The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1937
Page 7
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PRIDAtf, MARCH 6, ip37 i' r i »- tA'Mt,KOUJt!Bh« tLASSIFIfiD ! ADVERTISING, INFORMATION Dallvt rate per line for consecutive Insertions'; One tine per. line , lOc Two tinges per line per day 08c Three llines per. line per clay 06c Six times per line per day 05c Month rate per line OOc Cards of Thfinkc , 50c & 15c .Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or sljf times and stopped befoie expira- f|on will be .charged for-'the. number of tides the ad appealed nnd adjustment ,of tbiU made. All Classified Advertising copy fnibmtlted by pervns residing outside ot tho city must be aecoin panlefl: by^. cashi : Rate may be easilj computed fiont above table Advertising ordered foi. Irregular Insertions takes time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one. Incorrect Insertion of an;/ classified lul. TQM LITTLE OI'TERS THfcSB }JBn'j;i USFD WRS AT UNUSUAL LO VARIOUS IDii C]Ib\ROLhT \3OACII Blolor A-I HiMt^MfW s For Snle Certinpate / good for $SO.OO Credit n^Faimnl! Trnctoi Dout nce<l and vyll( sell at big los., )onw> Land Co 4o ^ Special , 5275 1935 CHEVROLET -.COACH. WHti Kailio $U5 1934 CHEVKOIL1 COAClj Only $325 Business Directory 1933 CHEVROLET COACH. A Kcal liu) SZ<5 1335 FOKD V-8 COUl'K Radio and Heater $3'J5 1935 FORD V-8 BE LUXE SEDAN. A-l, Condition-?S5S FORU '• CO WE. '•: Rumble beat Runs Gooil i 15 1035 I'Ll'MOlTi'Il c: O A t; II. Km Buy 103G CHEVROLKT TKUCK Good-.Tires Built-To-Order HOMES W, ATTEND TO ALI DFTAILb Let's : -Talk-It Over—Phone 100 E 0 ROBINSON LUAIBtH CO 1931 CHEVROLET Bargain 1!)86FOKI) V-S TRUCK Sporting Goods Of. all. kinds Uniforms & equipment lor base- Ball, handball, sottball, soccer ball, tennis track & boxing Best Prices Hubbard Hdw. Co. COMPLETE STOCIt SPRAY MATERIALS and ' INSECTICIDES in this localllj .For use on :all. Fruit Trees, Steubbery and Vegetables Shouse-Henry Hdw. ,Co. J. W. Shousc Wilson Hemy "MY COAL IS Bt\CK BUT 1 TREAT YOU WHITE" ,1 also Pay.;Beit :Prices for. - Hides & Metals .. JOHN BUCHANAN' ' • ' , Phone 107. T R U C K. $365 51UU $300 §3)5 1931 FORD TRUCK V-S .P1CK-U1 1 EJS> G M. A. C. -Paj-Jiienl -1'lan TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. .PHONE 033 Ranted To Buy \\<e Pav §6 $7 50 pel ton foi Sciap hoi), Rachatois §1$1 50, Metals Ac lo 12c Ib, also buy hides & oU battci les : ARIAN -AUTO PARTS 128 B. Main • ' • • Phone 116 WE -BUY . Coal & Wood •Alabama, Illinois Kentucky K C O A I, Shaver-Foster Gin Co.' Phone 278 Chickasa\\bi &, R 'B II You jVdnt. We Have It! Ash & Oak Kentucky Lump Coal, $650 ton Economy Coal Co. 221 W Cherry Phone 418 Shoe Repairing CITY SHOE SHOP Try us once Then trj' iis twice After that you'll