The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1932
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1 /'" r Served by the United Press BLYTHEMLLE COURIER NEWS mpoMuT ™M--r? OHra ^ ^BA^D^^^ot,*- i T-M ?t o 7..;, AUKANSAS. .MONDAY, NOVKMHKK Blythcyille Daily News. Blythevllle flOSHE BUTTON SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS TO DISCUSS FIB III KEISEH GflTJlE | Loss Heavy Failh Healer. as Hits Tokyo TOKYO, Nov. 14 (UP)-Thirty ] JOiisatid houses were ininrlatcd ; ami other widespread d.iniatjr was i ii?pnricd when a trillion swtpi over ° c of negro lo hr S'aver G'vr> s [Jn as: r - ' p. i ' l " 'Juii^t-- 02 J\a.->nnvaD3rn was '.Chine litm Appears ^ slv °y'd by fire which was spread "V 'he sale. It wns estimated Him •t Whiter. c, a year olit' ™' mlscs wcre l>lm " d ^fore ll.c "hoodoo doctor- allbradiS ™"* cx ' l ; u " llslled ' Tll ° ve shot ;l Lincoln coiintv j i >or teii. " ""''^'-^ v R!i . " 01 rc " fOTES FOR 1 shortly before nnd surrendered to _ „„„ >ad besieged the hn.,sc for more than two /liotir s attar Hie HCTO dosncrado l)nr| senl word to "come and get me." More (hnn 300 shots (were fired Iwfnrc thn ".%TO emrvped itmcilh- fl bill win, hnlf a dfwcn hmi»t li"»<! m hii clolliimr. Only .after a machine gun. manned by militia f'-niii Blylhrville. had hr,?n" mounted on a nenrby railroid dump rendv for ;iri.t o ,,, aM the nc»ro cive up. The si-lf-proclaimcd faii'i healer" adrnil>erl later thnt Imllels "rn'led" off of him tecaiise of his faith. The/"bailie" nrciirred within ."i-'ht of KeiTT and not more (hnn a ion vavrts from a highway nnd railroad ri^ht of way A lum- rlred snectnlors lined the railroad line ouf. of firiue rnn»e while a snore of officers poured shot after - , S ; "" ."> which started at 7 p. y con " n " ci1 Un ' 0m!h t!lc lsrl " )tln f "inmunicalion and pluming the city of Tokyo Into darkness when electrical transmission wires were torn down. Action Leaves Fate of County Agents and Health Unit Unsettled. The Mississippi county quorum court, in Us annual session at Osceola this morning; voted ap- mopriatlcns lor the year 193II A f ter Two Snub Hurley, Honor |J. ]•;. j,'. Victim r - ._ 'totaling S128.3B3, levied the | ows rrcane shack. \Vrll Armrrt .desperado, armed shot into the Xrirro The ncEro ., ^_2lL!j- », - 3S f calibre tiistol and an <"" .1873 model sin°lc nr-tlon armv -rifle, snwfr-^. flic _ officers fire. When he canirhl sieht. of theidep- I'tlrs who uradiiallv carried out a flanking mnvcment, surrounding fho hnusc. \Vliittaker returned tlio fire. Orcasionallv durins a lull in 'lie firine thf nffin-rs shouted at the nearo. nskin? him to plve up that lie \voutd be remained in the nnd warning killed \il he house. Finnllv the negro nereed to sur- n>n<V.7 and walked from the house, nistol In hh belt. While (runs in Ihe hands of half a dozen officers cov- . .Toe Mounts. ninn- .-x; Wilson mlintation ered tlie !>°n of the on u-liirh the nr-am lived. art- vnnced lo meet him. House Riddled t)cpuli»s rushiiio to tlv> hou^ when the negro- nmched out found the old army rifle inside. Tiiov sniri the neiro islil! hnd a nocko'.fiil of cartridges. Bullets had pierced the house from almost all sides nnd officers were at j a loss tc- understand how the negro cscarr-d injury. A stove I'ine in the house v.