The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1948 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1948
Page 15
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THURSDAY, APRIL 8, OUTOU^ WAY BvJ.R. Willie \OH, YES, LADIES VcHA \ / ,-,,PL^V CTI a., . X VT^' \ t G'T JT/8 !-•»,._ \ i/ lwn> \/ PLAY|NV ., NEVER 1 RIDICULL Yp'ig^ ras* fist™j( n fe(y^tK y.i _HUH y] SOME PAY.' %i y ___£>" ^^^js ^ BORN -THIRTY YEARS TOO soon Jf~* ,. ^^^^ 0" r Boarding House withjvigj.Hoop| e COURIER NEWS ^ HOLD STILL, MA30R.VOKIL6 T " v " r ""' A F6\M '"- EGAD,TWIGfcS/ MY IMQUISlTWfc MIMD »-«.•£? i,srtsO} •sS&ssjs- /"V^l i A rtr- &e?f* A. ic- c. *-*r- t-i /'I "»1 » I C>C7 IC'O, -v«-*— .IS, Sr? -N^\ S HALL VJ& P00t OUR SHOULD H&L.P , ;i_J_ II ,'.'-TlN\ MIS'" ' Irffe IT TILL JUST THIS i CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING _forSole, Miscellaneous Good motor scooter, priced for quick sale. Call 4461 after * P-m. 3-31-ck-tf L Foods H.U _ __ _ Universal Electric stove. Full size table top, three surface burners and deep well cooker, large oven, warming oven. Heavy porcelain finish. Phone 2786. 4-1-ck-tf Burrough's CASH REGISTER, Practically new, call 801 - 2-27-ck-tf , TMt ITWKY , TMt ITWKY, P.(lr« r , M ..j KX. t. L.Bdo. tkr », ,!„, "JJJ t. .«»« *«..«« kl , E ..fco.7 II U t*« ..I, €,««„., ,ll.w«i k« »T l»e iw. »N-(.»l,| onp< , " r.-,; 1 . .'r For Sale ., OLD NEWSPAPERS jrr oouRutB H«WS OFFICI T IOI10 tt Baby bed and rrmtreM silTj^Siv"- mond imlth. phone 4483 or 2685 •t«id. Broadway- Batatas. 400 W Ash - : _ _ 4|8-pX-15 'A Horsepower motor, mile or tr»d« ?S2 »"M "' £f tteiy char E". and at": trtc welder. First house W or Laic« street Methodlrt Church. 4°3-pK-lS Cumberland. raspberrj~plinU. Phono •"• -.. _ __ 413-pfc-lS Lire raft rubber rishtne boat c*nn __ _ ___ 3|30-pk-4i30 Child's pony t«ddle nnd bridle Good •«, new. qenuln. lenjier, c.ll 2921 . 4|2-pk-9 ». Xltohen Hollnw.7 bed. mitlTeViTeloHiea hun,- SU S ?P ' '"TJ"' 1 bo "0. electric iron J04 Hrarn. A(ter 9 p.m. cl i| 7!Mg " 4[6-pH-9 WANT-TO Wir. you acquaint** with th. f.rmm •n your eountr? Do you ha» B • Mr , Are you Interested In • , e llln K rwsl- Mon th*t win pay you & Miary »nd • hlr known oompany nu • permanent position open for you. A company orrlclal will b« In town soon to inlerriew applicant!. Write now to B. 0. r»r. 1303 W«l 0»pltol Ayenue, IJttl. Roclc. Ai*.. to arrange (or your intern ew. 4]6-pJc-9 Two nent «ppe«rln« youn K men. l?: National Finance Company local office has opening- for young man 21-27 for position 11 adjuster. C»r furnished Box BW % Courier News. 4-7-ck-10 §»*/p" Wanted, Female _ n pATIENCE drew a quick breath. He was laughing at her. of course. She wasn't jure if she liked it "I'm no*, afraid of that," she said and jumped into his waiting arms Paul set the girl down lightly beside him. "From what I've observed of you," he said gravely, "1 feel perfectly jure you won't walk a yard down the line with me without « proper introduction. And since there's no one here to effect it, 1 must do it myself, f'm Paul Taylor. I live at Old Winnings, a village you may have heard of, some three miles this side of Bishop's Stortford." "I'm Patience Mond." "And you live at Oakley," "No. I live at High Ditch, two miles from there."/ "Goodness! How do 1 you get to and from the station? By car, I suppose." "No. I bicycle. We've not got a car." "We?" "I live with my two aunts." "Maiden aunts something tellj nie." "Yes." and defiantly, "They're darlings." "Oh yes, I'm sure they are. But I a little strict in the w«y they bring [you up." ' "How do you knowT" He smiled. "I've been watching you pretty j closely since you've been travelinj by this train. Anyone can see you're an extremely well-brought up young lady." He glanced at her sidelong as they now set off towards Oakley, following a straggling line of other passengers ("Now we've met, as it were, don'i 17011 think that in future we mighl 'travel down together?" ; "I suppose we might," she said doubtfully. '. "You couldn't, I suppose, meet me, say one Saturday afternoon, .in