The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 9, 1948
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YOU XLr—NO. 14 i Four-Power Rule Ends in Germany, General Admits Clay Fails to Issue Call for Meeting of Allied Control Council BERLIN. April fl. (UPi-Gcn. Lu- BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS To^r =^^-T~^-^^ ?T ^ Blythevill* Blylheville Dally New* Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Herald 250 Rotations Attend Meeting Of Joiner Club Seymour Lockhar, Jr. w«.s named president of the joiner Rotary Club «'lilc}i received « charter n( Joiner' last night. Approximately 250 Rotar., Club members from Ihl.s aren attended, and there were 18 charter members. Oilier officers were, Harold Hower- lon. vice-president.grant Collnr. secretary-treasurer, and miller, cliis D. Clay tacitly ackiiowicagc'd I Jr., sergeant'n't arm's. tne collapse of four-power rule T. Wnlkcr Lewis, Memphis and'in a « V 'ilSdu? 1 H n5 ' n"?*' by " aS5 "' K >1P "T 1 " 1 ' cslde » t of '«'" Rol»«-y ra"- ! a" heart'-'ofT,' * .scheduled call Jor H meeting of trlct was the principal speaker maklnTrr,™.,. Ihe .strile-shackled Allied Control *»d Harold Hani's, of Wynne^rcs-' Iw h^ Went of the 138lh District present- Hoffman Takes Oath of Office AsHeadofERP President Trumon Voice* Confidence In Program Dirtcfor ^WASHINGTON. April 9. fJJPI- use ceremony Council tomorrow. Clay's nnnouiicenient lhat the Mimcll would not mcel on Its normal date came as points of friction In the wrangle- between Russia and ed the charter to the new club, which was sponsored by Osceola Rotarians. The three board members sclccl- the Western powers increased stead- j ed for the newly-chartered club rt,,i rm „, . wrre Emmctt ell"™. Don Kielchcr. on Airman ci- 1>m J "-- -- ---i •-— —. * cult-man CIa v had the respon- ^MlbHity for calling the session cus- ^•Wmarity held on the loth, 20th and 30tn of each month. "Since there has been no request for a meeting from any of Die delegations, and no subject has b<\1l presented for discussion, there will be no meeting O f the Allied Control Council on Ihe tenth," Clay's announcement said. The council has failed to function as the governine bodv for Germany since Soviet Marshal Vassify D. Sokolovsky walked out March 20, anjry because the Wes- lern Allies fail-il U ^ive a delail- «d report on their plans fiw an economic merger of the Western zones. The Russians Issued new Instructions permitting only two mail cars dally to pass through the Soviet zone to Western Germany, where normally 15 cars a day are needed, the American licensed Tagesspiecel said. nnd Don Terry. Those attending from Blylheville were: U. S. Branson, Dr. I. n. Johnson, w. f. McDanlel. Alvln Huff- forceful and grave "So Help Me God." the automobile In- A L t « »••«*• nmviiiuuni* 111- diistrialtst took the oath as adm - Istralor ol •i-h» u wooomic cooiwi-Rtion. Ihe oath was administered by Chief Fioci M. vinson of Hie JlLstice United Stales Supreme Court n-cvMrteiit Tnimnn iitcppcd forwarc after the oa(|, wns aciminlslercd Braspcd Hoffman's hand and said"' *'" Ve utmosl confidence newspaper German letters still are moving both ways through the Soviet Zone, but with four or five days' delay. An article by Russian Air den. Alexandrov in the Soviet Army newspaper Taegliche Rundschau reiterated Russian claims that last last Monday's Berlin air crash was "le fault of the British. Alexartdrav's article admitted for the first time, however, that the British notified the four-power air safety center in Berlin they intended to fly a plane through the corridor omthe day of the crash. Roy. Boyd, Dr. Alfred Vise. Porter, Aubrey Phone Company Expands Plant Construction Starts On Additions to Blytheville Exchange Construction work Is underway to- — , lr ,, enlarging the Blythcvllle Telephone | Hoffman's mai 1 "" S " Ca " d **• mkc *' ^ direct •^op-Bap aid lo the Coiumunhl- Ihreatcned countries of Europe hns been used up. They expressed hope thai the newly-enacted European recovery NEWSPAPER Of NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST BNYTHBvn.LB L ARKANSAS. KRIUAY APRIL 9, 1948 He's Not Scared; But Mother Was Laney Definitely Out of Arkansas Governor's Race Chief Executive Soys He Will Stick to January 19 Decision B.f Bob Hum-it tl [ n ,'.!r ii Pr "* S '*' f ''""ttiiwinlfnt) Ll'ITLE HOCK. Ark., April 1.