Enterprise-Journal from McComb, Mississippi on August 7, 1963 · 1
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Enterprise-Journal from McComb, Mississippi · 1

McComb, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 7, 1963
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Summertime The weather will continue rM just like Mississippi politic. Widely scattered showers may cool it off a bit, the New Or-leans Bureau indicates in its forecast. J 1 (DJi I im X.,11 XVjw, 77i9 Ono Newspaper in the World Most Interesied in this Community McComb, Miss. ft HBRD,LINE5 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 7, 1963 5c PER COPY 7STH YEAR-NO. 51 p!tEl':in;1iltfi:!H!W11' isecDaDunr 8D By OLIVER EMMERICH , Editor Political trends on an election night are often like the tides of the sea. Nothing can hold them back. .The problem is to determine when the trend has been indicated. At 9:30 on election night everyone with confidence in the n n n MSflli OP trend that had been set could have gone to bed, awakened this morning at 9:30, and found that the relative positions of the three major candidates In the Emmerich gubernatorial race had changed but very little during the night. At 9:30 p. m. a total of 30,781 votes had been counted and reported. The vote stood as follows: Coleman 10,276 Johpson 11,243 Sullivan 9,362 ; Total 30,781. a - -k y Of the above total the candidates had the following percentage of the votes that had been tabulated:- - Johnson 36.5 per cent Coleman 33.4 per cent Sullivan 30.1 per cent. Based on these percentages It was quite simple to calculate the resulti with a total of 450,-000 votes. Thus at 9:30 last night (election night) the trend showed the following in the making: Johnson 164,250 Coleman 150,300 Sullivan 135,450. Everyone could have gone to bed with these figures shown in the trend. At 9:30 this morning the situation had changed very little. The vote stood: Johnson (39.2 per cent) 101,-697 Coleman (33.8 per cent) 87,- -m -v- -... , . . , Sullivan (27 per cent) 70,103. Coleman's percentage through the night increased but 4-10th of one per cent. Johnson's percentage picked up by 2.7 points. Sullivan's percentage dropped u ' BJSt-d on thfse percentages - this trend with 450,000 votes the election results could be placed at the following: Johnson 164,250 Coleman 150,300 Sullhan 135,450. Once again, of course, the question arises: Will this trend and these percentages hold for the remaining 190,000 voles which have not been reported as of 9:30 this morning, the time this column is being written. The trend was not set earlier than 9:30 on election night. Earlier returns ' showed Coleman in the lead. After eight o'clock the pattern of the trend cotnmencei to take shape. I am writing this column in the morning. It will be off the preig around 2: 3D this after-noon. Later figures will be a-vailaMe then. But if the present trend continues Johnson will have a lead over Coleman of about 15,000 votes. It could pick up if he continues to take an added 3.1 per cent of the votps away from Sullivan. How does this compare with the last election In which Johnson &?d Coleittan were oopon-ent? In 1955 Johnson was in the lead vtth a margin of 28,-013 vot over the second man who was Coleman. The count in that race was es follows: Barli 9?,"35; Cain 22,469; Colejl 101140; Johnson K2,-4H?; "fright 94,410. The second primary in 1955 ended as follows: Coleman 233,-237; Johnson 185,924. The Coleman lead was 47,313. I am not editorializing on these figures. They are presented as a matter of histori- cal record. From here out everyone can speculate on what can and what may happen during the next three weeks of second primary campaigning. Every campaign, however, is a new campaign and may not be blood kin to any thai has ever gone on before. !' . i I' i . i I t i i - F ' "V 1 I i ! ' ! M ! : DOLPH ELLZEY Three Winners Dolph Ellzey, veteran