The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 5, 1934
Page 6
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SIX .FlfiSJ IflllEIIliEI :» I-"-, .Gave Wcs! Coa 1 ti Trimming In Scnsatioi -' al Game In 1926 BY STFVE T. JVUdlNNIS •UnU*d Press Sl»ff Corr«pAi(!<>r - BIRMINGHAM, Ala (UP) — Conch 'Prank.- Thomas' A'lnbnm Crimson Tide lias been nskcd I play i;i the Hose Bo* I on Nrw Year's Daj, and no matler how thrilling a game the Tide play with Stanford's Indians Its un Jfftcly that Ihe sprclaiors will he supplied vvllh. a. more sllnlng con test than iho ono \vhlch invoivid 'Hama and Washington ni tli Bowl in 1920. Clean Record In 10!0 Tlie Crimsons, then Uiloicd bj Wallace Wade, present Duke Unl- \erslti coach, lind turn"(1 in a clean record for the 1925 season -It had been n lean jcar for the teams of the Post The Washington Huskies, led by the redoubtable All-America Inckfield ace George Wilson, had swept the Coast bare Tliej earned n popu tar imitation Washington, affoidcd the pilvi- loge of .-.electing 1U opponent sliatteied tradlUon in delring into Dixie to Invite Alabama II was a major slop in locognilion of lh<> Soulh's gridiron proves,-) For Coach Wade, it was ,\ we- pnd trip to the colorful nose now) He had played right ginrd for Brown In thr- classic game n few jears before Odd, Fjnored Washington ! The odds favored Washington In large proportions The flrsl half was to make the odds apparently jitsfifled - Cooke, of the Hushes, kicked off Alabama drove to the Washington 15-yard line, where the On The Outside I/ookiiig In Dtncr 1 , ee e Huskies lightened tlnici Tcsicau intercepted Hubert's pass on the W-Wihington 21-jaid line, icturn- int to his 47 W<u,hjn<tlon drose lo the Alabaim one-ynrd stripe Washington made a louchdoun but failed _lo coiucrl" Another Touchdown Washingtoh gained the ball on downs near nildfield George Wilson lore aroiuid right tnU for 35 >ards, being brought do«:i on the Tide 20 Wilson rammed n bullet pass to Cole behind the Tide goal Gutteimorscn agnin v,as stamped on hk conversion try from placement. Washington drove from her Prom Ihls corner It looks llfen (h ' Arftinsas Oawtte's first annual AH Northeast Aiknmns • high t footbill teim ni announced las feimday is In effect an.acknowledge in.ftnt that too litllc attention ha Jw-en paid In the past to talent ii this section of the sin to Mien so. toMInjr mylhica! nll-.slate t-love/if which in the manner or any all elevens arc not infallible c holc ~s by any means. , The G.iKettfi rms'qiille naturally centered Its attention on about : tlo?en loams In the central am western part of liie stale in nnm- "8 nil sl.ile learns. Pole Oroli' Blvlhovllle star, practically forcct ils way onto Ihe Gawtte's all-slale earn at fullbick back In '20 but 'clc's fame had spread far beyond he confines of the state thnt yenr. Whether the annual election of i northeast Arkansas team will lead ') closer observation of players In his section of tho slate m ilj e a>- ccllon of nil-stale teams remains o be .seen. At any rate It looks like valmit Ridge made a good start ow.ird securing recognition