The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1937
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VOL. XXXIII—NO.'301 B ^ H ^DyyttCOU]RIER NEWS ' i • -..!••• . .— . "* *ivuv iiic.no4 rtKKANRAR AWH Rr»Tmic»« PT> *•*»_,* Blytlievllle Courier Blythevllle Dally News Blythevllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader , ' '< ? >, '<"''>> V j./*nv 'll V, "<,'-„< J \ ,„..' \yj'f. > x „;<. »vV >'?'.„ \ 3 - .? r -*, t " ' ^ v *>' . !. ' V ' i , .. - "** , '•' 'i '\'v «, AHfyNSAS, SATURDAY, MARCH 0, 1M7 OP I'D! IS UDGE J. E. MARTINEAU IS DEAD SINGLE f .COPIES JflVb CENTS\ >"2 •i'i Baptisls-.To Hold .Training School Here Next Week No Slaughter of Ethiopians ;pn U.S. Property, Hiill • ' Declares. . ' ? • WASHINGTON, Mar. G (OpV— Secretary., of state'- Cordell flull rcvtnled today that several hun- . dred Ethiopian, iialfe i n vade<t the compound of the American legation at .Addis Ababa • during •the-excitement which followed the -, bombing of Marshal Rodolfo Cirazlani. ; v Hull said that tli'6 natives entered the legation compound dur- .1118- the Intense .excitement'fehich spread over the. Ethiopian capita) after the attempt 'oh the Italian marshal's life' three weeks ;a«-o : -• Hull said that no violence" oc- --curred Tit the/ American-'legation : ; Reports from London had sdid , Hint many Ethiopians we're slain : after seeking refuge in the American -legation.' < Hull asserted that the American decision, announced yesterday to discontinue its legation at Addis' iW. L. Horner Enters , ( ! Race for Council Se^t W L (Jack) Horner today nii- IthorUid the Coiutor News lp I formally announce his candidacy foi third ward alderman r i trr ', l i, war( altlc »'">" "i we barley Henson Found Dead' 'I', munlcll)al clectl011 ' ' r ,| - b , , , !.'^' Ho/ " C1 ' "»"iager of 'the in V^ell at Kandolphl rk ~ Mo Lumber company, 1801 \V Coiintv fail .Main stKel. has been a resident UnilU ail. of B ' Heaniy Pri/c Second Pri/e j\ o \v POCAHONTAS. Ark., Mar C (U P)-H. O. McNabb. Randolph county coroner, (his morning re. turned a verdict of siilcide in (lie death of Earley He'uson, Sham county farmer, whose bodj was found ' last night hanging by n heavy wire in a cell at the county jail. Henson. who lived near ti le . , " wvvii u i^sidcni of Blytheville foi 11 j ear!i ai ,i| n resident of (he third wnid foV a numbei of jears The lumber company, 'of which he Is'-the local managei. also has Us ulace of business In the third ward. \ Mr Homer has been acthc,in clMc affairs but hns never before sought public office His 1 friends believe that Mr Horner, as youiijr mnn O f recogiiized, abillh will serve the third ward an ,.,.,,.„„.. WMU ,,,.,.„ ncnr llle „„, aervt . lne third ward an Sharp-Randolph comity line, was " !e flt *. compctendj and 'faith in custody, charged with the slay- lul| 5 If elected Iner of den rrnsp <jj „<• ^r..-., . ., , . -, ^o<*i.iim ill, AUU1S Ababa,.-, had. no connection" With the ^incident. : ICO Reported Slam LONDON Mai c (UP) _ Re jorls cnculaled todij fium usuul b reliable souices said tint Itil 1 ---MIIS entered the Ameilctn le->a- tion at Addis Ababa -\fter the icccnt bomblno attempt and killed 1M) Ethiopians, who tool icfuge there In addition reports . " a . •"". vut; Slaving of Cleo Case. 34, of i Myrtle Mp., and the wounding of "A. D' i March 4.