.

Santa Paula Chron icle, was reelected secretary-trea surer. Roy J'inkerton, Ventura Star, and B. DeHojps, Paula Review, are the Mr. Pinkerton being reelected.i i megf.fngj.was enlivened by the Visit of John Long, of Los Angeles, executive secretary of the California "Newspaper PublLsiiers association and a. O.

pf South Pasadena, fee president 'and chairman of the Weefclj; rilgision.i of thej California fhetf gave interesting nnd instructive talks on matters pertaining' t'oT (he craft1 and Wickizer explained. jfi detail his'new advertis ing for weekly newspapers. David Richards, claiming to be the sole surviving witness of Lincoln's assassination in the Ford theatre in Washington in 18G5, was also present at the meeting and gave several hum orous readings. Richards was Jn the Glen city to talk before the Rotary club and was present at the news paper meeting by invitation of Secretary Leo Smith. The next meeting is to be held In Ventura.

Present from Oxnard were Charles Teubner and -Tames Krouser. RAGS WANTED. The Courier office will play cents a pound for clean cotton rags delivered at the' office; Railroad Comes to the Rescue of RAY FARELL IMPROVED Mr. and Mrs. Ray Farrell returned home on the Padre this morning, from Rochester where Ray was operated on for stomach trouble.

Ray the return trip very nicely anil seems to be on the sure road to rapid recovery, so that he may be about and at his business In the near future. Before leaving the Mayo Brothers hospital they saw Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hart, Earl Was to be operated on this week Wednesday. Mr.

and Mrs. Wm, P. Erbee, and Mrs. Gates of Hollywoodland, formerly of Oxnard, and their house guest, Mrs. Wyler and daughter, Alice spent trie nay? at Hotiywooa-by-tne-Sea visit-lot friends om iwir- mm flood was rushing here and is expect ed to reach the railway bridge tonight.

Engineers are working strenuously to strengthen the bridge. Thousands of refugees are pouring out of the country to escape the devastating flood. Driver Cited For Many Violations Of Motoring Arrested and charged with reckless driving, cutting in and passing on a turn with the additional citation that he was under the influence of liquor, Jesses Foster, Zelzah. got into boiling water on the Conejo Sunday af ternoon. Officer Thornton Edwards who made the arrest, cited him for Judge Newkirk's court and made his friend, ho was sober lake the wheel.

While the officer was making out the three tickets for the driver, he said today, more than twenty motorists stopped on tiieir way up the grade and complimented him on the arrest. "He cut In on me," "he drove me into the ditch," tic's a potential mur derer" and similar remarks were yelled at him from passing cars, Foster at each one getting a longer and longer face. His trial hefore Judge Newkirk at CamariHo is set for Au gust 22. Scudelari Up Again In Superior Court SANTA BARBARA, Joe Scudelari, charged with possession of Intoxicating liquor, appeared iu superior court for trial this morning at 10 o'clock and the disposal of this case will clear the calendar of the district attorney's office for the first time in many months. Scudelara, who wrecked an automobile near Triunfo after a 65 mile ride some time ago, faces the charge in superior court with the record of a prior conviction back of him, according to District Attorney Clarence C.

Ward Atlnmov Dnt.luF will represent tbt defendant. The railroad came to the rescue of the automobile driver down In Arkansas recently in a novel service, when the Rock Island operated a shuttle train of ton flat ears over its lines, on which the automobiles and their occupants were transported for a distance of fifteen miles between Rriiikley and DeVall's Bluff, through the section, where the state highways were flooded by heavy GAME REFUGE ON MT. FRAZIER IS SUGGESTED Kern County Association Is Back Of Plan For Santa Barbara Forest FAVORED IN VENTURA Would Close Huge Area To Hunters To Provide Future Sport Plans to make a great refuge out of practically tlie entire liiazier mountain in the Santa Barbara national forest are virtually- complete in their tentative state says the Bakersfield Californian. Officials of the Kern Co. Fish and Game protective association are to meet with the state fish and game commission to plan the interest of proving good deer hunting for the future.