-as literallv cut into by bullets and the door of the stove shot off. Dishes in thn how were broken and clmlrs. fabler; and ether objects had been struck by Hie hail of bull-is. Tlie J negro had fled from the . c inn hon. c o Fridav after exchanging shots with officers who accompanied the plantation mana- '. r<v to the shack lo 'investigate a .story of the negro's wife. She told authorities that her husband had killed ,'a negro nnd an officer sent to investigate the Fhootine scvernl months before at Rlar City. Ark. She said she had tietcrmiiKxJ to tell of the killings Rflf- Ii»r husband had threatened to kill her. : Fled But Returned Officers in the, south end of the county pushed a hunt for the nepro Friday but he had ap- rnrentlv ma dc good his escape. Early Sunday, according to ,'re- rorts. lie rrut word to Mounts, tlie plantation manager, that he was "tired" of running and 'had returned lo his house and inlend- Cd to st.iy there and shoot it out. Mounts ^summonrd officers and the siege soon on. When the negro later gave up he was ' lodged In the county jail at .Osceola. Woman Aviator Asks Divorce From Camp RE.VO. Nev.. Nov. 14 (UP)— Ruth Elder camp, prominent woman n via tor, today filed suit for divorce from Walter Camp, son of (he late famous fcotb.ill expert. Stio charged cruelty and asked for a privnte tria! and restora- ticm of her maiden name, Ruth Elder. The couple were married August Survey Cciu^d Terrific Damage In Coastal Towns HAVANA. NOV. 14 (UP)—Cuba counted a toll of 2,500 dead todav in -the terrific hurricane disaster which obliterated the southern coastnl town of Santa Crux del Sur p.iid spread untold havoc through Camaguey nrovince. A full recanltulation of the disaster : 'wns possible wllh fairly compete , returns from the. stricken diatrtSi.' VMore than 1,000 were injured, some 300 severely. The property damage and loss nf erors, su-'nr mills nnd mneh- inery amounted to perhaps $100,000,000. and thousands of persons were homeless nnd destitute. mean- In? that they will have lo be cared for bv tiie cnvornnient for months until rehabilitation is pos- I siblo. Relief work ivas organised, on an impressive scale and food, clothing and medical nnd other supplies were pnm-eri into tlie province by 'rain nnd truck. customary taxes without change In Kite except to increase the special tux for the retirement of county refunding bonds from .8 of a mill to 1 mill. ' The tax levies total 40.7 mills in the incorporated towns :incl cit ii-s, nnd 35.7 in rural territoiy, where Ihe school tax is 18 mills. Districts with a lower school Ui>: will of course have a lower total levy. The court levied the cusloinaiy 3 mills county rond tax. Ihe fact that final canvass of returns from last Tuesday's elce- r Fast Miy Mean Death for Gandhi (Ul 1 )In IttPTQl Answer to Unprecedented Proposal Will Probably Come Tonight. lio:i mnv show that lo Imv 23. 1.12fl. an A no children. A property settlement was reached t:iil nf court, SEEK; II BOTH Hen-Cjof Sltim Osceola Man Ast $?S 000 of F. W. Carivvrishf. OSCEOLA. Ark.^A jurv in r,v ".mConrta 1W v,, n »t;is\veel-w.l, decide v:hctl^r Pinlev w Cart- wrioht. Osceola hardware mer- fhant. ^should oav Mrs. Enlalia French Crawford nnd -her daughter. MISS Laverne Crawford $25 000 damages which thev are siieim or as n result of Cartwrieht's fatal shcotin? of M. L. Crawford '"•re more Ib.iu a year ago The suit was trnnsfciTcd to Wynn"ii a chanie of venue taken by Mrs. Crawford and her daughter ifler Cnrtwrlght was acquitted of a murder charge when he entered 1 rr-lf defense nlea In Circuit Court here tost March. A previous trial had resulted in a him^ jurv Cartv-rfpht killed Crawford at the latter's home one night in March. 