-L ) '.H|' > ~9. OV ; Bn> , "-*"**' announced ion«y t.mi he win na i wk ihlrcl lenn. Quletlnjf report* that hi, n ,|,i. ( change his mind and ™,,,.,,.i.... "Kflln. the governor said slick by his slule 19 nol lo seek "«( ihl.s lime." Mrs. R. G. Edwards of Atlanta, o».. smiles at lluoe-vca, -old nichard - ' * d Kd^-ds after , le survived a f o , lr . slol ,. ,„„ w|th ,„ tlian a few bruises. Richard scampered I 0 the fourth II, room for additional central office equipment, p. j. p oc , Southwestern Bell Telephone Company manager announced today. "' Switching facilities for 500 more telephones are to be added to 111" dial equipment next Pall, and this '.vork probably will be completed by the end of this year or early in ]W9 Mr. Poe said. Also scl-.eduled for Installation this year 1.5 additional equipment lor handling long distance calls. Construction plans call for two -. -.,.....-.., *„„„,. . Previously the Russians had In- I a ™ ltlons '" be made. One additio slsted that the British violated .... regulations ( by failing {o notify the will be along the East side of the present biiildinj;. This addition will T , - -• 'CT t-r ..^tJJJ. Hie , ,, '• — .*.«.. nj,. »ir center the plane was coming. I be the same length of the present Russia pressed her campaign to ' bull<iiil B and will be two-stories close the Western allies' air corri- "'"'' ""'' •"'" " dw to.Berlin by. charging that, an average of 33; British and American planes a- month are violating- air regulations Zone. nigh, and will then extend an additional 1.3 feet as a one story addi- '•••• tics.' This portion'of the 1 Plv lilies. "' Hoffman Is thus laced wllh the I necessity of placing new ordm I immediately for France. Italy anrl [ Austria. Since last November' these I countries have received some'*577 - I 000,000 in lootl, fuel and fertilizer' under the stop-gap aid program. I Hoffman must also give priorities I to hard-pressed Greece and the I Netherlands, neither of whom has l nol'ars lo buy relief goods. orts so far -., ...ward lining up top personnel to assist him. Still unfilled are the posts of deputy administrator and ambassador-at- largc tn Europe. In an effort to acquaint himself with the short-term relief programs, men l when his molhWs back was ( from an open window. There were he didn't even cry much. (NBA Ti loor o( MI apRrt- urned, entered an apartment and lell Congressmen Reluctant to Act On 'Single Package' Farm Bill Hoffi man ha* been conferring with By Grant nlllm.n United PrfM Staff Cnrrm WASHINGTON, April 9. lU.P.I-Coi.Rr, e.vs does not .wern likely | 0 stamp it.s approval on » -single package" long-range farm pro** mcni la.u Jl>n 5' PO'llto'l office A prepaid! .stulpnienl will be released Hits afternoon In whin, Ilic governor will explain his decision However. h c (O 1<I united Press thai you are autborl/f<( | o sn v (!„,( „,,, answer Is no." ' By stepping out of the picture the Bovmior throws the Arkansas' BUbcrnnlorial race wide open He sivld last Monday that, lie wonltl not buck nny candldale In ilu- comliiB niinpulsn nnd would Slav ou or the race enllrelv II hl.s do- cisiini wns nol 10 run for ollk-e. Kit-rived Many Krqursls Since his jun. iB'.slnteme,,,. |,,,_ iwy hn.s been besieged with requests from (rlcnds to reconsider bis decision nnd to .«•<* R third term. The draft i.aney cnmpHlRn readied « !