E. W. Spiers, secretary of the Kern county game association, and Louis Roux. the president, made the announcement respecting the proposed game preserve and intimated that it awaits only the final approval of the state commission before it becomes effective. It is not deemed probable, however, that the preserve will interfere with hunting in the regon this year, but its boundaries likely will be enforced with the opening of the next hunting season; TO OPEN PRESENT AREA Because of the fact that the Frazier' mountain area is held to be one of; the best deer breeding grounds in California sportsmen of Kern aswellas Los Angeles and Santa Bar bara counties have united in the move to make a game preserve out of the area, Spiers said.

While the game preserve will take in most of Frazier mountain as its boundaries have been proposed, it will not Interfere with hunting outside of the breeding grounds. If plans for the game preserve are consummated, it Is probable that the Santa Barbara game preserve, with a front of approximated 25 miles, will be thrown open to hunters going in from the park region. Spiers said. Proposed Limits The boundaries of the proposed game preserve would take in range 20 and one-half of range 19, with approx imately 5000 acres In range 20 and about 1000 acres in range 19. S.

B. B. with the Frazier Mountain park round through Cuddy canyon and Sneddon's ranch in the Lockwood valley making the northwest and southwest limits of the preserve. This area proposed by the sportsmen would include- the famous Sanctuary of the Pines on; Frazier mountain. sportsmen last Saturday approved the plan: Most of the new preserve will be In Ventura with some of it In Kern county.

SIX KILLED HAMMOND, Aug. Five men and ag rl believed to trapped in an explosion here this afternoon. Because of slack work the factory was not em- ploying many persons. When 1 men rushed to the scene, they found it an inferno. Firemen held little hope would alive.

DAM BREAKS NOT AS WAS EXPECTED (By International Service) LONDON ENG. Aug. Although fires Wwprt for nearlv IFfl mites across the Carquenin mountains last night Carrying the prearranged, warn ing that the Cheoque ice dam had broken releasing several million tons of water into the Hindu valley, dis patches Indicated last night that the dam still held clue to nature. The collapse of the dam is expected momen-tarilly. News dispatches which reached London last night were based upon, reports to India who had received the information from the The lake is 140 miles.

long -high ill the mountains, and arrangements had been made months ago to -give warn ing by fires. SIMLA, India, .14. The migh ty flood which is raging down the valley here on top the Karakoran mountains in northwest. India threatened to cut up the entire countryside. The CIVIL WAR ON MALIBU RANCH IS NOW IMMINENT Land Ajacent To Oxnard- Santa Monica Highway Invaded By Armed Deputies.

OUST COUNTY SURVEYORS County Assessor Of Los Angeles Is Repulsed By Property -Owners; Civil war in peaceful Southern California loomed yesterday as deputy sheriffs of Los Angeles county oiled their estate of May K. Rindge, where the ranch proprietress lives In seclusion, her frontiers padlocked, and guarded with entanglements of barbed wire. Forces of the sherfff were assembled by order of Chief Deputy Harry Wright who was asked for aid by County Surveyor of Los Rockhold's deputies were driven from the Rindge ranch by armed guards who said they had orders to "shoot to kill." At the office of Rindge Land Company absolutely nothing was known regarding the mixup. How-: ever, belief was expressed that the eii-. tire affair was due to a misunder standing.

OUSTED BY GUARDS The deputy county surveyors start-, ed to survey the high tide line along- Mrs. Rindge 13 miles of ocean frontage "last week, parallel to the Oxnard-Santa Monica highway, but werei. ordered off by the r. Rockbobl, consulted the man-1 ager of the Rindge estate, who said that a letter from the county surveyor would admit the chiin and transit Yesterday, however, Rockhold re ported, his men were denied admission, and told that if they came again they "might as well with guns." So Rockhold asked the sheriff's office for aid, and the sheriffs office asked County Counsel E. W.