third district supervisor, and Jesse Hall, first district supervisor, both were returned to office In Tuesday heavy voting. Ellzey won Over 7,000 Pike Set New Primary By CHARLES B. GORDON Enterprise-Journal Reporter See table of results, page 2. More than 7,000 Pike Countians the heaviest primary vote in the county's history went to the polls in blazing Dixie heat Tuesday to ballot for state, county and district offices. The race for Democratic nomination for the lucrative post of sheriff and tax collector traditionally a real political donny-brook attracted an unofficial total of 7,030 voters. Other races drew a total generally somewhat smaller than that. IN RUNOFF The six-man sheriff's race left I WO Win Two members of the Pike County board of supervisors overcame spirited opposition in Tuesday's primary to win renomination as the Democratic candidates for their posts. Two others face runoffs in three weeks against stiff rivalry. The fifth, Sam N. Alford of the Fourth (McComb - Summit Enterprise-Johnston) District, was renominated without opposition. HALL NAMED Jesse Hall, First , District supervisor, won over three opponents in yesterday's first primary. The complete, unofficial vote: Hall, 250. Ray Earl Barnes, 81. Ferman Jackson, 73. ' 1 Alton O'Quin, 72. REGAN VS. JONES Veteran A. B. (Hoss) Regan of the Second District racked up a long first primary lead over his closest opponent. But the total opposing votes forces a runoff between Regan and Frankie L. Jones. The vote: Regan, 508. Jones, 263. Ottis Whittington, 181. L. Carl Simmons, 172. Jewel G. Smith, 145, Ralph Lenoir, 69. ELLZEY GOES IN In the Third District, another longtime supervisor, Dolph Ellzey, withstood the challenge of R. Y. (Buck) Statham in handy fashion. The vote: Ellzey, 433. Statham, 109. FIFTH HAS RUNOFF Homer W. Addison, Fifth District board member, trailed Prentiss P. Ball in yesterday's first primary. But the votes that went to two eliminated candidates force a runoff. The unofficial totals: Ball, 268. Addison, 248. C. A. McKinney, 139. T. C. Dickey, 53. CONSTABLE RACES Therrell A. Simmons, constable in the First, apparently won another term. The vote: Simmons, 247. Albert F. Pounds, 221. J. A. (Willie) Hedgelin, Second District constable, was renomi nated Tuesday, if complete, un-officials returns compiled here hold good. They are: Hedgelin, 670, If' i - .. ' I t i ., If . P ' . s it ' ,.J " ' - J 1 ! - i I S . ' " ' 4 1 . ; . - 4 I f t V . ; f..'.r'; p) JESSE HALl in Yesterday's Primary Election two contenders, R. R. Warren, making his second strong race for the job, and McComb police chief George H. Guy, a veteran law officer headed for the Aug. 27 runoff. Complete but unofficial returns from the 25 precincts of the county gave this vote for sheriff: Warren, 2,010. Guy 1,870. Robert E. Lee, 1,574. Dean B. Strickland, 866. Stanley L. Boyd, 579. Bismark Reeves, 131. SENATE RACE William Lloyd Dickerson, currently a state representative, led the four-man race for the new post of Pike County state senator, Supervisors New Terms L. A. Simmons, 205. D. T. Gibson, 203. B. Frank Alford, 190. Bobby Gene Ward, 59. The Third District had but one candidate for constable, W. E. Boyd, and he has been declared the nominee. BEARDEN WINS In the Fourth District, Consta-hie Herbert 0. Bearden took the measure of Eddie W. Smith, McComb policeman, yesterday. The vote: Bearden, 2,546. Smith, 1,431. Another incumbent, Constable C. E. (Toad) Nobles of the Fifth District, won over one opponent yesterday. The vote: Nobles, 486. W. A. Foy, 218. RACES FOR J. P. Two justices of the peace were nominated without opposition before yesterday's voting. They are: W. R. Simmons, District 1, post 1, and L. L. Pope, District 5, post 1. The other races came out as follows on the basis of complete but unofficial votes: First District, post 2: Carey B. Schilling, 259 Harvey L. Fortenberry, 106 George B. Simmons, 