1031, following trouble ba- ' the two men over alten- bcen defeated. If that proves to be the cnse the quorum court Ic.vv will be of no effect. Status of Agents Doubtful The appropriations Include $4,320 for the county and borne demonstration agents, and' 82,180 for the county "licaltu unit. Both of these, however, we:-_> made contingent upon the having sufficient funds to mm them after all other appropriations have been paid. The result i that neither the larm and home services nor the health unit know exactly where they stand, as it, does not appear at all certain that the counts- revenues will be' .iu(- flclent to pay their appropriations,! Reduction of the staffs of the county and circuit court clerks offices in Dlytheville will be In order, after the first of the year it was Indicated by County Judge Zal B. Harrison, who presided at the meeting. The appropriations as adopted, do not specify Individual salaries, but Judge Harrison told the court lhat the county White Senrinry or War Patrick: Hurley was speaking al an Armistice Day observance al the Tomb of iho Unknown Soldier mnnv Washington Legionnaires held n scparnte service! of Eric Carbon, slab) In rioting at the lionus camp at the It was I order tlud «.,,t troops to evict Ihe bonus mn.chers. Twenlv- eiahl vclemiis seated in Hurley's audience wnlked mil ns he 'in' cd to SK nk and ntUmlcd the B! E. P, service pictured here would be financially unable to provide for dcpulies in those offices in excess of those specific:! by law, even though the efriciency of the offices might ix> lessened somewhat by Iheir elimination. The appropriations were adopted as recommended by a finance committee consisting" of Justices H. L. McKni^ht, Oscar Alexander, J. F. Tompklns, O. L. Waddell and •chn E. Uzzell. Comparison of Appropriations Comparison of the appropriations will) those of the past two years follows: Salaries County 1931 19J2- 1933 $27,850 $33,615 $28,115 General 25.500 12,831 13,500 Operation Pcorhousc 13,000 11,000 lfi.000 32,000 15,000 11.000 Justices of the Peace and Constables 4.000 4,100 3000 Arkansas Children's tlon* which Mrs. Cartwrlght alteg- clunlt cd Crawford annoyed tor with. mj Hepresen'lne Cartwrighl at Wynne are his two hrother-in-, laws. Virgil Greene of Blythcvillj nnd Wlls T. Davis of Memphis, J. T. Cost on and Bruce -Ivy of O«e- oln. Attorneys for Mrs. Crawford and her daughter, who live now in Shrevrport. la.. Rt n A. P. Barham and S. L. Oladlsh of Osceola. The case Is set for Tuesday. Coc* CoK Directors 'Vote Regular Dividend ATLANTA, Ncv. U (UP)-Coca Cola company directors today declared the regular quarterly divl- dent of Jus per share on common slock and the regular semiannual dividend of $1.50 per share on Class A stock. The exlra dividend of .25 cents per shade paid on common slock Home Circuit Courts Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanitarium Municipal Court Municipal Court Deficiency for 1932 Farm and Home Agcnis 1,000 15,000 20,000 18,090 3,000 4,000 2,268 2,000 C.OSO 4,320 lor several omitted. (purlers was Unit , 5,120 County Farm Deficiency 13.8CO 3,180 13,534 21,100, 2,180 15,000 10,000 Totals. S124.8IO $145,500 S123383 •1932 appropriations were made for a period of 14 months Instead ft 12 In conformity with a legislative net requiring counties to make tlieir fiscal years coincide with the calendar years. Taxes levied by the quorum court for next year are: County general '5 mills County rhnds 3 mms S( ate ..