> ....:'." C "' Art ' 011 [ According to county officials I Henson took a. heavy wire i, 0 ,'n' a coal scuttle and made a loon I at the top of Ms cell and (hen jumped from a table. ' . -His body, hanging 'by (l, e wire ' Rev. !!omer Reynolds The Rev. Homer Reynolds, new'lj elected pastor of the First Ban- list church at Parngoukl. is to be dean of, (he Baptist 1'minin- Union school, to be held at the First Baptist church next week The Rev Mr Rejnolds has been pastor of the Tabernacle Bintist chmch at Little Rock befoie he was called to the Para<>ould The school, which is to open Mcndaj m«ht mil be herd through rricluj night Mrs Alfred ^rcthr^rcer^rrr sa™ ast u? ^ name American was M- Margaret ^re '£. ^ I eiten The rerorts were not conrnincd It Has renoil«l as regards the alleged kllljng of 160 Fthiopians that the American state, depait- ment Jiad_ protested a violation of Amencin tjropertj i "X-V-^X KnV'fi'lhat Tnany Ethiop ' killed after the bomb-. — Grazlani viceroj of klhlopia was wounded The American missionar> was •said to ln\e been beaten while conveying two Ethiopnas in an automobile Allegations of the enliancs of Itahnns into (he lection giounds and of the beating of „ m , s siomry cime fiom diffcient sour ces The source which reported tile missionary incident expressed dr u bt rugaidiug- the legition m nt'ent Tins souice said that 700 Ethiopians took refuge in the lega tions grounds -on February • 22 QJid remained until February 24 after Cornelius Van . H. . Engert Atnprifian mii-iift^^ ' * . group and Milton Graham the intermediate group The teacher r or the junior group will be an nounced tomoriow American minister, they were safe. was assured Are Bui ied Wierkage MADRID Mar s (UP)_M a ii Y inbiirgents besieged m u, e clinical hospital in the Unherslty bune SeC ° f WfSt Martntl ttcl « brick today when a ^Sar^ mr .tiorj of the building collapsed The sl\-story building was fteakenrt b>_ persistent govern men al'cannonading and' receh't !1 Amei ican-Made Air- ciaft Aie Awaiting Release to Spain v MEXICO 6 (rj P )_ air 'The bombing attempt occurred Feb. 19. ••-.-• Threatened by Black Shirts' HOME, Mar. 6 (UP)-Thc'Amer- ican legation at Acldi; endangered both by „., „„„ uy niiders immedialely alter the attempt /to assassinate , Marshal Rottolfo Graziani February 10 it - was said -in reliable quarters today. But as the result of r/ pealed appeals for assistance, military authorities surrounded the biiilding and prevented [rouble The informant said that more than ICO Ethiopians took refuge m the legation compound while Italian black shirts, enraged over the incident, ran about'the city, filling- Ethiopians and burnin" their huts. > " It was asserted, that the Ital- *"-' -~"i f t ii-iar i) ( Twenty one American-made air Planes arc at rejena an port near Vera Cruz read\ for shipment to the Spanish loyalists If the government can be release, them, it: was learned today- It was understood that most of the planes were -brought here from the United States and then ferried to the -airport •• Despite a declaration by President Lazaro Cardenas that for egn war: materials could be re- Knmnnrl . f—.l- .^ . - l *only by s »^|Meet This Mo, nmg, foi Fiisl and Second Reading of House Bills. " LITTLE ROCK Mar a «JP>_ The lenate met this morning for , I half an hotn (o l£ celve and read | 'hoto bills a that and second (time (jefore adjourning until 9.30 D , c . (Monday morning l Besieged Spanish Insur p "sl-™t Pro Tom* Frerf Arm- opnle & v * D I i,u, r< " 1 ° .;' Fort Sl «lt'h' presided «u.ii«! the short session, due Ho Ihe Absence of Ll cov - Bob Eailty. Nho icturned lo his* Riis- ^eJlullp home last night at''Hhe close cf Friday's session i _, The house hold a nl°hl