102 Schilling apparently was nominated. Second District, post It Henrex G. Cutrer, 489 Claude M. McClendon, 378. Fred Ravencraft, 319. V. Y. Felder Jr. 130 Cutrer and McClendon will run it off Aug. 27 Post 2, Second District: Ralph A. Bardwell, 788 K. G. Ford, 114. Howard M. Scott, 420. Bardwell renominated, on the basis of these returns. District 3, post 1: John C. Young, 304. Eric J. Price incumbent, 233. Post 2, District 3: C. D. Rayborn, incumbent, 289. Hansel M. Duncan, 252 McCOMB DISTRICT Charles F. Herring, Incumbent, 1,393. Charles N. Stietenroth, 891. Warren Ellzey Ratliff, 463. Joseph P. Kennedy, 196 Mary M. Depoister, 137. Henry E. (Eddie) Welch, 105 OContmued on page 3) GLEN FORTENBERRY over one opponent, and Hall over two. Glen D. Fortenberry also won over two opponents in his bid for circuit clerk in his first venture into politics. Votes Record 16th senatorial district. His runoff opponent is R. B. Reeves, McComb lawyer. The, vote: Dickerson, 2,442. Reeves 2,372. Nelson A. Ball 1,458 Eugene C. Brown, 826 HOUSE SEAT Elwood L. Branch of McComb ran ahead of two opponents for state representative post 2. He goes into the runoff with Ray Smith, McComb telephone firm employe. The unofficial complete vote: Branch, 2,849. Smith 2,283. C. D. Williams 1,928. STREAKS HOME Glen D. Fortenberry, young deputy chancery clerk, outdistanced two strong rivals to win the circuit clerk's job in his first try in politics. He will succeed longtime clerk Wendell R. Holmes, who is retiring for health reasons. The vote: . Fortenberry, 8,741., Donald P. Dunn, 1,836. Oscar Coney Jr. 1,251 ASSESSOR RUNOFF Sheriff Clyde E. Simmons goes into the runoff for tax assessor with Joel Rodney Barr another newcomer to political combat. They will vie for the post being vacated by A. (Dutch) Marx, veteran assessor who also is retiring. The vote In the five-man contest: Simmons, 2,462. Barr 1,842 J. J. Monfourt 1,268 James L. Smith, 855. C M. Rhodus Jr, 787. 'POP' SCORES J. L. (Pop) Glover, coroner and ranger, won another term by almost two-to-one when he defeated one opponent as follows: Glover, 4,539. Curtis J. Simmons, 2,404 Chancery Clerk Roy Ellzey and Supt. of Education J. S. Brum-field did not have opposition for Democratic nomination. Thus they escaped the heated fights yesterday. The Democratic Executive Committee will go into session in Magnolia Thursday to compile an official result of the primary. The totals given in this story are those collected from the 25 precincts by the Enterprise-Journal and Radio station WHNY and many volunteer helpers in an all-night session Tuesday. 1 R. R. WARREN Ont ef these will Gartin, Miss Gandy Vie for Second Spot JACKSON, Miss. (AP)-Former governor J. P. Coleman and Lt. Gov. Paul Johnson braced today for a runoff campaign to see which will be the Democratic nominee for governor. Mounting unofficial returns from Tuesday's Democratic primary apparently made them the two top men in a four man race. With 1,453 of 1,882 precincts re ported, Johnson had 110,987 votes to Coleman's 94,966. The number three man In the race, Charles Sullivan, had 79,153. Robert Mason of Magee, a 65-year-old welder who runs for fun, had 1,704. The runoff election will be held Aug. 29. Under the state's primary system, a runoff matching the two top men is held whenever no one in a race can muster a majority. MEREDITH FIGURES A 30-year-old Negro student at the University of Mississippi, James H. Meredith, figured large in the campaign. Johnson once barred Meredith from entering Ole Miss a few days before the desegregation crisis at the school that flamed into a campus riot last Sept. 30. Meredith also figured in the red hot race for state attorney gen eral. Joe ' Patterson,- "bidding for re-electron, apparently won over charges that he didn't try hard enough to keep Meredith out. In the lieutenant governor's race, Carroll Gartin forged far in front. The number two