The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, November 15, 1932
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXIX—NO. 206 .YTHEMLLE COURIER NEWS ™-«™™«w^-Sri*»M^ -11JU T? C? Blythevllle Dally Ne»s. Jilythevllle Courier. TUESDAY, "N'OVK.MIJKK ir>, iy:« UST EXTEND DEBT MORATORIUM- PflOSECUTIN OF I'resident of Gold Shir Molliers Solicitor's Action Believe-.! Unsatisfactory to Death Myslery Defendant. vvn-:sTOH-SAi,E.\r. N. ,c., NOV. 15 (UPi—Solicitor Carlisle His^in-'i Icday entered a nol pros in die rases of I.ibby Ifolman Ucynolfis, former Broadway "tcrch" singer, and Albert Walker, charged with murdcrin;; Miss Holman's late husband. Smith Reynolds, yuiilliful heir to lohacco millions. The nol pros, taken Icday, rc- moicd the ease from superior court docket permanently imtass new evid?n>7;> j s discaven/d in which event Die indictments can be reinstated en presentation to thc presiding jud;e. In ether r.crds Ihis action "leaves the door Gpr-n". Disposal of her case In this manner is not whal Ihc accuse! younsr widow demanded in a dra- innlic public statement after rcU- livc'; cf the dca'l Reynolds he:r appealed lo Ills slute to drop UK- c-iiw if it felt justified. Miss llolman, through her attorney, appealed for "absolute vindication" lo "lift this cloud from over my head." She wauled p. trial by jury and outright acquittal, she slid, indicating the possibility her attorney might fight thc nol pros mrve. Solicitor Higgins told newspapermen earlier in tlie morning thai he was fo'my to enter a nol pros in the case and that they couin release the news aujomaticallv at 11 o'clock. Altcrney James H. pou of ria- leigb had failed to arrive in -.. o'clock, however, and |\ therefore..Higgiris had not fcm- ~: -n-Hjr- entered his nol pros, awntt- ini Pen's arrival from Haleigh. "II becomes my duty," Hisjelns- statement said, "to'determine "wliiu cciirs; the stale shall pursue, and like nny other question cf human Judgment there ir.ijht be an error cf ; judgment." Bank Resources Show Slight Gain Since Junfjj WASHINGTON. Nov. 15. <UP>' Total resources of l!:e G.OHIi roi>oii- i ing national tanks In (smliu;nt:il ! United States, Alaskii and lUmill, on September JO, amounted t n $«,- 5K>.995,000, Acting Comptroller cf (he Currency !•'. G. Await announced today. Tiiis figure representing the condition of I'M financial institution'; on the date of the recent coinp- llEFHFOF (roller's call for stmeim-nts til con- dition, represented an increase of $198,284,000 since June :it) but a decrease of Sll.lBO.Oca.OOO .since ?>]>. leinbcr 29 tost year. Newly elected national president of the Gold Star Mothers is Mrs. Ehznbeth -Millarcl of RocJicstsr, N. Y., shown here wearing the overseas cap ana uniform of her organization in Washington. Charged With Driving Wagon While Intoxicated George Smiley has been in court •before but he's never fac?rt a charge ot driving a wagon whil» inlo:d- r.ited—and as for that matte:-, iff Ihc first time the charge has l»3ii preferred in municipal court here. The charge comes under the same general statute as driving i car while crunfc which makes it a misdemeanor, punishable by a SIOH fine, lo drive a vehicle on a public liHi- way while in an intoxicated condition. Smiley is accused of tht> ofTcns- by pojice for his alleged !»rt in an nreirtent on 21st street. C. R. Man- Biim, driver of a car wlilc'n eol- ikled with a team of mules driven by Smiley, is charged with rock- less driving. Judge C. A. Cunningham i s te pass on thc charges against the man. Part, of the testimony in t:e csse was taken ycsterray ai;:l thr rest will bs heard this aftcrnoan. Lcckine of Brakes i. Sends Car Into Ditch William "Toby" Long and