The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1934
Page 2
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fc f Telegraph 1 pQs:F4) Celebrate 0| COLUMBIA, yo, Dec. C (UP)- KfjMhrtlat neit month Kill begin ») tttfetaMe' «etebr»!iw « the KXKh »antyers»ry of tlie Wrlh of the state'* -favorite son, M»rk Twin Schools, clubs and societies out-lhcslal* will observe (he Murk Twtln centennUl ana th« programs honoring the creftoj- o( tyipk FUin *nd Tom 6»wyer «rc afbwuled'lo continue all y*»r, »ccordlng to Di. Walter WilU»ms, pwldeni of Die Unhcrtlty of Missouri and honorary chklrmui ol Die centennial committee, Stephen l^acock, famous American humorist. Mil address an audience Jierc «l Hie UnUcrslty on January 16 lo start (ormally the activities . Lcacock »ll! speak on "Mark- Tft'aln and : American Humor.' The English department of tlie unUcriity will spcinsor a lecture series during tlie second semester »hcrc outstanding miters and nii- UiorlUes oh tank Tualn «w ap- J*ar. Speakers and dates will b» announced later A feature, of tlie series will be a university convocation »t which MlsKHirlam who knew the famous humorist v,ltl tell of their personal experiences and knowledge of Mark Tvuln Pageants .depleting his life and the famllltr 'charactefi, portrased in Sis boots will be presented at Hannibal, Columbia, Macon, Moberly, Monroe City, Fulton, Park mid other Northeast Missouri towns In tlw 'J^ark Twain" country Flojd Shoemaker, secretary of the SUte Hlitorical society, will supervise an exhibit o[ Mark Twain relics and books here In the university library. Many first editions, rar« copies and old files o! (lie Hannibal newspapers for uhlch Mark Twain lyrole *ili be dlspjajcd Mark Twain week J*f«n on the i«Kh wmiremr} of 1m blrtri and ended Bill (7'9 (lie «(llor.). To Mr. Simon P. Lcc; Sir, I uot jour fcUcr but I cant «c o£ I is any, better off by havln it You are lite »-lot of the rest. Just t»lk, talk ail tti« tuuc and do nothing Well >o« setmefl to tliinkMt Juniiy be- c«usc niy munc Is BUI Yt«p flow J am goto to leu jou vlial jour naoM^ts Your name Is PaVasitc No» here'is what that means You **e Miuetlmes norms and uugj> glib un kabbagc and 'Uters and cals em up lessen jou fines a nay to git ad of cm Kpw course I dent mean to class you »ld ljugs an norms, but tKit's ho» y6u lire—by catin on Bill Yaps Just like the bugs cats jour latob NOR Mr Simon, I lute to call you a Partite but Hats njiat you is I seed'your farm the other das, and you had a ok ex-slate and some of his chillen and gran-chllien \ior- Vln lor jou It I gils » Job I got to Vorlc cheaper tl>an them lota— then I got to give sou any part ol thp "op ypn ^aj You handles all dc money and does all dc fiscrin so BUI Yap don't' gli no bisklts, and sides ttotf, Mr. Parasite, Ah' beg parden, Mr.,Lcc, 1 should ha\c iald the Bill Yaps out on jour fann >ho ma^cs jour cats Uses in shocks and is mighty ragged and I «c jou live l(f a fjnc ,lKiuic In town, and 1 wd you Ttrariiig a diamond out tlitic, and betides or that sou sol a big br'-k bulldlns in town vibai lou inherited and make some man'? life hard to pay'sou rent Nov. »li*l »rcyou:doln,-.