ses- ••ion Friday and will not resume Us wo,, until ,o o'clock Monday moimng '"muiy , Wine Bill Beaten i Prohibitionists won n victory /in the house jestwday when a bill bj Senator Dillon if PUIOE!,, »,,", sending dust. up great volumes of The collapse affected an area of approxlmitely 200 feet expos ng (he enemy positions which of Pain the v,alls collapsed shrieks came fiom rebel entrencheci !n Shipped, •.from uri— me Amer- ' •"•"- •""'" MSXICO only bv Uldis Ababa wns f on3ent of - Uie country of origin by fire'and by ' l wa . s 'earned that loyalist ad., .r,— .,.- _, nerents are malting stron'•efforts planer^ 1 """ '° rele ^ »!e It is being; argued both that he loyalists, to whom Mexico is favorable, are in urgent need of the planes, and that a nationalist victory in Spain might en _ *?"??? "^ioiwjr forces In _ , e a- ians, . mostly civilians and militiamen, threatened to enter the com- -tn r" nd rtra s' 0 '"- Ethiopians legation. ne!>rby lults men - ft] . Closing Stock NEW YORK, Mar. G (UP) Steel and railroa<l stocks soared today Trading p lcked u W , H , first .hour dealings, at the rate of more than 4,000,000 shares for a five-hour session ' A. T. and T. 178 , . American Waterworks ".' 94 7 a Anaconda Copper • (w'i Beth. Steel .... Chrysler '... Cities Sen-ice , Mexico. York Cotton NEW YORK, Mar. c (UP)Cotton closed very steady. open high io' w d^e ... 1402 1407 1390- 1402 ... 1355 1360 1347 1358 ... 1336 1344 1334 1342 ... 1297 1305 1294 1303 ... 1205 1300 1290 1297 :.. 12B3 .1300 1291 1300' closed steady at 1418,': up Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 6 (UP) —Cotton-closed firm. , Mar- May . open high low 1 , close .««-!- r* K 1385b 1347 1353 1380b 1342 1353 104 7-8 Oct. 131 (Dec, 43-8 Gen. Electric Gen. Motors Int. Harvester McKcsso\i ,&-Robbins Montgomery Ward „„ N. V. Central 51 I 2 Packard U \. *" Pet. 02 ' 67 7-8 108 1-2 J5 1-8 68 1-4 19. 1323 1335 1323 1333 1287 1302 12OT 1298 1299 1302 1295 1302 1300 1303 1300 1303 Spots closed steady at 1393 up Jan. Chicago Wheat jjf- L,-s. F Simmons Beds Standard of N. J. 12 1-4 M "y 1355-.8~13G5-8 135 1-4 4 l-2, Jul 5' 1171 - 2 'W 116 7-8 52 5-8' — 74 5-8 ashing air raids durln°- the night killed 34 persons, and wounded .100 in A fadrlcl and u 4rea_ along .(he front, loyalist authorities safd today. Dime Bay Rum Sale , Results in $100 Fine LAWRENCE, Mass. (UP)-Abot- tle of bay rum which Libono Lopiano sold for 10 cents I a lei- cost him $100 in court Lopiano was fined that amount when he was convicted.of sellinR intoxicating liguor Without a license. • ' • i' ants, was defeated, 33 to 52 The ia" a to' 9 Pa5Sed " le bl " > [onda >'' AnotneV measure alleclin? the hquor traffic, by Nichols of U, san, was Amended on motion-of Nyberu ', of. ' Phillips to exempt newspapers.from provisions of the measure It sought to bar wills >y advertisement from publications and Ihe r a4,o, and (o prohibit liquor displays in store win- dens A second amendment to permit .sale of beer of fou ner ^ Judge Sentences, Ex-Ulilily Opetatois lo Jail For Six SVUllib. LITTLE ROCK, Mai. 6 (UP)_ Pedeial Jud B e ,Hearlsl!l Ragon (o"«y over.uled a motion (or a "» trial mid senlenced M u •>d S R Moignn, utilities opei- .ors, to>sl\ months in )„» iiicy vvcre chnreed vvllh citm- nal conlcmpt and imirkcd one ' °J the few convictions on thk JourT '" "'t ! ' WOI> of fei!e '< The men v\erc found gulltv a federal court Jury, January J0 Ra_son had defcried sen- ' '£ a motion foi a charged with outaln- M,7 i V'T" rrom tlle bankrupt