Clar- nice Webb narrowly escai»d ssr- ious Injury yesterday when their cnm brakes locked. Young Lon» was driving from Jcnesboro at Ihe time cf the accident. His automobile ran into a deep ditcli. back on thc pavement and acre's another ditch and into a pasture before the machine could be rip.hted. Neither of thc young men \ver;j injured and the automobile was not seriously damaged. | ITU KULEDplW Fifty Itinerants Held in Texas While Fatal Shooting Is Investigated DALLAS, Texas, Nov. 15 • CUP) —Fifty itinerants taken from n Texas and .Pacific train here laa night were held today for investigation in the slaying of one cJ their number, a young man about 25 yenrs old. The victim, tentatively identified as Lutlicv Stafford, Hoc Spring, Ark., was shot between the eyes. He was shot as the train pulled iji't rt the railroad vards at Fo-l Worth. . .' In gne of the dead mhn's pocket:; . jiolirc found a receipt for a shitin-.cht of candy billed to Charles jpinith, Kemille, Tenn., nnd nn 'pnvclepD addrcOTtl 'tn j. T. Mcckts, Big Springs, Texas. Explains 'Standstill' Agreement Protecting Utilities Assets. CHICAGO, Nov. 15. (UPI—Samuel Insull jr.'s siirces.5fiil attempt to stave oil ruin of th c (, W o billion I dollar Insnl! utilities empire on Dj- jcember 14, 1931, by negotiating a i "stansUH" agreement with bunk creditors, was related from thc witness stand today by young Insull (»oo(l OM Snow! TKK VOTE CERTIFIEI .iniiy Hoard of flection! <" emission r . r s Co m- rletcs Canvass Returns. \ Thf county board of : election rdnmi'MnniT's will certify final return 1 : of lust Tiirsriiiy's Kencrul i Icetiun, showing detail. ft* the three mill county rond lux by » nun-Gin of 70 vote:;. Marcus Evi- ard. ulyihcvil!,. member -of the bnml, ' ailvlsrd the Courier News fr> — Os'-'-ttln this iiftmic'.in. The ofliolnl canvass, mnde today at Oscccla tojay hy the Vjard of county cleetlon commissioners. showed adoption of ll:ts tax by a vote of 2 258 to 2.237, with the Hector township (Dell) box imreportcd. Over the telephone from Dull till' aneritr.on (he commissioners learned Mint through an oversight Uie Ht'dor township box liaj been left at the Dell Mercantile com pany, iu.stcatl of being sent to O. 1 ;- Kjinnr.r Is Only iVlun <!uiTyin«; On: SINGLE COPIES FIVE'' MIOMI'1118. Nov. 15 (UP)— TIM. iiii-riiei 1 is tin; only limn um "ii now, former ( K O.'ii n! Illinois (livJnml In- <i:w n:. lie v [•: i-ii i-.i.lo In In riinii ni-ar MlyllurvillM, Ait, "Ni:ti!ilv rl\r in eimytin on imv, 1 ". l.owilen. twin' n Republican ii . Hi' arrived lu-rc hv I ruin find Ihi-n mtloivd ID |I|K fnijn. "l-'roni InM n>|iorLi then- ilwsu't KCCIH (o he any Republican); Mr, he innurked in answer to rui.'.s- lloiis coin-i'iiiliiK polities mid ',-,.. I Tlr I nwdiiii limn In Ml.vils': county b an cxle-iv.Kr bliick or him! sintli of Dell nnd vm.t ot I/u.vorn. He appeared before United Stales aw ail arrival of the Dell box and! ey n the bankruptcy hearing to recover Insull of assets of the' $250.000,000 Utilities Investments, inc. The "standstill" agreement, which fro™ the loans to the Insult investment companies and prevented the sale of their securities, came un- «r scrutiny in connection with a charge that the comoanle-; »••"•« insolvent when the agreement was reached. The Insull ntllllles pyramid's crash did nol begin until last April. Sitting tense In his chair youn? Insull testified that as far as he. knew the agreement was reached before the Insull., company's collateral hrtd declined lo a paint where the bank obligations could not te met. , defeat of the road tax by a vole! nu appeared rjeiorc united States »« - nii arrival ol ine ucll tx>x niuii /in f"llf)P Dlslrlct Judge Walter Llndley