let us Do your shoe work the Ucst of your life. >V»L FKEEMAN & J. B. HOLT 4 doors cast Penney's NEW PEAL SHOE SHOP 121 West Main. / Simon P.. Lee in charge 4 Photos..FREE-.with Each Order for Half Sole Job QUALITY SHOE SHOP The house of good service nnd qualils Everything for jour shoes nnd boots Rubber heels 2oc up Soles 50o up J Free Delivery P>-one 120 II B Campbell Owner Poultry & Eggs POULTRY W\MED We pay highest mnrxct prices fpr all kinda poultry pishcT' & Gaines at Gilncs Grocery S. Mnr ket U W Main , , BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES" Custom Hatching MARILYN HATCHERY H»y 61 North, iiljlhevlilc ; ivhite Pljmoulh Rod HENS $150 each, rooster free with each IS hens or single roosters $160 Abbolt-Johnso'n Poultry Rmh Barfield road Batteries BATTER! StRMCC , Call J. Ben Clune Pliohe 8. at Torn Jackson's Room and Board $6 'PER WEEK comfoi.t'i 01 steam heat, hoi and cold water, good food, nil tor this low price. , Peabo.lj- Hold in E. Main Hides & Meia!s Wool & Scrap Iron Blythevfll.6' Iron 5s Metal Co. Cherry & E. R. . ; . Phone 44 WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE ' Hubbard 2nd Hand L J"| Furniture Store If" Phone 1031 Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co 301-303 E Main For Sale Cotton Seed!!! SlONtVILLO — DPI, HALF & HALF , .BEST PRICES Blytheville Gin Co. held ot Good MULES foi sale See Paul Bvrmn Scktf For Rent •ORE BUILDING on \V. Main St., near, new factory site. Rea- uable. It, Fowler. 3-ck-tf cely furnished &TEAM)lRArED BEDROOM, • bath. Call bSO. 2-C-K-3-S loom furnished apt 1015 \y Ash Call.445-W.'Mrs. Goodwin. |9-tf •uVnishect, stcnmhcn'let) Apartment Telephones 1DY: and '671. 9c )Ur irnlslied 5. room hoiisoj 124 E. Clicirj All conveniences Mrs, atUe Bijeans 2Tp k8 cdern 4 'Room IURNISHLD Apii Uncut Phone 280 2Sc ktl loom furnished apirlment 1031 W Asli Cill 9C8 27 c k II nfiirnished or Ftirnlslicd six room modem cottage eieclric lefng- aUon, near • grade and hich hools 909Holl5,CalU02 2Gcktt OR RENT— Office formerly occupied-by• Uic-Hlghnil Cotton Co, - the Ellis Implement Co. Phono 1 ik B furnished looms phone 814 J Mrs. Ted Green, 407 S. Franklin: ' Ck " ST. liotlei Used Cai Value '3G rOItl) 'Mi. I 'kc . I QflUi alii UllUi '"I I OKI) {(UJI'I tfevv 1'jint Hid fires A Good One ! 'U I)Ji SO'rO SEDAN', Motor, and Tfr'cs New i '• 31UIJVKOH.1 MA SI hit COACH Sec Ihis One '3J IOHD IOKDOR A Good HIIJ lor . '. '31 FORD rUDOlt lotb of '33 OLDSMOUILK SEDAN. A Clcui Cjr ^3a Many .Oljicrs To Chobsc From I'liuiic 810 lUincmliei, \mi nkc No Clmncc Mhcii lou BIIJ T K A, 6 Used Ui — They Must Satlsfj - - Our I(ei)u<a(I'oii Is Your rro'tcclloii Phillips Used Car Lot Ko> Ciiui), Mgr, vlictl Cir Uciit , Ostrcx Tonic Tub- Ids contfilu raw ojster Invlgora- lorb and