spot was held by Evelyn Gandy with Troy Watkins third. With 1,252 of the state's 1,882 precincts reporting, Gartin had 77,759 votes io 53,502 for Miss Gan dy and 48,471 for Watkins. Trailing badly were Methodist minister Dorsey McCay of Water Valley with 12,629 votes and chiropractor Dave Perkins of Jackson with 9,090. INCUMBENTS AHEAD Incumbents were ahead in the six statewide races, five of them two-man contests that will not require runoffs in the Aug. 27 sec ond primary, Mrs. JFK Going Into the Hospital WASHINGTON (AP) - Mrs. John F. Kennedy, expecting a third child, is going to the hospital at Otis Air Force Base near Hyannis, Mass., the White House announced today. The President is flying to join her. There were no details In the announcement. Presidential Press Secretary Pierre Salinger suddenly summoned a small group of newsmen to accompany the President. He explained that the President was flying immediately to Cape Cod because his wife was going to the hospital. GEORGE GUY b Pike sheriff (i li IT Atty. Gen. Joe Patterson kept a steady lead over state Sen. John McLaurin of Brandon in the hot test of the lesser races. Returns from 1,346 precincts gave Patterson 147,226 votes to 103,855 for McLaurin, who had campaigned as a militant segre- . . , . ii gaironrsi wno wouia De more aggressive in civil rights legal matters. The other incumbents led by bigger margins in four races. Secretary of State Hebner Lad-ner led Wayne McClure of Hatties-burg 119,888 votes to 49,458. Agriculture Commissioner Si Corley led Watt Carter of Vardaman 98,-544 votes to 64,368. Land Commis sioner Robert Graham led Andrew Sullivan of Macon 107,496 votes to 54,314. Insurance Commissioner Walter Dell Davis led David Stew art of Jackson 116,789 votes to 47,- 794. TUBB AHEAD The other incumbent ahead was Superintendent of Education Jack Tubb in a three-man race. Tubb had 78,404 votes to 56,537 for former state auditor Boyd Golding and 34,024 for A. L. Lowery of Houston. Incumbents were not eligible to run in the races for auditor and treasurer. - Hamp King, a veteran aide in the autlitor's office, led Dewey North of Meridian 112,045 votes to 48,827 in the race to succeed State Auditor William Neal. State Tax Collector William Winter led in the treasurer's race with 96,402 votes to 40,813 votes for B. G. Jones of Jackson and 31,939 for Charles P. Mosby Jr. of Meridian. There were five state district races on the ballot in various areas of the state. In the central district highway commission race with 393 of 563 precincts in, incumbent Felder Dearman led Sam Waggoner of Newton 26,620 votes to 24,015. In the southern district highway commission race, incumbent John Smith led a three-man race. With 352 of 664 precincts In, Smith had 31,196 votes to 17,943 for W. H. Pyron of Hazlehurst and 10,314 for Hiram Smith of Magee. SMITH LEADING In the northern district race, with 384 of 655 precincts reporting, incumbent Roy Adams led state Sen. Raymond Bailey of Calhoun City 40,041 votes to 17,370. Incumbent Norman Johnson was unopposed in the central district public service commission race. Incumbent W. E. (Bucky) Moore led John Dale 32,234 to 25,878 in the southern public service commission race with 360 of 664 precincts. In the northern public service commission race, where incum bent Hal Phillips did not seek reelection, a nip-and-tuck battle was under way. With 405 of 656 precincts reporting, D. W. Snyder of Eupora had 18,884 votes, Evans Tumlinson of West Point 17,467, state Sen. Hugh Bailey of Winona 14,401 and state Sen. Flavous Lambert of Belmont 10,043. HERBERT BEARDEN Reelected constable rx Ft fi n i f v, GOV. PAUL JOHNSON AND EX-GOV. J. P. COLEMAN They'll face each other in run-off Aug. 27 Pike Stands Up tor Paul Johnson By JOHN EMMERICH Entei prise-Journal Reporter F;'.;e County voters Tuesday "stood up" for Lt. Gov. Paul Johnson and almost gave him a clear majority of the