The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, December 6, 1934
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Served by the United Press THEVILLE COURIER THK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NOKflBlAi,. «»T^lI_ .^ X .-^' ^ • • "4 •• *» V.OL XXXI—NO. 22') Blythsvlllc DtUy New* Blytbevllto Ocurttr •""'-' " • BlytberiU* HerHd THURSDAY, DKCKM13KR (i, jn;M Frisco I-OF Ash Street Scene pi Armed Robbery Early This Morning A suspect, whose identity was lot immediately disclosed, was picked up' | ( y officers <o<iay for • Search Continues HONOLULU, T. H., Dec. 6 (OP) —The deadline—the « hour limit which Capt. Charles T. I', uim «<id he and two companions could survive after their airplane settled upon an unknown portion, of the Pacific octan en route from Oakland -to Honolulu—passed at 11:38 A. M. (P. S. T.) . today. The U. S. navy continued an extensive search for the three Australians nnd • their plane al- at the nearest of the bandits, flic force of the bullet;foiled to knock c ' ". down Mumna. a large man, and the • CllCC OaVS Investigator bandits calmly proceeded to take •Ills wallet, containing SH, watch, WASHINGTON.: Dec fi ' (UPl- nae and cigarettes .before dlsnp : The senate munitions Inveslbaling nearmr* infn ., non,-Tl,; nii^,, „ :,,~_ j _-. ... "L^aiumg , . pearing into a ncarfiy nlby. The Frisco oftitial wbs walking committee today challenged former "resident Hoover's explanation tlwl — k . r4 ,,t, 0 >t,»n,ii5 i jt.uui.-iii JIUIIVLT.S explanation inn irom a hotel-to the stalion lo meet a .munitions manufacturers confcr- a M.™nh,^H, T „.,!,, passenger dice in Washington - in 1925 was ,„, o>.,,. , allc ^ al t]JC re)1 , lest of the s(n(D Memphis-Si. Louis train and '\\as passing "' Shlb epartment. Stephen Raiishpnbtisch chief ley's cafe on Ash street when he WHS suddenls accosted bj two while o«-pii™ Haiisiipnmiscn chle men .one. a (all man ami the other committee investigator testified 1111 'mil B , 0t n r rC mas \ ct1 ""I •"'"" t>lc euidance of wnator W smaller of, the tvyc, leveled-a pistol "netl CJ ctaik "~ " ^ at Mumna find ord°re*d huh \o ele- " \ale his, hands The Prism official responded ty striUng «t the gun. lhe lattei find nnce (ho bullet enter ing.Munna's chest. AIl«i Hie pal, had robbed him and disappeared Muinnn marie, his viaj to (he police station reporting the lobbeiv HL then \venl, to the Blylhevlllc luispllaJ for treatment, The hold-up of Mumna was the latest of a series in Blylheville and vicinity lately, in others the bandits liave been described as n pair of "long and short" negroes. Description of the pair iakjug part r aug par in last night's hold-up as white men left considerable doubt as to any connection between the latest robbery and those occurring earlier. Lloyd Woodson and Tall fVrii- banks, negro suspects arrested in connection with n recent hold- up were released on their own recognizance today when officers admitted they had little evidence against the pair. . •' $10,000 "Dillinger" Damage Suit Continued CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. — A $10,000 damage suit against Boyd Prulett, localj automobile salesman, "led by John Byrd, cOnsta.Me ol the Peach Orchard community, has been continued to fne next lerin of court. Tile was originally scheduled for Dec. 5, bu[.. was set over as "J'rd was unable. .to attend court. Prulett is sued for damages in connection with the death or Willie Byrd, son of John Byrd. Youns Byrd was enroute to his home, hitch King, and Priiiett, who picked him up. is alleged lo Have .introduced himselr as "John Dillirigcr!" Th" : youth-leaped from the fast moving machine, fracturing nils 'skull, and later succumbed ; in "a • Paragould hospital. Prutelt has denied Hint-lie introduced himselt n's Dillinger. Organisation Completed for Annual Seal Sale The set-up has been completed for the annual Christmas seal sale in the Chickasawba district, of _ • Mississippi county wllh Marcus Doctors of Six Counties Evrnrd us chairman. Miss Erie ^WUHUCS Chambers of Little Rock,' executive secretary of the Arkansas Tuberculosis association, assisted Mr. "is. of the school sales, Mrs. n. ciark of the bond sales, M ar y Phillips Robinson of liclty lYorrLs of olher pub- clans, vvlll speak.' , ne posters' Aloxar " Jw ' « sale « the negro school, though nirieers high in command believed the Ilyers 'dead. ,,. .. . in;-: ''luiV.hcild.-uii' shooting iifelit ot J, I,. Mumiu,- Friicii uffif.lil. lie wus being grilled tills ! afternoon Jiy railroad special •. agents.-' Crack special agents or the Fris,co railroad, assisted by local officers, today .were seeking two armed bandits who held up and shot J. L. Mumna, of : chailee, Mo., assistant superintendent of the river division or the PrLsco, on Ash .street here, less than a block from the Frisco slatlon,.at 12:45 a.m. today. Miimna was shot in the chest and wounded, Apparently not .seriously, when he 'responded to a command Mr, P,,!,)__-„ Stoi D n ^ i to lift his hnnds hy Inking a swing ° LVlden CC State Depart- Vmniwel nt I Ii« Ki^.^lll n nri. n —^. ~..-. I ID _ _ . _ . i 1 " /*' f OF MEET Shot by Pandits Fiancee of Slain. . Tulsa Youth ment Requested Confer- Uiat he German and Italian Deals, - If Made, Will Be Privalc Transactions NEW ORLEANS, Dec. G. (UP)— The United Slates government ts not negotiating wiin Germany and "aly for tli« sale, barter or exchange of any government owned cotton, Oscar Johnston, AAA official and manager or the 1933 government cotton pool, declared here today. . In ><!fiHrng reports or n "deal" between this country and Germany and Italy for the sale or exchon=e of a million or more bales of cotton, Johnston slated that efforts ivtve been made to remove obstacles in the vvny of resuming normal .trade relations between America and gold standard nations. He said Germany and Italy had I ? rCS > S ? (l a desire to Purchase con- . —. .. u^,,,,^ !,, {jnnjirdKc considerable American cotton "if a wav can be found lo facilitate (he ex- cliangc or goods between this conn- •- nnd Die gold 'standard nations" a way is found to work out the exchange of credit, -said Johnson "1C; cotton sold Will come throu»h normal chsimels of (he cotton trade 'id -iMi not be handled as n private cleal between this .oiernm-iit and the. foreifen governments involved. H was reported at Washington sesterdaj that consumption or a. S30000MO cotton bailer deal «Uh Qerminy to furnish an outlet foi at least WOOOotl; * " ' " cotton was near In return foi the cotton, I! wai I'leislood this country was to :cept aeiman goods appioximai "8 the value of the staple Ni '--'"- weie one Oerman^ product med but it was said the reasin-j depaitmenl vvns uncertain (vheihei such an exchange could ie peiniltlLd undei ih| s country's antidumping laws, n was explained that (he "German nitrates were, offered at a price comparable wllh that of Chilean nitrate but substantially • lower tlinn tne uerman domestic nitrate price The anti-dumping Jaw forbids sale m this countrj' of foreign products at prices below those they command in their home markets. --_..i. v- ^.1.111.