*ak ai » modliiR <)( ,,| s supporters In Little Rock lasl Sunday. In response to the demand. 1 J( "cy salri he would consider his ort- Slnal decision. He told reporter* yesterdn ........ ^ ____ | State Department and"other government of/iclal.s. Th«e officials have been pointing out some of the problems already encountered I regarding shipping and procure- ' rnent. Hoffman today was expected to move Into temporary offices in the old State Department Building. Just across the street from the ~ white House, for the past three days his headquarters have been In *. downtown hotel suite. whethe ,^:r Youfh.Fe»l6wshi P the Sovietl 0 '"^ one-story high, two stories j f* I . I I high. The other addition will cx-,V-IUD IS (end the building toward the South Latin American Parley Raises Colonial Issues BOGOTA, Colombia, April 9. (UP) —The United states was expected today to try to shut off demands of many Latin-American countries lor action by the Inter-American Conference to oust European colonial powers from the Western Hemisphere. U.S. Delegate Paul Daniels was preparing a statement which maybe read at today's meeting of the subcommittee on colonies. At the same time. President William Martin of the Export-Import ..Bank was to try to ease the dip- S|lomatic blow suffered by the Unit^ed States last night when announcement of President Truman's request for t500.OOQ.Ooo more of Joans .... - ,...,.„.. , lo Latin-America through the bank I vlvcrt b - v <- hre e daughters. Mrs. Lu- | was received bp the conference in i rile Painter. Mrs. Louise Bynurn. stony silence. land Mrs. E. D. Cteell. nil of Luxora; Martin will address the full eco- j t - wo -sons. Wilforcl C. Morris of Bly- on Second street as a one-story addition, 32 by 36 feet. Both additions will have brick walls corresponding in appearance lo the present building. Construction is hems; handled by Ben White and Sons. Blytheville contractors. Mrs. Pearl Morris Dies; Rites to Be Tomorrow Funeral services for Mrs. Pearl Morris, mother of W. C. Morris of Blytheville, who died yesterday afternoon at University Hospital in Little Rock after an illness of oi:». year, will be conducted at t!i3 Church of Christ in Blytheville .it 1 o'clork tomorrow afternoon bv .;i? Her. Oscar L. Hays, pastor of Hi- Church of Christ in Osceola. Burial will be in the Dogwood Cemetery- She was 54. Mrs. Morris. «-ho had lived near L,»ra For Blytheville The youth of various churches o.' Blytheville met last night at the First Presbyterian Church to organize a fellowship club, which will be called Ihe Blytheville Youth Fellowship. The Rev. Harvey T. Kidd. pastor of tiie Presbyterian Church, gav. the invocation and Jimmy Lancashire acled as temporary chairman over the business meeting at which officers were elected and installed. Jimmy Lowe of the First Christian Church was elected president' James Wimberly. First Prcsbytcriiin Church, first vice-president- Jack Elliott. First Baptist Church, second vice-president; Shirley Kin.?, First Baptist, secretary; George Xcnos. First Christian. treasurer- Betty Ann Harber, First Methodist Church, historian: and Susie Craf- complete overhku conservation program. g why it Is doubtful In surplm limes, ihey would be r a "single package" tar Congress, one influential member The more problems in a bin the more controversy you generate and the less likely it is to nnec " ' .,.,,: ; *'s decision would "'•'! ulthin 4» lmi»-< be announced The Kovcrnor's statement wns preceded by hurt-led c dice* yeslmlay, lule i ast and this morning today night New Concern said: 20 ohri '«»" h, repon- nomic committee, late today. the colonial issue, to head off any action here which might embarrass Britain, France, the Netherlands and Denmark, which hold colonies in this hemisphere. The United States does not wish to oppose legitimate aspirations of any American