( 8.7 mills For Incorporated towns and • cities 5 mills For schools, as voted by the various districts For retiring refunding b£ >nds i nim Per capita road tax {4 J^fkMart Only Hope In answer to questions as to why no reduction In the tax Jev( Continued on page three) '£ FDR LIFE Barney Duty, 9, Critically Injured When Hit by Car Saturday. Hope was held by physicians (his afternoon for (lie recovery ot Barney Vonelee Duly, 9, son of Mi: and Mrs. J. L. Duty of near Haytl, Mo., who wns critically injured when struck by a car drlv- by Jim Jcnes, neero taxi •r of CaruthcrsviJle, ilo.. late Saturday. The child's leg wns broken and lie suffered a badly crushed clirst At the BlythevillD hospital ;^-,s afternorn he was reported s!ill In n critical condition, bill physic- inns said he might recover. The accident occurred near the child's home on Highway 61 several miles north of Haytl. He was playing with three other small boy s along tlie highway and was running back and forth across the road, Jones said. He had dodged one car ahead of Jones anri -.„., ,,,, m uvra ami oilier men started back across the highway j through a fantastic story conccrn- «hen the second machine struck | in* a $7.000.000 gold cargo stra,™- ' cd on a disabled schooner. He Missing Social Workei Drowned at Sea According to Story Given Police BOSTON, Nov. 14 (UP) — Al alleged swindler held hero on complaint of a New Yurk broker was reported by Rnston detectives today. to have told one of his vlr- tlms Ihnt Colonel Raymond Robbins. missing sccial crusader, was drowned by rum runners at sea. Ralph J. Code, .10, of Dorchester Ihe mnn under arresl, was sal-j (o have "confided" to Carlisle nyrtl of New York, his accuser, thnt Robbins wns turned over lo New Jersey rum runners Sept 5 two days after his disappearance Bound nnd weighted, Ihn missing srcciai worker wos taken lo a point •10 miles off Lon^ Island, N. Y and thrown overbonrd, according to tlie story. Code Is one of n group nllegerl to have stolen thousands of dol- la Bvrrt and Jones look the boy to adoctor's office nnd then to the local hos- nital. He said it was imposs^le for him to stop in time to avoid the accident. Railroad N> Celebrate Fiftieth Anniversary MISSOULA, Mont. (UP)—Fifty venrs' o|>erntion bv the Northern Pacific railroad will be celebrated repl. 8. 1033. by veteran employes Ihe line here. reportedly told nyrd of Bobbin's death (o reveal his knowledge of shipping and the underworld. Rnbbins vanished Sept. 3 after leaving the New York City Club to JU'on nn appointment with President Hoover at Ihe White House. New - Cotton NEW YORK. Nov. 14 (UP! Gotten closed barely steady. Dec Jan March May July Ocl open 637 642 6M C62 073 G85 645 CGI 672 G82 695 lo-,v C:2S 642 652 662 619 Spots GW, off 15, quiet. cln.-e C45 655 COS C79 \ftr- otton NE\V ORLEANS. Nov. H (UP) . Cotton closed steady. Dec Jnn March Mny July Oct open 633 U47 650 681 672 high G44 048 6CO 670 681 693 low close 624 039 640 (153 650 680 629 C35 645 054 (Ml 679b Spots closed at 634, oil 18. Chicago Wheat CHICAGO, Nov. 14 (UP)—Wheat closed: December, 45 7-8; July, 51 7-8. Po'ic» Seek Kidnaners of 8-Year-Old Schoolboy PHILADELPHIA. Nov. 14 (UP) —State police or Pennsylvania and New Jersey were ordered todiw-to fflnrch for tlie kidnapers of William Bniicrs, 8-year-old school hov ; w ho was abducted by three men in an automobile. Voung Bnuers was kidnaped "•hilc 'on his wc.v to school. The kldinpers 'wer,? In n small .sedan bearing New Jersev license plates, police were Informed. Closing Stock Prices 110 10 3-8 A. T. nnd T ..... Anaconda Copper ........ .,-. Auburn ..... - ......... 45 3.1 Calerolllar Tracior ...... 10 Chrysler ............... 16 5 Cllics Service. Coca Cola Conllnentnl Baking .. OoncMl Kleclrlc General Motors Middlewesl Utilities . Montgomery Ward New York Central 3 5-0 84 5-8 t? 1-4 143-8 3-B 13 1-4 24 5-8 ...... Packard ................ 31 Radio Corp ............ 7 7 Simmons Beds .......... 