^. ^»-r(;uj ^ 1V1OJ LJ1QL llC lounrf no suggestion in state'cie- pirtmcnt files lie flxannned Hint Iho conference vras at the sugges lion O r the secretarv of stale Rnlishenbiisch said he examined caietullj all slate depulment nies including the confidential ones -The conference ivas held when Mi Hoo ver was, secretary ofrcommerce and was called 'to snregiurd American Ousiiiess Interests. Other developmeiils of the morning session: • •' " ' l: An admittedly misleading statement, regarding high officials oi the American government and mnde by nn officer ot the Remington Arms company for sales promt-Ion purposes in South America was revealed. . 2. ircnee DuPont was rebuked by Senator Clark for breaking into lh» testimony. "Let me lacffully and as gracefully as possible disabuse yoiir mind of the idea that you are running'the' Investigation," Clark 3. Evidence was brought out tlml the" Remington Arms company n DuPqnt company, sold munitions'to both Bolivia and Paraguay din-In? I the Clioco righting. ' 4. During the luncheon recess Senator James p. po pe (Dem., Idaho) said that' testimony would be introduced subsequently to show- how representatives of munitions makers attempted to block various embargo notions, and-even the Nye resolution authorizing the present inquiry. The committee's .schedule calls lot rcacliliij; this phase next week. Widow of "Baby'Face" Taken to Madison Jail MADISON. WLs., Dec. 6. (UP)— The girl wife or George (Baby Face) Nelson, slain gangster, was returned here" to'day to start anew a prison'sentence for'her association .with the John .Dillinger gang. -. - „ „.„,„,. Department of: justice.• agents jPeabody college. Dr. W n At- broiight the diminutive Helen otl- kinson, head of the department of liK. 22«.fpsir.rt1fi nM^ftmu «*• lu- — *xci-^u«i_ _i ^....j. __.... __ _ MtsaiDorls'Rpeera, above/Is the fiancee of ; Jolm Oorrcll. TiilSa, pklii., youth »-lio was slioi. in death in a mystery believed.''to involve prominent ydniiffTiilgaiiti Iii "amateur racketeering'." Aftor visiting tlic jail wlieiu Phtlllji Koniianici BOH ot a federal Judge, la held charged ivith Gorrell's murder. Miss Rogers said alio believed Keuaamer 13 "shielding someone.' Colonel Woodford Given Four Year Prison Term MTTLG ROCK. Dec. 0 (UP)U- Col. Udwiu-cf Woodford, formej u. S. property nnd disbursement officer, for the Arkansas nallounl Smu-cl, today was sentenced to serve-foil)- years on each of two ttiui.iu - charging eiubcMlement of 'Unas and making f n |. w entries. The sentences ..will mil : concur- r\ '•witly, .Federal Judge Andrew Mil- Ul Ifivof nu-go, N. D., decided. UK al> imposed,-ii fine of $180 on the rst cniiiu — uf rmbe/zllng thai Irs H£}<3 % -= n ^ ^.«WU'»^fe^S»S PER A Work< Relief Scales Will B c Adjusted to Local Conditions . LITTLE ROOK, Dec. II. <UP)_ Organization 6'r county wage bonrdfi lo determine the scale ol pay for skilled-and unskilled Inbor.for Arkansas emergency relief projects KOS asked-today by W. R. Dyess, state adminlslralor.or the FERA. Dyess notified county administrators lo sponsor' orgahhuitlon of the boards, asking business and labor Interests each to name a member Hie coimlj admlnistratoi vvlll<bc Hie third member Scales of each countj vvlll be adjusted Dyess said ceedsltusse,, Plll^ W ^ U^ >^3^K^^ ,m- M''n ? * ? " n " lci1 " " lcm - «ly ' «li.«'IHs.- cntiBlables and Jin.," t ° . , , l) , nanl to "" " vnenncy .ice., of the peace of this, Pcnifscot, uer.tul by the resignation of Cecil county, are very uegl ECU nnd Smiie, vvns named first vlcc-pres- carelel, m: peilonnmKe of their 1° :, °ll n L™" n ? r .^. '!?'««=" mibllo., duty. They: are .cm-el,s" 5 lo meet the prevailing [each countj tingrs i>i Bassett Physician Chosen President at Meeting Heie Last Night Dr. B. l, -Johnson Bassett n~s elected president of the Mississippi County Medical societs In a meet here last evening Other of fleers named Here Dr W AT. nf " le Ailansns IVderntlon ...v, iuu tcHuiiejs in ivils- . .." — *- '"•"" ""i. «uu giuNics -slMlppi county schools plan to at-.?