countries, but it feel> that it is unfair to attack the colonial powers at * meeting such as this where they are not represented. Yugoslavs to Seal OH Their Zone in Trieste TRIESTE. April B. (UPl-Allied Intelligence sources said today that Yugoslav authorities arc expected to sea! off their zone of Trieste on all but one main highway two weeks theville and Wesley Morris of l,uv- can and Mrs. Mary Duncan, both ot Hoheiin-ald. Temi.; and lw o brothers. Plumber Henson and Floyd Henson. bom of Hohenwald. Pallbearers will be Ralph Milclir!!, Ellon Henson, German Mitchell. Rosco Warren, Dave Mitchell, and Ray Freeman. The CobV) Funeral Home is in charge. Also during the business mectin7 various committees were appointed and the lime of each meeting was decided, and short talks were sivnn ..... - -" ....... n^.. .ot^ lutiiiy. j,..^....^ MIH, I*V:OILJ i>±ui i is 01 LAIX- I u,. r n (-.„ ,. „, jj a'*'., i The United States is seeking, in 'on.; t™ sisters. Mrs. Annie Din- \,L „ " 1O "'. T < xid Harrison and .. ..,._,., ...... . » lllc R". Mr. Kidd on the purpose or the organi7Ation. Others who attended were Mr Harrison, who is the youth sponsor of the First Presbyterian Church Mrs. Rupert Crnrion nnd Mr. Oar- rot t. sponsors of the Youth Fellowship of the Christian Church, the Rev. Mr. Kidd and the Rev. Lester Strubhar. pastor of the First Christian Church. A bulfct supper was served to the group by women of the Presbyterian Church proceeding the mcc>.- Italian Leaders Appeal For Peaceful Election ROME. April 9. lOPl—Italy's all- parly committee nn keeping the peace on election rlay April is asked the voters today to join in achiev- on farm price supports * Thfi-present program sel farmers over, postwar p; talnlles, runs, oiil Dec 1 Many congressmen «!•» ' mlnilct like lo modernize the parity formula which decides the actual dollar level at., which the tovernn.ent supports .farm prices.. Soli Program Faces Delay But. because of tlie pressure to do something on price supports and soil conservation. Mils seems llkelv to hokl over until the new Congress House Agriculture Coriimitiee members hope "to work out a .price support program which, dovetailed with other new farm legislation would form a rounded agriculture program. There are. however, strong differences between Southern and Midwestern congressmen over the level at which farm prices should be supported that may make this impossible. in this case. Chnirmnii Clifford R. Hope. R.. Kan., has promised that the present 90 per ccut-of-parity formula will be continued for another year. This program is aimer! nl assuring farmers their income from most major crops will buy at least (W per cent, of That flic income from Ihe same crops would have purchased In the hasp period 1909-H. on S. Highway 61 Conduction Is undenvay for Ihe Southcri say this Face New Tests . United p rn> Hnrold E. Stassen »nd Oov.. The- L !iL. *' s "l'l' l >'' Building which Is Soul], Highway 61, ~' Incorporated. going up on Missouri Man Forfeits Bond On Tax Charge Selling iiii«(am|M'd Missouri elg- arelies In Arkansas loday 'coat James Allen of O»nilh»r.i- here. Joffrras forfHIfd MO bonds on emli ol three rhuruev-pissesshu limispoitlng and .idling iirtiUunped r RBieilM. Unstamped cigarettes are those nn which Arkmuiu' six-cent tobacco lux lias nol been collected JtifH'M was arroMed yesterrtav at Mario, Souih ,,f Kelser. by stale Policeman c. K. Montgomery of Bly. Ihevllle and Hilly B. Steed of Leach, vllle, district .supervisor lor the Slnle HCVL'IIUP Department Mr Steed suld JcHira was nri-«steii while mnkhig i juile In a liarant -it Miirle. The officers confiscated 13 cm-Ion* of which were taken over by Hie Kemiue Dcnurt- menl. Mr. SU'ed also .,,,i,| tiu> Hcvenuc IX'parlmcnl has been milking col- lecllonji of Hie tobacco IBX from persons who' clgarelli's Irom oiil-of-slmo jiinll-oidcr firm; These collections were started about 10 dny.s ago, he .suld. Long Court Fight By Lewis Is Seen Delay in Resumption Of Coal Output May Reiult from Stalling WASHING-TON. April B. (UPI- •lohii L. L^vls Indicated stiyj|»lv o.lny thai h e intends lo fight a '"e-kllll,, K bam,, a^i,,,,, I,, BH "„,.