Municipal Gas Company and (I e Cherokee Public ServJ com ,a y com ra "i to falmcfl a nc '»l"^ the Pure OH company and ™sell it to the Munlclnal On* nm« pn,,y '"-""" u " 3 coin- Only One Contest Revealed by Formal Mommal- mg Petitions. , i Only one contest has been pi'o- Ided, and that n somewhat doubt- in one, in the election of school ireetors of ( he county's severa chool district to be hew Mard! Mri n?I> fo1 nom ' n ''IIon of indidaHs^-has* Ixjhred "add only few candidates have been'Bh'c- drln nomination bj ffie' filing of h" ™',,^ rlrtg " le si S"^«re| of Honeier, It is n custom „ «i , , > ln the rui!l1 districts, o elect dirtectors by (lie 'writing n pi-ocess on election day'rathei ion nomination by petitions foi rintmg names of candidates on he ballots The Deli district, No 23 ' has he onlj .contest as revealed In net turns fi ' ctl a "d Bhethci some f the petitions have the rcquhcd umber of Signers whc Miss Nornm Grim, 10 K pictured at ted during the 1036 contest to select (he loveliest B IH In Florida she holds the (list prize awarded by unanimous 'acclaim MI, William A Shepherd ji 20, is pictured at right, during the 1937 contest lo select the lovc- ( Hcst girl in Florida She holds Iho bnbj bora lo .lie, recently Mrs Shopheid Isn't niudi Interested in the contest this scar bcln» lenlli the .same Normn dim. happily mnnlci! and the mothci 'ol Sylvia Shepherd a candidate for tlorlria beauty honors about 1951 The Nichols bill was offered as a compromise with house wets, 1° .?*«. Pr.? v ? nle .d maament of i i_ j""~" — u'c>"tia Y.JH? ure Qunlt- 'l" 8 , r ^ tlo 'i '"He Olto Ko 5 elnc"r a j " » measure of has as held up U1 the house since been after anfi-prohlbltlonlsts ined unanimous consent to reconsider the vote b> which the Eme,gency clause failed of adop Four Senate Bills Passed passed follr «natc the day, during Nomination of (he 17 hold over members of the senate b, DCI "° CrallC " committee out the If j'ou want to air, . a' -" man's character, git him out' in the open «ir. Tliat's the reason why before you make an Important business deal with a man, you oughla take him out huntln', fishin' or goldn'. Tliere's somethhi' about the open spaces' that seem "to bring out their true nature. A city man come down'home one time and he started courtln' my Cousin Artella. She thought he was Jest grand because he had such polished manners. There wasn't nothln' about etiquette he didn't know. She was so fascinated by his parlor manners that she *as jest sure that he would make her a wonderful husband ^So one day, they went on a p'ic- ""* were eatin' nlc and — J „„,,. their basket lunch under" a ^"°lshe looked up and saw a bull Inln' towards 'cm. shx ii,n,_ S Smelling" ....... '"' ' » ?' S. Steel " S .. '.'.'.'.'.'.','.[': 126 '"* ' Chicago Corn open high tow close , . ™ - « vmi nni~ towards 'cm. She jumped to her feet and .screamed. He Jumped lo her side and says "What's (lie matter, honey?" and she savs "Here comes the worst bull in th, country!" And he savs "wSJ they r-iear terms to which elected last jcir A tax levy of 15 uer cent nn •bink night" .; awards of record forms of isurer to conform to new Peasions ; for teachers. public school Disaster Loan Set-up Is Explained by Reid T T, "'I £°<>K~Mi>r 6 (UP)T -Roy Held re loiml director of the Srertilement Administration 'onfo-cd with olfrni „, Mlc „„. as'»r '. an Corp^r-UIor In Mem- P'm today to O .,,j,, 1( , p^ tor farms " ° f "^ "Vaged ^M"^ 1 ". r 1 ;,.K° POSed P' an . R>*i and Noble GUI are also seeking I "! vtll