/ he game «""fl«n who chased tend an all-<tnv mn «ii«~ , „'; , them. Pai-ents Also Invited to Attend Meeting Here Saturday All of the 258 teachers in Mis ' Since tost April skilled dork- men have received irom dOe lo $1 per hour and unskilled workers have received a-minimum of 30c nn'hoiir. ^Befoie lhe nc\v scale goes Into It must lie nppiovcd b> the rtite Iraard composed of w Rooksbeirj state director or im- tlonal reemplojment seivlcc as c'-.',,n" Uccullve Secrelaij Plojd Slnrp or' the ERA, R c Limerick assistant FHA admlnls Irilor ii M Thnckerj secretary slate p\yen,. Armoiel uce president Dr P. D. Smith BMheillle leclected secretary foi the 14th year; Dr J T. Polk, Keiser, censor. Dr. p. L. Husband,' Blytheville, «'as elected delegate to the state medical meeting. | n Fort Smith next April with Dr. N. B. Ellis Wilson, as alternnle. Physicians attte' the meeting were: W. M. owen, Armorel; A. M. Wnslibvirn, I. R. Johnson, P. L. Husband. C. E. Wilson, D. L Boyd, F. D. Smith, Blytheville; R. u Johtisoh, Bassetl,; 'N. B Ellis Wilson; T. F. Hudson, Luxora; j'. A. Tldwcll. Dell; J. T. Polk, Kefsflf. BUZZARD'S BAY, Mass. (UP>~Henry p. cnrrs' and Benjamin 15. i-roivrtl, imlicensed hunters, were lorced to pay, as well ss a fine in cowl, for the lost hat and glasses ,. __,-.„,.._, Mviiuui.^ ^Jiuit LU nu tend an all-day meeting here Saturday when widely known educat- orsAvill speak at a program arranged ror teachers and parents. Parents nre being invited lo attend. W. R Hall of Little Rock ele- mcnlai-y supervisor of the state acpaitmenl of education will speak on "The Program for Ele- nienlary Schools." "The Philosophy Underlying tile Curriculum" will be lhe subject of an address by Dr. Hollls L. Caswell of Nashville, Tenn., Inslmctor of George its, 22-year-old mother of the gangster's two children, into the -Jurisdiction of the United States district court here today and lodged her in county Jail. Gather at Caruthersville Mo., Dec. 6 ~ „.., »»,,uv^t« ^rt(i<j inc,KsSViJbLic,, AIO Dec R Evrnrrt in completing plMis -The quarterly meelinz of th- qiv 'in Ihc city yeslerdny. County Ivfcdlcni aroun of Soulh«asl Joel Chandler will be In Misso,fri xviu'co^ne' h rftonfgh or .!,„ „),„! «,!„ «„ «t tnc Prcsb j, tcriiln churc - h t ^ bonquet and program. Dr. Anthony B. Day and Dr. Joji """fj ..W...OV,* UL "*, niuuuiiy ij. Day nnCl Dr JO- "rtlo addresses, and Mrs, ssph p. Costello, St. Louis n'livsl ICl P Mnn-lc *t nll,n^ «,.!,_ /.!„„,. ...II, ,.' """» pll>51. v. c Tlle S 'X County Medical firnun L nSc ?! Us - "wter.^0 direction include New Madrid 'Dmikiln distribute Scott, stoddard, Butler and Pcml- Aninu ! t. .-'.,, s ? 1 coumies - Those In charge, of mc'^LVJ±rr. of the ^>S?i"S-- | K!..?*^ l "<f »^«t , 40 doctors to attend, psychology at Southwestern University, Memphis, will discuss "Individual Differences," and Dr. Caswell vvlll give the closing address on "The Responsibility or the Teachers to tile School." The morning session will open with n talk by Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, county supervisor ol schools, who will give the. program for. rural leachers, the Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of the First Baptist church, will lead the devotional, and Mines. Russell Fair, George M. Lee and Paul L. Tip- Ion, will sing. In the 'afternoon session the music Is to be fiirnlsh- «1 by students of Iho Blylheville Junior high sfhoo! wllh Miss Mar}' Emmn Hood as director. Prior to the opening session at 10 o'clock there will lie a conference nt 9:20 o'clock for teachers of districts 3, 4, G, 7, 11, 13, 16, 11, *' H 27. 