record 7,075. Johnson, making his fourth bid for the governorship, received 3,-533 of Pike County's votes. Clarks- dale attorney Charles L. Sullivan u'ae Cfiinn1 with 1 Qi9 fnllnwp? by 1,570 for former Gov. J, P. Coleman and 30 for Robert F. (Blow Torch) Mason. (For complete unofficial coun- ty precinct returns, see table on page 2.) In the lieutenant governor's contest. Pike voters favored former Ii. Gov. Carroll .Gartin with 2,-837 votes, followed by Troy B. Watkins, 2,102; Evelyn Gandy, 1,-777, Dorsey McKay, 165; and Dave Perkins, 132. Other state and state district races were as follows: SECRETARY OF STATE: He-ber Ladner 5,579, and W. L McClure 1,758. ATTORNEY GENERAL: John C. McLaurin 3,301 and Joe T. Patterson 3,704 Amite Chooses Jones as Sheriff LIBERTY The votes of slightly more than 3,200 Amite Countians Tuesday elected Daniel Jones, deputy sheriff, to be sheriff and tax collector in the next four-year term. Jones toppled two opponents In Tuesday's first primary by this unofficial vote: Jones, 1,968. J. Kenner Harvey, 911. D. Merkel Brady, 409. HUGHEY BEATEN State Rep. Britte Hughey went down in defeat at the hands of former Rep. Frank Wall of Gills-burg. The unofficial total was 1,644 for Wall and 1,579 for Hughey- Three county officials Miss Annie Andrews, superintendent of education; Joe Sharp, assessor, and Jesse Marshall Reynolds were renominated, Miss Andrews by a slight majority over two men. The votes: CHANCERY CLERK - Reynolds. 2.513; E. H. Hurst, 700. TAX ASSESSOR Joe Sharp, 2,668; Charles Ravencraft, 566. SUPT. OF EDUCATION - Miss Andrews, 1,656; Wendell J. Whittington, 899; Ray H. Martin, 701. SENATOR SCORES Sen. John William Powell of Amite and Wilkinson counties apparently defeated his two opponents in the first primary. His total was 2,763 votes in the two counties 2,027 in Amite and 736 in mmm STATE TREASURER: B. G (Bob) Jones 1,406, Charles P. Mosby Jr. 997, and William Wint er 4,513. STATE SUPT. OF EDUCA TION: E. B. (Bovd) Golding 2,- 295. A. L (Alonzo) Lowrcy, 1,196. and J. M (Jack) Tubb 3,501. STATE AUDITOR: W. H. (Hamp) King 4,866 and Dewey Mark Norton 1,943. LAND COMMISSIONER: Rob- j ert E. (Bob) Graham 4,770 and I Andrew W. Sullivan 2,065. INSURANCE COMMISSIONER: Walter Dell Davis 4,696 and David H. Stewart 2,034. COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE: Watt Carter 144 and S. E. (Si) Corley 4,955. PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSIONER, Southern District; John L. Dale 1,198 and W. E (Bucky) Moore 5,764. Moore, who is a Mc-Combite and former Pike County sheriff, won re-election to the office by a total district vote of 44,188 to 35,603. HIGHWAY CO MM ISSIONER. Southern District: W. H. (Shag) Pyron 2,145, Hiram Berry Smith 624, and John D. Smith, 4,U6 Wilkinson. Floyd W. Stratton, Liberty put lisher, was second, with 1,243 votes 856 in Amite and 387 in W'ilkinson Joe B. Jones was third, with 976 votes 331 in Amite and 645 in Wilkinson. BEAT CONTESTS District I Supervisor Talmadge Wooley led his race with 4?3 votes to 304 for Sheriff E. L. (Brother) Caston and 179 for Wallace Terrell. Wooley and Caston will apparently go into the runoff. Another supervisor runoff is indicated in the Second District, where the vote stands as follows: Homer L. Smith, incumbent, 141: L. L. Williams, 94; Wallace Kirkland, 84, and W. R. Trask, 34. LAWSON WINS Veteran Supervisor E. E. Law-son of the Fifth District won over three rivals in the first primary. He got 287 votes to 162 for Norman Travis, 50 for Lewis E. Burns, and 27 for Bonnie L. Brabham. Supervisors Edgar Tynes of te Third District and H. K. Bayroji of the Fouth won renomination yesterday, but the votes were not immediately available. Tynes defeated Jewel Spillman,. and Barron won over two former supervisors, Earl Moore and Ear' Wells. Results In other races were not available at noon today.

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