Stortford for tea and the pictures?" Her eyes widened. For • fleeting moment she wondered il it would be possible. And knew Instantly that it was out of the question. "I don't see how I could" "Why not?" "I—I'm always rather busy on Saturday afternoons." "Doing what?" he asked with interest. "The brasses for the church, and the flowers. .My Aunt Alice sect to them eacb week and I always help her." Patlente deciacd II must b« fate. Onlj twicr bcfirc Aunt Belea asked her to to to Stortford. T-TE looked *t her curiously, " thinking how lovely her voice was now that at last he'd got Her to talk to him. Th nking that she must b« uniqu*. There couldn't b« another girl like her In the whole of England. A girl who was si- ways busy on Saturday afternoons helping a maiden aunt clean the church brasses! "Don't you ever have any fun?" She laughed softly. -Oh yes. Lots." "What sort?" "Well, in the summer there are tennis parties. And sometimes we go on picnics." "And in the winter—" ; "The winters are rather quiet, .'11 admit. But, of course, now I !_o to London three times a week life's much more exciting." "It must be a riot," he said dry. "Tell me, what do you do In Condon?" '1 go to the Stanton Dressmak- ng Academy In Great Falkland Street." Do you like that'" ^Very much. At least I think "You don't sound terribly sure." "Wei!, the point is, I'm not abso- utely certain I want to be a dress- mafcor." '1 can understand that. But why go in that case?" "Aunt Helen and Aunt Alice thought it would be a very suit' able career for me." "And do you always do wha c Aunt Helen and Aunt Alice wan you to do2" She smiled. "D'you know, I believe I do." "I'm absolutely certain you do And I'm. absolutely certain that it's time you stopped doing it' He took her arm as they walked along and held it more tightly ac she instinctively made to draw away from him. "What • tunny little mouse of a girl it is!" "Mouse?" "That'S'been my name for you since the first evening 1 saw you. A darling little mouse, not the sort you shriek at and jump on a chair. A little soft brown mouse with soft white hands—no. don't wriggle like that. I insist on hold- ng your hand. And you like hav- T>E it held." "I don't.' He let it go instantly. Patience's heart was racing wildly. "At least I don't think 1 do," she said tremulously. He laughed and drev her arm hrough his ognin. "On Saturday," he said, "you'll catch the two-thirty from Oakley and I'll be at Stortford to meet you on the station. You'll think of some nice little fairy tale for Aunts Helen and Alice—or you'U do what would be far more sensible, tell them you've met a nice youn^ man on the train and you're oing to tea and to the cinema •ith him. What about it?" She shook her head. "1 couldn't. Truly I couldn't." "But you'll have to break out some day." Would she? Funny that until iis moment she'd never evencon- idered it. "How old arc you?". "Twenty." "Ye Gods! I've gui ^ mister of 20. She has so many uoy friends we lose count of them." "And you—have you so many girl friends?" "You bet. But none who really matters. None I want to see a* much as I want 'to see you on Saturday." r pIEY were nearly at Oakley now. She could see the lights of the station. Soon she'd b« on her bicycle and it would be over. Because of course she couldn't meet him as he suggested. And if she didn't he wouldn't bother with her ' any more. He'd give her up as far too dull and far too straitlaced for him. There'd be no further thrill about the train journey home. No more point in wondering breathlessly whether possibly shc'tl see him. All the same ^rhai b« wanted was out of the question. "I'd like to," she said regretfully. "But I'm afraid it really is quite impossible." Nevertheless she was 'on the two-thirty the following Saturday. She'd not intended to be. But it wasn't of her own choosing. Beneath her arm was her aunt Helen's Library book. Each week Newmans, the library in Stortford, called to deliver a new one. But this week they'd had a breakdown with the van. Aunt Helen ' at breakfast had said that It