-Mri Parasite, more au catlii and v,-carUi and makcln peo pics life hard You ben bragging bout your fine farm It a ^crnt fur us Bill Yaps the ala«ators isould be \\jlloRin right where your cabbage pach it noi». Trappers wuld still be camp ing on Ma hi street in Blilhculle You seem to think u funm thsv Old Bill Yap aint got no blskitt Ol courw not nhen you take nil tlu crop money to keep up } oii r fine town house and purty painted autc irhwls while vc He oar old Bacon wheels,nith lay ^ire No Mr. Parasite, ah! r beg pardon Mr. Lee I rate to talk to out of jwH-ihlgh standing In tlic town and the-church »orU so >i>u«scc I am just telling 5 -o U l,o» it ta and it iou tjou't like It JUM »y 60 for there Is plenty more bc- Inna ^• ^ > \ Yollra ijmrkfully, Bill Yap >A Swedish metallurgist has In- \cnted V'proccss-tO plalo iron ulth alumtnuta. >' " i ' ' Arc,yoor toed ones comfortable? Be siirt' f wlU)'a-BcautVtc5i. Hub, (_ A dv. nd'niay lead to scr- lf.your 5Wn ltch[!S ,of BROWN'S LOTlot > *':w»t today aiid get $n tt»tt, fer» ITCH, ATHLETE'S Rf ECZEMA; RING, , ot^ r ,ltchlnj skin Iirl- ^Wtlte 'otT BROWN'^ r ll»,'liD»d.3wlttl MONEY -OHAHAjfTEE ' by ' Klrby Stores ".'' " ' — AdY. Dayton Schools May Be Closed'for Ten Weeks DAYTON, O. (UP) -Declaration of n 10-week vflcnlioi) iicrlod /or piibllu sclipols, because of lack ol funds, has boon called by [lie board r education. Tile I'ocallon stretch, unless c:tll- e<l oir. is exiKctcd to force cancellation of tlie'-H of the 60 basket- tall games scheduled by the six Colonel SoslliC'iifs Beta (above), president ot Inteinatloual Tolo- Jiliooe ami Telcgiajili Company, UJtKjIUg botoro Hie Comniuplca- tlons Comailsslou In Washington, »nuouneqd that his orgunizalioiiB Wei's lendy to lake port In a merger as soon as a la\y •iiorinlttlns BUclj action by lclc(;i;ipli companies wis passed: Ho a|so urged Jlmitalion of the typo of services lo bs rendered by American Telephone snd Telegraph Co. Big Dipper to Be Soup Spoon in 50.000 Y^ars PHILADELPHIA' (UP)—Tl'p BI 8 3lpper, In another 500,00 'years »111 be (he same shape as n torn. non ordinary soup spoon, accorrt- .»6 to . Wagner Schlcslneer, iis- sislant. dtiei.lor ot the iistronomy deparlnienl of • Uic Fronkliii imi- scurn , "• . , •• ; Uuiing these next 5l),UUO yen're one \ull be able- lo watch. Hie wan- deilng stars in (he Up : o f the landle nio\e ; U) (he lelt mid llic fst U> ( !he right, Itiereby cIliiiiK- Jig Ine s(iapi of llic Dipper c(in-' iiderably. -•:•. , ,• • The slai niakins iniiclilneiy in ;he planclnrituii can switch lliem around in tlic.most, amazing' ways. The unltcrsc crin Uc turned ba'ck to 50,000 years ago, showing' the astral jwsltions tit tlml .timi;, ami then can be turned forward to JKW hov, Hie dipper will appear In the jcai 51,934 AD Rcviviliit 1» Struck By Hit-Run Motorist 'ffic" Ilcv. Mr." Wcttttrook, ' n IcnncMce i.unehci 1 c|iBaB«l In fl ypvH'al |ii the Ootiicll coiiiminilty, was 1 slriick 'Ijy ii ciir" wlillc walks' W on the Oosncll road, about Itvfs ifilicJi from BlytUevllJc, yes,, Officers wjjtijji '.'(lie !>)t-rm) mo- have bceji imablc to find » clue as :•'($< Tils idmtlly. The cxlou; of Hie picnclicr's il'Jiirle.s remained ujikiioivn today. An nmbulancc wns summoned to (hi 1 sceno but Hie Injured 'mini refused to go lo the hospital hero for treatment. !, (AKK.) COU&1EK NEWS Nejro Bidly . negro', Hnjfc'd in a wekruid brawl,.is [n a serious con, dillori. .'. •;, ,,; : , The knifing occurtd at »-'rie'gfo Biuhcrliiif'place near hcrer ; - ••'••. Poor Li'l Follies Girls Had No Place to Stay CLEVELAND'(Ur')—There vvns a real erk-ls :)ierc before zicgfcld Follleii girls came to town. Seventy of the girls were to arrive and only seven had a definite place to stay. .. Seven rooms were all Sam straiten, advance man, could find In 1)13 city's hotels. All others had ijeen Wokcd In' advance for 10,000 dele- enlcs expected at a scientific Batli- erlng. b Read Courier Mown want,' Ads. Entire System Has Undergone a Great