for northeast Arkansas when it prevailed on the Gazette's managing dltor lo send Ben Epsleln, sporls clltcr, lo walnut Ridge lo cover ie niylhcvllle-Walnut nidge game. Another Guess .Admitting that personal ixilecllons loan mile, the writer's All-Norlh- Ml Arkansas would lino up us fol- ows Kelly, Witlmit Ridge, left end- XH-bEtt Walnut Ridge, left tackle- almon.s, Jonesborp, left gimrd' urlle, BlylhevUlo, cenlcr; i.lndsoy lythevllle, right guard; Caldwell onesboro right tackle; 'Upton lythovlllc, right end; Moslcy Bly- hcvlllc, qunrlcrbnck; Kcll. Wftlnut Wge, halfback, W. Frye, I^orrcsl tv, halfback, BrMgcforlh, Forrest ly, fullback VK5 Tide Best Selection of Alabama to rcpre- .lon, 29, Cooler, Ihcrp- Pp\> gf'Wl.h, • here; , Fc)i.,§, ; Bja«adoc|a' hw; .. R>|). e, Hornersville, (litre; Frt). 15, .nirls Trl-Coimly Tournament, licjr; Feb. 3). .11.2.1, jimr, and nil-Is County Tournament ni Cooler; Frfj. 28, Mored 1-2, Tournament, .nt Cnpf Mflei-mg Tonight Will Arrange For C-ily' (.ago I,oo] , A city : cage:loop, composed o trains ^pflrescflltiig. ;; j, ; number o uusincss amis, will be. or(-anlV.e<l lo "USht.lf backers of Hie league re cure, approval of- Ihelr plans al , MlllPM.l.v Iff. L.., >,,!,! nt 1) 1 , i HIM at tl(c chamiic "(Her In Ihr] city ha! .-.,-.....„ .o'clock. , ,.- .-., Organization or tlie' iKagno j. s )«. licved assured as a number of business Jmu.scs.have intllcnlwi i) ln they will siwnsor learns,••: The iengui; 1 will probably IK or- "ilMd nlong- the lilies'of ihe" city ague which o|icraU'd .several year' ago nt the armory. H Is. believed "-vrcvw. that 'the new> loop will re- let its playing personnel entlre- y to ro,sWent.s of lilytlievlllc One or jjowlbly two nlghLs a' week ould be league nights at the ar- wlth icams of ihe loop play- Head Courier News Want Ads. *.-«v^iiiib i.\j 1UJJI C- sent Ihe cast )n Ihe annual Rose Bo«l game on New Year's day wings up the usual question ns to which or Alabama's four teams selected for the Rose' Bowl contest was the best tcain. Of course, the mottlo of th'e 1934 Crimson Tide'In Row Bowl competition remains lo be tested but tno Crimson won over 'Washington on New Years Day, 192C, tied Sinn- ford a year laler and beat Washington fatate on NeR' ( Ycnr's Day, This writer, frankly declaring unit, he l!> possibly prejudiced be- 0 u . ul u iiuui iier . , , r-""«*jr ^iL-juuii:<;i 16 to ihe Alabama TO where Wll- M > Op *' bcjlei " 'hat the «Sn was knocked out and carried V^™ l - eam thal ^ "'" from the fieW. Hubert punted oilt Louis Tesreau punted 50 jards to Johnny Mack Brown, who wove W H.,_ ,,, back 39 lo'-the Husky 45 Huboit W , ^?' Wtu hurled to Brovvn on Hie WnsWng- <• „ 25 l<ia ' n ^°" '» 'Plt^of the cf- '• -' s r " rts °f o»c of the greatest bnlrchv- ru^fi. (f »i«* l\. _ _.__.-.•. . • . '- *"• t vv * L " iituv^ii vil IIIL' 1 lob 23 os ihe half ended, Washington, 12, Alab&mfi, 0 Alabama 'received A short dme failed and Hubert punlert so yards Washington punted poorly It here that Pooley Hiibcit, icgard- ^, v " 1 * on '»e Soiith OT i :coi)fereiicd ed'bj' many Alabama followers as cna " 1 l )lolK l>lp that j.'nr reiiialns l a the greatest ot Tide backs, began n?i,!,. ery „ ll ' e '« r »«i- and .manj hU memorflbl^ fmifhrtnn., .i-t. .