lu lllcn certify Ihc returns, showing! I J Ljjl L IN PENITFJIIt Will Contest Election of Pennsylvania Senator WASHINGTON, Nov. 15 (UP) — The election of Senator James J. Davis. Republican, Pennsylvania, will be contested befcre the senate on behalf of Lawrence Rupp,' defeated Democratic candidate, "l: wes announced today as the special hoiis? campaign funds committee began it.T Investigation ol alleged election irregularities in Pennsylvania and Delaware. - Cotton NEW YORK, Nov. 15 (UP) — Colion clcscrt steady. open high lo-,v closr Dec Jan March May July Ocl C27 G10 G24 G33 644 G47 G30 657 640 027 633 G-11 C53 60S 650 B53 CC4 077 CGO CG4 673 674 678 Spots closed at GJO, unchanged (luict. v>ir s 'lotion NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 15 (UP)Cotton closed steady. open high low close 627 638 622 627 G32 <H3 C53 GG3 Dec Jan March May July Oct 617 C45 653 664 073 687 can G3S 650 G57 673 633 642 G53 662 678 Spots closed at 634. unchanged, steady. Trotsky Leaves Island of Exile for Copenhagen ISTANBUL. Tiirkcv, Nov. 15 (U P)-L»n Trclsky. exiled soviet lender, who has been living on the Prinklpo Island, left loday for Copenhagen. The rcarons for Ills trip were not divulged. Trotsky has lived on the island since February. 1929, when he was exiled by the Eovle; regime headed by Josef Stalin. The length of his exile was not made definite but It was presumed that he «ou!d be barred from Russia for life. The former red leader has suf- frrod from malaria durinj Ills exile. He once received permission from C/ccho-Siovakian authorities to visit Prague for treatment, but was Inter ivillirirnwn. Chicago Wheat CHICAGO. Nov. 15 (UP)—Wheat closed: December, 45 1-8; July. ol I~8, Closing .Siocfr A. T. and T ........... m Anaconda Copper ..... 10 Auburn ............... _' ^ Caterpillar Tractor .... 8 Chrysler ............... 1B Cilks Service ......... ' 3 Cocr< Cola ............. ' 81 Continental Baking ... ' _ General Electric ..... General Motors ....... Mlddlewest Utilities .. Montgomery Ward New York Central .... 04 Pnckarct ....... : ........ 3 Radio Corp .......... ,'.' g Slmmcns Beds ........ .. g Slandarrt of N. J ..... " 30 Texas Corp ........ .'. " i= v.!>. su-ei ............ ;; 3, 17 14 Claude Cooper SerVes as Special Prosecutor Claude F. Cooiier, member of the law firm of AleKandei- and.Coop;r of this city, Is .in Jonesboro (Ills week acting ns special prosecutor in the absence of S. L. Oladish, district prosecutor, who is nttcirJ- hig the civil division of circuit court at Wj-nne. Mr. Cooper is representing tic •tale in the criminal division of circuit court presided over by Judge G. E. Keek of this city. Prosecutor Gladlsh Is app:ariui; at Wynne as counsel for Mrs. Eulalla French Crawford and her daughter. Miss Lavcrne Crawford, in tlieir $25.000 damage suit against Finley W. Cartwright, Osceola mar- chant and slayer of M. L. Crawford. . S. Court Will Hear Capone's Plea Wednesday ATLANTA. Nov. 15. (UP)-Hearing on Al Cauonc's application to United states district court here for a writ of habeas corpus will b? held Wednesday before Judge Mtir- vln Underwood, it was officially an- I'Oiinced loday. Theft of Mule and Wagon Held Petit Larceny The "market value" of a mule and wagon hil a ncxv low here yesterday. After hearing the testimony of witnesses in the trial of two youths charged with grand larceny in the theft of a mule and makeshift wagon Municipal Judge C. A. Cun- nlngliliam reduced charges agalnsl the pair to petit larceny. One witness said "you couldn't give me the mule" and another said $2.50 would bo a. good price for the mule and the wagon would be iv handicap. Thc theft of any object valued at more than *10 is