election Two diicctors will b e Thc elected because of *" 1 l i e elected because of the removal of th BlithevUlc, the onlj distnct in ic counts to elect two regular directou at this (tmc has C M Buck and J A Leech as candi opposition. J. Hale Is an unopposed candidate fSr K^iJin ^Tof- -~>!a district board, No l while P Hollman is a candidate for selection at Stillman and. a A. Looney at Whltton At Burdettc b Golf is seeking reelection and <~>- T. Tompkins Is running unopposed for the imexplrcd terin of the late J. p. Tompkins The D>ess colony district, No 65.' created last year, elects its board for the first time. There are only five candidates for the five board scats Tbcj are A M Shelton, H. A. Klmbrough, Mrs. Cecil Wilkins. Carl D.iss and Mrs Tom Pranks. Mi's. , Florence Bryeans Dies at Merced, Calif! Mrs Florence Brjeans, wife of , W J Brjcans, formerly of tht-s toca'l- Will""Be .'"Placed iir OpeialiAi Slaitmg Monday/ . ' Passengci tram service between Memphis, Te'nn and Kennett, Mo, H to be placed In operadon on Sunday March 14, by the rrisco railroad following an order bj the Arkansas cor Horn I Ion commission authorising the raihoad company to restore four passenger trains removed from its lines In Arkansas In 1031 train will leave Kenuelt at M and reach Memphis A. M., daily, arriving at 7-18 A M - return trip leave Memphis at 0:30 P M '- at. Blyiheville. at about M and at kehnett at Rlvtheville at about train on the arrlvln 8:30 P 10 15 P M The railroad asked Dcrmisslon lo-rcstoie the Kennett-Memphis service and a Tbayer, :Mo.,-Mem- phls. service, on the main Frisco line, as an experiment with 'a provision that it ivlll be allowed to discontinue Item ni^ain,: ,lf their operation Is not • self-sustaining. Services restored were curtailed I" 1931 before passenger fares were reduced lo two cents per mile in day coaches and before air conditioning and railroad officials tclieve Increased passenger traffic will justify operation "of the local -. trains. J I.; 1 v.\°l ,'UScew^i'hysi- ^ cian Dips'at DaugKtc|^ '» Home in} Louisville!; ! OSCFOIA Ark, Mar ..„„- eral services for Mrs Margaret Hale, who died at noon jester- day at the home of a daughki In Louisville Ky were held tills afternoon fiom the home of Mr and Mrs T p Florida She had been ill for two years Mrs Hale, as Miss Margaret Lewis reared in Evansvllle, Ind came to Osceoln as , n mcmbci' of the public school faculty Here she met ami maritcd Di J, H Hale, prominent jouny Osceola imjsiclan, who uns the son 01 the late VV. P. fralc sr. Since Dr Kale's death she has, ,-,,.<,n,, continued (o make this her homel R ;S" and rptnln ho,- «,„„„.! , . .nooinson. Funeral Sei vices Will Be Held Monday Afteinoon at Little Rock, ' IITILB ROCK, Mar, C (UP)— fcdernl District Judge John tills Mnrllncau, 63, of the eastern dls- Ulct of Arkansas, died i\t his licme here today. Judge Mnrttneau had been 111 with plieumonla since January, 28 r\meral set vices wjll-'bc held at the* llrsl Methodist church heic al 3 P, > M, Monday, the Rev Bnscom Watts pastor, olliclatlng Inteiment v.lll be made"at Rose- 'a\\n cemetery The body will He In stale. In the lotunda of the capltol bullcl- InSifiotn 2 lo 4 30 Sunday oftcr- lioon , > ' Siinliinp; aie four brothers. V. .E, of Little Rock, A C, Frank •net Jim, of Lonoie and one sls- er, Miss Clnrcle MarJIncau Native qf Missouri ^ / / Born In Clay comply, Mo, December 2, 1873 Judge Martlneau" jvas ' ,' inc. of Arkansas' outstanding poll- 4 llctnns ( .»