^ onu-rs j(^ grealness reslivi nlmnyj s : the greatest ot Tide backs, begun memorable touchdown drive Tlde'Cot SUrt*d Hubefl threugh center like a bolt, cut back and swung 27 yards to the Husky 15 Hubert - 10 at center Hubert's center rush made Uo Hubert got n yard at centei, Hubert splintered center for a touchdown Bill Buck- IPr Tfllfl Innnrrl mnCj_ - .._ . . ler Tid.o iguard, PWeomept jktck - mafic a pcifect i t ' R; kicked off nnd stopped at\mldfle}d' &'. Wasljingtoji drive Washington punted Three plays netled Alabama 32 jards Sports uriters termed the next Play the greatest ever seen in the Rose BORI Hubert had been passing for Alabama He called for a pass from Grant Gillls Gillls wler to become a big league base-' £f" PtoJei, faded b-vck Johnny Mack BrOTn «as iway w,t h the S P n^ 1 alld Barnes w «^ed m *** Clut3ed ^ould-be fading back perilously iv g M rm "' iaids back Washington secondary, i ,, hls stlollld!>r 0»»s sent He ball soaring Brow took the ball near Ihe goal line, jnrds from any Husky defender The pass measured 07 j arris Placement Kick Buckler's placement kick again eood Jones kicked. off o STi? 1 ', Kho rctllrned lfi « is 36 Hubert recovered Tesreau <; on the Washington 30 H i- for n touch down mem, trj vva& charging Ifus}.y and Buckler b place- blocked by the penod ended Alabam'a, 20; ; Wash- sbortlj »i Inglon, 12 .," L ^ rt dr o™ fo the Husky 13 but Ihe march *as hnlierl A1 8 . bama look to the air George Wilson relumed lo ihe game was ington took fhe ball on "suwli: t°" "i 0 * 1 . 18 aroui "i left end Patto circled right end and was taought/iJown from behind 31, , down bj Hubert wjuon rammed center for four 1 to Quttermorsen for —_ . Hubert b»rely ml«• "ntoreeptlon of the pass Cooke -~nert«j from placement, leaving Alabama winner, 20-19 ."^tl*??" 8 ' P^* h 3-The I1 Naw to its football AM ... .. . , "• «»-« VAIUCb VIJ1C . .„ > — ... _.. uu wvivu *viuii;i]^~ ton was- the greatest eleven thai er represented the Capslone. And d in finally stopping ',,Georgc Wilson, Washington 'backneld nee' ' KiTrl Last Time Today Slat. 2:30, 10-25c NUe 6:45—10-35c 'WE'RE RICH AGAIN' with EDNA MAY OLIVER BILLI.E BURKE MARION NIXON REGINALD HKNNY JOAN " SHOP EARLY Only 16 Mom Shopping Days Until Christmas , * I-ARRY (Buster) CRADHI, Paramount News f'ii-torial Short Thursday & Friday A I'icluri/ation of Sinclair - rter* If not the Breale,stMri:- ; mbd- ein foolball ••-.'•• t -. •-•• .How the 1926 team that He'd Stanford e\ei turned the Irlck or even won Ihe Soulbmi 'Conleroh'cd .,„,. . -.— *" ^« rested nlmost entirely lu un almost-Impregnable defense built by Wallace Wade /offensively (he champlpnshlp learn of that jcar wns'considerably 1 be- jovv ordinary teams ofseveral ojher The 1930 Alabama team had a fine offense with Monk Campbell V.K v\ill ahvavs believe, the sparkplug and dvnarno of ihe attack. But the real, greatness of the '30 team """ h» Us tremendous -rescn'e Jth Wasliington Siatp hnrHlv afforded - '--• - J a test of the . " i.'