grand-larceny, a felony punishable by imprisonment In the slate penitentiary. «nd 'h° theft of anything valued below $10 is petit larceny, a misdemeanor punishable by fine and Imprisonment In a. jail. Judge Cunningham fined Nelson Crowe, Tomato youth, »25, but or- « a ,. tu .» dered the*.fine suspended duUng Keiser good behavior. He continue;) the Leachvllle Box l case of Herbert Kinnell, Involved Lcachvllle Box 2 In the theft, when he was inform- Carml cd that police were ready to lodge Boy n ton another charge against the defend- Pawhccn ant. , ccola for the official canvass, t but the movie girls slop out O r the '"M' 1 Hollywood sunshine to pasc , " s " s l )lrlt -' «f Winter." So here's hat the vote of the box on lie ! c ' tlu ' lrl Stuart dolni; her bit to uiaka •and lax wns 32 for to 132 against. smw )uo)! l»vlllris. Tlie commissioners decided 'o Early Reports Rfcvlwd I Canvass of t!:c returns revealed a vote of 311 to o In favor of Ihc tax al Ihe Whitton box, which the day after the election was reported uuy aiicr "ic election was reported . — I°' m ^!°!li 1 i l ° 0 , a r'^, tl> f Seven Whiles and Six Ti:e canvass also unanimous vote in favor of the tnx at. McPcrrlnl anS a heavy vole in favor of 11 al Wilson. Both of Hies: boxes hnd unofficially been reported as against tlie tax. Marcus Evrard, Blythevllle member of thc election board, told the Courier News,this afternoon that where today's canvass showed • the vole at a box to be different from the.: vole unofficially report;-! im- ;ne<)lately nfter the election n care- tul 'check of the tally sheets was made, ^nd that Ujcse confirmed the vote certified by the elecllon officials. He saii the board had no authority (o examine the ballots or ithenvlK go behind I'.ic returns. Ttic rond ta.x was levied by the quorum court yesterday, but this action is void without anthorlza- "dn of the tax at the election. Defeat of thc road tax threatens to bring traffic on many oMhc county's dirt roads to a standstill within a few months, due to Inability of thc county to keep up iridges and grade the roads. Abandonment of rural free delivery mall service on a number of routes ;•. probable if no way c,m be found to maintain roads and bridges. Reports from Little Rock today indicate the possibility that the county will have absolutely no money for rond maintenance purposes. Tlie Arkansas Gazette today said hat the Pulaskt county quorum court was advised that the $4 per capita rowl (as could not b? Irsallj Collected as a result of defeat ol :be mill tax In that county at the election. Tho legal b.isis of thai rm- 'ice Is nol known here, and ccmi- y officials are counting on the pcr- 'apltiv tax lo provide some incney for road work. Vote By Bo\es Vote by boxes on the road ux, is revealed In today's canvuss cl he returns, follows: Manila Box I Manila Eox 2 Shady Grove Brown Spur I.cst Cane Rocky Burctcllc Canadian Blythevillc City Hnll Qlylhcvllle Ford liklg. Blylheville Avk-Mo Number N'ine Yarbvo Promised Land New Liberty Jlear Lake Luxora McFcrrln Wilson Salf Moon Sector 40 and 8 Huffman Oosnell Athelston Slillman Halclier Etowah Mllllgan Ridge Joiner Osceola Phone Bldg. Osceola Lumber Yd, Osceola Courthouse I-Y>r Againsl I Poplar Corner 30 9 10 2 18 10 43 33 517 130 17 G 50 5 13 5 151 79 148 25 32 11 19 28 5 37 35 35 3 23 4 10 121 8 43 18 21 4 37 131 92 24 1C 31 7 31 105 120 54 1 4 24 42 » 0 90 53 132 51 10 24 33 38 177 '<a 27 31 20 60 crocs Sent lo Prison From Local Jail. Thirteen prisoners. Including seven white men nnd six negroes Etarlcd the long Journey for Ihc' receiving station of the slnlc penitentiary »i utlla; Rociuyi from the county jail here. . The thirteen, scnlcncccl at the recent lerm of crlnilniil court lire, were carried to LiUle Reck In u penitentiary truck which called for them yesterday. Making the trip were: J. B. Richardson, five years'for robbery; , Homer Bvotton, years for burglary and -Brand larceny; Eiills Brach. one yenr for burglary; Nolan Clork. one year for embezzlement; Elmer Bailey, one year for selling liquor; ;Fred Bethel, eight months for n.