30, 32, 33, 34, 38, 39, 45, '8, 49;' 60, 51/62, 53, 54, S5. bov; and Emmett'Morris, president of the W. B. .Worthen interests in Little Rock. ' '• The move to adjust wages foflovvs orders given at Washington recently by Harry L. Hopkins.- national FF.RA ndmlnlslrator. You have heard all kinds of tales about "the mranesl man In the world." Don't you think that Ihc man who refases to spend <wo pennies for a Relief .Stamp 'o go on a piece ot Relief Scrip is about Hie meanest man of all? He Is actually taking pennies from babies anil from men and women who are In need. Don't be in the meanest man class- use Scrip and Stamps all lhe time. Find Dutjes Neglectld by Officers Completed Today; Annual Bancjticl Tonigiil Organization -of the hew board - - ~......,,',.MCI,, ncc. ii , -..Q I'einlscot coiinly e|.|\nd lury, ii)ipii»el«|, Monday to iiivj.sdBatc lhe 'killing of tiomco l.'erVeHiand oilier nets of violence liiat'ac- companied the election Novcinuoi «, ndjoiirncd at. nliout 3:30 tlih ntlernoai) vvilhoiit returning- nny liHllcimciits but with the lecom- [ \\ n ' ; i i ncn(| iillon that, jience oiricers of 01 New DOard l le colmty "lioi'Ionu tlicli'- duties i v r i i m °™ effectively or re.slxii from their olfli-c.s." : Nenrly CO wtlnes.scs (i))'pmm:il before the Jury, uhlelly. in connection wllh thn killing of Fwrei and'Olhe.s disorders hi the. yltilnlty of Holland on eleetion iluy.' 'Appavently they gave conlllctln'. testimony, for ilw Jury reuortiC Itself: "nimble, to ngi-ec lattmniils mnde by wit Tho Jury's report, signed'by VV 1 Tnylor, tejinaii, fallows; the Ulylhcvlllc ilonllon of W. J. Wunderllch n; Resident anil the ntmiln? of oth- ir officers lo serve during ISK. , Mr. Wundevllcli was Uie only I nominee for president. n e sue- ... _ . ^.., >l ^ l ,>iivj IHLIIJUI second vice-prcsHent, U. f}. Bran ion was elected .treasurer, and- J VIell Brooks was reelccted secretary. . . ,' Membership ig Uji . A 'report, on tho recent membership 'aimpalgn was read which Indicated (hat ; \vhen "all cords nrt. Hi; the. chamber will have a membership .about 20 ,i)i>r'. j -cen(,- liirger than last yctuv ; . ' New director of "the. cliambcr chosen by; ballot from IB nominees arc; jack Applebniim, u. S. Branson, Ruiwrl Crafton, O»car Pcnd- lej-. R. D, Hughes roo Isaac.s Olnis Penn, Cecil Shane ana-w. j wuu derlleh Thcj vvlll «cne foi h\, Jears Members of the old boau who have another scar to s n rvc nr« C W Affllck C R Babcock J L Cherry A, B, Fuirficld B A Lynoh Max B Reid rtussell Phftllps c I Wilson c A ounnliigrum Banquet Tonight Tonight (he clminbei of com meice \\lll hold II, annum bnn. Uiiet which nlll be served at the Hotel Noble at 7 jo VV R He'i- sleln piesldent of the Memphis Rotarv club and former president of .the Memphis Chamber of Com mcree «•»( be the principal speaker All business men of the community and olhcrs Interested, anc Ihcir wives arc Invited to atlem this affair Those who have not already -purchased' Uckots"tnoy obtain them at the .hotel. Hugh Montague, Wei Known Former Loca Man Swallows Poison Hugh Montague, well known former resident of Blytheville am ex-deputy clerk of Misslsslpp county circuit court, swallowed five bichloride ol mercury tablets, dissolved In water,. at his room ii Little Rock Tuesday night In what was said to have been on suicide attempt according to nn account In the mall edition of Wednesday' Arkansas Gazette. A daughter of Montague's Is said lo have entered his room and discovered the glass beside Ills bed a short limn after he reportecily engaged In nn nrgu- nent with his estranged wife at ils residence. Hospital attaches said Montagu" old them lie wanted to die. No report on Montague's condl- lon was available today. Montague was