.vv «j, LHU Aide S strength thai.year and no doubt several other southern teams could have trimmed the Tide's Rose Bowl opponents. Bljlhcvllle has hid one or more " 5 , °" cvery A1nb< "na Rose team up until flic present aggregation Hershel Caldwcll ca- lortcd oie r th 0 carefully kcpt'turf or the Bowl on New Year's day of "* a " rt ' 92 J J B. Whlteorth^nti Jess Eberdl'had a>btg liand in the W to 0 lining handed Washington Slate on the nrst day of 1931. ' ^ Wlwij Alabama and Stanford K ag " soon "° BlyHievlllc boy be on the team, pine Blud rA *ri bc vcr> ' "-"'y n w- JL y °S n Hlllson - AU-Amer- end nnd Charlie Mnrr, All- Southern gmrd Seminole Captain Kxplaln, Captain Allen Segraves o f the Semlnoles w T l le s tl ut 1934 s w Tle s tl ut U »«s psceola's second Kara. thai Kelser defeated 70 lo 0 instead o the first tcim 15 (ndlcal«a In (his column several dnvs ago In explanation ot Eixrlc's 40 lo 0 '.'Aflcr four men had been re- f r° n } (ll <> '««mc by Earle, one ^ nrm ' OUr C0a * P« lflnlh*?S ntl team wlth ten ™"' lo nntah the game lo prevent fur- Thc scow was »•« »e ncrc removed. This was opened " Ut<! a " Cr " le Hayti Team* Batketball Schedule Is Announced have h ~ The 1I1ylf ., . bMk «"»» season: 7, Slcele, tliere; —""•""** * v * unLTVJuiii, jicrc rvv* tA 'r>m.i ' «SL?-SS ^ ^^-^c^^^; BABBITT Wiih ' AIjINE MaoMAHON GUY -KfBBEE CLAIRE DODD MAXINE DOYLE CARTOON - - COtyRDY ROXY Wed. and Thursday Matinee & Night—lOc - 25c EFTSOONSl EFTSOONS1 Those madd Iniffoonsl.. , a faylc of oldc lyrrie chivalnc chat doth make tlie bcllic sliakc! gifts as compacts, watches, i-lnt's, necklaces, weekend bags, piir-es and other »ifu> can be found :it Pat O'Bryant, Jeweler LOVELY GIFTS OP PERMANENCE. ; .WATCHES DfA- MONDS, NOVE1.TJES LEATHER GOODS, PEN AND PENCIL SETS.-.. STERLING AND PLATED SliVERWARK GUARD'S JEWKLRY STORE * + + IP YOU WANT TO Q1VE SOMETHING REAL PERFECT Make a Dinlel Green House supers for Her or for Him BOOTERY Good Shoes and Hosiery * + I + LADIES LEATHEE JACKETS Zippei style, light or dark brown, $10. New Mead Clothing Co. * + * ncai Smta. We Uov, lots of little girls and big ones wh» want a permanent foi Ohrislmns, Jrow about 'til MARGAHEfl' iDEEN BEAUTY SHOPPE + + * GIFTS SHE'LL, , ADORE Atoffil/ers, Perfume sets, Bridge Cnrck, Compnct-s I'tingb.urnS Caudles, Hoiiblgant- and ' Coty'.s Perfume Sets, . Healing ' Paris and other acceptable gifts ' BELL'S PHARMACY • -' .' BRINGS HAPPINESS If you really wani- lo make her Imppy this ChrisUnns Include in your gifts one : of onr •permanent waves. 1 .GRACE ELANORE SHOPPE * * * GIVE SOMETHING PERSONAL Salln nnd Crepe Negligees Velvet nnd Corduroy Robes Corduroy and Crepe Pajaiiins ...Satin and Crepe Undies THE FAMOUS Joe Applebaitm + . .+ * •iRrr WHEELER WOOlfEY COCKEYED CAVALIERS witK. THELMA TODD DOROTHY, til • Fox News 1 Comedy LOW-BOY . 'WAFfU MAKER Bakes .golden; brown wnnir.s . exactly to; your taste. Heal Indicator") tells when to pom "Iter;;-:: Pa tented expan s i o n hinge fallows batter to rake BeSutlfully flnlflied in diron- lum plate - - $5.95. 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