The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1937
Page 8
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~, ^ v EIGHT ns EXPECT 'Russian Produclion Ii\s qeasccl TiemenJousI) In Recent Yeais By NORMAN I) DFXJH, Uniled Prris Sla/f Cqiresjior, ; MOSCOW (UP)—From a reliably estimated production of $285000- WO^ (at $35 lo the ounce) durina Hie Soviet Union eiipec(,s to Op Ils output of gold t,o ap • . ; .r&j$i,inw!oln* exploitation pi ojd - Dorkings' greitly Incieosed inecnan|/3Uon; hiiciijlve prospecl- h)g, jfiij^ dtsciveii 3 of' «ev, rirh fields/go l^prodiictlop !n^ In Creased-y enormously"* during the lasUlhre*, yenis In 1935'produc- tion^exceeded (hu of Uio United States'-and Cinacla combined ($243642384) and vvls further In creased in 1330 Soviet ofllcials bonst lint dm his 1037 the Soviet gold output will cvcectt thit of -South Africa an', mat the industij here will t ic •first place in the viorld in )5j5 South Africa prodiced $377000 t ^OOrworti, of gold to bettei nlilcn the soviet union must produce Dearly $400000000 5 An analjsis of soviet resomcc ,nnd technique ItHtcites that thi i M far from an Impossibility tar Fait Mines ncvclopeu '' M , s " ebro " k >. "cad of the gold platliumi board ot the com inltsariat of hcavv Indnslrj W lu inat the mines of Weitein Siberia produced In 103t, four tlm»s is much gold as in 1033 Extern Si beria three ami one-half times as much the Fm East eight timis and the Lena, Krasnoyarsk K as akhstan and Dials field three KMO'IU* mm>> T '' e " e * Colllllft 3 leWed during loic more gold 111 "n was prodiced In Alaska in am one Jfior at Its peik, according lo Serebrovsky t Foreign mining engineers vvlm have seen some of the no« «ork^ Ings describe them as of InireUible ^richness One Soviet nihic nin i«t -Produces more thnn 8000 kilo ""— of gold a jenr '"> tlie gold' Industry than 700000 directed igmecrs nnd tcctnilcl- e tens of thousands ire operators Gold mln -v-^hes In the sovlct° 111'°, ™' 5 I"??!?* 16 ?. 1 * m ?fc permitted, STORIES (N STAMPS" ; JiV f S KI.F.IN , *fW"t't1>l>'l>1*HVt'v<ii>4 l *IH., WHERE CARAVANS STARTED EASTWAJSI HORIZONTAL 1,8 Highest ranking 11 But Iheie Are Exceptions Which Income Taxpayer Musi Watch. ' * ! >! PRANCE and Turltey aie at l gerheads ovei peimanenl c loggerheads ovei peimanenl con-i rbl of the S>rfan,dlsti|cl of Alex-- indreftn, whose'chief port ot tint lame onoe was the stalling point of extensiva ?cardvans to Persia and Indli Fiom the time of Alex-^ flndei Hit Great's victory over the 'orstnns. in DIP /ourth century, B. 1 C, to thg^buildini!. of .the StiA Ja'n'al in' 1 ' 1809, Alcxandrcftd' hrlved as port of transfer fronv hip to camel, and even now if ts nn important seaport and r;iU" (cinilnus , Hut huilt on a marshy pUln. the c, of 12 ODD inhabitants, Is ., .drab,.unhealthy plnce. It has become the center, how- I'c'vcr, of a rich region where .cotton, tobacco, licorice and citru^ fruits ore grown, <uid vvhcie oil has been discovered i Placed under^French mandate' after the World War, this dlslr ct now is bcmc sought again by Tui- key. Two stamps issued 'by Syria; in 1925 and I330i illuslniie 'the port Ihis K'the. third of sl\ 'sJiOj Jrifdis on dfilucdons the dv4^a|i >|ii)ir mi) nuke In hK] fed Til liuonir 11\ return v'n'J liy NEA Servlru in general, jou can deduct,frdin join Income Inx iciurn pUic;- 1,1>C5 joii Hn\c inld cliulng the vcar lint not whnt you paldWl (lining (lie jtu foi [It Kj'dci'il income lix itself ' You cr» (iriiuct pcisonnl piop- frtj taxes paid, and 'icfll »cstnle litres'i evpcpt special/ xtsesAinp'nti like piling 01 ,s)degolks vUi'ieli ^Iwd Increase ll(E .viiliie of j v piir Wojieity '(he Initpf'the Bovefn'- i)niil (egaids'iis nn Inveklnit-nt lalhf.1 1 thin uii expepse, and ufiicr foie iigt ideduLlible If j,ou paid n state mcomp ta\ Hints d^''nrtlM» l!l SUItt 1OURK 1IK.JII i Tuxes pnkl oti theatre nnd cn- tPilalnmeill n(W'lsflon.s ^vtr 40 cents nro deductible' but jou inuv bi, nwdr- ($ ( shoiv (hat yoli've ktpt a,iccoid of tlmn -iiid know what »oii 10 talking about In miLtlnif down illir amount v Yrun auto j license A« mfc (| e Kit ho\ icnlil inn 1 11 PIISL fees -jnio'crt by slnle n> i/ly 0( , ccl . aln huslnesscs me dodtictlble i nut ufitch (his one the recieml ixci on njUomobUrs jniollno and iwm an- taxes'on the inanu/ac.