* ™T strike'* °" t "' "" M ' (Uy *° tl This battle niliiht well delay re- n'l'ltel' ° f C °"' '"'"d""" 0 " li'dcf- Meuiiwhlle chiilrm«n frecl A Mm Hey jr., R., N. J.. of the HUIIM Labor Coniiultlre raised the threat or '/lew legislation" to c ,,rb Lewis If the United Mine Workers' walkout Is not ended Monduy. Monday s the day Lewi, ),», to go lo court lo nice, preliminary contempt nro- ccnllngs [or permuting- (he strike to continue. But Lewis, under IrRa! attack 111 both federal comi and bv the Nn- llonnl Latwr Relations Bonrd, uave Indications lliat his strategy bt to, counter. »lUnk. Mils could use up a lol of 'll'iiie extend the strike which «1- Get Emphasis In Washington Forrettal Urg*t Congress to Permit Purchase of Plane* WAHHIN<iTON, Chairman Wallrr C, Ihe HoUft* Arm* B> r '* n<t (If.P.) __ Defense Secretary .James ForrestR| asked Con. feel, »-Jth the first .10 feet of ,,, n - _ „ --•-. -..«- thc bnlUilnd liclnir brick, anil lha n' ,h y orN -' w Yflrk »oun,l I back 2t> feet to be a frame c o " up tncn pie-primary.'-Nebraska strucHoii. campaign today. ' The new »nO.W)l) enteiprlse will Stassen ended ins. tour for voU'i ' slock com l>lete lines of iiHimhlng i" ; the frer-for-all primary next i m «' cll »'-S builders' supplies, hanl- T "'"" — " ------- ' ' '' ware, roofing and repair materials. ,.- . t*nl*l«lV IIVAI Tuesday, ,„,, th( . Mm( , m ihat won him ID of Wisconsin's it OOP convention delegates earlier this week. He shook hands with voters and answered their question*. Dcwey scheduled five or six HT>- =^irV h ! -H -j?-;« ! ira™ have not Mr. Henry ha* been connected with hardware concerns In thevllle, during the last 20 8ly- In the belief that settlement of the ulrlke I* not Imminent, the government today ordered coal- burning rntlrond.i to cut operations In half next Thursday midnight, They ulrcnily dnil heeti cut 25 licr cent. Nfi..lUK,n,, KrultlM. Meanwhile, the UMW mid the opcraiors continued lo Rive lechnl- mct me, ouiing ine last 20 years ' — - 1 I --" 1 i"""-u >u KIVC iccnni- and mull recently Mr was ' c ° 1>e dlencc to a temporary court manager of the Mrestonc Store in I ?" ler ' 5M1C<I April :| requiring t] leln Blylhevllle. to resume negotiations. nppenr tonight at . big rally In Omaha. ' yet determined how Ini-fte a stuff will be needed to maintain their bnsineM, The N^h..,,*!,,, ,,^« L ••>.-..... u i u miiiiiuun inrir business, Iccti ri^t . f , Primary se- | l.ut probnbly wilt begin with a lects tlelpgatcs to the national con- I personnel of five or six lo"a!w l b " l ,n h f y ?" " Ot plcd * E "l R °- Fnrr ' "120 West Walnut. Is In™ = ," I1 " elld " l «' H »™°»nts lo a In charge of (he consirur.llnn work, popularity contest between seven candidates. Dewey, Stasscn. Gen Douglas MacArthiir, Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio. Sen. Arthur Vandenberg of Michigan, House Spenki-r Joe Martin of Massachusetts and Gov. Earl Warren of California Only the first four have campaign..^ program is geared to rigid production controls to keep down the drain on the federal Irfnsury. I-o»-rr Supports Farnred Midwestern farmers generally favor somewhat lower price sup'poru with little or no production controls. 'nicy would like to see a sliding scale of price Miji|xn-ls. They cull ihis a "control by sllr- " 4-H Fat Co7f Show, Sale To Be Held in Osceola The annual 4-H Club Fat Calf plus" system. Under such a program, support , prices would be moved up In scarcity periods to encourage prodlic- Telephone Directories To Be Distributed Here P. J. Poc. Blylhevllle manager for Southwestern Bell Telephone Co,, saifi Iwlay that new telephone rti- reclories were being mailed out of ....... -,...