an assistant bookkeeper ill the slate highway de- parlment during' the Blackwood regime. "Wt icnnl more mcncS— »ni ice a>anf Yi.fVu-* Cf-tlii , <(" | *-- wrey—n™ i pe noni n ttfcre Cfintfmas/ College Group Orders Louisiana Investigation ATLANTA, Dec. 6. (UP)-An executive committee report ordering an investigation ol Senator Huey P. Long's relations with Louisiana State University was read today by the convention o'f the Southern Association or Colleges and Secondary Schools. Immediately after Hie report was read Dr. C. A. Ives. member of the L. S. U. faculty arose and told tlis gathering he was authorized by President James A. smith to "heartily welcome" the investigation. Ives was applauded when he mado the remark in .behalf of Louisiana State, where Senator Long is accused of exerting political Influence ovct tno administration. : on , , . "The fjrnml Jury knows that th; . . . . . n cleaning , up the lawlessness o! our county. Wo recommend tlm< several olllccvs pci-rohn Iheli duties .more effectively' or resign from Ih'elr olfloes. ; . "This . grand .Jury is ndjoilrnjhg nt this Unie because . vvn arc iin- nule to 'ngree. on lhe 'slnlemcnli mndo by wltm>.s.«\s that have, come Iwforo .It." '. after drouth had ilcslroj ed their pastures In imrthom ntirt western states ha\c been reduced lo about 3000 through opentlons The lemalnlng anlnuas nearly all a navTsnVl^n^ 11 ( ^ k3 ' ?J.''™ °"._P^'»? '" "•? BiB.wta "rhe'iZmfS?", M " ^? J ; -•• I- •"•-"•*. t" uiy JJlg Ltlllt bottoms, ,nre being trucked ' I -slaughter at the rate of-nboiit 16' head per day. within n. few vreek nil will be gone except a few cows with young calves. ; The Wilson plant, now operating at capacity, will not close when tlit Mississippi county cattle are gone Several thousand head of droutf animals from nearby Arkansa counties will keep it busy until Feb ruary l, at least, it is believed/ The Lee Wilson company, its owner, ha- mnde no announcement us to Ihi use to which tlic plniit will be pui niter the drouth cattle opcratloi Is cojiiplcled, but as it Involves '< substantial Investment it is assumed Ihat some permanent use Is planned for U. The; plant, located Just south o Wilson near Highway 01, is a sub statical and efficiently equipped .slaughtering nnd meat cannln s establishment. It was erected'sev- eral months ago to hnndle tlv drouth cattle under a contract between the Wilson company anil lhe FERA. Stew meat, packed in tin cnns l« lhe product which the plant produces for the FERA. All meat portions of the animals, 'Including the best cuts, go Into the stew, which ks therefore regarded as a.produc 1 superior to ordinary commercial beef stew. The cattle are not fal but inosl of-them are in good condition for gross-fed animals, stat' inspection service is maintained 'at the plant to cull out diseased or otherwise unfit animals and all e«i iloyes have had to rigid health examinations. Tha canned beef goes to FER/ 1 warehouses, to be held for distribution among families on relief oils. i rjip Will Consider Discussions^ Ended if Tokyo • nounccs Treaties WASHINGTON, Dcv 1} ^r>~ Sliong Indications vvcra given today that tho united slate-s Hill consld- . ei tlic l,ondon naval convocations ended if nnd when Japan rcnoimc- ei the Washington naval iiealy.,. Ilie United states, u W a B said', « «lll comlder the Japanese delegates will have withdrawn from the Lon- «» don conversations, effective IronT (lie moment that notice of terml- * notion nf tlip. naval treaties Ls served, unless Japan at the same time ojfeis H definite naval limitation " l>!nn lo icplace Ihi! principles;of limitation Hi the Washington an3 l-fliidon pauh *, Will Not Parity "* 'his explanation or