«anlt lo kill, nnd Benny Weed, one year for grand Itir- ceny. The following negroes wero Included In the group: Jessie BoDl- 'c-y. 21 yenrs for criminal assault; Ernest Caldwell, 15 years tor murder: Sidney Ward, one for ns- snult to kill; L, C. McClintcn, one year for manslaughter; Charles Willetl. three years for assault to kill and Dempscy Thompson, on= year for manslaughter. Says Imnrovement Neede'd In Utilities Regulation HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. Nov. 15 'UPl—A mnlrrktl clianpf nnd Irn- Di-ovcmcnt In fiovcrnmental regulation fr; railroads nnrt iilllllies "vitally necessary". John Mury, Scuth Dakota, said-here today. Murphy, president of the N.v Irnal AFSocinllon cf Railroad and Utllllirs Commissioners, sjiokc before the cpcnlin! sewlon of Hie nr- innlzallcn's 44tli annual convention. Actlrn Ijv congress lo^i-.lltcr with the co-operation of federal and "laic commissions is needed to brim; alniit the chaiiRC. he said. "Railroads and other public ulll- Itlcs of the nation loday arc passing through the most trying per- od of Iheir history. "UiKler the provisions of the 'rnnsiwrlalion act federal and 'late commissions arc permitted '.o act co-operatively. This action, although taken In Ihe public In- 'crest. has not obtained the best results," October Shows Domestic ! Iniorovetncnt With Kx- |)or!s Equal to 1931. WASHINGTON. Nov. 15. (Up) — The census bureau today rcporlod a domestic ration consiunullou fur October of Wi.'M bales, compav-^ 1 wllb -)|)1.02J bales foi- the corre- siHiiidlni; iiorlocl Insl vear. Cation on hand In cinsuinlnu rs!ahl|."innits October 11 nmniuncd lo i,2(io.sni bjins iir,ninu i.iojn:i-i bjilrs on (lie s^ine dale in 19^1 Cotton mi hand In public slo;nri nud . ciiinjirr.'ssa wns r-;p:rln:l us 0.820,875 bales compared with 0 - 4GO.G01 bales October :il.-mil. Tre bureau e. I ;limnU3d..2-l 6R7.732 splndlos wi-r--! nrtlvc durhiir October asdinal- SB.2r».(V5ii f or Ihc r;m ie month Insl year. Exports of domestic coltou ex- eliidlni,' llnlerfl, were place*'til I- 008.02.1 nmiilns bales durlne O-.- tobar. Tlik comnirM wllli 1.014.180 fo- Hie ^nr month in 1031. Imports of foreign colton In oc- toher were -injl Inlcs nRnlml 2lin7 bales last year. Unlcra e.voorlod wore IH.7nri i,al»^ ilnrinir Orlnbcr n<inlnjt fl.B20 bale's for Oolober. 1031. October consumpiion of cotton In collon urnwlnv Flate>; was 4M.V !>ia bales, rninunrptl with n 1031 fltmrc-of 318.H-I bnlcs; In Hie New Kivlaml states. «.52I X batesaKnfnst fiS.701 bnles. and in all other stnles, Ifi.isi against 17.175 Jn 19.11. Exiiorls to Ihc far ni«l Miowcd n shnrp rlerllnc vlth Chinese pur- chnsi-s off 2HDOO bales and a dc- rlli',- in shi]iments lo Jaunn of 7DOCO Inlos. Cotton .Receipts Here Continue to Lead State Collon rcceluts nt the niyllipvlll? plants of t'!:e Tedcral Ccmpress nnd Warehouse comi>:iiiv last wr?k M-TO 12.377 bales, b.-lnaln? lli^ fo- the season to m.!)32 nn:l the slock on hand to 10.1.M7. R«cel))ls for Ihe stale as a wholr were Bl.lfil bnl"';. compared to 130.134 for thc same week n year ago nj bringlne t!:e searon'.