„„. , L it t i e Rm .± all[ | thnt tf u . n)|1 co Exci>ement was building up today nections me made Ihey will be rein onio where Stasson has stepped I reived for dellverv by Ihe Post Oton Tarts loes by challenging th: lice here lornorrow. senator in nls home stale's primary lo be held May t. Stassen Is scheduled to make last- minute appearances in Ohio. Just as he did in Wisconsin and Ncbras- They met again Irxlny (or R short while and then look » recess until * p.m. Nothing was accomplished. A high govrriimenl offlclnl Im.i advised Ihe While House thai the Justice Department's contempt JiSnhul MIC miners and their chief Is airtight. today ( 0 "get the hall on H vast new plane- MiyniK projrram for tlie Navy and A..' Force. He jfot R quick lur flclio... Cliairmaii .lol.n Taljer, • R , ,/ V '' t '• e l )J 'e<l that hi., House Appropriations Com- u will m "Immwliatelv" t<> provide whatever funds ' a| . e srevlccs »lng at once so the armed S." ^'V!"'"'*-""ftM. d»y» saved at ,,„., j un( . ( ,, r(; m K've us an advantage of m«nG mon.h. In ,,,e acceleration 0^"^ •moil! alioraft program." M«n»hll«, Cnntrnw ind the • rtmlnUlr.tlim rnllcd forward M »«v,r.l olh«- (r,,nt« („ .l, M , th « IKt .rn,^ tltrl:f , OK , t «•. .nd In IKe .Ir. These were tl,e developments: ';, Chairman waiter O, Andr ew « of the Ho,i., e Armed Service, eom- " llt « "iwrapped a two-ye.r, 1». lhrough-25 draft bill, »Untfd sharply tow.rd » 70-group .Ir tore. ,x>werful national gu.rd. Men - Ihrougl, ||, Me , Br .. Br . *& M^Hfefl r »»U«<1 , of throu. h , M lh* *dmlnlil / «tloh'i' p^Sowil eterani wlth.rifore than • t .yeir'j . .rj service would b« e«empt from th« druft. So would any bony else: who cnlljtcil In Hie national funrd before the quota w«s rilled. : J. The Merchant M»rln« Coirmiltte. took under .itudy administration plans to ask another WO 500,000 for > niore-thnn-doubled projtrani of merchant ship building starting July ]. ' J. Speaker Jooepli w. Martin, Jr.. ollfrt the Hniur OOP Stter- Inj CnmmlttM In mill Monday "•> "t*neral le^jjlation"— with tn« rniphasi, ,m military maitm. 4. The While House halted .for .10 days lurther sales of surplus war plnnls. The Army-Navy Muni- tion., Bonrd wmiis Ip look them over once more before th e government turns them loose. s. The Senate Armed Service* Committee called Forre.sUl, Navy case | Secrelnr .v John L. Sullivan and i tllllp t - o "'-' > E - :- P«nftlrt, - chief of Naval operatloiu .for ttstlmony to- ka. A final tabulation on the Wisconsin voles showed today that Slas- sen had won 19 drlenate.s to eight for MncArthur and « shutout for Dew-ey. Taft was not rnlerrd there. hence. These sources said they understood .he Yugoslav more originally was planned for today, but was moved up to April 23. It was behoved the Yugoslavs would say that the move was necessary to combat Italian underground activity in their rone, and prevent Aefugeca crossing into the Anglo- American Zone. New York Stocks 2 p.m. stock. AJnsr Tobacco Anaconda Copper B«h Steel Chrysler Coca Cola Ren Electric On Motors M'.'ntaouierv Ward N Y Central Int Harvester ... North Am'Aviation ..','.' Republic Steel R?.dio Socony Vacuum .... SH'debiVer . F:•«•!:•• rrl cf N J . Texas Corp 61 1-4 ing that a ,m. and the govenmie,.. j show aurt Sn e'.",, beheld tooj; IITO'I steps to sec that the ' — balloting is orderly. The truce committee solemnlv approved a last, appeal to all [actions to avoid disturbances. It urged all parties to ask .heir members to col- InlMrale. it also askcti the parties i.i .sec that the count of votes is done with as little argumr-jit as passible, and that the rcstills be accepted quietly. Tde government ordered schools closed for the peiiocl of April 1222 to make possible their