«•/• Beginning ills career In thru house ""*. ' representatives, lie, served as !t ' chancery court 'judge, governor and ilnce 1928 had occupied the bench ' \ of the federal court for (he eastern 1 district ol Arkansas, t '••+"'•' l ! He wns the son of Gregory'aiid 'I Sarah Uunb Marllneau ! an'd with * j them ifioved to Arkansas at an,. i 'any age , ^ ', , % Reccivlns his early education in . the public schools, Judge Marllncau sl ' was graduated from the University ,'• of Arkansas In 1896 • Three jears —i later he was admitted to the staio .' bni and began the practice of law ' & in Little Rock i_" ^'^ 4,C-! * T - J . He ^ai elecieS f to tfe hmise*of < ".'. representatives of the' Arkansas jeneral assembly in IMWatid-fserv- ^^ v\ one term in 190*7 he \fas elected chancellor of the first district chancery court which position lie held v "1 until 1927. - ., ' ** t | . Lifted Howl Debt , V Making his campaign throughout the state on the lone Issue of '' relieving landowners of burdensome', "~ highnay district taxes, he «as -» elected goiernor In 1927. l ' ' Judge Martlneau's bill carrjjng , ' out his campaign pledge vis presented to the genera! asseftibly during his Inaugural address, ' • In (his campaign he dele Incumbent, Gov Tom Teft ul ,, „ was running for a second tefni He resigned the governorship the Tollovving year to accept ths fed-~ =ral judgeshlp _The appointment ealei the 'rail who^ ' obtained through his close as*-"- uith Senator Joseph T. j, rry o -s »•• died jeslerdij at Merced,! and Mrs. D. R. Campbell of Parag^ould Is Dead Misses Belle and Alice Whltsltl Wre called lo Pnragould several dajs ago because of the Illness of their sister, Mrs D R Camp bell Mrs Campbell died this morning In the Paragould hospl- '"' aftci seicra! months illness tal tlon will act 'as an inhVc o' ' pahf, where she had mide her 'me for some : time. * Mrs Brjeans Ls sunlvcd by her husband and three daughters, Mrs. Pearl Grecr of Gosnell, and Mrs. Leon a Womack and Mrs Opal PInkerman of Merced. Funertl arrangements are In- uvu «jn ni:i as an IntiVe o r '""CIHI nrrangemenis are ficc for all applications for finan-| COmplii ' c ' wording to the C cial aid. Ho said Washington F M" er ?' Home, awaiting arr nirr.-ioU i,,^ i_r-: - ""sningion of ,, „„.„.._ _._ " -IT-,i i i j , -"» wiismngton officials !iad informed him that loans tor lepairc to buildings and (he purchase o! household equipment will be referred to Ihe D _ _ . *.» ( tu I.IK u c. or in some cases to Red Cros', the Cobb , rrival of Mr. Bryeans. «-ho Is~ accomp- the body here from ApplK»nl.s for crop production f"l °l ?>' an<1 ' ho are not Pi clcnts of the Resettlement Admin-1 In istrallon will be referred to (he Farm Credit Administration Merced. Huffman Baby Dies Bllllc Jean Pruitt, infant daughter of Mr and Mrs Leonard died at the family home will be held at the. VVhitsltt residence' at o o clock Sunday afternoon. Mrs Campbell Is survived by another sister, Mrs. Jo Trice of Jonesboro, a brother. D. j Wnlt- sitt of Bastrop La. a son, Russell and two grandchildren. Joan and Jean, of Jonesboro, and a nephew. Hugh Wl.itsitt who lives here D J Whitsitt Is ill (rom Influenza and will not be able to attend the funeral. After reaching maturity, oysters remain male for six weeks, then turn female for the brecdlnj season Then comes a jear of rest as a mile again tciday " unnian comn »"™y >". Funeral services were held this morning al Forty - and Eight cemetery with the Cobb Funeral flomc .in charge of arrangements She Is survived by her' parents and n brother, Linclell. WEATHER -— u --- wi.iuitj ^,uiniy, IOC!