Mat-toon for advice. Accordingly, Deputy Counsel W. Kenny, in Mr. Mat-toon's absence, started preparing an opinion as to whether the county sur- could command the armed I as of the sheriff without a court mandamus, provided the surveyor was orking in the interests of the coun-1 ty assessor. BALK AT TAXES County Assessor W.

Hopkins several weeks ago was confronted vith a refusal of property owners on the Malibu coast to pay taxes, because, they said, they, were being assessed more than they owned. Hopkins therefore asked for a survey. Private owners can occupy land i above the line of mean high tide. Below the high tide line the land is owned by the state, and the public has access to it. To reach it, how- ever, property of the Rindge ranch i must be crossed, and it is here the armed guards take their stand.

Los Angeles County recently open-; ed a road across the big Rindge Ranch, after a long legal battle wort by the county after it went to the Su- Court at Washington. Jn some ces this road approaches the high tide mark, and along such sections a high fence of barbed wire has been built. Miss Gwendolyn Matthews is a house gueat of Miss Dorothy Coultas of Leesdale. WEATHER Fair tonight and Wednesday, but fog near coast, high temperatures tnd low inumldlty, gentle variable winds. FIVE UIE SAN PEDRO, Aug.

Five members Of crew William McKinley were? swept Messages picked up her.eistaoryred ibat the McKinley raupp naq been carried overboard' and the ship had been badly dam- aged. TREE EXPERTS HERE TOMORROW Santa Barbara And Ventura Countv Officials Will Confer With Local People. As an effort to get started on the right foot in the prospective tree nlantine and beautif ication nard and the surrounding country the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce committee has arranged for a luncheon meeting at Hotel Oxnard tomorrow Present at this meeting will be E. O. Orpet, superintendent "of parks Santa Barbara, and L.

V. Tilden, superintendent of the Santa Barbara county planning commission; also E. P. Foster, superintendent ot Ventura county. They will explain the tree planting idea In general and give their experiences as well as the pro-ceedure in other cities, where tree planting has proved a big success.

invited to this meeting are the city councilmen: A. B. Westfield. Ed Ab-planalp. Gerry.

Driffill, Roy Guyer and Ed Gill. City Attorney. Charles F. Blackstock. City Clerk Frank B.

Pettis, Supervisor L. F. Roussey, John Canning, president of the Oxnard chamber of commerce. Jack C. Miller, executive secretary, Mrs.

Albert Pfeiler. president of Garden-club, which has already taken an active interest in this work, and the chamber committee: H. A. Brody. Albert.

C-Diener and James Krouser. Leo Doemer And Tom Clifford Nominated For Elks Secretary Charles H. Weaver having resigned, his position secretary of; Oxnard lodge No. 1443. Elks, the names of Leo Doemer.

has been doing his work for the past several weeks, and Thomas were placed in nomination yesterday for-his successor. The election la to take place next Mionday. Mr. Weaver, since he resigned his position with Eugene H. Agee, Realtor, who took over the Colonia Realty companj', has been connected with real estate firm in Los Angeles.

He Is the second secretary, of Oxnard lodge, the first being Rudolph Beck. i Past Exalted Ruler Henry Borchard. who attended the national Elks convention at Miami, as representative from the Oxnard lodge. gave his report as the feature of the evening. Mr.