use .is precinct polling places. The interior ministry decreed thai all polilical tub-thumping \, e completed by mid- I night of April Id k> clear tlie way for election plans. that the » in front of the Osceola Court House. Judging Is scheduled to begin at I :.W p.m. and the sale will follow Entries will be brought to Osceola during the morning. The show and sale will be sponsored again this year by the Mississippi County Farm Bureau and Osceola civic clubs will be asked 'o assist in the sale. Faber White .if Osceola is chairman of the sales committee. ' \l '•* i The ministry announced that i ' « - o i cont - muin s roundup of arms in the 5-8 160 1-2 56 1-2 57 1-4 14 5-8 90 1-4 II 5-8 26 3-K 9 3-4 17 1-3 19 58 \-i had netted six arrests warrants for 10 others, and SI tirls of nitroglycerine. New York Cotton /'-•y . •Ally . Oct. . Doc. 5« 1-3 Mar. . open high low 1:30 . M88 3677 3«i 3*63 MM 360S 357« 35M . 3259 3262 3235 32H . .1IS5 ,•)]£« 31S5 3171 . 3163 3170 3143 3IAO Weother Arkansas fortca--it: Fair tonight and Saturday. Warmer Seturdaj af. lernoon. Minimum Ihis morning—M, Maximum yesterday—T7. Sunset loday—6:28. Sunrise tomorrow—5:35. Precipitation. 24 hours to 7 loday—none. Total since Jan. 1—18.43. Mean temperature imidnay between high and low—60.5. Normal mean for April—«1. Thk Date )Uit Tear Minimum this morning—M. Maximum yesterday—«1. Precipitation, Jan, 1 to this dal« —1.0ft, Dyess Boy Wins Missco Spelling Bee As Wilson Girl Trips on 'Thoroughly' Bobby Williams, u. , seventh grade pupil at Dyes.,, spelled "thoroughly., today lo win top honors among i« contestant* in u,e.Mississippi coun- morning Joanne Ciillom, I On the was prc- Bobby then followed up by sjx?)line a rings Bond oy 'tournament" and wirining. y Spelling B«e held In the court house here this 13, of Wilson, was Ihe runner-up in the conlest but 'swV'in word "thoroughly." The. first place T, senteri witli a *25 5 MI* T-I-I. r t '*"' ~" Jlv * " J «,in urtniciiL ana winn: ihe Delta Implement Company cf Bobby snelleri with Blythcville and on April ,6 he wil, , torougL**^,^ ^"^: go to Memphis to compete in tha ; ed himself to be up lo any siiua- Mid-Soulh spelling contest which tio " wl 'en Ihe «hh round "he was M sponsored by Ihe Press S:iml.».-. given the word "ceiling" and be an" il he wins there he will go to slarted out with an ••*". rcnliMd his Washington. D. c.. to enlcr the na- mistake and convened lo "sealing" tional contest with all expenses of l which was. of course correct Mr: Poe said thai about 6.000 new nirrcloiics were printed for use here. This inclurii-s lilreclorlM for immetiialc di.sli ibulion plus those lor new customers and replace m<viU. There were 3,ii'i5 phone stations in Blytheville as of Feb. I, compared to 3.118 as ol that date a year ago. Mr. For said. Ol the in« lolal, 3,203 were rity installations nntl 422 were rural telephones. As or the Feb. 1, 1947, Ihcre were 2,85.1 telephones in fl!y- thevllle anil 29S In nearby rural arcns. MI. Poe said. the trip paid. I At one time In the conlc Bobby will a!so rnccnv „ ffa U s became a !ili|f raffr and spelled Saving Bond from the Memphji {hr word ^if^cKd lo .he preceding Press Scimitar when he compete* in contestant. He seemed very con- Memphis, fident throughout the spelling be*. Second Motorist Fined For School Bus Violation The second arrest in tlie current drive against molorisls failing io stop while school buses arc discharging paMcnxei* was reported yesterday by Slate Policeman Clar- I cnce E. Montgomery. J. Wr.slcy McCaliic. «ho resirirs of Dell, was arrested when ne failed to .stop while a Dell school bus was discharging passengers near .he Rosclnnri community. In Municipal Court this morning McCaliie was liner] $10 and costs but Ihe rinr was suspended, Frank. Nowlin of nrll was ftrre.stfd on Die same charge Wednesday and was fined »50 