\1 showers, wanner In east iiorlton. Memphis and Vicinity—Fair tonight, Sunday cloudy,, not much change In ..temperature. The maximum temperature here yesterday vjas 63. minimum 36. : according to Samuel F Norrls, official weather' observer. Judge Martneau was married iu ' Miss Mable Ersvin Therms of DCS' Arc, Ark , May I, 1919 He was i\ member of the Melh-' odist church, the Masonic lodge and several social clubs In the city of LIUle Rock and retain her propeity Interests too, but has spent most of her time the past few years will) her daughter, Mrs. Chnrle.s Shont? In Louisville. Mrs Hnlo was a member of the Methodist church and nt one,time was president of the Woman's Book club which Inter became the Progressive cliib. _ Services were conducted by the U' 1 ' \\7~~' r^- ~Rev R c Morehcad, pastor of I nicKman Woman Dies • the Methodist church, with burial" at Violet cemetery. Pallbearers were: Hale Jackson David Travis, Godfrey White, -T P. Ploritla.v Dr. U D. Massey and Recce Young, Stricken on Street, Mrs. of G. Rosal'j Russell, 41, wife H Russell, of the Hick- Lloyd Paisley Is Injured 1 M I J T "'J 1 ". c " , cercoral hemorrhage m marked Tree Accident' &hc ls survived by her husinmi f- flllft _tfV l>1»H/lrali T n V. nn _ i-.i- .. man community, died at the Bly- thevllle hospital early last night within l«o hours after she was stricken suddenly while walking along Main street here Mrs Russell's death was caused by. n cerebral hemorrhage Llojd Paisley, truck driver fo< the Arkansas Grocer Company, is confined to his bed bj' injuries received In a highway accident Thursday. . Mr. Paisley, who lives on Syca- 1 more street, was injuied when the cab of his- truck struck the side of an underpass at Marked Ti" s He sustained internal Injuries. The truck wns damaged. ...v*. WJ m,i IIUSLTUIU and sK children, Lorene, Flovd, Coleen, Alvln and Betty Joe Funeral .services were held at one oclock this afternoon ,at North Savvba cemetery- with the Rev W O. Siniileterrj, pastor,of the Full Gospel'church here officiating The Moss Funeral Service w^s in charge 'of funeral arrangements. Mrs. Elvin Cook Dies at Home of Her Parents Mrs Opil White Cook wife of Flvln Cook, died at 4 30 o'clock vcstcrday mornhic at Ihe home of her parents In the Eliron community. Her death was attributed to complications resulting from child birth She is survived by her husband, an intanl daughter, Eva Mae. her parent; Mr nnd Mrs E M White thice brothers, \v. C, B H and Burns White, and three sisters Mrs Ethel McGuffey Edith and Annio Lee White Funeral services were hrld this morning at 10 o'clock and burial vvas made at North Sanba ceme- "T The Cobb Funeral Home 5 ui charge of funeral ments j Police Chief Challenge*!' Suspension by Council MARKED TREE, Ark, Mar - S (UP)—L B Yancey member of the city council, said today that. Chief of Police B L Shlnaberrj'— who was suspended from office Wednesday on charges he 'ifr; not apprehended gambteVs and closed gambling places"—contended he could not be replaced in office because he was elected "by the people N The city council \oted uninl- mously to suspend Shlnaberrj- fol- Iowln» reports lhat rambling houses were "pajmg off to the city lo allow Ihem lo operate Mayor Jinuny Pov ^as Instrucl- cd by the council >o appoint n temporary marshal to replace" Shmabcrry i FOx said he *ould riot appoint anjone unless Instructed by City AU'orney J. G. Wnsiom.

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