Borchard covered his trip from beginning to end, describing a very interesting manner many of the important events along the way. He spoke for 40 minutes. Under Controi-Rqwrt (by Newt Service) SAN FRANCISCO, major forest fires in California were heing brought under control today.The fire fighters expect that the one on the edge of Yosemite National park will be definitely controlled by nightfall. Three of the state groves were threatened. The fires are burning1 in extremely isolated sections, 35 Deer Taken Out From Ojai Section From reports of the kill, a rec ord has been established in the vicinity of Ojai by deer hunters.

to the evening of August 10, 29 bucks were packed out ot the Matilija canyon hills above the old Lion Springs resort now known as San Buenaventura Hot Springs. The Matilija section has furnished about 35 deer altogether for the hunters this season, according to reports from that section. Tom Bergseid, Ventura contractor and builder, while in Oxnard today to attend the Rotary meeting, said that the Doheny company, among has found real oil indications in the Mussel Rock area, and that he Is looking for a real oil' field being brought in soon. An oil well on tba hill (side in also showing PETE DONLON TO HONORED BY CITY 0FJ)XNARD Rotarv Club Appoints Committee To Work With Chamber Of Commerce. JIM WESTERVELTS IDEA Walter Rilev.

Fred Snodgrasa And Roy Witman Appointed On Committee Walter S. Riley, Fred C. Snodgrass and Roy Witman were appointed a committee by President Bill Bannister at today's meeting of the Rotary club to confer with the chamber of commerce and other organizations in an to stage a welcome home cele bration for Pete Donion, Olympic hero of Amsterdam. The suggestion was made by Secretary Jim Westervelt, who said he knew what it meant to be stroke on the U. C.

eight oared crew, as be had some experience in rowing. On Pete Donion as stroke depended every1 thing, because if he faltered or waiv: ered the other seven men were utterly helpless. Program chairman Roy Witman had no regular program scheduled for today, but made a good finish when some of the visiting Rotarians proved to be real good speakers. Among those called on were Frank W. Hincklev, secretary of the Santa Barbara club.

Attorney Mark H. Edwards of Santa Paula, Glle Tiffany of Hollister, here to attend the Blackstock-Crosby wedding. Joe Gamson, of Mount Vernon, N. who made a very splendid talk on Rotary and what its fellowship means on a trip away from home. The last speaker was Louis Drapeau, Ventura Attorney, who has just returned from a went far as Canada, and while in Canada not get a permit ntir did he-tonch a drop.

To this some; one retorted "Why brag about He visited Yellowstone Park, where ho pulled the whiskers without getting his pulled in return, and also saw some white tailed squirrels In Arizona. Among the visftors from out of town were: Tom Bergseid, Charles Bonestell, Delacey Clark, Tom Newby, and Louis Drapeau and Melrose Martins, new principal of the Union high school at Ventura. Reapportionment Will Again Go On Ballot SACRAMENTO, Scoring a tactical victory in the first skirmish pf new campaign to block urban domination of the State Legislature iand guarantee adequate representation for rural districts. "the California farm bloc today won official assurance that the Boggs legislative reapporfbn-ment act will go on the November ballot as Proposition No. 1.

By beading the list of issues, the farm redisricting act has the most' coveted place on the long fall ballot position that catches the eye of the careless voter, it was declared by Ralph H. Taylor, Executive Secretary of the Agricultural Legislative Committee, in making today's announce-. Still another vantage point for the farm groups fighting to uphold the reapportionment act, asserted Taylor, is the ruling of State Election Statistician Charles' Hagerty that the redisricting bill shall be stated in the affirmative on the ballot. Submission of the farm reapportionment plan in the its backers to vote "Yes" on the proposal, despite the fact that the measure comes up on a referedum instituted by its urban opponents. This, said: Taylor, will preclude the possibility of confusing and befuddling the voters on a proposition that they have already once approved, the act having peen: first submitted and endorsed at the election two years ago.

Four Women Are going To Hay At Marketing SACRAMENTO. Men make such a fuss about things and act just like big over-grown children, so Tour California women have determined to try their hand at marketing farm products. The Consolidated Growers and Packers Corporation of Los Angeles, his filed articles of incorporation with Secretary of State Frank: C. Jordan. and all the officers and directors are women.

Capltallted at $200,000, the company proposes to market fruits, vegetables, nuts and other products, ad raise stock tor pecking.

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