and costs with »40 suspended. Thls official said some .Justice Dpfiartment lawyers feel -contempt of court action should be pressed even if the strike should be called off. Lewis will tell federal court, on Monday whether he has obeyed the back-lo-work order. If Ihe answer Is "no"— ami It 1* "no" .so rnr— Lewi., and his Untied . ..... _... Mine Workers will be ordered loi on a »725,000.000 Air Force request slnnd trial [or contempt on Weil- j made by President Truman only day on the Navy's needs In th» event (lie »| r f Orce )» boosted fjom SS to 70 groups. In response to -Porrestdl's •ippe'il lo "get the ball rolling" 'on Air Force funds, Taber said his appropriations committee Is re»b> to "cooperate >s far as It Is possible" expects to finish work today nesdny. They would face prospects »f stiff fines nnrt. In Lewis' cnsc, a possible Jail sentence too, If found guilty. The case will be heard by u. S. Dish-Id Judge T. Alan Goldsborough. the same judge who slapix-d » heavy contempt fine on Lewis and the union In 1946 [or defying another no-strike order. 'Him cast Ihi-in J-'MO.OOO. Cool Wore Hits East And Frost is Predicted WASHINGTON. April 9. (UP) — An unusual April cold wave Is moving over much of the Eastern third of the United Slates, the Weather Bureau reported loday. In a special bulletin, the bureau suirt cold air masses sweeping down over I tie En.slern states already have produced snow Hurries In the Great tjikes legion and in Ihe Northcn Appalachians. Sub-freezing wtMther was lore- cast for tonight from Virginia and Eastern Tennessee Norm to Ohio. Pennsylvania, and New York Slate. Frosts heavy enough to damage early gardens and nip fruit tree buds are excepted in Virginia avirt Maryland. yesterday. His verdict will be re- porled lo the 'House early next week. Majority Leader Charles A. Halleck, R.. Ind.. ordered debais on (he measure Wednesday and Thursday. Fxpfosron in Restaurant Killt Three in Illinois LOUISVILLE. III., April t. (tJ.P.I »hlch also 8»v« each of-the.other Bobby spfilcd 120 words correctly judges rere A. E. Caldwell. suptrintsndent of the Blythevill* Junior High School, R. w. Nichols. superinte of the Ar A. • -- — •-- - "•••" 'T^inn/i, AMU ft. n, i*\uaiiis, "r on the . word "thoroughly". \ *hool .upenntendent at o«ceol». : I May | July (rriei* f. «. K CI, oixn high 3M 51)3 361 3*3 Authorities said three others were injured, one of them seriously. The recovered bodies were those low 1:30 of an unidentified woman and two unidentified nun, rescue workers J7J* Mid, Eberdt to Lead Methodists in $100,000 Drive Gils Eberrit was selected by th« First Methodist Church Board of Stewards at a meeting t n the church last night to head a builriinj fund campaign for MOO.OOfl and tentative plans were made for a klckoff dinner to be held within the next week or 10 days. The church has approximately 480.000 as it start toward the sum needed to begin work on $328000 sanctuary and annex to the present educational building, it was Indicated that 60 per cent of the total amount needed should be In th* treasury at the time construction begins. Plans for Ihe sanctuary, irhlch will occupy the lot where 'the parsonage now Is located, have been drafted tn detail by U. S. Branson, Blytheville architect and member of Ihe First Church board. Several organizations H'lthln thg church have launched plans for participation on the building fund campaign. It was dlsclowd at Us* night's meeting of the stewards. P. B. Cooley. treasurer, submlU led his report for March, and Harvey Morris, chairman of lh« board, read * Hole expressing appreciation of members of the family ot J. H. Smart of the board's remembranc* at the time of his death. Mr. Smart was for many years a member e< the Board ot new*rite. A single codfish will lay up to 10,000,000 *nt

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