^ lohl to 787.008 rompnrcd to 8M.R57 al the dale n year ago. llfu'ine are recelpls last week and for tr.c senson at a number of leading Arkansas compress polnls. as reporlcd by the Arkansas Cal- tcn Trade a'sacintion. Last I-'cr Hie LUSK. Wyo. (UP)-Mrs. Eugene I. Wilson of Lusk wns noliflcd re- ccnlly she had been Appointed iis- Mstant to the national chairman of the department for Ihe preservation of historical spots. She has charge pf the division from tho Mississippi river to California. She has been very active In Olo' Trails work. Box Elder Pecan Frenchman's Bayou Bassell Bnrdslown Rosa Nixlenn Whitton Abst-nlec ballots Totals 7 22 0 29 3 6 28 311 13 rai. WttBf PoslMoncmeiil -Will Permit Discussion of Revision of Sotllements. • • •' i.. KN ROUTE WITH PRESIDENT 1100VEII. Nov. 15. (IJPK-piasl- - di'til Hoovor is convinced that the war debt moratorium will have to l:o continued for" at Isast another year, It was Indicated today. The chief executive 'may be ex-, P'Med lo o/Ter Unit- counsel to Pros- IdciU-elec-l Roosevcll when tScy confer in the While House'on tii*'-' war debts and nllled j-iroblems. • ..-. He fccla, II wns understood,' Ihit- ivllh .such powerful leadership as that of Great Brllaln and Prince Ire entire group of debtors iiatlo-ij ' will seek reduction or cancellation ; of their drbli to this government and that the best way out for trio- moment will be lo conllnus the moratorium while these delicate ns- eotlatlons aro under way. (itt» Roostrell's Acceptance 1 ^ The president received Hoosevcit's llugram as Ills train pulled for'a moment Inst night at Hutchlimn,-' Kaus. Lawrence Rlchey, the presl- t'enl's executive secrslorv, said the Now York governor had accented the Invitation to come to the White. House for R talk with Mr. HoovVr but tlml the datcr'is not definite. Thc United Press undjrstoad Mr. Hoover expected Governor Roaw- velt lo come to Washington at a very early date possibly before the enil of. the week, but It was believed doubtful the nrfsldcnl--j'.^>, would be able to reach Washington before Moiidny or Tuesday. Sailing. Into iNcW York harbor :_ "n . frljmlly Invudflj-.v !j{Jis- MfXM'Dn cruiser KurlsruhS—first Teiitonlo warship to touch nn American port In 20 yenrs—la pictured above us she docked with llio black, white nurtured ensign of republican Qer- mnny flying from her prow. Below Ij thc Karlsruhe's commander, Cap- tnln Erwln Wasiino'r, ' famed as a war-time -submarine riildcr. He described the cruiser's, visit as ."an expression o[ peaceful relations." Week 12,777 7.534 n.417 5.204 3.471 2.080 2.1<M 1.295 1.704 1.03G Lcachvllle 1.08(5 Blythcvlltc .... Litllc Rock .... Phic Bluff Wcsl Memphis Helena Walnut fildgc .. Newport Forrest Cltv .. Earle Hope Jonesboro 133,932 71.52fi 74,510 I M.17:l •lfl.447 32.371 2.1.150 H.880 38.703 8.0SC 11.115 n nAA A 2,290 2.3GO Holland Farmer Narrowly Escapes Loss of Sight L. O, Goode. ft. farmer residing five miles rest of Holland, Mo.. will not lose his eyesight in spile of thc fact that ten days .150 while doing some carpemer work a small Ml] Jijiv up and sluck In his eye. Thc farmer pulled the nail from his eye nnd came Immediately to Blythevllle for treatment. Dr. J. A. Saliba stitched thc Injury and has treated the eye since. Go:xie said Hint Ills sight ivas not impilred at nil by tlie Injury. Dr. Sallba said Uie null iinrro-.vly missed striking a part of Che eye \vlitch would have cnnsed Gosde to lose Ills sight. Lindbergh Kidnaping Declarer] 'Inside' Job NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 15 lUl'l — Albert Dnnlap. editor of "Thc Detective" olllclal Journal of the Inlcrnnllonnl Association for Idcn- tincall™. told the association In convention here that he- bclhved Ihe kidnaping nf Charles A. Lindbergh. Jr., was an "Inside lob". "Thc movements of the member!; Ila J>l»8". Dunlap said, nnd added, "except for the bungling of of"'I"'* '" d " r K c ot th " " lvcst| - io " ltl ° cnst- vvmiltl ln ™ *™ n Coini Approves Auto Crash Case Damages Sclllcincnt of damage suits brouijlil by Miss Mildred Lang against her slsler and falhcr and Mrs. Nora T. liorum. of Osceoln. and a similar action by M';; Trances Schmidt of Dclroll, Mhli- tgan, has been approved by Circuit Judge Nell Klllough of Wynne. The amount of the settlement was WOO. S250 for i\f(M Schmidt and S50 ami costs for Miss Lang. The suits wn.