81-2 Rlandafd of N, J , ..... Texas corp ............ 15 U. S. Sled 32 5-8 Opinions A.s to Its Economic and Social Infects Vary Widely. j KIM'IOIfS NOTK: This Is llui cti'iid 'tf a M-rlwi nf »U I'OGNA, hidln, NOV. -inn Ciitiiilhl „„, „ '•'•••"I 'l.'i'iw-r «f drnti, fr |, 0 , a . j i.s nimllii.r fast fm- (|| t . „],.' of tin.' iiiitoiiflmbles." lndlu'ii I'ieil millions. Ill" Dniled Picss i-on'osixind ' who visited fiandhi )h, his',, AI;I!A:>tY ' N ' Y - Nov - M '"''>'•'•H nt I he Jnll here found Hi,, i ''"'""'l-clecl Franklin U. Rcaie- "lif'-nl fiiil" rcinnikiilily chiini'cii 1 , , cx l :(;clul1 t» "inioimcc wilh. ._..:...'»il delay, [irabably tonlgbl, whe- tlic-r ho wlii accept President Howi-s liwltallon to confer with liim nt llio whltd House on intor- (!<ivernmcnlnl debts nnd world In luim;< I'VIM't. His l»fu, iu-r» K-rlnkuS. nonniilly r slrlki Ills his u nu IiiiiXL-r sill lc«n uiul Immh . Ills whole Ixidy frnl], lhail not bwn K- li-iilhv; wllli llir prcsf nt iniiviMiiciil! l:ir dirt. billll .since he' rCMiinetl his Ihe return of IKTI, liitriii-incil by llu> inuvi 1 - reci-l:( BV WII.US TIIOKNTHN .VKA Srrvltc Writer <'"|:yrlfih(, l!i:«, NKA Hrrvlic, Inr.) liecr ciuiic biick (omur- rowl Would It brlni; Jolis to mlllloni; 1 / 'uulil li bring money piling into i U. S. Tri:usury? Would It us:' ! much of our traiir-mlnns rnrni crop' in-|)lnsV Would it kill o(r tlie racketeerV Thcso (iiiesllciiH Imvi! only one :mi.'sl answer. And Hint Is, "Nobody knowsj" j Klrsl In linporlnnco In Ihese limes f •i! die Jobs. Very cnlhuslastlc - linve been .nindc, 'Auiiiisliri rc^ii- Tlie corn\spi)iidi:iil Jiidp-.-tl 'Hint .slnnil the siruln u f aiinllicr inM Jilanil UK; .strain of. uuoDier fnsl whlcl. ho threntcns lo beti'in ,l!in.i:n-y l iinlp.M Ihe untouchable* ndtnltlcct in Vnuriiviiyur Icm- FDR LEflSUE cctncjiiic problems, AllhniiKh olllclnls declined to In- dl':ulH Kooscvoll'ii atlltudc lownrd the Invltallon, reports at the state ' cnpilnl mid the president-elect's reply would be published tonight nnd that if it Is an acceptance KoKcvoit would s'.op at Washington whlto en roule to Georgia early next week. 1 H Is understood, however, that under ' any circumstances Roosevelt would confine himself to Ilia rab ot observer at Die meeting, ivMng thnt while no fedcrnl au- Uicilly exists with him ns yet none cnn bo exercised. ' A. tr.iuln-cl.wr) snys 1 2MI 0011 IUH,. The A. K. of 1,. rjillrnntJs l.f.00.000. Other csllinulcs have run up us hlvli as ii.Oflu.riJO f 0r 1)10 brcwiiin nnd allied Irndcs. Well, let's sun. in the last pre- piniilbilion census yunr, 1914, aboiil BO.noO men wore cm|>lovL'd In brewing, tintl rougliiy 150,0110 In the retail trade (snlosns. burleiHl- cis, etc.). Tlierc were perhaps 1U.OCO in the ullinl Irndes of not, lies, cnrtd.^bni-rcls, etc. Now thai makes only n link, more tlinn JSH 000 men r.wkliij; n t beer and brewing in IOH. Of crimsD Hie coiijitry Is bly- ger now, Inil It is also true that machinery hns improved In brewing as well ns In so many other lines, ami would replace ninny of the Jobs of 1!)H. Many slates ns such would remnin dry even thriifih iiallciini prolilbitton wore nbolifihcd. Nnbrxly knows whether the neiv Ecncratlou of drinkers, whose taste hns bcfn educated to Ihe strung c nncrel Iniw of the bootleg era, would .drink ns much beer ns tlieir fniliers illil. So H lakes n lot R! optlnilMii to bru>3 ' Would Combine Nou-An- rvession Aureement with World Police Force. I'AIIIS.' Nov. 14 (UP)—A Bon mil scheme for nn Intnnuitlonat nvmy under Lhe League of Na- llons nnd concerted lu.uj iiiiuiT uie League or NU- "»HI. rcacnea Tucumcirri, plctur- llons nnd