Change Was Slupish, Busily Fatigued, Hud No AnpDfilc, In- dtgestion Attacks and Howe) Troubles Hiul Wrecked His Health — Until 'He Began GJ.v-C'as. "My entire system lias undi>r- Bonc a coinjitetc cliungp .since I linre given tlii.s new Gly-Cns an oppoi-lunlty to help me" Sll M Mi. T. B. Avclmrl, B609 Dlllmaii Ave, Stircvcpoit, La, reined Peim. R R man. "My health had been gicat- Cheap Money for Farmers Seen by ^.O.P. Senator SALEM Ore. CUP) — Tlie next Congress will plmi cheap money or farmers, Clrarlcs L. McHavy Unllcd States Senator and mlnor- Ij floor leader in llic Senate, bc- levcs "As 'ong ns tlie tax •rule'1$ as 'llBh as It is today, and as long ;is tlie intoicM, rate is so hiah whll's she puco level remains law, hie farmers cannol coiillnu'u lo cxlsi" ilic scmitoi said. "Taxes and iii- tcml are fixed. cliurgcs. Congress jannul do iinylhlng about Hie tax rate, bul U cinx do something nVjonl ntercil We can and'will say lu he farmers thnt yoiir Inlcrcst rale must tc as low as it is lor lltosc *'ho' are Belting money from llic Uniled stoics." He has spent the Jnsl tew month? resting from political nclivily en "" larni here. Negroes Cleared Marvin Klmbrougli, Monroe Car- l«r, Amos Horlon , and Jolin j-Vaiik Young negroes, were clcaretl of sharges of receiving .rtolcn properly In municipal court 'yesterday SIR. T.; B. ARKHAKT ly impaired by continual siillcr- jns with indiucsllon, gas, Wonting und constipation.. I felt slug- Blsh, worn-onl all the time, easily fatigued and had no-pep. T losl my "PUclilc for I knew every mcBl would bring me siillerini afterwards. -And It'was many miserable months I spent bctorc 1 learned of Gly-Cns—which was (il- most miraculous In the way U took ahold, of my: case. Gly-Cji rid my syjilein of those uoltons strcnelhcncd and Iiivlgorntcd m= ontl tigaln : have my former nc,> and energy, eat anything T wish and feel nnc. I am enjoying the best health In years—tlinnks lo Gly-Cas," • Gly-Cas is sold by Kirby Bros. Umg Co.. this city, and by all lending druggists In .surrounding towns. _Adv 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES Win B«k Ftp ... Vi*er . , . Viulitf Mtji»l yutkcititics »jr« 'Out int m. Jw-wnUIn JS-NILES of tioy tub« or 10 tur * '•*» b ™ 3 .,S &$$£& «*ini jjp ^^'"f,;!! 1 :.™"-^ ir ' ' " lor DOAN'S '?j A nne^ty^Cmii^' It Your Danger iSjgiial non'L i«t. them get-a siranoie liold. F/(jhl them, quickly., crwiiiul (.ton combines 1 helps Iri-pjl?. pp\v erful bid Irarmicss. . Pioajisnt • lo lake, No narcotics. Your own druggist is authorized to refund''your inoiioy on the siiot If ypiir coii^li or .cofil Is nol relltvcd ' hy Oreo iiiMlslun. ~AUv Keep them from chaHering... with HANES UNDERWEAR! TAKE the teeth out of winds that bite to the bone . . . climb into HANES Undenvcarl It's like climbing into another climate! You get those soft, snug ribs of generous fluff buttoned down your front, and it's hard to believe the weather reports! Mister, HANES is the Heavyweight Champion! It's knit and cut to the perfect proportions of your ^hest and trunk, so that you don't feel all tied. up. You never have to case! yourself over when you bend ... nor act like a cripple when you stretch. HANES'S elastic-knit is spry enough to "give" without cutting or .pinching! Buttons, ,_buttpn^oles, cuffs, and's'earns ' : 'are~ sturdily stitched . , t , and they stay! A dealer near you has HANES Union- Suits for SI and up . . . HAMls Shins and Dtawers be^in at Iff... HANES Boys' Unioii-SuUs, 75c . . . H A N E £ MERRJCiUI.D Waist-Suits, 7ic. P. Il.'