olhcr sllinulanls "oi)e <loso peps up orpins, glands ( If not dellchted, mnkoi refunils feV cents paid Call, write Klrby Bros Stoiea Farm Loans $$00 Up nM,f° '' OANS ° N BUSINESS UUIU3INQ3 RHSIDENCES, PILL ING SI'A'IIONS Don H. Kasserman Room 22(1—Ljnch bldg P O )lo\ 470 1 I'PlsEl If cxi-csb ncid cniiscs-joil Stomnch Ulcers Gns Pains, In- OlgciltoH Ileartbini), QET •>-im]>!e doctors i)rcScrlptloh, it Khbf Dros Duig Co AUTO LOANS NO RLI) 1APJ, Roirou money on jour car to pi) foi jour licenses and other bills Car need not be paid for Beo U IV MI'LMNS Real Estate ...... SALI, fuinlshcd apartment Mis Plcl( > ! "°" r n ° 0111 Biniualovv \vltl: Ranisay 'Duncan, 710 Cliickasir.v 1 2 pk G room furnished .apartment, pvi- atc bath. back-'<t front entrances. Mso.bedroom. Call.72-W, ! ck 8 Wanted .AUNDHY, rpngn city or llnlshecl. Good work Mrs Mick 010 Tikp '-pk-9 Bath T\\o doois fiom high school grounds Oaiage, Shadj jud Pi ice $950 lerms 4 ck 8 I UK! Co, Sole Agents Three Acid, neai High School on gmel siieet ot'tslde cittj cltj Water and lights Nice collage, potiltiy liouse larjo daily house with concrete floor Shade tiees ind shnibbers Prac $1810 pref°r all cish Might arrange lonm Thonns I ina Co , bole Agents free Odgo Bus. Opportunities Beauty Culture • , IS 1HE COMINQ PROFESSION Ulls ulCRSfttil uoilc which ' < j»A well v ( class ope,iilnB_s|atp supdrjJs«(] K<RSonn\>jt lullloii Mrs \Ylllln!)i BDnyman Elulno ncauty Bhop , Lof>t Red nnd bluek spoiled 11OQ nelglilng from 125 to 180 Ibs REWARD, A. C. DllClos,'' licchtln fflim near Gosncll. 4-i>-k-0 According to estimates ncnrlj l,- 600,000Bisons in England wilier from Insomnia Sudbury Vhono '.95 EI,ECTIUO & ACETTT.ENB WELDING AT BEST'PRICES PROMPT BERyiOB Barksdale Mfg. Co PHONE 1« WE RAVF SECURED TUB" SERVJCFS OF AN FM "RIFNCED RADIO MECHANIC Mio will giurnntce to repali sour radio Jo first class condition. A Cmiplcle Line of Tubes and I'arts - - Beat Trices Hubbard Tire A lint. Co, Phone 476' 24 Hour Wrecker Service Best Prices \ '' '\ Joyner Motor Sales Cull 1000 Storage Photic 700 Superior Coal & Mininj; Co. , ., ? SONS y AND HFI>XlKi>,< (,I(,NS Oil tSTHUCFUKlg < IN tllb Cm 0*, BtJTTMPVOlh AJi* m(e Mm eh }' J037, Stuct Number CorJior UjUsion stfpud Chfck- (t'nv,ba Avc Number of Dorics, It «i« «f i»> , by ipo, NO, rooins, i K, &<to, wbfM w material " ,..,, of „ \alue Of Wilck 01 ... ._ Of roof, conwps'lUo'n, inotcrla) 'of C\lcilor ftafiJ. Vv'eodl pwjerlal, of Inside paUUloin; wood, ^material ofj foundation,,, coiurcte. uiors; building oft 'jJid [,'apt, !fpr ,'rcar. frfliit, dlstiuW lo propci ly', line f ft or iiiorc, distance, i to' iiear- fsl building on ciicli sklb, 30 ft, 01 more building (o bo occupied a$, Oiocciy 8loic and Jr(ilt Sjand, bulWln.f to be 13 by M l\,\ ovvnei of [jioinuls A Nelson iiisd B A Nelson,' ounci .of building 1 L Ilnkc *\ I codify umt iho nbgvc itatc- 'CJit-- niu toirccl to Ihp hrxt, ot ms knowledge, nnd bei!»f, A|>| llc.itlon, for pej))i|t by J L Ilnki. ' f \ I'oupll iccclved by «f Rurit BLYTnr''> Cily Clerk 2-5-8-]8-li,.io.23.ic USED CAR BUICK DEALER LEFTY?S l SERVICE ^STATION^ ArkintDi MIssouil lino , Sjtell Products Visit, one of (ho most modem 6liv.lco stations In the South A coiiiteoiis stall of nttondiuils til jour Ecivlce 24 holm n day, LBITY Prop ^ > GKY & THINGS, lite. COAL - FEED - KINDLING PHONU 7(i i i PART OF THE' ( 'P3C1 DO DOB TOURING SEDAN Hcalci iind "Radio d lUUftlKU ei , $550 )83s DODGE IOURIKG" SEDAN Clean , RS, R ' Pin 1037 License, Radio ' nnd jrcitci 1930 BUICk '36 48' Nqv rires, 1037 Licence 1035 POflD V 8 TUDO Radio A Ri Coii)c; iji ai)d look over (he other pi oofs in our showroom JOYNER MOTOR ' 1, SALES oo, *: r Buick anil I'oiiihc Sales i Senjcc,, ' ' PHONE 4000 <•*' * t/SCU BRICK Oheip A K C.. tei C07 N 5th St 3 p-k-10 PIUMBING fi\ture^ pipt fitlini,!,, nll'.bathroam accessories, valves, eleetnc water sjstems for farm 1 ! Water softeners, filters, or any other item connected with plumbing or heatm? "PETE"'THE PLUMBER CHILD'S HIGH CHAIR. CHEAP. GOOD CONDITION, Mrs. carl Dayis, call 63G. .. - . Pair young (Iralt marcs ami har- ness, reasonable. .Guaranteed to be sound and good workers Wt 2,500 >lbs. Joe Craig. Phone ?•!. 27c Uf Mules For Sale •DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC MINNOWS C. t'. Havrks, 3CB E. Main New iargains! We Invc some Kiiccially gOoi Lir- galns in cars, tnicfes and pick-ups. See r Our.'s Before You 7iiiv! 1936 International ' Ton Pic Up 1935 Ford Hi Ton Truck 1923 Chevrolet Sedan 1031 Chevrolet Roadster 1930 Oakland Sedan Delta Implements, Inc. GOOD ALFALFA HAY, rcnion- obly priced. Mte"B. L. Turner. Cacoola.VArk l-p-k-8 COTTON SEED!!! CHOICE DPL No. II . COTTON SEED ctn-efnlty saved for our own tl'C BARGAIN ' , Electric Gin Co. LUXORA ARK SPECIAL BARGAIN New. Four. ROW PLANTER Foi Mode! A John DC ere inctoi Also Several ocbt! Usc-i CULTFVATORS PAUL BYRUM PUMTV THRKAUBAKE CONSOLATION! \ I 'EU-, AT IXAST, V/HII.E THEY CHEW OM EACH OT-1EC! 7HEy WOM T BH CH6WIN ON KC' BOOTS AND, HER BUDDIES &AVK'1HE PIECES, WWT'l^V. TDRM THE MO \Otf\l U6W6 OMi. SHrtH - WE so I • MUSTN'T 'STEPHEN 'A ON WASH TUB15S BOW \VO\V -IJE'f'J'EU IF VOU NEED WA^ THAN1KSA MAN /THAT'LL T S A NATURAU TlbER. ) LULU B£Ll&'S MAP. VS THE FEW I E — ... ------- . CIP THE CSNTURV/ CATAMOUNT TH1NKIN' THAT EASV .WRECWEO HER HOME. FRLCKLLS AND HIS MHCNDb , txiWM BY THE MILU I FOUWD rr JUST A "XAT'S A PLACfc A Ware WE.. LEMME n-r o:-t....Hpw, i MES1BER HOLLOW TREE THAT AWb I USED S rfHAT 5u'sj- J CAME

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