the United Stales' position cnme shortly afte? Ambassudoi Norman H Davh In Umclon had iniide clenr the United States vvlll not accept Jnpan'$ de- mnna foi naval parity, uavls spoke at a linichoon tendered by tho As- -oclallbii of American Porelgn Correspondents, f Any new substitute proposal, it \vas kftki, hilist contalh a new and fundamentally constructive an' prcmeh to the principles of Umlta-' lion which vvbuld so alter lhe sit- ""-Ion as to niako the United statei ' 1 that Japan had not Intended terminating the-conversations In such event this government would consent lo further conversations In an effort ,o chart a piactlcal course |i the effort to continue naval.llm^ nations . -, uftTTLE TO Vin Dl r r, , . ' ^ no - llrt T dln ^t h ^ "me'-tnnwash^^ Wilson PbntV RdiUng JS.D 1 -^^ uf*9™£*fafl.' m& S s»(^^^^^^^^^^^ atlRdJo of 150 Pei«Daj ft nasT-ite swsrSS- (ftlmtnci nrtei- rtrnnit, 1,0,1 ,Ui™ !„ ,..._, ,1 ' " , uav ' s tnai ' France frein N»v«l Raw ,„ PAEIS, Dec 8, (bp)-PranM slip"' ' vs a scrapping of (lie existing ' naval treaties ii-oiild lead to a useless nav- nl race, > \ I lie official atlltilde Is one of Kor a S laughterli,» and eani"uB an Illc , offl(;li ' 1 M ^<= * one of re- ' at Wilson ' Cn ' mlng tllnnt n^J^fS? ?""<* * » ot <"«*»>• ' , concerned In tli c Condon talks, but ? ederal Grand Jury Indicts Long's Allies NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 6''(,UP)The -federal grand Jury. Investigating income lax returns of "state politicians today returned indictments against State Senator 1 Jules i-isher, and stale Representative Joseph- pfehcr,. political, bosses', of Jefferson parish! and'; staunch frlsiids and supporfers- of 'Senator,Hucy p. Long.' •":- ! •'•"'.. Senator Fisher Is' charged With evading payment of $42,528.48' In Income taxes nnd Representative Fisher • is charged : with evading payment, of-'$4,727.80,. . The possibility ol a naval race much us II k to be deplored, mmti be faced if ih c security built .up- > on the esisthtg trDatlcs h removed' the ptiitlclpants will be forced to" build navies agaljist wishes" their own Mussolini In Agreement ~"', ROME Dec 6 (OP)—t^orman H " Davis* s|«?ech seems to coincide ex^- acfly with the policy of Premier - Benlto Mussolini, a foreign office ' spokesman said today i\ Mussolini, the spokesman sqld, • was ready to'reduce lo o minimum Itnlv's naval slremjih provided the ( "equality of security" emphasized by navLs «ns maintained ., Japan Ncl Surprised TOKYO, Dee 6 (UP)-News that the United Stales will not agree'to" naval parity for Japan was received lieic today without excitement Japanese officials said the slate- \ ment of Norman H Davis chief, American delegate to the London' ' naval conversations, merely con--; firmed the Japanese contentions as* lo the attitude of the United Mississippi Cities Join ~ n Request (or TVA Power GREENVILLE, Miss, Dec 6 (UP) Twenty-one north Mississippi cllles have joined a mass movement-to tequest Tennessee Valley Authority xiovver and otliers are expjcted to loin within the next few days Mayor Milton o Smith said today Major smith said he would call mayors or all north Mississippi cities into conference within two seeks to draft a unified petition to the TVA and President Roos_velt for TVA pomr. The movement was Inaugurated by Mavor Smith, vvho believes more can be accomplished, through mass WEATHER ^ Arkansas—Partly cloudy, colder n central and northwest portions Memphis and vicinity—Partly cloudy tonight and Friday, not much change in Icmperature The maximum temperature here esterday was 62, minimum 27, lear, Recording lo Samuel 'P. Norris, official wwthcr 1

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