-Hinci Kiiit- linK Company, Win- alon.Sakm.N. C. :, W«'rB r««dy to Wvc you, 1 J> With large stocks of s , HANES , \ : Wm. R. Moore's MEMPHfS Another Carload of Those Wonderful Beautyrest Mattresses And Other Simmons 1'rodiicls Such As ''• Studio Couches-Beautyrest Box Springs Ace .Springs—Mac(c' Espcti(i|lj- for (he l!i'iH)|.yrest -AltillrcKj \ Simmons' Iron Beds Wo Have A This Cm- Kor You. He Suns, und Cnll'Kor-IL Kusy Terms If Wiinleil Hubbard Furniture Co. NRA COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES Customers Scales in Our Store-G W rantee<l ^Ounces to the Pound ^ Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday BANANAS Dozen lOe CABBAGE ORANGES LOGANBERRIES Armour's Mclrose. Sliced Pound BOLOGNA POTATOES SUGAR Minnesota Cobblers I'ound lie I'urt Cane. I'aper l!ag 10 Pounds 47c COFFEE Sunny Brook I'ound COCOA Our Mothers 2-Lb. IJcx PORK CHOPS ONIONS 27c 18c End Cufs I'ound 15c Yellow Spanish Pound 3c CELERY Kancy California Stalk 7*c Htippy Vale. LETTUCE EMil Pois Can 13c POTTED MEAT Heads Kach 5c Slaiidard Can 2ic 12-Oz. Can 35c Dr. Price's 12-pii. Can , LT COCONUTS Fresh Each 5c VIENNA SAUSAGE Standard Can 5c CANOVA COFFEE Lb. "IT SURE 1^ GOOD COFFEE" Can 30c PORK & BEANS Thillips Cnn 5c Honey Pod. Siokcly's Finest Can 15c Daisy. Full Cream «f j»._ I'ounil J-OC GRAPEFRUIT Florida Each TOMATOES Standard. No. 2 Can Each 8c EXTRACT 8-Oz. IJotllc Kiich ASPARAGUS TIPS 15c Hillsdalc Can GROUND BEEF Or llamljurjfcr I'uunrl 3 Cans fj 1 /C DOG FOOD FLOUR ?! V'iclor'v .'i Ciins 17 c lary .Jane 12-M,. Sack or S. U. ,2-1-Lb. Sack GREEN BEANS Blythcvillc 3 Cans C A I T ggjjfj_. SALAD DRESSING 2c 25-Lb. Sack zs 50.Lbs.2c;' 100 Lbs. Table Garden 1M. 15c; Qt. TOMATO JUICE ILK Stokely's Can 5c Cottage or Van Camp . B Small or 3 Tall Cans 17c Young. Faf.rFuii Dressed Pound 21 c TexturofeJ/ £.-—3V^=^ s~*m J9«'/<, Cottonseed OH. The only Short eiiin mide ui 1 I'ound Carton - i I'ound Carton - -..13 (J - :-47 C I SMOKE SALT Morton's . 10;Pounds 85c Baker's '' Blue" LaJjcrfiitn '- $t Southern Style fellow Label Cun -He CHITTERLINGS Pound CARROTS Fresh and Crisp Hunch Sic BELL PEPPERS Florida Pound NECK BONES Fresh and Meaty I'ound Maxwell House Coffee VITA FRESH ; 11 "GOOD TO THE LAST DROP"LD. JELLO 30c ; All Flavors -•• ••'K".^ -'ii I'ackiigcs 17c SAUSAGE CATSUP " Pure Pork Pound 15c Sfokely's Finest Large IJollle 12ic Premium V: Lb. Cake 23c PANCAKE FLOUR Washlmrn Package MITTC KNGLISH WALNUTS, 1'uund - - - llUlO ALMONDS/ found - - - ig c SPARE RIBS Fresh and Meaty Pound -"'- - 4!)c - - - S7c BEEF ROAST K. C. Thick Kilj I'ound '•&•.•• 2 C MILK Lil>b.v, 1'cl ur Carnalion __ « vSmail or ;i Tall Cans CRACKERS f'ridc of Memphis 4 ^ ^2-Lb. Box J. / C LARD Best Compound Pound lie SALMON Chum Tall Can 9c APRICOTS (Jrcen TMJ,' Lurgu 2'/i Can 18c PRUNES liluc Tag "• -.'.. ||4w Large 2'/ z C«n JL*+C LIBBYS SPECIALS I'iiR'apple, No. 2 Can 17c Pincnppjc, 2J/i Can - l!lc Peaches, 2'/j Can - ISc KA Cherries 2 ! /z Can 25c Fruit Salad. 2!/i can 2Gc Apricots, 2'/ 2 Can . -^ Tomalu Juice, No. I Can --••--. 70 Pickles, Sweet Plain or Mixed. 22-oz. ,lnr . 23c CHOCOLATE Dot ^^«* '- Lb. Cake 4COC LOG CABIN .SYRUP Sl'-j.^j;, 15c TANGERINES Krchh und Lean Pound l)o/.tn lOc CAKE FLOUR Swans. Down • • Package 28c BUTTER 1 Churn Fresh Pound 28c KRAUT Libby's. Bulk • ' Pound Sc CHILI SAUCE ytokely's Finesl 1 C .n lioitlc *wl* DEL MONTE SPECIALS Sweet Pickle Peai-hes, No. 2% Can .. 27c Fruit Cocktail, No..2% Can 38c Prunes, Prepared. No. 2%'Can ..., 18c Pineapple. Crushed. No. 2y 2 Can-.'. 19c •fj I

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