was very annoying. For a week she'd have •mining to read. Unless—she'd looked at Patience. "Patience dear, I suppose you wouldn't like to go into Storlford for me this afternoon, and change my library jook?" Patience decided It must be fate. Only twice before had Aunt Helen asked her to go to Slortford. She'd loped her voice hadn't sounded oo eager as she'd said that of course she'd go only too willingly. And that her aunts hadn't noticed hat she'd set off wearing her new gray suit and fluffy Little white blouse. Nor that she'd spent an unusually long time before starting In gelling ready. She looked out of the window s the train steamed into the plat- orm. She saw him Immediately nd felt her heart racing wililly. And knew a sudden shyness as she lepped from the train. It was uite ridiculous considering her ge that this was the very first ime she'd met a young man for ca and the nlcturcs! (To B« Continued) f BEAUTY OPERATOR — Private. Rooms Minnie. a;c wom»n wanted to k bouse. csr« for two children ™%«"" ""•'"»« t-nn.n wi Q ,,r 150 N, Howard. Dimuoln. Ill Lost and Found Reward for Rold-rlmtned R!a*M* in blue Guard, case. Phorie wJrT i,'r°?ri ? nt •""'"Wny rocker oft of £AT^rr^%d«r: &S ^Mffir.' 1 ^^ Position Veteran w«nt« ]oh H lwo Bciiueme Lilly, phone 4294. 4 ; 2-pk-9 ofr "M»ln »<«room. 314 N. Ninth. rhon« 2338 . _____ _ 3;20-plc-4:JJ hone* ^~ ra ' m7 • « 13 room. Phone 3I15-PK-S2 Couritr 'j|II-pk-4]ig Want For Rent arden apace. Phono ttsos. 4;7-pR-i4 WdfltAtf Hlth Prices In 1780, In Boston, butter sold for sI2 a pound, sugar for $10 a pound, and ton for $30 a pound, niie to n great decrease In the value of paper money. lc " rst - l»«P«iontatlve or I m»nur»cuirer cerman^ntli ' ' ' p 3, Jackson, Term. 4;s-pfc a i Forec»ls:* Noisy ROCHELLE, Ga. (UP)—John r, ' Button counts on a train which i passes every day about 12 m ilcs! irom hts home as his Infallible! weather barometer. He said he ami! nls neighbors have found thitj when the noise of "the locomotive Is Plainly heard, It's a sure sign rain within th« next 34 hour.. of I ONE'S Beauty Shop 111 Norfh 2nd St. OPKX EVENINGS by APPOINTMENT Operators: Fayon Porter Marie Mcl>od Rodery MiMred Bamett -Phone 31M COPrH»Gnr BY (SfNfE 5HAMN; [XSTRieUTEO BY NtA SERVICE. rK. "You'd think the t«nch«r would get awfully tired of giving him a bad mark in conduct «very month.'" PAOI •""—••— FRECKLES ft HIS FRIENDS By MKRRILL Who Wnntg Flies?' He* I'll <xfmit she's cute. 8u( ne'll soon hive to get rid of can't chicken running t/se fioure! Vou'll singa different tuna a feiv months froni /KM... when (fivendafyti is giving us four or five eygs 3 day! Motion Curried tiaxt }Wll take in a few pips... so )vv can flaw bacon with ' your eggs. 1 Hazel! That's a wonderful idea! By AL VERMEEB VIC FLINT TKREAUHED YOVt THAT'J A LAUGH! WAIT mi NIKOPOULOS GETS Down HIRE AND WE HAVE A LINE-UP TO SEE WHO THREATENED HHOt MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANB SURf, IN- . *PKX»,TMArt. HIM mlBD f ROM WE LEFT. HE IRIED TO SHAKE ME DOWN, YOU'D BETTER iPIU/N ARNOLD. WE HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED TO WORM VOU OVER ON THE ROCKY S10NE i T 1 WASH TUBES Mr. Lucifer Ciefs Uusy By LESLIE TURNER ™!yW» l «P?» /«JT VOU-KtMOTOOIN* . . . ! s «*«> 1! '*"> ( MR.M.KEETOVD HE THEOtWILS.. TO MAKS TH*T 1RIP \ FRIEND TKOM HOtLVWOOD rm*N,AW>l*/ OOVKN1HEK61 I BOH IS QUITE TOUCHING 1 . BE OH LOCUTION )W READY 10 GO I HOLCOM8 CUBA.,. 3UT I'M TAR MORE DOWN THERE \ WRElEWIIWrORMlIOWi NOT BECNJSE Of A / IMTERBSTED IN CL6MS.IUO TO HELP P1SP03E Of *» CANCELLED BCSS-V-PIN I*.*/. SHIPMBNT! ^, I? THt PROBLEm THAT'S COMB UP WITH MR.CRCX3M! Expensive Strategy By FRED HARMAf* CRAOROCX'5 GDKiFlRE'S too MUCH FoR.'Erv,Lvrn.E BEAVER/ OUT THEY'LL TRY AGAlK!' . BE KILLED TKW -jf BE SLAME OF i PALEFACE, FiR.tFLY.' REACH PALEFACES/ J Will LEAD MTACK..- Hoss of the Lions By V. T. HAMLIN AVe-CTJCE A MAN ANYWAX CM1E THE FINCW4 Of * MAN 1 C*[N<* lAISD JKJULP N«E TKY1NS TO / f ^/^ : u BOOTS AND HEK BUDDIES Enter, Sir By EDGAR MARTIN

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