-c brought by Miss Lang and Miss Schmidt as the result • of a highway accident In May. They were passengers In a car driven by Miss Sarah Lmie which collided with Mrs. Borum's car. While the suits named 6r?ly Sarah Lang. William Lang ant'. Mrs. Borum as defendants, an insurance company which had Insured both the Laug and Borurr cars was Involved! asked In each case. -• F. C. Douglas was attorney tor the plaintiffs. Two Couples Safe Alter 36 Hours Adrift at Sea MIAMI, Fla.. Nov. 25. (UP) — Missing 36 hours during which tlm? coast guard patrols and airplanes sought tham in vain, two and two women who had b»en adrift in a small boat In ere gulf stream for two nights nnd n day drifted ashore on Del Ray beach,' 35 miles north of here, today. The two couples had been -without, food or water for 38 hours an.-l were suffering from 'hunger, thirst, and exposure. All will recover. I)i K«ts . WASHmOTON. Nov. IB (Ui>)_third, appe«l for rejtef from w»r that of :0rent ' - i —."'••••j*™' •;»!(• i* • iu |iin[- tyi- -vrpSM - -iilaih"iind'"-i-tancQ- i totljrV Whari"" Belgian Ambassador Paul May.'prS- ' scnttd a note from his fovernme'jt to Secretary or. Stale Stlnison, A payment of 12,125,000 Is du^ December IB frpjn Beljlum as Interest on Its war «bt. No prlnei ' " — • ufl.p* full Belgian war Is |400,MO ; 000. ^ .The state .'department oJ8clalstj e J cllncd for tfte moment to rcval the text of .the Belgian note- rt"wlU be available for publication-Jh~ tomorrow morning's njwspapers. - Stnator Brookhart HI 1^ at Home of Illinois Fmnd CHICAGO, Nov. 15. (Tjpj^-sin^ alor Smith W.,Brookhart of fiwa remained today In the homVibl' Franklin Pope i n Hlnsdale, III, ; a suburb, nnd was reported recovering from bronchial pneumonia. Brookhart, who is 65, beeamfe 111" after coming here to attend;the funeral of Congressman Ohwles Karch. He was visiting at the Pop- home nnd physicians .said it-Uas Inadvisable to move him to a hospital: Funeral Services Held : for Mrs. Willie M. Cox Funeral services were conducted at Heniilng. Tenn, yesterday for Mi-a. Willie M, .Cox, 44, "well known nurse In Ihls vicinity, who died late Saturday at the home of her sister, Miss Anna White, Memphis. She had been in ill health for a year but had become much belter until a short time before her death. Brief services were held in Memphis and at the First Methodist church of Hennlug where burial was mnde. •• ~." ' - Tliosc attending from this tinwere: Mrs. Myrtle M .Bourtand, Mrs. J. K. Qillesplc, Mrs. J. A. 3ass, Miss Jean Bourland, C. W. Tcslevln and J. Frank Adams. The deceased Is survived by two .laughters, Mrs. J. W. Jtfsdd.'x Mid Mrs. Dove Byler, two sisters, Misses Anna and Gallic White.' und \ brother, Dave White, and a •ilecc, Mrs. J. w. Bell, all of Memphis. WEATHER ARKANSAS — cloudy, ra(n in 'outh portlcn and rain or snow r rortl\ portion tonight; temptra- 'u-es from 20 to 26 In the north. •' ri 24 to 30 In the south. Wednesday p«rtly clcudy, coMer. According to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips Jr., the minimum temperature t-.ere yester- dav was 53 degrees >nd tlw nml- rmim 67 degrees, cloudy. Today i •ear ago the minimum tempenture was 65 degrees ana thc mjurtmum " dtpttt, partijr cloudy.

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