concerted Intcrnatlowil fB W> New Mexico town near the nctlnn nKiilnst nn a«i;vcssor nation | Texas pnnlmndle, nl 10-21 A M wns published by the French tor- niounlnln time, that "nothing.has HooTfr Awaits Reply ' ' . ADOARU THE PRESIDENT'S SPECML, Nov. 14 (UP)-A reply to President Hoover's history mat-Ing lelogrnm to Oovcrnor Franklin U. Houscvelt invllliig-lilm to confer on w,ir debts was awaited by ihe clilcf executive today as tnu •'ipeclal train cnrrled him out of N 3W Mexico on his way baek to the White House. Lawrence Rlchey, secretary to the president, said J,, s t bcft-rc tile train, reached Tucumwri, the' v,-'j} .office today. . Tlii- Mimnmry of llio KrehciV ariiis plan wns mnrtc nuWlc here sJmiil- taneously Its publication nt pnrticlpale nvmy. Geneva. N followed the. expect td lines. Ocrmnny nnd all members of the I.rnguo of Nations wouM In the Internattonnl Combined wilh Ihe nrmy plan ould bir binding non-aggression find other pacts Intended to band U>e romnlndcr of continental Europe ngalnst any nation declared n aggressor by the league. U. S. C)i:m;rs I'tMltlnn WASHINGTON. NOV. 14 (UP)— "* ,,, u|jvimi.-m lu uruia •'- c '' c ' tu 'y of Rlnte Stlmson an- the Jobs above a half million „(.! l>0 "nccd tcday ihnl. (he United 'nosl, and It might even fall a5J Rtn(cs hlul relinquished iUs post- low ns llio 1014 (igiirc of 2SOOOO l '°" tnkc » "I Ihe (lencin! iltsnrmn- Agalnsl this yaln. however, 'you " lc " t con( crence lhat It hnd no musl scl olf a good share ot the cni ' silt "lionnl rlelu lo control prl- speakcnay pronrlctors. bartenders vnle "'"nufaclure nf arms and tootlcggers, delivery toys, truck-' " llMlltl °ns. men, hijackers, and prohibition agents who have Jobs under tlie present regime. Maybe you don't, like lo think of seme of these ns Jnbs. but (hey arc. nnd ninny of them would vanish if beer became lc:jai. The federal goveriimriit nioiic has been arresting 00,000 a year, 10 you can slicss how many escape. The bodies industry further, is deccnlnl- Iwd. has small-unit production, is inefllclcnl. Tli~ organized brew- cry Is centralized, lias big-unit production. Is most ellicicnt. Even that inliiht bo a clear gain, because Die Jobs would be honest nnd legal and abjvcbcnrd. liul niounlnln time, that •"nothing r wen heard yet." - '•' "' Farmers Vnla^, ,. rrmn .... OMAHA, Nebr., Nov. 14 ! (UP)—• The unwavering opposition or ar- ricul ure to any reduction or cancellation of European war debt* wns voiced here today u 1000 delegates gathered for the annual convention of the National Farm er's Union. V opposition succinctly quality of The point lhat is a gain in Jobs, not the quantity. is that the expcc'.cd gnln in Jobs through L-cer appaicntly hns been greatly exaggerated; nobody knows what the net Rain in the number of Jobs wculd tie. (hough the gain n conditions of liiose jobs is unquestionable. No\v how Cr.vernmcm, Six Institutions \Vitr, nosits of *3.000,000 Close Theiv Doors. OKLAHOMA CITY Nov 14 . (UP)- six Oklnhoiuji banks, ail numbers of the same chain, went to the wall todav in a crnsh characterized by Governor W II Murray a-! the '"worst in the last len years." The combined deposits In the banks which fnllcd to own were more than $3,000,000. Four were national and two state Instltu- nbnut mcncy? The with P. huge deficit, ir.d running behind about a half illilon every year, needs money ;r.dly. Will beer IJ.