- uitr 01 producci You, as T con- suiiici. can'Udrdua what youvc' laid on those J""v<. i Wluthei slate pcsolinr 01 sales axes ire deductible depends on he cwct lei ins of jour paitlculait .ate law -no specific rule can Le 5 Devrfured 13 Greedy. H Opposed \t» dedd. 16 Singing voice 17 To piecejoul, 18 Salutatloh. 39 Born, ' 20 More Imporfar)!. 2ZOrdero| 46L6'w' insects (n- menialitv eluding flic- 50p»ed 25Tiny villages. Sl'Stream'.''!* 27Halfer Jtnot 52 Irish (nbi! 31 Turf, t society S2 Musk drama 53 j ar 3fi Complete. 38 Arranged cloth. 390pens!again, 40 Sedative. 41 Sloth 42 To acquire . _. 3 The counterpart 4 rhoURh! j Danger warnings 0 Sesame, > , VFIuded 5SHe k Chio/ of »'Jo declaim of, the 'iO On the lee. II Pjssngc. J2 knowledge. •j ,U, S. Army 56Thkkcr' ' VFRTItAI, IMotner 2Toamr m 'til In that respect. 1 23 Resembling psora i 2} He is a grad,- uaie of V. vS. Military .. ?6 Quantity . 28 Unit. 29 Indian. I 30 To drink ' • Slow |y j S3 Knave oi I clubs. | 34HoW point i covering ' 35 Scarlet 17 Half an cm j 38 Deprived of moist'ure 43 To prepare for j publication, > 44 Fpilepsy ! sjmptom t ,45 Chnln of rocks 47 fo press J '48 Lubricants i . eject 20 His inihtiry title 52 Like 54 Mcisure of , lrij 'Couj rlBht 1937 Scri lc<- Ino. Public Health Course Offered by University BLRKELEY, Gal (UP) — The iced ot univcisitj trnlnwl public lenllh ofncltils has become so srcat the University or California has 'islitiltd n snrhiB caiirw in „„, Work SKty piibllc health ofilciah from cigit «««cni slntci ami tlic tcnl- not yqt collDClivlzed J'uctlon " o'f "Jolrf 01 hi' 0 ^'"^ , ™ e ™ ursl ! I s dcsllnctl fo, pn), peffife^Ali^S ?tS ^™»,Zit, j . . mlM s lor wlnili , oilnij IcclnUilaiis mu uhl sli- than 1001 n dser s and Pavement Siren to Warn Careless Drivers Looms SoUct Sl awdal ; ni "e mines hi Basl mines in D DJetigara Malkain and Dje , otherf C arC " numl "* of Proua of Fffic,«, C y MINNEAPOLIS (UP)-One of «s, m d r; n ;^ T mBnt nn ' n vvaiinno nt von uium n . is envhionea bv J ° f MI » nMDt » evperunentliig tt , ncw corrupted iron ,nM ng ,,,",7. H l,°, b..f C11 HltC l0nc ^i{^l» r i"to"riwl !e of "Ihe^nf + I«A t. . "^POrltncilt stilt ir sUitlon "«'"'»»' Is avvnreti TERRY,ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. Abstracts Una, A ,,„.„„ and BI 8r- B'r«iev]llf, Ark. (/SEDCWW '/ J93C DODGK HALP-TO.V PICK-UP 1936 CMC HALF-TON .PICK-UP ") ' ' 'l&S'l DODGE SEDAN \ '< 1934 CHEVROLET SEDAN 1935 CHEVROLET TUDO^ f - ' 1935 PLYMOUTH TOURING MOTOR SALES, Inc. ' • B-1 J I 1 H/J\^ in ycneinl ,, B at n nil Inttaest 'me pnld out during the vcir deductible 'nnt means I.itei cst ijnfcj on n iici sojiril In mi n TdcS" °" >OU1 " on "- 01 Slic)i »iit ir you ijori riovv n Jot •" * * *• A UJIIIJI ITPflS ' Utinili,, the,, Interest on such UneTvr"" "° l be lic ' U "^' uines.s joii met the nmnn,. d; „ «l'»nnr ,vay Inteiest'oTaf „ "u," Y£ U ' y , ! °' i " b "^uctible man must •>o r s clepos course while the may dc , '"^ nnd that 'Di join b-inv. nn ,| snvi,,^ " K «"" (iron interest , '" »>« U- S. income M-M '•'•v return. T\. " ~ — „„ s 'onlana (o Celebrat BILLINGS Alont (UP), ic lielng- ,„„(];, , m , .. soi ship of the Billing l»b toi Golden Jubilee E , Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOIWBTRISTS Orer Joe Isaacs' store *WK MAKE 'EM Stt" Phone 640 I CORRECT LUBRICATION ^Vc i>ay particular at: tention ito the lubrica- lion requirements • of our car, vising only the weight of SheirOil specified by the manufacturer. Let us make'your next' change of oil. ; JOYNER Motor Sales Co. Buick aiid Ponlinc ' Sales .and. Se'ryice .. TexJii on Job 47 1'eafs ALVARADO re\ (UP)-Horace Pniks of Alvnrado believes he has a recoid that may stand tor a '?, U "' euPnlV '' i h« XeptvboJks tlie C H Paiks Haidware stoie foi 47 yeais, svince 1890 wllliou nii^sine i day I Jupiter s slowest and most dls tant moon requhes neaily 1 three jeiri lo make the circuit around the piient plnnet The sporting thing to STETSON MEAD CLOTHING Co! ;• . ;, , sis ;WEST jjAiii. STREET : • . iiiadquarteni -'For -Particular Men Society L — Persona! Approxlmalely 150 guests attend «t the bridal reception in honoi of Mrs Morris Turner tlie formci Miss Audrey Ba/ncs, uhieh was given In the sleele nrmor> hall Monday njghf yvlth Mrs. nevey Yarbroiigh a ii<( Miss SteJh Slex- ander &s hosless#s Mr and Mrs Curl neld and Mil Larry and Mrs Homer Smith visited Miss 1 Mna Brool'4 at the Mqm-, phLs MeWodist.hoiplial Wonrtny Miss ^roo' •> has been 1 in the hospl-' ial for t»o Vecks under Mr, and Mrs Henr> Bos'well of Marston «erc here Inc'div en roulL home from Blytheville where Ihey.had goije ( 0 see ttie litters brplher. Horace Lamh who was injured in a 1 car accident lie ha-s ween tSkeu on to Hie \l b inph., Methodist hospital where 1^ is be ing deiled for a cmsliort knee His DI other, Doj| e L^,,^ of C0 ohr is with him % Mrs Wallace Miller and ,1-ui'h lei, Joyce, Mrs c w Tmsl-j and daughlcrs Marjoile ami Mirynct Mrs Mitchell Rodgeib an l son Wa>nc all of Joiner Ark vveie guests of Mrs L r <5p°neci Sun Little Miss Marj Ainu McCann celebrated her nfili birthdi) Thuisday nfternoon vvllli a pirtj at the home of hei inients Mi .anu Mrs. E. -w. McCniin. The Si eits included Jimime McClure, Buddy Wilson, Skl))|)Pr nnd Buck ' Miller, James L Cassidy jr Sonny PHIDAY, MARCH 5, 1937 W ' M ' n""< ; '"i lias returned n visit, with his diughl-r Junes Phillips, "' , a ^ u ' M^. E E Bcilton olid son t Jack vlsflcd Muk Anlhom fm.° I. , " '"""'' '" tlie B-l l'" l liospital at, Memphis " r -» ld Mis T A Ifaggird aie redecorating the i r nc » uome. the rnW A B Rhodes pnpeitj Methodist Mi and Mrs A L SfeCiftle of Jol^i, Ark ai e the guests of MIS ? , c t Sp?ncei ' H'i' Fu'iutis AT1LEBORO Miss (UP) — It J^'flTlers wccpeis when JIIUM, H • Haidj 124 found' a 'pocletbook containing $22 Hccius* he didnt •>eek the oivjiei' Jie ms given a MJspcpJeo 15 d.ij Jill sentence nnd "idercd to pij $15 costs ind le- tuin the moncj R«id Courier News Want Ads Sliorl Line Triples ISusiness' TOLEDO lUP)-The.Pionccv & Fayetto Rnlhond noithnestein Ohlos shoit shoit lino tilpted its ^ biumess hst yen wjicu it hniUcI i J,0->5 ciiloids of fieiBlH It is rl ' H inlle ipiiiiiiini of the old >!- VVestein electilc lino iislng b isoliji(>-|x)«cied locomotive MINT SPR Sweeps across Amen°ca WANTED Government Loan Cotton Phone 1G7 APPIiEBAUM BROS. COTTOF CO. Bldy. Hljtherllle, ATTENTION FARMERS!!! Unlimited amount of money to !oun for puriiose of making this \t.\r\ iron Liberal .uhantes on Cnt- on, Urn, lie ins, etc Interest note ') r , N n stmk E. J. BROWNE GIN Nationwide success. Jiit8 the American palate and purse right on the l ktton. Because us real, A SMALL THING TO TOOK FOR < i * , ''-7 x*-jv* l?"~i,':'> ; > , ~i tr' v> \ v 1. , A? visual the best buy is always at ME AD CLOTHING Ob , ; V,. ... , 315 WEST MAIN STREET e's Headquarters for Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes

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