-JIIR It In? Here thcr? is nenrral agreement hat beer will bring Uie government t lot. of money. Bui how much? The Association Against the Prohl- Jltlon Amendment says a billion a i-enr. So does the New York Hotel Men's Association. John J. Ras- l :ob recently estimated n billion n vear. Including light wines. The Investment Bankers' $750,000.000. Association In 101D, just before prohibition, :he beer (ax hnd bce;i boosted to ilx dollars a barrel. That tnx, by- he way. is 5(ill in effect, never laving been repealed. At that •flte It is estimated that beer would 'ring In some S300.000.000. Tlierc would bo n saving on the millions spent amiunily (or enforcement, but It would bo partially offset-, by the cxiwnse of collecting he new tax. On this basis one nlghl estimate 5350.000,000 n year (Continued on page three) tions. Failure of the bnnks. all members ot n chain of 28 state nnd nollonn! (munitions controller! by "• T Douglns. who wns president of tlv> Shawncc National Bank, was said to be due to the fnct that creditors of Douclns foreclosed on him Inst week for Sl.250.000. W. J. Barnelt. slate bank commissioner, snld Douglas had assigned all his resounvs. Includlni his banks, to his creditors. On the door of the Shawnee National Bunk was posted this notice: "This bank has h?en closed by voluntary action of the board of directors and placed In the hands of natlonnl bank examiner." Other banks which followed suit were the First National Bank of Allen, First National Bar* of McLoud, Park National Ban of Sulphur, Canadian Valley Sta'e Bank of Ashcr, Maud State Bank of In Bolivia the natives of the Interior wear hats and shirts made w ucglTOj cmlr .,, lc _ « the bark of a tree. It Is first day a year ago tht minimum tem- . soaked in nater and then beaten until pliable. . nc put by Congressman Edgar How- nrd, editor of the Columbus Telegram, who dispatched a :teie- grnm to President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt reading, "Dear Gpv- 'M-iior: Please beware of ' (fie Greeks." V Kuropo AuMlt* Aniwer ' WASHINGTON, Nov. It (UPl'^r- Tlie fate of Europe's plea for war debt revision depended In a .large mensure today on President-elect Roosevelt's answer to President Hoover's precedent shattering invitation to a White House conference. Great Britain . and France 'put 'he debt reduction Issue squnrely up (o (his country in notes made nubile by the state department. They askfd fundamental revision or their eight billion dollar obligations. Pending negotiations' t& ihts end they requested delay'pn December 15 payments of nearly 5124.000.000. i • Mr. Hoover, speeding eastward from California, asked Mr. Roose^ veil and his advisors to meet with him at the White House Into this we;k. The president wants his successor's ideas on war debts and other economic Issues because these questions are certain lo carry over nto the Hcosvvclt administration ny debt settlement will rest finally with the Democratic ccn°ress The British-French attack or the war debt structure was re-" jarded by Mr. Hcover as the open- ins wedse ui n g;neral campaign .or reduction of Europe's eleven -illlcn dollar debt to the United States. Economists Vtge Revision NEW YORK, Nov. 14 (UP) ^incidental with President Hoov- :rs invitation to Governor Frank'" D - Rcosevelt for a Joint consideration of international debts a committee of American economists, having surveyed the pres- • Continued nn Pag, 31 WEATHER AHKANSAS-cioudy and warmer In the east and south portions; rain and colder In the northwest to»rht; Tuesday probably rain and colder. According to/the official w?«th- '. er observer, Charles Phillips Jr the minimum ^perature here yesterday was 42 degrees and the maximum, 60 degrees, clear. .'-To- perature was 59 degree^ and the maximum, M degrees, iclear. •

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